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On a new Floating Breakwater. Sm.

8* 1874
Nuova Italia ; or, Tours and Retours

through France, Swit7,erland, and Italy :

a Poem. 2 vols. 12 1872, 1875

- Grand Tours in many Lands : a

Poem, in Ten Cantos. 12 1881

A Proposal for a Floating Ilarlxnir of
Refuge. Plan. 12* Edinburgh, 1882

Macoun, John. See Canada, A, Geol. and
Nat. Hist. Survey : Appendix 2.

MacCoy, F. See Sedgwick ; also Victoria,
A, Geological and Natural History Sur-
vey : Appendix 2.

MacCrindle, J. W. Ancient India, as
described by Megasthenes and Arrian :
being a Translation of the Fragments of
the Indika of Megasthenes collected by
Dr Schwanbeck, and of the firsjt part of
the Indika of Arrian. Map. Small 8


The Commerce and Navigation of

the Erythraean Sea : being a Transla-
tion of the Periplus Maris Erythnei, and
of Arrian's Account of the Voyage of
Nearkhos. Small 8 1879

Ancient India as described by Klesias
the Knidian : being a Translation of the
Abridgement of his " Indika " by
Photios, and the Fragments of that
Work preserved in other writers ; with
Introduction, Notes, and Index. 8

Ancient India as described by Ptolemy:

being a Translation of the Chapters which
describe India, and Central and Eastern
Asia, in the Treatise on Geography
written by Klaudios Ptolemaios, the
celebrated Astronomer ; with Introduc-
tion, Commentary, Map of India accord-
ing to Ptolemy, and a very copious
Index. Map. 8 Calcutta, 1885

The Invasion of India by Alexander

the Great, as described by Arrian, Q.
Curtius, Diodoros, Plutarch, and Justin :
being translations of such portions of the
works of these and other classical authors
as" describe Alexander's Campaigns in
Afghanistan, the Panjab,Sindh,Gedrosia,
and Karmania ; with an Introduction,
containing a Life of Alexander, copious
Notes, Illustrations, Maps, and Indices.
8 1893

MacCulloch, John. Description of the
Western Islands of Scotland, including
the Isle of Man ; comprising an Account
of their Geological Structure ; with
Remarks on their Agriculture, Scenery,
and Antiquities. 3 vols. Maps and
plates. Vols. I and 2 8, and Vol. 3.
4 Edinburgh, 1819

MacCulloch, J. R. Dictionary, Practical,
Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce
and Commercial Navigation. Maps 1832
Descriptive and Statistical Account of
the British Empire, including its Extent,
Physical Capacities, Population, &c. 2
vols. 8 1847

Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical,

and Historical, of the various Countries,
Places, and Principal Natural Objects in
the World. New edition, Revised, with
a Supplement. Vol. i. Maps. 8 1854



MacCulloch, J. R. Russia and Turkey.
From the "Geographical Dictionary."
12 1854

Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical,

and Historical, of Commerce and Com-
mercial Navigation. New edition ; with
numerous Corrections and Improvements,
and a Supplement. Maps and plans.
8 1859

MacCulloch, Major W. Account of the
Valley of Munnipore, and of the Hill
Triljes ; with a Comparative Vocabulary
of the Munnipore and other Languages.
[From the Records of India, No. 27.]
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1859

Macdermot, William. The Darien Canal,
What shall we do with our Convicts?
[2 leaves.'} 4* 1857

MacDermott, A. See Horsey.

MacDermott, P. L. British East Africa,
or Ibea : a History of the Formation and
Work of the Imperial British East Africa
Company. Compiled by the authority of
the Directors from Official Documents
and the Records of the Company. Map
ami frontispiece. 8 1893

Macdonald, Capt. A. Brief Historical

Sketch of the Petty State of Baria, in the

Rewa Kanta, prepared in 1819. [From

the India Records, No. 23.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1856

Macdqnald, Charles. See Velschow.

Macdonald, Sir Claude. See Mockler-

Macdonald, D. See Campbell, F. A.

Macdonald, Rev. Duff. Africana ; or,
The Heart of Heathen Africa. 2 vols.
Illustrations. 8 1882

New Hebrides Linguistics, Intro-
ductory .- Three New Hebrides Lan-
guages (Efatese, Eromangan, Santo).
12 Melbourne, 1889

South Sea Languages : a Series of

Studies on the Languages of the New
Hebrides and other South Sea Islands.
Vol. 2. Tangoan, Santo, Malo, Male-
kula, Epi (Baki and Bierian), Tanna, and
Futuna. 12 Melbourne, 1891

Macdonald, Duncan G. Forbes. British
Columbia and Vancouver's Island : com-
prising a Description of these Dependen-
cies, their Physical Character, Climate,
Natural History, Geology, Ethnology,
Gold Fields, &c., also an Account of the
Manners and Customs of the Native
Indians. Map. 8 1862

Macdonald, James. See Phillips, Collec-
tion ofModernand Contemporary Voyages
and Travels [i], Vol. 11 : Appendix i.

Macdonald, J. G. Journal ... on an
Expedition from Port Denison to the
Gulf of Carpentaria and back. Map and
portrait. 12 Brisbane, 1865

Macdonell. Arthur A. Camping Voyages
on German Rivers. Frontispiece and
maps. Small 8 1890

MacDonnell. Sir Richard G. Australia,
What it is, and what it may be : a Lec-
ture. Map. 12* Dublin, 1863

Macdonell, Thomas. Extracts from his
MS. Journals, containing Observations
on New Zealand. 8 1834

Macdouall, John. Narrative of a Voyage
to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
through the Straits of Magellan, in
H.M. ships " Adventure " and "Beagle,"
in 1826-27. 12 1833

MacDougall George F. The Eventful
Voyage of H.M. Discovery Ship " Reso-
lute " to the Arctic Regions in Search of
Sir John Franklin and the missing Crews
of H.M. ships " Erebus " and " Terror,"
1852-54. Map atui plates. 8 1857

Directions for making the Passage

from the Downs to the White Sea ;
including a Description of the Harbour
of Hammerfest and other Anchorages on
the Coast of Norway and Lapland, and
of the Ports of Archangel ami Onega in
the White Sea. 8 1858

Instructions Nautiques pour la Cote

Sud-Est de la Nouvelle-Ecosse et la Baie
de Fundy. 8 Paris, 1869

See United Kingdom, A, Admiralty

Hydrogr. OlF. Publ. : Appendix 2.

MacDougall, G. Gordon. See Graah.

Mace, W. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 8: Appendix i.

Macedo, J. M. de. See Le Sage.

Macedo, Mgr. de. Le Christophore : la
Civilisation dans 1'Amazonie : Confer-
ence faite a Manaos (Bresil). 2nd edi-
tion. Large 8* Paris, 1885

MacFarlane, C. Constantinople in 1828.
Plates. 4 1829

The same. 2nd edition ; to which

is added an Appendix containing Re-
marks and Observations to the Autumn
of 1829. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1829

- Japan : an Account, Geographical and
Historical, from the Earliest Period at
which the Islands were known to Euro-
peans to the Present Time. Map and
woodcuts. 8 1852

History of British India, from the

Earliest English Intercourse ; with Con-
tinuation to the Fall of Delhi and the
Relief of Lucknow. Map and plates.
12 1857

MacFarlane, J. The Coal Regions of
America, their Topography, Geology, and
Development. Maps. 8 New York, 1873

MacFarlane, P. Antidote against the
Unscriptural and Unscientific Tendency
of Modern Geology. Small 8 1871

MacFarlane, R. Notes on, and List of
Birds and Eggs collected in Arctic
America, 1861-66. 8* Washington, 1891



MacFarlane, Rev. S. New Guinea.
Parts I, 2, and 3. (From the Sunday
Magazine. ) Large 8* 1 874

Among the Cannibals of New Guinea :
being the Story of the New Guinea
Mission of the London Missionary Society.
Map and illustrations. 12 1888

See Australasia and Polynesia, British

New Guinea : Appendix 2.

Macfie. Matthew. Vancouver Island and
British Columbia, their History, Re-
sources, and Prospects. Maps and plate.
8 1865

MacGahan, J. A. Campaigning on the
Oxus, and the Fall of Khiva. Map. 8


Under the Northern Lights. Map

and illustrations. 8 1876

MacGeachy, Edward. Suggestions
towards a General Plan of Rapid Com-
munication by Steam Navigation and
Railways between the Eastern and Wes-
tern Hemispheres. Maps. 8* 1846

Macgill, T. Travels in Turkey, Italy,
and Russia ; with an Account of some of
the Greek Islands. 2vols.ini. 12 1808

A Hand-book or Guide for Strangers

visiting Malta. Map. 12 Malta, 1839

Macgillivray, John. Narrative of a Voy-
age of H.M.S. "Rattlesnake," com-
manded by Capt. Owen Stanley, 1846-
50 ; including Discoveries and Surveys
in New " Guinea, the Louisiade Archi-
pelago, &c. ; to which is added the Ac-
count of E. B. Kennedy's Expedition for
the Exploration of the Cape York Penin-
sula. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1852

Macgillivray, Dr W. The Travels and
Researches of Alex, von Humboldt.
Plates. 8 1853

Natural History of Deeside and Brae-
mar. Edited by E. Lankester. Maps.
8 1855

Macgowan, D. J. The Eagre of the
Tsien-Tang River. 8* 1853

MacGregor, Sir Charles Metcalfe. A
Military Report on the Country of
Bhutan, containing all the Information
of Military Importance which has l)een
collected up to date (i2th July 1866).
Map. Small folio Calcutta, 1873

Narrative of a Journey through the

Province of Khorassan and on the N.W.
Frontier of Afghanistan in 1875. 2 v ' s -
Maps and plates. 8 1879

Wanderings in Balochistan. Maps,
plates, and portrait. 8 1882

The Defence of India : a Strategical

Study. Map. 8 Simla, 1884

The Life and Opinions of Major-

General Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor,
Quartermaster-General in India. Edited
by Lady MacGregor. 2 vols. Maps,
portrait, &c. 8 1 888

See Central Asia, A : Appendix 2.

MacGregor, Fr. Coleman. Die Canar-
ischen Inseln nach ihrem gegenwartigen
Zustande. Maps and plates. 8

Hanover, 1831

MacGregor, James. Fifty Facts about
Australasia. Map. 12 1883

MacGregor, John. British America.
2 vols. Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1832

Commercial Statistics : a Digest of
the Productive Resources, Commercial
Legislation, Customs, Tariffs, Navigation,
Port, and Quarantine Laws and Charges ;
Shipping, Imports, and Exports ; and the
Monies, Weights, and Measures of all
Nations ; including all British Commer-
cial Treaties with Foreign States. Vols.
I and 2. Royal 8 1844

MacGregor, Dr John. Toil and Travel :
being a True Story of Roving and Rang-
ing when on a Voyage homeward bound
round the World. Portrait. 8 1892

Macgregor, John. The "Rob Roy"
on the Baltic : a Canoe Cruise through
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Sleswig,
Holstein, the North Sea, and the Baltic.
2nd edition. Maps and plate. Small 8


The Voyage alone in the Yawl ' ' Rob

Roy " from London to Paris, and back
by Havre, the Isle of Wight, South
Coast, &c., &c. 2nd edition. Plates.
Small 8 1868

The " Rob Roy " on the Jordan, Nile,

Red Sea, and Gennesareth, &c. : a Canoe
Cruise in Palestine and Egypt, and the
Waters of Damascus. Maps and plates.
8 1869

A Thousand Miles in the " Rob Roy "

Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe.
8th edition. Map and plates. Small 8


Macgregor, Sir William. Report on Visit
of Inspection to the Island of Kiwai at
mouth of Fly River. Folio*

Brisbane, 1889

Inspection Tour of Fly River. Map.
Folio* Brisbane, 1889

Despatch from, giving Details of an
Expedition undertaken to Explore the
Course of the Fly River and some of its
Affluents. Map and plans. Folio* 1890

Handbook of Information for Intend-
ing Settlers in British New Guinea. Map.
8* Brisbane, 1892

Despatch reporting the proceedings in

connection with the Delimitation of the
Boundary between British and Dutch
New Guinea. Folio* 1893

See Thomson, J. P. ; also Australasia

and Polynesia, British New Guinea : Ap-
pendix 2.

Machado, J. J. See Portugal, B : Ap-
pendix 2.



Machado, J. J. Kelatorio acerca dos
Trabalhos para a Fixa$ao da Directriz
do Caminho de Ferro projectado entre
LourenO Marques e a Fronteira do
Transvaal, apresentado a S. Ex. a o
Ministro e Secretario d'Estado dos Nego-
cios da Marinha e Ultramar por Joaquim
Jose Machado, Major de Engenheria. 8*
Lisbon, 1884

Macham, . See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix I.

MacHenry, George. The Cotton Trade,
its Bearing upon the Prosperity of Great
Britain and Commerce of the American
Republics considered in connection with
Negro Slavery in the Confederate States.


Macheras, Leonce. Chronique deChypre.
Afovriov Ma^atpa XpoviKov KvTr/aov.
Texte Grec, par E. Miller et C. Sathas.
[Vol. 2, 2nd Series, Publ. de 1'Ec. des
Langues Orient. Viv.] Map. Large 8
Paris, 1882

Chronique de Chypre. Traduction

Francaise, par E. Miller et C. Sathas.
[Vol. 3, 2nd Series, Publ. de 1'Ec. des
Langues Orient. Viv.] Large 8

Paris, 1882

Machiavelli, Nicolo. Opere. Portrait
and facsimile. 8 8 vols. 1813

Macintosh, Major-Gen. A. F. Military
Tour in European Turkey, the Crimea,
and on the Eastern Shores of the Black
Sea. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1854

Macintyre, Major-Gen. Donald. Hindu-
Koh : Wanderings and Wild Sport on
and beyond the Himalayas. Illustrations.

Maclver, Lewis. Imperial Census of
1 88 1 : Operations and Results in the
Presidency of Madras. 5 vols. Map and
diagrams. Folio Madras, 1883

Mackay, A. The Western World ; or,
Travels in the United States in 1846-47,
exhibiting them in their latest develop-
ment, Social, Political, Industrial ; in-
cluding a Chapter on California. Vol. 3.
Map. Small 8 1849

Western India. Reports addressed to

the Chambers of Commerce of Man-
chester, Liverpool, Blackburn, and
Glasgow. Edited by J. Robertson, with
a Preface by T. Bazley. Maps. 8 1853

Mackay, Dr Alexander. Index to Manual
of Geography. 12 1861

Outlines of Modern Geography. 16


Facts and Dates, or the Leading

Events in Sacred and Profane History,
and the Principal Facts in the Various
Physical Sciences. 2nd edition. 16


Elements of Modern Geography. 7th

edition 1870

Mackay, Dr Alexander. Outlines of
Modern Geography: a Book for Be-
ginners, nth edition. 12 1871

Manual of Modern Geography, Mathe-
matical, Physical, and Political, on a
New Plan, embracing a Complete Devel-
opment of the River Systems of the
Globe. 12 1871

Mackay, A. M. A. M. Mackay, Pioneer
Missionary of the Church Missionary
Society to Uganda : Biography. By his
Sister. Map and portrait. 8 1890

MacKeevor, Thomas. See Phillips, New
Voyages and Travels [3], Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix 2.

Mackenna, Benjamin Vicuna. Explora-
cion de las Lagunas Negra i del Encanado
en las Cordilleras de San Jose i del Valle
del Yeso. Maps. 12 Valparaiso, 1874

Catalogo del Museo historico del

Sanla Lucia. Square 8 Santiago, 1875

Lautaro y sus Campanas contra San-
tiago, 1553-57. 8 Santiago, 1876

Le Chili considere sous le Rapport de

son Agriculture et de 1'Emigration Euro-
peenne. Map. 12* Paris, 1855

La Edad del oro en Chile o sea una

Demostracion Historica de la maravillosa
abundancia de oro que ha existido en el
pais, con una Resena de los grandes
descubrimientos Argentiferos que lo
han enriquecido, principalmente en el
presente siglo, i Algunas Recientes Ex-
cursiones a los Rejiones Auriferas de
Catapilco i quebradas de Alvarado i
Malcara. 8 Santiago, 1881

- Juan Fernandez : Historia Verdadera
de la Isla de Robinson Crusoe. 8

Santiago, 1883
A Traves de los Andes : Estudio

sobre la Mejor Ubicacion del Future
Ferrocarril Interoceanico entre el Atlan-
tico i el Pacifico en la America del sur
[la Republics Arjentina i Chile]. Map.
12 Santiago, 1885

Mackenzie, Alex. Voyages from Mon-
treal, on the River St Laurence, through
the Continent of North America, to the
Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in 1789 and
!793 ; with a Preliminary Account of
the Rise, Progress, and Present State of
the Fur Trade of that Country. Portrait
and maps. 4 1801

See Eyries, Vol. 7 : Appendix i.

Mackenzie, Alexander. History of the
Relations of the Government with the
Hill Tribes of the North-East Frontier
of Bengal. Map. 8 Calcutta, 1884

Report on the Administration of the

Central Provinces for the year 1888-89.
Map. 4 Nagpnr, 1889

Mackenzie, Alexander. Descriptive
Notes on certain Implements, Weapons,
&c., from Graham Island, Charlotte
Islands, B.C. ; with an Introductory Note
by Dr G. M. Dawson. Plates. 4* 1891



Mackenzie, Colin. Brazil : Paper read
before the British Association, at Aber-
deen. 8* Aberdeen, 1885

Mackenzie, Mrs Colin. Life in the Mis-
sion, the Camp, and the Zenana ; or, Six
Years in India. 2nd edition. 2 vols. in
I. Map ami plate. 8 1854

Mackenzie, Donald. North-West Africa :
a Lecture on the Project for Opening
Central Africa to Commerce and Civilisa-
tion. 8* Liverpool, 1878

- The Flooding of the Sahara : an
Account of the Proposed Plan for Open-
ing Central Africa to Commerce and
Civilisation from the North-West Coast ;
with a Description of Soudan and
Western Sahara, and Notes on Ancient
Manuscripts, &c. Map ami illustrations.
Crown 8 1877

Mackenzie, G. M., and A. P. Irby.
The Turks, the Greeks, and the Slavons :
Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of
Turkey-in-Europe. Map and plates. 8


- Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of
Turkey-in-Europe ; with a Preface by
W. E. Gladstone. 2nd edition. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1877

Mackenzie, Sir G. Stewart. Travels in
Iceland during 1810. Map and plates.
4 Edinburgh, 1811

- The same. With Appendix. 4

Edinburgh, 1812
See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Mackenzie, John. Ten Years North of
the Orange River : a Story of Every-day
Life and Work among the South African
Tribes from 1859 to 1869. Map and
plates. Small 8 Edinburgh, 1871

Austral Africa, Losing it or Ruling

it : being Incidents and Experiences in
Bechuanaland, Cape Colony, and Eng-
land. 2 vols. Maps, portraits, and
illustrations. 8 1887

Mackenzie, K. R. H. See Lepsius.

MacKerrow, J. See Mutton and Ulrich ;
also New Zealand, B : Appendix 2.

Mackinder, H. J., and M. E. Sadler.
University Extension, Past, Present, and
Future. Illustrations. 12 1891

Mackie, S. J. Thoughts on the Dover
Cliffs. Map and plate. 8* 1863

MacKinlay. J. Journal of Exploration in
the Interior of Australia (Burke Relief
Expedition). Maps. 8" Melbourne, 1862

- Journal of Exploring Expedition . . .
to Examine the Country of the Northern
Territory recently annexed to South
Australia, for the Purpose of Ascertain-
ing the general Nature of the Country,
&c. Map. Folio {Adelaide} 1866

- See Westgarth.

MacKinnon, Rev. James. South African
Traits. 8 Edinburgh, 1887

MacKinnon. L. B. Some Account of the
Falkland Islands, from a Six Months'
Residence in 1838 and 1839. Map. 8*


MacKinnon, W. Alex. History of
Civilisation and Public Opinion. 2 vols.
8 1849

Mackintosh, A. An Account of the
Origin and Present Condition of the
Tribe of Ramoossies, including the Life
of the Chief Oorniah Naik. 8"

Bombay, 1833

Mackintosh, Dr Andrew William. A
Whaling Cruise in the Arctic Regions.
12* 1884

Mackintosh, D. The Scenery of England
and Wales, its Character and Origin :
being an Attempt to Trace the Nature of
the Geological Causes, especially Denu-
dation, by which the Physical Features
of the Country have been produced.
Illustrations. 8 .1869

Maclauchlan. Henry. Memoir written
during a Survey of the Watling Street,
from the Tees to the Scotch Border, in
1850-51. 8* 1852

Maclean, Arthur John, and William
Henry Browne. The Catholicos of the
East? and his People : being the Im-
pressions of Five Years' Work in the.
"Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian
Mission." . . . Map and illustrations.
12 1892

MacLean, John. Notes of a Twenty-five
Years' Service in the Hudson's Bay
Territory. 2 vols. 8 1849

MacLean, M. Echoes from Japan. Map
and illustrations. 1 2 1 889

MacLean, Walter. See Buckingham.

Maclear, Sir Tnomas. Astronomical Ob-
servations made at the Royal Observatory,
Cape of Good Hope, in the year 1834.
Vol. i. 4 Cape 7'ozvn, 1840

Contributions to Astronomy and

Geodesy. 2 parts. 4 185 1-53

Maclelay, Wrri. See Australasia and
Polynesia, New Guinea : Appendix 2.

MacLeod, J. Voyage of H.M.S.
" Alceste " to China, Corea, and the
Island of Lewchew, with an Account of
her Shipwreck. Map and plates. 8"


A Voyage to Africa, with some
Account of the Manners and Customs of
the Dahomian People. 12 1820

MacLeod, J. Memoranda on the Pearl
Banks and Pearl Fishery, the Sea Fishery,
and the Salt Beds of Sind. [From the
India Records, No. 17.] Bombay, 1855

Macleod, J. Lyons. Travels in Eastern
Africa, with a Narrative of a Residence in
Mozambique. 2 vols. Portrait and map.
8 1860

Madagascar and its People. Map.
8" 1865



Macleod, Vf. C. Copy of Papers relating
to the Route of Captain W. C. MacLeod
from Moulmein to the Frontiers of China,
and to the Route of Dr Richardson on
his Fourth Mission to the Shan Provinces
of Burmah, or Extracts from the same.
Map. Folio 1869

MacMahon, Gen. A. R. The Karens of
the Golden Chersonese. Map and plates.
8 1876

- Karenni and the Red Karens. 8*


Far Cathay and Farther India. Illus-
trations. 8 1893 [ J 892]
Macmichael, William. Journey from
Moscow to Constantinople, in the years
1817-18. Plates. 4 1819

- See Phillips, New Voyages and
Travels [3], Vol. I : Appendix I.

MacMicking, Robert. Recollections of
Manilla and the Philippines during
1848-50. 8 1851

Macmillan, George A. See Blackwood,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

MacMurdo, Lieut. J. Historical Sketch of
the District of Okhamundul, in Kattywar.
[From the India Records, No. 37.]
Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Memoir on the Province of Kattywar ;

accompanied by Remarks on the Runn
of Kutch. [From the India Records,
No. 37.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

MacMurray, T. The Free Grant Lands
of Canada : from Practical Experience of
Bush Farming in the Free Grant Dis-
tricts of Muskoka and Parry Sound.
Map. 8* Bracebridge (Ontario}, 1871

Macnabb, D. J. C. Handbook of the
Haka or Baungshe Dialect of the Chin
Language. 8 Rangoon, 1891

MacNair, F. Perak and the Malays :
"Sarong" and "Krs. " Map and
plates. 8 1878

MacNair, William Watts. See Howard.

Macnamara, F. N. Climate and Medical
Topography in their Relation to the
Disease-Distribution of the Himalayan
and Sub-Himalayan Districts of British
India. Map. 8 1880

Macneill, Telford. Water Supply of
London, by Means of Natural Filtration
of the Waters of the River Thames.
Map. 8* 1866

Macomb, Lieut. M. M. See United
States, II, a: Appendix 2.

Maconochie, Capt. A. Australiana :
Thoughts on Convict Management and
other subjects connected with the
Australian Penal Colonies. 8 1839

On the Management of Prisoners in

the Australian Colonies. 4 [1840]

Macoun, John. Manitoba and the Great
North-West : the Field for Investment,
the Home of the Emigrant. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1883

Macoun, John See Canada, A, Geo-
logical and Natural History Survey :
Appendix 2.

MacParlan. Dr James. Statistical Survey
of the County of Donegal. Map. 8

Dublin, 1802

MacPherson, Duncan. Antiquities of
Kertch, and Researches in the Cim-
merian Bosphorus ; with Remarks on
the Ethnological and Physical History of
the Crimea. Maps, plates, and woodcuts.
Folio 1857

Macpherson, W. Memorials of Service
in India. From the Correspondence of
the late Major Samuel Charters Mac-
pherson, C.B. Map and plates. 8 1865

MacQueen, James. Geographical and
Commercial View of Northern Central
Africa, containing a Particular Account
of the Course and Termination of the
Great River Niger in the Atlantic Ocean.
Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1821

West India Colonies vindicated from
Calumnies and Misrepresentations. 8

A General Plan for a Mail Communi-

cation by Steam between Great Britain
and the Eastern and Western parts of
the World, also to Canton and Sydney
westward by the Pacific ; to which are
added Geographical Notices of the
Isthmus of Panama, Nicaragua, &c.
Maps. 8 1838

- Geographical Survey of Africa, its
Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Productions,
States, Population, &c. ; and a Letter on
the Slave Trade and the Improvement
of Africa. Map. 8 1840

Supplement to the Geographical Sur-
vey of Africa, containing further details
regarding Southern Africa. 8* 1840

- The Nile Expeditions and Contro-
versy [from the Morning Advertiser,
December 2, 1864] : in continuation of
Burton and M 'Queen's " The Nile
Basin." Small 4* 1864

The African Slave Trade. [Four

Letters addressed to Lord Brougham,
cut from Newspapers, together with four
pages of MS.] Folio* [1867]

See Burton ; Isenberg.

MacSwiney, Capt. E. F. H.


Madden, R. R. Travels in Turkey,
Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine, in 1824-27.
2 vols. Portrait. 8 1829

The Island of Cuba, its Resources,
Progress, and Prospects, considered in
relation especially to the influence of its
prosperity on the interests of the British
West India Colonies. 12 '853

Madden, T. M. The Principal Health
Resorts of Europe and Africa for the

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