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Phillip, Governor Arthur. Voyage to
Botany Bay, with an Account of the
Establishment of the Colonies of Port
Jackson and Norfolk Island, compiled
ifrom authentic papers ; to which are

Phillip, Governor Arthur continued.
added the Journals of Lieuts. Shortland,
Watts, Ball, and Capt. Marshall, with
an Account of their New Discoveries.
Map and plates. 4 1789

See Pelham, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Phillippo, James M. The United States

and Cuba. 8 1857

Phillipps-Wolley, Clive. Sport in the

Crimea and Caucasus. 8 1881

Savage Svanetia. 2 vols. Illus-
trations. Crown 8 1883

A Sportsman's Eden. 8 1888
Phillips, H. A Brief Account of the

Earthquake at Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen),
on Monday, 26th August 1878. 8* 1879
Phillips, J. The Rivers, Mountains, and
Sea-Coast of Yorkshire ; with Essays
on the Climate, Scenery, and Ancient
Inhabitants of the County. Plates. 8


Vesuvius. Map and plates. Small

8 Oxford, 1869

Phillips, Major J. Scott. Interpretations,
showing Scriptural Reasons for the Study
of Prophecy ; the Re-Settlement of the
Seed of Abraham in Syria and Arabia
Scripturally explained ; with Geographi-
cal Proofs and Maps. 12 1860

Phillips, Capt. T. See Astley, Vol. 2 ;
Churchill, Vol. 6 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 3: Appendix I.

Phillips, Sir Richard. New Voyages and

Travels, consisting of Originals and

Translations. 9 vols. Maps and plates.

8 1819-23

[For Contents, see Appendix i.]

Phipps, Capt. Constantine John. A
Voyage towards the North Pole under-
taken by His Majesty's command, 1773.
Maps, plates, and tables. 4 1774

Voyage au Pole Boreal, fait en 1773,

par ordre du Roi d'Angleterre. Traduit
de 1'Anglois. Maps. 4 Paris, 1775

See Markham, A. H ; also Pinkerton,

Vol. i : Appendix i.

Phrysius, Gemma. De Principiis Astro-
nomic et Cosmographiae, deque usu
Globi ab eodem editi ; item, de Orbis
Divisione, et Insulis rebusque nuper in-
ventis. 12 Antwerp, 1553

Phythian, J. C. Scenes of Travel in
Norway. Small 8 [1877]

Piaggia, C. Dell' Arrive fra i Niam-
Niam, e del Seggiorno sul lago Tzana in
Abissinia. 8* Lucca, 1877

Piassetsky, P. Voyage a travers la
Mongolie et la Chine [with Sosnofsky].
Traduit du Russe, . . . par Aug.
Kuscinski. Map and illustrations. Large
8 Parts, 1883

Russian Travellers in Mongolia and

China. Translated by J. Gordon-dim-
ming. 2 vols. Illustrations. Small 8




Piat, Alfred. Projet cle Creation an moyen
cle Ressources d'execution a tirer de
1'oeuvre meme d'un Port de Guerre et de
Commerce en eau profonde a Calxmrg
(Calvados), pour suppleer a 1'insurnsance
irremediable de'Cherbourg et du Havre.
Map and plans." 4* Paris, 1887

Picard, Charlotte. La Chaumiere Afri-
caine. [Shipwreck of the "Medusa."]
Map. 12 Dijon [? 182-]

Piccone, Antonio. See Issel.

Pichardo, Don Esteban. Diccionario Pro-
vincial Casi-Razonado de Voces Cubanas.
8 Havana, 1849

Geografia de la Isla de Cuba. Royal

8 Havana, 1854

Nueva Carta Geotopografica de la Isla
de Cuba. 8* Havana, 1870

Memoria Justificativa de la Carta

Geo - Coro - Topo - Grafica del Departa-
mento Occidental de la Isla de Cuba
hasta el limite Oriental de Nueva Filipina.
4 parts. 8* Havana, N.D.

Pichat, A. Geographic Militaire du Bassin
du Rhin. Map and plans. 8 Paris, 1876

Pichon, Dr Louis. Un Voyage au
Yunnan. Map. 12 Paris, 1893

Pickering, C. See Wilkes.

Pickering, John. A Lecture on Tele-
graphic Language. 8* Boston, Mass., 1833
Remarks on the Indian Languages of
North America. Royal 8* 1836

Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch, Presi-
dent of the American Academy of Arts
and Sciences ; including an Analysis of
his Scientific Publications. 8*

Boston, Mass., 1838

Memoir on the Language and Inhabi-
tants of Lord North's Island. 4*

Cambridge, Mass., 1845

Picking, Capt. H. F. See United States,
E, a, Hydrographic Office Publications :
Appendix 2.

Picot, E. See Urechi.

Picquet, Charles. Table Alphabetique
en forme d'ltineraire, des Rues, Ruelles,
Culs-de-Sac, &c., &c. , qui se trouvent
dans le Plan Routier de la Ville de Paris
et de ses Faubourgs. 8 Paris, 1805

Catalogue Methodique d'un choix de

Globes et Spheres, d'Atlas et de Cartes,
Astronomiques, Geographiques, Topo-
graphiques, &c. 8 Paris, 1837

Pictet, Camille, and Maurice Bedot
Compte Rendu d'un voyage scientifique
dans 1'archipel Malais. 8* Geneva, 1893

Pictet, J. P. Itineraire des Vallees autour
du Mt. -Blanc. Map. 12 Geneva, 1818

Piddington, Henry. Researches on the
Gale and Hurricane in the Bay of Bengal,
3rd to 5th June 1839. Maps. 8*

Calcutta, 1839

Piddington, Henry. Ten Memoirs on
the Law of Storms as applying to the
Tempests of the Indian and Chinese Seas,
1839-42. Maps. 8 Calcutta, 1839-43

The Horn-Book of Storms for the

Indian and China Seas. Diagram. 8

Calcutta, 1845

Piedrahita, L. F. de. Historia General
de las Conquistas del nuevo reyno de
Granada. Folio Amberes [N.D. ? 1688]

Pieraggi, E. See Scrope.

Pierce, Josiah, junr. The Economic Use
of the Plane-Table in Topographical
Surveying ; with an Abstract of the Dis-
cussion upon the Paper. Plate. 8* 1888

Pierling, P. L'ltalie et la Russie au
XVI e siecle : Voyages de Paoletto
Centurione a Moscow, Dmitri Guerasi-
mov a Rome, Gian Francesco Citus a
Moscow. 12 Paris, 1892

Pierotti, Ermete. Une Caravane pour la
Syrie, la Phenice, et la Palestine. 12*

Lausanne, 1869

Pierrepont, Edward. Fifth Avenue to

Alaska. Maps. Small 8 1884

Piesse, Louis. Vichy et ses Environs.

Plan. Small 4 Paris, 1855

Guide aux Eaux Thermales du Mont

Dore, de Sainte Alyre, de Royat, de la
Bourboule, et de Saint Nectaire, avec la
Description du Clermont Farrand. 12

Paris, 1856
See Joanne.

Pigafetta, Antonio. Primo Viaggio in-
torno al Globo Terracqueo ossia Rag-
gunglio della Navigazione alle Indie
Orientali per la via d'Occidente fatta dal
Cavaliere Antonio Pigafetta . . . 1519-
22. Ora pubblicato per la prima volta . . .
e corredato di note da Carlo Amoretti.
Con un Transunto del Trattato di Navi-
gazione dello stesso autore. Maps. 4
Milan, 1800

Premier Voyage autour du Monde,

par le Chev r . Pigafetta, sur 1'escadre de
Magellan . . . 1519-22; suivi de 1'Ex-
trait du Traite de Navigation du meme
auteur ; et d'une Notice sur le Chevalier
Martin Behaim, &c. Maps and plates.
8 Paris, An. 9 [1801]

See Matkovic ; also Hakluyt Soc.

Publ., Vol. 52; Pinkerton, Vol. n ;
Purchas, Vol. I, Book 2 ; Ramusio, Vol.
I : Appendix i.

Pigafetta, Filippo. Relatione del Reame
di Congo et delle circonvicine contrade.
Tratta dalli Scritti et Ragionamente di
Odoardo Lopez, Portoghese, per Filippo
Pigafetta, con dissegni vari di Geografia,
di piante, d'habiti, d'animali, e altro.
Maps and plates. Small square 8

Rome, 1591



Pigafetta, Filippo. A Report of the
Kingdom of Congo, a Region of Africa,
and of the Countries that border rounde
about the same. Drawen out of the
Writinges and Discourses of Odoardo
Lopez a Portingall, by Philippe Pigafetta.
Translated out of Italian by Abraham
Hartwell. Plates. Small 4 1597

A Report of the Kingdom of Congo,
and of the Surrounding Countries :
Drawn out of the Writings and Dis-
courses of the Portuguese Duarte Lopez,
by Filippo Pigafetta, in Rome, I59 1 -
Newly translated from the Italian ; and
edited, with Explanatory Notes, by
Margarita Hutchinson ; with facsimiles
of the original maps, and a Preface by Sir
Thomas Fowell Buxton. 8 1881

- See Churchill, Vol. 8; Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 7 : Appendix I.

Piggot, J. Persia, Ancient and Modern.
8 1874

Pigou, F. See Dalrymple, Repertory,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Pijnappel, Dr J. Geographic van
Nederlandsch-Indie. 8

The Hague, 1868

Pike, Nicholas. Sub-tropical Rambles in
the Land of the Aphanapteryx : Personal
Experiences, Adventures, and Wander-
ings in and around the Island of Mauri-
tius. Map and plates. 8 1873

Pike, Zebulon, M. Exploratory Travels
through the Western Territories of North
America : comprising a Voyage from St
Louis, on the Mississippi, to the Source
of that River, and a Journey through the
Interior of Louisiana and the Norlh-
Eastern Provinces of New Spain, in
1805-7. Maps. 4 1811

See Eyries, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.
Pike, Warburton. The Barren Ground

of Northern Canada. Map. 8 1892

Pilkington, C. See Dent, C. T.

Pilkington, J. View of the Present State
of Derbyshire, with an Account of its
most remarkable Antiquities. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 Derby, 1789

Pilling, James Constantino. Biblio-
graphy of the Siouan Language. 8*

Washington, 1887

Bibliography of the Eskimo Lan-
guage. 8 Washington, 1887

- Bibliography of the Iroquoian Lan-
guages. Large 8 Washington, 1 888

Bibliography of the Muskhogean
Languages. Large 8 Washington, 1889

Bibliography of the Algonquian lan-
guages (Smithsonian Institution, Bureau
of Ethnology). Facsimiles. 8

Wasliington, 1891

Ditto. Bibliography of the Atha-
pascan Languages. 8

Washington, 1892

Pilling, James Constantine. Ditto.
Bibliography of the Salishan Languages.
8 Washington, 1893

Ditto. Bibliography of the Chinook -

an Languages (including the Chinook
Jargon). 8* Washington, 1893

Pillsbury, J. E. See United States, E, ,
Hydrographic Office Publications, No.
410 : Appendix 2.

Pilot, Rev. W. Geography of Newfound-
land, for the use of Schools. Map. 12*


Pirn, Bedford. An Earnest Appeal to
the British Public on behalf of the
missing Arctic Expedition. 8* 1857

- Notes on Cherbourg. Map. 8* 1858

The Gate of the Pacific. Maps and

plates. 8* 1863

- The Negro and Jamaica. 8* 1866

An Essay on Feudal Tenures. 8* 1871
Pimenta, Nicholas. See Purchas, Vol. 2,

Book 10 : Appendix I.
Pimodan, Capt. de. De Goritz a Sofia :

Istrie, Dalmatic, Montenegro, Grece,

Turquie, Bulgarie. 8 Paris, 1893

Pina, A. de. Deux Ans dans le Pays des

Apices. (Ilesdela Sonde.) 12 Paris, 1880
Pinart, A. L. Les Aleoutes et leur

Origine. 8* Paris [1872]

Catalogue des Collections Rapportees

de 1'Amerique Russe (aujourd'hui Terri-

toire d'Aliaska). 8* Paris, 1872

Eskimaux et Koloches : Idees Reli-

gieuses et Traditions des Kaniagmioutes.
8* Paris, 1873

Notes surles Koloches. 8* Paris, 1873

Voyage a la Cote Nord-ouest d'Amer-

ique d'Ounlashka a Kadiak (lies Aleouti-
ennes et Peninsula d'Aliaska). Map.
8* Paris, 1874

- Sur les Atnahs. 8* J'aris, 1875

La Caverne d'Aknanh, lie d'Ounga

(Archipel Shumagin, Alaska). Plates.
Large 4* J'aris, 1875

Voyages a la Cote Nord-ouest de

1'Amerique, executes durant les annees
1870-72. Vol. i, Part I. (Histoire
naturelle.) Plates. Large 4 Paris, 1875

La Chasse aux Animaux Marins et les
Pecheries chez les indigenes de la Cote
Nord-ouest d'Amcrique. 8*

Boulogne, 1875
Bibliotheque de Linguistique et

d'Ethnographie /Vmericanes. Vol. I. 4'
Paris, 1875
See Petitot.

Pinchot, Gifford. Biltmore Forest, the
property of Mr George W. Vandcrbilt :
an account of its treatment, and the
results of the first year's work. Map
and illustrations. 8* Chicago, 1 893

Pinckard, G. Notes on the West Indies,
written during the Expedition under the
command of the late General Sir Ralph
Abercromby ; including Observatians on



Pinckard, G. continued.

the Island of Barbadoes, and the Settle-
ments captured by the British Troops
upon the Coast of Guiana. 3\ r ols. 8 1806

Pindar, Sir Paul. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

Pinder, M. See Parthey, G.

Pinder, W. See Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 10:
Appendix I.

Pingle, R. See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.

Pingre, Canon . See Verdun.

Pingre, R. Russia ; or, Miscellaneous
Observations on the Past and Present
State of that Country and its Inhabitants.
Plates. 8 1833

Pinkas, Julio. Commissao de Estudos
da Estrada de Ferro do Madeira e
Mamore. Relatorio apresentado a S.
Ex. o Sr. Conselheiro Joas Ferreira de
Moura, Ministro e Secretario de Estado
dos Negolios da Agricultura, Commercio
e Obras Publicas. Maps and photo-
graphs. 4 Rio de Janeiro, 1885

Pinkerton, John. Modern Geography : a
Description of the Empires, Kingdoms,
States, and Colonies, with the Oceans,
Seas, and Isles, in all Parts of the World,
including the most Recent Discoveries
and Political Alterations ; the Astrono-
mical Introduction by the Rev. S. Vince.
2 vols. Maps. 4 1802

Another edition. The Astronomical

Introduction by M. la Croix. Translated
by J. Pond. 2 vols. Maps. 4 1811

A General Collection of the Best and

Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in
all Parts of the World, many of which
are now first translated into English.
17 vols. Maps and plates. 4 1808-14

[For Contents of these volumes, see
Appendix I.]

Pinteado, A. A. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

Pinto, A. de Serpa. How I Crossed
Africa, from the Atlantic to the Indian
Ocean, through unknown Countries, Dis-
covery of the Great Zambesi, &c. Trans-
lated from the Author's manuscript, by
Alfred Elwes. 2 vols. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 1 88 1

Pinto, Fernan Mendez. Historia Oriental
de las Peregrinaciones de Fernan Mendez
Pinto, Portugues, adonde se escriven
muchas, y muy estranas cosas que vio, y
oyo en los Reynos de la China, Tartaria,
Sornao, que vulgarmente se llama Siam,
Calamiiiam, Peguu, Martauan, y otros
muchos de aquellas partes Orientales, de
que en estas nuestras de Occidente ay
muy ppca, o ninguna noticia. . . .
Traduzido de Portugues en Castellano
por . . . Francisco de Herrera Mal-
donado, &c. Folio Madrid, 1627

Pinto, Fernan Mendez. Les Voyages
advantureux de Fernand Mendez Pinto.
Fidellement traduits de Portugais en
Franois par le Sieur Bernard Figuier.
Small 4 Paris, 1645

The Voyages and Adventures of

Ferdinand Mendez Pinto, the Portu-
guese. Done into English by Henry
Cogan. With an Introduction by
Arminius Vambery. (The Adventure
Series.) Map and illustrations. 8 1891
See Laharpe, Vol. 4 ; Purchas, Vol. 3 ;

Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 10 : Appen-
dix i.

Pinzas, J. M. See Wertheman.

Pinzon, Vincent Yanes. See Gottfried ;
Allgemeine Historie, Vol. 13; General
Collection of Voyages and Travels,
p. 610: Appendix i.

Piotrowski, Rufin. My Escape from
Siberia. [Translated.] Portrait and
map. 8 1863

Piry, A. Theophile. Le Saint Edit:
Etude de Litterature Chinoise. 4

Shanghai, 1879

Pisonis, Gulielmi. Medici Amstekeda-
mensis, de Indise utriusque re naturali et
medica, Libri quatuordecim. Plates.
Folio Amsterdam, 1658

Pissis, A. Geografia fisica de la Republica
de Chile. Small 8, and Atlas oblong
4 Paris, 1875

Pitcairn, W. D. Two Years among the
Savages of New Guinea ; with Introduc-
tory Notes on North Queensland. Map.
Crown 8 1891

Pitfield, Alex. See Waller, Richard.

Pitman, C. B. See Bonvalot.

Pitman, Sir Isaac. Manual of Phono-
graphy, or Writing by Sound : a Natural
Method of Writing by Signs that represent
Spoken Sounds, adapted to the English
Language as a Complete System of
Phonetic Shorthand. 12* 1860

The Phonographic Teacher : a Guide

to a Practical Acquaintance with the Art
of Phonetic Short-hand. 12* 1860

The Phonographic Reader : . . . Les-
sons in Phonetic Short-hand. 12* 1860

Pitman, R. B. On the Practicability of

Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

by a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of

America. Map. 8 1825

Pittakys, K. S. L'Ancienne Athenes,

ou la Description des Antiquites

d'Athenes. Plates. 8 Athens, 1835

Pittier, H. Apuntaciones, sobre el clima

y geografia de la Republica de Costa

Rica. Resultados de las Observaciones

practicadas en el aiio de 1889. (De los

Anales d. Instil, fisico-geograf. nacional.

Tomo 2, 1889.) 12* Sanjost', 1890

- Viaje de Exploracion al Valle del

Rio Grande de Terraba. Map. 12*

San J os<!, 1891



Pitts, Joseph. See "The World Dis-
played," Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Pitzipios, Prince. The Eastern Question
Solved, in a Letter to Lord Palmerston.
8* i860

Pizarro, Francisco. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 47; Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 4;
Laharpe, Vol. 10; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book
7 ; Ramusio, Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 15 ; Knox's New Collection,
Vol. i ; "The World Displayed," Vol.
3 : Appendix I.

Pizarro, Gonzalo. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 24; Kerr, Vol. 4; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 15 : Appendix I.

Pizarro, Hernando. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 47; Burney, Vol. i;
Ramusio, Vol. 3; Ternaux-Compans,
Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Pizarro, J. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 1 8 : Appendix I.

Pizigani. See Pezzana.

Plaisted, Barthol. Journal from Calcutta
in Bengal, by Sea to Busserah, from
thence across the Great Desart to Aleppo,
and from thence to Marseilles, and through
France to England in 1750 ; to which are
added Capt. Elliot's Directions for Pass-
ing over the Little Desart, from Busserah,
by the way of Bagdad, Mousul, Orfa, and
Aleppo ; an Account of the Countries,
Cities, and Towns adjacent to Bengal ;
with a Journal of the Proceedings of the
" Doddington " East Indiaman, till she
was unfortunately wrecked on the East
Coast of Africa, by Mr Webb. Map.
12 1758

Planche, J. R. Descent of the Danube,
from Ratisbon to Vienna, during 1827 ;
with Anecdotes and Recollections, His-
torical and Legendary. . . . Map and
plate. 8 1828

Planci, Jani. De Conchis Minus Notis
liber ; cui accessit specimen ^stus re-
ciproci Maris superi ad Littus Portumque
Arimini. Plates. 4 Koine, 1760

Planckner, J. von. Der Inselsberg und
seine Aussicht, dargestellt durch ein 90
Zoll langes Panorama und erlautert
durch ein Winkelblatt und eine kurze
Beschreibung. Diagram and coloured
plate. Large 8* Got ha, 1839

Plate, William. Ptolemy's Knowledge of
Arabia, especially of Hadhramaut and
the Wilderness El-Ahkaf. Map. 8*


Plateau, F. Les Voyages des Naturalistes
Beiges. 8* Brussels, 1876

Platzmann, J. Aus der Bai von Paranagua.
8* Leipzig, 1866

Playfair, G. M. H. The Cities and
Towns of China : a Geographical Dic-
tionary. 8 Hongkong, 1879
-The Mystery of Ta-Ts'in. 8*' N.D.

Playfair, Sir R. Lambert. History
of Arabia Eelix, or Yemen, from the
Commencement of the Christian Era to
the Present Time, including an Account
of the British Settlement of Aden. [From
the India Records, No. 49, Bombay.]
Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1859

A Paper on Irrigation in the Deccan

and Southern Maratha Country. [From
the India Records, No. 5, Irrigation
Series.] Maps. Royal 8 Bombay, 1866
Travels in the Footsteps of Bruce in

Algeria and Tunis, illustrated by Fac-
similes of the Original Drawings. Plates.

4 1877

The Scourge of Christendom : Annals
of British Relations with Algiers prior to
the French Conquest. Plans and illus-
trations. 8 1884

Tunis. Report of a Consular Tour
in 1885. Maps. 8* 1885

The Bibliography of the Barbary

States. Part I. Tripoli and the
Cyrenaica. Roy. Geog. Soc. Suppl.
Papers, Vol. 2. Map. 8 1887

A Bibliography of Algeria. Roy.

Geog. Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 2. 8

See Murray, J. ; Handbooks, Africa.
and Dr Robert Brown. A Biblio-
graphy of Morocco from the Earliest
Times to the end of 1891. Roy. Geog.
Suppl. Papers, Vol. 3, Part 3. Map.
Large 8 1893

and Letourneux. Memoir on

the Hydrographical System and the
Freshwater Fish of Algeria. 8* 1871
Playfair, William. The Commercial and
Political Atlas, representing, by means of
stained copperplate Charts, the Progress
of the Commerce, Revenues, Expenditure,
and Debts of England, during the whole
of the Eighteenth Century. 3rd edition.
4 1801

Playse, J. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 4 :

Appendix i.

Pleasanton, A. J. On the Influence of
the Blue Colour of the Sky in developing
Animal and Vegetable Life. 8*

Philcuielphia, 1871

Plener, Ernst von. The English Factory
Legislation. Translated by F. L. Wien-
mann, with Introduction by A. J.
Mundella. 8 1873

Plesch6f, Capt. Sergey. Survey of the
Russian Empire, according to its present
newly regulated State, divided into
different Governments. Translated from
the Russian, with Additions, by J.
Smirnove. Map and plate of arms and
uniforms. 8 1 792

Pleske, T. See Ilelmersen and Schrenck,



Pliny. The Natural History of. Trans-
lated, with copious Notes and Illustra-
tions, by J ohn Bostock and II. T. Riley.
6 vols. 12 1855-57

Pliny the Younger. See Lobley.

Plowden, Walter Chichele. Travels in
Abyssinia and the Galla Country, with
an Account of a Mission to Ras AH in
1848 . . . Edited by Trevor Chichele
Plowden. Maps. 8 1868

Plumtre, Anne. See Pouqueville.

Plunkett, Capt. G. T. The Conversation
Manual : a Collection of 670 useful
Phrases in English, Hindustani, Persian,
and Pashtu, with Summaries of the
Grammars of these Languages, and a
Vocabulary of nearly 1,500 words, for the
use of Engineer Officers and others on
the North-West Frontier and in India.
8 1875

English - Arabic Vocabulary, com-
piled for the use of Residents and
Travellers in Egypt. 12 Cairo [1886]

Walks in Cairo : a Guide to the

most Picturesque Streets and Buildings
in the Capital of Egypt. 2nd edition.
Map. 12* 1889

Plymley, Joseph. General View of the
Agriculture of Shropshire, with Observa-
tions. Map and plates. 8 1803

Pocock, Edward. Specimen Historke
Arabum . .- . accessit Historia Veterum
Arabum ex Abu'l Feda : cura Antonii I.
Sylvestre de Sacy. Edidit Josephus
White. Portrait. 4 Oxford, 1806

See Twells, Dr.

Pococke, Richard. Description of the
East and some other Countries ; con-
taining Observations on Egypt, Pa-
lestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus,
Candia, the Islands of the Archipelago,
Asia Minor, Thrace, Greece, and some
other parts of Europe. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. Folio 1743-45

See Pinkerton, Vols. 10, 15 ; Knox's
New Collection, Vol. 6; "The World
Displayed," Vols. 12, 13 : Appendix i.

Podiebrad, David J. Alterthiimer der
Prager Josefstadt : Israelitischer Fricd-
hof, Alt-Neu-Schule, uncl andere Syna-
gogen, &c. Plates. 16 Pragice, 1855

Poeppig, E. Reise in Chile, Peru, uncl

auf dem .Amazonstrome, wahrend der

Jahre 1827-32. 2 vols. 4, Atlas folio

Leipzig, 1835-36

Poestion, J. C. Island : Das Land und
seine Bewohner nach den neuesten
Quellen. Map. 8 Vienna, 1885

Poey, Andres. Sur les Tempetes Elec-
triques, et la Quantite de Victimes que
la foudre fait Annuellement aux Etats-
Unis d'Amerique et a 1'ile de Cuba.
Royal 8* Versailles, 1855

Poey, Andres. Memoire sur la Frequence
des Chutes de Greles a 1'ile de Cuba, des
cas quieurent lieu de 1784 a 1854, et des
Temperatures minima de la Glace et de la
Gelee Blanche observees dans cette ile.
8* Paris, 1855

Meteorologie : des Caraoteres Phy-
siques des Eclairs en Boules et de leur
affinite avec 1'etat spheroidal de la
matiere. 8* Paris, 1855

Tableau Chronologique des Tremble-

ments de Terre ressentis a 1'ile de Cuba
de 1551 a 1855 ; avec Supplement. 2
parts. 8* Paris, 1855

The same. Supplement. Accom-

pagne d'une Note additionnelle sur la
force ascensionelle qu'exercent les
Ouragans, &c. 8* Paris, 1855

Couleur des Etoiles et des Globes
filants observes en Angleterre de 1841 a
1855. 4* Paris, 1856

Couleurs des Etoiles et des Globes

filants observes en Chine pendant vingt-
quatre Siecles, depuis le VI I e Siecle
avant Jesus-Christ jusqu'au milieu du
XVII e Siecle de notre Ere. 4* Paris, 1856

Analyse des Hypotheses Anciennes

e ( t Modernes qui ont etc emises sur les
Eclairs sans Tonnerre. 2 parts. Royal
8* Versailles, 1856-57

Considerations Philosophiques sur un
Essai de Systematisation Subjective des
Phenomenes Meteorologiques. 8*

Lyons, 1857

Couleurs des Globes filants observes

a Paris de 1841 a 1853, avec 1'Indication
des Trainees, des Fragments, &c. ,
diversement colores, observes tant en
Chine qu'en Angleterre. 4* Paris, 1857

Relacion de los Trabajos Fi'sicos y

Meteorologicos, destinada para servir de
Introduccion a las futuras Tareas del
Observatorio Meteorologico de Aquella
Ciudad, redactada por Don Ramon de la
Sagra. 8* Paris, 1858

Catalogue Chronologique des Tremble-

ments de Terre, ressentis dans les Indes-
Occidentales de 15303. 1858 ; suivi d'une
Bibliographic Seismique concernant les
travaux relatifs aux Tremblements de
Terre des Antilles. Royal 8*

Versailles, 1858

Repartition Geographique de 1'Uni-

versalite des Meteores en Zones Ter-
restres, Atmospheriques, Solaires, ou
Lunaires, et de leurs Rapports entres
elles. 8* Paris, 1858

Couleurs des Glol>es filants observes

a Paris de 1853 a 1859. 4* Paris, 1859

Description de deux magnifiques

Aurores Boreales observees a la Havane.
[2 leaves. ] Royal 8* Versailles, 1859

Constitution des Halos observes 3 la

I lavane, et de leur rapport avec les Phases

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