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1838-39. Plans. 12 1840

Narrative of a Journey from Khelat
to Sonmeeanee, with a Description of the
Route traversed. [From the India Re-
cords, No. 17.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

See Goldsmid, P'. J.

Outram, Joseph. A Hand-Book of In-
formation for Emigrants to Nnva Scotia.
12* Halifax, N.S., 1864

Ovalle, Alonso de. See Churchill, Vol. 3;
Pinkerton, Vol. 14: Appendix I.

Overbury, Sir Thomas. See Churchill,
Vol. 7: Appendix I.

Overweg, A. See Petermann.

Ovieda, Andrea. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 7 : Appendix I.

Oviedo, alias de Valdes, Gon^alo Fer-
nandez de. " Breve sumario," "General
i Natural Historia de Indias." [ Title lost.]
Folio N.P. [1526?]

See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 5 ; Ramusio,
Vol. 3 ; Ternaux - Compans, Vol. 14 :
Appendix I.

Ovington, J. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Owen, David Dale. Reports of a Geo-
logical Reconnoisance of the Chippewa
Land District of Wisconsin and the
Northern Part of Iowa. Maps. 8

Washington, 1848

- Report of a Geological Survey of
Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, and
incidentally of a Portion of Nebraska
Territory. Made under Instructions from
the U.S. Treasury Department. Maps
and plates. 4 Philadelphia, 1852

Illustrations to the same. 4



Owen, David Dale. Second and Third
Reports of the Geological Survey in Ken-
tucky, made during 1856-57. Assisted
by R. Peter, S. S. Lyon, L. Lesquereux,
and E. T. Cox ; with maps and ilhistra-
tions separate. 2 vols. Imperial 8

Frankfort, Kentucky, 1857

First and Second Reports of a Geo-
logical Reconnoissance of the Northern
and Middle and Southern Counties of
Arkansas, made during 1857-60. 2 vols.
Plates. Royal 8 Philadelphia, 1858-60

Owen, E. Observations on the Earths,
Rocks, Stones, and Minerals about
Bristol. 12 1754

Owen, John. Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby
Improved : l>eing an actual Survey of all
the Direct and Principal Cross Roads of
England and Wales, compiled from the
best Authorities. Maps. Small 4 1764

Owen, Capt. R. Nautical Memoir, de-
scriptive of the Surveys made in H. M.
Ships " Blossom " and " Thunder," from
1829 to 1837 ; to which is appended an
Essay on the Management and Use of
Chronometers. 8 N. D.

Owen, Sir Richard. Anatomy of the
King-Crab. Plates. 4* 1873

See India, C (Geological Papers) :
Appendix 2.

Owen, Capt. W. F. W. Tables of
Latitudes and Longitudes by Chro-
nometer of Places in the Atlantic and
Indian Oceans, principally on the West
and East Coasts of Africa. Erom the
Observations of H. M.S. "Leven"and
"Barracouta" in 1820 to 1826. 4 1827

Narrative of Voyage to Explore the
Shores of Africa, Arabia, and Madagas-
car, performed in II. M. ships "Leven"
and "Barracouta." 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1833

Oxley, John. Journals of Two Expedi-
tions into the Interior of New South
Wales in 1817-18. Maps and plates. 4


- See Wallis ; also Eyries, Vol. 5 :
Appendix I.

Oxnam, John. See Burney, Vol. r ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Appendix i.

Ozanne, J. W. Three Years in Roumania.
Small 8 1878

See Stumm.

Ozell, J. See Tournefort.

P , M. de. An Historical Account of

the Present Troubles of Persia and
Georgia. In a Continuation of Mr
Hanway's History to the end of 1753,
by M. de P. Translated. 4* 1756

P. A. See India, E, c : Appendix 2.

Pacheco. See Astley, Vol. i : in Appen-
dix i.

Pacht, R. See Baer and Helmersen, 21.
Packard, Dr A. S. Notes on the Phy-
sical Geography of Labrador. Maps. 8*
{New York, 1887]

Who first saw the Labrador Coast ?

Geographical Evolution of Labrador. 8*
{New York, 1888]

- The Labrador Coast : a Journal of
Two Summer Cruises to that region ;
with Notes on its Early Discovery, on
the Eskimo, on its Physical Geography,
Geology, and Natural History. Maps
and illustrations. 8 Neiv York, 1891

Packe, Charles. A Guide to the
Pyrenees. 2nd edition. Alaps, dia-
grams, and tables. 12 1867

Padilla, D. Matius de la Mota. His-
toria de la Conquista de la Provincia de
la Nueva-Galicia, escrita ... en 1742.
4 Mexico, 1870

Paez, P. See Cooley, W. D.

Paez, Ramon. Travels and Adventures in
South and Central America. First series:
Life in the Llanos of Venezuela. Map
and plates. 8 1868

Paganini, Luigi Pio. La Fototopografia
in Italia. Alaps and ilhtstrations. Large
8* Rome, 1889

Page, Dr David. Advanced Text-Book of
Physical Geography. 12 1864

Handbook of Geological Terms,

Geology, and Physical Geography. 2nd
edition. Small 8 1865

Page, Frederick. The Principle of the
English Poor Laws illustrated and defen-
ded, by an Historical View of Indigence
in Civil Society. 8 1830

, Page, T. Report on the proposed Harbour
of Refuge, New Basin, and Dock, at
Maryport. 4* 1865

Report of the Exploration and Survey
of the River La Plata and Tributaries.
8* Washington, 1856

La Plata, the Argentine Confederation,

and Paraguay. New edition, containing
further explorations in La Plata, made
during the years 1859 and 1860, under
the orders of the United States Govern-
ment. Map and plates. 8

New York, 1873

Pagel, Lieut. Louis. La Latitude par
les Hauteurs hors du Meridien, Methode
facile et courte pour determiner la
Position de 1'Observateur par les Hau-
teurs ; Aper9u sur les Distances Lun-
aires, &c. 8* Paris, 1847

Pagels, G. See Moller, P.

Pagenstecher, H. A. Die Insel Mall-
orka. Reiscskizzc. Woodcuts. 8

Leipzig, 1867



Pages, de. Voyages autour du Monde,
et vers les deux Poles, par terre et par
mer, pendant les annees 1767, 1768,
1769, 1770, 1771, 1773, et 1774, 1776.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Paris, 1782

Pages, Leon. Histoire de la Religion
Chretienne au Japon depuis 1 598 jusqu'a
1651. 8 Paris, 1869

See Dictionaries, B, Japanese-French :

Appendix 2.

Paget, J. Hungary and Transylvania ;
with remarks on their condition, social,
political, and economical. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1839

The same. New edition. 2 vols.

Map and plates. 8 1855

Paget, Lieut.-Col. W. H., and Lieut.
A. H. Mason. A Record of the Expe-
ditions against the North-West Frontier
Tribes, since the Annexation of the
Punjab ; compiled from Official Sources,
by Lieut.-Col. W. H. Paget, in 1873.
Revised and brought up to date by
Lieut. A. H. Mason, in 1884. Maps.
8 m [1885]

Pagliardini, Tito. Essays on the Anal-
ogy of Languages. Second Essay : The
International Alphabet, or a Plea for
Phonetic Spelling. 12 1864

Paijkull, C. W. En Sommer i Island.

Map and plates. 8 Copenhagen, 1867

Bidrag till Kannedomen om Islands

Bergsbyggnad. Map. 4* Stockholm, 1867

See Sweden, A (Geologiska Under-

sokning) : Appendix 2.

Paine, Nathaniel. See Salisbury, S.

Paiva Manso, Visconde de. Historia
do Congo. 8 Lisbon, 1877

Pajer, Rudolf. See Dorn, A.

Pajot, Elie. Simples renseignements sur
1'Ile Bourbon. 12 Paris, 1887

Pakington, John Slaney. The Ground
we Tread : an Elementary Lecture on*
Geology. Plate. 8* 1854

Palacky, Dr Jan. Zmepeis vseobecny ve-
decky srovnavaci. Vol. I, Part I.
Berbersko. (Marokko, Alzirsko, Tun-
issko.) 8 Prague, 1857

Palafos, Joan de. See Thevenot, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Palander, Lieut. See Black wood, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Palassou, . Memoires pour servir a
PHistoire Naturelle des Pyrenees et des
Pays adjacents. 8 Pan, 1815

Paleocapa, P. Observations sur le Dis-
cours prononc^ par M. Stephenson de
1'Isthme de Suez. 8* Paris, 1857

Palgrave, W. C. See British South
Africa, C : Appendix 2.

Palgrave, William Gifford. Narrative
of a Year's Journey through Central and
Eastern Arabia, 1862-63. 2 vo ' s - Map.
8 1865

The same. 3rd edition. 2 vols. 8

Palgrave, William Gifford. Notes d'un
Voyage au travers de 1'interieur de
1'Arabie, de Gaza a El-Khatif, sur le
Golfe Persique, en 1862-63, P ar (*
Palgrave. [A Review.] Map. 8* 1866

Dutch Guiana. Map and plan. 8


Report on the General Condition of

the Oriental Republic of Uruguay ; its
Population, Productions, Trade, Com-
merce, and Finance for the year 1884.
Folio* [1885]

Ulysses, or Scenes and Studies in

many Lands. 8 1887

Pallas, P. S. Voyages en differentes
Provinces de 1'Empire de Russie, et dans
1'Asie Septentrionale ; traduits de 1'Alle-
mand, par G. de la Peyronie. 5 vols.,
and Atlas (forming Vol. 6). Maps and
plates. 4 Paris, 1789-93

Voyages . . . traduits de 1'Allemand

par le C. Gauthier de la Peyronie ; revus
et enrichis de Notes par les C. C.
Lamarck, Langles, et Billecocq. Ap-
pendix, contenant les Descriptions des
Animaux et des Vegeteaux observes dans
les Voyages, avec des Notes et Observa-
tions par C. C. Lamarck. New edition.
8 vols. 8, and plates 4 (forming Vol.
9) Paris, 1793

Tableaux Physiques et Topographiques

de la Tauride : tires du Journal d'un
Voyage fait en 1794. 4

St Petersbtirg, 1 795
Second Voyage de Pallas, ou Voyages

entrepris dans les Gouvernemens Meridi-
onaux de 1'Empire de Russie, pendant les
annees 17936! 1794, par M. le Professeur
Pallas. Traduit de 1'Allemand par MM.
de la Boulaye et Tonnelier. 4 vols.
Plates. 8, and Atlas 4 Paris, 1811

Pallegoix, Mgr. Description du Royaume
Thai ou Siam, comprenant la Topo-
graphic, Histoire Naturelle, Moeurs et
Coutumes, Legislation, Langue, &c.
2 vols. Map and plates. 12

Ligny, 1854

Palliser, Capt. John. The Solitary
Hunter, or Sporting Adventures in the
Prairies. Plates. 12 1857

- Papers relative to the Exploration of
that Portion of British North -America
which lies between the Northern Branch
of the River Saskatchewan and the
Frontier of the United States, and
between the Red River and the Rocky
Mountains. [Parly. Paper] Maps and
plates. Folio 1859

Journals, Detailed Reports, and Ob-

servations relative to the Exploration of
that Portion of British North-America
which, in Latitude, lies between the
British Boundary Line and the Height
of Land or Watershed of the Northern
or Frozen Ocean respectively ; and in



Palliser, Capt. John continued.

Longitude, between the Western Shore
of Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean,
1857-60. [Parly. Paper.] Folio 1863

Pallme, Ignaz. Beschreibung von Kor-
dofan und einigen angranzenden Landern,
nebst einen Ueberblick iiber den dasigen
Handel, die Sitten und Gebrauche der
Einwohner, und die unter der Regierung
Mehemed Ali's stattgefundenen Sklaven-
jagden. 8 Stuttgart, 1843

Pallu, Francesco. Breve, e compendiosa
Relatione de' Viaggi de tre Vescovi
Francesi, che dalla S. Mem. di Papa
Alessandro VII. furono mandati Vicarij
Apostolici a i Regni della Cina, Cocin-
cina, e Tonchino, con il racconto di
quanto hanno operate per lo stablimento
delle loro Missioni. Tradotta dalla
Franceseinlingualtaliana. 12 /\ owe, 1669

Palmarts, J. Projet d'Exploration au
Pole Nord. 8* Brussels, 1880

Palmer, Aaron Haight. Memoir, Geo-
graphical, Political, and Commercial, on
the Present State, Productive Resources,
and Capabilities for Commerce of Siberia,
Manchuria, and the Asiatic Islands of
the Northen Pacific Ocean. Maps. 8*
Washington, 1848

- Letter to the Hon. J. M. Clayton,
enclosing a Paper, Geographical, Politi-
cal, and Commercial, on the Independent
Oriental Nations. 8* Washington, 1849
Documents and Facts illustrating the

Origin of the Mission to Japan autho-
rised by the Government of the United
States, May 1851. 8* Washington, 1857

Palmer, Prof. E. H. The 'Desert of
the Exodus : Journeys on Foot in the
Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wander-
ings, undertaken in Connection with the
Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the
Palestine Exploration Fund. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1871

See Besant ; also Dictionaries, B : Ap-
pendix 2.

Palmer, F. J. Floods in the Thames Val-
ley, and the Relief of London Bridge and
its Approaches. Maps and plates. 8 J 1877

Palmer, G. Kidnapping in the South
Seas : l>eing a Narrative of a Three
Months' Cruise of II. M.S. " Rosario."
riates. 8 Edinburgh, 1871

Palmer, Major H. Spencer. On a

Determination of Latitude at Mount

Elgin, in the Kan-Lung Peninsula. Folio*

Hong Kong, 1882

Palmer, J. Linton. On some Tablets
found in Easter Island. Plate. 8*

Liverpool, 1876

Palmgren, L. ^Sweden, A : Appendix 2.

Palmieri, Luigi, and Arcangelo Scacchi.
Delia Uegione Vulcanica del Monte Vul-
ture e del Tremuoto ivi avvenuto nel di
14 Agosto 1851. Maps and plates. 4
Naples, 1852

Palmieri, Luigi. The Eruption of Vesuvius
in 1872 ; with Notes by R. Mallet. Plates.
8 1873

Palomino, P. Alvares. See Gottfried,
Appendix I.

Palyakoff, J. S. Travels in the Valley of
the Obi. [In Russian.] 8

St Petersburg, 1877

Pananti, Filippo. Avventure e Osser-
vazioni sopra le Coste di Barbeira.
Plates. 8 Mendrisio, 1841

Pancrazi, D. G. M. Antichita Siciliane

spiegate. 2 vols. Map and plates. Folio

Naples, 1751-52

Pancritius, A. Hagringar. Reise durch
Schweden, Lappland, Norwegen, und
Danemark im Jahre 1850. 8

Konigsberg, 1852

" Pandora." See Hamilton, G. : Koole-
mans Beynen ; Young, Sir A.

Panet, . Instructions redigees par une
Commission de la Societe de Geographic
pour le Voyage de M. Panet du Senegal
en Algerie. 8* Paris, 1849

Pansch, . See Arctic, H. : Appendix 2.

Panter, F. K. See Martin.

Pantussof, N. N. On the Kulclja Region.
[In Russian.] 8 Kazan, 1881

War of the Mussulmans against the
Chinese. Part i, Text [in Taranchi dia-
lect]. Part 2, Appendices [in Russian].
8* Kazan, 1881

Ferghana, according to the Memoirs

of Sultan Baber. [In Russian.] 8*

St Petersburg, 1884

Pappe, L. Fierce Capensis Medicte Pro-
dromus ; or, An Enumeration of South
African Plants used as Remedies by the
Colonists of the Cape of Good Hope.
Map_. 8* Cape Town, 1857

Paquier, J. B. Le Pamir : Etude de
Geographic Physique et Historique sur
1'Asie Centrale. Maps. 8 J Paris, 1876

Paradis, Venture de. Grammaire et
Dictionnaire abreges de la Langue Ber-
bere. Revus par P. A. Jaubert. 8

Paris, 1844

- Notice Biographique, par Jomard.
4* Pan's, 1844

Paravey, Chevalier de. Reponse a
1'Article de M. Riambourg sur 1'Anti-
quite Chinoise. 8* Epernay, 1836

Dissertation sur les Amazones dont le

Souvenir est conserve en Chine ; ou
Comparaison de ce que nous apprennent
les Monumens Indiens et les Livres
Chinois, sur les Niu-Mou-Yo, avec les
Documens que nous ont laisses les
Grecs. Plate. 8 Paris, 1840

Nouvelles Preuves que le Pays du Fou-
Sang mentionne dans les livres Chinois
est 1'Amerique. Plate. 8* [Paris, 1847]
Refutation de 1'Opinion emise par

M. Jomard que les Peuples d'Amerique
n'ont jamais eu aucun rapport avec ceux
de 1'Asie. 8* Paris, 1849



Paravey, Chevalier de. Memoire sur la
decouverte tres ancienne en Asie et clans
1'Indo- Perse, de la Poudre a Canon et des
Armes a Feu. Royal 8* Paris, 1850

Des Traces de la Bible, retrouvees

dans les Livres Indous, et specialement
d'Abel, type du sacrifice sans tache. 8*

Paris, 1851

Recherches sur le Nepenthes des

Grecs, dans les Livres Botaniques
Chinois. 8* Versailles, 1860

De 1'origine Orientale des Polonais

et d'un usage ancien de ce Peuple
celebre et guerrier .par excellence.
Plate. 8* Paris, 1861

Du Signe Interrogatif des divers

Peuples, et des fausses idees de 1' Europe
sur les Hieroglyphics. Dissertation. 8*

Lyons, 1865

Du Planisphere de Denderah et des

Zodiaques anciens. 8* [Paris, 1866]

Recherches sur les Noms primitifs de

Dieu. 12* [Koanne, N. D.]

Dissertation sur les Centaures et les

Amazones. 8* Routine, N.n.

Parbury, George. Hand-Book for India
and Egypt, comprising the Narrative of
a Journey from Calcutta to England, by
way of the River Ganges, the North-
West of Hindostan, the Himalayas, the
Rivers Sutledge and Indus, Bombay, and
Egypt ; and Hints for the Guidance of
Passengers by that and other Overland
Routes to the Three Presidencies of
India. Map. 8 1841

Parchappe, , and de la Marck.
Observations Chronometriques et autres
faites en 1853, dans 1'Archipel des
Porno', ous. 8 Paris, 1857

Pardoe, Miss. The City of the Sultan,
and Domestic Manners of the Turks in
1836. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1837

The River and the Desert, or Recol-
lections of the Rhone and the Chartreuse.
2 vols. 12 1838

Paris, C. Voyage d'Exploration de Hue
en Cochinchine par la Route Mandarine.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Pan's, 1889

Paris, Matthew. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 8 ; Vol. 3, Book I : Appendix I.

Paris, T. Clifton. Letters from the Py-
renees, during Three Months' pedestrian
wanderings amidst the Wildest Scenes
of the French and Spanish Mountains,
in 1842. Woodcuts. 8 1843

Parish, John. Translation of " A Voyage
to the Island of Mauritius, or Isle of
France, the Isle of Bourbon, the Cape of
Good Hope, &c." By a French Officer.
8 1775

Parish, Sir Woodbine. Analysis of the
" Coleccion de Obras y Documentos
relatives a la Historia Antigua y Moderna
de las Provincias del Rio de la Plata ;

Parish, Sir Woodbine continued.

ilustrados con notas y Disertaciones, por
Pedro de Angelis. " Buenos Aires, 1836.
8* [1837]

Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of

the Rio de la Plata, their Present State,
Trade, and Debt ; with some Account
of the Progress of Geographical Dis-
covery in those parts of South America
during the last Sixty Years. Maps and
plates. 8 1838

The same, from their Discovery

and Conquest by the Spaniards to the
Establishment of their Political Inde-
pendence ; with some Account of their
Present State, Trade, Debt, &c. ; an
Appendix of Historical and Statistical
Documents, and a Description of the
Geology of the Pampas. 2nd edition.
Map and illustrations. 8 1852

Buenos Aires y las Provincias de

Rio de la Plata. Traducido y Aumentado
con notas y Apuntes por Justo Maeso.
Map and plates. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1853
- See Cox, G. ; Dalrymple, A. ; Pentland.

Parisot, V. See Vosgien.

Park, A. How I Teach Geography. 12*


Park, Mungo. Travels in the Interior
Districts of Africa, performed under the
Direction and Patronage of the African
Association in the years i795> *796> anc l
1797 ; with an Appendix, containing
Geographical Illustrations of Africa, by
Major Rennell. Maps and plates. 4


The same. 4th edition. Map, portrait,

and plates. 8 1800

The same ; with an Account of a

subsequent Mission to that Country in
1805, to which is added an Account of
the Life of Mr Park. A new edition
[Vol. 2 only]. Last Journey and Life.
Map. 8 1816

The Journal of a Mission to the Interior

of Africa in the year 1805 ; together with
other Documents, Official and Private,
relating to the same Mission ; to which is
prefixed an Account of the Life of Mr
Park. Map. 4 1815

-Papers in MS. on 3 slips. [Slip A. On

this is written "Crescent Transport," the
name of the vessel that conveyed Mungo
Park and party from Portsmouth to Goree ;
Register of Observations for Longitude ;
no date (about 1805). Slip B. MM.
On the Rate of the Watch during the
Passage to Goree. Slip C. A Rough
Register of Observations for Longitude
made during the Passage to Goree.]

See Rios ; Thomson ; also Eyries,

Vol. II ; Pelham, i; Pinkerton, 16 :
Appendix I.



Parke, Lieut. J. G. Report of Explora-
tions for that Portion of a Railway Route,
near the thirty second Parallel of Latitude,
lying between Dona Ana on the Rio
Grande, and Pimas Villages on the Gila.
Maps. 8 Washington, 1854

Parke, Dr T. H. My Personal Experi-
ences in Equatorial Africa as Medical
Officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedi-
tion. Map and illustrations. 8 1891

Guide to Health in Africa, with Notes

on the Country and its Inhabitants ; with
Preface by H. M. Stanley. 12 1893

Parker, E. H. Report on Annam. Map.
Folio* 1892

Parker, Francis W. How to Study
Geography. 12 New York, 1889

Parker, Gilbert. Round the Compass in
Australia. Illustrations. 8 1892

Parker, P. Journal of an Expedition from
Singapore to Japan ; with a Visit to Loo-
Choo. 12 1838

Parker, T. Jefiery. The Skeleton of the
New Zealand Crayfishes. No. 4 of
Studies in Biology for New Zealand
Students. Diagrams. Large 8*

Wellington, N.Z., 1889

Parker, William. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ;
Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 6 : Appendix I.

Parkes, W. Euphrates Valley Railway :
Report on the Ports of the Persian Gulf.
Charts. 8* 1872

Parkin, George R. Round the Empire;
with a Preface by the Earl of Rosebery.
Mas and illustrations. 12 1 892

Parkinson, J. C. The Ocean Telegraph
to India, a Narrative and a Diary. Map,
plates, and tables. Small 8 1870

Parkinson, R. Im Bismarck-Archipel,
Ergebnisse und Beobachtungen auf der
Insel Neu-Pommern (Neu-Britannien).
Map and illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1887

Parkinson, Sydney. A Journal of a
Voyage to the South Seas, in His
Majesty's ship "The Endeavour." Map
and illustrations. 4 !773

Parkman, F. The Discovery of the Great
West. Map. 8 Boston, Mass., 1869
See Horsford.

Parkyns, Mansfield. Life in Abyssinia :
being Notes collected during Three Years
Residence and Travels in that Country.
2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1853

Parlatore, P. Etudes sur la Geographic
Botanique de PItalie. 8* Paris, 1878

Parlby, Major Samuel. Rational Theory
as to the Cause of the Varieties of
Temperature in the different Latitudes of
the Earth's Surface, and according to the
Scriptural Account of the Creation. 8*


Parmentier, Jean and Raoul. Le Dis-
cours de la Navigation de Jean et Raoul
Parmentier dc Dieppe, Voyage a Sumatra
en 1529. Description de Pisle de Sainct-

Parmentier, Jean and Raoul contd.
Dominigo. Publiee par C. Schefer.
[Vol. 4 of Recueil de Voyages, &c. ]
Map. Large 8 Paris, 1883

Paroletti, Modeste. Turin et ses Curiosi-
tes, ou Description Ilistorique de tout ce
que cette Capitale offre de remarq liable
dans ses Monumens, ses Edifices et ses
Environs. Map. 8 Turin, 1819

Turin, a la portee de 1'Etranger, ou

Description des Palais, Edifices, et Monu-
mens de Science et d'Art, &c. Map and
plates. Small 8 Turin, 1838

Parr, A. C. See Ogilvy, T.

Parrot, Friedrich. Reise zum Ararat.
2 parts. Map and plates. 8 Berlin, 1834
Journey to Ararat, translated by W.
D. Cooley. Map and woodcuts. 8 1845
See Engelhardt.

Parry, Francis. The Sacred Maya Stone
of Mexico, and its Symbolism. Plates
and illustrations. Imperial 4 1893

Parry, Admiral Sir William Edward.
Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of
a North-West Passage from the Atlantic
to the Pacific, performed in 1819-20 in
H.M. ships "Hecla" and "Griper";
with an Appendix containing the Scientific
and other Observations. Charts and
plates. 4 1 82 1

Journal of a Second Voyage for the
Discovery of a North-West Passage from
the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1821-23,
in H.M. ships "Fury" and "Hecla."
Maps and plates. 4 1824

Appendix to the Second Voyage.

Plates. 4 1825

Journal of a Third Voyage for the

Discovery of a North-West Passage to
the Pacific, performed 1824-25, in H.M.
ships "Hecla" and "Fury." Charts
and plates. 4 1826

Narrative of an Attempt to Reach the
North Pole, in Boats fitted for the purpose,
and attached to H.M. ship "Hecla," in
1827. Charts and plates. 4 1828

- Brief Memoir of. 8* 1855

Memoirs, by the Rev. Edward Parry.
Portrait. Crown 8 1857

See Huish, R. ; also Eyries, Vol. 8 ;

Phillips, New Voyages and Travels [3],
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Parsons, Abraham. Travels in Asia and
Africa : including a Journey from Scan-
deroon to Aleppo, and over the Desert
to Bagdad and Bussora ; a Voyage from
Bussora to Bombay, and along the
Western Coast of India ; a Voyage from
Bombay to Mocha and Suez in the Red
Sea ; and a Journey from Suez to Cairo
and Rosetta. Plates. 4 1808

Parsons, J. West India Directory : Sail-
ing Directions from Puerto Escoces to
Sasardi, and for Boca Chica and Bay of
Cartagena. 8 1857



Parsons, Hon. J. L. The Northern
Territory, with a Glance at the East : a
Lecture delivered . . . igth May 1887.
8* Adelaide, 1887

Parsons, R. M. Observations made
while proceeding from New Westminster
to Lake La Hache. Maps. 8*

New Westminster, B.C., 1862

Parthey, G., and M. Pinder. Itiner-

arium Antonini Augusti et Hierosolymi-

tanum. Map. [i sheet of Codices.] 8

Berlin, 1848

Parthey, G. See Mela, Pomponius.

Parthey, H. Ueber den Oberlauf des Nil
nach Ptolemseus. Map. 8*

Berlin, 1864

Partsch, Dr Joseph. Die Insel Korfu.
(Erganzungsheft, 88 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen.) Maps. 4 Got ha, 1887

Die Insel Leukas. (Erganzungsheft,

95 Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) Map.
4 Got ha, 1889

Kephallenia und Ithaka. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 98 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen. ) Map, plans, and sketches. 4
Got ha, 1890

See Neumann, C.

Pasco, Capt. Crawford. Presidential
Address: Section E, Geography. Aus-
tralian Assoc. Advancement of Science.

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