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1828 en 1836. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 Amsterdam, 1857

Geschiedenis der Noordsche Com-

pagnie. 8 Utrecht, 1874

See Gerritsz.

Muller, Willi. Die Umsegelung Afrikas
durch Phiinizische Schiffer urns Jahr
600 v. Chr. Geb. 8 Rathenow, N. u.

Muller- Beeck, George. Reise-Notizen
von Teneriffa. Chart and illustrations.
Large 8* Frankfort-o-M., 1879

Muller- Beeck, F. G. Unsere wissen-
schaftliche Kenntniss von Korea. Vor-
trag gehalten am 4 Juli 1882, in der
Geographischen Gesellschaft zu Greifs-
wald. Plate. 8* Greifswald, 1882

- Eine Reise durch Portugal. Map.
8 Hamburg, 1883

Miiller-Simonis, P. Relation des Mis-
sions scientifiques de MM. H. Hyvernat
et P. Miiller-Simonis (1888-89). D"
Caucase au Golfe Persique i travers
1'Armenie, le Kurdistan, et la Mesopo-
tamie . . . suivie de notices sur la
geographic et 1'histoire ancienne de
1'Armenie, et les inscriptions cuneiformes
du bassin de Van, par H. Hyvernat.
Maps and illustrations. Large 4

Paris, 1892

Muller, Frederik. Catalogue de Livres,
Atlas, Portraits, et Planches sur la
Russie. 8* Amsterdam, 1870

Les Indes Orientales. Catalogue de

Livres sur les Possessions Neerlandaises
aux Indes. 8 Amsterdam, 1882

Muller, Dr George A. Laguet or
Laghetto : a Historical Sketch of its
Shrine. Illustration. 12* Nice, 1884

Muller, G. F., and P. S. Pallas. Con-
quest of Siberia ; and the History of the
Transactions, Wars, Commerce, &c. ,
carried on between Russia and China
from the Earliest Period. 8 1842

Muller, H. C. Frcroernes Fuglefauna
med Bemrerkninger om Fuglefangsten.
8* Copenhagen, 1863

Muller, Hendrik P. N. Een Bezoek aan
de Delagoa-Baai en de Lijdenburgsche
Goudvelden. Illustrations. 8*

Haarlem, 1887

Beknopt Verslag van de Voordracht

over Oost- Afrika Gehouden door den
Heer Hendrik P. N. Muller, naar Aan-
leiding Zijner Reizen in Afrika, op 19
Maart 1887 in het Nederlandsch Aar-
clrijkskundig Genootschap. Map. 8*
Amsterdam [1887]

Herinneringen nit Afrika. Frag-
ment van een Reisverhaal. Natal. 12*


Zuid-Afrika. Maps and plates. 8

Leyden [1889]

Industrie des Cafres du sucl-est de
1'Afrique. Collection recueillie sur les
lieux, et Notice ethnographique. De-
scription des objets represented par Joh.
F. Snelleman. Plates. 4

Leyden [1893 ?]
Muller, Jean. Histoire des Suisses. Tra-

duite de 1'Allemand. Vols. 1-6. 8

Lausanne, 1 795 -97
Muller, Vsevolod. Ossete Studies. Part 3.

[In Russian.] 8 Moscow, 1887

Milliner, Johann. Die Bevolkerungs-

dichte Tirols. Map. 8* [Vienna, 1889]
Mumsen, Dr Jacob. Rcise nach Nor-

wegen im 1788. 12 Hamburg, 1789
Mun, T. See Purchas, Vol. I, Book 5:

Appendix i.
Munch, Peter Andreas. Jus Nauticum

Recentius quod inter Norvegos olini

valuit. 4* Christ iania, 1838

Symbolic ad Historiam Antiquiorem

rerum Norvegicarum. 2 Facsimiles. 4*

Christ iania, 1850

Aslak Bolts Jordelx>g. Fortegnelse
over Jordegods og Andre Herligheder
tilhorende Erkebiskopsstolen i Nidaros,
affattet ved Erkebiskop Aslak Bolts
foranstaltning, 1432-49. 8

Christiania, 1852



Munch, Peter Andreas. Olafs Konungs
Tryggvasunar. Kong Olaf Tryggvescins
Saga, forfattet paa Latin hcnimocl Slut-
ningcn af del Tolfte Aarhundrcde af Odd
Snorrcson ; udgiven af P. A. Munch.
Facsimile. 8 Christiania, 1853

- Ved Paul Botten Hansen. 8*

Christiania, 1863

- and C. R. Unger. .Saga Olafs
Konungs ens Helga. Udforligere Saga
om Kong Olaf den llellige, efter det
reldste fuldstrcndige pcrgaments Haand-
skrift i det store Kongelige Bihliothek i
Stockholm. Udgivet efter faranstaltning
af det Akademiske Collegium ved det
Kong. Norske Fredericks Universitei.
8 Christiania, 1853

Mundella, A. J. See Plener.

Mundy, D. L. Rotomahana, and the
Boiling Springs of New Zealand. A
Photographic Series of Sixteen Views,
with Descriptive Notes by F. von Hoch-
stetter. 4 1875

Mundy, Gen. GodfreyC. Our Antipodes,
or a Residence and Rambles in the
Australasian Colonies ; with a Glimpse
of the Gold Fields. Vols. I and 3.
Plates. 8 1852

Pen and Pencil Sketches in India :
Journal of a Tour in India. Map and
plates. 8 1858

Mundy, Capt. Rodney. Narrative of the
Events in Borneo and Celebes, down to
the Occupation of Labuan, from the
Journals of James Brooke, Rajah of
Sarawak ; with a Narrative of the Opera-
tions of II. M.S. "Iris." 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1848

Munier, . Essai d'une Methode Gene-
rale propre a etendre les Connoissances
des Voyageurs, ou Recueil d'Observa-
tions relatives a 1'IIistoire, a la Reparti-
tion des Impots, au Commerce, aux
Sciences, aux Arts, et a la Culture des
Terres ; le tout appuye sur des fails
exacts, et enrichi d'experiences utiles.
2 vols. 8 Paris, 1779

Munk, J. See Monck ; also Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Munro, H. T. See Stott.

Munro, J. A. R. See Hogarth.

Munster, Sebastian. Cosmographia Uni-
versalis. [Title wanting.] Maps and
plates. Folio Bale, 1550

Miinzenberger, E. F. A. Abessinicn

und seine Bedeutung fur unsere Zeit

. . . herausgegeben von Joseph Spill-

mann, S. J. Map and illustrations. 8

Freiburg ini Brcisgau, \ 892

Munzinger, Werner. Ueber die Sitlen
und das Recht der Bogos ; mil cinem
Vorwort von J. M. Ziegler. Map. 4*
Winter thur, 1859

Munzinger, Werner. Ostafrikanische
Studien. Map. 8 Schaffhansen, 1864

Bericht an den Schweizerischen

Bundesrath vom 27 Marz, 1863. 12*

N.P., 1863

Ostafrikanische Studien von [Re-
view]. 12* N.P. , N.D.
- See Heuglin ; Wild, G.

Muraviev. See Mouraviev.

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey. Sup-
plementary Remarks on the Strata of
the Oolitic Series, and the Rocks
associated with them, in the Counties -f
Sutherland and Ross, and in the Hebrides.
Plate. 4* 1827

On the Relations of the Tertiary and

Secondary Rocks forming the Southern
Flanks of the TyroleseAlps near Bassano.
Plate. 8* 1829

Outline of the Geology of the Neigh-
bourhood of Cheltenham. Plate, 8*

Cheltenham, 1834

The same. New edition, augmented

and revised by J. Buckman and H. E.
Strickland. Map and plates. 8

Cheltenham, 1845
The Silurian System, founded on

Geological Researches in the Counties of
Salop, Heieford, Radnor, Montgomery,
Caermarthen, Brecon, Pembroke, Mon-
mouth, Gloucester, Worcester, and Staf-
ford ; with Descriptions of the Coal-
Fields and Overlying Formations. Maps,
plates, and woodcuts. 4 I&39

First Sketch of some of the Results of
a Second Geological Survey of Russia.
8* [1841]

Two Vols. of Geographical Addresses,

1844-61, 1863-71. 8 1844-71

Additional Remarks on the Deposit
of CEningen in Switzerland. 8* J 846

On the Silurian Rocks and their
Associates in Parts of Sweden ; with a
Postscript. Plate. 8* 1847

On the Geological Structure of the
Alps, Caipathians, and Apennines. 8*


On the Development of the Permian
System in Saxony, as communicated by
Prof. Naumann. 8* 1849

On the Earlier Volcanic Rocks of the
Papal States, and the adjacent parts of
Italy. 8* 1850

On the Vents of Hot Vapour in
Tuscany, and their Relations to Ancient
Lines of Fracture and Eruption. 8*


On the Distribution of the Hint Drift
of the South-East of England to the
South and North of the Weald, and over
the Surface of the South Downs. 8*




Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey. On

the Slaty Rocks of the Sichon, and
on the Origin of the Mineral Springs
of Vichy. (2 papers.) 8* 1851

Vol. of Pamphlets on the Geology of
Scotland ; with Geological Map of Scot-
land, and Explanations. Plates. 8

On the meaning of the term " Silurian

System " as adopted by Geologists in
various countries during the last ten years.
8* 1852

Siluria : the History of the Oldest
known Rocks containing Organic Re-
mains ; with a Brief Sketch of the
Distribution of Gold over the Earth.
Maps and plates. 8 1854
Additional Observations on the Silurian
and Devonian Rocks near Christiania in
Norway. 8* 1855

Note on the Relative Position of the
Strata, near Ludlow, containing the
Ichthyolites described by Sir P. Egerton.
Plates. 8* ' 1857

The Silurian Rocks and Fossils of
Norway, as described by M. T. Kjerulf ;
those of the Baltic Province of Russia, by
Prof. Schmidt ; and both compared with
their British Equivalents. 8* 1858

Table showing the Vertical Range of
the Silurian Fossils of Britain. 8* 1859
Siluria : the History of the Oldest

Fossiliferous Rocks and their Founda-
itons ; with a Brief Sketch of the Distri-
bution of Gold over the Earth, including
"The Silurian System." Maps, plates,
and woodcuts. 8 1 859

On the Commercial and Agricultural

Value of certain Phosphate Rocks of the
Anguilla Isles in the Leeward Islands.
8* 1859

Supplemental Observations on the
Order of the Ancient Stratified Rocks of
the North of Scotland. 8* 1860

On the Inapplicability of the New
Term "Dyas"tothe "Permian"Groupof
Rocks, as proposed by Dr Geinitz. 8* 1861

On the Permian Rocks of North-
Eastern Bohemia. 8* 1863

On the Gneiss and other Azoic Rocks,
and on the superjacent Palaeozoic Forma-
tions of Bavaria and Bohemia. Woodcuts.
8* 1863

Biographical Notice of. 4* Geneva, 1866
Siluria : a History of the Oldest Rocks

in the British Isles and other Countries ;
with Sketches of the Origin and Distribu-
tion of Native Gold, the General Succes-
sion of Geological Formationsand Changes
of the Earth's Surface. 4th edition (in-
cluding "The Silurian System"). Map
and plates. 8 1867

Review of Professor Alphonse Favre's
Geological Researches in the Vicinity of
Mont Blanc. 8* iSGS

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey. Letter
from Sir R. I. Murchison to the London
Scotsman, and leader thereon, "Where
is Livingstone ?" 8* 1869

Biographical Notice, by G. von
Helmersen. 8* St Petersburg, 1871

On the Distribution of the Superficial
Detritus of the Alps, as compared with
that of Northern Europe. 8* N.D.

On the Superficial Detritus of Sweden,

and on the Probable Causes which have
affected the Surface of the Rocks in the
Central and Southern Portions of that
Kingdom. 8* N.D.

Brief Review of the Classification of
the Sedimentary Rocks of Cornwall. 8*


Life of Sir Roderick I. Murchison,
based on his Journals and Letters ; with
Notices of his Scientific Contemporaries,
and a Sketch of the Rise and Growth of
Palaeozoic Geology in Britain, by Archibald
Geikie. 2 vols. Portraits. 8 1875

See MacClintock, F. L. ; Miari ;
Sedgwick, A. ; also India, C, Geological
Papers : Appendix 2.

- and Robert Harkness. On the
Permian Rocks of the North- West of
England, and their Extension into Scot-
land. 8* 1864
and Prof. J. Morris. On the Palaeo-
zoic and their associated Rocks of the
Thuringerwakl and the Ilarz. 8* 1855
and H. E. Strickland. On the

Upper Formations of the New Red Sand-
stone System in Gloucestershire, Wor-
cestershire, and Warwickshire. Map and
plate. 4* 1837

- Edouard de Verneuil, and Count
Alex, von Keyserling. On the Geo-
logical Structure of the Central and
Southern Regions of Russia in Europe,
and of the Ural Mountains. Royal 8* 1842
The Geology of Russia in Europe and

the Ural Mountains. Vol. I, Geology;
Vol. 2, Paleontologie. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 4 1 845

Ditto. Plates and maps. 4, in case.

Murphy, B. F. Memoir on the Gold
Coast, or a Political Description of the
Value, Resources, and Present State of
that highly interesting Country, and a
Demonstration of the Means whereby it
may be completely subjugated. Maps.
Small 4. MS. 1831

Murphy, H. C. The Voyage of Giovanni
Verrazzano : a Chapter in the Early
History of Maritime Discovery in
America. Maps. 8 New York, 1875

Murphy, J. Cavanah. History of the
Mahometan Empire in Spain : containing
General History of the Arabs. Map.
4 1816

Murphy, J. L. The Figure of the Earth.
8* 1853



Murphy, J. M. Sporting Adventures in
the Far West. 8 1879

Murr, C. G. von. See Bayer.

Murray, Alexander. Report upon the

Geographical Survey of Newfoundland

for the year 1870. Map and plates. 8*

St John's, 1870

Copy of Letter respecting the Lumber
Capabilities and General Fertility of the
Country in the Neighbourhood of the
Gander River, Newfoundland. 8*

[St John's, 1874]

Glaciation of Newfoundland. 4* 1882

Murray, Hon. Amelia M. Letters from
the United States, Cuba, and Canada. 2
vols. 8 1856

Murray, Andrew. The Geographical Dis-
tribution of Mammals. Maps and plates.
4- 1866

Murray, Mrs Elizabeth. Sixteen Years
of an Artist's Life in Morocco, Spain, and
the Canary Islands. 2 plates. 8 1859

Murray, Hon. George. See Callander,
Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Murray, Hon. Henry A. Lands of the
Slave and the Free ; or Cuba, the United
States, and Canada. Maps and plates.
8 1857

Murray, Hugh. Historical Account of
Discoveries and Travels in Africa, from
the Earliest Ages to the Present Time ;
including the Substance of the late Dr
Leyden's Work on that subject. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1818

Historical Account of Discoveries and
Travels in Asia, from the Earliest Ages
to the Present Time. 3 vols. Maps. 8

Edinburgh, 1820

Historical Account of Discoveries and
Travels in North America ; including the
United States, Canada, the Shore of the
Polar Sea, and the Voyages in Search of
a North- West Passage. Vol. i. Map.
8 1829

The United States of America, their
History from the Earliest Period : their
Industry, Commerce, Banking Transac-
tions, and National Works ; their Insti-
tutions and Character, Political, Social,
and Literary ; and a Survey of the Terri-
tory, and Remarks on the Prospects and
Plans of Emigration ; with Illustrations
of Natural History by James Nicol.
3 vols. Portraits and plates. 12

Edinburgh, 1844
assisted by W. Wallace, R. Jame

son, W. J. Hooker, and W. Swain-
son. Encyclopaedia of Geography :
comprising a Complete Description of
the Earth, Physical, Statistical, Civil,
and Political ; exhibiting its Relation to
the Heavenly Bodies, its Physical Struc-
ture, the Natural History of each Country,
and the Industry, Commerce, Political

Murray, Hugh, and others continued.
Institutions, and Civil and Social State
of all Nations. 2 vols. Maps and wood-
cuts. 8 i 834

Murray, Hugh, J. Crawford,'P. Gordon,
Capt. T. Lynn, W. Wallace, and G.
Burnett. Historical and Descriptive
Accotmt of China : its Ancient and
Modern History, Language, Literature,
Religion, Government, Industry, Man-
ners, and Social State ; Intercourse with
Europe from the Earliest Ages ; Survey
of its Geography, Geology, Botany, and
Zoology, &c. 3 vols. Map and plates.
12 Edinburgh, 1836

Historical and Descriptive Account of

British America : comprehending Canada
(Upper and Lower), Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Ed-
ward Island ; the Bermudas and the Fur
Countries ; their History from the Earliest
Settlement, &c. ; also an Account of the
Manners and Present State of the Abori-
ginal Tribes : to which is added a Full
Detail of the Principles and best Modes
of Emigration ; with Illustrations of the
Natural History, by J. Wilson, R. K.
Greville, and Prof. Traill. 3 vols. Maps
and plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1839

Murray, Hugh, Prof. Jameson, and J.
Wilson. Narrative of Discovery and
Adventure in Africa, from the Earliest
Ages to the Present Time ; with Illustra-
tions of the Geology, Mineralogy, and
Zoology. Maps and woodcuts. 1 2

Edinburgh, 1840

See Marco Polo.

Murray, James. Notes on the Climate and
Diseases of the Satara Territory. Table.
[From the India, Bombay Selections,
No. 41.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1857

Murray, John. Handbooks for Travel-
lers. Maps ami plans. Post 8.

Travel-Talk : being a collection of
Questions, Phrases, and Vocabularies,
in English, German, French, and Italian,
intended to serve as interpreter to Eng-
lish Travellers abroad or Foreigners
visiting England. i6th edition. 1882

London, as it is. 2nd edition. 1874

Surrey, Hampshire, and the Isle of
Wight. 2nd and 4th editions.

1865, 1888

Kent and Sussex. 3rd edition. 1868

Sussex. 4th edition. 1877

The same. 5th edition. 1893

Kent. 5th edition. 1892

Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, and Somerset-
shire. 2nd and 4th editions. 1869,1882

Westmorland, Cumberland, and the

Lakes. 2nd edition. 1869

Shropshire, Cheshire, and Lancashire.




Murray, John. Shropshire and Cheshire.
2nd edition. 1879

Lancashire. 2nd edition. 1880

Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cam-
bridgeshire. 1870

The same. 3rd edition 1892
Devon and Cornwall. 8th edition.


Devonshire. 9th and loth editions.

1879, 1887

Cornwall. 9th, loth, and nth edi-
tions. 1879, 1882, 1893

Durham and Northumberland. 2nd

edition. 1873

The same. New edition. 1890

Yorkshire. 2nd and 3rd editions.

1874, 1882

Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and

Herefordshire. 2nd and 3rd editions.

1872, 1884

Berks, Bucks, and Oxfordshire ; in-
cluding a particular Description of the
University and City of Oxford, and the
Descent of the Thames to Maidenhead
and Windsor. 2nd and 3rd editions.

1872, 1882
Oxfordshire. 1894

Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leices-
tershire, and Staffordshire. 2nd edition.


The same. 3rd edition. 1892

Northamptonshire and Rutland. 1878

England and Wales ; alphabetically
arranged for the use of travellers. 1878

The same. 2nd edition. 1890
Lincolnshire. 1890

The English Lakes included in the
Counties of Cumberland, Westmorland,
and Lancashire. 1889

North Wales. 4th and 5th editions.

1874, 1885

South Wales and its borders, includ-
ing the River Wye. 2nd and 4th edi-
tions. 1870, 1890
Scotland. 3rd and 5th editions.

1873, 1884

Ireland. 3rd and 4th editions.

1871, 1878

The Continent : Part I. Being a
Guide to Holland, Belgium, Rhenish
Prussia, and the Rhine from Holland to
Mayence. i8th and 1 9th editions.

1873, i876

The same. Part II. Being a Guide
to North Germany from the Baltic to
the Black Forest, the Hartz, Thiiringer-
wald, Saxon Switzerland, Riigen, the
Giant Mountains, Taunus, Odenwald,
and the Rhine Countries from Frankfurt
to Basle, c. 1 8th and 1 9th editions.

1874, 1877

Paris. 1874, 1879
The same. New edition. 1882

Murray, J. France Alsace and Lorraine:
being a Guide to Normandy, Brittany; the
rivers Seine, Loire, Rhone, and Garonne;
the French Alps, Dauphine, the Pyrenees,
Provence, and Nice, &c. ; the railways
and principal roads. 1 2th edition. Parts
I. and II. 1873

The same. Part I. Containing
Artois, Picardy, Normandy, Brittanny,
the Seine and Loire, the Garonne, Bor-
deaux, Limousin, Gascony, the Pyrenees,
&c. 1 5th edition. 1879

The same. Part II. I5th edition.


- The same. Parts I. and II. i6th
edition. 1882-84

The same. 2 vols. i8th edition. 1892

Holland and Belgium. 2Oth and 2lst
editions. 1881, 1889

North Germany from the Baltic to the
Black Forest, and the Rhine from Hol-
land to Basle. 2oth edition 1886

Southern Germany : being a Guide to

Wiirtemberg, Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol,
Salzburg, Styria, &c. , the Austrian and
Bavarian Alps, and the Danube from
Ulm to the Black Sea. I2th and I4th
editions. 1873, 1879

South Germany and Austria. I4th
edition. With a Supplement. 1881

The same. 1 5th edition. 2 parts.


Switzerland, and the Alps of Savoy

and Piedmont. I5th edition. 1874

The same (including the Italian

Lakes, and part of Dauphine). 1 6th
edition. 2 vols. J 879

Switzerland. I7th edition. 2 vols. 1886

The same. i8th edition. 2 parts.


Portugal : a Complete Guide for

Lisbon, Cintra, Mafra, the British Battle-
fields, Alcobaca, Batalha, Oporto, &c.
3rd and 4th editions 1864, 1887

Spain, by Richard Ford. 2 vols. 1855
Part I. Andalucia, Ronda and Gra-
nada, Murcia, Valencia, and Cata-
lonia ; the Portions best suited for
the Invalid. A Winter Tour.

Part 2. Estremadura, Leon, Galicia,

the Asturias, the Castiles (Old and

New), the Basque Provinces, Arra-

gon, and Navarre. A Summer Tour.

- The same. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th

editions. 1869, 1878, 1882, 1888, 1892

The Riviera, comprising Provence and
Dauphine, and the Coast line from Mar-
seilles to Genoa. 1890

Rome and its Environs, nth, I3th,
and I4lh editions. 1873, 1881, 1888

Northern Italy : States of Sardinia,

Lombardy and Venice, Parma and Pia-
cenza, Modena, Lucca, Massa-Carrara,
and Tuscany, as far as the Val d'Arno.




Murray, John. Northern Italy : com-
prising Turin, Milan, Pavia, Cremona, the
Italian Lakes, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona,
Mantua, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Fer-
rara, Bologna, Ravenna, Rimini, Mo-
dena, Parma, Piacenza, Genoa, the
Riviera, and the intermediate towns and
routes. I3th, I5th, and i6th editions.
1874, 1883, 1891

Central Italy, including the Papal
States, Rome, and the Cities of Etruria.


The same, including Florence, Lucca,
Tuscany and its off-lying islands, Um-
bria, the Marches, and part of the late
patrimony of St Peter. 8th, loth, and
nth editions. 2 vols. 1874, 1880, 1889

Southern Italy : being a Guide for the

Continental Portion of the Kingdom of
the Two Sicilies, including the City of
Naples and its Suburbs, Pompeii, Her-
culaneum, Vesuvius, the Islands of the
Bay of Naples, and that portion of the.
Papal States which lies between the
Contorni of Rome and the Neapolitan
Frontier. By Octavian Blewitt 1853

The same. Part I., comprising the

Continental States and Island of Sardinia,
Lombardy, and Venice. 1858

The same. Part II., Parma, Piacenza,
Modena, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and
Tuscany as far as the Val d'Arno. 1858

The same. Comprising the Provinces
of the Abruzzi, Terra di Lavoro, Naples,
the Principati, Benevento, Capitanata,
Molise, Basilicata, Terra di Bari, Terra
d'Otranto, Calabria, &c. 7th and 8th
editions. 1873, 1878

The same. 8th edition. 1883

The same, and Sicily. 9th edition.

2 parts. 1890

The Islands of Corsica and Sardinia.


The Mediterranean, its Cities, Coasts,
and Islands. By Lieut. -Col. Sir R. L.
Playfair. 2nd edition, 2 parts in I vol.,
and 3rd edition. 2 vols. 1882, 1890

The Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey,
Asia Minor, and Constantinople, includ-
ing a Description of Malta. 1840

Greece, describing the Ionian Islands,
Continental Greece, Athens, and the Pelo-
ponnesus, the Islands of the Aige&n Sea,
Albania, Thessaly, and Macedonia. 4th
edition. 1872

- The same. Including the Ionian
Islands, Continental Greece, the Pelo-
ponnese, the Islands of the yEgean,
Crete, Albania, Thessaly, and Mace-
donia, and a Detailed Description of
Athens, Ancient and Modern, Classical
and Mediaeval. 2 parts. 5th edition.


Northern Europe. Part II., Finland

and Russia. 1849


Murray, John. Russia, Poland, and Fin-
land. 2nd and 3rd editions (including
the Crimea, Caucasus, and Central Asia).
1868, 1875

The same, including the Crimea,

Caucasus, Siberia, and Central Asia. 4th
edition. 1888

The same. 5th edition. 1893

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 3rd
edition. 1871

Norway. 5th and 7th editions.

1874, 1880

The same. 8th edition. 1892
Sweden, Stockholm and its vicinity.

4th and 6th editions. 1875, 1883

Denmark, with Sleswig and Holstein.
4th edition. 1875

The same, and Iceland. 5th and 6th
editions. 1883, 1893


Syria and Palestine : including an
Account of the Geography, History,
Antiquities, and Inhabitants of these
Countries, the Peninsula of Sinai, Edom,
and the Syrian Desert ; with detailed De-
scriptions of Jerusalem, Petra, Damascus,
and Palmyra. 2 vols. 1858

Syria and Palestine, including an
Account of the Geography, History,
Antiquities, and Inhabitants of these
countries ; the Peninsula of Sinai, Edom,
and the Syrian Desert ; with detailed
Descriptions of Jerusalem, Petra, Damas-
cus, and Palmyra. Parts I. and II.
2nd edition. 1868

The same. New edition. 1892

Turkey in Asia, including Constan-
tinople, the Bosphorus, Dardanelles,
Brousa and Plain of Troy. 2nd and 4th
editions (including the Isles of Cyprus,
Rhodes, &c., Smyrna, Ephesus, and the
Routes to Persia, Bagdad, Moosool, &c.)

1871, 1878

India : being an Account of the three
Presidencies, and of (he Overland Route ;
intended as a Guide for Travellers,
Officers, and Civilians ; with vocabularies
and dialogues of the spoken languages
of India. Part I. Madras ; Part II.
Bombay. 1859

The same. The Bengal Presidency ;
with an account of Calcutta City. 1882

The same. The Bombay Presidency:
with an account of Bombay City. 2nd
edition. 1881

The same. The Madras Presidency;
with a notice of the Overland Route to
India. By E. B. Eastwick. 2nd edition.

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