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de Portugal, nos successivos Reinados da
Monarchia, Vols. 1-18. 8

Lisbon, 1871-93

Ribeiro, M. F. Relatorio acerca do
Service de Saude Publica na Provincia
de S. Thome e Principe no anno de
1869. 8 Lisbon, 1871

A Provincia de S. Thome e Principe
suas Dependencias. Plates. 8

Lisbon, 1877

As Conferencias e o Itinerario do
Viajante Serpa Pinto atravez das terras
da Africa Austral nos Limites das Pro-
vincias de Angola e Moambique Bie a
Shoshong ; Junho a Dezembro de 1878.
Estudo Critico e Documentado. Maps.
8 Lisbon, 1879

A Colonisa9ao Luso - Africana zona
Occidental. Diagrams. 8

Lisbon, 1884

Ribeyro, Capt. Joas. Histoire de 1'Isle
de Ceylan. Traduite du Portugais, par
Monsr. 1'Abbe Le Grand. Maps and
plates* 12 Amsterdam, 1701

See Coleccao de Noticias, Vol. 5 :

Appendix I.

Riccardi, G. Ricerche Istoriche e Fisiche

sulla Caduta delle Marmore. Maps. 8

Koine, 1825

Ricci, J. H. de. Fiji : Our New Pro-
vince in the South Seas. Maps. Small

8 1875
British Trade and English Ports.

Maps. 8* 1889

Ricci, R. H. de. Rambles in Istria,

Dalmatia, and Montenegro. 8 1875

Ricciolio, Giovanni Battista. Geo-
graphic et Hydrographire Reformatoe,
nuper recognitse, et auctse, libri duo-
decim. Folio Venice, 1672

Riccius, Matthieu. Histoire de 1'Expedi-
tion Chretienne an Royaume de la Chine
entreprinse par les PP. de la Compagnie
de Jesus . . . Tiree des Commentaires du
P. Matthieu Riccius par le P. Nicolas
Trigault . . .Traduicte par le Sr. D. F.
de Riquebourg-Trigault. 12 Lyons, 1616

Rice, Lewis. Mysore and Coorg. A
Gazetteer compiled for the Government
of India. Vols. 1-3. Maps. 8

Bangalore, 1876-78

Rice, W. Notes on the Geography of
Europe, Physical and Political, intended
to Serve as a Text- Book for the use of
Elementary Classes, and as a I land-Book
to the Wall-Map. 12* 1877

Rich, C. J. Memoir on the Ruins of
Babylon. 3rd edition. Plates. 8 1818

Narrative of a Residence in Koordis-

tan, and on the Sites of Ancient Nineveh ;
with Journal of a Voyage down the
Tigris to Bagdad, and an account of a
Visit to Shirauz and Persepolis. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1836

Richard, . Guide du Voyageur en
Italic. 8 Paris, 1833

Richard, Achille. Tentamen Florae Abys-
sinicse, &c. 2 vols. [1845]. See Abys-
sinia, Voyage en Abyssinie, &c., Part 3 :
Appendix 2.

Richard, L. Ilinu Sarfu dan Nahu deri
Bhasajawi, Atau Malayu. Cours Theo-
rique et Pratique de la Langue Commer-
ciale de 1'Archipel d'Asie dite Malaise,
&c. 8 Bordeaux, 1872

- Kitab Pada Meniata - Kan Bhasa
Jawi, Atau Malayu. Dictionnaire de
la Laqgue Commerciale de 1'Archipel
d'Asie \[dite Malaise], telle qu'elle se
parle a Strtnatra, Singapour, Borneo, les
Celelies, les cotes de Chine, du Cam-
bodge [Saigon], de Siam, de Java, &c.
8 Bordeaux, 1873

Richard the First. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 :
Appendix i.

Richarderie, G. B. de la. See De la

Richards, Admiral Sir G. H. Vancouver
Island Pilot : Sailing Directions for the
Coasts of Vancouver Island and British
Columbia, from the entrance of Juan de
Fuca Strait to Burrard Inlet and Naniamo
Harlxnir. 8 1861

A Memoir of the Hydrographical De-
partment of the Admiralty. Folio* 1868

- The Arctic Expedition of 1875-76: a
Reply to its Critics. 8* 1877

Memorandum to the Royal Society

[on the subject of Antarctic Expedition].
[I sheet. ,] 4* 1887



Richards, Admiral Sir G. H. Report
on the Present State of the Navigation of
the River Mersey (1888). Plan and
chart. 8* 1889

The same (1889). Maps. 8* 1890

The same ( 1 890). Map and appendix.

Large 8.* 1891

The same (1891). Map and appendix.

8* 1892
The same (1892). Map and appendix.

8* 1893

The same (1893), with Appendix.

8* 1893

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.

Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

and General Sir Andrew Clarke.

Report on the Maritime Canal connect-
ing the Mediterranean at Port Said with
the Red Sea at Suez. Maps ami plans.
Folio* 1870

and F. J. Evans. New Zealand

Pilot. 8 1859

Richards, John. China : Harbours of
Kok-si-Kon and Takau-Kon, at the
South- West End of Tai-Wan or Formoza.
8* 1855

China Pilot. Appendix 13, 14, 16,

17, 18. Gulf of Siam, La Perouse Strait,
Gulf of Tartary, Kuril Islands, and Sea
of Okhotsk, Yang-tse-Kiang, East Coast.
8 1856-57

China Pilot. Appendix No. I. Gulf

of Siam. (From the Surveys made in
H.M.S. "Saracen," between the years
1856-58.) 8 1858

The Jersey Island Pilot, comprising

the Coast of Jersey and Outlying Reefs ;
with Directions for the Violet and other
Channels and Passages into the Bays and
Harbours. 8 1866

Rentier de 1'Ile Jersey. . . . Traduit

de 1' Anglais par M. Jules Vavin. 8

Paris, 1866

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.

Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

Richards, Thomas. New South Wales in
1 88 1 ; being a Brief Statistical and De-
scriptive Account of the Colony up to the
end of the year. Extracted chiefly from
Official Records. 2nd issue. Map and
diagram. 8 Sydney, 1882

Richards, . History of Tonquin. See
Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Richardson, Dr. See Macleod, W. C.

Richardson, James. Touarick Alphabet,
with the Corresponding Arabic and
English Letters ; Vocabularies of the
Ghadamsee and Touarghee languages,
by Taleb Ben Mousa Ben El-Kasem.
Folio 1847

Mons. Caillie's Account of Timbucloo

compared with the Information procured
by Mr James Richardson during his late
Tour through the Great Desert. MS.
Folio* 1847

Richardson, James. Travels in the Great
Desert of Sahara, in 1845-46; containing
Adventures amongst the Touaricks and
other Tribes of Saharan People, including
a Description of the Oases and Cities of
Ghat, Ghadames, and Mourzak. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1848

Decline of Geographical Discovery,

being an Appeal to the British Public
on behalf of Geographical Science. 8*


- Narrative of a Mission to Centra
Africa, in 1850-51. 2 vols. 8 1853

- Travels in Morocco. Edited by his
Widow. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1860

- Tour of Nine Months through the
Heart of the Great Desert of Sahara.
MS. Folio, pp. 20, and Second Notice,
"The Touaricks," pp. 18 N.D.

"Aheer." MS. Folio* N.D.

Richardson, Sir John. Report on North
American Zoology. 8 '837

On the Frozen Soil of North America.

8* Edinburgh, 1841

Arctic Searching Expedition : a

Journal of a Boat Voyage through
Rupert's Land and the Arctic Sea in
Search of the Discovery Ships under
command of Sir John Franklin ; with an
Appendix on the Physical Geography of
North America. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 8 1851

Polar Regions. (Article from the

" Encyclopaedia Britannica.") Map. 4*

Edinburgh, 1859

The Polar Regions. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1861
See ' Erebus " ; Franklin ; Seemann.

Richardson, Sir James, W. Swain-
son, and Rev. W. Kirby. Fauna
Boreali Americana ; or, The Zoology of
the Northern Parts of British America,
containing Descriptions of the Objects
of Natural History collected on the late
Northern Land Expeditions under com-
mand of Sir John Franklin. 4 vols.
Plates. 4 Norwich, 1829-37

Part I. Quadrupeds, by Richardson


Part 2. Birds, by Swainson and
Richardson 1831

Part 3. Fish, by Richardson 1836

Part 4. Insects, by Kirby 1837

Richardson, Rev. J. Lights and Shadows :
or Chequered Experiences among some of
the I leathen Tril>es of Madagascar. Map
and plate. 8* Antananarivo, 1877

Richardson, J. A Smaller Manual of
Modern Geography, Physical and Politi-
cal. 12 1880

See Malte-Brun, V. A.



Richardson, Ralph. The Ice Age in Britain
considered in relation to the Depth of the
North Atlantic Ocean as determined by
recent and earlier Deep-Sea Soundings.
8* Edinburgh, 1876

Richardson, Robert. Travels along the
Mediterranean and Parts adjacent, . . .
1816-17-18, extending as far as the Second
Cataract of the Nile, Jerusalem, Da-
mascus, Balbec, &c. 2 vols. Plates. 8


Richardson, William. A Catalogue of
7,385 Stars, chiefly in the Southern Hemi-
sphere, prepared from Observations made
in 1822-26 at the Observatory at Para-
matta, New South Wales. Plate. 4 1835

Richter, Dr E. Geschichte der Schwan-

kungen der Alpengletscher. Plate. 8*

Vienna, 1891

See Germany, C ; Handbiicher zur

Deutschen Landes- und Volkskunde,
Vol. 3 : Appendix 2.

Richter, G. Manual of Coorg : a Gazetteer
of the Natural Features of the Country and
the Social and Political Condition of its
Inhabitants. Map and plates. 8

Mangalore, 1870

Richter, R. Das Thiiringische Schieferge-
birge. Map ami plate. 8* 1869

Richthofen, Ferdinand, Freiherr von.
Geognostische Beschreibung der Umge-
gend von Predazzo, Sanct Cassian und
der Seisser Alpein Slid Tyrol. Map and
plates. 4 Gotha, 1860

Die Metallproduktion Californiens

und der angrenzenden Lander. (Erga'n-
zungsheft, 14 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen). 4 Gotha, 1864

The Comstock Lode, its Character,

and the probable mode of its continuance
in depth. 8* San Francisco, 1866

Letters (and Report) : I. On the
Province of Hunan, 1870; 2. On the
Province of Hupeh, 1870 ; 3. On the
Provinces of Honan and Shansi, 1870 ;
4. On the Provinces of Chekiang and
Nganhwei, 1871 ; 5. On the Regions
of Nanking and Chinkiang, 1871 ; 6.
From Singan-fu, on the Rebellion in
Kansu and Shensi, 1872; 7. On the Pro-
vinces of Chili, Shansi, Shensi, Sz'chwan,
with Notes on Mongolia, Kansu, Yunnan,
and Kwei-chau, 1872. Folio

Shanghai, 1870-72

Ueber die centralasiatischen Seiden-

strassen bis zum 2 Jahrhundert n. Chr.
Berlin, 1877

China : Ergebnisse eigener Reisen und
darauf gegrlindeter Studien. Erster
Band : Einleitender Theil. Maps. 4
Berlin, 1877

The same. Zweiter Band. Das
nordliche China. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Berlin, 1882

2 C

Richthofen, Ferdinand, Freiherr von.

The same. Vierter Band : Palaeon-
tologischer Theil. Enthaltend Abhand-
lungen von Dr Wilhelm Dames, Dr
Emanuel Kayser, Dr G. Lindstrom, Dr
A. Schenk, und Dr Conrad Schwager.
Plates. 4 Berlin, 1883

Aufgaben und Methoden der heutigen

Geographic : Akademische Antrittsrede,
gehalten in der Aula der universitat
Leipzig am 27 April 1883. 8*

Leipzig, 1883
Fiihrer fiir Forschungsreisende : An-

teilung zu Beobachtungen iiber Gegen-
stande der Physischen Geographic und
Geologic. 8 Berlin, 1886

Richthofen Testimonial. Festschrift
Ferdinand Freiherrn von Richthofen
zum sechzigsten Geburtstag am 5 Mai,
1893 dargebracht von seinen Schiilern.
Portrait and maps. 4 Berlin, 1893

Rickard, Major F. Ignacio. The Mineral
and other Resources of the Argentine
Republic (La Plata) in 1869. 8 1870

Ricketts, H. Report on the Forays of
the Wild Tribes of the Chittagong
Frontier. [From the India Records,
Bengal, No. n.] Map. 8 Calcutta, 1853

Papers relating to the South -West

Frontier : comprising Reports on Purulia
or Maubhoom, Chota Nagpore, Sub-
Division of Kornda, Hazareebaugh,
Sumbhulpore, and South-West Frontier
Agency. [From the India Records,
Bengal, No. 20.] Maps and plans. 8

Calcutta, 1855

Reports on the Districts of Pooree

and Balasore. [From the India Records,
Bengal, No. 30.] 8 Calcutta, 1859

Ricour, Capt. La Carte du Maroni. Map.
8* Paris, 1892

Ricketts, L. D. See United States, K,
Wyoming : Appendix 2.

Riddel, A. A Grammar of the Chinyanja
Language as spoken at Lake Nyassa,
with Chinyanja -English and English-
Chinyanja Vocabularies. 16

Edinburgh, 1880

Riddell, R. A. See Wilson, Joseph.

Riddle, J. A Treatise on Navigation and
Nautical Astronomy, especially adapted
for the Use of Students, gth edition.
Revised by Albert Escott. 8 1871

Tables to do. gth edition. 8 1877

Ridgway, Robert. See United States,
H, a : Appendix 2.

Ridley, Henry Nicholas, and G. A.
Ramage. Notes on the Botany of
Fernando Noronha. (Extracted from
the Linnoean Society's Journal, Vol. 27.)
With a Paper on some Geographical
Details of the Island, by Rev. T. S. Lea.
Maps, photographs, &c. 8* 1890



Riebeck, Dr Emil. The Chittagong Hill
Tribes ; Results of a Journey made in
the year 1882 by Emil Riebeck. Trans-
lated by Prof. A. H. Keane. Map and
plates. I^arge folio 1885

See Krause.

Riedel, Dr J. G. F. Inilah Kitab Taman-

Wandji namanja jah itu babarapa hhikajat

Orang-Orang jang ampunja tjeritra. 8*

Ujong Parian g, 1862

Inilah pintu gerbang pengatahuwan

itu apatah dibukakan guna Orang-Orang
padudokh tanah Minahasa ini. Small
4* Batavia, 1862

Die Landschaft Dawan oder West-
Timor. Maps. 8* [Bremen, 1887]

De Eedaflegging bij de Tooe-oen-

lx>eloe in de Minahasa, and De Tiwoekar
of Steenen graven in de Minahasa.
Plate. 8* N.P., N.I).

De Uitbarsting van den Awoeh-

Taroena in 1856. 8* N.P., N.D.

Note sur 1'Ile Rote. 4* N.D.

Riedesel, Baron. Travels through Sicily
and that part of Italy formerly called
Magna Grrecia. Translated by J. R.
Forster. 8 1773

Riemann, O. ^ Rectifications au Texte des
Cartes des lies loniennes. 8

Paris, 1880

Rienzi, G, L. Domeny de. Oceanic, ou
Cinquieme Partie du Monde : Revue
Geographique et Ethnographique de la
Malaisie, de la Micronesie, de la Poly-
nesie, et de la Melanesie. 3 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1836

Riesbeck, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 6 :
Appendix I.

Rigaud, S. P. On the Relative Quanti-
ties of Land and Water on the Surface
of the Terraqueous Globe. 4*

Cambridge, 1837

Rigby, Lieut. -Col. C. P. Report on the
Zanzibar Dominions. [From the India
Records, No. 59.] Roy. 8 Bombay, 1861

Riggenbach, Dr A. Was man aus den
taglichen Wetterkarten der Schweizer.
Meteorologischen Centralanstalt ersieht.
Maps. 12 Bdle, 1882

Riley, Athelstan. Narrative of a Visit to
the Assyrian Christians in Kurdistan,
undertaken at the request of the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury, in the autumn of
1884. 8* N.D.

Athos, or the Mountain of the

Monks. Map and illustrations. 8 1887

Riley, Gen. B. See Smith, Gen. P. F.

Riley. H. T. See Pliny.

Riley, James. Loss of the American brig
"Commerce," wrecked on the Western
Coast of Africa in August 1815; with
an Account of Tombuctoo, and of the
hitherto undiscovered Great City of Was-
sanah. Map. 4 1817

Ringgold, Cadwalader. A Series of
Charts, with Sailing Directions, embrac-
ing Surveys of the Farallones, Entrance
to the Bay of San Francisco, Bays of
San Francisco and San Pablo, &c. , and
Sacramento River. 4 Washington, 1851

Rink, Dr Hendrik. Om den Geogra-
phiske Beskaffenhed af de danske Han-
delsdistrikter i Nordgronland tilligemed
en Udsigt over Nordgronlands Geognosi.
Map. 4* Copenhagen, 1852

De danske Handelsdistrikter i Nord-
gronland, deres Geographiske Beskas-
senhed og produktive Erhvervskilder.
Map. 8 Copenhagen, 1852-55
Grbnland Geographisk og Statistisk
beskrevet. Sondre Inspecktorat. Maps
and plates. 8 Copenhagen, 1857
Om den formeentlige Opdagelse af

Gronlands Nordkyst og et aabent Polar-
hav, om den saakaldte Humboldts-
Gletscher og andet, Gronlands lisclan-
nelser vedkommende, som findes besk-
revet i Reise-vrerket : "Arctic Explora-
tions, 1853-55, by E. K. Kane." 8* N.D.

On the Supposed Discovery by Dr
E. K. Kane, U.S.N., of the North
Coast of Greenland, and of an Open
Polar Sea, as described in " Arctic Ex-
plorations in the years 1853, 1854, 1855."
Condensed from the Danish by Dr Shaw.
Map. 8* if '

Om Eskimoernes Herkomst. 8*

Copenhagen, 1871

Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo ;
with a Sketch of their Habits, Religion,
Language, and other Peculiarities. Trans-
lated from the Danish by the Author ;
edited by Dr Robert Brown. Illustra-
tions. 8 1875

Danish Greenland, its People and its

Products. Edited by Robert Brown.
Map and plates. Small 8 1877

The Eskimo Tribes, their Distribu-

tion and Characteristics, especially in
regard to Language ; with a Compara-
tive Vocabulary. Map. 8 1887

Rio, J. M. del. Cuadro Sinoptico Crono-
logico de las Naciones Antiquas. [i
sheet.'} 4* {Lima, 1885]

Rios, Joseph de Mendoza. Complete
Collection of Tables for Navigation and
Nautical Astronomy. [Imperfect.] 4


[This copy belonged to Mungo Park,
and was recovered at the Town of Lome,
in Nuphi, Central Africa, and conveyed
thither from the Town of Boussa, when
that place was destroyed, about 1842. It
was presented to Lietit. J. H. Glover,
attached to the Niger Expedition under
Dr Baikie, Jan. 21, 1858; with three
slips of Paper in MS. by Mtingo Park.}

Riou, Capt. E. See Reenen, J. Van.



Ripa, Father. Memoirs of, during Thir-
teen Years' Residence at the Court of
Peking in the Service of the Emperor of
China. Translated from the Italian, by
F. Prandi. 12 1844

Riquebourg-Trigault, D. F. de. See

Risley, H. H. The Tribes and Castes of
Bengal : Anthropometric data. 2 vols.
Large 8 Calcutta, 1891

Riso, J. de. Le ultime Scoperte di Sir
Samuele Baker e del Rev. Dottore David
Livingston sulle sorgenti del Nilo. 8*

Florence, 1873

La Ferrovia dell' Eufrate. 8*

Florence, 1873

Ritchie, Archibald Tucker. The Dyna-
mical Theory of the Formation of the
Earth. 2 vols. 8 1850

Ritchie, J. Ewing. To Canada with Emi-
grants : a Record of Actual Experiences.
Illustrations. Crown 8 1885

Ritter, Carl. Die Erdkunde im Verhalt-
niss zur Natur und zur Geschichte des
Menschen : oder Allgemeine vergleich-
ende Geographic, als sichere Grundlage
des Studiums und Unterrichts in physika-
lischen und historischen Wissenschaften.
Parts I and 2. 8 Berlin, 1817-18

The same. 2nd edition. 21 vols. 8

Berlin, 1822-58

I. Thl. I Buch. Afrika 1822

II. Thl. 2 Buch. Die Erdkunde von
Asien. Bd. I. Der Norden und Nord-
Osten von Hoch-Asien 1832

III. Thl. 2 Buch. Ditto. Bd. II. Der
Nord-Osten und der Siiden von Hoch-
Asien 1833

IV. Thl. 2 Buch. Ditto. Bd. III. Der
Siid-Osten von Hoch-Asien ; dessen
Wassersysteme und Gliederungen
gegen Osten und Siiden 1834

V. Thl. 2 Buch. Ditto. Bd. IV. I
Abtheil. Die Indische Welt 1835

VI. Thl. 2 Buch. Ditto. Bd. IV. 2
Abtheil. Die Indische Welt 1836

VII. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. V. West-
Asien, Uebergang von Ost- nach West-
Asien 1837

VIII. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VI. i
Abtheil. West-Asien, Iranische Welt


IX. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VI. 2
Abtheil. West Asien 1840

X. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VII. i
Abtheil. Das Stufenland des Euphrat-
und Tigrissystems

XI. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VII. 2
Abtheil. Euphrat- und Tigrissystems


XII. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VIII. i
Abtheil. Die Ilalbinsel Arabien 1846

XIII. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VIII.
i Abtheil. Forsetzung 1847

Ritter, C&rlcontimted.

XIV. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. VIII.
2 Abtheil. Die Sinai-Halbinsel, Palas-
tina, und Syrien. I Abschnitt. Die
Sinai-Halbinsel 1848

XV. Thl. 3 Buch. The same. 2 Ab-
schnitt. i Abth. Palastina und Syrien


XVI. Thl. 3 Buch. The same. 2 Absch.
2 Abth. Fortsetzung, Palastina, und
Syrien. Map and plan 1852

XVII. Thl. 3 Buch. The same. 3
Abschnitt. Syrien 1854

XVIII. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditto. Bd. IX.
Klein- Asien. Theil I. Plates 1858

XIX. Thl. 3 Buch. Ditlo. Bd. IX.
Klein-Asien. Theil. II. 1859

Ideler, J. L. Namen- und Sach-
Verzeichniss zu Carl Ritter's Erdkunde
von Asien. I. Bd. Ost-Asien. (Zu
Band II. bis VI. des ganzen Werkes. )
8 Berlin, 1841

Miiller, G. F. H. The same. II. Bd.
West Asien. (Zu Band VII. bis XI.
des ganzen Werkes. ) 8

Berlin, 1849

Ueber das historische Element in der
geographischen Wissenschaft. 4*

Berlin, 1834

Geographic Generale Comparee ; ou,
Etude de la Terre dans ses Rapports avec
la Nature et avec 1'Histoire de 1'Homme.
Afrique. Traduit par Buret et Desor.
3 vols. 8 Paris, 1836

Die Stupas (Topes) oder die archi-
tectonischen Denkmaler an der Indo-
Baktrischen Konigsstrasse, und die
Colosse von Bamiyan. Map. 8

Berlin, 1838

Ueber die geographische Verbreitung

des Zuckerrohrs. Map. 4

Berlin, 1840

The Colonisation of New Zealand.

Translated from the German. Small 8*


Ueber die Asiatische Heimat und die

Asiatische Verbreitungsphare der Platane,
des Olivenbaums, des Feigenbaums, der
Granate, Pistacie, und Cypresse. 8

[Berlin, 1844]

Blick in das Nil Quell-land. Map. 8*

Berlin, 1844

Der Jordan und die Beschiffung des

Todten Meeres. Map. 8*

Berlin, 1850

Ueber raumliche Anordnungen auf

der Aussenseite des Erdballs, und ihre
Functionen im Entwicklungsgange der
Geschichten. 8* Berlin, 1850

Einleitung zur allgemeinen verglei-

chenden Geographic, und Abhandlungen
zur Begrlindung einer mehr wissenschaft-
lichen Behandlung der Erdkunde. 8

Berlin, 1852



Ritter, Carl. Ueber die geographische
Verbreitung der Baumwolle, und ihr
Verhaltniss zur Industrie der Volker alter
und neuer Zeit. Part I. Antiquarischer
Theil. 4* Berlin, 1852

Geschichte der Erdkunde, und der

Entdeckungen : Vorlesungen an der Uni-
versitat zu Berlin gehalten. Heraus-
gegeben von H. A. Daniel. Portrait.
8 Berlin, 1861

Allgemeine Erdkunde : Vorlesungen

an der Universitat zu Berlin gehalten.
Herausgegeben von H. A. Daniel. 8
Berlin, 1862

Geography of Asia. Translated into

Russian from the German of Carl Ritter
by V. V. Grigor'ev. [In Russian.]
Map ami plate. 8 [St Petersburg, 1869]

Geographisch-Statistisches Lexikon.

2 vols. Large 8 Leipzig, 1864-65

The same. Other editions

1874, 1883, 1894
Die Stupas oder die architektonischen

Denkmale an der grossen Konigsstrasse
zwischen Indien, Persien, und Baktrien.
8* Berlin, N.D.

Die Heuschreckenplage der Lander

der alien Welt. 8* N.r., N.D.

Der Indische Feigenbaum, Asvattha ;

die Banjane (Ficus Indica). Ihre Ver-
breitung um die Indischen Gestade von
clem Sunda-Archipel bis Afrika ; der
Pagodenbaum . . . der Buddhabaum
(Ficus religiosa), &c. 8* Berlin, N.D.

Der Elephant Indiens, nach seiner

Verbreitungssphare und seinen Einfluss
auf das Leben des Orients. 8*

[Berlin, N.D.]

Lowen- und Tiger- Land in Asien ;

der Bengalische Tiger (Felis Tigris) in
Indien und seine Verbreitungssphare
durch Ostasien ; der Guzuratisch Lowe
(Felis Leo Goojeratensis) in Indien
und seine Verbreitungssphare durch
Westasien. 8 Berlin, N.D.

Die Opium Cultur und die Mohn-

pflanze. 8* [Berlin, N.D.]

Ueber Ausbreitung der Seidenzucht

in Asien. 8* N.P., N.D.

Carl Ritter, ein Lebensbild nach

seinem handschriftlichen Nachlass, dar-
gestellt von D. G. Kramer. Zweite
durchgesehene und mit einigen Reise-
briefen vermehrte Ausgabe. Erster
Theil. Nebst einen Bildniss Ritters.
Zweiter Theil. Die Reisebriefe enthal-
tend. 8 Halle, 1875

See Jomard ; Werne ; Wrangell ; Zim-
merman, Carl.

Rittich, A. F. Die Ethnographic Russ-
lands. (Erganzungsheft, 54 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4

Got ha, 1878

Rivera, Carlo A. de. Tavole di Riduzione
dei Pesi e delle Misure delle due Sicilie
in 1840. 8 Naples, 1841

Rivero, F. de. Memoria o scan Apunta-
mientos sobre la Industria Agricola del
Peru, y sobre algunos medios que pudieran
adoptarse para remediar su decadencia.
4* Lima, 1845

Rivett-Carnac. See India, G, Cotton
Reports : Appendix 2.

Riviere, E. Voyage dans 1'Asie Centrale.
Collections d' histoire naturelle et d'
ethnographic. 4* N.D.

Rivoli, J. Die Serra da Estrella. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 6 1 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen.) Map. 4 Got ha, 1880

Rivoyre, Denis de. Obock, Mascate,
Bouchire, Bassorah. Maps and illustra-
tions. 12 Paris, 1883

Les Francais a Obock. Map and

illustrations. 8 Parts, N.D.

Riza, Qouly Khan. Relation de 1'Am-
bassade au Kharaezm. Traduite et
annotee par Charles Schefer. [No. IV.
Publ. de 1'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.]
Map. Large 8 Paris, 1879

Robb, Dr J. Old Calabar : Inland Tribes
and Regions. Map. 8* 1872

Notes on the Meteorology of Zanzibar,

East Africa. 8* 1880

Robecchi - Bricchetti, Captain Luigi.
All' oasi di Giove Ammone. Portrait,
map, and illustrations. 4 Milan, 1890

Itinerario del viaggio da Obbia ad

Alula. Maps. 4* [Rome, 1891]

- Tradizione Storiche dei Somali
Miguirtini Raccolta in Obbia. 4*

Koine, 1891

Robelo, Cecilio A. Nombres Geograficos
Mexicanos del Estado de Morelos. 8*
Cuernavaca, 1887

Vocabulario Comparative Castellano y

Nahuatl. 2nd edition. 8*

Cuernavaca, 1889

Robert, Eugene. See Gaimard, Paul.
Robert, Fritz. Senegambien. 4*

6V Gallen, N.D.

Afrika als Handelsgebiet : West-,

Slid-, und Ost-Afrika. 8 Vienna, 1883

Robert of Normandy. See Hakluyt, Vol.
2 ; Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix I .

Robert of St Remigius. See Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix I.

Robert, Lieut. -Col. Henry M. See
United States, H, a, Analytical and
Topical Index to the Reports of the
Chief of Engineers, &c. : Appendix 2.

Roberts, A. A. Memorandum regarding
the Bridge of Boats at Delhi. [From
the India Records, N.W. Provinces,

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