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Soudan Egyptien, Ethiopie, Nubie,
Egypte 1885

Vol. ii. L'Afrique Septentrionale:
Deuxieme partie, Tripolitaine, Tunisie,
Algerie, Maroc, Sahara 1886

Vol. 12. L'Afrique Occidentale. Archi-
pels Atlantiques, Senegambie, et
Soudan Occidental 1887

Vol. 13. L'Afrique Meridionale. lies
de 1'Atlantique Austral, Gabonie,
Congo, Angola, Cap, Zambeze, Zanzi-
bar, Cote de Somal 1888
Vol. 14. Ocean et Terres Oceaniques.
lies de 1'Oc^an Indien, Insulinde,
Philippines. Micronesie, Nouvelle-
Guinee, Melanesie, Nouvelle - Cale-
donie, Australie, Polynesie 1889
Vol. 15. Amerique Boreale, Greenland,
Archipel Polaire, Alaska, Puissance
du Canada, Terre-Neuve 1890
Vol. 16. Les Etats-Unis 1892
Vol. 17. Indes Occidentales : Mexique,
Isthmes Americains, Antilles 1891
Vol. 18. Amerique du Sud : Les Regions
Andiries, Trinidad, Venezuela, Colom-
bie, Ecuador, Perou, Bolivie, et Chili


Vol. 19. Amerique du Sud : L'Ama-
zonie et La Plata, Guyanes, Bresil,
Paraguay, Uruguay, Republique Argen-
tine 1894
The Earth and its Inhabitants. The

Universal Geography, edited by E. G.

Ravenstein and A. H. Keane. Vols.

1-14. Maps and ilhistrations. Large

8 N.I).

Vol. I. Southern Europe (Greece,
Turkey in Europe, Roumania, Servia,
Italy, Spain, and Portugal).

Vol. 2. France and Switzerland.

Vol. 3. Austria - Hungary, Germany,
Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Vol. 4. The British Isles.

Vol. 5. The North - East Atlantic,
Islands of the North Atlantic, Scan-
dinavia, European Islands of the
Arctic Ocean, Russia in Europe.



Reclus, Elisee. The Earth and its In-
habitants continued.

Vol. 6. Asiatic Russia.

Vol. 7. East Asia.

Vol. 8. India and Indo-Ohina.

Vol. 9. South- Western Asia.

Vol. 10. North-East Africa.

Vol. II. North-West Africa.

Vol. 12. -West Africa.

Vol. 13. South and East Africa.

Vol. 14. Australasia.
Voyage a la Sierra-Nevada de Sainte-

Marthe. Paysages de la Nature tropi-

cale. Seconde edition. Map. and

illustrations. 12 Paris, 1881

East and West. Large 8* N. D.

and F. J. Vergara. Colombia.

Traducida y anotada con autorizacion
del autor por F. J. Vergara y Velasco.
8 Bogota, 1893

See Metchnikoff.

Recupero, G. Discorso storico sopra
1'acque vomitate da Mongibello e suoi
ultimi fuochavvenuti nel mese di Marzo
del corrento anno MDCCLV. 8*

Catania, 1755

Reden, Freiherr Fr. von. Das Konig-
reich Hannover statistisch beschrjeben,
zunachst in Beziehung auf Landwirth-
schaft, Gewerbe und Handel. 2 vols.
8 Hanover, 1839

Redfern, Dr Peter. See Lank,ester,

Redfield. William C. On the Courses of
Hurricanes, with Notices of the Tyfoons
of the China Sea and other Storms. 8*
New York, 1838

Letter to the Secretary of the

Treasury on the History and Causes of
Steamboat Explosions, and the Means of
Prevention. 8* New York, 1839

- Whirlwinds excited by fire, with
further Notices of the Tyfoons of the
China Sea. 8* 1839

Remarks relating to the Tornado

which visited New Brunswick (in New
Jersey), June 19, 1835. Map. 8*

New York, 1841

- Replies to Dr Here's Objections to
the Whirlwind Theory of Storms ; with
some evidence of the Whirling Action of
the Providence Tornado of Aug. 1838.
8* New York, 1842

On Three several Hurricanes of the
Atlantic, and their relations to the
Northers of Mexico and Central America,
with Notices of other Storms. Maps.
8* New Haven, Conn., 1846

Cape Verde and Hatteras Hurricane,
of Aug. -Sept. 1853, with a Hurricane
Chart, and notices of various Storms in
the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, North
of the Equator. 8*

New Haven, Conn., 1854

Redfield, William C. Observations in
relation to the Cyclones of the Western
Pacific. Map. 4* Washington, 1857

Cursory Remarks and Suggestions on

various topics irr Meteorology. By an
Amateur Observer. 8* N.P., N.D.

On the Gales and Hurricanes of the

Western Atlantic. Map, 8* N.r.,N.o.

Redhouse, J. W. On the significations of
the term "The Turks." 8* 1878

See General, Dictionaries, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Redman, J. B. Thames Tides. (Cuttings
from Engineering.) 4* 1878

Redway, Jacques W. Climate and the
Gulf Stream. (Reprinted from The
Forum for October.) Large 8* 1890
- The Influence of Rainfall on Com-
mercial Development : a Study of the
Arid Region. (Reprinted from the
Proceedings of the Engineers' Club of
Philadelphia, October.) 8* 1892

Text- Books of Geography. (From

the Educational Review for February.)
8* New York, 1893

Reed, A. See Gutzlaff.

Reed, Sir E. J. Japan, its History,
Traditions, and- Religions ; with the
Narrative of a Visit in 1879. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1880

Reed, Lieut. H. A. Photography applied

to Surveying. 2nd edition. Plates. 4

New York, 1889

Reed, J. See Burney, Vol. 4: Appendix I.

Reed, J. W, and J. W. King. See
United Kingdom, A., Hydrogr. Off.
Publ. : Appendix 2.

Reehorst, K. P. (tertius). New^ Dic-
tionary of Technical Terms, &c. 8 1841

Reenen, Jacob van. A Journal of a
Journey from the Cape of Good Hope,
undertaken in 1790 and 1791, in search
of the Wreck o^ the Hon. E.I.C. ship
the "Grosvenor," with additional Notes
by Capt. Edw. Riou. Map. 4* 1792

Rees, J. D. Notes of a Journey from
Kasveen to Hamadan, across the Kara-
ghan Country. Map. 8* Madras, 1885
Seventh Tour of Lord Connemara.
Malabar, South Canara, Goa, Bellary,
Cuddapah, North Arcot, and Nellore.
Map. Folio* [Madras, 1888]

Tenth Tour. Calcutta, Darjeeling,

Allahabad, Simla, Quetta, Kurrachee,
and Bombay. Map. Folio* [1889]

Eleventh Tour. Coconada, Raja-

mundry, Ellore, Bezwada, Singareni,
and Hyderabad. Map. Folio* [1890]

Visit to the Eurasian Settlements

of Whitefield and Sansmond by Lord
Connemara, Governor of Madras. Map.
Folio* [1890]

A Fortnight in Finland. (From the

National Review, October 1 893.) 8* 1893



Rees, L. E. Runtz. Personal Narrative of
the Siege of Lucknow, from its Com-
mencement to its Relief by Sir Colin
Campbell. Map and portrait. 8 1858

Rees, O. van. Overzight van cle Geschie-

denis der Preanger- Regentschappen. 8

Batavia, 1877

Rees, P. van. Quelques Erreurs de MM.
Maurice d'Argout et La Place relevees
et refutees. 8 Utrecht, 1843

Reeve, Edward. See St Julian.

Reeve, L. See Jephson, J. M.

Reeves, A. M. The Finding of Wineland
the Good : the History of the Icelandic
Discovery of America. Edited and
Translated from the Earliest Records.
Plates. 4 1890

Regamy, F. See Guimet.

Regel, Dr Fritz. Die Entwickelung der
Ortschaften im Thiiringerwald. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 76 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen.) Map. 8 Got ha, 1884

Regis, Jean Baptiste. See Astley, Vol.
4 : Appendix i.

Regnard, P. Sur un dispositif destine a
eclairer les eaux profondes. [Bound with
the Prince of Monaco's " Sur 1'emploi de
nasses," &c. , &c.] Illustration. 4*

Paris, 1888

Regnard, . Vol. 4 of his works. 12
Paris, 1818

See Pinkerton, Vol. i ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Reichardt, C. A. L. Grammar of the
Fulde Language ; with an Appendix of
some Original Traditions and portions of
Scripture translated into Fulde ; together
with Eight' Chapters of the Book of
Genesis translated by the late Dr Baikie.
8 1876

Reichardt, H. W. See "Novara."

Reichenbach, O. On Some Properties of
the Earth. Plate. 8 1880

On Some of the Remarkable Features

in the Evolution of the Earth. 8* 1884

Colonel Clark's Determination of the
Eccentricity of the Equator. Letter to
Dr A , March 1887. 8* 1887

Law in the Face of the Earth. 8*


Supplements to " On Some Properties
of the Ea,rth." 8* N.I'., N.D.

Reid, Surg. -Lieut. -Col. A. S. Chin-
Lushai Land : including a description
of the various Expeditions in the Chin-
Lushai Hills, and the final annexation
of the country. Maps and illiisti ations.
8 Calcutta, 1893

Reid, G. H. An Essay on New South
Wales, the Mother-Colony of the Aus-
tralias. Map. 8 Sydney, 1876

Five Free Trade Essays. 8

Melbourne, 1877

Reid, Lieut. -Col. W. An Attempt to
Develop the Law of Storms by means of
Facts arranged according to Place and
Time, and hence to point out a Cause
for the Variable Winds, with the view to
Practical Use in Navigation. Charts and
woodcuts. 8 1838

The Progress of the Development of

the Law of Storms and of the Variable
Winds, with the Practical Application of
the subject to Navigation. Maps and
woodcuts. 8 1849

See United Kingdom, B, Meteoro-

logical Office Publications : Appendix 2.

Reiff, C. P. See General, Dictionaries,
A : Appendix 2.

Reille, G. See Horsburgh, J.

Rein, Prof. Dr J. J. Gerhard vom Rath,
Ein kurzes Lebensbild. (Aus der
Sitzung der Niederrheinischen Gesell-
schaft fur Natur und Heilkunde zu Bonn,
am 7 Mai 1 888.) 8* 1888

Der Nakasendo in Japan. (Erganz-

ungsheft, 38 Petermann's Mittheilun-
gen.) Maps. 4 Goth a, 1880

Japan : Travels and Researches under-
taken at the Cost of the Prussian Govern-
ment. Translated from the German.
Maps, photographs, and illustrations.
Large 8 1884

Japan, nach Reisen und Studien im

Auftrage der koniglich preussischen
Regierung dargestellt. Zweiter Band,
Land und Forstwirthschaft, Industrie
und Handel. Maps and plates

Leipzig, 1886

The Industries of Japan, together

with an Account of its Agriculture,
Forestry, Arts, and Commerce. From
Travels and Excursions undertaken at
the Cost of the Prussian Government.
Maps and illustrations. Large 8 1889

Columbus und seine vier Reisen nach

dem Westen. Natur und hervorragende
Erzeugnisse Spaniens. Illustrations and
maps. 8 Leipzig, 1892

See Kirchhoff.

Reinach, Solomon. See Tissot.

Reinaud, J. T. Relation des Voyages

fails par les Arabes et les Persans dans

1'Inde et a la Chine dans le IXe Siecle.

2 vols. 24 1845

- Memoire Geographique, Historique,

et Scientifique sur 1'Inde anterieurement

an milieu du XI C Siecle

d'apres les Ecrivains Arabes, Persans,
et Chinois. Map. 4 Paris, 1849

Papport sur le Tableau des Dialectes
de 1'Algerie et des Contrees voisines, de
M. Geslin. 8* Paris, 1856

Question Scientifique et Personelle,

an sujet des dernieres Decouvertes sur la
Geographic et 1'Histoire de 1'Inde. 8*
Paris, 1859



Reinaud, J. T. Memoire sur le Com-
mencement et la Fin clu Royaume cle la
Mesene, et de la Kharacene, et sur
I'Epoque de la Redaction du Periple de
la Mer Erythree, d'apres les temoignages
Grecs, Latins, Arabes, Persans, Indiens,
et Chinois. 8 Paris, 1861

Another edition. 4* Paris, 1864

Relations Politiques et Commerciales

de 1'Empire Remain avec 1'Asie Orient-
ale (1'IIyrcanie, 1'Inde, la Bactriane, et la
Chine) pendant les cinq premiers Siecles
de 1'Ere Chretienne, d'apres les temoign-
ages, Latins, Grecs, Aral>es, Persans,
Indiens, et Chinois. Maps. 8

Paris, 1863

See AlKwlfeda.

Reinbeck, G. See Phillips, Collection of
Modern and Contemporary Voyages and
Travels [i], Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Reineggs, Dr J. Allgemeine historisch-
topographische Beschreibunjj des Kau-
kasus. Herausgegeben von Friedrich
Enoch Schroder. Plates. Small 8

Got ha, 1776

and Marshal Bieberstein. General,

Historical, and Topographical Descrip-
tion of Mount Caucasus ; with a Catalogue
of Plants indigenous to the Country.
Translated by C. Wilkinson. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1807

Reineke, M. Description Hydrographique
des Cotes Septentrionales de la Russie,
Cote de la Laponie et Mer Blanche.
Traduction du Russe par H. de la
Planche. 2 parts. 8 Paris, 1860-62

Reiner, Ignatius. Sailing Directions for,
and Remarks on, the Tides and Currents
of the Strait of Gibraltar. 8 1826

Reinthal, Capt. See Michell.

Reinwardt, Caspar George Carl. Reis
naar het Oostelijk Gedeelte van den
Indischen Archipel, in 1821. Uit zijne
nagelaten Aanteekeningen Opgesteld,
met een Levensberigt en Bijlagen ver-
meerderd, door W. H. de Vriese. Plates.
Royal 8 Amsterdam, 1858

Waarnemingen aangaande de gestel-
heid van den Grond van het Eiland
Arulja, en het goud Aldaar Gevonden.
Map. 4* N.P., N.D.

See Veth.

Reiss, W. Tenerife geologisch-topo-
graphisch dargestellt. See Fritsch, K.
von, and others.

and A. Stiibel. Alturas principales
tomadas en la Republica del Ecuador, en
los anos de 1870 y 1871. 4

Quito, 1871

Alturas tomadas en la Republica de
Colombia, en los anos de 1868 y 1869.
4 Quito, 1872

Peruvian Antiquities. The Necropolis

of Ancon in Peru. [Part I.] A series of
Illustrations of the Civilisation and In-

Reiss, W., and A. Stiibel continued.
dustry of the Empire of the Incas, being
the results of Excavations made on the
spot. Plates. Folio 1891

Reisen in Sud - Amerika. Geo-

logische Studien in der Republik Colom-
bia. III. Astronomische Ortsbestimmun-
gen bearbeitet von Bruno Peter. 4

Berlin, 1893

Reiter, Dr Hanns. Die Siidpolarfrage

und ihre Bedeutung fur die genetische

Gliederung der Erdol>erflache. Map. 4*

Weimar, 1886

Relandus, Hadrianus. Iladriani Relandi
Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illus-
trata. 2 vols. Maps. 4 Utrecht, 1714

Remele, P. See Rohlfs.

Remington, A. Statement relative to the

Names of the Towns and Villages in the

Province of the Rewa Kanta. [From

the India Records, No. 33.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1856

Remen, Capt. T. Report on Bassadore,
situated on the North-Western Side of
the Island of Kishm, in the Persian Gulf,
with a Plan of the Roads by Midshipman
H. H. Hewett. [From the India Records,
No. 24.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

See Grubb.

Remondino, P. C. The Mediterranean
Shores of America. Southern California,
its Climatic, Physical, and Meteorologi-
cal Conditions. Maps and illustrations.
Large 8 Philaiielphia, 1892

Remusat, J. P. Abel. Recherches sur
les Langues Tartares, ou Memoires sur
differens points de la Grammaire et cle la
Litterature des Mandchous, des Mongols,
des Ouigours et des Tibetains. Vol. I.
4 Paris, 1820

Nouveaux Melanges Asiatiques, ou

Retueil de Morceaux de Critiques et de
Memoires relatifs aux Religions, aux
Sciences, aux Coutumes, a 1'Histoire et
a la Geographic des Nations Orientales.
2 vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1829

See Fa Hian ; Pauthier.

Remy, Jules. Ka Mooolelo Hawaii : Ilis-
toire de 1'Archipel Havaiien (lies Sand-
wich). Texte et Traduction, precedes
d'une Introduction sur 1'etat physique,
moral et politique du pays. 8

Paris, 1862

Ascension de MM. Brenchley et Remy
au_ Maunaloa, Polynesie. Extrait du
Journal de M. Jules Remy. 8*

Chalons-sur-Marnc, 1892

and Julius Brenchley. Journey to
Great-Salt-Lake City ; with a Sketch of
the History, Religion, and Customs of
the Mormons, and an Introduction on the
Religious Movement in the United States.
2 vols. Map and plates. Royal 8 1861



Renaud, G. L'Afrique centrale d'apres
Cameron. Map. 4* Paris, 1876

Renaud, J. Les Ports clu Tonkin. 8*

Paris, 1886

La Question des Ports du Tonkin,

Ha'i- Phong, Quang-yen, Honegac. Map.
8* Paris, 1887

Renaudot, Eusebius. Ancient Accounts
of India and China, by two Mahom-
medan Travellers, who went to those
parts in the gth century ; translated from
the Arabic, by ... E. Renaudot, with
Notes, Illustrations, &c. 8 1733

See Harris, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Rencke, Karl Chr. Breslau : ein Weg-

weiser fiir Frenide und Einheimische.
Map. 12 Breslau, 1808

Renefort, Souchu de. Relation du premier
Voyage de la Compagnie des Indes
Orientales en 1'Isle de Madagascar ou
Dauphine. 1 6 Paris, 1668

See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 8 :

Appendix I.

Rengger, J. R. Reise nach Paraguay in
den Jahren 1818 bis 1826. Aus des
Verfassers handschriftlichem Nachlasse,
herausgegeben von A. Rengger. Map
and plates. 8 Aarau, 1835

and Longchamps. The Reign of

Dr Joseph G. R. de Francia in Paraguay,
being an Account of a Six Years' Resi-
dence in that Republic, from July 1819
to May 1825. 8 1827

Reniger, R. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Rennell, Major James. Roads in Bengal
and Bahar. Map. 12 1778

Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan, or

the Mogul's Empire ; with an Examina-
tion of some Positions in the former
System of Indian Geography, and some
Illustrations of the present one ; with a
complete Index of Names to the Map.
2nd edition. Maps. 4 1785

The same ; with an Introduction

illustrative of the Geography and Present
Division of that Country. . . isted. 1788

The same. 3rd edition. '793

Memoir of a Map of the Peninsula of
India . . . ; with ... an Account of
the Site and Remains of the Ancient
City of Beejanaggur. 4 1793

Illustrations (chiefly Geographical) of
the history of the expedition of Cyrus
from Sardis to Babylonia, and the retreat
of the ten thousand Greeks from thence
to Trebisonde and Lydia ; with an Ap-
pendix containing an inquiry into the
Ixist method of improving the Geography
of the Analmsis, &c., explained by three
maps. Map. 4 1816

- The Geographical System of Hero-
dotus Examined and Explained, by a
comparison with those of other Ancient
Authors and with Modern Geography.
... 2 vols. Portrait and maps. 8 1830

Rennell, Major James. Treatise on the
Comparative Geography of Western Asia.
2 vols. 8, and Atlas large folio 1831

An investigation of the Currents of the

Atlantic Ocean, and of those which pre-
vail between the Indian Ocean and the
Atlantic. Map and charts. 8 1832
See Hornemann, F. ; Park, Mungo ;

Yule, H. ; also Phillips, New Voyages
and Travels [3], Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Renneville, R. A. C. de. Recueil des
Voyages qui ont servi a PEstablissement
et aux Progrez de la Compagnie des
Indes Orientales, &c. 10 vols. Plates.
12 Rouen, 1725

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

Rennie, Dr D. F. Peking and the
Pekingese during the first year of the
British Embassy at Peking. 2 vols.
Plates. Small 8 1865

Bhotan and the Story of the Dooar

War, including Sketches of Three
Months' Residence in the Himalayas,
and Narrative of a Visit to Bhotan in
May 1865. Map and plates. 8 1866

Rennie, George. On the Quantity of Heat
developed by Water when rapidly agi-
tated ; with a Continuation of Experiments
to determine the Resistances of Screw-
propellers when revolving in Water at
different Depths and Velocities. Plate.
8* 1857

Rennie, G. B. Suggestions for the Im-
provement of the River Danube, between
Isatcha and the Sulina entrance. Plans.
8* 1856

Rennie, Sir John. An Account of the
Drainage of the Level of Ancholme,
Lincolnshire. Map. 8* 1845

An Historical, Practical, and Theo-
retical Account of the Breakwater in
Plymouth Sound. Portrait and plates.
Large folio 1848

Repetti, Emanuele. Dizionario Geo-
grafico, Fisico, Storico della Toscana ;
contenente la Descrizione di tutti i
Luoghi del Granducato, Ducato di Lucca,
Garfagnana e Lunigiana ; con Supple-
mento. 6 vols. [Vols. 2 and 3 imperfect.]
Maps and tables. 8 Florence, 1833-45

Reresby, Sir John. The Travels and
Memoirs of Sir John Reresby ; the former
(now first published) exhibiting a View of
the Governments and Society in the
principal States of Europe during the
time of Cromwell's usurpation ; contain-
ing a multiplicity of facts not generally
known, with Anecdotes and Secret
History of the Courts of Charles II. and
James II. 3rd edition. 8 1831

" Research." Auriferous Drifts in Austral-
asia, or the Cause and its Continuity of
the great Geological Convulsions, and
the Theory of the Origin and Position of
Auriferous Drifts. By " Research. " 8*
Melbourne, 1868



Restrepo, V. Estudio sobre las Minas de
Oro y Plata de Colombia. 2nd edition.
8 Bogota, 1888

Le Miniere d'Oro e d'Argento deJlo
Republica di Colombia. 8*

Rome, 1890

Rethore, J. J. See Pena and Roustan.
Retzius, G. Finska Kranier jamte nagra
Natur- och Literatur-Studier inom andra
omraden af Finsk Antropologi. Plates.
Folio Stockholm, 1878

Reuilly, J. Voyage en Crimee et sur les
bords de la Mer Noire, pendant 1'annee
1803 ; suivi d'un Memoire sur le Com-
merce de cette Mer, &c. Maps and
plates. 8 Paris, 1806

See Phillips, Collection of Modern
and Contemporary Voyages and Travels
[l], Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Reunert, Theodore. Diamonds and Gold
in South Africa. Maps and illustrations.
8 1893

Reusch, Dr Hans. Kortfattet Geografi.
Maps and illustrations. 8*

Christiania, 1886

Bommeloen og Karmoen med om-

givelser. [An English Summary of the
Contents.] Udgivet af den geologiske
undersdgelse. Maps and illustrations.
4 Christiania, 1888

Reuss, A. E. See "Novara."

Renter, E. De 1'Industrie Agricole dans
la Province de Luxemlxmrg, et renseigne-
ments divers sur le Grand - Duche de
Luxembourg. 8 Luxemburg, 1875

Projet de Creation d'une Colonie
Agricole Beige dans 1'Afrique Centrale,
ou Manuel du Colon Beige. 12*

Brussels, 1877

Colonies Nationales dans 1'Afrique

Centrale sous la Protection de Postes
Militaires. 8* Brussels, 1878

Revett, Nicholas. See Stuart, J.

Revoil, Georges. Voyages au Cap des
Aromates (Afrique Orientale). Map and
plates. Small 8 Paris, 1880

Faune et Flore des Pays Somalis

(Afrique Orientale). Plate. 8

Paris, 1882

La Vallee du Darror : Voyage aux

Pays Somalis (Afrique Orientale). Maps
and illustrations. Large 8 Paris, 1882

Revy, J. J. Hydraulics of Great Rivers :
The Parana, the Uruguay, and the La
Plata Estuary. Chart and plates. Large

4 , 1874

Rey, . Le Guide des Etrangers a Vienne

(Isere). [Bound with Histoire des An-

tiquites de Nismes. ] Plate. 8

Lyons, 1819
Rey, Capt. See Phillips, New Voyages

and Travels [3], Vol. 4 : Appendix I.
Rey, Dr H. Le Tonkin. 8 Paris, 1888
Rey, W. Les Grisonset la Haute Engadine.

8 Geneva, 1850

Reyer, Dr E. Allgemeine Geschichte des
Zinnes. 8* Vienna, 1880

Zinn : eine geologisch-montanistisch

historische Monografie. 8* Berlin, 1881

Bewegungen in losen Massen. Large

8* [*%//] 1 88 1

Studien liber das Karst-Relief. Map.
8* Vienna, 1881

Geologic des Zinnes. 8* Vienna, 1881
Aus Toskana : geologisch-technische

und kultur-historische Studien. Plates.
8 Vienna, 1884

Kupfer in den Vereinigten Staaten.

4* Vienna, 1 886

Die Eisenindustrie der Vereinigten
Staaten. 4* 1887

Theoretische Geologic. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Stuttgart, 1888

Zwei Profile durch die Sierra Nevada.

Profiles. 8* N.D.

Geologische und geographische Ex-

perimente. 2. Heft. Vu-lkanische und
Massen-Eruptionen. Plates. 8*

Leipzig, 1892

Ursachen der Deformationen und der

Gebirgsbildung. Plates. 8* Leipzig, 1892

Colonisation tropischer Lander ;

Ueberwindung der Sanitaren Hinder-
nisse. 8* Vienna, N.D.

Reyes, Rafael. Apuntamientos Estadis-
ticos sobre la Republica del Salvador.
8* San Salvador, 1888

Reynolds, J. N. Voyage of the U.S.
Frigate " Potomac," under the command
of Comm. John Downes, during the Cir-
cumnavigation of the Globe, 1831-34 ;
including a Particular Account of the
Engagement at Quallah-Battoo, on the
Coast of Sumatra, with all the Official
Documents relating to the same. Plates.
8 New York, 1835

Address on the Subject of a Surveying

and Exploring Expedition to the Pacific
Ocean and South Seas ; with Correspond-
ence and Documents. 8 New York, 1836

Reynolds, T. C- See Peralta.

Reynolds, W. H. See Cayley, H.

Rhedi, Signer. See Lucca, G. di.

Rhodes, A. Jerusalem as it is. Plates.
Small 8 1865

Rhodes, Alessandro de. Relazione de'
felici success! della Santa Fede Predicata
da' Padri della Com p. di Giesu nel Regno
di Tunchino. 8 Milan, 1651

Voyages et Missions du Pere A. de

Rhodes, S.J. , en la Chine et autres
Royaumes de 1'Orient, avec son retour
en Europe par la Perse et 1'Armeme.
Nouvelle edition, conforme a la premiere
de 1653 ; Annotee par le Pere H.
Gourdin, de la meme Compagnie, et
ornee d'une carte de tous les Voyages
de 1'auteur. 8 1884

See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 10 :

Appendix I.



Rhodes, Major Godfrey. Tents and Tent-
Life, from the Earliest Ages to the
Present Time ; to which is added the
Practice of Encamping an Army in
Ancient and Modern Times ; with a
Supplement. Plates. 8 1859

Rhodes, Thomas. Rhodes' Steamship
Guide and Holidays Afloat : a Com-
plete Handbook of Coasting Trips and
Ocean Voyages. Map and portrait. 12


Rialle, Girard de. Memoire sur 1'Asie
Centrale, son Histoire et ses Populations.
8* Paris, 1874

Ribary, F. See Bonaparte, Prince L. L.

Ribault, Capt. J. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ.,Vol. 7> Hakluyt's Voyages, Vol.
3 ; Gottfried ; Ternaux-Compan, Vol.
20 : Appendix I.

Ribeiro, C. Estudos Prehistoricos em
Portugal : Noticia de. Algumas Esta9oes
e Monumentos Prehistoricos. Map and
plates. 4 Lisbon, 1878-80

Des Formations Tertiaires du Portugal.
8* Paris, 1880

Ribeiro. See Ribeyro.

Ribeiro, J. S. Historia dos Estaljeleci-
mentosScientificos, Litterarios e Artisticos

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