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and Greece ; with Historical and De-
scriptive Sketches of the People. Map.
8 1886

Minoprio, J. See Andree, Karl.

Mircher, H. Mission de Ghadames,
Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, et
Decembre 1862 : Rapports Officiels et
Documents a 1'appui. Maps and illus-
trations. Royal 8 Algiers, 1863

Miriam. Itineraires Miriam : Les Gausses
et les Canonsdu Tarn. Maps, plans, and
illustrations. Small 8 Mende, 1892

Mirza Abu Taleb Khan. Voyages en
Asie, Afrique, et en Europe pendant
1799-1803, suivis d'une Refutation des
idees qu'on a en Europe sur la Liberte
des Femmes d'Asie. Ecrits en Persan ;
traduit en Anglais, par C. Stewart ; et
de 1'Anglais en Francais, par M. J. C. J.
2 vols. in I. 8 Paris, 1811

Misrah Mahomed. See Phillips, New
Voyages and Travels [3], Vol. 9 : Ap-
pendix I.

Misson, Maximilian. A New Voyage
to Italy ; with Curious Observations on
several other Countries, as Germany,
Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders,
and Holland ; together with Useful In-
structions for those who shall Travel
thither. 2nd edition. 2 vols. Plates.
8 1699

- See Harris, Vol. 2 ; " The World
Displayed," Vols. 17, 18 ; Knox's New
Collection, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Mistriot, G. To. curia rov

K(U TOV Vf<i)T(p<JV

HoA-iTur/iou. 8 Athens, 1891

Mitchell, L. H. Report on the Seizure
by the Abyssinians of the Geological and
Mineralogical Reconaissance Expedition
attached to the General Staff of the
Egyptian Army. 8 Cairo, 1878

Mitchell, Mrs Murray. A Missionary's
Wife among the Wild Tribes of South
Bengal : Extracts from the Journal of
Mrs Murray Mitchell ; with Introduction
and Supplement by Dr George Smith.
12 Edinburgh, 1871

Mitchell, O. M. The Orbs of Heaven ;
or, The Planetary and Stellar Worlds.
Woodcuts. 12 1856

Mitchell, S. Augustus. A System of
Modern Geography, comprising a De-
scription of the Present State of the
World, and its Five Great Divisions,
with their several Kingdoms, Empires,
States, Territories, &c. , adapted to the
Capacity of Youth. Illustrations. 1 2
Philadelphia, 1839

- A System of Modern Geography,
Physical, Political, and Descriptive. 12

Philadelphia, 1870

Mitchell, Sir T. L. Three Expeditions
into the Interior of Eastern Australia ;
with Descriptions of the recently explored
Region of Australia Felix, and the present
Colony of New South Wales. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1839

- - Journal of an Expedition into the

Interior of Tropical Australia, in Search
of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of
Carpentaria. Maps and plates. 8 1848
Mitchinson, A. W. The Expiring
Continent : a Narrative of Travel in
Senegambia, with Observations on Native
Character, the Present Condition and
Future Prospects of Africa and Colonisa-
tion. Map and illustrations. 8 1881

Mitford, Major-Gen. R. C. W. Reveley.

Orient and Occident : a Journey East
from Lahore to Liverpool ; with Illustra-
tions from Sketches by the Author.
Map. Small 8 1888

Mitre, Gen. Bartolome. Viajes ineditos
de D. Felix de Azara desde Santa Fe a
la Asuncion, al interior del Paraguay, y
a los Pueblos Misiones ; con una noticia
preliminar por el General D. Bartolome
Mitre, y algunas noticias por el doctor
D. Juan Maria Gutierrez. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1873

Mitterrutzner, J. C. Die Sprache der
Bari in Central-Afrika : Grammatik,
Text, und Worterbuch. 8

Brixen, 1867



Mizzi, M. A. M. Propaganda per 1'Africa :
Relazione di M. A. M. Mizzi, Segretario
della Societa Internazionale di Esplora-
zione, Colonizzazione, ed Emigrazione
Africana. 8* Malta, 1881

Cenni sulla Republica di Liberia, [i

sheet.'} Royal 8* Malta, 1887

Moberg, J. C. See Sweden, A, Geo-
logiska Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Moberly, Walter. The Rocks and Rivers
of British Columbia. Map aitd illustra-
tions. 8 1885

Mockler-Ferryman, Capt. A. F. Up
the Niger : Narrative of Major Claude
Macdonald's Mission to the Niger and
Benue Rivers, West Africa ; to which
is added a Chapter on Native Musical
Instruments by Captain C. R. Day.
Map, portrait, ami illustrations. 8 1892

Modera, J. Verhaal van eene Reize naar
en Langs de Zuid-West Kust van Nieuvv-
Guinea in 1828. Map. 8

Haarlem, 1830

Modigliani, Elio. Un Viaggio a Nias.
Map and illustrations. 4 Milan, 1890

Fra i IJattachi Indipendenti, Viaggio

di Elio Modigliani pubblicato a cura della
Societa Geografica Italiana in occasione
del primo Congresso Geografica Italiano.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Rome, 1892

Moffat, John S. The Lives of Robert
and Mary Moffat, by their Son. 3rd
edition. Maps and portraits. 8 1885

Moffat, Rev. Robert. Missionary Labours
and Scenes in Southern Africa. Map
and plates. 8 1842

Letter to the Rev. A. Tidman, on his

Journey to the Chief Moselekatse, in
South Africa. [2 leaves.~\ 4* 1855

Mofras. Duflot de. Exploration du
Territoire de 1'Oregon, des Californies, et
de la Mer Vermeille, pendant 1840-42.
2 vols. Plates. 8 Paris, 1844

Mogg, Edward. Paterson's Roads in
England and Wales. Remodelled, Aug-
mented, and Improved by Ed. Mogg.
Maps. 8 1829

Mohan Lai, Munshi. Journal of a Tour
through the Punjab, Afghanistan, Turkes-
tan, Khorasan, and part of Persia, in
company with Lieut. Burnes and Dr
Gerard. Plate. 12 Calcutta, 1834

Mohn, H. Om Kometbanernes Indbyrdes
Beliggenhed. Maps. 4*

Christiania, 1861

Den Magnetiske Declination i Chris-
tiania, udledet af Observationer 1842-62.
Plate. 8* N.P. 1863

Institut Meteorologique de Norvege :

Temperature de la Mer entre 1'Islande,

1'Ecosse, et la Norvege. Maps. 8*

Christiania, 1870

Norsk e Fangst-Skipperes Opdagelse

af Kong Karl-Land. Map. 8*

Christiania, 1872

Mohn, H. "Albert's" Expedition til
Spidsbergen i November og December
1872, og dens videnskabelige Resultater.
Map. 8* Christiania, 1873

Konig-Karl-Land. 4* Gotha, 1873

Askeregnen den 2gde 3ode Marts

1875. Map N.P. [1875]

Die Norwegische Nordmeer-Expedi-

tion. (Erganzungsheft, 63 Petermann's
Mittheilungen). Maps and charts. 4
Gotha, 1880

Grundziige der Meteorologie : Die

Lehre von Wind und Wetter, nach den
neuesten Forschungen gemeinfasslich dar-
gestellt. 3rd edition. Maps and woodcuts.
8 Berlin, 1883

The same. 4th edition. Maps. 8

Berlin, 1887
Die Stromungen des Europaischen

Nordmeers. (Erganzungsheft, 79 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen. ) Maps and dia-
grams. 4 Gotha, 1885
See Guklberg ; Nansen ; Petermann ;
also Norway, A, Norwegian North
Atlantic Expedition, 1876-78 : Appen-
dix 2.

and H. Hildebrand Hildebrandsson.

Les Orages dans la Peninsula Scandinave.
Diagrams. 4* Upsala, 1 888

Mohnike, G. C. F. See Rafn.

Mohr, E. Nach den Victoriafallen des
Zambesi. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 Leipzig, 1875

Mohr, Johan Mauritz. See Veth.

Moir, Jane F. A Lady's Letters from
Central Africa : a Journey from Mandala,
Shire Highlands, to Ujiji, Lake Tangan-
yika, and back ; with an Introduction
by Rev. T. M. Lindsay, D.D. Map and
illustrations. 12 Glasgow, 1891

Mojsisovics, E. von. Ueber die Grenze
zwischen Ost- und West-Alpen. Map.
8* [Vienna, 1873]

Die Dolomit-Riffe von Slid Tirol und

Venetien. Beitrage zurBildungsgeschichte
der Alpen. Plates. 8 Vienna, 1879

Mokhtar Pasha, Mohammed. Manual of
Arabic Geography, f In Arabic. ] Small
8 N.P., N.D.

Notes sur le Pays de Harrar. Map.
8* Cairo, 1877

Etude sur 1'origine des mesures
Egyptiennes et leur valour. 8*

Cairo, 1891

See Ismail-Bey.

Molera, Eusebius J. The Mexican
Calendar or Solar Stone. Illustrations.
8* San Francisco, 1883

Moleri, . De Paris a Straslwurg a
Reims, et a Forbach. Map and illustra-
tions. Small 8 Paris, 1854

Molesworth, Lord. See Harris, Vol. 2 ;
" The World Displayed," Vol. 20, p.
610 ; Knox's New Collection, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.


3 2 3

Molina, Felipe. Bosquejo de la Republica
do Costa- Rica. Map. 8* Madrid, 1850

Memoria sobre las Cuestiones de

Limites que se versan entre la Republica
de Costa- Rica y el Estado de Nicaragua.
Map. 8* Madrid, 1850

Costa- Rica y Nueva Granada : Examen

de la Cuestion de Limites que hay pendi-
ente entre las dos Republicas mencion-
adas ; y Testimonies de los Titulos
Antiguos de Costa- Rica. Map. 8*

Washington, 1852
Costa Rica and New Granada : an

Inquiry into the Question of Boundaries
which is pending between the two Re-
publics. Map. 8* Washington, 1853

Molina, G. Ignazio. Saggio sulla Storia
Civile del Chili. Map. 8 Bologna, 1787

Molina, J. The Geographical, Natural, and
Civil History of Chili, translated from the
Italian ; with Notes from the Spanish
and French Versions, and two Appen-
dixes : the first, an Account of the
Archipelago of Chiloe, from the Descrip-
cion llistorial of P. F. Pedro Gonzalez
de Agueros ; the second, an Account of
the Native Tribes who inhabit the Southern
Extremity of South America, extracted
chiefly from Falkner's Description of
Patagonia. 2 vols. Map. 8 1809

Moll, L. Colonisation et Agriculture de
1'Algerie. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1845

Mollendorff, P. G. and O. F. von.
Manual of Chinese Bibliography : being
a List of Works and Essays relating to
China. 8 Shanghai, 1876

Moller, P., G. Pagels, and E. Gleerup.
Tre ar i Kongo. 2 vols. in I. Maps and
illustrations. 8" Stockholm [1887-88]

Moller, V. von. Palaontologische Beitrage
und Erliiuterungen zum Briefe Dani-
lewsky's liber die Resultate seiner Reise
an den Manytsch. Small 8*

St Petersburg, 1878

Mollhausen, Baldwin. Uiary of a Journey
from the Mississippi to the Coasts of the
Pacific with a United States Expedition ;
with an Introduction by Alex. v. Hum-
lx)ldt. Translated by Mrs P. Sinnett.
2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1858

Mollien, G. Travels in the Interior of
Africa to the Sources of the Senegal and
Gambia, in 1818. Edited by T. E.
Bowditch. Map and plates. 4 1820

Travels in the Republic of Colombia,
in 1822-23. Translated from the French.
Map and plate. 8 1824

See Eyries, Vol. n : Appendix i.
Moloney, Sir Alfred. Sketch of the

Forestry of West Africa, with particular
reference to its present principal Com-
mercial Products. Crown 8 1887

Minute by Governor Moloney in con-
nection with the Visit, in April 1888, to
the present Eastern Limit of the Colony

Moloney, Sir

of Lagos, Benin River, the Rio Formosa
or Beautiful River of the Portuguese,
discovered 1485. Folio* [Lagos, 1888]

Moloney, Joseph A. With Capt. Stairs to
Katanga. Map and illustrations. 8 1893

Moltke, Baron von. The Russians in
Bulgaria and Rumelia in 1828 and 1829.
Maps. 8 1854

Moltke, von. See Kiepert, Dr H.

Molyneux, Edmund. Tour in Sweden.
4* Liverpool, 1887

Molyneux, Emery. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 79: Appendix I.

Molyneux, Roger Gordon. Grammar and
Vocabulary of the Language of Beam, for
Beginners. Abridged and translated from
the work of V. Lespy. 8 1888

Molyneux, Lieut. Journal Note-Book
referring to Survey of the Dead Sea
and Jordan Valley. MS. Map. 4.

Mommsen, Theodor. The History of
Rome. Translated with the Author's
sanction, and additions by William P.
Dickson, D.D. 2 vols. Maps. 8


Monaco, Albert, Prince of. Sur une
Experience entreprise pour determiner la
Direction des Courants de 1'Atlantique
Nord. Deuxieme Campagne de 1'Hiron-
delle. 4* [Paris'] 1885

Sur le Gulf Stream. Recherches pour
Etablir ses Rapports avec la cote de
France. Campagne de 1'IIirondelle,
1885. Maps. Large 8* Paris, 1886

Deuxieme Campagne Scientifique de

THirondelle dans 1'Atlantique Nord.
Map. 8* Paris, 1887

- Sur la Troisieme Campagne Scien-
tifique de 1'IIirondelle. 4* [Parts, 1887]

Sur le Quatrieme Campagne Scien-
tifique de 1'IIirondelle. 4* [Parts, 1888]

- Sur 1'alimentation des Naufrages en
pleine mer. 4* [Paris, 1888]

Sur 1'emploi de Nasses pour des Re-
cherches Zoologiques en eaux profondes.
J '/hist 'rat 'ions. 4* [Paris, 1888]

Sur un Appareil Nouveau pour la

Recherche des Organismes Pelagiques a
des Profondeurs determinees. Illustra-
tions. 8* [Paris} 1889
Sur les Courants Superficiels de

1'Atlantique Nord. Large 8* [Part's, 1889]

Le Dynamometre a Ressorts emboites

de I'Hirondelle. Le Sondeur a clef de
1'llirondelle. Illustrations. 8*

[Paris] 1889

- Congres International des Sciences
Ge'ographiques en 1889. Experiences de
Flottage sur les Courants Superficiels de
1'Atlantique Nord. 8* Paris, 1890

Moncayo, P. Cuestion de Limites entre
el Ecuador i el Peru, segun cl " Uti Pos-
sidetis" de 1810 y los Tratados de 1829.
8* Santiago, 1860



Monck, Capt. J. See Munk ; also
Churchill, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Mondevergue, . See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Monet, H. La Martinique. Illustrations.
8 [Paris, N.D.]

Moneta, Pompeyo. Informe sobre la
Praclicabilklad de la Prolongacion del
Ferrocarril Central Argentine desde
Cordoba hasta Jujuy. Map. 8*

Biiettos Ay res, 1867

Money, Edward. Twelve Months with
the Bashi-Bazouks. Coloured plates. 8


The Cultivation and Manufacture of
Tea. 3rd edition. 8 1878

Money, J. W. B. Java ; or, How to
Manage a Colony ; showing a Practical
Solution of the Questions now affecting
British India. 2 vols. 8 1861

Monfart, . See Purchas, Vol. 3: Ap-
pendix I.

Monk, W. See Livingstone.

Monnet, . Atlas et Description Mineralo-
giques de la France. 4 Paris, 1780

Monnier, Franz le. Der Geographische
Congress und die Ausstellung in Venedig
im September 1881. 8* Vienna, 1882

Monnier, Marcel. Un Printemps sur le
Pacifique, lies Hawai. Map ami illus-
trations. 12 ( Paris, 1885

Des Andes au Para. Equateur Perou

Amazone. Maps and illustrations.
Small 4 Paris, 1890

Monnier, P. Description Nautique des
Cotes de la Martinique, precede d'un
Memoire sur les Operations Hydrograph-
iques et Geodesiques executees dans cette
ile en 1824-25. Map. Royal 8

Paris, 1828
Memoire sur les Courants de la

Manche, Mer d'Allemagne, et Canal de
St George. Map. 1835. Supplement
aux Considerations Generales sur ce
sujet, 1839. 8 1835-39

Monoxe, Edward. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 10 : Appendix I.

Monreal y Ascaso, B. Curso elemental
de Historia de Espana. Small 8

Madrid, 1867

Curso elemental de Geographia Astro-
nomica, Fisica y Politica. loth edition,
1870; and nth edition, 1872. Maps.
Small 8 Madrid, 1870-72

Monson, Lord. Views of the Department
of the Isere and the High Alps, chiefly
designed to illustrate the "Memoir of
Felix Neff" by Dr Gilby. Map and
plates. Large folio 1840

Monson, Sir William. See Churchill,
Vol. 3: Appendix i.

Montague, W. E. Campaigning in South
Africa : Reminiscences of an Officer in
1879. 8 1880

Montalbanus, J. B. De Turcarum mori-
bus Commentarius. 16 Lcydcn, 1654
Montano, B. A. See Benjamin (Rabbi).
Montano, Dr J. Voyage aux Philippines

et en Malaisie. Map and illustrations.
12 Paris, 1886

Montanus, Arnoldus. Gedenkwaerdige
Gesantschappen der Oost-Indische Maet-
schappy in'l vereenigde Nederland aen
de Kaisaren van Japan. Maps and plates.
Folio Amsterdam, 1668

Atlas Japannensis : being Remarkable

Addresses, by way of Embassy, from the
East India Company of the United Pro-
vinces to the Emperor of Japan ; con-
taining a Description of their several
Territories, Cities, Temples, and For-
tresses ; their Religions, Laws, and
Customs ; their Prodigious Wealth and
Gorgeous Habits ; the Nature of their
Soil, Plants, Beasts, Ilills, Rivers, and
Fountains ; with the Character of the An-
cient and Modern Japanners. English'd
by John Ogilby. Plates. Folio 1670

Atlas Chinensis : being a Second Part

of a Relation of Remarkable Passages
in Two Embassies from the East India
Company of the United Provinces to the
Viceroy Singlamong and General Taising
Lipovi, and to Konchi, Emperor of
China and East Tartary; with a Relation
of the Netherlander assisting the Tartar
against Coxinga, &c. English'd by John
Ogilby. Plates. Folio 1671

See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Harris, Vol. I ;

Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5: Appendix I.
Montanus, P. See Ptolemy.
Montbret, Baron C. de. See Recueil de

Voyages, Vol. 4, p. 611 : Appendix i.
Montefiore, Arthur J. Florida and the

English. Map. 8* 1889

David Livingstone, his Labours and

his Legacy. Map and illustrations. 8


- The same. 2nd edition. Map and
illustrations. Crown 8 N.D.

Henry M. Stanley, the African Ex-
plorer. Map and illustrations. Crown
8 [1889]

The same, gth edition. Map and

illustrations. Crown 8 N.I).

Leaders into unknown Lands : being

Chapters of Recent Travel. Illustrations.
Crown 8 [1891]

Montefiore, Sir Moses, Bart. Narrative
of a Mission to the Empire of Morocco,
1863-64. 8 1864

An Open Letter addressed to Sir M.
Montefiore on the day of his arrival in
the Holy City of Jerusalem . . . July
25, 1875, by the Rev. Meyer Auerbach
. . . and the Rev. Samuel Salant . . ;
together with a Narrative of a Forty
Days' Sojourn in the Holy Land. Photo-
graph. 8 1875



Monteiro, Joachim John. Angola and
the River Congo. 2 vols. Map and
plates. Small 8 1875

Monteiro, J. M. C., and A. C. P.
Gamitto. Resume of the Journey of,
by Dr C. T. Beke. [In R.G.S. volume
on Journeys to the Lands of Cazeml>e.]
See Lacerda.

Monteiro, J. M. de Souza. Diccionairo
Geographico das Provincias e Possessoes
Portuguezas no Ultramar. 8 Lisbon, 1850

Monteiro, Rose. Delagoa Bay, its Natives
and Natural History. Illustrations.
Crown 8 1891

Monteith, Lieut. -Gen. William. Notes
on Georgia and the New Russian Con-
quests beyond the Caucasus ; also a
Description of the Frontier of Russia and
Persia as settled by the Commissioners
in 1828-29. 8* Privately printed, N. r>.
Narrative of the Conquest of Finland
by the Russians in 1808-9. By a Russian
Officer; edited by Gen. Monteith. Map.
8 1854

Kars and Erzeroum, with the Cam-

paigns of Prince Paskiewitch in 1828-29 ;
and an Account of the Conquests of
Russia l>eyond the Caucasus. Map and
plates. 8 1856

See Meyendorff.

Montemont, Alb. Londres : Voyage a
cette Capitale et ses Environs. Alap.
8 Paris, N.I).

See Phillips, New Voyages and Tra-
vels [3], Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Montesinos, L.Fernando. SeeTernaux-
Compans, Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Montfaucon, Bernard de. The Travels
of the Learned Father Montfaucon, from
Paris through Italy. Plates. 8 1712

Montgomerie, John E. , and A. F. R. de
Horsey. A Few Words collected from
the languages spoken by the Indians in
the Neighlxnirhood of Columbia River
and Puget's Sound. 8* 1848

Montgomerie, Col. T. G. See Cayley
and Reynolds ; also India, Trigonometri-
cal Surveys : Appendix 2.

Montgomery, Robert. Statistical Report
of the District of Cawnpoor, 1848.
Maps. 4 Calcutta, 1849

Monticelli, T. Opere dell'. 2 vols. in i.
4 Naples, 1841

Montjau, E. M. de. De 1'Emigration des
Chinois au point de vue des interets
Europeens. 8* Paris, 1873

Montpereux, F. Dubois de. Voyage
autour du Caucase, chez les Tcherkcsses
et les Abkhases, en Colchide, Georgia,
Armenie, et en Crimee. 3 vols. 8, and
Atlas folio Paris, 1839

Montravel, M. L. de Tardy de. In-
structions pour Naviguer sur la Cote
Septentrionale du Hrc'sil et le Fleuve des
Amazones. 8 Paris, 1847

Montravel, M. L. de Tardy de.

Instructions Nautiques pour Naviguer
sur les Cotes des Guyanes. 8

Paris, 1851

Instructions sur la Nouvelle-Caledonie

suivies de Renseignements Hydrograph-
iques et autres sur la Mer du Japan et la
Mer d'Okotsk. Maps and plates. 8

Paris, 1857

Montriou, Lieut. C. W. Report on the
Harlxnir and Town of Sonmeeanee.
[From the India Records, No. 17.]
Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Montry and Fraissinet. See Siel>old.

Montule, Edward de. See Phillips, New
Voyages and Tiavels [3], Vols. 5, 9:
Appendix I.

Montyel, Evariste Marandon de.
Pelerinage sur la Soane de Lyon a
Chalon. Map. 16 Clialon, 1838

Moodie, Donald. The Record ; or, A
Series of Official Papers relative to the
Condition and Treatment of the Native
Tribes of South Africa. Compiled, trans-
lated, and edited by D. Moodie. Part
I, 1649-1720. 4 Cape Town, 1838

Moodie, Lieut. J. W. D. Ten Years in
South Africa, including a Particular
Description of the Wild Sports of that
Country. 2 vols. 8 1835

Moodoo Kistnaa. See Dalrymple, Tracts,
Vol. I : Appendix I.

Moon, G. Washington. Men and
Women of the Time : a Dictionary of
Contemporaries. 1 3th edition. Large
8 1891

Moor, J. H. Notices of the Indian
Archipelago and Adjacent Countries : a
Collection of Papers relating to Borneo,
Celebes, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Nias, the
Philippine Islands, Sulus, Siam, Cochin
China, Malayan Peninsula, &c. Maps.
4 Singapore, 1837

Moorcroft, W., and G. Trebeck.
Travels in the Himalayan Provinces of
Hindustan and the Panjab, in Laclakh
and Kashmir, in Peshawar, Kabul,
Kunduz, and Bokhara, from 1819 to
1825. 2 vols. Map. 8 1841

Moore, Francis. Travels into the In-
land Parts of Africa, containing a De-
scription of the several Nations for the
space of 600 miles up the River Gambia ;
with Capt. Stibbs's Voyage in 1723,
and Extracts from the Nubian's Geo-
graphy, &c., concerning the Niger-Nile,
or Gambia. Map and plates. 8 1738
- Description of Texas, containing
Sketches of its History, Geology, Geo-
graphy, and Statistics. Map and plates.
Philadelphia, 1840
See Astley, Vol. 2 ; Knox's New

Collection, Vol. 6; "The World Dis-
played," Vol. 17, p. 609; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.



Moore, Frederic. See Catalogues, C
(India Museum) : Appendix 2.

Moore, Hon. G. F. Evidences of an
Inland Sea [in Australia], collected from
the .Natives of the Swan River Settle-
ment. 8 Dublin, 1837

Moore, H. C. The Tidal Wave in the
Wye and Severn. 8* [1893]

Moore, Joseph, junr. Outlying Europe
and the Nearer Orient : a Narrative of
Recent Travel. 8 Philadelphia, 1880

The Queen's Empire ; or, Ind and

her Pearl. Map and plates. 8 1886

Moore, J. M. New Zealand for the Emi-
grant, Invalid, and Tourist. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1 890

Moore, J. P. See Harkness, H. W.

Moore, Richard. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Moore, William. Log-Book of the
schooner " Eliza Scott," from July 1838
to Sept. 1839, during her Voyage from
London to New Zealand, on Discovery
to the Southward, and to Madagascar,
and Return to London ; with Remarks.
Kept by W. Moore, Chief Mate. MS.

4 1838-39

Moraes, J. A. da Cunha. Africa Occi-
dental : Album Photographico e Descrip-
tivo ; com uma Introduc9ao de Luciano
Cordeiro. Primeira parte. (Do Rio
Quillo as Ambriz.) Oblong 8

Lisbon, 1885

The same. Com uma Introducao :
ideas geraes sobre Angola. Segunda
parte. (Loanda, Cazengo, Rios Dande,
e Quanza. ) Oblong 8 Lisbon, 1886

Morant, E. W. L. Letters regarding the
Subject of Trees, Forests, and Rainfall,
and the Natural Irrigation of the Treeless
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