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Mas Latrie, L. de. See Latrie.

Mason, Dr and Mrs. See Phayre.

Mason, G. H. Life with the Zulus of
Natal, South Africa. 12 1855

Mason's Hygrometer : Uses to which it
is applicable. \7\uo leaves.~\ With
Tables. 8* N.r>.

Masoom, Mahomed. History of Sind,
embracing the period from A.I). 7 IQ to
A.D. 1590; written in Persia at the close
of the i6th Century, and translated into
English in 1846 by Captain G. G. Malet,
assisted by Peer Mahomed. Edited by
R. H. Thomas. [From the India
Records, No. 3.] 8 Bombay, 1855

Masqueray, Emile. See Liorel.

Massa. See Gerritsz.

Massaja, Guglielmo. I miei Trentacinque
Anni di Missione nell' alta Etiopia. Vols.
I-II. Illustrations. 4 Rome, 1885-93

Massalongo, C. See France, B, a (Cape
Horn) : Appendix 2.

Masselin, J. G. Dictionnaire Universale
des Geographies, Physique, Historique, et
Politique, du Monde Ancien, du Moyen
Age, et des Temps Modernes, com-
parees. 2 vols. Maps. 8 Paris, 1827

Masson, Charles. Narrative of various
Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan,
the Panjab, and Kalat ; with an Account
of the Insurrection at Kalat, and a
Memoir on Eastern Balochistan. 4 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1844

See Wilson, H. H.

Masterman, G. F. Seven Eventful Years
in Paraguay : a Narrative of Personal
Experience amongst the Paraguayans.
Map. 8 1869

Matani, Antonio. Ragionamento Filo-
sofico Istorico sopra la Figura della Terra.
8* Pisa, 1760

Mateer, S. "The Land of Charity:" a
Descriptive Account of Travancore and
its People. Map and plates. Small 8


Matelief, C. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 8 : Appendix i.

Matham, A. Voyage d'Adrien Matham
au Maroc (1640-41). Journal de Voyage,
public pour la premiere fois ; avec Notice
Biographique de 1'auteur, Introduction
et Notes, par F. de Hellwald. Large 8
The Hague, 1866

Mather, W. W. Second Annual Report
on the Geological Survey of the State of
Ohio. Map and plates. 8 Columbus, 1838

Mathers, Edward P. The Gold Fields

Revisited, being Further Glimpses of the

Gold Fields of South Africa. Maps. 8

Durban, 1887

Golden South Africa, or the Gold

Fields Revisited : being Further Glimpses
of the Gold Fields of South Africa.
Maps. 8 1888

- The same. 4th edition. Maps and
plans. 8 1889

Zambesia, England's El Dorado in

Africa : being a Description of Mataljele-

land and Mashonaland, and the less

known adjacent Territories, and an

Account of the Gold Fields of British

South Africa. Maps ana illustrations.

8 [1891]

Mathews, C. E. See Dent, C. T.

Mathews, E. D. Report to the Directors

' of the Madeira and Mamore Railway Co.

"Limited." 8* 1875

Up the Amazon and Madeira Rivers,

through Bolivia and Peru. Map and
plates. 8 1879

British Guiana and Venezuela. Map.

8* [1888]

Mathews, H. J. G. Long: In Memoriam.
. 8* 1879

Mathews, W. The Flora of Algeria, con-
sidered in Relation to the Physical His-
tory of the Mediterranean Region, and
supposed Submergence of the Sahara.
Map. 8 1880

Mathiesen, General H. Etude sur les
Courants et sur la Temperature des eaux
de la nier dans 1'Ocean Atlantique. Map.
4* Christiania, 1892

Mathison, G. F. Narrative of a Visit to
Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the Sandwich
Islands during 1821-22. Maps. 8 1825

Matkovic, Dr P. Topographische Karte
des Gebietes St Michel di Lemmo in
Istrien gezeichnet von Fra Mauro.
Map. 8* Vienna, 1859

Putovanja Po-Balkanskom Poluotoka
XVI. Vieka. X. Putopis Marka Antuna
Pigafette, ili, drugo putovanje Antuna
Vrancica u Carigrad 1 567 godine. Large
8 Zagrebn, 1890

Matters, C. H. From Golden Gate to
Golden Horn, and many other World-
wide Wanderings, or 50,0x30 Miles of
Travel over Sea and Land. Portrait.
12 Adelaide, 1892

Matteucci, Pellegrino. (SpedizioneGessi-

Matteucci. ) Sudan e Gallas. Map. 12

Milan, 1879


Matthes. Dr B. F. Eenige proeven van
Boegineesche en Makassaarsche Poezie.
8* The Hague, 1883

Matthews, J. W. Incwadi Yami ; or,
Twenty Years' Personal Experience in
South Africa. Illustrations. 8 1887

Matthews, Washington. See United
States, G, a (Miscell.) : Appendix 2.

Mauch, Karl. Reisen im Inneren von
Sud-Afrika. Map. 4* Gotka, 1870
Reisen im Inneren von Siid-Afrika,
1865-72. (Erganzungsheft, 37 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) Map. 4

Got ha, 1874

Maucroix, D'Estr. de. Note sur le
Bane de Feroe. 8* Paris, 1846

Maudru, J. B. Elemens Raisonnes de la
Langue Kusse, ou Principes Generaux de
la Gnunidaire appliques a la Langue
Russe. Tables. 8 Paris, 1802

Maudslay, A. P. See Central America,
A (Hiologia Centrali - Americana) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Mauduit, A. F. Adhesions des Savants
Franfais et Etrangers aux Opinions
emises dans de livre " Decouverte dans
la Troade et dans les Traductions
d'Homere." 4* Paris, 1842-51

Maunder, Samuel, and William Hughes.
The Treasury of Geography, Physical,
Historical, Descriptive, and Political ;
containing a Succinct Account of every
Country in the World, preceded by an
Introductory Outline of the History of
Geography. Maps and plates. 12


- The same. New edition. 1867
Maundrell, Henry. A Journey from

Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter, A.D.
1697. Illustrations. 8 Oxford, 1703

- The same. 7th edition ; to which is
now added an Account of the Author's
Journey to the Banks of Euphrates at
Beer, and to the Country of Mesopotamia,
with an Index to the whole work. Illus-
trations. 8 Oxford, 1749

The same. Also a Journal from

Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and hack
again. Translated from a MS. by the
Prefetto of Egypt, by l.ishop R. Clayton.
Plates. 8 1 8 10

See Harris, Vol. 2 ; Pinkerton, Vol.

10 ; Knox's New Collection, Vol. 6 ;
"The World Displayed," Vol. n: Ap-
pendix i.

Maunoir, C. Congres des Societes Sa-
vantes : Discours prononce a la Seance^
Generate du Congres le Samedi, 31 Mai
1890. Large 8* Pan's, 1890

See France, Transactions, L'Annee
Geogr. , p. 799: Appendix 2.

Maunsell, R. Grammar of the New
Zealand Language. 3rd edition. 12

Me/bourne, 1882

Maupertius. See Pinkerton, Vol. I ;
"The World Displayed," Vol. 20;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17; Knox's
New Collection, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Maurer, Franz. DieNikobaren: Colonial-
Geschichte und Beschreibung nebst moti-
virtem Vorschlage zur Colonisation dieser
Inseln durch Preussen. Maps. 8

Berlin, 1867

Maurice, Col. J. F. See United
Kingdom, G : Appendix 2.

Maurice, Thomas. The History of
Hindostan. Part I. The Indian Cos-
mogony and Chronology. Plates. 4


Indian Antiquities ; or, Dissertations

relative to the Antient Geographical
Divisions, the Pure System of Primeval
Theology, the Grand Code of Civil Laws,
the Original Form of Government, the
widely-extended Commerce, and the
various and profound Literature of Hin-
dostan ; compared throughout with the
Religion, Laws, Government, and Litera-
ture of Persia, Egypt, and Greece. . . .
7 vols. (Vol. I, 1806 ; 2, 1806 ; 3, 1794 ;
4, 1800; 5, 1794; 6 (two parts in one
vol.), 1796; 7, 1800.) Plates. 8

Observations connected with Astro-

nomy and Ancient History, Sacred and
Profane, on the Ruins of Babylon, as
recently visited and described by C. J.
Rich. Plates. 4 1816

Mauro, Fra. See Matkovic.

Maury, Alfred. Notice sur la Vie et les
Travaux de J. B. Biot. 12* Paris, 1851

Maury, L. F. A. Histoire des Grandes
Forets de la Gaule et de 1'Ancienne
France, precedee de Recherches sur
1'Histoire des Forets de 1'Angleterre, de
1'Allemagne, et de 1'Italie. 8

Paris, 1850

Maury, Lieut. M. F. Abstract Log for
the use of American Navigators, prepared
under the Direction of Commodore Lewis
Warrington. 4 Washington, 1848

Investigations of the Winds and
Currents of the Sea. 4 Washington, 1851

Explanations and Sailing Directions
to accompany the " Wind and Current
Charts " approved by Commodore Lewis
Warrington. 3rd edition. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1851

Another, approved by Commodore

Charles Morris. 4th edition. Alaps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1852

Another edition, enlarged and im-
proved. 7th edition. Alaps and plates.
Philadelphia, 1855
Another edition, approved by Capt.

D. N. Ingraham. 8th edition, enlarged
and improved. 2 vols. Vol. I, 1858;
Vol. 2, 1859. Alaps and plates. 4

Washington, 1858-59



Maury, Lieut. M. F. Co-operation of
the Principal Maritime Nations in col-
lecting materials for " Wind and Current
Charts." [Two leaves.'} 4*

Washington, 1852

Letter concerning Lanes for the

Steamers crossing the Atlantic. Plans.
4* New York, 1855

Physical Geography of the Sea. Maps.

8 1855

Obsen'ations sur la Navigation des

Paquebots qui traversent PAtlantique ;
Routes a suivre pour eviter les Abordages
en Mer. Map and plates. 8 Paris, 1856

Resume de la partie physique et

descriptive des Sailing Directions par
Mr E. Tricault. Maps and plates. 8

Paris, 1857

Letter to C. W. Field on Nautical

Directions for Sailing from Valentia to
Newfoundland. 8* Washington, 1857

Instructions Nautiques destinees a

accompagner les Cartes de Vents et de
Courants. Traduites par Lieut. Ed.
Vaneechout. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, 1859

Astronomical Observations made

during the years 1849 and 1850, at the
U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington.
Vol. 5. 4 Washington, 1859

Nautical Monographs. No. I, The

Winds at Sea ; No. 2, The Barometer at
Sea. 2 parts. Plates. 4

Washington, 1859-61

Physical Geography of the Sea, and

its Meteorology : being a Reconstruction
and Enlargement of the Eighth Edition of
"The Physical Geography of the Sea."
Maps and diagrams. 8 1 860

- The Physical Survey of Virginia :
Geographical Position ; its Commercial
Advantages and National Importance.
Maps. 8 Richmond, Va., 1868

A Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury,
U.S.N. and C.S.N., author of " Physical
Geography of the Sea, and its Meteor-
ology." Compiled by his daughter
Diana Fontaine Maury Corbin. 8 1888

See Tricault.

Mauss and Sauvaire. See Luynes.

Mauve, Carl. Erlauterungen zu der
Flotzkarte des Oberschlesischen Stein-
kohlengebirges zwischen Beuthen, Glei-
witz Nikolai, und Myslowitz. 8*

Breslau, 1860

Maver, J. See Zuniga, Martinez de.

Mavidal, J. Le Senegal, son etat present
et son avenir. Map. 8 Paris, 1863

Mavor, W. The British Tourist's or
Traveller's Pocket Companion through
England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
6vols. Maps and plates. 12 1798

Maw, G. On the Disposition of Iron in
Variegated Strata. Plates. 8* 1868

See Hooker and Ball.

Maw. Lieut. H. L. Journal of a Passage
from the Pacific to the Atlantic, crossing
the Andes in the Northern Provinces of
Peru, and descending the River Maranon
or Amazon. Map. 8 1829

A Letter to the Editor of the Edin-
burgh Review, in Answer to his Criticism
on a " Journal of a Passage down the
River Maranon," &c. 8* N.I).

Mawe, J. Mineralogy of Derbyshire,
with a Description of the most interesting
Mines in the North of England, Scotland,
and Wales ; with a Glossary of the
Phrases used by the Miners. Plates. 8


Mawe, John. Travels in the Interior of
Brazil, particularly the Gold and Diamond
Districts of that Country ; including a
Voyage to the Rio de la Plata, and an
Historical Sketch of the Revolution of
Buenos Ayres. Map and plates. 4


Maxmilian. Prinz zu Wied-Neuwied.
See Wied-Neuwied.

Maximowicz, . Scientific Results of
Prejevalsky's Travels in Central Asia.
Botany. 2 parts. 4

St Petersburg, 1889

See Schrenck.

Maxwell, J. R. The Negro Question ;
or, Hints for the Physical Improvement
of the Negro Race, with special re-
ference to West Africa. Small 8 1892

May, C. See Churchill, Vol. 6: Ap-
pendix I.

May, Henry. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

May, John. See Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol.
8 : Appendix i.

Maydell, Baron Gerhard. Reisen und
Forschungen im Jakutskischen Gebiet,
Ostsibiriens in den Jahren 1861-71.
Erster Theil. Band i, Vierte Folge.
Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Russischen
Reiches und der angrenzenden Lander
Asiens . . . herausgegeben von L. von
Schrenck und Fr. Schmidt. Large 8

St Petersburg, 1893

Mayer, Brantz. Mexico: Aztec, Spanish,
and Republican ; a Historical, Geogra-
phical, &c. , account of that Country, from
the Invasion by the Spaniards to the
Present Time ; with a View of the Ancient
Aztec Empire and Civilisation, a Historical
Sketch of the late War, and Notices of
New Mexico and California. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8

Hartford, Conn., 1852

Mayer, Friedrich. Niirnberg im neun-
zehnten Jahrhundert, mit stetem Riick-
blick auf seine Vorzeit. [Map and plates
wanting.} 8 Nuremberg, 1843

Mayer, J. Kurze Worter-Sammlung, in
Englisch, Deutsch, Amharisch, Gallan-
isch, Guraguesch ; herausgegeben von
Dr L. Krapf. 8 Bale, 1878



Mayer, John. The Engineering and
Shipbuilding Industries of Glasgow and
the Clyde. [Bound up with other Papers
for the British Association Meeting at
Glasgow, 1876.] 12 Glasgow, 1876

Mayer, Luigi. Views in the Ottoman
Empire, chiefly in Caramania, a part of
Asia Minor hitherto unexplored, from
the original Drawings in the possession
of Sir R. Ainslie. The text in English
and French. Coloured plates. Folio


Mayerberg, Baron Augustus de. Iter
in Moschoviam A. L. Barents de Mayer-
berg . . . et H. G. Caluuccii . . . ab
Augustissimo Romanorum Imperatore
Leopoldo, ad Tzarem et Magnum Ducem
Alexium Mihalowicz, anno 1661 ablega-
torum ; Descriptum ab ipso A. L. Barone
de Mayerberg, cum Statutis Moschoui-
ticis ex Russico in Latinum idioma ab
eodem translatis. Folio

[Privately printed, 1 66 1 ]

Mayes, C. See Victoria, C : Appendix


Mayet, Valery. Voyage dans le Sucl de
la Tunisie. Deuxieme edition. Map.
12 Paris, 1887

Mayne, R. C. Four Years in British
Columbia and Vancouver Island, &c.
Maps and plates. 8 1862

Mayne, Capt. R. C. Practical Notes on
Marine Surveying and Nautical Astro-
nomy. Maps. Small 8 J 874

Mayo, Charles. See Gallon, F., Vacation

Mayo, Earl of. Proposed Expedition to
Ovampo-Land, landing at Mossamedes,
S.W. Coast of Africa. [Printed for
private circulation.] Map. 8 1882
De Rebus Africanis : the Claims of
Portugal to the Congo and adjacent
Littoral, with Remarks on the French
Annexation. Map. 8 1883

Mayr, Emil. Neu-Siid-Wales im Jahre
1 88 1. Map. 8* Vienna, 1884

Mayr, G. L. See "Novara."

Mayson, John Schofield. The Malays
of Capetown. 8* Manchester, 1861

Me. For Names beginning Me or M' ,
see under Mac .

Meade, H. A Ride through the Disturbed
Districts of New Zealand ; together with
some Account of the South Sea Islands.
Maps and plates. 8 1870

Meade, Wm. An Experimental Inquiry

into the Chemical Properties, &c. , of the

Mineral Waters of Ballston and Saratoga,

in the State of New York. Plates. 8

Philadelphia, 1817

Meadows, Thomas Taylor. The Chinese
and their Rebellions, viewed in connec-
tion with their National Philosophy,
Ethics, Legislation, and Administration ;

Meadows, Thomas Taylor continued.
with an Essay on Civilisation in the East
and West. Maps. 8 1856

Means, J. O. American Board of Com-
missioners for Foreign Missions. The
Proposed Mission in Central Africa. [A
Paper read at the Annual Meeting at
Syracuse, N.Y. , 8th October 1879.]
Map. 8* Cambridge, Mass., 1879

Meares, John. Voyages made in the
years 1 788 and 1 789, from China to the
North-West Coast of America ; to which
are prefixed an Introductory Narrative of
a Voyage performed in 1786 from Bengal
in the ship " Nootka," Observations on
the Probable Existence of a North-West
Passage, and some Account of the Trade
between the North-West Coast of America
and China, and the latter Country and
Great Britain. Maps and plates. 4


See Eyries, Vol. i : Appendix i.

Measor, H. P. A Tour in Egypt, Arabia
Petrrea, and the Holy Land, in the years
1841-42. Plate. Small 8 1844

Meath, Earl of. A Britisher's Impres-
sions of America and Australasia. (From
the Nineteenth Century. ) 8* 1893

Mechow, Major von. See Hann.

Medhurst, W. H. China, its State and
Prospects, with special reference to the
Spread of the Gospel. Map. 8 1838

Medhurst, Sir Walter. See Hatton, F.

Medina, J. T. Ensayo acerca de una
Mapoteca Chilena 6 sea de una coleccion
de los titulos de los mapas, pianos, y
vistas relativos a Chile, arreglados crono-
logicamente, con una Introduccion His-
torica acerca de la Geografia y Cartografia
del pais. 12* Santiago, 1889

Medina, Pietro da. L'Arte del Navegar,
in laqual si contengono lere gole, dechia-
rationi, secreti, e avisi, alia bona Navega-
tion necessarii. Tradotta de lingua
Spagnola in volgar Italiano. Diagrams.
Small 4 Venice, 1555

Medlicott, H. B. Note on the Reh
Efflorescence of North- Western India,
and on the Waters of some of the Rivers
and Canals. 8* 1862

The Coal of Assam : Results of a
Brief Visit to the Coal-Fields of that
Province in 1865. 8* 1865

and W. T. Blanford. A Manual of
the Geology of India. 2 vols. Map.
Small 4 Calcutta, 1879

See India, C : Appendix 2.

" Medusa," Shipwreck of the. 12

N. I).

See Picard.
Meech, L. W. On the Relative Intensity

of the Heat and Light of the Sun upon

Different Latitudes of the Earth. Plates.

4* Washington, 1856


Meek, F. B. See United States, G, a ;
K, California, Missouri : Appendix 2.

Megiserus, Hieronymus. An Ancient
Account of Madagascar, A.n. 1609.
Translated from the German of Hier-
onymus Megiserus ; with Introductory
Notice by James Sibree, junr. 8*

Antananarivo, N.D.

Meidinger, Henri. Dictionnaire Etymo-
logique et Comparatif, des Langues
Teuto-Gothiques ; avec des racines
Slaves, Romanes, et Asiatiques, qui
prouvent 1'origine commune de toutes
ces langues. Tracluit de 1'Allemand. 8
Frankfort-o-AL, 1833

Die Deutschen Volksstamme. 8

Frankfort-o-AI., 1833

Zur Statistik Erankfurts : Wohn-

platze, Bevolkerung, Brod- und Fleisch-

verbrauch, Gewerb- und Armenwesen.

12 Frankfort-o-M., 1848

- Die Deutschen Strome in ihren
Verkehrs und Handels Verhaltnissen.
4 vols in 2. Maps. 12 Leipzig, 1853

Meijer, J. J. See Jacobs.

Meiklejohn, Prof. J. M. D. On the Best
and the Worst Methods of Teaching
Geography : a Short Lecture to School-
masters. 8* 1869

A New Geography, on the Compara-
tive Method, with Maps and Diagrams.
8 1889

Meinardus, Dr W. Klimatischen Ver-
haltnisse des nordostlichen Theils des
Indischen Ozeans. 4* Altona, 1894

Meinecke, Gustav. Koloniales Jahrbuch,
herausgegeben von Gustav Meinecke,
Zweiter Jahrgang, das Jahr 1889. Maps.
8 Berlin, 1890

- The same. Dritter Jahrgang, das
Jahr 1890. Map. 8 Berlin, 1891

The same. Vierter Jahrgang, Das
Jahr 1891. Maps ami illustrations. 8

Berlin, 1892

The same. Sechster Jahrgang das
Jahr 1893. 8 Berlin, 1894

Meinert, J. G. See Marignola.

Meinicke, Dr Carl E. Die Inseln des
Stillen Oceans, eine geographische Mono-
graphic. 2 vols in I. 8 Leipzig, 1875-76

Das Eestland Australien, eine geo-
graphische Monographic. 2 vols in i.
8 Prenzlmii, 1837

- Die Siidseevolker und das Christen-
thum, eine ethnograp'hische Unter-
suchung. 8 Prenzlow, 1844

- Die Insel Pitcairn. 4* Prenzlow, 1858

See Petennann.

Meinshausen, K. See Baer and Hel-
mersen, Vol. 26.

Meinsma, J. J. Babad Tanah Djawi
in Proza. Javaansche Geschiedenis
Loopende tot het jaar 1647 der Javaan-
sche Jaartelling. Eerste Stuk : Tekst.
8 Tht Hague, 1874

Meinsma, J. J. The same. Tweede
Stuk : Aanteekeningen. 8

The Hague, 1877

Meisner, H. See Rohricht, R.

Meissner, C. F. Denkschrift auf Carl
Eriedr. Phil, von Martins. 4*

Munich, 1869

Mejoff, V. J. Catalogue of Russian Litera-
ture, Geography, &c. [In Russian.] 8
St Petersburg, 1867-68, 1873, 1874,
1877, 1880

Recueil clu Turkestan : comprenant
des Livres et des Articles sur 1'Asie
Centrale en general et le Province du
Turkestan en particulier. Tomes 1-416.
L'Indicateur Systematique et Alpha-
lietique. 4 St Petersburg, 1878-88

Mela Britannicus. Remarks touching
Geography, especially that of the British
Isles, comprising Strictures on the Hier-
archy of Great Britain. By Mela Britan-
nicus. 12 1825

Mela, Pomponius. Pomponii Melae de
Chorographia, libri tres . . . Edidit
Notisque Criticis instruxit G. Parthey.
8 Berlin, 1867

Meldrum, Charles. A Meteorological
Journal of the Indian Ocean for March
1853, with a Summary of the Results
of the Observations, &c. Charts and
diagrams. 4* Mauritius, 1856

On the Hurricane and Weather in
the Indian Ocean, from the 6th to the
iSthEebruary 1860. 8* 1860

Melena, Elpis. Erlebnisse und Beobach-
tungen c ines mehr als 2O-jahrigen Aufen-
thaltes auf Kreta. Map and illustra-
tions. 4 Hanover, 1892 [1891]

Meletii, Archimandrite. See Boddy.

Melgunof, G. Das si'idliche Ufer des

Kaspischen Meeres, oder die Nord-

provinzen Persians. Map and plate. 8

Leipzig, 1868

Melik-Beglaroff, J. D. Archaeological
Survey of Bengal : Report, 1887. By
Joseph Daviditch Melik-Beglaroff. Plate.
8* Calcutta, 1888

- The same. Report, 1888. By
Joseph Daviditch Melik - Beglaroff.
Plans. 8* Calcutta, 1888

Melliss, J. C. St Helena: a Physical,
Historical, and Topographical Descrip-
tion of the Island, including its Geology,
Eauna, Elora, and Meteorology. Map
and plates. Large 8 1875

Mello, Carlos de. Geographia Economica
de Portugal. Portugal Maritimo. [Vol.
1 ; Part I ?] Illustrations. 12* Lisbon, 1888

Mello, Gorge de. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Mello, Homem de. Subsidies to the For-
mation of the Physical Map of Brazil.
4* Rio de Janeiro, 1876

Melly, George. Khartoum and the Blue
and White Niles. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 8 1851



Melnikow, M. Geologische Erforschung
des Verhreitungsgehietes tier Phosphorite
am Dnjester. Map. 8* N.P. [1885]

Melvill of Carnbee, and H. D. A.
Smits. Seaman's Guide round Java to
the Islands east of Java, and through
the Straits of Banca and Gaspar. ist,
2nd, and 3rd editions. 8 1850-53

See Siebold, B. F.

Melville, George W. In the Lena
Delta : a Narrative of the search for
Lieut. -Commander De Long and his
Companions ; followed by an Account of
the Greely Relief Expedition, and a pro-
posed method of reaching the North
Pole. Edited by Melville Philips. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1885

Melville, Henry. The Present State of
Australia, including New South Wales,
Western Australia, South Australia,
Victoria, and New Zealand ; with a De-
scription of the Aborigines and their
Habits. Map ami plate. 8 1851

Melville, Herman. Typee : a Narrative
of a Four Months' Residence among the
Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas
Islands, or a Peep at Polynesian Life.
Map. 12 1847

- The same. New edition, with a
Memoir of the Author, and Illustrations.
8 1893

Omoo : a Narrative of Adventures

in the South Seas, being a Sequel to
the " Residence in the Marquesses
Islands." Map. 12 1847

The same. New edition, with a

Memoir of the Author, and Illustrations.

8 1893

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bung von Wiirtemberg. 12

Stuttgart, 1826
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la Ville de Nismes et de ses Environs.

New edition. Plates. 8 Nismes, 1822

Histoire des Antiquites de la Ville de
Nismes et de ses Environs. [With which
is bound " Le Guide des Etrangers a
Vienne (Isere)," by M. Rey, 1819.]
Plates. 8 Nismes, 1826

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Artistes. Geographic Artistique. Plates.

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I, 2; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 18 :

Appendix i.
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ische Europa. 8 Merlin, 1836

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the Force of Gravity at Tokio and on the

Summit of Fujinoyama. 4*

Tokyo, 2541 [1881]

See United States, F, Coast and
Geodetic Survey : Appendix 2.

Mendez, Diego, of Segura. See Gott-
fried : Appendix I.

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Hispano-Americano, y Necesidad de la
Neutralizacion perpetua de Bolivia.
Primera parte. Atacama y El Chaco.
12* Lima, 1874

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Razonado de las palabras Mexicanas In-
troducidas al Castellano. 4*

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See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 14, 15;
Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2 : Appendix I.

Mendoza, P. de. See Allgemeine His-

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