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de la Lune. Royal 8* Versailles, 1859



Poey, Andres. Aurore Boreale-orientale
observee a la Havane dans la nuit du 24
au 25 Mars 1860. 4* Versailles, 1860

Loi de la Coloration et de la Decolor-
ation des Etoiles, du Soleil et des
Planetes. Royal 8* Versailles, 1 860

Sur les Eclairs sans Tonnerre, ob-
servees a la Havane, pendant 1'annee
1859 dans le Sein des Cumulo Stratus
isoles de 1'Horizon. [2 leaves.~\ Royal
8* Versailles, 1860

Experiences sur les Ombres Prisma-

tiques, observees a la Havane, en rapport
avec la Declinaison du Soleil et 1'etat
atmospherique. Royal 8* Versailles, 1861

Table Chronologique de quotre cents

Cyclones qui ont sevi dans les Indes
Occidentales et dans 1'Ocean Atlantique
Nord. 8* Paris, 1862

Relation Historique et Theorie des

Images Photo-Electriques de la Foudre,
observees depuis 1'an 360 de notre Ere
jusqu'en 1860. 16 Paris, 1864

See France, B, b, Depot des Cartes
et Plans de la Marine, No. 513 :
Appendix 2.

Poey, Felipe. Compendio de la Geografia
de la Isla deCuba. Parte I. Topografia.
12* Havana, 1836

The same, 3rd edition. 8*

Havana, 1842

Pogge, Paul. Im Reiche des Muata
Jamwo. Tagebuch meiner im Auftrage
der Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Erfor-
schungAequatorial-Afrika'sin die Lunda-
Staaten untcrnommenen Reise. Map and
plates. 8 Berlin, 1880

See Wissmann.

Pogodin, . See Baer and Helmersen, 10.

Pogson, Norman Robert. Report of the
Government Astronomer upon the Pro-
ceedings of the Observatory, in connexion
with the Total Eclipse of the Sun on
i8th August 1868, as observed at Ma-
sulipatam, Vunpurlhy, Madras, and
other Stations in Southern India. Plates.
8 1868

- Telegraphic Determinations of the
Difference of Longitude between Karachi,
Avanashi, Roorkee, Pondicherry, Colom-
bo, Jaffna, Muddapur, and Singapore,
and the Government Observatory, Madras.
Madras, 1884
See India, N, Madras Observations :

Appendix 2.

Pogson, Captain W. R. A History of
the Boondelas. Map and plates. 4

Calcutta, 1828

Narrative during a TourtoChateegaon,
1831. Map and plate. 8 Seramporc, 1831

Pohl, John Emanuel. Reise im innern
von Brasilien : auf allerhochsten Befthl
seiner MajestJit des Kaisers von Oester-
reich, Franz des Ersten, in 1817-21.
Vol. i. 4 Vienna, 1832

Pohl, J. J., and J. Schabus. Tafeln zur
Reduction der in Millimetre!! abgelesenen
Barometerstande auf die Normaltemper-
atur von o Celsius. 8* Vienna, 1852

Tafeln zur Vergleichung und Reduc-
tion der in verschiedenen Langenmassen
abgelesenen Barometerstande. 8*

Vienna, 1852

Pointis, M. de. A Genuine and Particular
Account of the Taking of Carthagena by
the French and Buccaniers in the year
1697 . . . By the Sieur Pointis ; with a
Preface giving an Account of the Original
of Carthagena in 1532, &c. Small 8


[Bound with a "Journal of the Expe-
dition to La Guira and Porto Cavallos " ;
and " Original Papers relating to the
Expedition to Cuba."]

See Burney, Vol. 4 : Appendix i.

Poire, Eugene. La Tunisie Franaise.
12 Paris, 1892

Poiret, Abbe. Voyage en Barbaric, on
Lettres ecrites de 1'Ancienne Numidie
pendant 1785-86, sur la Religion, les
Coutumes, et les Moeurs des Maures et
des Arabes-Bedouins ; avec un Essai sur
1'Histoire Naturelle de ce pays. 2 vols.
8 Paris, 1789

Pokorny, Dr A. See Kirchhoff.

Polack, J. S. New Zealand : being a
Narrative of Travels and Adventures
during a Residence in that Country
between 1831-37. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 8 * 1838

Polak, Dr J. E. Persien : das Land
und seine Bewohner. Ethnographische
Schilderungen. 2 vols. in I. 8

Leipzig, 1865

" Polaris." Narrative of the North Polar
Expedition, U.S. ship " Polaris," Capt.
Charles Francis Hall commanding.
Edited under the direction of the Hon.
G. M. Robeson, Secretary of the Navy,
by Rear-Admiral C. H. Davis, U.S.N.,
U.S. Naval Observatory, 1876. Maps
and plates. 4 Washington, 1876

Scientific Results of the United States
Arctic Expedition, steamer " Polaris,"
C. F. Hall commanding. Vol. i. Physi-
cal Observations. By Emil Bessels.
Map and plates. 4 Washington, 1876

See Markham, A. II.

Poli, Baldassare. SuIP insegnamcnto
dell' Economia Politica o Sociale in
Inghiltcrra. 8* Milan [1862]

Poljakow, J. S. Journey to the Island of
Sakhalin, 1881-82. [In Russian.] Map.
8* St Petersburg, 1883

Reise nach der Insel Sachalin in den
Jahren 1881-82. Aus dem Russischen
iiberset/t von Dr A. Ar/.runi. 8*

Her tin , 1884



Pollen, J. H. A Description of the Trajan
Column. Plate. 8 1874

Pollexfen, Lieut. J. J. Report on the
Rajpeepla and adjoining Districts, sur-
veyed 1852 to 1855. Map. Statistical
Return of the Rajpeepla Districts. Dis-
putes within the Rajpeepla Territory,
and between that Territory and the
adjoining. [From the India Records,
No. 23.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Pollington, Viscount. Half round the
Old World. Being some account of a
Tour in Russia, the Caucasus, Persia,
and Turkey, 1865-66. Map. 8 1867
Pollnitz, Charles Lewis, Baron de.
Memoirs : being the Observations he
made in his late Travels from Persia
through Germany, Italy, France, Flan-
ders, Holland, England, &c. ; discover-
ing not only the Present State of the
Chief Cities and Towns, but the Charac-
ters of the Principal Persons at the
Several Courts. 4 vols. 8 I 537

Pollock, Sir F. See Dent, C. T.
Pollock, Major. -Gen. F. L. See


Polo, Marco. See Marco Polo.
Polybius. The General History of Poly-
bius, translated from the Greek by
Mr Hampton. 4th edition. 3 vols.
8 1809

Pomba, C. Notizie Sopra una Nuova
Carta d'ltalia in rilievo a superficie
curva nella scala di I : 1,000,000 tanto
per le altezze come per le distanze.
Large 8* Turin, 1884

Pombeiros, Journey of the. See Lacerda.
Pompe van Meerdervoort, J. L. C.
Vijf Jaren in Japan (1857-63). Bij-
clragen tot de Kennis van het Japansche
Keizerrijk en zijne Bevolking. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 Leyden, 1867-68
Ponceau, Peter du. See Gutzlaff.
Ponce, John (Juan Ponce de Leon).
A Voyage to /Ethiopia, made in the
years 1698, 1699, and 1700 ; describing
particularly that famous Empire, like-
wise the kingdoms of Dongola, Sennar,
part of Egypt, &c., with the Natural
History of those Parts. Faithfully trans-
lated from the French original. 8 1709
See Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 5 ; Pinker-
ton, Vol. 15 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
13; A General Collection of Voyages
and Travels, p. 610 : Appendix I.
Ponce, Jules. Le Fleuve Blanc : Notes
Geographiques et Ethnologiques et les
Chasses a 1'Elephant dans le Pays des
Dinka et des Djour. Map. 8 Paris, 1863
Pond, J. See Pinkerton.
Pontanus, J. J. See Pinkerton, Vol. I :

Appendix I.

Ponte, G. M. da. Osservazioni sul Di-
partimento del Serio. 8 Bergamo, 1803

Ponte, G. M. da. Dizionario Odeporico
o sia Storico- Politico-Naturale clella
Provincia Bergamasca. 3 vols. Map.
8 Bergamo, 1819

Pontoia, Diego. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 2 : Appendix I.

Pontoppidan, Bishop Erich. Natural
History of Norway. Translated from
the Danish. Map and plates. Folio


See "The World Displayed," Vol. 20:

Appendix i.

Ponz, Jean de Leon. See Ponce.
Ponzi, Giuseppe. Sulle correnti di lava
scoperte dal taglio della ferrovia di
Albano. 4* [Rome, 1859]

Storia naturale dell' Agro Pontino.

8* Rome, 1865

Pool, Garrit Thomasz. See Hakluyt

Society's Publications, Vol. 25 ; Callan-

der, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Poole, F. Queen Charlotte Islands : a

narrative of discovery and adventure in

the North Pacific. Edited by J. W.

Lyndon. Maps and plates. 8 1872

Poole, Henry. On the Meteorology of the

Albion Mines, Nova Scotia. 8* 1854

Poole, Jonas. See Purchas, Vol. 3,

Book 3 : Appendix i.
Poole. Reginald Stuart. See Diehl.
Poole, Sarah. The Englishwoman in
Egypt : Letters from Cairo, written
during a Residence there in 1842-44,
with E. W. Lane. 2 vols. in I. 18

Poorun, Geer Goosain. See Dalrymple,

Repertory, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.
Pope, C. VV. The Dehra Dun Forests.
(From the Calcutta Review.) 8* 1893
Pope, Capt. John. Report of an Explor-
ation of the Territory of Minnesota.
Map. 8* Washington, 1850

Report of Exploration of a Route for

the Pacific Railroad, near the thirty-
second parallel of latitude, from the Red
River to the Rio Grande. Maps. 8

Washington, 1854

Popoff, Constantine. See Tolstoi.
Popowski, Josef. The Rival Powers in
Central Asia, or the struggle between
England and Russia in the East. Trans-
lated from the German ... by Arthur
Baring Brabant, and edited by Charles
E. D. Black. Map. 8 1893

Popper, Julius. The Popper Expedition,
Tierra del Fuego. A lecture delivered
at the Argentine Geographical Institute,
5th March 1887. (Translated from the
Bulletin of the Institute by J. E. O'Curry.)
Map. 8* Buenos Ayres\\Wf]\

Porcacchi, Thomaso. L'isole piu famose
del Mondo descritte, e Intagliate da
Girolamo Poro. Maps. Folio

Padua, 1620
Porcher E. A. See Smith, R. M.



Porcheron, D. P. Ravennatis Anonymi,
qui circa Sceculum vii., vixit de Geo-
graphia, lib. v. Ex MS. Codice Biblio-
thecte Regime eruit et Notis illustravit D.
P. Porcheron. Small 8 Parts, 1688

"Porcupine" and "Lightning." See
Thomson, Sir C. Wyville.

Porena, Filippo. La Scienza Geografica
secondo le piu recente dottrine. 8*

Kome, 1885

Poro, G. See Porcacchi.

Porras, Franciscus de. See Gottfried :
Appendix I.

Porta, Antonio. Relacion del Recono-
cimiento de la Costa de Guatemala desde
Omoa hasta la Punta de Manabique, y
desde la Barra del Rio de Montagua
hasta donde se la une el de Chicosapote,
a 14 leguas de la Ciudacl de Guatemala.
Folio* N.P., 1792

Portal, Sir Gerald H. Correspondence

respecting his Mission to Abyssinia.

Folio* 1888

My Mission to Abyssinia. Map and

illustrations. 8 1892 [1891]

Porte, L. de la. See De la Porte.

Portenger H. See Phillips, New Voyages
and Travels [3], Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Porter, G. R. See Long, G.

Porter, Sir James. Turkey, its History
and Progress ; continued to the present
time, with Memoir, by Sir George
Larpent. 2 vols. Portraits. 8 1854

Porter, J. L. Five Years in Damascus ;
including an Account of the History,
Topography, and Antiquities of that
City ; with Travels and Researches in
Palmyra, Lebanon, and the Hauran.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1855
The same, with Travels and Re-
searches in Palmyra, Lebanon, the Giant
Cities of Bashan, and the Hauran. 2nd
edition. Map and plates. 8 1870

Porter, Sir Robert Ker. Travelling
Sketches in Russia and Sweden during
1805-8. 2 vols. in I. Plates. 4 1809
Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia,
Ancient Babylonia, &c., during the
years 1817-20. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
4 1821-22

See Eyries, Vol. 14: Appendix I.

Porter, Robert P. See United States, A,
Tenth Census* 1880, Vol. 7 : Appendix 2.
- H. Gannett, and W. P. Jones.
The West, from the Census of 1880 :
a History of the Industrial, Commercial,
Social, and Political Development of the
States and Territories of the West from
1800 to 1880. Map and diagrams.
Large 8 Chicago, 1882

Porter, Thomas C. Sec United States,
G, a, Surveys : Appendix 2.

Porter, Major W. Life in the Trenches
before Sevastopol. 12 1856

Portlock, J. E. Report on the Geology
of the County of Londonderry, and of
parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh. Map
and plates. 8 Dttblin, 1843

Portlock, Capt. Nathaniel. Voyage
round the World, but more particularly
to the North-West Coast of America,
1785-88. Maps and plates. 4 1789

See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Portlock, and Dixon. See Eyries, Vol.

I : Appendix I.

Portman, M. V. A Manual of the Anda-

manese Languages. 12 1887

Portus, ^Emilius. Lexicon lonicon

Hellenorromaicon : hoc est Dictionarium

lonicum Gneco-latinum, quod indicem

in omnes Herodoti libros continet, &c.

(ed. nov.) 8 1823

Pory, John. See Leo Africanus.

Posade, Clemente Barrial. Historia

Geologico-Geografica de la Republica

Oriental del Uruguay, Relacionada con

la Industria, la Agricultura, y la Gana-

deria. [Newspaper Cuttings from La

Democracia, Montevideo, 27th November

18754*0?.] Large 8* 1875-76

Posewitz, Dr Theodor. Borneo : Ent-

deckungsreisen und Untersuchungen,

gegenwartiger Stand der geologischen

Kenntnisse, Verbreitung der nutzbaren

Mineralien. Maps. Large 8 Berlin, 1889

Borneo, its Geology and Mineral

Resources. Translated from the German
by Frederick H. Hatch, Ph.D. Maps.
Royal 8 1892

Possart, P. A. F. K. Handbuch fiir
Reisende in Schweden. 12

Pforzheim, 1841

Statistik und Geographic von Kurland.

8 Stuttgart, 1843

Possot, Denis, and Charles Philippe.
Le Voyage de la Terre Sainte. Com-
pose par Maitre Denis Possot, et Acheve
par Messire Charles Philippe, 1532.
Public et annote par Ch. Schefer. [Re-
cueil de Voyages et de Documents pour
servir a 1'Histoire de la Geographic, De-
puis le XIII e jusqu'a la fin duXVI e siecle.
Public" sous la direction de MM. Ch.
Schefer et Henri Cordier, XL] Maps
and plates. Large 8 Paris, 1890

Postans, Marianne. Cutch ; or, Random
Sketches taken during a Residence in
one of the Northern Provinces of Western
India, interspersed with Legends and
Traditions. Plates. 8 1839

Postans, T. Personal Observations on
Sindh, the Manners and Customs of its In-
habitants, and its ProductiveCapabilities;
with a Sketch of its History. Map and
illustrations. 8 1843

Memorandum relative to the Trade in

Indigo carried on by the Countries lx>rder-
ingon the Indus; Report on the Munchur
Lake, and Arul and Nam Rivers ; Mis-


Postans, T. continued.
cellaneous Information relative to the
Town of Shikarpoor, the Trade carried
on between that Town and Kandahar,
and the Silk-trade between Shikapoor
and Khorasan. [From the India Records,
No. 17.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Postel, Raoul. A Travers la Cochin-
Chine. Map and plan. 12 Paris, 1887

Postels, Alex. See Lutke.

Postlethwayt, Malachy. Universal Dic-
tionary of Trade and Commerce, adapting
the same to the Present State of British
Affairs in America, since the last Treaty
of Peace in 1763 ; with great variety of
new remarks and illustrations, together
with everything essential that is contained
in Savary's Dictionary ; also all the
Material Laws of Trade and Navigation
relating to these Kingdoms, and the
Customs and Usages to which all Traders
are subject. 2 vols. Alaps. Folio 1766

Postolacca, Achilles. Synopsis Nvmorvm
Vetervm qvi in Mvseo Nvmismatico
Athenarvm Pvblico adservantvr. 4

Athens, 1878

Poston, C. D. Arizona. 8* N.D.

Potanin, G. N. Sketches of North -Western
Mongolia. [In Russian.] 4 vols. in 3.
Maps and plates. 8

St Petersburg, 1881-83

The Tanguto-Tibetan Borderland of
China and Central Mongolia : Journey
of G. N. Potanin, 1884-1886. [In
Russian.] Vols. I and 2. Alaps and
plates. 4 St Petersburg, 1893

Pote, R. G. Nineveh : a Review of its
Ancient History and Modern Explorers.
Illustrations. 12 N.D.

Potent! de Pistoia, Giuseppe. Legende
des Matieres contenues dans la Carte
Itineraire, Historique et Statistique, des
Chemins de Fer, et des autres voies de
communication a vapeur de 1'Europe
Centrale. 8* Brussels, 1846

Potiche, Vicomte de. La Baie du Mont
Saint-Michel et ses approches. Creation
historique de la Baie etablie par 1'Ar-
cheologie, la Geographic, 1'Histoire, la
Geologic ainsi que par les voies Romaines
et les lies de la Manche. Maps. 4

Paris, 1891

Potocki, Comte Jean. Memoire sur un
Nouveau Peryple du Pont Euxin. Map.
4 Vienna, 1796

Voyage dans les Steps d' Astrakhan et
duCaucase,Ilistoire Primitive des Peuplcs
qui ont habile anciennement ces Contrees.
Notes et Tables par Klaproth. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1829

' ' Potomac " Frigate. See Reynolds.

Potter, John, Archbishop of Canterbury .
Archiuolojjia Grreca ; or, The Antiquities
of Greece. 2 vols. Plates. 8 I75 1

Pottier, E. See Gaimard, Paul.

Pottinger, Lieut. Henry. Travels in
Beloochistan and Sinde ; with a Geo-
graphical and Historical Account. Map.
4 1816

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.
Poucel, Benjamin. Mes Itineraires dans
les Provinces du Rio de la Plata, 1854-
57. Province de Catamarca. 8*

Paris, 1864

La Province de Catamarca. 8*

{Paris, 1864]

Rapport sur le Rejistro Estadistico de

la Republique Argentine. Maps. 8

Marseilles, 1 868
A propos de la Guerre du Paraguay.

[Criticism of Hutchinson's Parana.~\ 4*
Marseilles [1869]

Pouchet, Georges. De la Pluralite des
Races Humaines : Essai Anthropo-
logique. 8 Paris, 1858

Programme d'une Geographic Noso-

logique, a propos du Traite de Geographic
et de Statistique Medicales du Dr Boudin.
8* Paris, 1859

The Plurality of the Human Race.

Translated and edited by Hugh J. C.
Beavan. 8 1864

Pouchet, J., and G. Sautereau. Canal
Interoceanique Maritime de Nicaragua.
Notes et Documents presentes au Con-
gres de Geographic de Paris du 15 Mai
1879 a 1'appui de Projet de M. Ar.-P.
Blanchet. Map. 4 " Paris, 1879

Pouqueville, F. C. Travels in the Morea,
Albania, and other Parts of the Ottoman
Empire, comprehending ... an His-
torical and Geographical Description of
the Ancient Epirus. Translated by
Anne Plumptre. Maps and plates. 4


See Phillips, Collection of Modern and

Contemporary Voyages [i], Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix I.

Poussie, Dr E. Manuel de Conversation
en Trentc Langues. 3rd edition. Ob-
long 12 Paris, 1891

Poussin, G. T. Travaux d'Ameliorations
Interieures Etats - Unis d'Amerique,
1824-31. 4 Paris, 1834

Poussin, J. de la Vallee. Les Voyages
d'Exploration sur 1'Inlandsis du Groen-
land. 8* Brussels, 1893

Pouyanne, J. Note sur 1'Etablisscment
de la Carte au i : 2,ooo,coo e de la
Region comprise entre le Touat et
Timbouktou. Alap. 8 Algiers, 1883

Powell, Rev. Baden. The Order of Na-
ture considered in Reference to the
Claims of Revelation. 8 1859

Powell, David. Sec Gallon, F., Vacation

Powell, F. T. , and R. Ethersay. Memoir
on the Survey of Paumben Pass and
Adam's Bridge. 8* 1837


Powell, Major J. W. Exploration of the
Coloracla River of the West and its
Tributaries. Explored in 1869, 1870,
1871, and 1872; issued under the direc-
tion of the Secretary of the Smithsonian
Institution. Maps ami illustrations. 4
Washington, 1875

Outlines of the Philosophy of the North

American Indians. 8* New York, 1877

- Report on the Lands of the Arid
Region of the United States ; with a more
Detailed Account of the Lands of Utah.
2nd edit. Maps. 4 Washington, 1879

Introduction to the Study of Indian

Languages, with Words, Phrases, and
Sentences to be collected. 2nd edition.
Charts. 4 Washington, 1880

First Annual Report of the Bureau of

Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smith-
sonian Institution, 1879-80. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1881

- Second do., 1 880-81. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1883

Third do., 1881-82. Map and illus-
trations. Folio Washington, 1884

Fourth do., 1882-83. Illustrations.

4 Washington, 1886

Fifth do., 1883-84. Maps and illus-
trations. 4 Washington, 1887

- Sixth do., 1884-85. Maps ami illus-
trations. 4 Washington, 1888

Seventh do., 1885-86. Maps and

plates. 4 Washington, 1891

Eighth do., 1886-87. Plates. 4

Washington, 1891

- Ninth do., 1887-88. Maps, plates,
and illustrations. 4 Washington, 1892

Second Annual Report of the United

States Geological Survey to the Secretary
of the Interior, 1 880-81. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1882

- Third do., 1881-82. Maps and plates.
4 Washington, 1883

- Fourth do., 1882-83. Maps and
illustrations. 4 Washington, 1884

- Fifth do., 1883-84. Maps and illus-
trations. 4 Washington, 1885

Sixth do., 1884-85. Maps ^and plates.
4 Washington, 1885

Seventh do., 1885-86. Maps and

plates. 4 Washington, 1 888

Eighth do., 1886-87. 2 parts. Maps

and plates. 4 Washington, 1889

- Ninth do., 1887-88. Maps and illus-
trations. 4 Washington, 1889

- Tenth do., 1888-89. 2 parts. Geo-
logy. Maps and plates. 4"

Washington, 1890

Eleventh do., 1889-90. 2 parts.
Plates. 4 Washington, 1891

- Twelfth do., 1890-91. 2 parts. Maps
and plates. 4" Washington, 1891

Thirteenth do., 1891-92. 3 parts.
Maps and plates. 4

Washington, 1892-93

Powell, Major J. W. See United States,
B, c ; G, a, Geographical and Geological
Surveys : Appendix 2.

Powell, Wilfred. Wanderings in a Wild
Country ; or, Three Years amongst the
Cannibals of New Britain. Map and
illustrations. 8 1883

Power, E. R. On the Agricultural, Com-
mercial, Financial, and Military Statistics
of Ceylon. 8* 1863

Power, Hon. L. G. The Whereabouts of
Vinland. (From the New England
Magazine.) Illustrations. 4* 1892

Power, John. Description of the Province
of Sancto Domingo del Darien in South
America . . . in the year 1754. Trans-
lated from the Original in the National
Archives of Bogota, for the Panama Star
and Herald. . . . Extracted and ar-
ranged by J. Power. [Title in MS.~\
12* Panama, 1868

Power, W. Tyrone. Sketches in New
Zealand, with Pen and Pencil ; from a
Journal kept from July 1846 to June 1848.
Plates. 8 1849

Recollections of a Three Years' Resi-
dence in China ; including Peregrinations
in Spain, Morocco, Egypt, India, Aus-
tralia, and New Zealand. Plate. 12


Powles, J. D. New Granada, its Internal
Resources. Maps. 8 1863

Powles, L. D. The Land of the Pink Pearl ;
or, Recollections of Life in the Bahamas.
Map and frontispiece. 8 1888

Prado Angelo, Sarrea de Souza. Africa
Occidental Portugueza : Angola Caminho
de ferro entre Loanda e Ambaco, pri-
meiros estudos technicos ; Memoria de-
scriptiva e planta topographica. 8

Lisbon, 1877

Prance, R. H. Australian Agricultural
Company : Letter to the Shareholders.
8* 1877

Pratt, A. E. To the Snows of Tibet
through China. Map and illustrations.
Large 8 1892

Prandi, F. See Ripa.

Pratt, Rev. G. A Comparison of the
Dialects of East and West Polynesian,
Malay, Malagasy, and Australian. 8*
[Sydney, 1886]

Pratt, James Jerram. Sheep and Stock
Farming ; or, Where to Go. Remarks
on the South African or Transvaal Re-
public, with Information relative to the
Settlement of New Scotland. 8* [1867]

Pratt, Peter. See Quintus Curtius.

Pratz, Le Page du. Ilistoirede la Loui-
siane. 3 vols. Maps and illustrations.
12 Paris, 1875

3 82


Prax, M. Instructions pour le Voyage de,
dans le Sahara Septentrional. 8*

Paris, 1847

Prazmovski, A. Rapport sur les Travaux
de 1'Expedition de Bessarabie en 1852,
pour terminer les Operations de la Mesure
de 1'Arc du Meridien. 8* 1853

Preaudeau, A de. Ministere des Travaux
Publics, Ponts et Chaussees : Direction des
Routes et de la Navigation, Service
Hydrometrique du Bassin de la Seine,
Manuel Hydrologique du Bassin de la
Seine. Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1884

Preece, J. R. Journey from Shiraz to
Jashk. Roy. Geog. Soc. Suppl. Papers,
Vol. I. Map. 8 1885

Preedy, Capt. H. W., Capt. A. B. Rath-
bone, and Major P. Goldney. List
of, and brief Information in regard to,
all Chiefs and Persons of Importance
residing within the Kurachee, Hyderabad,
and Shikarpoor Collectorates. [From
the India Records, No. 17.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1855

Report on the Hilly Region forming
the Western Part of the Kurrachee Col-
lectorate. [From the India Records,
No. 35.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Prejevalsky,Col. N. M. Mongolia and the
Country of Tangut. [In Russian.] Vol.
i. Large 8 St Petersburg, 1875

Mongolia, the Tangut Country, and

the Solitudes of Northern Tibet, being a
Narrative of Three Years' Travel in
Eastern High Asia. Translated by E.
Delmar Morgan, with Introduction and
Notes by Col. Henry Yule. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1876

De Kouldja par le Tian-Schan jusqu'au
Lob Nor. (From Journal de St Ptters-
bourg.} Folio* 1878

Reise an den Lob Nor und Altyn
Tag, 1876-77. (Erganzungsheft, 53
Petermann's Mittheilungen). 2 maps.
4 Got ha, 1878

From Kulja, across the Tian Shan to

Lob-Nor. Translated by E. D. Morgan ;
including Notices of the Lakes of Central
Asia ; with Introduction by Sir T.
Douglas Forsyth. Maps. 8 1879

Third Journey to Central Asia from

Zaisan via Hami to Tibet and the Head-
waters of the Yellow River. [In Russian.]
Maps ami plates. 4 St Petersburg, 1883

Reisen in Tibet und am oberen Lauf

des Gelben Flusses in den Jahren 1879
bis 1880 ; aus dem Russischen frei in
das Deutsche iibertragen und mil Anmer-
kungen versehen von Stein-Nordheim.
Map and illustrations. 8 Jena, 1884

Fourth Journey to Central Asia,

1883-85. [In Russian.] Maps and

plates. 4 St Petersburg, 1888

Prejevalsky, Col. N. M. Scientific
Resultsof the Travelsof N. M. Prejevalsky
in Central Asia. Botany, 2 parts. [In
Russian.] 4 St Petersburg, 1889

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