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- Decouvertes et Etablissements des
Fran9ais dans 1'Ouesl et dans le Sud
de 1'Amerique Septentrionale, 1614-98 ;
Memoires et Documents inedits. 3 vols.
Maps ami plates. 8 Paris, 1879

- The same, 1614-1754. Memoires et
Documents originaux. Vols. 4-6. Fac-
simile and portraits. Large 8

Paris, 1 88 1 -88

Mariette-Bey, , Auguste. Aper9u de
1'Histoire d'Egypte depuis les temps les
plus recules jusqu'a la Conquete Musul-
mane. 3rd edition. 12

Alexandria, 1872

Notice des Principaux Monuments

exposes dans les Galeries Provisoires du
Musee d'Antiquites Egyptiennes de S. A.
le Khedive a Boulaq. 4th edition. 8

Paris, 1872
Itineraire de la Haute-Egypte, com-

prenant une Description des Monuments
Antiques des rives du Nil entre le Caire
et la Premiere Cataracte. 12

Alexandria, 1872

The Monuments of Upper Egypt. A
Translation by Alphonse Mariette of
the "Itineraire de la Haute-Egypte."
Map and plans. 12 Alexandria, 1877

Marignola, Johannes von. Reise in das
Morgenland v. J. 1339-53- Aus dem
Latein iibersetzt, geordnet und erlautert
von J. G. Meinert. 8 Prague, 1820
See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix I.

Marigny, E. Taitbout de. Portulan de
la Mer Noire, et de la Mer d'Azov, ou
Description des Cotes de ces deux Mers a
1'usage des Navigateurs. 12

Odessa, 1830

Three Voyages in the Black Sea to

the Coast of Circassia, including Descrip-
tions of the Ports, and the importance of
their trade. Map and frontispiece. 8


Pilote de la Mer Noire et de la Mer

d'Azov : extrait de 1'Hydrographie de la
Mer Noire et de la Mer d'Azov, com-
paree a celles de 1'Antiquite et du moyen
age du meme auteur. 8

Constantinople, 1850
- Black Sea Pilot. 8 1855

Marilaun, Ritter Fritz Kerner von.
Untersuchungen iiber die Schneegrenze
im Gebiete des mittleren Innthales.
Plates. 4* Vienna, 1887



Marinelli, Prof. Giovanni. La Superficie
del Regno d'ltalia, secomlo i piu recenti
stucli. Terza ediz. 8* Rome, 1884

Slavi, Tedeschi, Italiani nel cosiddetto
" Litorale " Austriaco (Istria, Trieste e
Gorizia). 8* Venice, 1885

Recenti studi Idrografici e Talasso-

grafici nel Mediterraneo. 8* Padua, 1885
- Le Alpi Carniche, Nome, Limiti,
Divisioni nella Storia e nella Scienza.
Map. 8* Turin, 1888

Mariner, William. An Account of the
Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the
South Pacific Ocean ; with an Original
Grammar and Vocabulary of their Lan-
guage, compiled and arranged from the
extensive communications of Mr William
Mariner by John Martin. 2 vols. Map
and portra it. 8 1 8 1 8

See Eyries, Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Markham, Admiral Albert Hastings.

The Cruise of the "Rosario" amongst
the New Hebrides and Santa Cruz
Islands. Map and plates. 8 1873

A Whaling Cruise to Baffin's Bay and

the Gulf of Boothia, and an Account of
the Rescue of the Crew of the " Polaris";
with an Introduction by Rear-Admiral
Sherard Osborn. Map and plates. 8

The Great Frozen Sea : a Personal

Narrative of the Voyage of the "Alert"
during the Arctic Expedition of 1875-76.
Maps and plates. 8 1878

Northward Ho ! . . . ; including a
Narrative ofCapt. Phipps's Expedition,
by a Midshipman. Illustrations. Small
8 1879

A Polar Reconnaissance : being the
Voyage of the "Isbjorn" to Novaya
Zemlyain 1879. Maps and plates. 8 1881

Hudson's Bay and Strait. Roy. Geo.
Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 2. 8 1887

Life of Sir John Franklin, and the
North-West Passage. [The World's Great
Explorers and Explorations Series.]
Maps and illustrations. Crown 8 1891

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. , Vol. 59 :

Appendix i.
Markham, Clements Robert. Franklin's
Footsteps : a Sketch of Greenland, along
the Shores of which his Expedition passed,
and of the Parry Isles where the last
traces of it were found. Map. 12 1853

Cuzco : a Journey to the Ancient
Capital of Peru, with an Account of the
History, Language, Literature, and Anti-
quities of the Incas ; and Lima : a Visit
to the Capital and Provinces of Modern
Peru. Map and plates. 8 1856

Travels in Peru and India while
Superintending the Collection of Chin-

chona Plants and Seeds in South America,
and their Introduction into India. Maps
<*nd plates. 8 1862


Markham, Clements Robert. A List of
the Tribes in the Valley of the Amazon,
including those on the Banks of the Main
Stream and of all its Tributaries. 8*


The same. New edition. 8* 1895

Contributions towards a Grammar and

Dictionary of Quichua, the Language
of the Yncas of Peru. 8 1864

Chinchona Cultivation in Travancore

and on the Pulney Hills : Expedition
across an unfrequented Pass, from Peer-
mede to the Cumbum Valley in Madura.
Map. Folio * 1865

On the Origin and Migrations of the

Greenland Esquimaux. Map. 8* N.D.

On the Best Route for North Polar ,
Expeditions. 8* 1865

Further Report on Chinchona Cultiva-
tion in India. 4* 1866

Report on the Irrigation of Eastern

Spain. Maps and plate. 8 [1867]

A History of the Abyssinian Expedi-
tion . . . ; with a Chapter containing an
Account of the Mission and Captivity of
Mr Rassam and his Companions, by
Lieut. W. F. Prideaux. Maps. 8 1869

Letter to the Under-Secretary of State

for India on the Marine Surveys of India
(with five Enclosures). Folio* 1871

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys.

Maps. 4 1871

The same. 2nd edition 1878
Ollanta, an Ancient Ynca Drama.

Translated from the original Quichua.
Small 8 1871

The Threshold of the Unknown
Region. [Arctic Exploration.] Maps.
8 1873

The same. 3rd and 4th editions 1875

A General Sketch of the History of

Persia. Map. 8 U 1874

The Arctic Navy List, or a Century

of Arctic and Antarctic Officers, 1773-
1873 ; together with a List of Officers of
the 1875 Expedition, and their services.
Map. 8* 1875

Commodore J. G. Goodenough : a

Brief Memoir. Plate. Small 8 1875

Narratives of the Mission of George
Bogle to Tibet, and of the Journey of
Thomas Manning to Lhasa. Edited,
with Notes, an Introduction, and Lives
of Mr Bogle and Mr Manning, by C. R.
Markham. Map and plates. 8 1876

The same. 2nd edition 1879
Report on the Geographical Depart-
ment of the India Office, 1867 to 1877.
Small 8* [1877]

A Refutation of the Report of the
Scurvy Committee. 8*

Portsmouth, 1877

The same. 2nd edition, with additions.

8* Portsmouth, 1877



Markham, Clements Robert Peru (in
Sampson Low & Co. 's Series, " Foreign
Countries and British Colonies"). Maps
and illustrations. 12 1880

Peruvian Bark : a Popular Account of

the Introduction of Chinchona Cultiva-
tion into British India, 1860-80. Maps
and illustrations. Small 8 1880

An Account of the Raleigh, Geo-
graphical, and Kosmos Clubs. 8* 1880

Fifty Years' Work of the Royal Geo-
graphical Society. 8 1881

The War between Peru and Chile,

1879-82. Maps. Crown 8 1882

Progress of Discovery on the Coasts

of New Guinea, with Bibliographical Ap-
pendix by E. C. Rye. Roy. Geo. Soc.
Suppl. Paper, Vol. I, 1882-85. 8 1885

Famous Sailors of Former Times :

the Story of the Sea Fathers. 2nd
edition. Frontispiece. 12 1886

Sul Punto d'Approdo di Cristoforo

Colombo. Map. Large 8* Rome, 1889

A Life of John Davis the Navigator,

1550-1605, Discoverer of Davis Straits.
[The World's Great Explorers and Ex-
plorations Series.] Maps and illustra-
tions. Crown 8 1889

Latin-American Republics: a History

of Peru. Maps and illustrations. 8


Christopher Columbus. [The World's

Great Explorers and Exploration Series. ]
Maps and illustrations. Crown 8 1892
See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 24,
26, 28, 29, 33, 34, 41, 45, 47, 48, 56,
57, 60, 61, 63, 68, 79, 86 : Appendix I.

Markham, Frederick. Shooting in the
Himalayas : a Journal of Sporting Ad-
ventures and Travel in Chinese Tartary,
Ladac, Thibet, Cashmere, &.c. Plates.
8 1854

Marlianus. Bartholomaeus. UrbisRomae

Topographia . . . libris quinque com-

prehensa, &c. Map and plates. Folio

Bale, 1550

Marlowe, Capt. E. See Gottfried ; Kerr,
Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Marmier, Xavier. See Gaimard, Paul ;
Rafn and Mohnike.

Marmora, Andrea. Historia di Corfu.
Portrait. 4 Venice, 1672

Marni, N. Barbot de. Beschreibung
der Astrachanskischen oder Kalmiicken-
Steppe. Map. 8 St Petersburg, 1863

Marno, Ernst. Von Dabbeh nach Om-
derman durch die westliche Bajuda-
Steppe. 8* Vienna, [1870]

Reisen im Gebiete des blauen und

weissen Nil, im Egyptischen Sudan und
den angrenzenden Negerlandern, in den
Jahren 1869 bis 1873. Maps and plates.
8 Vienna, 1874

Reise in der Egyptischen Aequatorial-

Provinz und in Kordofan, in den Jahren
1874-76. Maps and plates. 8 Vienna, 1878

Marquette, Pere, and Joliet. Voyage
et Decouverte de quelques Pays et Nations
de rAmerique Septentrionale, par le P.
Marquette et Sr. Joliet. [Reprint.]
Map. 8 Paris, 1 68 1

See Gottfried ; Thevenot, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Marquez, Carlos Cuervo. Tierradentro,
Los Paeces, San Agustin, El Llano, &c.
Illustrations. 8 Bogota, 1893

Marquina, P. R. La Provincia de Tucu-
man, breves apuntes. 8*

Tucuman, 1890

Marr, Robert A. Observations on the
Mississippi River, at Memphis, Tenn.
4* Washington, 1853

Marree, J. A. de. Reizen op en Besch-
rijving van de Goudkust van Guinea. 2
vols. Map and plates. 8

The Hague, 1817-18

Marriott, Saville, and R. H. Showell.
Rough Notes connected wilh the Petty
Estate of Jowar, in theTannaCollectorate.
[From the Records of India, No. 25.]
Map. Royal 8* Bombay, 1856

Marriott, William. Hints to Meteoro-
logical Observers. 2nd ed. 8* 1887

Marryat, Frank S. Borneo and the
Indian Archipelago. Plates. 4 1848

Marryat, Horace. Residence in Jutland,
the Danish Isles, and Copenhagen. 2
vols. Map and plates. 8 1860

One Year in Sweden, including a

Visit to the Isle of Gotland. 2 vols.
Map ami plates. 8 1862

Marsden, Kate. On Sledge and Horse-
back to Outcast Siberian Lepers. Illus-
trations. 8 [1893]

Marsden, Rev. Samuel. Memoirs of the
Life and Lalxnirs of the Rev. Samuel
Marsden, of Paramatta, Senior Chaplain
of New South Wales, and of his early
connection with the Missions to New
Zealand and Tahiti. Edited by the Rev.
J. B. Marsden. Portrait and illustra-
tions. 8 N. D.

See Nicholas, J. L.

Marsden, William. On the Chronology
of the Hindoos. Large 8* J79

History of Sumatra, containing an

Account of the Government, Laws,
Customs, and Manners of the Native
Inhabitants ; with a Description of the
Natural Productions, and a Relation of
the Ancient Political State of that Island.
Map and plates. 4 1811

Dictionary of the Malayan Language ;

to which is prefixed a Grammar, with an
Introduction and Praxis. 4 1812

Numismata Orientala Illustrata : The

Oriental Coins, Ancient and Modern, of
his Collection described and historically
illustrated. 2 parts in I vol. Plates.
4 1823-25



Marsden, William. Bibliotheca Mars-
deniana Philologica et Orientalis : a
Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts
collected with a view to the General
Comparison of Languages, and to trie
Study of Oriental Literature. ,4

Privately printed, 1827

Memoirsof a Malayan Family. Written
by Themselves, and translated from the
Original by W. Marsden. 8 1830

Miscellaneous Works : 4 1834
On the Polynesian, or East-Insular

Languages. Maps and plates.
On a Conventional Roman Alphabet,

applicable to Oriental Languages.
Thoughts on the Composition of a

National English Dictionary.

Brief Memoir of the Life and Writings
of, written by himself, with Notes from
his Correspondence. 4

Privately printed, 1 838
Rudiments of the Malayu Language,

being an Abridgement of Marsden's
Malayan Grammar. 12 1847

See Marco Polo. Dalrymple, Reper-

tory, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Marsh, Ant. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 4:
Appendix I.

Marsh, A. E. W. Holiday Wanderings
in Madeira. Illustrations. 8 1892

Marsh, Hon. George P. Compendious
Grammar of the Old-Northern and Ice-
landic Language, compiled and Trans-
lated from the Grammars of Rask. 12
Burlington, Vt., 1838

Man and Nature, or Physical Geo-
graphy as Modified by Human Action.


Lecture on the Camel. 8*

Washington, N.D.

Marsh, Capt. H. C. A Ride through
Islam : being a Journey through Persia and
Afghanistan to India, via Meshed, Herat,
and Kandahar. Map. 8 1877

Marsh, Rev. J. W., and W. H. Stirling.
TheStory of Commander Allen Gardiner,
R.N. ; with Sketches of Missionary
Work in South America. 8th edition.


Marsh, O. C. Introduction and Succes-
sion of Vertebrate Life in America. 8
New Haven, Conn., 1877

See United States, G, c, and H, a,
Geological Exploration of the Fortieth
Parallel, Vol. 8: Appendix 2.

Marshall, Capt. See Phillip ; also Pelham,
Vol. i : Appendix i.

Marshall, C. The Canadian Dominion.
Plates. 8 1871

Marshall, H. Ceylon : a General Descrip-
tion of the Island and its Inhabitants ;
with an Historical Sketch of the Conquest
of the Colony by the English. Map.
8 1846

Marshall, Thomas. Statistical Reports on
the Pergunnahs of Padshapoor, Belgom,
Kalaniddee and Chandgurh, Khanapoor,
Bagulkot, Badamy, and Hoondgoond, in
the Southern Mahratta Country ; followed
by a Letter from William Chaplain, and
Observations by St John Thackeray.
Tables. Folio Bombay, 1822

Marshall, W. See Galton, Vacation

Marsili, A. F. Danubius Pannonico-
Mysicus, Observationibus Geographicis,
Astronomicis, Hydrographicis, Historicis,
Physicis perlustratus. 6 vols. (in 3).
Map and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1726

Marsilli, L. F. G. van. Naturkundige
Beschryving der Zeen. Plates. Folio
The Hague, 1786

Martel, Aline. Sparte et les gorges du
Taygete. 8* Paris, 1892

Martel, E. A. A Collection of Eleven
Pamphlets, mainly relating to Researches
in the Cevennes and in the Alps. [One
Paper written jointly with L. de Launay.]
8 1884-88

- Karl von Sonklar. 8* [1885]

Nouvelle Carte d'ltalie au ioo,ooo e .

8* [Paris, 1885]

A Collection of Sixteen Pamphlets,
relating to Subterranean Explorations.
[One Paper written jointly wim G. Gau-
pillat.] 8 1885-93

Le GoufTre du Puits de Padirac.
Illustrations. 4* Paris, 1890

Carte d'Autriche au 75,ooo e . 8*

[Paris, 1886]

Le Causse Noir et Montpellier-le-Vieux

(Aveyron). Plan and illustrations. 4*
[Paris, 1886]
Les Cevennes et la Region des Gausses

(Lozere, Aveyron, Herault, Gard, Ar-
deche). Map, plans, and illustrations.
4 Paris, 1890

- and L. de Launay. L'Homme
Paleolithique et la Poterie Paleolithique
dans la Lozere. 8* Paris, 1 886

and G. Gaupillat. Sur la Formation

des sources dans I'interieur des plateaux
calcaires des Gausses. 4* [Paris, 1889]

Sur 1'Exploration et la Formation des
Avens des Gausses. 4* [J'aris, 1889]

Compte-rendu sommaire de la Cin-
quieme Campagne Souterraine. 8* 1892

Le Tindoul de la Vayssiere (Aveyron).
Plan. 8* Paris, 1892

Marten, C. R. The Province of South-
land, New Zealand : General Descrip-
tion of Country, Climate, Resources, and
other particulars. (From Colonial News.)
Map. 12* 1871

Marten, Nathaniel. See Astley, Vol.
i ; Purchas, Vol. I , Book 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Martens, E. von. See Asia (General);
New Zealand, A : Appendix 2.



Martens, F. Vojagie naar Greenland of
Spitsbergen, mils gaders een net verhaal
der Walvis Vanghst en der zelve behande-
ling. Plates. 12 Dordrecht, N. D.
- See Vries ; also Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vol. 18; "Voyages," 1711 (p. 597):
Appendix i.

Martens, G. von. See Asia (General) :
Appendix 2.

Marthe, F. Was bedeutet Carl Ritter
fiir die Geographic ? 8* Berlin, 1 880

Martial, L. F. See France, B, a (Cape
Horn) : Appendix 2.

Martin, Arthur B. See Norie.

Martin, Benjamin. The Natural History
of England, or a Description of each
particular County in regard to the Curious
Productions of Nature and Art. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1759-63

Martin, Frederick. The Statesman's
Yearbook, Statistical and Historical
Annual of the States of the World, for
the years 1869-82. 8

Martin, F. R. En resa i vestra Sibirien
utford ar 1891 med understod af Vegasti-
pendiet. I. Etnografiska och Arkeolo-
giska forskningar i Surgutska Kretsen.
2. Arkeologiska undersokningar i guver-
nementet Tomsk. (From Ynier. ) Illus-
trations. 8* Stockholm, 1892

Martin, Isaac. See Knox's New Collec-
tion, Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Martin, James. Explorations in North-
Western Australia. 8* [1863]

Journal of a Voyage to the Glenelg
River, North-West Australia, in June and
July 1863. Small 4* Perth, 1864

and F. K. Panter. Report for the

Information of H.E. the Governor of
Western Australia, and the Promoters of
the North- Western Expedition of 1864,
on the Voyage and the Resources of the
Districts explored. Small 4* Perth, 1864

Martin, John. See Mariner.

Martin, J. M. The Changes of Exmouth
Warren. Part II. Maps. 8* [1876]

Martin, Josiah. See Cowan, F.

Martin, J. Ranald. Official Report on the
Medical Topography and Climate of Cal-
cutta.withNoticesofits Prevalent Diseases,
Endemic and Epidemic. 4 Calcutta, 1839

Martin, K. Bericht iiber eine Reise nach
Niederlandisch West-Indien und darauf
gegriindete Studien. Erster Theil. Land
und Leute ; Zweiter Theil. Geologic. 2
vols. Maps and plates. Large 8

Leyden, 1888

Martin, M. A Description of the Western
Islands of Scotland, containing a Full
Account of their Situation, Extent, Soils,
Product, Harbours, Bays, Tides, Anchor-
ing-Places, and Fisheries ; the Antient
and Modern Government, Religion, and
Customs of the Inhabitants ; a particular
Account of the Second Sight, &c. Map
and plate. 8 1716

Martin, M. See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Martin, Robert Montgomery. History
of the British Colonies. Vol. I, Asia ;
Vol. 2, West Indies; Vol. 3, North
America ; Vol. 4, Africa and Australasia ;
Vol. 5> Europe. 5 vols. Maps. 8


Colonial Policy of the British Empire.

Part I, Government. 8* 1837

The History, Antiquities, Topography,
and Statistics of Eastern India, com-
prising the Districts of Behar, Shahabad,
Bhagulpoor, Goruckpoor, Dinajepoor,
Puraniya, Rungpoor, and Assam, in
Relation to their Geology, Mineralogy,
Botany, Agriculture, Commerce, Manu-
factures, Fine Arts, Population, Religion,
Education, Statistics, &c. 3 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1838

History of the Colonies of the British

Empire in the West Indies, South
America, North America, Asia, Austral-
asia, Africa, and Europe, comprising the
Area, Agriculture, &c. , of each Colony,
with the Charters and the Engraved
Seals. From the Official Records of the
Colonial Office. Map. 8 1843

Reports, Minutes, and Despatches on
the British Position and Prospects in
China. 8 1846

The Hudson's Bay Territories and
Vancouver's Island, with an Exposition
of the Chartered Rights, Conduct, and
Policy of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Cor-
poration. Map. 8 1849

Report to the Shareholders of the

Liguanea and General Mining Company
of Jamaica, and of the Annotto Bay
Mining Association. 8* 1851

Report on Hong Kong ; Report on

Chusan ; and Minute on the British
Position and Prospects in China ; with
Governor Davis's Dispatch. Maps.
Folio* 1857

Martin, W. Notes on the Cape of Good
Hope, its Climate, &c., &c. 8*

Calcutta, 1856

Martin, Major T. Rough Notes on the
City of Poona. [From the India Records,
No. 79.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1864

Martin, Staff -Commander W. R. A
Text-book of Ocean Meteorology, com-
piled from the Sailing Directories for the
Oceans of the World by Alex. George
Findlay. Charts. 8 1887

Martineau, Harriet. Eastern Life, Pre-
sent and Past. 3 vols. 8 1848

: British Rule in India, a Historical
Sketch. 12 1857

Martinet, Ludovic. See Lesson.

Martinez, Carlos Walker. Pajinas de
un Viaje al t raves de la America del Sur.
8 Santiago, 1876



Martinez, J. J. Un Trou a la Terre.

Puits d'Observation, Deuxieme Appel.

8* San Francisco, 1886

Martinez, Matthia. See larric.
Martiniere, Bruzen la. Le Grand Dic-

tionnaire, Geographique et Critique. 10

vols. Folio The Hague, 1726-39
See Vries.

Martinioni, G. See Sansovino.

Martinius, M. DC Bello Tartarico His-
toria. Plates. 16 Amsterdam, 1655

Martins, , Charles. Du Spitzberg au Sa-
hara, Etapes d'un Naturaliste au Spitz-
Ijerg, en Laponie, en Ecosse, en Suisse,
en France, en Italic, en Orient, en
Egypte, en Algerie. Plates. 8

Paris [1865]

Sur la possibilite d'atteindre le Pole

Nord, &c. 8* Pan's, 1866

Les Glaciers actuels et la Periode
Glaciaire. 8* Pan's [1867]

See Gaimard, Paul.

and B. Gastaldi. Essai sur les
Terrains Superficiels de la Vallee clu P6
aux Environs de Turin, compares a ceux
du Bassin Helvetique. Map. 4*

Versailles, N.D.

Martins, J. P. de Oliveira. Les Ex-
plorations des Portugais anterieures a la
decouverte de 1'Amerique. . . . Traduite
de 1'Espagnol par Alexandre Boutroue.
Map. 8* Paris, 1893

Martiny, F. W. Handbuch fur Reisende
nach dem Schlesischen Riesengebirge
und der Grafschaft Glatz. Map and
plates. 12 Breslau, 1812

Martius, Carl Friedrich Philipp von.
Von dem Rechtszustancle unter den
Ureinwohncrn Brasiliens. Map. 4

Munich, 1832

Die Vergangenheit und Zukunft der
Amerikanischen Menschheit. 8*

Munich, 1839

- Versuch eines Commentars liber die
Pflanzen, in den Werken von Marcgrav
und Piso iiber Brasilien. i. Krypto-
gamen. 4* Munich, 1853

Wortersammlung Brasilianischer

Sprachen : Glossaria Linguarum Brasili-
ensium ; Glossarios de Diversas Lingoas
e Dialectos, que Fallao os Indios no
Impcrio do Brazil ; Beitrage zur Ethno-
graphic und Sprachenkunde Amerika's
zumal Brasiliens. II. 8 Leipzig, 1867
Die Fiel>er-Rinde, der China-Baum,
sein Vorkommen, und seine Cultur. 8*

N.P., N.D.

- Dictionnairc Galibi. Dictionarium
Gallice, Latine, ct Galibi. 8* N.P., N.D.
Das Naturell, die Krankhcitcn, das

Martius, Carl Friedrich Philipp von.
See Meissner ; Schramm : Spix.

Martus, H. C. E. Astronomische Geo-
graphic : ein Lehrbuch angewandter
Mathematik. Illustrations. 8

Leipzig, 1880

Martyn, Henry. See Smith, George.

Martyr, Peter. The Decades of the
Newe Worlde, or West India : conteyn-
ing the Navigations and Conquestes of
the Spanyardes, with the particular De-
scription of the Most Ryche and Large
Landes and Islandes lately founde in the
Weste Ocean, perteyning to the Inherit-
ance of the Kinges of Spayne. From
the Latin, by Richard Eden. {Title and
pp. 226-8 wanting.] 4 !555

De Rebus Oceanicis et Novo Orlie,

Decades Tres. Item ejusdem de Baby-
lonica Legatione, lib. 3, et Item de
Rebus /Ethiopicis, Indicis, Lusitanicis, et
Hispanicis opuscula. Small 8

Cologne, 1574
See Ramusio, Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Marvin, Charles. The Eye-Witnesses'
Account of the Disastrous Russian Cam-
paign against the Akhal Tekke Turco-
mans, describing the March across the
Burning Desert, the Storming of Den-
geel Tepe, and the Disastrous Retreat to
the Caspian. Maps, plans, ami portraits.
8 1880

Colonel Grodekoft's Ride from Samar-

Arztthum, und die Ileilmittcl der Urbc-

wohner Brasiliens. 12 Munich, N.D.

- Die Pflanzen und Thiere des Trop-

ischen America. 4* [Munich, N.U.]

cand to Herat, through Balkh and the
Uzbek States of Afghan Turkestan ;
with his own Map of the March-route
from the Oxus to Herat. Portrait.
Small 8 1880

- The Russians at Merv and Herat, and
their Power of Invading India. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1883

The Russian Railway to Herat and

India ; with an Introduction by Arminius
Vaml)ery, and a Facsimile of General
Annenkoff s Map of the Projected Route.
8* 1883

The Petroleum of the Future. Baku,
the Petrolia of Europe : a Historical
Sketch, showing the Immense and Inex-
haustible Character of the Petroleum
Deposits of the Caspian Region, from
the Earliest Times. Map. 8* [1883]

The Russians at the Gates of Herat.

Map and portraits. 12 [1885]

The African Question. English Africa:
Shall Boer and German sway it ? Map.
8* [1887]

- The Petroleum Question. Our Un-
appropriated Petroleum Empire : Oil
Discoveries in the Colonies. Maps. 8*


Marzolla, Benedetto. Descrizione dell'
Isola Ferdinandea, al Mezzo-giorna della
Sicilia. Plates. Oblong 12* Naples, 1826



Mas, Barlatier de. Instructions Nau-
tiques sur les Cotes d' Islamic, redigees
d'apres ses Observations pendant cinq
Campagnes dans ces Parages et les Notes
Manuscrites de M. le Contre-Amiral
danois P. de Lowenorn. Maps and
plates. 8 Paris, 1862

Mascrier, - le. Description de 1'Egypte,
contenant plusiers Remarques curieuses
sur la geographic ancienne et moderne de
ce pa'is, &c. Compose sur les memoires
de M. de Maillet. Maps and plates. 4
Paris, 1735

The same. 2 vols. Maps and plates.

12 The Hague, 1740

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