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Treatment of Chronic Diseases. 8 1876



Madini, Antonio. II Segistan ovvero il
corso del Fiume Hindmend secondo Abu
Ishak - el - Far s si - el - Istachri Geographo
Arabo. Plate. 4 Milan, 1842

Madoc, Prince. See Stephens, Thomas.

Madox, John. Excursions in the Holy
Land, Egypt, Nubia, Syria, &c. , includ-
ing a visit to the District of the Haouran.
2 vols. Plates. 8 1834

Madoz, Don Pascual. Diccionario
Geografico-Estadfstico-Historico de Es-
pana y sus Posesiones de Ultramar. 1 6
vols. in 8. 4 Madrid, 1846

The same. Art. Madrid ; Audiencia,
Provincia, Intendencia, Vicaria, Partido
y Villa. 4 Madrid, 1848-50

See Walton.

Maeff, N. A., and B. W. Jrotzky.

Russian Turkestan. [In Russian.] 8"
Moscow, 1872

Maeso, Justo. See Parish.

Maestre, Amaio. Descripcion geologica
industrial de la Cuenca carbonifera de
San Juan de las Abadesas en la provincia
de Gerona, con pianos y cortes de dicha
cuenca, y un mapa comparativo de
proyectos de Ferro-carril. Maps. 4*

Madrid, 1855

Maffeus. J. P. Historiarum Indicarum,
libri XVI., selectarum item ex India
Epistolarum eodem interprete libri IV.,
accessit Ignatii Loiolre Vita postremo
recognita. Folio Florence, 1588

Magalhaes. Couto de. Trabalho pre-
paratorio para aproveitamento do Selva-
gem e do solo por elle occupado no
Brazil. O Selvagem, I. Curso da
Lingua geral segundo Ollendorf compre-
hendendo o Texto original de Lendas
Tupis. II. Origens, Costumes, Regiao
Selvagem, methodo a empregar para
amansal-os por intermedio das Colonias
militares e do interprete militar. 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1876

Magalhaes, Carlos de. Le Zaire et les
Contrats de 1' Association Internationale.
Conference faite le 21 Juin 1884, par C.
Magalhaes. 8* Lisbon, 1884

Mage, M. E. Voyage dans le Soudan
Occidental (Senegambie-Niger), 1863-66.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1868

Magellan. See Guillemard ; also Burney,
Vol. I ; Callander, Vol. I ; Dalrymple,
Vol. I ; Gottfried ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ. ,
Vol. 52; Harris, Vol. i ; Kerr, Vol. 10 ;
Laharpe, Vol. 15; Navarette, Vol. 4;
Purchas, Vol. I ; Ternaux-Compans, Vol.
2; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. II ;
General Collection, p. 610 ; Collec9ao
de Noticlas, Vol. 4, p. 611 : Appendix I.

" Magenta." See Giglioli.

Mager, Henri. Atlas Colonial ; avec

Notices historiques et gcographiques. 4

/'a [i 886]

Magini. G. A. See Ptolemy.

Maguire, T. M. The Strategical Geo-
graphy of Europe. (From Proceedings
of the Royal Artillery Institute. ) 8* 1893

Magyar, Ladislaus. Delafrika-le-velei
es naplokivonatai Kiadta Hunfalvy Janos.
Map. 8 Budapest, 1857

Reisen in Slkl-Afrika in den Jahren

1849 bis 1857. Aus dem Ungarischen
von Johann Hunfalvy. Vol. I. Map
and plates. 8 Leipzig, 1859

Magyar Laszlo Delafrikai Utazasai

1849-57 evek ben. Map and plates. 8
Budapest, 1859
See Ronay, H.

Mahomed Peer. See Masoom.

Mahu, Jacob. See Burney, Vol. 2: Ap-
pendix i.

M - H . Report on Explorations in
Nepal and Tibet by Explorer M H
(Season 1885-86). Map. Folio*

Dehra Dun, 1887

Mahaffy, J. P. Rambles and Studies in
Greece. 3rd edition. Map and plates.
Crown 8 1887

and J. E. Rogers. Sketches from a
Tour through Holland and Germany.
Illustrations. 8 1889

Mahlmann, Dr W. Erganzungen zum
3 Theile (II. Bd. ) der Deutschen Aus-
gabe von A. von Humboldt's Central-
Asien. 8 Berlin, 1844

Mahmoud-Pacha el Falaki. See Ismail.

Maiden, J. H. Wattles and Wattle-Barks:
being Hints on the Conservation and
Cultivation of Wattles, together with
particulars of their value. Plates. Large
8* Sydney, 1890

Maillard, G. Promenade Historique et
Pittoresque sur la Seine de Montereau a
Paris et de Paris a Montereau en Bateaux
a Vapeur. 2nd edition. Map. 16

Paris 1837

[Bound up with Montyel's " Pelerin-
age sur la Soane."]

Maillard, N. Doran. History of the
Republic of Texas, from the Discovery
of the Country to the Present Time, and
the Cause of her Separation from the
Republic of Mexico. Map. 8 1842

Maillet, de. See Mascrier.

Mailly, E. Essai sur la vie et les
ouvrages de L. A. J. Quetelet. 12

Brussels, 1875

Main, Mrs. My Home in the Alps.
12 1892

Main, Rev. R. See Herschell ; Oxford,
Radcliffe Observatory : Appendix 2.

Mainberger, Charles. Une Semaine a
Nuremberg : Description Precise de la
Ville de Nuremberg et de ses Environs,
precedee d'une Introduction Historique
par Jean Scharrer. Map. 12

Nuremburg, 1838



Maire, Jacob le. Oost ende West
Indische Spieghel waerin Beschreven
warden de tweelaetsteNa-vigatienghedaen
inde Jaeren 1614, 1615, 1616, 1617, ende
1618. De eene door den vermaerden
Zee-Heldt Joris van Spilhergen door de
Strate van Magellanes ende soo voudt om
den gantschen Aerdt-Kloot met alle de
Bataelhen soo te Water als te Lande
gheschiet, &c., &c. Maps ami illustra-
tions. Oblong small 8 Zii/phen, 1621

See Burney, Vol. 2 ; Callander, Vol. 2 ;
Churchill, Vol. 8 ; Dalrymple (Pacific),
Vol. 2 ; Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 10;
Laharpe, Vol. 15 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vols. 3, II ; " The World Displayed,"
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Maisey, Lieut. F. See Central Asia, A :
Appendix 2".

Maitland, A. Gibb. Geology and Mineral
resources of the Upper Burdekin. Map
and sections. Folio* Brisbane, 1891

Coolgarra Tin Mines and surrounding
District. Map and sections. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

- The Geology of the Cooktown District.
Afap and sections. Folio* Brisbane, 1891

- The Physical Geology of Magnetic
Island, Queensland. Maps and sections.
Folio* Brisbane, 1892

Maitland, C. The Church in the Cata-
combs : a Description of the Primitive
Church of Rome illustrated by its Sepul-
chral Remains. Plate. 8 1846

Major, Dr C. J. Forsyth. See Stefani.

Major, Richard Henry. The Life of
Prince Henry of Portugal, surnamed The
Navigator, and its Results, &c. Maps.
8 1868

- See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 2, 6,
10,. 1 1, 14, 15, 17, 25, 43, 46, 50: Ap-
pendix I.

Major, J. R. See Dictionaries (Greek) :
Appendix 2 (General).

Malavialle, L. Le Partage Politique de
1'Afrique en Decembre 1891. 8*

Montpellier [1892]

Malchus, C. A. F. von. Handbuch der

Militar-Geographie oder Erd und Staaten-

Kunde von Europa. 2 vols. Map. 8

Leipzig, 1833

Malcolm, Lieut. - Col. Sketch of the
Sikhs, a Singular Nation, who Inhabit
the Provinces of the Penjab, situated
between the Rivers Jumna and Indus. 8


See Graham, Major D. C.
Malcolm, Rear-Admiral Sir Charles.

Addresses to the Ethnological Society of

London. [2 pamphlets.] 8* 1845-46

Malcolm, Sir John. Political History of

India, from 178410 1823. 2 vols. 8 1826

History of Persia, from the most Early

Period to the Present Time. 2 vols. 8


Malcolm, Sir John. Memoir of Central
Indh, including Malwa and adjoining
Provinces ; with the History of the Past
and Present Condition of that Country.
2 vols. Maps. 8 1832

Malcolmson. J. G. See India, C, Geolo-
gical Papers : Appendix 2.

Malcom.Rev. Howard. Travels in South-
Eastern Asia, embracing Hindustan,
Malaya, Siam, and China ; with Notices
of numerous Missionary Stations, and a
Full Account of the Burman Empire. 2
vols. Map. 8 1839

Travels in Hindustan and China.

People's edition. Illustrations. Large
8 Edinburgh, 1840

- See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.

Maldonado, Lorenzo Ferrer. Viaggio
dal Mare Atlantico al Pacifico per la via
del Nord-ouest, fatto 1'anno 1588. Tra-
dotto da un Manoscritto Spagnuolo
inedito da Carlo Amoretti. Maps. 4

Milan, 1811
See Navarette ; also Burney, Vols. 2,

5 : Appendix I.

Malct, Arthur. Statement, containing
the Names of the Towns and Villages in
the Kutch Territory, their estimated
Annual Revenue, &c. [From the India
Records, No. 15.] 8 Bombay, 1855

Malet, Sir C. W. See Dalrymple, Re-
pertory, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Malet, Capt. G. G. See Masoom.

Malet, H. P. New Pages of Natural
History : Meteors and Meteorites
Caves and their Contents Fossil Fish.
8 1868

Sunlight. 2nd edition. 12 1887

Malfatti, Bartolomeo. Scritti Geografici
ed Etnografici. 8 Milan, 1869

Malfroy, Camille. Geyser Action at
Rotorua, New Zealand : a Paper read
before the Auckland Institute. Plates.
8* Wellington, 1892

Malgo King. See Hakluyt, Vol. I :
Appendix I.

Malheiro, Louren^o. Sociedade Propa-
gadora de Contrecimentos Geographico-
Africanos. Recep9ao e Conferencia do
Ex" 10 Sr. Lourenco Malheiro, Engenheiro
de Minas na Sociedade em 29 de Julho
de 1 88 1. 8* Loanda, 1881

Malkin's Tour in Wales. See Pinkerton,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Malleson, Col. G. B. Herat, the
Granary and Garden of Central Asia.
Map. 8 1880

Mallet, Friedrich. Allgemeine oder
mathematische Beschreibung der Erd-
kugel, auf Veranlassung der Cosmo-
graphischen Gesellschaft ; aus dem
Schwedischen iibersetzt von L. H. Rohl.
Plates. 8 Greifsivald, 1774



Mallet, Robert. Account of Experiments
made at Holyhead (North Wales) to
ascertain the Transit-Velocity of Waves,
analogous to Earthquake Waves, through
the Local Rock Formations. Map and
plates. 4* 1 86 1

The late Earthquake, and Earthquakes
in general. 8* 1864

See Palmieri.

Mallock, W. H. In an Enchanted Island ;
or, A Winter's Retreat in Cyprus.
Frontispiece. 8 1889

Malosse, P. Monumens Antiques de
Saint- Kemy. 8 Avignon, 1818

Malte-Brun, Conrad. Precis de la Geo-
graphie Universelle, on Description de
toutes les Parties clu Monde, d'apres les
Grandes Divisions Naturelles du Globe ;
precedee de 1'IIistoire de la Geographic
chez les Peuples Anciens et Modernes, et
d'une Theorie generate de la Geographic,
Mathematique, Physique, et Politique ;
et accompagnee de Cartes, ,de Tableaux
Analytiques, SynoptiquesetElementaires,
et d'une Table alphabetique des Noms
de Lieux. 8 vols. 8, Atlas folio

Paris, 1812-29

Tableau de la Pologne Ancienne et
Moderne. Maps. 8 Brussels, 1830

The same. . . . Nouvelle edition,

entierement refondue, augmentee et ornee

de cartes, par L. Chodzko. 2 vols. 8

Paris, 1830

Traite Elementaire de Geographic.

contenant un Abrege Methodique du
Precis de la Geographic Universelle,
divise en deux parties, celle des Principes
et celle des Descriptions ; precede d'une
Introduction Historique, et suivi d'un
aperu de la Geographic Ancienne, Sacree
et Profane ; termine d'apres de Plan et
les Materiaux de ce celebre Geographic,
par ses collaborateurs MM. Larenaudiere,
Balbi, et Iluot. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1830-31

Precis de la Geographic Universelle ;
revue, corrigee, mise dans un nouvel
ordre, et augmentee de toutes les nouvelles
Decouvertes, par M. J. J. N. Huot. 12
vols. 8, Atlas folio Paris, 1836-37

Malte-Brun, V. A. Coup-d'ceil d'en-
semble sur les differentes Expeditions
Arctiques entreprises a la Recherche de
Sir J. Franklin, et sur les Decouvertes
Geographiques, auxquelles elles ont donne
lieu. Map. 8* Paris, 1855

Les Cartes Geographiques a 1'Exposi-

tion Universelle de 1855. 8* Paris, 1855

Resume Historique de la Grande
Exploration de 1'Afrique Centrale faite de
1850 a 1855, par J. Richardson, H.
Earth, A. Overweg. Map. 8* Paris, 1856

Resume Historiquc des Explorations
faites dans 1'Afrique Australe dc 1849 a

1856, par le Rev. Docteur David Living-
stone. Map, 8* Paris, 1857

Malte-Brun, V. A. Sur 1'Expedition aux

Sources du Nil, confiee au commandement

de M. le Comte D'Escayrac de Lauture.

8* Paris, 1857
La France Illustree : Geographic,

Histoire, Administration, et Statistique.

Atlas. 3 vols. 4 Paris, 1858
Itineraire Historique et Archeologique

de Philippeville a Constantine. Map.

8* Paris, 1858

Resume Historique de 1'Exploration
faite dans 1'Afrique Centrale de 1853 a
1856, par le Dr Edouard Vogel. Map.
8* Paris, 1858

Resume Historiquc de 1'Exploration a
la Recherche des Grands Lacs de 1'Afrique
Orientale, faite en 1857-58, par R. F.
Burton et J. H. Speke. Map. 8*

Paris, 1859

La Destinee de Sir John Franklin

devoilee; Rapport duCapiL MacClintock,
Commandant du yacht " Fox, "suivi d'lin
Resume analytique de 1'Expedition des
navires "Erebus" et "Terror." Map.
8* 1860

Un Coup d'ceil sur le Yucatan : Ge'o-

giaphie, Histoire, et Monuments. Map.
8* Paris [1865]

Canal Interoceanique du Darien

Amerique ; Notice Historique et Geo-
graphique sur 1'etat de la question du
Canal du Darien. Map. 8*

Paris [186$]

Resume Historique et Geographique

de 1'Exploration de Gerhard Rohlfs au
Touat et a In-calah d'apres le Journal de
ce Voyageur, &c. Map. 8*

Paris, 1866

Les trois projets (Anglais, S. Osborn ;

Allemand, A. Petermann ; Francais, G.
Lambert) d'Exploration au Pole Nord :
expose historique et geographique de la
question. Map. 8 Paris, 1 868

Notice sur les Voyages et les Travaux

de M. le Comte Stanislas d'Escayrac de
Lauture. 8* Paris, 1869

La France Vinicole : Nouveau Carte

de la Distribution Topographique des
Vignobles sur le sol Franais. Folio*

[Paris, 1875]

Aper5u de 1'Etat de nos connaissances

Geographiques au moment de 1'ouverture
du Congres International a Paris. Map.
8* Paris, 1875

L'Expedition polaire Anglaise en 1875.

Map. 8* Paris, 1876

Tableau Geographique de la Distribu-
tion Ethnographique des Nations et des
Langues au Mcxique. Map. 8*

Nancy, 1878

See Kelley, Moure ; Peney.



Malte-Brun and Balbi. System of Uni-
versal Geography, founded on the Works
of; embracing a Historical Sketch of the
Progress of Geographical Discovery, the
Principles of Mathematical and Physical
Geography, and a Complete Description,
from the most recent sources, of the
Political and Social Condition of all the
Countries in the World. 8

Edinburgh, 1842

Maltzan, Baron Henri de. Pelerinage
a la Mecque. 8* [1860]

See Wrede.

Malvezzi, Giuseppe Maria. Intorno
alia Morte delle Conte Ugolino, ed alia
retta intelligenza del verso i.xxv. del
canto xxxin. della Divina Commedia.
8* Venice, 1860

Indice dei Manoscritti di Storia

Veneta e d'altre materie posseduti.

Venice, 1861

Elogio di Giambattista Torre. Por-
trait. Small folio* Venice, 1863

Man, Colonel Alexander. Formosa, an
Island with a romantic history. (Re-
printed from the Asiatic Quarterly Re-
view.) 8* 1892

Man, E. H. The Lord's Prayer trans-
lated into the Bojingijida or South
Andaman (Elakabeada) Language. With
Preface, Introduction, and Notes by R.
C. Temple. 8 Calcutta, 1877

On the Aboriginal Inhabitants of the
Andaman Islands. With Report of
Researches into the Language of the
South Andaman Islands, by A. J. Ellis.
Map and plates. 8 [1883]
and R. C. Temple. A Grammar
of the Bojingijida or South Andaman
Language. 8* Calcutta, 1878

Manby, C. See Kelley ; Longridge ;
Murray, John ; Peniston ; Yates.

Manby, G. W. Journal of a Voyage to
Greenland in the year 1821. Plates.
4 1822

Mandane, Comte de. See St Andre,
H. P.

Mandat-Grancey, Baron E. de. Cow-
boys and Colonels : Narrative of a Jour-
ney across the Prairie and over the Black
Hills of Dakota. From "Dans les
Montagnes Rocheuses " of Baron E. de
Mandat-Grancey. With additional Notes,
not contained in the original edition, by
William Conn, llhtstrations. 8 1887

Souvenirs de la Cote d'Afrique, Mada-
gascar, Saint - Barnabe. Illustrations.
12 Paris, 1892

Mandelslo, Jean Albert de. Voyages
celebres et remarquables fails de Perse
aux Indes Orientales : contenant une
Description nouvelle et tres-curieuse de
1'Indostan, de PEmpire du Grand-Mogol,
des lies et Presqu'iles de 1'Orient, des
Royaumes de Siam, du Japon, de la

Mandelslo, Jean Albert de continued.
Chine, du Congo, &c. Mis en ordre et
publiez. . . par le Sr. Adam Olearius. .
. . traduits dc 1'original par le Sr. A. de
Wicquefort. New Edition. 2vols.ini.
Maps and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1727

See Olearius ; also Harris, Vol. I ; All-

gemeine Historic, Vol. n : Appendix i.

Mandeville, Sir John. The Voiage and
Travaile of Sir John Maundevile, Kt. ,
which treatethof the Way to Hierusalem,
and of Marvayles of Inde, with other
Hands and Countryes. 8 1725

See Nicholson and Yule ; Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book i : Appendix i.

Manget, J. L. Chamounix, le Mont
Blanc, ct les deux St Bernards. Map.
12 Geneva, 1843

Mangles, James. See Irby.

Mangles, Capt. James. Illustrated
Geography and Hydrography. Prospec-
tuses of. Maps. 8* 1846
The same. Wellington Channel
Section. Map. 8* 1851

Geography, Descriptive, Dclineative,

and in Detail, and Hydrography in De-
tail, Combined and Universally Applied.
8* 1849

A Few Remarks on the " Illustrated

Geography and Hydrography."

Mangourit, M. O. B. See Phillips, Col-
lection of Modern and Contemporary
Voyages [i.]> Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Mann, Abbe. Dissertation dans laquelle
on tache de determiner precisement le
port ou Jules-Cesar s'est embarque pour
passer dans la Grande-Bretagne, et celui
ou il y aborda ; ainsi que le jour precis
ou il fit ce Voyage. 4* Paris, 1778

Memoire dans lequel on examine
1'opinion de plusieurs Auteurs anciens et
modernes qui soutiennent que les Mers
Noire, Caspienne, Baltique, et Blanche,
ont anciennement communique ensemble.
4* Paris, 1779

Mann, Gustav. See India, I (Assam) :
Appendix 2.

Mann, Henry. Features of Society in Old
and in New England. 12

Providence, A'./., 1885

Mann, John F. First Report on New
Guinea. (Royal Geographical Society of
Australasia, New South Wales Branch. )
8* Sydney, 1889

Mann, Robert James. The Colony of
Natal : an Account of the Character-
istics and Capabilities of this British
Dependency. Map. 8 1859

- Meteorological Observations made at
Pietermaritzburg during 1865. Folio*


- The Zulus and Boers of South Africa:
a Fragment of recent history. 12* 1879

- See Brooks, H.



Mamie, de. See Anville.

Mannering, G. E. With Axe and Rope
in the New Zealand Alps. Maps and
illustrations. Large 8 1891

Mannert, Konrad. Germania, Rhaetia,
Noricum, Pannonia, nach den Begriffen
der Griechen und Romer ; zweyte
vollig umgearbeitete Auflage. Maps.
8 Leipzig, 1820

Geographic von Afrika. Maps. 8
Leipzig, 1825

Manning, Thomas. See Markham,
C. R.

Mannl, Rodolphe. Carlslrad, and its
Mineral Springs, Medically, Sociably,
and Locally Considered. 8 Leipzig, 1847

Mansel. Sir Robert. See Purchas, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Mansfield, C. B. Paraguay, Brazil, and
the Plate, in 1852-53. With Life by the
Rev. C. Kingsley. Map, portrait, and
illustrations. 8 Cambridge, 1856

Mansfield, ]. S. Remarks on the African
Squadron. 8* 1851

Mansfield, R. B. The Log of the "Water-
Lily " (Thames Gig), during Two Cruises,
in the Summers of 1851-52, on the Rhine,
Neckar, Main, Moselle, Danube, and
other streams of Germany. 3rd edition.
12 1854

Mansvelt, . See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Mantegazza, P. See Giglioli.

Mantell, G. A. Notice of the Discovery
by Mr Walter Mantell, in the Middle
Island of New Zealand, of a Living
Specimen of the Notornis. Plate. 4* 1852

Manzoni, Angiolo. See Issel.

Manzoni, Renzo. El Yemen : Tre
Anni nell' Arabia Felice, escursioni
fatte dal Settembre 1877 al Marzo 1880.
Maps, plan, and illustrations. Large
8 Rome, 1884

Mapother, E. D. Lisdoonvarna Spas,
and some other Irish Watering-places.
3rd edition. Map and plates. 12* 1876

Marcel, Gabriel. Memoire inedit de
Grossin sur Madagascar et Carte Manu-
scrite. 8* Paris, 1883

Cartographic de la Nouvelle France,

Supplement a 1'Ouvrage de M. Harrisse.
8* Paris, 1885

Documents pour 1'Histoire des Col-
onies Fran9aises. I. Une Lettre inedite
de Lescarbot, publiee avec une Notice
Bibliographique sur 1'Auteur par Gabriel
Marcel. 2. Le Surintendant Fouquet,
Vice-Roi d'Amerique. 8* Paris, 1885

Memoire en requete de Champlain
pour la continuation du paiement de sa
Pension. 8* Paris, 1886

Note sur une Carte Catalane de

Dulceri ante"rieure a 1' Atlas Catalan de
J 375i I UG a l a Societ^ de Geographic de
Paris, 7 Janvier 1887. 8* Parts, 1887

Marcel, Gabriel. Une Carte d'Amerique,

datee de 1669. 8* Paris, 1891

- Note sur une Sphere terrestre en

cuivre faite a Rouen a la fin du XVI e

siecle. 4* Rouen, 1891

Marcet, Edouard. Australie : un Voyage
a travers le Bush. Photographs. 8

Geneva, 1868

Marchais, Chev. des. See Astley, Vol.
2 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Marchand, Etienne. Voyage autour du
Monde, 1790-92 ; precede d'une Intro-
duction Ilistorique, auquel on a joint
des Recherches sur les Terres Australes
de Drake, et un Examen Critique du
Voyage de Roggeween ; avec cartes et
figures par C. P. Claret Fleurieu. 5 vols.
8. Vol. 6, maps, 4 Paris, 1798-1800
A Voyage round the World, per-
formed during the years 1790-92. See
Fleurieu, C. P. Claret de.

See Eyries, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Marchand, G. le. See Kuropatkin.

Marche, A. Trois Voyages dans PAfrique
Occidentale, Senegal, Gamble, Casa-
mance, Gabon, Ogooue. Map and
plates. 12 Paris, 1879

Li^on et Palaouan, Six Annees de
Voyages aux Philippines. Maps and
illustrations. 12 Paris, 1887

" Marchesa." Sec Guillemard.

Marco Polo. Travels of, in the Thirteenth
Century : l>eing a Description, by that
early Traveller, of Remarkable Places and
Things in the Eastern Partsof the World.
Translated from the Italian, with Notes,
by W. Marsden. Map. 4 1818

- The Travels of. Greatly amended and
enlarged from valuable early MSS.,
with copious Notes, by Hugh Murray.
Maps. 12 Edinburgh, 1844

I Viaggi. Tradotti da Rusticiano di
Pisa, e Corredati d' Illustrazioni e di
Documcnti da Vincenzo Lazari ; pub-
blicati per cura di Lodovico Pasini.
Map. 8 Venice, 1849

The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the

Venetian, concerning the Kingdoms and
Marvels of the East. Newly translated
and edited, with Notes, &c., by Col.
Henry Yule. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1871

The same. 2nd edition. 2 vols.

Maps and plates. 8 1875

Le Livre de Marco Polo. Fac-
simile d'un Manuscrit du XIV e Siecle
conserve a la Bibliotheque Royale de
Stockholm. 4 [Stockholm, 1882]

SeeAmrein; Urbani de Gheltof ; also

Astley, Vol. 4 ; Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr,
Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. 3 ; Pinkerton, Vol.
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See United States, K (Texas) : Appen-

dix 2.

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