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and Panama. 12 1886

Radiot, Paul. Le Transsaharien trans-
atlantique. 8* Paris, 1891

Radius, J. S. C. de. Characteristic
Features of Russian and Slavic Poetry,
with specimens, translated by English
Authors. 12 1854

Radlinsky, Prof. A. G. Alessandro
Magno ; influenzadelle sue Conquiste sulF

1 Asia e sull' Europa. 8* Mantua, 1857

L'America prima di Cristoforo

Colombo. 8* Mantita, 1857

Radloff, Dr Wilhelm. Aus Sibirien :
Lose Blatter aus dem Tagebuche eines
reisenden Linguisten. 2 vols. Map and
illustrations. Small 8 Leipzig, 1884

Die Hausthiere der Kirgisen. 8*

N.P., N^D.

Rae, Edward. The Land of the North
Wind, or Travels among the Laplanders
and the Samoyedes. Maps and plates.
Small 8 1875

- The Country of the Moors : a
Journey from Tripoli in Barbary to the
City of Kairwan. Map and plates. 8


The White Sea Peninsula : a Journey

in Russian Lapland and Karelia. Map
and illustrations. 8 1881

Rae, Dr John. Narrative of an Expedi-
tion to the Shores of the Arctic Sea in
1846 and 1847. Maps. 8 1850

Voyages and Travels of, in the Arctic
Regions. Copy of a Letter from Dr
Rae, Feb. 1856. 8* 1856

On some physical properties of ice ; on
the transposition of Boulders from below
to above the Ice ; and on Mammoth-
remains. 8* 1874

- Snow-huts, Sledges, and Sledge
Journeys. 8* 1875
Arctic and Sub- Arctic Life. 8* 1877

Rae, John. See New South Wales, D :
Appendix 2.

Raemdonck, Dr J. van. Gerard Mer-
cator : sa Vie et ses CEuvres. Plates.
Imp. 8 St Nicolas, 1869

La Geographic Ancienne de la Pales-
tine : Letlre de Gerard Mercator a Andre
Masius, datee de Duisbourg 22 Mai 1567.
Map. 4* St Nicolas, 1884
Relations Commerciales entre Gerard
M creator etChristophe Plantina Anvers.
4* St Nicolas, 1884

Les Spheres Terrestre et Celeste de

Gerard Mercator (1541 et 1551). 8*

St Nicolas, 1885

Raffenel, Anne. Nouveau Voyage dans
le Pays des Negres, suivi d'etudcs sur la
Colonie du Senegal, et de documents
historiques,geographiques et scientifiques.
Tome I. Plates. Large 8 Paris, 1856

Raffenel, . See Jomard.

Raffles, Sir Thomas Stamford. Sub-
stance of a Minute recorded in 1814 on
the Introduction of an Improved System
of Internal Management, and the Estab-
lishment of a I^and Rental, on the Island
of Java. 4 [Privately printed} 1814

History of Java. 2 vols. 8, and

separate volume of Plates 4 1830

Memoir of the Life and Public

Services of, particularly in the Govern-
ment of Java, 1811-16, and of Bencoolen
and its Dependencies, 1817-24 ; with
details of the Commerce and Resources
of the Eastern Archipelago, and Selec-
tions from his Correspondence. By his
Widow. With Appendix. Portrait,
maps, and plates. 4 1830

Raffray, Achille. Afrique Orientale :
Abyssinie. Map and plates. 12

Paris, 1876

Rafinesque. C. S. The Ancient Monu-
ments of North and South America. 8*
Philadelphia, 1838

Rafn, Prof. Charles Christian. Frerey-
inga Saga, eller Fyeroboernes Historic, i
den Islandske Grundtext, med Fa;r6isk
og Dansk Oversrettelse. Map and fac-
simile. Royal 8 Copenhagen, 1832

Frereyinga Saga, oder Geschichte der

Bewohner der Faroer im Islandischen
Grundtext mil Faroischer, Danischer, und
Deutscher Uebersetzung. Herausgegeben
von C. C. Rask und G. C. F. Mohnike.
Map and facsimile. Royal 8

Copenhagen, 1833

Antiquitates Americanee, sive Scrip-
tores Septentrionales rerum Ante-Colum-
bianarum in America. Samling af dei
nordens Oldskrifter indeholdte Efterret-
ninger am de gamle Nordljoers Opdagel-
sesreiser til America fra del lode til del
I4de Aarhundrede. Imperial 4

Copenhagen, 1837

Wiadomosc o odkryciu Ameryki

Wdziesiatym Wieku ; na Francuzkie
przelozyl, Ksawery Marmier ; na Nie-
mieckie G. Mohnike ; a Podlug tych
przekladow na Polskie przetlumaczyl, J.
K. Trojanski. 12 Cracow, 1838

Memorie sur la Decouverte de
1'Amerique au dixieme siecle. Traduit
par Xavier Marmier. 8* Paris, 1838

Memoria sulla scoperta dell' America

nel secolo clecimo, dettata in Lingua
Danese, e tradotta da J. Graberg da
Hemso. 8* Pisa, 1839

Americas Opdagelse i det tiende

Aarhundrede. Maps and plates. 8

Copenhagen, 1841

Supplement to the Antiquitates

Americans;. Maps ami plates. 8

Copenhagen, 1841

Americas Arctiske Landes gamle

Geographic efter de nordiske Oldskrifter,
Maps and plates. 8* Copenhagen, 1845



Rafn. Prof. Charles Christian. Anti-
quites Americaines d'apres les Monu-
ments Historiques cles Islandais et des
Anciens Scandinaves. Map. 4

Copenhagen, 1845

Apercu de 1'Ancienne Geographic des

Regions Arctiques de 1'Amerique. Maps,
8* Copenhagen, 1847

Remarks on a Danish Runic Stone,

from the eleventh century, found in the
central part of London. Plates. 8

Copenhagen, 1854

Antiquites de 1'Orient, Monuments
Runographiques. 8* Copenhagen, 1856

Inscription Runique du Piree, inter-
pretee. [French and Danish.] Plates.
8 Copenhagen, 1856

Cabinet d'Antiquities Americaines a
Copenhague. Rapport Ethnographique.
Maps. 8 Copenhagen, 1858

Inscriptions Runiques du Slesvig

Meridional, interpreters. Map. 8*

Copenhagen, 1861

Renseignements sur les premiers Habi-
tants de la Cote Occidentale du Groen-
lancl. Traduits en Groenlandais par
Samuel Kleinschmidt. Map and plate.
4* 1864

Notices of the Life and Writings
of, by L. E. Borring. 8*

Copenhagen, 1864
The Discovery of America by the

Northmen : Connection of the Northmen
with the East. [2 leaves.'} 8* N.I>.

Rafn, Prof. C. C. , and Jon Sigurdsson.
Saga Jatvardar Konungs hins Helga
udgiven cfter Islandske Oldboger af det
Kongelige Nordiske Oldskrift-selskab.
8* Copenhagen, 1852

Ragazzi, Dr Vincenzo. Da Antoto ad
Ilarar. Note di Viaggio . . . con pre-
fazione e carta del Prof. G. Dalla Vedova.
8* Rome, 1888

Ragosin, V. Volga. Vol. I [in Russian.]
Plates. 8, and Atlas (Vol. i) folio

St Petersburg, 1880

Raikes, . See Walpole, Travels : Ap-
pendix i.

Raikes, Charles. Notes on the North-
Western Provinces of India. 8 1852

Raikes, Stanley Napier. Memoir and
Brief Notes relative to the Kutch State.
[From the India Records, No. 15]. Por-
trait and map. Royal 8 Bombay,^^

Memoir on the Thurr and Parkur

Districts of Sind, 1856. [From the
India Records, No. 54.] Map and plate.
Royal 8 Bombay, 1859

Raikes, T. A Visit to St Petersburg in the
winter of 1829-30. 8 1838

Raimondi, Antonio. Analisis de las Aguas
Termales de Yura, Aguas minerales d
Jesus, y Aguas potables de Arequipa.
Table. 8* Areqnipa, 1864

Raimondi, Antonio. Apuntes sobre la
Provincia Literal de Loreto (Peru).
Maps. 12* Lima, 1862

El Departamento de Ancachs y sus
Riquezas Minerales. 4 Lima, 1873
El Peru. 2 vols. Map, plan, and
plates. 4 Lima, 1874-76

Rainaud. Armand. Le Continent Austral ;
hypotheses et decouvertes. Large 8

Paris, 1893

Rainolds. R. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 : Appen-
dix i.

Rainy, W. The Censor Censured ; or,
The Calumnies of Capt. Burton on the
Africans of Sierra Leone refuted, &c. ;
with some Remarks on the Sierra Leone
Exhibition. 8 1865

Raisin, Miss Catharine A. See Elliot,
G. F. S.

Raleigh, Sir Walter. History of the
World ; with Life by Oldys, also his
Trial. 2 vols. Portrait and maps.
Folio 1736

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, by Arthur

Cay ley. 2 vols. Portrait. 8 1 806

See Whitehead ; also Hakluyt Soc.

Publications, Vol. 3 ; Astley, Vol. i ;
Gottfried ; Hakluyt's Voyages, Vols. 2,
4 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Pinkerton, Vol. I ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vols. I, 16 : Ap-
pendix i.

Ramage, G. A. See Ridley

Rambaud, Alfred. La France Cotaniale,
Histoire Geographic Commerce. Par
Alfred Rambaud, avec la collaboration
d'une Societe de Geographes et de Voy-
ageurs. 6th edition. Maps. 8

Paris, 1893

Rambert, Eugene. Les Alpes Suisses :
Etudes d'Histore Naturelle, les Plantes
Alpines, la Question du Foehn, le
Voyage du Glacier, la Flore Suisse et
ses Origines. 12 Lausanne, 1888

Ramchundra. Treatise on Problems of
Maxima and Minima, solved by Algebra.
Reprinted under the Superintendence of
Augustus de Morgan. 8 1859

Rame, Alfred. Note sur le Manoir cl
Jacques Cartier. See Cartier, J.

Ramirez, Santiago. Nolicia Historica
de la Requeza Minera de Mexico y de
su actual estado de Explotacion. 8

Mexico, 1884

Ram6n, L. P. de. See Bartoli.

Ramond, L. Observations faites dans les

Pyrenees pour servir de suite a des

Observations sur les Alpes. Maps. 8

Paris, 1789

Voyages au Mont- Perdu, et dans la

partie adjacent e des Hautes- Pyrenees.
Plates. 8 Paris, 1801



Ramond, L. Travels in the Pyrenees,
containing a Description of the Principal
Summits, Passes, and Vallies. Translated
from the French, by F. Gold. 8 1813

See Pinkerton, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Ramos-Coelho, Jose. Historia do Infante
D. Duarte, irmao de El-Rei D. Joao IV.
2 vols. Plates. 8 Lisbon, 1889-90

Ramsay, Sir Andrew C. The Physical
Geology arjd Geography of Great Britain.
3rd edition. Map. Small 8 1872

New edition. Map and plates . 8 1894

See Stanford, E.

Ramsay, E. P. See New South Wales,
A, Australian Museum Publications : Ap-
pendix 2.

Ramsay, J. The Vascular Flora of the
West of Scotland. Published for the
British Association Meeting, 1876. 12
Glasgow, 1876

Ramsay, Prof. W. M. The Historical
Geography of Asia Minor. Roy. Geo.
Soc. Suppf. Papers, Vol. 4. Maps and
tables. Large 8 1890

Ramusio, Gio. Battista. Delle Naviga-

tioni et Viaggi. 3 vols. Maps. Folio

Venice, Vol. I, 1613 ; Vol. 2, 1583 ;

Vol. 3, 1606

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

II Viaggio di Giovan Leone e le

Navigazioni di Alvise de ca Da Mosto,
di Pietro di Cintra, di Annone, di un
piloto Portoghese e di Vasco di Gama ;
quali si leggono nella raccolta di Giovam-
battista Ramusio. With portrait of
Ramusio. Large 8 Venice, 1837

Ranee. See De Ranee.

Rancy, M. de. Description, Geo-
graphique, Historique, et Statistique de
la Navarre. 8 Toulouse, 1817

Rand, M'Nally & Co.'s Handy Guide to
Chicago and World's Columbian Exposi-
tion. Plan and illustrations. 12

Chicago, 1892

Rand, Rev. Silas Tertius. Dictionary
of the Language of the Micmac Indians
who reside in Nova Scotia, New Bruns-
wick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton,
and Newfoundland. 4

Halifax, N.S., 1888

Randel, J. F. See Hunt, R. S.

Rands, William H. The Paradise Gold
Field. Plan and sketch. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

The Cape River Gold Field. Map,

diagram, and sections. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

- The Styx River Gold Field. Map
and plate. Folio* Brisbane, 1892

Geological Observations in the Cook-

town District. Map. Folio*

Brisbane, 1893

Rang, Sahder, and Ferdinand Denis.
Fondation de la Regence d' Alger, Histoire
des Barberousse, Chronique Arabe du

Rang, Sander, and F. Denis contd.
XVI e Siecle, public sur un Manuscrit de la
Bibliotheque Royale, avec un Appendice
et des Notes ; Expedition de Charles-
Quint ; AperU historique et statist ique
du Port d' Alger. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1837

Ranke, Johannes. See Switzerland, B :
Appendix 2.

Ranke, Leopold. History of Servia and
the Servian Revolution. Translated by
Mrs A. Kerr. Map. 8 1847

Rankin, Daniel J. The Portuguese in
East Africa. (From the Fortnightly
Review, February 1890.) 8* 1890

Arab Tales : translated from the

Swahili Language into the Tugulu Dia-
lect of the Makua Languages, as spoken
in the immediate vicinity of Mozambique;
together with comparative Vocabularies
of Five Dialects of the Makua Language.
Map. 12 [N.D., 1891?]

The Discovery of the Chinde Entrance

to the Zambesi River. (From the Fort-

nightly Review, December. ) 8* 1892

- The Zambesi Basin and Nyasaland.

Map and illustrations. 8 Edin., 1893

Ranking, J. Historical Researches on
the Conquest of Peru, Mexico, Bogota,
Natchez, and Talomeco, in the I3th
Century, by the Mongols, accompanied
with Elephants ; and the local agreement
of history and tradition with the remains
of Elephants and Mastodontes found in
the New World, &c. Maps aitd.plates.
8 1827

Ransome, J. Leslie. The Eruptive Rocks
of Point Bonita. Bulletin of the Depart-
ment of Geology of the University of
California, Vol. i, No. 3. Large 8*

Berkeley, Ca/., 1893

Ranuzzi, Annibale. Saggio di Geografia
Pura, owero Primi Studi sull' Anatomia
della Terra. 8* Bologna, 1840

Notizia sullo stato attuale degli Studi

Geografici in Italia. 12* Bologna, 1843

AnnuarioGeografico Italiano, 1844-45.

2 vols. 1 2 and 8 Bologna, 1844-45

Raper, Lieut. Henry. The Practice of
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. 2nd


The same.

The same.

The same.

The same.

The same.

5th edition.
6th edition,
loth edition.
1 2th edition.
I9th edition.



Supplement to the First Edition of the
Practice of Navigation. 8 1842

Maritime Positions, constituting Table
loof the Practice of Navigation. 8 1850

Rules for Finding Distances and
Heights at Sea. 8* 1831, 1859, and 1866

Tables of Logarithms to six places :

containing Logarithms of Numbers from
I to 10,000 ; and of Sines, Tangents,
and Secants for every half-minute ; with
proportional parts for Seconds. 8 1846



Raper, Lieut. Henry. See United King-
dom, A, Hydrogr. Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

Rapier R. C. Remunerative Railways for
New Countries ; with some Account of
the First Railway in China. Plates. 4


Rask, Rasmus. Singalesisk Skriftlaere.
8* Colombo, 1821

Vejledning til Akra-Sproget paa
Kysten Ginea, rnetl et Tiling om Akvam-
buisk. 12* Copenhagen, 1828

A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon
Tongue ; with a Praxis. . . . Translated
from the Danish by B. Thorpe. 8

Copenhagen, 1830
Raesonneret Lappisk Sproglsere, efter

den Sprogart, som Bruges af Fjceldlap-
perne i jx>rsangerfjorden i Finmarken ;
en Omarbejdelse af Prof. Knud Leems
Lappiske Grammatica. 12

Copenhagen, 1832

Rassam, Hormuzd. Narrative of the
British Mission to Theodore, .King of
Abyssinia ; with Notices of the Countries
traversed from Massowah, through the
Soodan, the Amhara, and back to
Annesley Bay, from Magdala. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1869

See Markham, C. R.

Rat, J. Numa. The Elements of the
Hausa Language, or a Short Introduc-
tory Grammar of the Language. 16*


Rath, G. vom. See Dechen ; Rein.

Rathbone, A. B. See Preedy.

Rathbun. Richard. See Hartt.

Ratte, A. Felix. See New South Wales,
A, Australian Museum Publications :
Appendix 2.

Ratti, C. G. Instruzione di quanto
puo' vedersi di piu' bello in Geneva. Map
and plates. 8 Genoa, 1780

"Rattlesnake," H.M.S. See Macgilli-
vray, John.

Rattray, Alex. Vancouver Island and
British Columbia : where they are, what
they are, and what they may become.
Maps ami plates. 8 1862

Ratzel, Dr Friedrich. Aus Mexico,
Reiseskizzen aus den Jahren 1874 und
1875. Map. 8 Breslau, 1878

Anthropo-Geographie oder Grundziige
cler Anwendung der Erdkunde auf die
Geschichte. 8 Stuttgart, 1882

The same. Zweiter Teil : Die geo-
graphische Verbreitung dcs Menschen.
Maps. 8 Stuttgart, 1891

Volkerkunde. 3 vols. Maps and
illustrations Leipzig, 1887-88

Vol. I. Die Naturvolker Afrikas.
Vol. 2. Die Naturvolker Ozeaniens,

Amerikas, und Asiens.
Vol. 3. Die Kulturvolker der Alien
und Neuen Welt,

Ratzel, Dr Friedrich. Die Vereinigten
Staaten von Amerika. I. Physikalische
Geographic und Naturcharacter. Maps.
8 Munich, 1878

Ditto. 2. Politische und Wirtschafts-

Geographie. Map. 8 Munich, 1893

See Ernin Pasha ; also Germany, C,

Forschungen zur Deutschen Landes, &c. ,
Vol. 4 : Appendix 2.

Raulin, V. Description Physique et Na-
turelle de 1'Ile de Crete. 2 vols. 8

Paris, 1869

Raumer, Karl von. Lehrbuch der allge-
meinen Geographic. 8 Leipzig, 1835

Palastina. Maps. 8 Leipzig, 1850

Life and System of J. H. Peslalozzi.

Translated by J. Tilleard. 8 1855

Rauwolf, Leonhart. See Ray : Ap-
pendix i.

Raven, T. E. See Quintus Curtius.

Ravenstein, Augustus. Die vierte Stadt-
Erweiterung. Map. 8*

Frankfurt-a-M., 1857

Ravenstein, E. G. Statistic View of the
Population, the Religions, and Languages
of Europe in 1855. Maps. 4* 1855

A Concise Account of Geographical

Discovery in Eastern Africa. Map. 8* 1860

The Russians on the Amur, its Dis-
covery, Conquest, and Colonisation.
Maps and plates. 8 1861

Geographic und Statistik des Britischen

Reichs. 8 Leipzig, 1863

Denominational Statistics of England

and Wales. 8* 1870

Reisehandbuch fiir London, England,

und Schottland. Maps and plates. 8
Hildburghansen, 1870

London, England, Schottland, und

Irland. Meyer's " Reisebiicher. " 3rded.
Maps and plates. 12 Leipzig, 1876

Census of the British Isles, 1871 :

The Birthplaces of the People and the
Laws of Migration. Maps. 12* 1876

Population of Russia and Turkey.

8* 1877

Cyprus, its Resources and Capabilities;

with Hints for Tourists. Maps. 12* 1878

Celtic Languages in the British Isles.

Maps. 8* 1879

Somal and Galla Land. 8* 1884

Bathyhypsographical Maps. Maps.

8* 1886

Livingstone and Lake Bangweola.

8* 1889

Geographical Co-ordinates in the

Valley of the Upper Nile. 8* 1889

The Laws of Migration. 2nd paper.

Maps. 8* 1889

Lake Regions of Central Africa. 8*

Rivers, Plains, and Mountains. 8* 1891

The Field of Geography. 8* 1891

Lands still available for European

Settlement. Maps. 8* 1891



Ravenstein, E. G. Report on Meteoro-
logical Observations in British East
Africa for 1893. Large 8* 1893

See Johnston ; Krapf, J. L. ; Reclus,
E. ; Stanford, E.

Raverty, Major H. G. Dictionary of the
Puk'hto, Pus'hto, or Language of the
Afghans. 4 1 860

Grammar of the Puk'hto, Pus'hto, or

Language of the Afghans ; in which the
Rules are illustrated by Examples . . .
together with Translations from the
Articles of War, &c. 4 1860

TheGulshan-I-Roh; being Selections,

Prose and Poetical, in the Pus'hto or
Afghan Language. 4 1860

The Gospel for the Afghans ; being a

Short Critical Examination of a Small
Portion of the New Testament in the
Pus'hto or Afghan Language, and a
Comparison between it and the Original
Greek from which it is said to have been
made. 8 1864

Muscovite Proceedings on the Afghan

Frontier. (From the United Service
Gazette."] Map. Small 4* 1885

Notes on Afghanistan and part of

Baluchistan, Geographical, Ethnogra-
phical, and Historical, extracted from the
Writings of little known Afghan and
Tajzik Historians, Geographers, and
Genealogists ; the Histories of the Ghuris,
the Turk Sovereigns of the Dilhi King-
dom, the Mughal Sovereigns of the
House of Timur, and other Muhamma-
dan Chronicles ; and from Personal Ob-
servations. Folio [1880-] 1888

The Mihran of Sind and its Tribu-
taries : a Geographical and Historical
Study. (Reprinted tram. Journal of the
Asiatic Society of Bengal.] 8* 1892

Ravinet, Theodore. Dictionnaire Hyclro-
graphique de la France, contenant la
Description des Rivieres et Canaux flot-
tables et navigables dependans du Do-
maine Public ; suivi de la Collection
complete des Tarifs des Droits de Navi-
gation. 2 vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1824

Rawley, William. See Verulam.

Rawlings, Thomas. The Confederation
of the British North American Provinces,
their Past History and Future Prospects,
including also British Columbia and
Hudson's Bay Territory. Plates. 8* 1865

What shall we do with the Hudson's

Bay Territory? Colonize the "Fertile
Belt," which contains Forty Millions of
Acres. 8* 1866

Rawlins, John. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 6 : Appendix I.

Rawlinson. George. The Five Great
Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern
World ; or, The History, Geography,
and Antiquities of Chaldoea, Assyria,
Babylon, Media, and Persia. 4th ed.
3 vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1879

Rawlinson, George. History of Phoenicia.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1 889

See Herodotus.

Rawlinson, Gen. Sir Henry C. Notes
on the Direct Overland Telegraph from
Constantinople to Kurrachi. Map. 8* 1861

- Outlines of Assyrian History, col-
lected from the Cuneiform Inscriptions ;
some Remarks by Layard. Report of
the Royal Asiatic Society, 1852. 8* 1852
England and Russia in the East : a

Series of Papers on the Political and
Geographical Condition of Central Asia,
and edition. Map. 8 1875

Biography, with portrait. (From

Leisure Hour, August 1877.) 8* 1877

See Herodotus.

Rawson, Sir Rawson W. Report on
the Bahamas for the year 1864. 8 1866

Report upon the Rainfall of Barbados,

and upon its Influence on the Sugar-
Crops, 1847-71 ; with two Supplements,
1873-74. 4 Barbados, 1874

Synopsis of the Tariff and Trade of

the British Empire. Tables. 8 1888

- Sequel to do. Tables. 8 1889

Analysis of the Maritime Trade of the

United Kingdom, 1889-91, with special
reference to Proposals for the Establish-
ment of a British Zollverein. 8* 1892

Ray, John. Collection of Curious Travels
and Voyages. 2 vols. 8 1738

[For Contents, see Appendix i. ; also
Harris, Vol. 2, in same Appendix.]

Ray, P. H. See United States, K, Alaska :
Appendix 2.

Ray, R. C. See United States, E, a,
Navigation : Appendix 2.

Raymond, Captain G. See Astley, Vol.
I ; Kerr, Vol. 8: Appendix i.

Raymond, Walter. Saldanha Bay Har-
bour, its Special Capabilities for Colonisa-
tion. Map. 8* 1867

Raynal, F. E. Les Naufrages, ou Vingt
Mois sur un Recif des iles Auckland.
Map and plates. Large 8 Paris, 1870

Raynal, Guillaume Thomas. Histoire
Philosophique et Politique des Etablis-
semens et du Commerce des Europeens
dans les deux Indes. IO vols. Plates
and tables. 8 Geneva, 1781

A Philosophical and Political History

of the Settlements and Trade of the
Europeans in the East and West Indies
. . . Newly translated from the French,
by J. O. Justamond. 8 vols. Maps.
8 1788

Razoumowsky, Comte Gregoire de.
CEuvres : contenant Voyage Mineral-
ogique et Physique de Bruxelles a
Lausanne, Luxembourg, Lorraine, Cham-
pagne, Franche-Comte, Aigle, &c. Map.
8 Lausanne, 1784

- Voyages Mineralogiques dans le
Gouvernement d'Aigle, et une partie du
Vallais. Map. 8 Lausanne, 1784



Read, John Meredith. A Historical In-
quiry concerning Henry Hudson, his
friends, relatives, and early life, in con-
nection with the Muscovy Company and
discovery of Delaware Bay. 8

Albany, N. V., 1866

Read, W. T. Navigation and Nautical
Astronomy, with special table, diagram,
and rules adapted for navigating iron
ships. 8 1869

Reade, E. A. Memorandum upon the
Improvement of the Navigation of the
Ganges between Allahabad and Revel-
gunge. [From the Indian Records, N.
W. Provinces, Vol. 2.] Plates. Large
8 Agra, 1855

Reade, Winwood. The Martyrdom of
Man. Small 8 1872

The African Sketch-Book. 2 vols.

Maps and plates. Small 8 1873

The Story of the Ashantee Campaign.
Small 8 1874

See Rohlfs ; Schweinfurth.

Reade, T. Mellard. The Origin of Moun-
tain Ranges considered experimentally,
structurally, dynamically, and in relation
to their Geological History. Plates. 8


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Reclus, Elisee continued.

Vol. i. L'Europe Meridionale (Grece,

Turquie, Roumanie, Serbie, Italic,

Espagne, et Portugal) 1876

Vol. 2. - La France 1877

Vol. 3. L'Europe Centrale (Suisse,

Austro-Hongrie, Allemagne) 1878

Vol. 4. L'Europe du A Nord - Quest

(Belgique, Hollande, lies Britaniques)


Vol. 5. L'Europe Scandinave et Russe


Vol. 6. -L'Asie Russe 1881

Vol. 7. L'Asie Orientale 1882

Vol. 8. L'Inde et 1'Indo-Chine 1883
Vol. 9. L'Asie Anterieure 1884

Vol. 10. L'Afrique Septentrionale.:
Premiere , partie, Bassin du Nil,

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