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Land of Negroes, Guinee, /Ethiopia,
and the Abyssines, with all the adjacent
Islands, either in the Mediterranean,
Atlantick, Southern, or Oriental Sea, &c.
Maps and plates. Folio 1670

America : being the latest and most
Accurate Description of the New World,
containing the Original of the Inhabitants,
and the remarkable Voyages thither ; the
Conquest of the vast Empires of Mexico
and Peru, and other large Provinces and
Territories, with the several European
Plantations in those parts . . . and a
Survey of what hath been discovered of
the Unknown South-Land and the
Arctick Region. Maps and plates. Folio


Asia : the first part, being an Accurate
Description of Persia and the several
Provinces thereof, the vast Empire of the
Great Mogol, and other parts of India,
&c. Plates. Folio 1673

Britannia, or the Kingdom of England
and Dominion of Wales actually surveyed,
with a Geographical and Historical De-
scription of the Principal Roads. 100
Maps. Folio 1698

See Montanus ; Owen, J.

Ogilvie, Dr Maria M. Contributions to
the Geology of the Wengen and St
Cassian Strata in Southern Tyrol. (From
Journal Geological Society, Vol. 49.)
Maps and sections. 8* '893

Ogilvie, William. Exploratory Survey
of Part of the Lewes, Tat-on -due, Por-
cupine, Bell, Trout, Peel, and Mackenxie
Rivers, 1887-88, 8* Ottawa, 1890

Ogilvy, John. An Account of Ber-
muda, Past and Present. Compiled and
summarised from numerous sources, with
Original Observations. 8*

Hamilton, Bermuda, 1883

Ogilvy, T. Miscellaneous Information
relative to Kutch, furnished by his High-
ness the Rao. [Bombay Records, No.
15, N.S.] RoyalS Bombay, 1855

Statement showing the Names of the
Rewa Kanta Tributaries and the Fortified
Places. [Bombay Records, No. 23, N. S. ]
Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Report on the Revenue, Resources,

&c. , of the lapsed Satara Territory,
with Extracts from Reports on the same
subject, by Lieuts. H. B. Sandford and
A. C. Parr ; to which is added a Report,
dated August 1851, by Mr George Vary,
of the Measures adopted by him for im-
proving the Cleaning of Native Cotton,
and for introducing the Cultivation of New
Orleans Cotton into the Satara Districts.
[Bombay Records, No. 41, N.S.] Royal
8 Bombay, 1857

- Memoir on the Satara Territory.
[Boml>ay Records, No. 41, N.S.]
Royal 8" Bombay, 1857

Ogle, Nathaniel. The Colony of Western
Australia : a Manual for Emigrants to
that Settlement or its Dependencies,
with an Appendix. Map and plates. 8


Ohrling, Joh. See Ihre.

Ohrwalder, Father Joseph. See Wingate.

O'Jeda, Alonso d'. See Gottfried ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 13 ; A General
Collection of Voyages, &c. : Appendix I.

Olafsen and Povelsen. See Phillips,
Collection of Modern and Contemporary
Voyages [i], Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Olascoago, M. J. Estudio Topografico
de la Pampa y Rio Negro : comprende
el itinerario de todas las columnas de
operaciones que ocuparon el Desierto y
clevaron la linea de frontera sobre dicho
Rio. Map and plates. 4

Buenos Ayres, 1 880

La Conquete de la -Pampa : Recueil
des documents relatifs a la Campagne du
Rio Negro. . . . Precede d'une Etude
Topographique par Manuel J. Olascoaga ;
suivi du Rapport du General Villegas
sur 1'Expedition a Nahuel-Huapi, et d'une
Notice sur ('importance des territories de
la Pampa et du Limay. Map. Large 8
Buenos Ayres, 1881

Olaus Magnus. See Brenner, O.

Oldfield, Capt. J. R. Letters on the
Breakwater in the Jumna, at Agra, 1847
and 1848. [From the India Records,
Vol 2, N.W. Prov.] Folio 1855

Oldfield, R. A. K. See Laird, M.

Oldham, C. F. Notes on the lost River
of the Indian Desert. Alap. 8* [1874]



Oldham, H. Yule. The Discovery of the
Cape Verde Islands. ( Reprint from the
von Richthofen Festschrift.) 4* 1892

Oldham, R. D. On Probable Changes
in the Geography of the Punjab and
its Rivers : an Historico - Geographical
Study. Map. 8* Calcutta, 1887

A Bibliography of Indian Geology :

being a List of Books and Papers relating
to the Geology of British India and
adjoining Countries published previous
to the end of 1887. 8* Calcutta, 1888
A Manual of the Geology of India,

chiefly compiled from the Observations
of the Geological Survey. Stratigraphical
and Structural Geology, 2nd edition.
Map and plates. Large 8 Calc^ltta, 1 893

Oldham, T. See India, C, Palreontologia
Indica : Appendix 2.

Oldham, W. Historical and Statistical
Memoir of the Ghazeepoor District.
Part I. Maps and plates. Folio

Allahabad, 1870

" Old Shekarry." See Levison.

Olearius, Adam. The Voyages and
Travels of the Ambassadors sent by
Frederick Duke of Holstein to the great
Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia,
begun in the year MDCXXXIII. and
finished in MDCXXXIX., containing a
compleat History of Muscovy, Tartary,
Persia, and other adjacent countries . . ;
whereto are added the Travels of John
Albert de Mandelslo from Persia into
the East Indies, containing a Particular
Description of Indosthan, the Mogul's
Empire, the Oriental Islands, Japan,
China, &c. , . . . faithfully rendered into
English by John Davies of Kidwelly.
Maps and plates. Small folio 1662

- Voyages tres-curieux et tres-renom-
mez fails en Moscovie, Tartarie, et Perse
. . . Traduits de 1'Original et Augmen-
tez par le Sr. de Wicquefort. . . . [New
edition.] 2 vols. in I. Maps and plates.
Folio Amsterdam, 1727

See Mandelslo.

Oliff, A. S. See New South Wales, B :
Appendix 2.

Oliphant, J. E. Notes connected with
the Estate of Camlxxy, in the Kaira Col-
lectorate. Map. [From the India Re-
cords, No. 26.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Oliphant, Laurence A Journey to
Katmandu, the Capital of Nepaul, with
the Camp of Jung Bahadoor ; including
a Sketch of the Nepaulese Ambassador
at Home. Map. 8 1852

The Russian Shores of the Black Sea
in 1852 ; with a Voyage down the Volga,
and a Tour through the Country of the
Don Cossacks. Maps and plates. 8 1 854
- The Coming Campaign. 8* 1855
Minnesota and the Far West. Maps

Oliphant. Laurence. The Trans-Cauca-
sian Campaign of the Turkish Army under
Omer Pasha. Maps and plates. 8" 1856

Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mis-
sion to China and Japan in 1857-59.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8

Edinburgh, 1859

On the Bayanos River, Isthmus of
Panama. Map. 8* 1865

African Explorers. Maps. 8*

Boston, Mass., 1877

- The Land of Gilead, with Excursions
in the Lebanon. Maps and plates. 8


- The Land of Khemi : Up and Down
the Middle Nile. Plates. 8 1882

- Haifa ; or, Life in Modern Palestine.
8 1887

Episodes in a Life of Adventure ; or,
Moss from a Rolling Stone. 8 1887

See Schumacher ; also Blackwood,
Vols. I, 2, and 6: Appendix I.

Oliphant, Mrs. See Blackwood, Vol. 6:
Appendix I.

Oliveira, Benjamin. A Few Observations
upon the Works of the Isthmus of Suez
Canal made during a Visit in 1863. 8*


Letters upon the Capabilities of the
Island of Teneriffe as a Winter Residence,
and the Climate and General History of
the Island of Madeira. 8* 1864-65

A Visit to the Spanish Camp in

Morocco during the late War. 8*

Privately printed, 1865

Oliver, D. Flora of Tropical Africa :
Vol. I. Ranunculacece to Connaracere ;
Vol. 2. Leguminosa: to Ficoidese ; Vol. 3.
Umbelliferre to Ebenacere. 8 1868-77

Oliver, Edward E. Across the Border ;
or, Pathan and Biloch. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 1890

Oliver, Lieut. -Col. J. R. A Course of
Practical Astronomy for Surveyors ; with
the Elements of Geodesy. 8

Kingston, 1883

Oliver, Capt. S. P. Madagascar and the
Malagasy ; with Sketches in the Pro-
vinces of Tamatave, Betanimena, and
Ankova. Plates. 8 [1865]

Les Hovas et autres Tribus caracteris-
tiques de Madagascar. 8* Guernsey, 1869

- The Dolmen-Mounds and Amorpho-
lithic Monuments of Brittany. 8* 1872

The True Story of the French Dis-
pute in Madagascar. Map. 8 1885

Madagascar, an Historical and De-
scriptive Account of the Island and its
Former Dependencies. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1886

Madagascar ; or, Robert Drury's

and woodcuts. 8

Journal, during Fifteen Years' Captivity
on that Island ; and a Further Descrip-
tion of Madagascar by the Abbe Alexis


Oliver, Capt. C. P. continued.

Rochon. Edited, with an Introduction
and Notes, by Captain Pasfield Oliver,
R. A. Maps and illustrations. 8 1 890
See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 82, 83 :
Appendix I.

Oliver and Boyd's Pronouncing Gazetteer
of the World, Descriptive and Statistical,
with Etymological Notices ; being a Geo-
graphical Dictionary for Popular Use ;
with Atlas of 32 maps. Small 8

Edinburgh, 1879

Olivier, Aime, Vicomte de Sanderval.
De 1'Atlantique au Niger par le Foutah-
Djallon. Map and plates. 8 Paris, 1882

Olivier, J. Taereelen en Merkwaardighe-

den uit Oost-Indie. Deel I. Plates. 8

Amsterdam, 1836

Olivier, . See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appen-
dix I.

Ollive, C. Climat de Mogador et de son
Influence sur la Phthisic. 8* Paris, 1875

Olmsted, Denison. Address on the Scien-
tific Life and Lalxmrs of William C.
Redfield. Portrait. 8*

New Haven, Conn., 1857

Olmsted, Fred. Law. Journey in the
Sealxxird Slave States ; with Remarks
on their Economy. 8 1856

A Journey in the Back Country. 8


- Journeys and Explorations in the
Cotton Kingdom, &c. 2vols.ini. 8 1861

Olsen, O. T. The Fisherman's Practical
Navigator. Map ami plates. 8

Grimsby, 1878

- The Fisherman's Nautical Almanac,
1880, 1881, 1882, 1885, 1888, 1890, 1892,
and 1893. Map. Small 8

Olshaussen, J. See Niebuhr, C.

Olsvig, V. See Beyer's Guide to Western

Oltmanus, Jabbo. See Humlxtldt and

Omarah Al-Hakami, Najm Ad-Din.
Yaman, its Early Mediaeval History; also
the Abridged History of its Dynasties by
Ibn Khaldun, and an Account of the
Karmathians of Yaman by Abu 'Abd
Allah Baha Ad -din Al-Janadi. The
Original Texts, with Translation and
Notes, by Henry Cassels Kay. Map.
8 1892

Ommanney, Admiral Sir E. Hydro-
graphical Remarks on the White Sea, in
the Summer of 1854. 8* 1855

Ommanney, Lieut. . Synopsis of the
Cruises of H.M.S. " Espiegle," for 1881
to 1885. 8* Devon fort, N.I).

Onate, Juan de. .S'^Toletus, in Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix I.

O'Neill, Henry E. Letter to Earl Gran-
ville regarding a Visit to the District of
Angoche, Mozambique. Folio* 1881

- The Mozambique and Nyassa Slave
Trade. 8* 1885

O'Neill, T. Sketches of African Scenery
from Zanzibar to the Victoria Nyanza :
being a Series of Coloured Lithographic
Pictures from Original Sketches, by the
late Mr Thomas O'Neill, of the Victoria
Nyanza Mission of the Church Missionary
Society. 4* 1878

Ong-tae-hae. The Chinaman Abroad, or
a Desultory Account of the Malayan
Archipelago, particularly of Java. By
Ong - tae - hae. Translated from the
Original. [No. 2 of the Chinese Mis-
c ellan y. ] Map. Small 8* Shanghai, 1849
Onwhyn's Guide to North and South
Wales and the Wye. Plates. 12 1853
Oppel, Dr A. Terra incognita : eine
kurzgefasste Darstellung der stufen-
weisen Entwickelung der Erdkenntnis
vom Ausgange des Mittelalters bis zur
Gegemvart und der derzeitigen Ausdeh-
nung der unerforschten Gebiete. Maps.
8* Bremen, 1891

Oppelt, Gustave. Navigation aerienne
par les Ballons ; Point d'appui, Appareil
de direction, Systeme Oppelt. 8*

Brussels, 1882

Oppert, E. A Forbidden Land : Voyages
to the Corea ; with an Account of its
Geography, History, Productions, and
Commercial capabilities, &c. Charts
and plates. 8 1880

Oppert, Gustav. Der Presbyter Johannes
in Sage und Geschichte : ein Beitrag zur
Voelker- und Kirchenhistorie und zur
Heldcndichtung des Mittelalters. 8

Berlin, 1864

Oppert, J. Les Inscriptions Assyriennes

des Sargonides et les Pastes de Ninive.

8* Versailles, 1862

Orbegozo, Juan de. Reconocimiento del

Istnio de Tehuantepec en 1825. 12*

Jalapa, 1831

Orbigny, A. d'. See D'Orbigny.
Orcutt, Rev. J. African Colonisation. 8*
New York, N.D.

Ord, H. St. G. Report on Condition of
the British Settlements on the West Coast
of Africa. [Parly. Rep.] Maps. Folio*


Ordonez y Aguiar, Ramon de. Historia
de la Creadon del Cielo, y de la Tierra
conforme al Sistema de la Gentilidad
Americana ; Theologia de los Culebras,
Figurada en ingeniosos Gerogliphicos,
Siml)olos, Emblemas, y Metaphoras ;
1 )iluvio Universal, Dispersion de las
Gentes, verdadero orfgen de los Indios,
su salida de Chaldea, su transmigracion a
estas partes Septentrionales. . . . MS.
Folio 1 796

O'Reilly, Comm. Twelve Views in the
Black Sea and the Bosphorus, from
Sketches made on the spot during the
period of service of H.M.S. " Retribu-
bution," with a short Account of each
Drawing. Folio 1856


(3 RE ORT.

O'Reilly, J. P. Explanatory Notes and
Discussion of the Nature of the Prismatic
forms of a Group of Columnar Basalts,
Giant's Causeway. Plates. 4*

Dublin, 1879

On the Correlation of Lines of Direc-
tion on the Earth's Surface. 4*

Dublin, 1879
Orellana, Franciso de. See Hakluyt Soc.

Puhl. , Vol. 24: Appendix I.
O'Riley, E. Journal of a Tour east from
Tounghoo to the Salween River. [ From
the India Records, No. 20.] Royal 8
Calcutta, 1856

Notices on Karen Nee, the Country
of the " Kaya," or Red Karens, 1857.
[From the India Records, No. 24.] Royal

Calcutta, 1858

Orleans, Prince Henri d". De Paris an
Tonkin par terre. (From Revue des Deux
Mondes.) Map. 8* 1891

See Bonvalot.

Orleans, Pere Pierre Joseph d'. See
Hakluyt Soc. Puhl., Vol. 17 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 18 : Appendix I.

Orlich, Capt. Leopold von. Travels in
India, including Sinde and the Punjab.
Translated by H. E. Lloyd. 2 vols.
Illustrations. 8 ^45

Orme, Robert. A History of the Military
Transactions of the British Nation in
Indostan, from the year 1745 ; to which
is prefixed a Dissertation on the Estab-
lishments made by Mahommedan Con-
querors in Indostan. 4th edition. Vols.
I and 2. 8 Madras, 1861

A Collection of Maps and Plans to
accompany alxwe, being Vol. 3 of the
new edition of that work, &c. 8

Madras, 1862

Ormiston, Thomas. Report on Improve-
ments proposed at the Harbour of Fama-
gousta, Cyprus, dated loth January 1880.
Maps. Folio* 1880

Ormsby, John. Autumn Rambles in
North Africa. Plates. 8 1864

Oropeza, Samuel. Intereses Nacionales :
Cuestion de Limites entre las Republicas
de Bolivia y del Peru. 8* Sucre, 1888

Limites entre la Republica de Bolivia
y la Republica Argentina. 8 Sucre, 1892

Orozco y Berra, Juan. Apuntes sobre
Cayo Arenas. Maps. 12* Mexico, 1886

Orozco y Berra, Manuel. Geografia. de
las Lenguas y Carta Etnografica de
Mexico, precedidas de un ensayo de
Clasificacion de las mismas Lenguas y
de apuntes para las Irmiigraciones de las
Tribus. Map. 8 Mexico, 1864

Memoria para el Piano de la Ciudad
de Mexico, formada de orden del Minis-
terio de Fomento. Plan. 12

Mexico, 1867

Materiales para una Cartografia Mexi-
cana. 4 Mexico, 1871

Orozco y Berra, Manuel. Apuntes para
la Historia de la Geografia en Mexico.
8 Mexico, 1881

Orpen, G. H. The Song of Dermot and
the Earl : an old French Poem, from the
Carew Manuscript, No. 596, in the
Archiepiscopal Library at Lamljeth
Palace. Edited, with literal Translation
and Notes, a facsimile, and a map, by
Goddard Henry Orpen. 12 Oxford, 1892
Orpen, J. M. Some Principles of Native
Government illustrated ; and the Peti-
tions of the Basuto Tribe regarding
Land, Law, Representation, and Dis-
armament to the Cape Parliament con-
sidered. Maps. 8 Cape Town, 1880
Orr, Lieut. R. H. See United States,

E, a, Navigation : Appendix- 2.
Orsolle, E. Le Caucase et la Perse.
Map and plan. 12 Paris, 1885

Orsted, A. S. Centralamerikas Rubiaceer.
(Bestemmelser og Beskrivelser mesten-
deels af G. Bentham.) 8* 1852

Orsted, H. C. See Forchhammer, G.
Orsua, P. de. See Ursua.
Ortelius, Abraham. Theatrum Orbis
Terrarum : The Theatre of the Whole
World set forth. Maps. Folio 1606
EcclesiseLondino-Batavae Archivum,
Tomus Primus. Abraham! Ortelii [Geo-
graphi Antuerpiensis] et Virorum Erudi-
torum ad eundem et ad Jacobum Colium
Ortelianum [Abraham! Ortelii Sororis
Fileum.] Epistolae. cum aliquot aliis
Epistolis et Tractatibus quibos dam ab
utroque Collectis [1524-1628]. Ex Auto-
graphis mandante Ecclesia Londino
Batava edidit Joannes Henricus Hessels.
4 Cambridge, 1887

Orth, Albert. Pamphlets, 8; contain-

Bericht liber die Bodenarten, Boden-

karten und bes. Geologischen Karten


Land wirthschaftliche Beziehungen Geo-

graphischen Ausstellung zu Paris vom

15 Juli bis 15 August 1875.

Ueber Untersuchung und kartograph-

ische Aufnahme des Bodens und

Untergrundes grosser Stadte.

Die naturwissenschaftlichen Grund-

lagen der Bodenkunde.
Die Schwarzerde und ihre Bedeutung

ftir die Kultur.

Beitrage zur Meereskunde. Map.
Ueber einige Aufgaben der wissen-

schaftlichen Meereskunde.
Ueber die Anforderungen der Geo-
graphic und der Land- und Forstwirth-
schaft an die geognostische Kartographie
des Grand und Bodens. 8* [Berlin, 1877]
Ortolani, G. E. Nuovo Dizionario, Geo-
grafico, Statistico, e Biografico della
Sicilia, Antica e Moderna. Map. 8

Palermo. 1819



Orton, James. The Andes and the
Amazon, or Across the Continent of
South America. Map and plates. 8


The same. 3rd edition. 8

New York, 1876

Ortroy, F. van. Esquisse Geographique
de 1'Afghanistan. 8 Brussels, 1888

Orueta y Duarte, Domingo de. Informe
sobre los Terremotos Ocurridos en el
Sud de Espana en Diciembre de 1884,

y Enero de i

Small folio
Orville, Pere de.

Appendix i.
Osbeck, Peter.

Map and photographs.
Malaga, 1885
See Thevenot, Vol. 4 :

A Voyage to China
and the East Indies. Together with a
Voyage to Suratte, by Olof Toreen ; and
an Account of the Chinese Husbandry,
by Captain Charles Gustavus Eckeberg.
Translated from the German, by John
Reinhold Forster. To which are added,
a Faunula and Flora Sinensis. 2 vols.
8 1771

See "The Modern Traveller," Vol.

4, p. 610 : Appendix i.
Osborn, Admiral Sherard. Stray Leaves
from an Arctic Journal, or Eighteen
Months in the Polar Regions in search
of Sir John Franklin's Expedition, in the
years 1850-51. -Map and coloured plates.
Small 8 1852

- The same. New edition (including
the Career, Last Voyage, and Fate of
Captain Sir John Franklin). Small 8

The Discovery of the North-West

Passage by H.M.S. " Investigator," by
Capt. R. M'Clure, 1850-54. Edited by
Comm. S. Oslx>rn. (From the Logs
and Journals of Capt. M'Clure.) Illus-
trated by Comm. S. G. Cresswell. Map
and plates. 8 1856

- The same. 4th edition. 8 1865

Quedah, or Stray Leaves from a
Journal in Malayan Waters. Map and
plates. 8 1857

Cruise in Japanese Waters. 8 1859

- The Career, Last Voyage, and Fate
of Capt. Sir John Franklin. Map and
plates. 12 1860

- The Past and Future of British Re-
lations in China. Afaps. 8 1860

- Japanese Fragments, with Facsimiles
of Illustrations by Artists of Yedo.
Plates. Small 8 1861

On the Exploration of the North
Polar Region. 8* 1865

Quedah ; a Cruise in Japanese Waters ;
the Fight on the Peiho. Map. Small
8 1865

On the Exploration of the North Polar
Basin. 8* 1872

See Markham, A. II. ; also Black-
wood, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.


Osborne, T. See Churchill, Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix i.

Osburn, Wm. Account of an Egyptian
Mummy ; with an Appendix containing
the Chemical and Anatomical details of
the Examination of the Body, by E. S.
George, T. P. Teale, and R. Hey.
Plates. Royal 8* Leeds, 1828

Osculati, Gaetano. Note d'un Viaggio
nella Persia e nelle Indie Orientali negli
1841-42. Plate. 8* Monza, 1844

Esplorazione delle Regioni Equatorial!

lungo il napo ed il flume delle Amazzoni :
Frammento di un Viaggio fatto nelle due
Americhe negli anni 1846-48. Maps and
coloured plates. Royal 8 Milan, 1850

Osgood, Charles S., and H. M.
Batchelder. Historical Sketch of
Salem, 1626-1879. 4

Salem, Mass., 1879

Osgood's Handbooks for Travellers. 12
Boston, Mass.

A Guide to the Chief Cities and
Popular Resorts of New England, . . .
with the Western and Northern Borders
from New York to Quebec. Maps and
plans. [Two editions.] 1873 an d 1875
A Guide to the Chief Cities and
Popular Resorts of the Middle States,
and to their Scenery and Historic At-
tractions : with the Northern Frontier
from Niagara Falls to Montreal ; also
Baltimore, Washington, and Northern
Virginia. Maps and plans J 874

A Guide to the Chief Cities, Coasts,
and Islands of the Maritime Provinces of
Canada, and to their Scenery and His-
toric Attractions ; with the Gulf and
River of St Lawrence to Quebec and
Montreal, also Newfoundland and the
Labrador Coast. Maps and plans 1875

Osorio, Jerome. History of the Portu-
guese, during the Reign of Emmanuel ;
containing all their Discoveries, from the
Coast of Africk to the farthest parts of
China ; their Battles by Sea and Land,
their Sieges, and other Memorable
Exploits ; with a Description of those
Countries, and a particular Account of
the Religion, Government, and Customs
of the Natives ; including also their Dis-
covery of the Brazils, and their Wars
with the Moors. Translated by J. Gibbs.
2 vols. 8 1752

Ostani, Luciano. Note di Viaggio e
cenni di Statistica dell' America Meri-
dionale Conferenza tenuta ad Udine e
Venezia, 1886-87. 8* Venice, 1887

Osten-Sacken, C. R. On the so-called
Bugonia of the Ancients, and its relation
to Eristalis tenax, a two- winged insect.
8* Florence, 1893



Osten-Sacken, Baron F. von der. Ueber-
sicht der geographischen Leistungen in
Russland wahrend der Regierung Kaiser
Alexander II. 8* St Peter sbtirg, 1880

and F. J. Ruprecht. Sertum Tian-
schanicum, Botanische Ergebnisse einer
Reise im mittleren Tian-schan. 4*

Si Petersburg, 1869

Ostroumoff, N. V. A Geography of the
Turkestan Country ; with a short Ac-
count of the Khanales of Bokhara and
Khiva, and a map of the country. Com-
piled by N. V. Ostroumoff, Samarkand,
1891. Translated by Staff- Lieutenant
E. Peach. (From the Journal of the
United Service Institution of India.)
Map. 8* 1893

O'Sullivan, D. R. Tierra del Fuego.
(From the Fortnightly Review, January
1893.) Large 8* 1893

Oswald, F. L. Streifziige in den Urwal-
dern von Mexico und Central-Amerika.
Illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1881

Othere or Octher. See Hakluyt, Vol 2 ;
Kerr, Vol. I : Appendix 2.

Otis, F. N. Illustrated History of the
Panama Railroad, together with a Tra-
veller's Guide and Business Man's Hand-
Book for the Panama Railroad and its
Connections. Map and plates. 8

New York, 1862

Otondo, Isidro. See Burney, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Otte, E. C. See Humboldt, Alex, von ;

Otter, Capt. H. C. Scotland: North-
West Coast. Little Minch. 8* 1859

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.
Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

and W. Stanton. Western or
Outer Hebrides. Sailing Directions for
the Sound of Harris. Plates. 8* 1859

Oudemans, J. A. C. Verslag van de
Bepaling der Geographische Ligging van
Punten op of nabij de Oostkust van
Celebes, verrigt in September-December
1864. Map. 8* [Batavia, 1865]

- Die Triangulation von Java, ausge-
fiihrt vom Personal des geographischen
Dienstes in Niederlandisch Ost-Indicn.
Erste Abtheilung. Vergleichung der
Maasstabe des Repsold'schen Basis-Mess-
Apparates mit dem Normalmeter. Plates.
4 Batavia, 1875

The same. Zweite Abtheilung. 4

The Hague, 1878

Die Triangulation von Java. Dritte
Abtheilung. Plans and plates. 4

The Hague, 1891

Oudiette, Charles. Dictionnaire Geo-
graphique et Topographique des Treize
Departemens qui composaient les Pays-
Bas Autrichiens, Pays de Liege et de

Oudiette, Charles continued.

Stavelo, les Electorats de Treves, May-
ence, et Cologne, et les Duches de Juliers,
Gueldre, Cleves, &c. , reunis a la France.
2 vols. Maps. 8 Paris, 1804-5

Ouseley, Sir William. Epitome of the
Ancient History of Persia : Extracted and
Translated from the " Jehan Ara," a Per-
sian Manuscript. [Persian and English.]
Map and plate. 12 !?99

Travels in various Countries of the
East, more particularly Persia, in 1810-
12. Maps and plates. 3 vols. 4 1819-23
See Ebn Haukal ; Sadik Isfahani ; also

Eyries, Vol. 14: Appendix i.

Outhier, Abbe. Journal d'un Voyage an

Nord en 1736 and 1737. Maps and

plates. 4 Paris, 1744

See Pinkerton, Vol. i ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Outram, F. B. Note on Native Perio-
dicals and Presses, 1858. [India Records,
No. 33.] Large 8 Allahabad, 1860

Outram, Sir James. Rough Notes of the
Campaign in Sinde and Affghanistan in

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