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Moreton, J. Some Account of the Physi-
cal Geography of Newfoundland. Maps.
8* [1864]

Moreton, Samuel H. Milford Sound and
the Scenery of the West Coast of the
Middle Island of New Zealand. 8*

Invercargill, 1882

A Scramble over the Lake Mountains.
8* Invercargill, 1885

A Scramble over the Mountains.
[New Zealand.] From The Weekly
Times, Invercargill, N.Z., 7th February
1885. 8* Invercargill, 1885

Morfill, W. R. Poland. ("Story of the
Nations" Series.) Map. 8 1893

Morga, Antonio de. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ. , Vol. 39 ; Burney, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Morgan, Prof. C. L. See Compton,

Morgan, D. Lloyd. See Nordenskiold,

Morgan, E. Delmar. Notes on the
recent Geography of Central Asia from
Russian Sources. Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppi.
Papers, Vol. i. Map. 8 U 1885

Remarks on the Early Discovery of
Australia. Maps. Large 8* 1891

See Coles ; Prejevalsky ; also Ilakluyt

Soc. Publ., Vols. 72, 73: Appendix I.



Morgan, Sir Henry. See Sharp, Capt.
B. , and others ; Esquemeling, John ; also
Burney, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Morgan, Henry J. The Dominion An-
nual Register and Review. See Canada,
Toronto : Appendix 2.

Morgan, J. A Complete History of
Algiers ; to which is prefixed an Epitome
of the General History of Barbary from
the Earliest Times, interspersed with
many Curious Remarks and Passages not
touched on by any writer whatsoever.
2 vols. (hound in i). 4 1728-29

Morgan, J. ,de. Mission Scientifique au
Caucase : Etudes Archeologiques et His-
toriques. Tome I. Les Premiers Ages
des Metaux dans I'Armenie Russe. Tome
2. Recherches sur les Origines des
Pen pies du Caucase. 2 vols. in i. Maps
and illustrations. 4 Parts, 1889

Morgan, Lady. Italy. 2 vols. in i. 4


Morgen, C. Durch Kamerun von Slid
nach Nord : Reisen und Forschungen im
Hinterlande 1889 bis 1891. Map and
illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1893

Morier, James. Journey through Persia,
Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constanti-
nople, 1808-9. Maps and plates. 4 1812
A Second Journey through Persia,
Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constanti-
nople, between the years 1810 and 1816 ;
with a Journal of the Voyage by the
Brazils and Bombay to the Persian Gulf,
&c. Maps and plates. 4 1818

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.

Morier, Sir R. Copy of a Despatch from
Sir R. Moiier, and other Correspondence
respecting attempts to establish Com-
mercial Relations with Siberia through
the Kara Sea. Map. Folio* 1888

Moris, H. See Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3 :
Appendix i.

Moris, . See Sidi-Aly.

Moritz, August. Lebenslinien der me-
teorologischen Stationen am Kaukasus ;
eine Uel>ersicht der Tagebiicher, welche
in dem meteorologischen Archive des
Tiflisschen Observatoriums aufbewahrt
werden. Map and table. Folio*

St Petersburg, 1859

Rectification d'une Erreur decouverte
dans la Table de M. Regnault, relative
a la force expansive de la vapeur d'eau.
Lettre a M. Lenz. 8* 1865

- The Thermal Springs of Lankeran.
[In Russian.] 8* [Tijlis} 1865

Uelier die Anwendung des Pistor'schen

Reflections-Kreises zum Messen von
Angular- Distanzcn zwischen terrestrisch-
en Objecten. 8* 1865

On the Caspian Sea. [In Russian.]
Plate. 8* Tiflis, 1865

Schemacha und seine Erdbel>en. 8*

Tiflis, 1872

Moritz, August. Olivet. Reply to M. G.
respecting Meteorological Observations.
[In Russian.] 8* Tiflis, 1876

Das Reflexions-Thermometer. Plate.

12* Tijiis, 1876

See Stebnetzky.

and H. Abich. Materials for a

Climatology of the Caucausus. Meteoro-
logical Observations. Vol. I (parts I
and 3), Vol. 2 (3 parts). [In Russian
and German.] 8 Tiflis, 1877-80

and H. Kiefer. Tables for Calcula-

tion of Barometric Altitudes. [In Rus-
sian and, in part, German.] 4

Tiflis, 1870

Moritz, Dr B. See Hassan.

Moritz, C. P. See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Morley, Wm. Letter to Maj.-Gen. John
Briggs, on the Discovery of Part of the
Second Volume of the Jami' al Tawarikh
of Rashid al Din. Plate. 8* 1839

Morley, William H. Descriptive Cata-
logue of the Historical Manuscripts in the
Arabic and Persian Languages, preserved
in the Library of the Royal Asiatic
Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
8 1854

Morlot, A. von. Erlauterungen zur
geologischen Uebersichtskarte der nord-
ostlichen Alpen. Map. 8 Vienna, 1847

Moro, Gaetano. Report of the Com-
munication between the Atlantic and
Pacific Oceans through the Isthmus of
Tehuantepec. Map. 8 1845

Communication between the Atlantic

and Pacific Oceans through the Isthmus
of Tehuantepec. Additional Observa-
tions to the Report. Maps. 8 1845

Morrell, Capt. Benj. Narrative of Four
Voyages to the South Sea, North and
South Pacific Ocean, Chinese Sea, Ethi-
opic and Southern Atlantic Ocean, Indian
and Antarctic Ocean, 1822-31. Com-
prising Critical Surveys of Coasts and
Islands, with Sailing Directions ; and an
Account of some new and valuable Dis-
coveries, including the Massacre Islands ;
to which is prefixed a brief Sketch of the
Author's early life. Portrait. 8

New York, 1832

Morris, Alex. Nova Brittannia ; or,
British North America, its Extent and
Future. 8 Montreal, 1858

Morris, D. The Colony of British Hon-
duras, its Resources and Prospects, with
particular reference to its Indigenous
Plants and Economic Productions. Map.
8 1883

A Report upon the Present Position
and Prospects of the Agricultural Re-
sources of the Island of St Helena. Map.
8* 1884

Annual Report of the Public Gardens
... of Jamaica for the year ended 3Oth
September 1884. Folio* Kingston, 1885



Morris, D. F. van Braam. Reizen van,
naar de Noordkust van Neclerlandsch
Nieuw-Guinea. Erste vaart op de Am-
berno, of Rochussen Rivier, medege-
deeld door P. J. B. C. Robide van der
Aa. Maps. 8* \The Hague, 1885]

Morris, E. E. CasselPs Picturesque
Australasia. 4 vols. Illustrations.


Morris, Henry. A Geography, principally
intended for the Use of India. 12

Madras, 1864

A Descriptive and Historical Account

of the Godavery District in the Presidency
of Madras. Map in cover. 8 1878

Morris, John. See India, C, Palreonto-
logia Indica : Appendix 2.

Morris, Prof. J. See Murchison.

Morris, J. H. Report on the Administra-
tion of the Central Provinces for the year
1867-68 8 Nagpore [1868]

Morris, R. The Etymology of Local
Names ; with a short introduction to the
Relationship of Languages. Teutonic
names. 12* . N.D.

Morrison, Walter. The Recovery of
Jerusalem : a Narrative of Exploration
and Discovery in the City and the Holy
Land. By Capt. Wilson, Capt. Warren,
&c. With an Introduction by Arthur
Penrhyn Stanley ; edited by W. Morri-
son. Maps and plates. 8 1871 [1870]

Morritt. See Walpole, Turkey : Appen-
dix I.

Morrona, Alessandro da. Pisa Antica e
Moderna. Map. 8 Pisa, 1821

Morse, E. S. Shell Mounds of Omori.
Plates. 4* Tokio, 1879

Ancient and Modern Methods of

Arrow-Release. (From the Bulletin of
the Essex Institute, Vol. 17.) 8* 1885

Japanese Homes and their Surround-
ings. (Peabody Academy of Science :
Memoirs, Vol. 2). Illustrations. Small
folio Boston, Mass., 1 886

Morse, Jedidiah. Report of the Secretary
of War of the United States on Indian
Affairs, comprising a Tour in 1820 for
the purpose of ascertaining the Actual
State of the Indian Tribes in our
Country. Map and portrait. 8

New Haven, Conn., 1822

Morse, Sidney E. System of Geography
for the Use of Schools. Maps and wood-
cuts. 4 New York, 1845

Morsier, F. de. Expedition au Pole
Nord : Esquissc des projets proposes
jusqu'a ce jour pour son execution. 8*


Mortillet Gabriel. Guide du Baigneur
et de PEtranger a Aix-les-Bains (Savoie).
(Notes statistiques et historiques sur la
Savoie.) 16* ChambJry, 1855

Mortillet, G. de. Collection Prehistorique.
[Illustrated Catalogue.] 8 N.D,

Mortimer, George. Observations and
Remarks made during a Voyage to the
Islands of Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's
Islands near Van Diemen's Land ; Ota-
heite, Sandwich Islands ; Owhyhee, the
Fox Islands on the North- West Coast of
America, Tinian, and from thence to
Canton, in the brig " Mercury," &c.
Maps and plate. 4 i?9l

Morton, Alexander. Notes of a Trip to
New Guinea. 8* [Hobart, N.D.]

Handbook for the Use of the Members

of the Australasian Association for the
Advancement of Science : Meet-
ing, 1892. Map and plan. 12

Hobart, 1891

Morton, Samuel G. Crania Americana ;
or, A Comparative View of the Skulls of
various Aboriginal Nations of North and
South America, with an Essay on the
Varieties of the Human Species. Map'
and plates. Folio Philadelphia, 1839
- Crania /Egyptiaca ; or, Observations
on Egyptian Ethnography, derived from
Anatomy, History, and the Monuments.
Plates. 4 Philadelphia, 1844

Morton, W. J. South African Diamond
Fields, and the Journey to the Mines.
8 New York, 1877

Mortsell, E. See Sweden, A : Appendix 2.

Mosca-Barzi, Carlo. Saggio di una
Nuova Spiegazione del Flusso e Riflusso
del Mare. Plates. 4 Pesaro, 1764

Moschini, Giann Antonio. Guida per la
Citta di Pad ova, all' amico delle Belle
Arti. Map and plates. 12 Venice, 1817

Moseley, Prof. H. N. Oregon, its Re-
sources, Climate, People, and Produc-
tions. Map. 12 1878

Notes by a Naturalist on the "Chal-
lenger " : being an Account of various
Observations made during the Voyage of
H.M.S "Challenger" round the World,
in the years 1872-76, under the command
of Capt. Sir G. S. Nares and Capt. F. T.
Thomson. Map, coloured plates, andwood-
cuts. 8 1879
The same. New edition. 8 1892

Mosenthal, Julius de, and J. E. Harting.

Ostriches and Ostrich Farming. Plates.
8 1877

Moser, Henri. A Travers 1'Asie Centrale,
la Steppe Kirghize, le Turkestan Russe,
Boukhara, Khiva, le Pays des Turco-
mans et la Perse, Impressions dc Voyage.
Map and illustrations. Large 8

Paris [1885]

Moser, Louis. The Caucasus and its
People ; with a brief History of their
Wars, and a Sketch of the Achievements
of the renowned Chief Shamyl. 8 1856

Mosquera, Gen. T. C. de. Memoria
sobre la Geografia, Fi'sica y Politica, de
la Nueva Granada. Map. 8

New York, 1852



Mosquera, Gen. T. C. de. Memoir of
the Physical and Political Geography of
New Granada ; translated from the
Spanish, by Theodore Dwight. Map.
8 New York, 1853

Compendio de Geografia, General,

Politica, Fisica, y especial de los Estados
Unidos de Colombia. 8 1866

Moss, Dr. Edward L. Shores of the
Polar Sea : a Narrative of the Arctic
Expedition of 1875-76. Map, chromo-
lithographs, and engravings. Large
folio 1878

Moss, Frederick J. Through Atolls and
Islands in the Great South Sea. Map,
portrait, and illustrations. 8 1 889

Mossman, Samuel. Australasia and
Australia ; contributed to the Encyclo-
paedia Britannica. 4 Edinburgh, 1853
and T. Banister. Australia Visited
and Revisited : a Narrative of Recent
Travels and Old Experiences in Victoria
and New South Wales. Maps. 8 1853

Mott, Albert J. On the Literature of
Expeditions to the Nile. 8*

[Liverpool, 1867]

Notes on Easter Island. 8*

Liverpool, 1 88 1

Mott, F. T. The Fruits of all Countries :
a Preliminary Catalogue. Oblong 8*

Leicester, 1883

Motta, Alexio da. See Thevenot, Vol. i :
Appendix I.

Motte, Standish. Outline of a System
of Legislation for securing Protection to
the Aboriginal Inhabitants of all Countries
Colonised by Great Britain. 8* 1840

Mouat, Dr Fred. J. Rough Notes of a Trip
to Reunion, the Mauritius, and Ceylon ;
with Remarks on their Eligibility as
Sanitaria for Indian Invalids. Map and
woodcuts. Royal 8 Calcutta, 1852

Adventures and Researches among

the Andaman Islanders. Map and illus-
trations. 8 i 863

Moubach, A. C. G. Zorgdrager'sbloeyende
Opkomst der aloude en hedendaagsche
Groenlandsche Visscherij, &c. , met eene
korte Historische Beschryving der Noor-
derc Gewesten, voornamentlyk Groen-
landt, Yslandt, Spitsbergen, NovaZembla,
Jan Mayen Eilandt, de Straat Davis, en
al't aamerklykste in d'Ontdekking deezer
I^anden en in de Visscherij voorgevalten,
met Byvoeging van de Walvischvangst.
Maps and plate. 4 Amsterdam, 1720

Mouchez, Ernest. Observations Chrono-
metriques faites pendant la Campagne de
Circumnavigation de la corvette " La
Capricieuse." 8 Paris, 1855

Nouveau Manuel de la Navigation
dans le Rio de la Plata d'apres les Docu-
ments Francais et Espagnols. 8

Paris, 1862

Mouchez, Ernest. Longitudes Chrono-
metriques des principaux points de la
Cote clu Bresil. 8 Paris, 1863

Recherches sur la Longitude de la

Cote Orientale de 1'Amerique clu Sud.
8* Paris, 1866

Les Cotes clu Bresil, Description et

Instructions Nautiques. Maps. 8

Paris, 1866

Mouette, Sieur. See Tellez ; also Gott-
fried : Appendix I.

Mouhot, Henri. Travels in the Central
Parts of Index-China (Siam), Cambodia,
and Laos during 1858-60. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1864

Moulle, A. Memoire sur la Geologic
generate et sur les Mines de Diamants de
1'Afrique clu Sud. Maps, plans, and
sections. 8 Paris, 1885

Mounsey, A. H. A Journey through the
Caucasus and the Interior of Persia.
Map. 8 1872

- The Satsuma Rebellion : an Episode
of Modern Japanese History. Maps.
Small 8 1879

" Mountaineer." A Summer Ramble in
the Himalayas, with Sporting Adventures
in the Vale of Cashmere. Plate. 8 1860

Mounteney-Jephson, A. J. See Jephson.

Mouqueron, P. A. See Paz Soklan, M.

Moura, J. Le Royaume clu Cambodge.
2 vols. Maps, plans, and illustrations.
Large 8 Paris, 1883

Moura, J. de Santo A. See Ibn liatuta.

Mouravieff and Gladisheff.. See Khani-
koff, Y. B.

Mouraviev, N. Voyage en Turcomanie
eta Khiva, 1819-20 ; contenant le Journal
de son Voyage, le Recit de la Mission
clont il etait charge, la Relation dc sa
Captivite dans la Khivie, la Description
Geographique et Historique clu Pays.
Traduit clu Russe par M. G. Lacointe de
Laveau ; revu par J. B. Eyries et J.
Klaproth. Map and plate. 8 Paris, 1823

Journey to Khiva through the Turco-
man Country, 1819-20. Translated from
the Russian (1824) by Philipp Strahl,
Bonn ; and from the German (1871) by
Captain W. S. A. Lockhart. Map. 8

Calcutta, 1871

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.
Moure, J. G. Amedeo, and V. A.

Malte-Brun. Tratado de G<ographia
Elementar, Physica, Historica, Ecclesi-
astica, e Politica do Imperio do Brasil.
Portrait. 12 Pan's, 1861

Mousson, Alb. Ein Besuch auf Korfu
und Cefalonien im 1858. 8 Zurich, 1859

Moussy, V. Martin de. Description
Geographique et Statistique de la Con-
federation Argentine. 3 vols. Royal 8
Parts, 1 860-61

Voyage a la Frontierc Indienne de
Buenos- Ayres en 1863. 8* [Paris, 1864]



Mowry, Sylvester. Geography and Re-
sources of Arizona and Sonora. Map.
8 New York, 1863

Moxly, Rev. J. H. Sutton. An Account
of a West Indian Sanatorium, and a
Guide to Barbados. 12 1886

Moxon, Joseph. A Tutor to Astronomy
and Geography, or an Easie and Speedie
Way to know the Use of both the Globes,
Ccelestial and Terrestrial. 3rd edition.

4 1674

The same. . . . Whereunto is
added the Ancient Poetical Stories of the
Stars . . . as also a Discourse of the
Antiquity, Progress, and Augmentation
of Astronomy. 4th edition. Portrait
and illustrations. Square 8 1686

A Brief Discourse of a Passage by the

North Pole to Japan, China, &c. , pleaded
by three experiments ; and Answers to all
Objections that can be urged against a
Passage that way. Map. Small 4* 1697

Moya y Jimenez, Francisco Javier de.

Las Islas Filipinas en 1882 : Estudios
historicos, geographicos, estadisticos, y
descriptivos. 8 Madrid, 1883

Moyano, Carlos M. A Traves de la
Patagonia : In forme del Viage y Ex-
ploracion desde Santa Cruz al Chuliat,
presentado por el Capitan de la Armada
D. Carlos M. Moyano, al Sr. Ministro
de Guerra y Marina Doctor Don
Benjamin Victorica. 8*

Buenos Ayres, 1881

Moyne, A. le. La Nouvelle-Grenade,
Santiago de Cuba, la Jamaique, et
1'Isthme de Panama. 2 vols. 12

Paris, 1880

Moynier, Gustave. La Question du
Congo devant 1'Institut de Droit Inter-
national. 8* Geneva, 1883

Moyriac de Mailla, Joseph Anne Marie
de. Histoire generate de la Chine, ou
Annales de cet Empire. Traduites du
Tong-Kien-Kang-Mou. 13 vols. Maps
and plates. 4 Paris, 1777-85

Mtcsa, King. Letter from King Mtesa
to Sir John Kirk. [Original and Trans-
lation.] Folio* N. P., N.I).
King Mtesa, of Uganda. Extracts
from Letters and Journals of the Mission-
aries of the Church Missionary Society
labouring in Central Africa, received
during the years 1877 to 1884. 8* 1885

Muddock, J. E. "The J.E.M." Guide
to Switzerland. The Alps, and how to
see them. Edited by J. E. .Muddock.
4th edition. Maps, plans, and illustra-
tions. 12 I 884

Mudge, Capt. W. , and Isaac Dalby.
Trigonometrical Survey of England and
Wales, carried on in 1784 to the end of
1796. 2 vols. Plates. 4 1799-1801

Mudge, Capt. W., and G. A. Frazer.

Sailing Directions for the N. E. , N. , and
N.W. Coasts of Ireland. 8 1842

See Williams, Lt.-Col. E.

Mueller, Baron Sir Ferdinand von. An
Historical Review of the Explorations of
Australia. 8* 1857

- Fragmenta Phytographire Australia;.
Vols. i, 4, 6. 8 Melbourne, 1858-68

Essay on the Plants collected by Mr
Eugene Fitzalan, during Lieut. Smith's
Epedition to the Estuary of the Burdekin.
Folio* Alelbourne, 1 860

- The Plants indigenous to the Colony
of Victoria. Vol. i. Thalamiflorce.
Plates. 4 Melbourne, 1860-62

- The same. Lithograms, viz., plates
and descriptions. 4 Melbourne, 1864-65

A Record of the Plants collected by
Mr P. Walcott and Mr M. Brown in
1861, during Mr F. Gregory's Exploring
Expedition into North- West Australia.
8* 1863

The Vegetation of the Chatham

Islands. Plates. Royal 8

Melbourne, 1864

- The Fate of Dr Leichardt and a
Proposed New Search for his Party :
a Discourse, &c. 8* Melbourne, 1865

- Notes sur la Vegetation indigene et
introduite de PAustralie . . . Traduit de
1'Anglais par E. Lissignol. Plate. 8*

Melbourne, 1 866

On the Application of Phytology to
the Industrial Purposes of Life. 8*

Melbourne, 1870

Forest Culture in its Relation to In-
dustrial Pursuits. 8* Melbourne, 1871

Descriptive Notes on Papuan Plants.
Parts 1-6. 8 Melbourne, 1875-85

- Select Plants readily Eligible for
Industrial Culture or Naturalisation in
Victoria, with Indications of their Native
Countries and some of their Uses. 8

Alelbourne, 1876

- Addresses on the Development of
Rural Industries. 8* \Melboitrne, 1880]

Select Extra-Tropical Plants, readily
eligible for Industrial Culture or Natural-
ization, with Indications of their Native
Countries and some of their Uses. New
South Wales edition (enlarged). 8

Sydney, 1881

The same. New edition. 8

Alelbourne, 1885
See. Campbell, F. A. ; also Victoria,

A, C, D : Appendix 2.

Mueller, Hans. See Wissmann.

Miihry, Dr Adolf. Allgemeine geogra-
phische Meteorologie oder Versuch einer
iibersichtlichen Darlegung des Systems
der Erd-Meteoration in ihrer klimatischen
Bedeutung. Maps. 8 Leipzig, 1860


Miihry, Dr Adolf. Klimatographische
Uebersicht der Erde, in einer Sammlung
authentischer Berichte mil hinzugefiigten
Anmerkungen. zu wissenschaftlichem und
zu praktischem Gebrauch ; mil einem
Appendix. 8 Leipzig, 1862

Supplement zur Klimatographischtn
Uebersicht der Erde ; mil einem Ap-
pendix, enthaltend Untersuchungen iiber
das Wind-System, &c. Maps. 8

Leipzig, 1865

Ueber die richtige Lage und die

Theorie dcs Calmengiirtels auf den Con-
tinenten. 8* Vienna, N. n.

Ueber die Lehre von den Meeres-
Stromungen. Map. Small 8*

G'dttingen, 1869

Zur orographischen Meteorologie. 8*

Vienna, N.n.

Muir, Francis. A System of Universal
Geography. 8 Edinburgh, 1864

Muir, Dr Thomas. On the Territorial Ex-
pansion of the British Empire during the
last Ten Year.-:. Map. 8* Glasgow, 1889

Muir, Sir William. See Kennedy, James.

Muirhead, W. Te la Chuen-che : Uni-
versal Geography, Political, Physical,
Mathematical, Historical. [In Chinese.]
3 vols. Maps. 8 Shanghai, 1853-54

Mukharji, T. N. Art Manufactures of
India. Specially compiled for the
Glasgow International Exhibition, 1888.
Map and plate. 8 Calcutta, 1888

Mulhall, M. G. Rio Grande do Sul and its
German Colonies. Small 8 1873

and E. T. Mulhall. Handbook of
the River Plate, comprising Buenos
Ayres, the Upper Provinces, Banda
Oriental, and Paraguay. Vol. i. Large
8 Buenos Ayres, 1869

- Handbook of the River Plate Re-
publics, comprising Buenos Ayres and
the Provinces of the Argentine Republic,
and the Republics of Uruguay and Para-
guay. Small 8 1875

- The River Plate Handlx>ok, Guide,
Directory, and Almanac for 1863. Small
8 Buenos Ayres, 1863

From Europe to Paraguay and Matto-
Grosso. Map. 8 1877

Handbook of the River Plate: com-

prising the Argentine Republic, Uruguay,

and Paraguay. 5th edition. Maps.

Small 8 Buenos Ayres, 1885

Mullens, Joseph. Missions in South

India Visited and Described. Map.

Royal 8 1854

Mullens, Rev. J. Twelve Months in

Madagascar. Map and plates. 8 1875
Miiller, Albert. On the Dispersal of

Non-migratory Insects by Atmospheric

Agencies. 8* 1871

Ein Fund vorgeschichtlicher Stein-

geriithe l>ei Basel. Photograph. Large

8* JiMe, 1875

Miiller, Dr August. Orientalische Biblio-
graphic unter Mitwirkung der Herren
Prof. Dr A. Bezzenberger, Dr Th.
Gleiniger, Dr R. J. H. Gottheil, Dr Joh.
Miiller, Prof. Dr H. L. Strack, Dr K.
Vollers, Dr Th. Ch. L. Wijnmalen,
u.a. ; und mil Unterstiitzung der Deut-
schen Morgenland. Gesellschaft. Her-
ausgegeben von Prof. Dr A. Miiller.
Vols. I to 5. 8 Berlin, 1888-93

[Continued to date under the editorship
of Dr E. Kuhn, with the co-operation
of Dr Lucian Scherman and others.]

Miiller, C. Geographi Greed Minores : e
codicibus recognovit, prolegomenis an-
notatione indicibus instruxit, tabulis
Deri incisis illustravit. 2 vols. and Atlas.
8 Paris, 1855-61

VOL. I. Hannonis Carthaginiensis Peri-
plus. Scylacis, ut fertur, Periplus.
Dicsearchi, ut fertur, Periegesis. Aga-
tharchidis de Mari Erythrseo Libri.
Scymni Chii, ut fertur, Periegesis.
Dionysii Calliphontis F. Periegesis.
Isidori Characeni Mansiones Parthicce.
Anonymi Periplus Maris Erythrrei.
Arriani Indica et Ponti Periplus.
Anonymi Periplus Ponti Euxini.
Anonymi Stadiasmus Maris Magni.
Marciani Heracleensis Peripli.

VOL. 2. Dionysii Anaplus Bospori.
Dionysii Periegesis. Avieni Para-
phrasis. Prisciani Paraphrasis. Eus-
tathii Commentarii. Anonymi Para-
phrasis. Scholia in Dionysium.
Nicephori Geographia. Agathemeri
Geographia. Anonymi Geographia.
Anonymi Orbis Descriptio. Chres-
tomathia Straboniana. Pseudoplutarchi
Liber de Fluviis.

and T. Miiller. Fragmenta Histori-
corum Gnecorum. Apollodori Biblio-
theca cum Fragmentis. 5 vols. 8

Paris, 1874

Miiller, Christian. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 20; Phillips, New Voyages and
Travels [3], Vol. 8 : Appendix i.

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the Doric Race. 2 vols. Maps. 8

Oxford, 1830

Miiller, Ferdinand. Considerations sur la
Prevision des Tempetes, et specialement
sur celles du I au 4 Decembre 1863.
Plates. 4* St Petersburg, 1864

Unter Tungusen und Jakuten : Erleb-
nisse und Ergebnisse der Olenek-Ex-
pedition der kaiserlich Russischen Geo-
graphischen Gesellschaft in St Petersburg.
Map and illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1882

Miiller, F. H. Historisch-geographische
Darstellung des Stromsystems der Wolga.
8 Berlin, 1839



Muller, Ferdinand Max. Proposals for a
Missionary Alphabet, submitted to the
Alphabetical Conferences held at the
Residence of Chevalier Bunsen, Jan.
1854. Table. 8* 1854

The Sacred Books of the East. Vols.

1-33, 37, 4i- 8 Oxford, 1879-94

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Sprachfamilie in Central Afrika. 8*

Vienna, 1892

See " Novara."

Muller, Dr G. F. H. See Ritter ; Seetzen.

Muller, Prof. H. D. See Bent.

Muller, Dr Johannes. DieIIumlx>ldts-Bai
und Cap Bonpland in Neu-Guinea : eth-
nographisch und physikalisch untersucht
durch eine Niederlanclisch-indische Com-
mission. Plates. 4* Berlin, 1864
Die wissenschaftlichen Vereine und
Gesellschaften Deutschlands in neun-
zehnten Jahrhundert. Bibliographic ihren
Veroffenllichungen seit ihrer Begriindung
bis auf die Gegenwart. Ersie Lief. 4
Berlin, 1883

Die wissenschaftlichen Vereine und

Gesellschaften Deutschlands, &c. Liefe-
rungen4-n. 4 Berlin, 1884-87

See Muller, Dr A.

Muller, Robert. See Dorn, A.

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&c. Map. 8* Amsterdam, 1837

Reizen en Onderzoekingen in den

Indischen Archipel, gedaan op last der
Nederlandsche Indische Regering, in

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