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- The same. The Punjab, Western
Rajputana, Kashmir, and Upper Sinclh.



Murray, John. India and Ceylon ; in-
cluding the Provinces of Bengal, Horn-
bay, and Madras (the Pan jab, North-
West Provinces, Rajputana, Central Pro-
vinces, Mysore, &c. ), the NafjVe States,
and Assam. Maps and plans 1891

Central and Northern Japan : being

a Guide to Toki5, Kioto Uzaka, Hako-
date, Nagasaki, and other cities ; the
most interesting parts of the Main Is-
land ; Ascents of the Principal Moun-
tains, Descriptions of Temples, and
Historical Notes, &c. By E. M. Satow,
C.M.G., and Lieut. A. G. S. II awes.
2nd edition. 1884

Japan. 3rd edition. Revised . . .
by'B. H. Chamberlain and W. B.
Mason. 1891


Egypt ; including Descriptions of the
Course of the Nile through Egypt and
Nubia, Alexandria, Cairo, the Pyramids,
and Thebes, the Suez Canal, the Penin-
sula of Mount Sinai, the Oases, the
Fyoom, &c. 4th edition. 1873

Lower and Upper Egypt, &c. In 2
parts. 6th and 7th editions. 1880, 1888

- The same. 8th edition. 1891

Algeria. By Lieut. -Col. Sir R. L.
Play fair. 1874

Algeria and Tunis : Algiers, Oran,

Constantine, Carthage, &c. 2nd and 3rd
editions. 1878, 1887

New Zealand, Auckland, the Hot Lake

District, Napier, Wanganui, Wellington,
Nelson, the Buller, the West Coast
Road, Christchurch, Mount Cook,
Dunedin, Otago, the Southern Lakes,
the Sounds, &c. By F. W. Pennefather,
LL.D. Maps and plans 1893

Murray, John. On the North Sea, with
Remarks on some of its Friths and
Estuaries. Edited by C. Manby and J.
Forrest. Maps. 8 1862

Murray, Dr John. See "Challenger."

Murray, Rev. J. H. Travels in Uruguay,
South America ; together with an Ac-
count of the Present State of Sheep-
Farming and Emigration to that Country.
Map and illustrations. 8 1871

Murray, Kenric B. Commercial Geo-
graphy, considered especially in its Rela-
tion to New Markets and Fields of Produc-
tion for British Trade. Chart. 12 [1887]

Murray, Hon. R. Dundas. Cities and
Wilds of Andalucia. 8 1853

Murray, Hon. Mrs S. Guide to the
Beauties of Scotland, to the Lakes of
Westmorland, Cumberland, Lancashire,
&c. 2 vols. 8 !799

Murray, Reginald A. F. Victoria :
Geology and Physical Geography. Map
and illustrations. 8 Melbourne, 1887

See Victoria, B : Appendix 2.

Murray, R. W. South Africa, from
Arab Domination to British Rule.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1 89 1

Murray, Rev. T. Boyles. Pitcairn, the
Island, the People, and the Pastor ; to
which is added a Short Notice of the
Original Settlement and Present Condi-
tion of Norfolk Island. Plates. 12 1860

The same ; revised, and brought up

to date, by the Rev. C. C. Elcum. Chart
and illustrations. 12 1885

Musaeus. See Purchas, Vol. I, Book i :
Appendix I.

Musgrave, Capt. Thomas. See Norman,
W. II. ; Shillinglaw.

Musgrave, G. M. Ramble through Nor-
mandy : or, Scenes, Characters, and
Incidents in a Sketching Excursion
through Calvados. Plates. 8 1855

Mushketof, J. V. Turkestan : a Geo-
logical and Orographical Description,
from materials collected during Travels
undertaken during the years 1874 to 1880.
[In Russian.] Vol. I. Map and plates
St Petersburg, 1886

Musschenbroek, S. C. J. W. van. Het
vaarwater van de Schipbreukelingen van
het stoomship " Koning der Neder-
landen " en de kansen op him Behoud.
Maps. 8* Amsterdam, 1 88 1

Musson, Eugene. Letter to Napoleon
III. on Slavery in the Southern States,
by a Creole of Louisiana. 8* 1862

Musters, Capt. G. C. At Home with
the Patagonians : a Year's Wanderings
over Untrodden Ground, from the
Straits of Magellan to the Rio Negro.
Map and plates. 8 1871

Myers, Francis, and Trant Chambers.
The Victorian Tourists' Railway Guide.
Edited by " Telemachus " (Francis
Myers). Maps. 8 Melbourne, 1892


Naber, Prof. S. A. See Holland : Ap-
pendix 2.

Nachtigal, Dr Gustav. Letter to Cheva-
lier Negri from Boornou. 8* N.D.
- Sahara und Sudan. Ergcbnisse
sechsjiihriger Reisen in Afrika. 3 vols.
Portrait, maps, and plates. 8

Berlin, 1879-89

- Trauerfeier fur Gustav Nachtigal, 17
Mai 1885. 8* Berlin, 1885

Erinnerungcn an Gustav Nachtigal.
Portrait. 8 Berlin, 1887

Nadar, . See Silas, F.
Nadarov, I. P. The Southern Ussurian
District at the Present Time. (Trans-
lated by Lieut. -Col. J. C. Dalton from
the Proceedings of the Russian Imperial
Geographical Society, Vol. 25, 1889, No.
3). Map. Folio* 1890



Nagamaiya, V. Report on the Census of
Travancore, taken on the I7th February
1881 A.I). (7th Mausy 1056 M.E.), along
with the Imperial Census of India. 8

Trcvandrum, 1884

Nalivkine, V. P. Histoire du Khanat de
Khokand. Traduit du Russe par Aug.
Dozon. [II I c Serie, Vol. 4 of Publica-
tions de 1'Ecole des Langues Orientales
Vivantes. ] Large 8 Paris, 1889

Namur, A. Tables de Logarithmes a 12
decimates jusqu'a 434 Milliards. 8

Brussels, 1877

Nansen, Dr Fridtjof. The First Crossing
of Greenland. Translated from the Nor-
wegian by Hubert Majendie Gepp. 2
vols. Maps ami illustrations. 8 1890
Towards the North Pole.

ma/t's Magazine. ) Map. 8* 1890

- Plan til en ny Polarekspedition.

Map. 8* [1890]

A New Route to the North Pole.
(From The Forum.} 8* 1891

Eskimoliv, med Illustrationes af
Otto Binding. 8 Christ iania, 1891

Eskimo Life. Translated by William
Archer. Illustrations. 8
See Jensen.

and H. Mohn. Durchquerung von
Gninland. (Erganzungsheft, 105 I'eter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) Maps, &c. 4

Got ha, 1892
Naoroji, Dadabhai. The Financial Ad-

ministration of India. 8* [^70]

Napier, Col. C. J. The Colonies : treating

of their Value generally of the Ionian

Islands in particular. Mates. 8 1833
Napier, E. Remarks on Ancient Troy

and the Modern Troad. 8 N.D.

Reminiscences of Syria and the Holy
Land. 2 vols. Map and plates. Small
8 [1847]

Napier, Col. E. Elers. Excursions in
Southern Africa, including a History of
the Cape Colony, an Account of the
Native Tribes, &c. 2 vols. Plates. 8


Napier, G. F. See VolschinofF.

Napier, Capt. the Hon. G. C. Collec-
tion of Journals and Reports received
from Capt. the Hon. G. C. Napier,
Bengal Staff Corps, on Special Duty in
Persia, 1874. 8 1876

Napier, Sir William. History of General
Sir Charles Napier's Administration of
Scinde, and Campaign in the Cutchee
Hills. Maps and plates. 8 1851

Napp, R. Die Argentinische Republik. Im
Auftrag des Argentin. Central-Comite's
fur die Philadelphia Ausstellung, und
mil dem Beistand mehrerer Mitarbeitcr.
Maps. 8 Jiitciws Ay res, 1876

Narborough, Capt. Sir John. See
Burney, Vol. 3 ; Callander, Vol. 2 ;
Allgemeine Historic, 12: Appendix I.

Nardi, Francesco. Del Clima di Gon-
docoro : Memoria. 4* [flowe] 1861

Diffusione Geographica della Vite :
Memoria. 4* Koine, 1862

Sui piu recenti progress! della Geo-
grafia. Parte i. 4* Rome, 1862

Sulla Scoperta delle Origini del Nilo
fatta da Speke e Grant : Memoria. 4*

Koine, 1864

- Ricordi di un Viaggio in Oriente, &c.
8 Rome, 1 866

Sullo stato presente dei lavori pel
taglio dell' Istmo di Suez. 4*

[Kome, 1867]

- Ricerche sui limiti della vita animale
nel mare profondo. 4* 1869

Sulle ultime Ricerche nell' Oceano
polare artico. Map. 8* Koine, 1872

Europei in America avanti Colomlx).
12* Koine, 1875

Spedizione nell' Africa Equatoriale
del Conte Pietro di Brazza-Savorgnan.
4* Kome, 1876

Nares, Sir G. S. Investigations of the
Gibraltar Strait Current. Map and plates.
8* 1872

Narrative of a Voyage to the Polar
Sea during 1875-76 in H.M. ships
"Alert "and " Discovery," with Notes
on the Natural History, edited by H. W.
Feilden, Naturalist to the Expedition.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1878

See "Challenger"; Moseley ; also

Arctic, C, b : Appendix 2.

Narrien, John. Practical Astronomy and
Geodesy ; including the Projections of
the Sphere and Spherical Trigonometry.
8 1845

Narvaes, Pamphilio de. See Gottfried ;
Kerr, Vol. 5 : Appendix i.

Nasmyth, J., and J. Carpenter. The
Moon considered as a Planet, a World,
and a Satellite. Plates. Small 4 1874

"Nassau." See Cunningham, R. O.

Nassiri Khosrau. See Schefer, C.

Nathorst, A. G. Om Floran i Skanes
Kolforande Bildningar. I. (Hefts I and
2) and II. Plates. 4

Stockholm, 1878-79

Annexe explicative a la Carte geolo-
gique generate dc la Suede, publiee par 1'
Institut Royal Geologique de Suede a 1'
e'chelle de I : 1,000,000. Feuille me'ri-
dionale, par A.-G. Nathorst. 8*

{Stockholm, 1884]
See Sweden, A, Geologiska Under-

sokning : Appendix 2.
Naumann, Dr E. Notes on Secular
Changes of Magnetic Declination in
Japan. Map and plate. 8* [Tokyo, 1882]
Uelx:r den Ban und die Entstehung
der Japanischen Inseln. 8* Berlin, 1885
Die Japanische Insetwelt : eine geo-

graphisch, geologisch Skizze. Maps. 8*
Vienna, 1887



Naumann, Dr E. Die Erscheinungen des
Erdmagnetismus in ihrer Abhangigkeit
von Bau der Erdrinde. 8*

Stuttgart, 1887

Terrestrial Magnetism as Modified by
the Structure of the Earth's Crust, and
Proposals concerning a Magnetic Survey
of the Globe. Plates. 8* [1889]

Neue Beitrage zur Geologic und Geo-
graphic Japans. (Erganzungsheft, 108
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4
Got ha, 1893

Vom Goldnen Horn zu den Quellen

des Euphrat. Reisebriefe, Tagebuch-
blatter und Studien iiber die Asiatische
Tiirkei und die Anatolische Bahn. Map
and illustrations. 4 Munich, 1893
and M. Neumayr. Zur Geologic

und Palaontologie von Japan. Maps and
plates. 4* Vienna, 1890

Navarette, Don Martin Fernandez
de. Coleccion de los Viages y Descu-
brimientos, que hicieron por Mar los
Espaiioles desde fines del Siglo XV. , con
varios Documentos ineditos concernientes
a la Historia de la Marina Castellana y
de los Establecimientos Espaiioles en
Indias. 5 vols. Maps. 4

Madrid, 1825-37
[For Contents, see Appendix i.]

Examination of the Account given

by Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado, of the
Discovery of the Strait of Anian, and
Notices of the principal Expeditions
which have been made in search of that
Passage, and of a Communication be-
tween the Atlantic Ocean and the South
Seas. [MS. in Portuguese.] Small 4


Relations des Quatre Voyages entre-

pris pour la decouverte du Nouveau-
Monde de 1492 a 1504, suivies de
diverses Lettres et Pieces inedites ex-
traites des Archives de la Monarchic
Espagnole. 3 vols. Maps and portraits.
8 Paris, 1828

See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Churchill, Vol. I ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Nazarov, P. See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Ap-
pendix I.

Neale, F. A. Eight Years in Syria,
Palestine, and Asia Minor, from 1842-50.
2 vols. 8 1852

Narrative of a .Residence at the

Capital of the Kingdom of Siam, with a
Description of the Manners, Customs,
and Laws of the Modern Siamese. Map
and illustrations. 8 1852

Neamet Ullah. History of the Afghans.

Translated from the Persian of Neamet

Ullah, by Bernhard Dorn. 2 parts in I.

[Oriental Translation Fund.] 4 1829
Nearchus's Voyage. See Harris, Vol. I ;

Vincent, Dean : Appendix I.

Nebel, C. Voyage Pittoresque et Archaeo-
logique dans la partie la plus interessante
du Mexique. Folio Paris, 1836

Neck, J. C. van. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Needham, J. F. Report on the Abor
Villages beyond the British Frontier.
Map and plates. Folio* [Calcutta, 1885]

- Report on his Visit to the Alx>r
Villages outside the British Territory.
Folio* [Calctttta, 1886]

- Visit to the Zayul Valley in Eastern
Tibet. Folio* {Calcutta} 1 886

Journey along the Lohit Brahmaputra

between Sadiya in Upper Assam and
Rima in South Eastern Tibet. (Roy.
Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 2.) Map,
8 1889

Neelmeyer-Vukassowitsch, H. Russ-
land. Europiiisches und Asiatisches
Russland. 8 Leipzig, 1887

Neff, Felix. See Monson, Lord.

Negri, Cristoforo. Del vario grado
d'Importanza degli Stati Odierni. 8

Milan, 1841

Movimento della Navigazione Na-

zionale ed estera, nei porti dello stato e
della Navigazione Nazionale, all' estero.
Plate. 8 Turin, 1851

L'Emigrazione Italiana al Plata. 8*


La Grandezza Italiana : Studi Con-

fronti e Desiderii. 8 Turin, 1864

La Storia Antica restituita a verita e
raffrohtata alia Moderna. 8 Turin, 1865

Due Mesi di Escursione alle Coste

Belgiche, Olandesi, e Germaniche. 8*

Florence, 1871

Riflessioni sui progetti ferroviarie fra
1'Europa e 1'Asia. 8* Rome, 1878

Spedizione Artica Svedese. 8*

[Rome, 1878]

Discorso Pronunciato nell' Universita
di Padova in occasione della gita fatta dai
Membri del Terzo Congresso Geografico
Internazionale da Venezia in quella citta.
8* Venice, 1881

Elenco di Portolani. 8* N.P., N.D.

Negri, Gaetano. See Stoppani.

Neil, A. Annual Report on Meteorological

Observations registered in the Punjab,

1868. Folio Lodiana, 1869

- Report on the Meteorology of the

Punjab for the year 1869. Charts. Folio

Lahore, 1870

Neil, Rev. James. Palestine Explored,
with a view to its present Natural Fea-
tures, and to the prevailing Manners,
Customs, Rites, and Colloquial Expres-
sions of its People which throw light on
the figurative language of the Bible.
Plates. Small 8 1882

Nekkeib Khan. See Asia, General : Ap-
pendix 2.


Nelkenbrecher, J. G. Allgemeines
Taschenbuch der Miinz-, Maass-, und
Gewichtstunde, der Wechsel-, Geld-, und
Fondscourse, u. s. w. fur Banquiers und
Kaufleute. Herausgegeben von F. G.
Feller, und mil neuen Miinz-Tabellen
versehen von H. C. Kandelhardt. 12
Berlin, 1848

Nelson, Joseph. Direct Route through
the North- West Territories of Canada
to the Pacific Ocean : Proposed Hud-
son's Bay and Pacific Ra-lway and New
Steamship Route. Map. 8* 1893

- The North-West of Canada. (From
the Westminster Review.} Large 8*

Nelson, J. H. The Madura Country : a

Manual compiled by order of the Madras

Government. Map in cover. 8

Madras, 1868
Nelson, W. Five Years at Panama :

the Trans- Isthmian Canal. Map and

illustrations. Crown 8 1891

" Nemesis." See Hall, W. H.
Nemeth, Ladislaus von. See Teleki von

Nerciat, Baron de. See Recueil de

Voyages, Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix I.
Nerker, Dass Gossein. See Dalrymple,

Repertory, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.
Nery, F. J. de Santa Anna. Aux Etats

Unis du Bresil : Voyages de M. T.

Durand. Illustrations. Imperial 8

Paris, N.D.
Le Pays des Amazones 1'El-Dorado

les Terres a Caoutchouc. Maps and illus-
trations. Large 8 1885

La Place de Para. Large 8*

Paris, 1887

L'Emigrazioni Italiana ed II Nuovo
Disegno di Legge. 8* Paris, 1 888

Guide de 1'Emigrant au Bresil, public
par fes soins du Syndicat du Comite
Franco-Bresilien pour 1'Exposilion Uni-
verselle de 1889 ct redige sous la di-
rection de M. F.-J. De Santa- Anna
Nery. 12 Paris, 1889

Le Bresil en 1889, avec une Carte de

1'Empire en Chromolithographie, des
tableaux statistiques, des graphiques et
des cartes. Ouvrage public paroles soins
du Syndicat du Comite Franco-Bresilien
pour 1'Exposition Universelle de Paris
avec la Collaboration de nombreux
Kcrivains du Bresil sous la direction de
M. F.-J. de Santa- Anr.a Nery. 8

Paris, 1889
L'Emigration et 1'Immigration pen-

dant les dernieres annees : Communi-
cation faite au premier Congres Geogra-
phique Italien tenu a Genes du 18 au 25
Septembre 1892. 8* Paris, 1892

Nesbit, A. A Treatise on Practical
Mensuration, to which is added a Treatise
on Levelling. Woodcuts. 12 1864

Nestor. Chronique dite de Nestor. Tra-
duite sur le texte Slavon-Russe, avec
Introduction et Commentaire Critique
par Louis Leger. [Publ. de 1'Ec. des
Langues Orient. Viv., II. e Serie, Vol.
13.] Large 8 Paris, 1884

Netto, C. On Mining and Mines in Japan.

4* Tokyo, 1879

Netto, Ladislau. Investigafoes Historicas

e Scientificas sobre o Museu Imperial e

Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. Plate. 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1870

- Apuntamentos relativos a Botanica

applicada no Brazil. 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1871
Le Museum National de Rio de

Janeiro et son influence sur les sciences
naturelles au Bresil. 8* Paris, 1889

Neubauer, Adolphe. La Geographic du

Talmud. (Etudes Talmudiques, i.) 8

Paris, 1868

Neufville, Capt. J. B. On the Geo-
graphy and Population of Assam. [From
the India Records, No. 23.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1855

Neuman and Baretti. See Dictionaries,
A, Spanish : Appendix 2.

Neumann, Carl Friedrich. Pilgerfahrten
Buddhistischer Priester von China nach
Indien. Part I. 8* Leipzig, 1833

Grundriss zu Vorlesungen liber Lander-
und Volkerkunde und allgemeine Sta-
tistik. 8* Munich, 1840

Russland und die Tscherkessen. 8

Stuttgart, 1840

Geschichte des Englischen Reiches in

Asien. 2 vols. 8 Leipzig, 1867

Neumann, Dr C., and Dr J. Partsch.
Physikalische Geographic von Griechen-
land, mil besonderer Rlicksicht auf das
Alterthum. 8 Breslau, 1885

Neumann, Gustav. Geographisches Lexi-
kon des Deutschen Reichs. 2 vols. Plans.
Small 8, and Atlas folio Leipzig, 1883

Neumann, Dr L. See Penck's Abhand-
lungen, I.

Neumayer, Prof. George. .Discussion
of the Meteorological and Magnetical
Observations made at the Flagstaff Ob-
servatory, Melbourne, during, the years
1858-63. Tables. 4" Mannheim, 1867

On the Lunar Atmospheric Tide at
Melbourne. 8* 1867

On a Scientific Exploration of Central

Australia. Map. 8* 1868

Results of the Magnetic Survey of the
Colony of Victoria executed during the
years 1858-64. Maps and plate. 4

Mannheim, 1869

Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Beo-
bachtungen auf Reisen ; mil besonderer
Riicksicht auf die Bediirfnisse der kaiser-
lichen Marine verfasst von P. Ascherson.
A. Bastian, &c. Maps. 8 Berlin, 1875



Neumayer, Prof. George. The same.
In Einzel - Abhancllungen . . . heraus-
gegeben von Dr G. Neumayer. 2nd
edition. 2 vols. Maps ami illustrations.
8 Berlin, 1888
See Leichhardt ; also Arctic, G, Inter-
national Polar Observations: Appendix 2.

Neumayr, M. Seellolub; Naumann, E. ;
also Victoria, D: Appendix 2.

Neuville, D., and C. Breard. Les
Voyages de Savorgnan de Brazza, 1875-
82. Portrait and map. 8 Paris, 1884

" Neva." See d'Albertis ; Lisiansky.

Neves, Jose Accursio das. Considera-
oes I'oliticas, e Commerciaes sobre os
Descobrimentos, e Possessoes dos Por-
tuguezes na Africa e na Asia. 12

Lisbon, 1830

New, Rev. C. Life, Wanderings, and
Labours in Eastern Africa ; with an
Account of the first successful Ascent of
the Equatorial Snow Mountain, Kilima
Njaro, and Remarks upon East African
Slavery. Portrait, map, and plates.
Small 8 1873

Newall, Major-General D. J. F. The
Highlands of India Strategically Con-
sidered, with special reference to their
Colonization as Reserve Circles, Military,
Industrial, and Sanitary. Map ami illus-
trations. 8 1 882
The same. Vol. 2 : being a Chronicle
of Field Sports and Travel in India.
Illustrations. 8 1887

Newberie (or Newbery), John. See
Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Purchas, Vol.
2, Book 9 : Appendix I.

Newberry, J. S. Reports on the Geology,
Botany, and Zoology of Northern Cali-
fornia and Oregon, made to the War
Department. Plates. 4

Washington, 1857

- The U.S. Sanitary Commission in the
Valley of the Mississippi during the War
of the Rebellion 1 861-66. Final Report.
8 Cleveland, 1871

See United States, G. c, Surveys ;

K, Ohio : Appendix 2.

Newbery, J. C. See Victoria, B ; Appen-
dix 2.

Newbold, Capt. T. J. Political and
Statistical Account of the British Settle-
ments in the Straits of Malacca, viz.,
Pinang, Malacca, and Singapore ; with a
History of the Malayan States of the
Peninsula of Malacca. 2 vols. Maps.
8 1839

On some Ancient Mounds of Scorious

Ashes in Southern India. 8*

N.r., N.D.

Mineral Resources of Southern India.
8* N.P., N.D.

On the Processes prevailing among
the Hindus, and formerly among the
Egyptians, of Quarrying and Polishing

Newbold, Capt. T. J. continued.
Granite, its Uses, &c. ; with a few Re-
marks on the tendency of this Rock in
India to Separate by Concentric Exfolia-
tion. 8* N.P. , N.D.

On the Site of Hai, or Ai, a Royal

City of the Canaanites ; with a Notice of
those of Nob, Azmaveth, and other Cities
of Benjamin, the "Mount of the Amale-
kites." &c. 8* N.I'. , N.D.

Visit from Wadi Tor to Gebel Nakus,
or the Mountain of the Bell, Peninsula of
Mount Sinai. 8* N.P., N.D.

See India, C, Geological Papers: Ap-

pendix 2.

Newcomb, Simon. On the Right Ascen-
sions of the Equatorial Fundamental
Stars and the Corrections necessary to
Reduce the Right Ascensions of different
Catalogues to a Mean Homogeneous
System. 4* Washington, 1872

Researches on the Motion of the Moon.
Part I. Reduction and Discussion of
Observations of the Moon before 1750.
4 Washington, 1878

Newland, H. Forest Scenes in Norway
and Sweden : lx;ing Extracts from the
Journal of a Fisherman. 1'lates. Small
8 1854

Newland, S. The Far North Country.
8* Adelaide, 1887

The Parkengees, or Alx>riginal Tribes
on the Darling River. 8*

Adelaide, 1889

Newlands, John A. R. On the Discovery
of the Periodic Law, and on Relations
among the Atomic Weights. Tables.
12* 1884

Newman, F. W. Essay towards a Gram-
mar of the Berber Language. 8* 1836

Newman, J. Instructions necessary to be
attended to in using the Standard or
Portable Mountain Barometer. 8* 1841

Newport, Capt. Chr. See Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Kerr, Vol. 9 : Appen-
. clix i.

Newton, Sir C. T. On the Study of
Archeology. 8* 1850

Travels and Discoveries in the Levant.

2 vols. Maps and plates. Large 8 1865

Newton, Henry. See United States, G, b,
Surveys : Appendix 2.

Newton, R. B. See Baron

Newton, Sir I. See Brennecke ; Varenius.

Newton, Professor A. See West India
Islands : Appendix 2.

Newton, Dr Thomas. Life of himself
[bound up with the Lives of Dr Zachary
Pearce, Dr E. Pocock, and Rev. P.
Skelton] 2 vols. 8 1816

Ney, Napoleon. See Brazza.

Neyrat, Alexandre- Stanislas. L'Athos :

Notes d'une excursion a la Presqu'ile et

a la Montague des Moines. Plates. 12

Paris, 1880



Nibby, Antonio. Viaggio Antiquario ne'
contorni cli Roma. Maps and plates. 2
vols. 8 Koine, 1819

See I'ausanius.

Nibby, Antoine. Itineraire de Rome et
de ses Environs. 1 1 th edition. Maps,
plans, and plates. 12 A'ome, 1876

Niccolini, Ant. Tavola Metrica-Chrono-
logica delle varie Altezze tracciate dalla
Superficie del Mare fra la Costa cli
Amalfi ed il Promontorio cli Gaeta, &c.
4* Naples, 1849

Nicholas, Sir Harris. The Chronology
of History, containing Tables, Calcula-
tions, and Statements indispensable for
Ascertaining the Dates of Historical
Events, &c. New edition. 12 [1838]

Nicholas, J. Liddiard. Narrative of a
Voyage to New Zealand in 1814-15, in
company with the Rev. S. Marsden.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1817

See Eyries, Vols. 5 and 6 : Appendix I.
Nicholas, W. See Victoria Geological

Survey: Appendix 2.

Nicholay, N. See Purchas, Vol. 2, Book
6 : Appendix I.

Nicholls, C. F. Probability of a Deep
Lead of Gold round Melbourne. 8*

Mel/tour ne, 1865

Nicholls, Capt. George. See Telford.

Nicholls, K., E. Arnold, and Col. J. A.
Grant. Remarks on a Proposed Line
of Telegraph overland from Egypt to the
Cape of Good Hope. 8* 1876

Nichols, Thomas. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 2: Appendix I.

Nichols, W. See Kerr, Vol. 8 : Ap-
pendix i.

Nicholson, Edward Byron, and Henry
Yule. Jehan de Mandeville. 4*

Edinburgh, 1883

Nicholson, G. Cambrian Traveller's
Guide. 8 J Stourport, 1808

Nicholson, H. A. See United States,
G, a, Surveys : Appendix 2.

Nicholson, John. An Account of the
Establishment of the Fatemite Dynasty
in Africa, being the Annals of that Pro-
vince from the year 290 of the Heg'ra to
the year 300. Extracted from an ancient
Arabic MS. ascribed to El Mas' udi . . .
with an Introduction and Notes. 8

Bristol, 1840

Nicholson, Prof. Shield. See White.

Nicol, James. See Murray, Hugh.

Nicol, James. The Climate of Llandudno.
2nd edition. Illustrations. 12* 1886

Nicol, John. See Purchas, Vol. 4, Book
6 : Appendix i.

Nicol, William. On Fossil Woods from
Newcastle, New South Wales. Plate.
8* Edinburgh, 1833

Observations on the Structure of
Recent and Fossil Conifene. Plates. 8*
Edinburgh, 1834

Nicolay, C. G. The Oregon Territory :
a Geographical and Physical Account of
that Country and its Inhabitants, with
Outlines of its History and Discovery.
Map. 1 8 1846

- Proposal to Establish a Missionary
College on the North-West Coast of
British America. 8* ^53

- Principles of Physical Geography :
being an Inquiry into Natural Phenomena
and their Causes. Maps and diagrams.

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