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Nikolai Mikhailovitch Prejevalsky.

Biographical Sketch by I. F. Dubrovin.
[In Russian.] Map, portraits, and plates.
Large 8 St Petersburg, 1890

Prentiss, Henry M. The North Pole
and the South Pole. (From the Over-
land Monthly.} 8* San Francisco, 1890

Prescott, William H. History of the
Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary
View of the Ancient Mexican Civilisation,
and the Life of the Conqueror Hernando
Cortes. 2nd edition. 3 vols. Map and
portraits. 8 1844

See Barca.

Preston, Sir Amias. See Hakluyt, Vol.
4 : Appendix I.

Preston, T. R. Three Years' Residence in
Canada from 1837-39 ; with Notes on a
Winter Voyage to New York, and
Journey thence to the British Posses-
sions. 2 vols. 8 1840

Preston, W. See Wallis.

Prestwich,Prof.J. Tables of Temperatures
of the Sea at Different Depths beneath
the Surface, reduced and collated from
the various Observations made between
the years 1749 and 1868, discussed.
Map and sections. 4* 1875

Pretty, Francis. See Purchas, Vol. i,
Book 2 : Appendix I.

Prevost, Abbe A. F. Histoire Generate
des Voyages. 20 vols. 7'rtrw, 1746-89
[For full Title, see Appendix I.]

Prevost, Constant. Notes sur 1'Ile
Julia, pour servir a 1'Histoire de la For-
mation des Montagnes Volcaniqucs.
Plates. 4* N.D.

Notice sur, par M. de la Roquette.

8* Paris, 1856

Prevost, Florent. See Abyssinia : Ap-
pendix 2.

Preyer, W. , and F. Zirkel. Reise nach
Island im Sommer 1860. Mit wissen-
schaftlichen Anhangen. Map and plates.
8 Leipzig, 1862

Price, Major David. Essay towards the
History of Arabia prior to the Birth of
Mahommed. 4 1824

See Asia, General, Oriental Languages :

Appendix 2.

Price, Edward. Norway. Views of Wild
Scenery, and Journal. Plates. 4 1834

Price, F. G. H. See Hamilton, Charles.

Price, John Ed-ward. A Descriptive Ac-
count of the Guildhall of the City of
London, its History and Associations,
compiled from Original Documents.
Facsimile charters, maps, and other
illustrations. Folio 1 886

Price, John Spencer. The Early History
of the Suez Canal. 8* N.D.



Price, Julius M. From the Arctic Ocean
to the Yellow Sea : the Narrative of a
Journey in 1890 and 1891 across Siberia,
Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, and North
China. Portrait, map, and ilhistrations.
8 1892

Price, Rev. Roger. Report of his visit
to Zanzibar and the Coast of Eastern
Africa. Map. S 1876

Price, Sir Rose L. The Two Americas :
an Account of Sport and Travel, with
Notes on Men and Manners, in North
and South America. Plates. 8 1877

Price, William. Journal of Travels of
the British Embassy to Persia, through
Armenia and Asia Minor to Constanti-
nople and Smyrna, with the Voyage
back to England ; also a Dissertation
upon the Antiquities of Persepolis.
2vols.ini. Plates. Oblong folio 1833

Price, Rev. W. Salter. My Third
Campaign in East Africa : a Story of
Missionary Life in troublous times. 2nd
edition. Map and ilhistrations. 8 1891
- See Taylor, Rev. W. E.

Prichard, James Cowles. Researches
into the Physical History of Mankind.
4 vols. Map and plates. 8 N.I).

- The same. 3rd edition. 4 vols.
Plates. 8 1836

- The Eastern Origin of the Celtic
Nations proved by a comparison of their
Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin,
and Teutonic Languages. Forming a
Supplement to " Researches into the
Physical History of Mankind." 8

Oxford, 1831
The same. Edited by R. G. Latham.


Pring, Capt. Martin. See Gottfried ;
Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Purchas, Vol. I, Book
5, and Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix i.
Pringle, M. A. Towards the Mountains
of the Moon : a Journey in East Africa.
Maps. 8 1884

Pringle, Thomas. Narrative of a Resi-
dence in South Africa. New edition,
with a Biographical Sketch of the Author
by Josiah Cornier. 8 1848

Prinsep, E. A. Sealkote, Punjab : Sta-
tistical Account of the Sealkote District,
geographically sketched, in the years
1855 to 1860. Folio N.P., N.D.

- Report on the revised Settlement of
Sealkote District in the Amritsur divi-
sion. Small folio Lahore, 1865
Prinsep, G. A. An Account of Steam
Vessels and of Proceedings connected
with Steam Navigation in British India.
Map and plates. 4 Calcutta, 1830
Sketch of the Proceedings and
Present Position of the Saugor Island
Society and its Lessees. Map. 8

Calcutta, 1831

Prinsep, Henry T. History of the Political
and Military Transactions in India during
the Administration of the Marquess of
Hastings, 1813-23. Enlarged from the
Narrative published in 1820. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1825

Tibet, Tartary, and Mongolia, their

Social and Political Condition, and the
Religion of Boodh as there existing . . .
2nd edition. 12 1852

The India Question in 1853. 8 1853

On the Extinction of Human Races.

8* 1839
On the Relations of Ethnology to

other Branches of Knowledge. 8*

Edinburgh, 1847
Prichard, J. T. The Inaugural Lecture

of the London Association in aid of Social

Progress in India. 8* 1871

Pricket, Abacuck. See Purchas, Vol. 3,

Book 3 : Appendix I.
Prickett, M. History of the Priory

Church of Bridlington, in the East

Riding of the County of York. Plates.

8 Cambridge, 1836

Prida y Arteaga, F. de. Le Mexique

tel qu'il est aujourd' hui. 2nd edition.

Map and portraits. 8 Paris, 1891

Prideaux, Lieut. W. F. See Markham,

C. R.
Pridham, Charles. Historical, Political,

and Statistical Account of Ceylon and its

Dependencies. 2 vols. Map. 8 1849
Primisser, Alois. Die kaiserlich-konig-

liche Ambraser-Sammlung. 8

Vienna, 1819

Prior, James. See Phillips, New Voy-
ages and Travels [3], Vols. 1,2: Appen-
dix I.

Prisse, E. Oriental Album : Characters,
Costumes, and Modes of Life in the
Valley of the Nile, illustrated from
Designs taken on the spot ; with De-
scriptive Letterpress by James A. St
John. Large folio 1848

Pritchett, George J. Ecuador Waste
Lands. 8* 1858

Report of his Mission to the Republic

of Ecuador. Map. 8* 1858

Pritchett, Morris. Some Account of the
African Intermittent Fever which occurred
on board H.M. steam-ship "Wilberforce,"
in the River Niger, . . . comprising an
Inquiry into the Causes of Disease in
Tropical Climates. Map and plate. 8


Proano, Victor. Carta en Defensa de la
Ciencia Geografica, de lallonraNacional,
de la Propiedatl Moral, y de la "Via
Proaiia." 8* Quito, 1884

Procopius. See Turkey in Asia, B :
Appendix 2.



Procter, John R. Information for Emi-
grants: the Climate, Soils, Timbers, &c. ,
of Kentucky, contrasted with those of
the North-west. Map. 8*

Frankfort, Ky., 1881

Proctor-Sims, R. Bhavnagar State Rail-
way : Reports, with General Plan and
Section. Map. Folio* N.P., N.D.

Prokesch, Anton von. Erinnerungen
aus /Egypten und Kleinasien. 2 vols.
8 Vienna, 1829-30

Land zwischen den Katarakten des

Nil. Map. 8 1831

Reise ins Heilige Land in 1829. 12

Vienna, 1831

Proskowetz, Dr Max von. Vom Newa-
strand nach Samarkand, durchRussland,
auf neuen Geleisen nach Inner- Asien ;
init einer Einleitung von H. Vambery.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Vienna, 1889

Eine Fahrt nach Russisch- Asien. 8*

Vienna, 1890
La Moravie. (Extrait clu Bulletin de

la Societe de Geographic tie Lyon. )

Lyons, 1892

Proudfoot, W. Jardine. Barrow's Travels
in China : an Investigation into the
Origin and Authenticity of the " Facts
and Observations " related in the work.
8 1861

Prout, Major H. G. Rapport de sa
Reconnaissance entre Khartoum et Obei-
yad. (Moniteur Egyptien, i9thand2Oth
September 1875.) Large 8* 1875

General Report on the Province of

Kordofan, submitted to General C. P.
Stone, Chief of the General Staff,
Egyptian Army, by Major H. G. Prout,
Corps of Engineers, commanding Expe-
dition of Reconnaissance made at El-
Obeiyad (Kordofan), I2th March 1876.
Maps and plates. 8 Cairo, 187?

"Providence." See Broughton, W. R.

Proyart, Abbe. Histoire de Loango, Ka-
kongo, et autres Royaumes d'Afrique ;
redigee d'apres les Memoires des Prefets
Apostoliques de la Mission Francoise.
Map. 12 Paris, 1776

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix I.

Prschewalsky (or Przewalsky). See

Pruen, S. T. The Arab and the African :
Experiences in Eastern Equatorial Africa
during a Residence of Three Years.
Portrait and illustrations. Crown 8


Prunelli, Domenico. Almanacco Marit-
timo ad uso di tutte le Classi de' Navi-
ganti, 1842. Part 2, e 1846.

Ancona, 1845-46

Prus, Madame. Residence in Algeria.
8 1852

Pryer, W. B., and F. Witti. Diaries
of Messrs Pryer and Witti. Map and
plate. [Bound with other papers of the
Brit. N. Borneo Assoc.] 4* [1881]

Ptolemy, Claudius. Liber Quadripartiti
Ptolomei id est quattuor tractatuum :
in radicanti discretione per Stellas, de
futuris et id hoc Mundo conslructionis
et destructionis contingentibus. [Black-
letter.] Small 4 Venice, 1484
[Bound with " Tabule Astronomice
illustrissimi Alfonsii Regis Castelli."
Venice, 1483.]

Geographies Enarrationis Libri octo,

Bilibaldo Pirckeymhero interprete, anno-
tationes Joannis de Regio Monte in
errores commissos a Jacobo Angelo in
translatione sua. Folio Strasbnrg, 1525
Geographic Claudii Plolemrei, libri

VIII., partim a Bilibaldo Pirckheymero
translati ac commentario illustrati, partim
etiam Grccorum antiquissimorumque ex-
emplariorum collatione emendati atque in
integrum restituti. Maps. Folio. Bale, \ 552

Geographic vniversae tvm veteris,

tvm novae absolvtissimvm opus, duo-
bus voluminibus distinctum, in quorum
priore habentur Cl. Ptolemci Pelvsiensis
Geographies; enarrationis libri octo :
Quorum primus, qui praecepta ipsius
facultatis omnia complectitur, commen-
tarijs vberrimis, illustratus est a lo.
Antonio Magino Patavino. In secundo
volumine insunt Cl. Ptolemcei, antique
orbis tabulae XXVII. ad priscas historias
intelligendas summe necessarise. Et
tabula; XXXVII. recentiores, quibus
vniuersi orbis pictura, ac facies, singular-
umq ; eius partium regionum, ac pro-
uinciarum ob oculos patet nostro sa_'culo
congruens. Vna cum ipsarum tabularum
copiosissimis expositionibus, quibus sin-
guise orbis partes, prouincic, regiones,
imperia, regna, ducatus, & alia dominia,
prout nostro tempore se habent, exacte
describuntur. Auctoreeodemlo. Ant. Ma-
gino Patavino, Mathematicarum in Almo
Bononiensi Gymnasio Publico Professore,
I 597- 4 Cologne and Arnheim, 1597
Geografia cioe Descrittione Universale
della Terra, partita in due volumi ; nel
Primo de' quali si contengono gli otto
Libri della Geografia di Cl. Tolomeo ;
nel secondo vi sono poste XXVII. tavole
antiche di Tolomeo, e XXXVII. altre
Moderne, tutte reviste e in alcuni luoghi
accresciute e illustrate da ricchissimi
Commentarii dal Sig. Gio. Ant. Magini.
Opera utilissima e specialmente necessaria
allo studio dell' Historic, dal Latino nell'
Italiano tradotta dal R. D. Leonardo
Cernoti. Maps. Folio Venice, 1598
Geographic, libri octo, Grseco-Latino.

Latine primum recogniti et emendati, cum
tabulis geographicis ad mentein auctoris
restitutis per G. Mercatorem ; jam vero
ad Gr. et Lat. exemplaria a P. Montano
iterum recogniti, et pluribus locis castigati.
Maps. Folio

Frankfort and Amsterdam, 1605



Ptolemy, Claudius. Geographic tie
Ptolemee, reproduction photolithogra-
phique du Manuscrit Grec du Monastere
de Vatopedi au Mont Athos, executee
d'apres les cliches obtenus sous la direction
de M. Pierre de Sewastianoff, et precedee
d'une Introduction Historique sur le
Mont Athos, les Monasteres, et les depots
litteraires de la presqu'ile sainte, par
Victor Langlois. Folio Paris, 1867
LTroAe/xouov Fewy-
Claudii Ptolemrei
Geographia: E codicibus recognovit, pro-
legomenis, annotatione, indicibus, tabulis
instruxit, Carolus Miillerus. Voluminis
Primi Pars Prima. Large 8 Paris, 1883
A List of Editions of Ptolemy's Geo-
graphy, 1475-1730. 8* New York, 1886

See Plate, William ; Rylands.

Puchstein, Dr Otto. Bericht tiber eine
Reise in Kurdistan. Map and plan.
Large 8* Berlin, 1883

See Humann.

Pudsey, . See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : App. I.

Puggaard, C. Deux Vues Geologiques
pour servir a la Description Geologique
du Danemark. Plates. Folio*

Copenhagen, 1853

Description Geologique de la Penin-

sule de Sorrento dans le Royaume de
Naples ; contenant de Nouvelles Obser-
vations sur les Dolomies. Map. 8*

Copenhagen, 1858

Notice sur les calcaires plutonises de

la Peninsule de Sorrento. 8* Paris, 1859

Memoire sur les calcaires plutonises

des Alpes Apuennes et du Monte Pisano.
8* Paris, 1 860

Pugh, Theophilus P. Brief Outline of
the Geographical Position, Population,
Climate, Resources, Capabilities, Form
of Government, Land Laws, Trade,
Revenue, &c., of the Colony of Queens-
land. 12 Brisbane, 1861
Queensland Almanac, Directory, Law
Calendar, Gazetteer, &c. , from 1862 to
1893. Maps and plates. 12 Brisbane

Pullan, R. Popplewell. The Principal
Ruins of Asia Minor, &c. See Texier,

Pullan, Lieut. W. J. L. See Kellet,
Capt. H.

Pulli, Pietro. Tratta Teorico- Practice su
la Raccolta del Nitro di Napoli. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 Naples, 1813-17

Pumpelly, Raphael. Notice of an Ac-
count of Geological Observations in
China, Japan, and Mongolia. (From the
American Journal of Science and Arts,
Vol. 41). 8* 1866

Pumpelly, Raphael. Northern Trans-
continental Survey : First Annual Report
of Raphael Pumpelly, Director of the
Survey, September 1882. 12*

New York, 1882
2 6

Pumpelly, Raphael. See United States,
A, Tenth Census, 1880, Vol. 15: Ap-
pendix 2.

Purchas, Samuel, his Pilgrimage, or Re-
lations of the World and the Religions
observed in all Ages. 3rd edition.
Folio 1617

His Pilgrimes, in Five Books. . . .

Maps and illustrations. 4 vols. Folio


[For full Title and Contents, see Ap-
pendix I. Also see Thevenot, Vol. I in
same Appendix.]

Purdy, Col. E. S. Psychrometrical
Observations taken at Fascher, Darfour,
1876. 8* Cairo, 1877

Purdy, John. Memoir, Descriptive and Ex-
planatory, to accompany the New Chart
of the Atlantic Ocean, and comprising
Instructions, General and Particular, for
the Navigation of that Sea. 8 1817

New Sailing Directory for the Ethi-

opic, or Southern Atlantic Ocean, to the
Rio de la Plata and the Cape of Good
Hope, &c., including the Islands between
the two Coasts. 8 1829

Second edition. 8 1837

Third edition, Revised and Corrected

by A. G. Findlay. 8 1845

New Sailing Directory for the Strait

of Gibraltar and the Western Division of
the Mediterranean Sea. 8 1832

New Sailing Directory for the Gulf of

Venice, and the Eastern or Levantine
Division of the Mediterranean Sea ; to-
gether with the Sea of Marmora and the
Euxine or Black Sea. 8 1834

Brasilian Navigator ; or, Sailing Di-

rectory for all the Coasts of Brasil, &c.,
from the River Para to the Rio de la
Plata, including General Instructions for
the Routes both from England and from
North America, with Descriptions and
Directions for the Madeira, Canary, and
Cape Verde Islands, Fernando Noronha,
&c. 8 1844

Sailing Directions for the Strait of
Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea.
8 1846

See Huddart ; White, Capt. M.

and Alex. G. Findlay. Memoir,
Descriptive and Explanatory, to accom-
pany the Charts of the Northern Atlantic
Ocean ; and comprising Instructions,
General and Particular, for the Naviga-
tion of that Sea. Corrected, &c., by A.
G. Findlay. 9th edition. 8 1845

Eleventh edition. Materially im-
proved by A. G. Findlay. Maps. 8

New Piloting Directory for the Differ-

ent Channels of the Thames and Medway,
with the Navigation between Orfordness
and Folkestone . . . Revised, &c.,
by A. G. Findlay. 8 1846



Purdy, John, and A. G. Findlay.

British American Navigator : Sailing
Directory for the Island and Banks of
Newfoundland, the Gulf and River of
St Lawrence, Breton Island, Nova Scotia,
the Bay of Funday, and the Coasts thence
to the River Penobscot, &c. 2nd edition.
8 1847

Colombian Navigator. Vol. I. Sail-
ing Directory for the Bermuda Islands,
the Eastern and Southern Coasts of the
United States, and the States of Texas.
Improved by A. G. Findlay. 2nd edition.
Map. 8 1847

The same, Vol. 2. Sailing Directory

for the Northern Part of the West Indies
and the Mexican Sea, . . . including the
Description of the Florida or Gulf Stream.
Improved by A. G. Findlay. 4th edition.
8 1848

Sailing Directory for the Windward

and Gulf Passages, the Bahama Islands
and Channels, the Islands of Hayti,
Jamaica, and Cuba, the Coast of Florida,
the Martyrs, &c., and the Florida or
Gulf Stream. Revised and Corrected by
A. G. Findlay. 4th edition. 8 1848

Sailing Directory for the English

Channel and Southern Coasts of Ireland.
Revised, &c., by Alex. G. Findlay. 8


Memoir, Descriptive and Explanatory,

of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. I2th
edition. By A. G. Findlay. Charts and
woodcuts. 8" 1865

Pursglove, W. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 3 : Appendix I.

Purves, J. See General, International
Geological Congress : Appendix 2.

Purvis, Comodoro. Sobre los Avances
del, en el Rio de la Plata. 8*

Buenos Ay res, 1843

Puseley, D. The Rise and Progress of
Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand ;
in which will be found the Increase and
Habits of Population, Table of Revenue
and Expenditure, Commercial Growth,
and Present Position of each Dependency,
&c. 8 1858

Putiata, D. V. Expedition to Khingan in
1891 : a Description of the Route taken.
[In Russian.] Maps and plans. 8*

St Petersburg, 1893

Puydt, Lucien de. La Verite sur le Canal
Interoceanique de Panama. 8* Paris, 1879

Pycroft, J. W. The Claim to the Fore-
shores of the Sea Coast and Tidal Rivers
in ... Devon and Cornwall by Her
Majesty's Commissioners of Woods and
Forests examined and considered. 4* 1854

Arena Cornubije ; or, The Claims

of the Commissioners of Woods and
Forests to the Sea-Coast and Banks of
Tidal Rivers in Cornwall and Devon
examined. 4 1856

Pyrard de Laval, Francois. See Gray, A. ;
also Harris, Vol. i ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ. ,
Vols. 76, 77, 80 ; Laharpe, Vol. 3 ;
Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 9 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 8; "The World Dis-
played," Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Quadri, Antoine. Huh Jours a Venise.
Plates. 12 Venice, 1825

Otto Giorni a Venezia. Map and

plates. 12 Venice, 1830

- The same. Seconda Edizione. Parte
Seconda. Compendio della Storia Veneta
diviso in otto epoche, dalle origione di
Venezia nell' anno 421 sino alia caduta
della Repubblica nell' anno 1797. 12
Venice, 1826

Quatrefages, A. de. The Rambles of a
Naturalist on the Coasts of France,
Spain, and Sicily. Translated by E. C.
Otte. 2 vols. 8 1857

Les Polynesiens et leurs Migrations.

Maps. 4 Parts [iS6$?]

Discours prononce a 1'ouverture de

1'Assemblee Generale du 19 Decembre
1890. (Compte Rendu, Societe de Geo-
graphic.) 8* Paris, 1890

Quatrelles. . Un Parisien dans les
Antilles : Saint-Thomas Puerto- Rico
La Havane La vie de Province sous les
Tropiques. Plates. 12 Paris, 1883

Quentin, Ch. An Account of Paraguay,
its History, its People, and its Govern-
ment. From the French. 8* 1865

Quesada, V. G. La Patagonia y las
Tierras Australes del Continente Ameri-
cano. Large 8 Buenos Ayres, 1875

Quetelet, L. A. J. Eclipse de Soleil du
1 5 Mars 1858: Notice. 8* Brussels, 1858

Bolide observe dans la soiree du 4

Mars 1 863., 8* Brussels, 1863

Sur les Etoiles filantes periodiques du

mois d'Aout 1867, et sur les Orages ob-
serves en Belgique pendant Pete de 1867,
&c., 8* Brussels [l^6j]

Etoiles filantes du milieu de Novembre

1867 et Etat de 1' Atmosphere a la meme
epoque. 8* Brussels [1867]

Sur la Loi Statistique des tailles

humaines, et sur la regularite que suit
cette loi dans son developpement a
chaque age. 8* Brussels, 1868

Physique Sociale, ou Essai sur le

Developpement desFacultesde 1'Homme.

Vol. 2. 8 Brussels, 1869

Notice sur Charles Babbage. 12*

Brussels, 1873

Unite de 1'Espece Humaine. 8*

N. P., N.D.
Quetelet, Ernest. Sur Petal de PAtmo-

sphere a Bruxelles pendant Pannee 1865.

8* Brussels, N.D
See Mailly.



Quetin, . Guide du Voyageur en
Algerie, Itinerairedu Savant, del' Artiste,
de 1'IIomme du Monde, &c. 2nd
edition, to which is added a French-
Arabic Vocabulary. 12 Paris, 1847

Quiggin's Guide through the Isle of Man.
Map and plates. 12 Douglas, ,1842

Quijarro, Dr Antonio. Los Territories
del Noroeste de Bolivia: Vias de Co-
imtnicacion que les Corresponden. J\Iap.
8* Buenos Ay res, 1892

Propuestas de Ferro-Carriles para los

Departamentos del sud y del Oriente de
Bolivia. 8* Buenos Ay res, 1893

See Bach, M.

Quin, Michael J. Steam Voyages on the
Seine, the Moselle, and the Rhine ; with
Railroad Visits to the 1'rincipal Cities of
Belgium. 2 vols. 8 1843

Quintus Curtius. The History of Alex-
ander the Great. Translated, with Ori-
ginal Notes, by Peter Pratt. 2 vols.
Map. 8 18-21

Alexander in India : a portion of the

History of Quintus Curtius. Edited for
Schools and Colleges by W. E. Hartland
and E. Raven. Map. 12 Cambridge, 1879

Quirini (or Quirino), Piero. See Kerr,
Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 3 ;
Ramusio, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Quiroga, Don Francisco. Apuntes de
un Viage por el Sahara occidental. Plate.
8* [1886]

Quiroga, P. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 16 : Appendix I.

Quiros (or Quir, or Giros), Pedro
Fernandez de. Historia del Descubri-
miento de las Regiones Austriales. Publi-
cada por Don Justo Zaragoza. 3 \ols.
Maps and plan. 8 Madrid, 1876-82

See Gerritz ; also Burney, Vol. 2 ;

Callander, Vol. 2 ; Harris, Vol. I ; Pur-
chas, Vol. 4, Book 7 ; Allgemeine His-
torie, Vol. 18 : Appendix I.
Quoy, J. R. C. See Freycinet.


How about Fiji? or Annexation

versus Non- Annexation ; with an Account
of the various Pr<>| osals for Cession, and
a Short Sketch of the Natural Aspects of
the Group. By"R." 8* 1874

R , V. P. Memoriasobre Emigracion,

Inmi^racion, iColonizacion, por V. P. R.
8" Santiago, 1854

Rabaud, Alfred. Zanzibar : La Cote ori-
entale d'Afrique et I'Afrique equatoriale.
Maps. 8 Marseilles, 1881

Rabot, Charles. See Nordenskiold.

Raconis, J. B. de See Varthema.

Rada, Dr Emeteris Villamil de. La
Lengua de Adan y el Hombre de Tiah-
nanaco; con una indroduccion del Doctor
Nicolas Acosta. 8 La Paz, 1888

Radau, R. La Geographic de Precision
en Afrique. 8* Paris [? 1886]

See Abbadie.

Radcliff, Rev. T. On the Agriculture of
Eastern and Western Flanders. Map
and plates. 8 1819

Radcliffe, William. The Natural History
of East Tartary, traced through the three
Kingdoms of Nature ; rendered into
English from the French Translation.
8 1789

Raddatz, Dr H. Das Kaffernland des
untern Olifant. Map. 4* Gotha, 1 886

Radde, Dr Gustav. Reisen im Siiden
von Ost-Sibirien in den Jahren 1855-59.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 4

St Petersburg, 1862-63

Berichte iiber die biologisch-geograph-

ischen Untersuchungen in den Kaukas-
uslandern, im Auftrage der Civil-Haupt-
verwaltung der Kaukasischen Statthalter-
schaft ausgefiihrt. Jahrgang i. Reisen
im Mingrelischen Hochgebirge und in
seinen clrei Langenhochthalern, Rion,
Tskenis-Tsquali, und Ingur. Maps and
plates. 4 Tiflis, 1866

Vier Vortrage iiber den Kaukasus

gehalten im Winter 1873-74 in den
grosseren Stadten Deutsct)lands. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 36 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen). Maps. 4 Gotha, 1874

Die Chews'uren und ihr Land (ein

monographischer Versuch) untersucht im
Sommer 1876. Map and plates. 8

Cassel, 1878

The Ornithological Fauna of the

Caucasus : a Systematic and Biologico-
geographical description of Caucasian
birds. [In Russian.] Maps and plates.
4 Tiflis, 1884

Reisen an der Persisch-Russischen

Grenze. Talysch und seine Bewohner.
Map and illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1 886

Die Fauna und Flora des siidwest-

lichen Caspi Gebietes ; wissenschaft-
liche Beitrage zu den Reisen an der
Persisch-Russischen Grenze. Plates.

Leipzig, 1886
Sendschreiben an Herrn Prof. Dr

Liebe, zweitein Vorsitzenden des Deut-
schen Vereins zum Schutze der Vogel-
welt. 8* Tiflis, 1889

Aus den Dagestanischen Hochalpen,

vom Schah-dagh zum Dully und Bogos.

(Erganzungsheft, 85 Petermann's Mit-

theilungen). Maps and illustrations. 4

Gotha, 1887

Karabagh. Bericht iiber die im

Sommer 1890 im Russischen Karabagh
von Dr Gustav Radde und Dr Jean
Valentin ausgefiihrte Reise. (Erganzungs-
heft, 100 Petermann's Mittheilungen.)
Map. 4 Gotha, 1800

See Baer and Helmersen, 23.



Raders, Baron R. F. van. De Vestiging
van Nederlanders te Surinam aan-
bevolen. 8* The Hague, 1854

Radford, A. Jottings on the West Indies

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