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Vol. I.] Plates. 8 Agra, 1855

Roberts, C. The South-African Traveller's
Handlx>ok, containing Zulu Kafir, Xosa
Kafir, and Dutch ... for the use of the
Army, &c. 12 1879

Roberts, C. G. D. The Canadian Guide-
Book. The Tourists' and Sportsman's
Guide to Eastern Canada and Newfound-



Roberts, C. G. D. continued.

land, including full descriptions of routes,
cities, points of interest, summer resorts,
fishing places, &c. , in Eastern Ontario,
. . . the Lake St John country, the
Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward
Island, and Newfoundland. Maps,
plans, and illustrations. 12 1892

Roberts, E. See Baird, A. W. ; Rogers,
M. W.

Roberts, Emma. Scenes and Character-
istics of Hindostan, with Sketches of
Anglo-Indian Society. 2 vols. 8 1837

Roberts, Capt. G. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 2 ; Knox's
New Collection, Vol. 2; "The World
Displayed," Vol. 10 : Appendix i.

Roberts, Dr G. De Dehli a Bombay :
fragment d'un Voyage dans les Provinces
Interieures de 1'Incle en 1841. 8*

Paris, 1843

Roberts, George. Social History of the
People of the Southern Counties of
England in past centuries. 8 1856

RobeVts, H. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr,
Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

Roberts, Rev. J. See Asia, General,
Oriental Languages : Appendix 2.

Roberts, Morley. The Western Avernus,
or Toil and Travel in Further North
America. Map. 8 1887

Roberts, N. See Hacke ; Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 9 : Appendix i.

Roberts, Orlando W. Narrative of
Voyages and Excursions on the East
Coast and in the Interior of Central
America ; describing a Tourney up the
River San Juan, and Passage across the
Lake of Nicaragua to the City of Leon ;
pointing out the Advantages of a direct
Commercial Intercourse with the Natives ;
with Notes and Observations by Edward
Irving. Map. 12 Edinburgh, 1827

Roberts, Dr R. D. The Earth's History :
an Introduction to Modern Geology.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1893

Roberts, W. Milnor. Note on the Sao
Francisco River, Brazil. Small 8* 1 880

Robertson, Sir Daniel Brooke. Report
respecting his Visit to Haiphong and
Ilansi in Tonquin. [Parly. Rep.] Folio*


Robertson, George. On the Mud Banks
of Narrakal and Allippey, two Natural
Harlxmrs of Refuge on the Malabar
Coast. 8* Edinburgh, 1873

Robertson. David. See Armstrong, James.

Robertson, Lieut. H. D. Historical
Narrative of the City of Cambay, from
Sanskrit and Persian Books and Oral
Tradition, comprising a brief Sketch of
the Province of Guzerat at various periods.
[ From the India Records, No. 26. ] Table.
Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Robertson, J. See Mackay, A.

i, J. A. See Johnston, T. B.

Robertson, J. P. A Political Manual of
the Province of Manitoba and the North-
West Territories. Map and illustrations.
8 Winnipeg, 1887

Robertson, J. P. and W. P. Letters on
Paraguay : comprising an Account of a
Four Years' Residence in that Republic
under the Government of the Dictator
Francia. 3 vols. [Title of 3rcl volume :
" Francia's Reign of Terror," being the
continuation of " Letters on Paraguay"].
Plates. 8 1839

Letters on South America : comprising

Travels on the Banks of the Parana and
Rio de la Plata. 3 vols. 8 1843

Robertson, Dr Milne. Report upon
certain Peculiar Habits and Customs
of the Aborigines of Western Australia.
12* Perth, W.A., 1879

Robertson, R. B. See Adams, F. O.

Robertson, . Copy of Mr Robertson's
Report of his Tour in Coimbatore.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1878

Robertson, W. History of Ancient
Greece, till it became a Roman Province.
Map. 8 Edinburgh, 1793

Robertson, W. Parish. Visit to Mexico,
by the West India Islands, Yucatan, and
United States, with Observations and
Adventures on the Way. 2 vols. Map
atid plates. 8 1853

Robertson, . Tour in the Isle of Man.
See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Robida, A. La Vieille France : Texte,
Dessins, et Lithographes. 4 faris[i8g^]

Robide van der A a, P. J. B. C. Reizen
naar Nederlandsch Nieuw-Guinea, onder-
nomerj op Last der Regeering van Neder-
landsch-Indie in de Jaren 1871, 1872,
1875-76, door de Heeren P. Van der
Crab en J. E. Tcysmann, J. G. Coorengel,
en A. J. Langeveldt van Hemert en P.
Swaan, met geschied en aardrijkskundige
Toelichtingen. Maps. 8

The Hague, 1879

See Bock ; Morris.

Robin, C. C. Voyages dans 1'Interieur
de la Louisiane, de la Floride Occiden-
tale, et clans les Isles de la Martinique et
de Saint-Dominique, pendant les annees
1 802-6 . . . suivie de la Flore Louisia-
naise. 3 vols. Map and plate. Small
8 Paris, 1807

Robinson, Capt. Queensland. Extracts
from the Correspondence respecting the
Proposed Station near Cape York ; with
additional Correspondence by Capt.
Robinson. 4* Brisbane, 1863

Robinson, C. New South Wales, the
Oldest and Richest of the Australian
Colonies. Maps. 8 Sydney, 1873

The Progress and Resources of New

South Wales. 8* Sydney, 1877



Robinson, Dr Edward. Biblical Re-
searches in Palestine, Mount Sinai, and
Arabia Petrsea, 1838. 3 vols. Maps.
8 1841

- Topography of Jerusalem. From the
Bibliotheca Sacra. 8 New York, 1846

Biblical Researches in Palestine and

adjacent Regions : a Journal of Travels, in
1838 and 1852, by E. Robinson, Eli Smith,
and others. 3 vols. Maps. 8 1856
Robinson, Frederick. Refutation of
Lieut. Wellsted's Attack upon Lord
Valentia's Work upon the Red Sea, with
Comparative Diagrams showing the In-
ventions of Bruce. Maps. 4* 1842
Robinson, George. Travels in Palestine
and Syria. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1837
Robinson, Commr. G. T. , and C. and F.
Chambers. Magnetical and Meteoro-
logical Observations made at the Govern-
ment Observatory, Bombay, in the years
1865 to 1870. 4 Bombay, 1872

Robinson, Sir Hercules. Despatch with
Report of the Resident Commissioner of
Basutoland, for the year ending 3Oth
June 1887, and Secretary of State's
reply thereto. Folio* 1887

Robinson, H. J. Colonial Chronology :
a Chronology of the Principal Events
connected with the English Colonies and
India, from the Close of the Fifteenth
Century to the Present Time. Maps.
4 1892

Robinson, Sir John. Notes on Natal :
an Old Colonist's Book for New Settlers.
12 1872

Robinson, John. Check List of the Ferns
of North America, North of Mexico. 8
Sa/ern, 1873

Robinson, J. H. Journal of an Expedition
1,400 miles up the Orinoco and 300 up
the Arauca. Plates. 8 1822

See Eyries, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.
Robinson, P. Cyprus, its Physical, Com-
mercial, Economical, Historical, and
Social Aspects. Map. 8* 1878

Robinson, Sara T. L. Kansas, its
Interior and Exterior Life. Plates. 8
Boston, Mass., 1856

Robinson, Thomas. Natural History of
Westmoreland and Cumberland. 8 1709
Robinson, William. Descriptive Account
of Asam, with a Sketch of the Local
Geography, and a Concise History of the
Tea-plant of Asam ; to which is added
a short Account of the Neighbouring
Tribes, exhibiting their History, Manners,
and Customs. Maps. 8 Calcutta, 1841

Report on the Laccadive Islands,

dated I gth May 1848. 8 Madras, 1841
Robinson, Sir William. Prince Edward
Island. Report to accompany the Blue
Book of Prince Edward Island for the
year 1870, by Lieut. -Governor Robinson.
8 Charlottetown, 1871

Robinson, Sir William. Tobacco, its
Ups and Downs in England, and How to
Cultivate and Cure it in the West Indies.
8* Port-of -Spain, 1886

Robinson, Sir W. C. F. The Physical
Geography of the South-West of Western
Australia. Map. 8* Adelaide, 1886

Robson, Thomas Charles. A Treatise
on Marine Surveying. Plates. 8 1834

Roca, General J. A. See Argentine, D,
Patagonia : Appendix 2.

Rochas, A. Beau de. Oasis et Soudan. La
Penetration du Soudan consideree dans
ses Rapports avec la creation de Grandes
Oasis Sahariennes. 8* Paris, 1888

Roche, W. M. Oliver's Shipping Law
Manual. 8 1879

Rochelle, Roux de. Etats-Unis d'
Amerique ; Histoire et Description des
Peuples, de leurs Religions, Moeurs,
Coutumes, &c. Plates. 8 Paris, 1837

Rocher, Emile. La Province Chinoise

du Yiin-nan. 2 vols. Maps. Large 8

Paris, 1879-80

Rochet d'Hericourt, C. E. X. Voyage
sur la Cote Orientale de la Mer Rouge
dans le pays d'Adel et le Royaume de
Choa. Map and plates. 8* Plates, 1841

Considerations geographiques et covn-

merciales sur le Golfe Arabique, le pays
d'Adel, et le royaume de Choa. Map
and plates. 8 Paris, 1841

Second Voyage sur les deux rives de

la Mer Rouge dans le pays des Adels et
le royaume de Choa. Map and plates.
Royal 8 Paris, 1846

Rochon, A. Voyages a Madagascar, a
Maroc, et aux Indes Orientales. [2 vols.
only.] Map. 12 Paris, An. x., 1801

A Voyage to Madagascar and the

East Indies. Translated from the French
... to which is added a Memoir on
the Chinese Trade. Map. 8 1792
See Oliver, S. P. ; also Pelham, Vol. 2 ;

Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix I.
Rockhill, W. Woodville. Udanavarga :
a Collection of Verses from the Buddhist
Canon, compiled by Dharmatrata. Trans-
lated from the Tibetan. 8 1883

The Life of the Buddha, and the

Early History of his order : derived from
Tibetan works in the Bkah-hgyur and
Bstan-hgyur ; followed by Notices on
the Early History of Tibet and Khoten.
Translated by W. Woodville Rockhill.
8 1884

Through Northern China to the

Koko-Nor. (From the Century Maga-
zine. ) Maps and illustrations. 8*


The Land of the Lamas : Notes of a

Journey through China, Mongolia, and
Tibet. Maps and illustrations. 8 1891



Rockhill, W. Woodville. Tibet : a Geo-
graphical, Ethnographical, and Historical
Sketch, derived from Chinese sources.
( From the Journal of the Royal Asiatic
Society.} 8 N.D.

The same. Art. 2. 8 1891

Rockstroh, E. Informe de la Comision
Cientifica del Institute Nacional de
Guatemala, nombradapor el Sr. Ministro
de Instruccion Publica para el estudio de
los fenomenos volcanicos en el Lago de
Ilopango de la Republica del Salvador.
Plan. 8* Guatemala, 1880

Rockwell, John A. Report on Canal
and Railway Routes between the At-
lantic and Pacific Oceans. Maps. 8

Washington, 1849

Rodd, Rennell. The Customs and Lore
of Modern Greece ; with 7 full-page
illustrations by Tristram Ellis. 8 1892

Rodenbough, T. F. Afghanistan and
the Anglo- Russian Dispute : an account
of Russia's Advance towards India,
based upon the Reports and Experi-
ences of Russian, German, and British
Officers and Travellers, with a description
of Afghanistan and of the Military Re-
sources of the Powers concerned. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1885

Rodiger, E. Ueber zwei altathiopische
Inschriften. 4* Halle, 1839

Versuch iiber die Himjaritischen
Schriftmonumente, mit einem Vorwort
an Gesenius. 8 Halle, 1841

Rodler, Dr A. Bericht iiber eine Geo-
logische Reise im westlichen Persien.
8*' Vienna, 1889

See Penck, A.

Rodman, Hugh. See United States, E, a,
Hydrographic Office Publications, No.
93 : Appendix 2.

Rodrigues, Joao Barboza. Rio Jana-
pery : Pacifica5ao dos Crichanas. Map
and plate. 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1885

Rodrigues, J. C. The Panama Canal,
its History, its Political Aspects, and
Financial Difficulties. 12 1885

Rodriguez, A. Coleccion de Leyes,
Decretos del Gobierno, Tratados inter-
nacionales, y Acuerdos del Superior
Tribunal de Justicia de la Republica
Oriental del Uruguay. Large 8

Montevideo, 1856

The same. Part 2. Large 8

Montevideo, 1859

The same. Part 3. Large 8

Afontevideo, 1 866

Rodriguez, J. I. See Zeledon.

Rodriguez, Manuel. El Maranon y

Amazonas. Historia de los descubri-

mientos, cntradas y reduccion de Na-

ciones, . . en las dilatadas montanas y

mayores rios de la America. Small folio

Madrid, 1684

Rodriguez, Maximo. Relacion Diaria,
Viage de la Isla de Amat, alias Otagiti,
1774. MS. Square 8 1774

Rodwell, G. F. Etna : a History of
the Mountain and its Eruptions. Maps
and plates. Small 8 1878

Roe, Sir Thomas. See Churchill, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Laharpe, Vol. 4 ; Pinker-
ton, Vol. 8; Purchas, Vol. i, Book 4;
Thevenot, Vol. I ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. II ; Knox's New Collection, Vol.
6 : Appendix i.

Roebuck, J. A. The Colonies of Eng-
land : a plan for the government of some
portion of our Colonial possessions. 8


Rcediger, E. See Rodiger.

Roepstorff, F. A. de. Vocabulary of
dialects spoken in the Nicobar and
Andaman Isles, with a short account of
the natives, their customs and habits,
and of previous attempts at Colonisation.
8 Calcutta, 1875

Notes on the Inhabitants of the

Nicobars. (From the Proc. Asiatic Soc.
of Bengal for January and June 1881.)
8* 1881

See General, Dictionaries, B: Appen-

dix 2.

Roesler, R. Die Aralseefrage. 8*

Vienna, 1873

Roger, Baron. Recherches Philosophiques

sur la Langue Ouolofe, suivies d'un

Vocabulaire abrege Franfais-Ouolof. 8

Paris, 1829

See Recueil de Voyages, Vol. 2, p.

611 : Appendix i.

Roger, J. C. Celticism a Myth. 2nd
edition. 1889

Roger, P. Percement de 1'Isthme Ameri-
cain par un Canal Interoceanique : Journal
des Voyages, Explorations, et Travaux
relatifs a la Ligne du Darien. Large
8* Paris, 1864

Rogers, Major B. On the Prevention
of Crime. 8* 1874

Rogers, Rev. Charles. Monuments and
Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland.
Vol. I. [Grampian Club Publications.'}
Frontispiece. 8 1 87 1

Estimate of the Scottish Nobility

during the minority of James the Sixth,
with preliminary observations. [Gram-
pian Club Publications.'} 8 1873

The Scottish House of Roger, with

notes respecting the families of Playfair
and Haldane of Bermony. 2nd edition.
8 Edinburgh, 1875

See Bain, J. ; James the First ; Scot.

Rogers, Capt E. Campaigning in Western
Africa and the Ashantee invasion. Map.
Small 8 1874

Rogers, Henry D. Report on the Geolo-
gical Survey of the State of New Jersey.
Map. 8 Philadelphia, 1836



Rogers, Henry D. Geology of the State
of New Jersey : being a final Report.
Maps. 8 Philadelphia, 1840

Geology of Pennsylvania. First to

Sixth Annual Reports. Maps. S

Harrisburg, 1836-42

On the Laws of Structure of the more

disturbed Zones of the Earth's Crust. 4*
Edinburgh, 1856
Rogers, J. E. See Mahaffy.
Rogers, M. E. Domestic Life in Palestine.
8 1862

Rogers, Major M. W.,and E. Roberts.
Tide Tables for the Indian Ports for the
year 1883 (also January 1884). 12


The same, for the year 1890 (also

January 1891). Parts I and 2. 12 [1883]

See Baird ; Hill.

Rogers, Capt. Woodes. Life aboard a
British Privateer in the time of Queen
Anne : being the Journal of Captain
Woodes Rogers, Master Mariner. With
Notes and Illustrations by Robert C.
Leslie. 8 1889

See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Callander, Vol.

3 ; Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 10 ; La-

harpe, Vol. 15 ; Allgemeine Historic,

Vol. 12 ; Knox's New Collection, Vol.

3; "The World Displayed," Vol. 6:

Appendix i.
Rogge, Dr H. C.

pendix 2.
Roggewein, Jacob.

Callander, Vol. 3 :

See Holland : Ap-

See Burney, Vol. 4;
Dalrymple, Pacific,
Vol. 2; Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. n ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 18 ; " The
World Displayed," Vol. 9 : Appendix i.

Rogozinski, S. S. Pod Rownikiem.
Odczyty S. S. Rogozinskiego wypo
wiedziane w Sali Radnej miasta krakowa.
[Near the Equator : Lectures in Cracow. ]
8* Cracow, 1886

Rohl, L. H. See Mallet, F.

Rohlfs, Dr Gerhard. Tagebuch seiner
Reise durch Marokko nach Tuat, 1864.
4* Gotha, 1865

Neueste Briefe von, und Rtickblick

auf seine bisherigen Reisen in Afrika in
den Jahren 1861 bis 1865 ; ;&f Tagebuch
seiner Reise von Tuat nach Ghadames,
1864. Map. 4* \Gotha, 1866]

Neueste Nachrichten aus dem Inneren

Afrika's. 4* [Got ha} 1867

Reise durch Nord- Afrika vom Mittel-

landischen Meere bis zum Busen von
Guinea, 1865-67. I. Halfte : Von Tri-
poli nach Kuka (Fesan, Sahara, Bornu).
(Erganzungsheft, 25 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen. ) Map. 4 Got ha, 1868

Reise durch Nord-Africa, vom Miltel-

landischen Meere bis zum Busen von
Guinea, 1865 bis 1867. 2. Hafte : Von
Kuka nach Lagos. (Erganzungsheft,
34 Petermann's Mittheilungen). 4

Got ha, 1872

Rohlfs, Dr Gerhard. Reise durch Ma-
rokko, Uebersteigung des grossen Atlas,
Exploration der Oasen von Tafilet, Tuat
und Tidikelt und Reise durch die grosse
Wiiste iiber Rhadamesnach Tripoli. Map
and portrait. 8 Bremen, 1868

Im Auftrage Sr. Majestat des Konigs

von Preussen mit dem Englischen Ex-
peditionscorps in Abessinien. Map,
portrait, and tables. 8 Bremen, 1869

Land und Volk in Afrika. Berichte

aus den Jahren 1865-70.

Bremen, 1870

Von Tripolis nach Alexandrien.

Beschreibung der im Auftrage Sr.
Majestat des Konigs von Preussen in den
Jahren 1 868 und 1869 ausgefiihrten
Reise. 2 vols. (in i). Maps, plates, and
photograph. Small 8 Bremen, 1871

Mein erster Aufenthalt in Marokko

und Reise siidlich vom Atlas durch die
Oasen Draa und Tafilet. Small 8

Bremen, 1873

Expedition nach der Libyschen

Wiiste, 1873-74, in Photographien von
P. Remele. [Album of fifty Photographs.]

Adventures in Morocco and journeys

through the Oases of Draa and Tafilet;

with an Introduction by Winwood Reade.

8 1874
Quer durch Afrika : Reise vom

Mittelmeer nach dem Tschad-See und

zum Golf vom Guinea. 8

Leipzig, 1854-75
Expedition zur Erforschung der

Libyschen Wiiste unter der Auspicien Sr.

Hoheit des Chedive von Aegypten

Ismail-Pascha im Winter 1873-74 ausge-

fiihrt. I. Reisebericht. Maps, plates,

and photographs. 8 Cassel, 1875

The same. II. Physische Geographic

und Meteorologie : Bearbeitet von W.
Jordan. Maps and tables. 4

Cassel, 1876

Die Becleutung Tripolitaniens an sich

und als Ausgangspunkt fiir Entdeck-
ungsreisende. Map. 8* Weimar, 1877

Neue Beitrage zur Entdeckung und

Erforschung Africas. 8 Cassel, 1881
Kufra : Reise von Tripolis nach der
Oase Kufra ; ausgefiihrt im Auftrage
der Afrikanischen Gesellschaftin Deutsch-
land, nebst Beitragen von P. Ascherson,
J. Hann, F. Karsch, W. Peters, A.
Stecker. Maps and plates. 8

Leipzig, 1 88 1

Meine Mission nach Abessinien, auf

Befehl Sr. Majestat des Deutschen
Kaisers im Winter 1880-81, unternommen
von Gerhard Rohlfs. Map and plates.
8 Leipzig, 1883

Quid novi ex Africa? 8 Cassel, 1886



Rohricht, Reinhold. Bibliotheca Geo-
graphica Palaestinae. Chronologisches
Verzeichniss der auf die Geographic des
Heiligen Landes bezliglichen Literatur
von 333 ki s 1878 und Versuch einer
Cartographic. 8 Berlin, 1890

and Heinrich Meisner. Deutsche

Pilgerreisen nach dem Heiligen Lande.
8 Berlin, 1880

Rpissard de Bellet, Baron. La Sardaigne
a vol d'oiseau en 1882, son His-
toire, ses Moeurs, sa Geologic, st-s
richesses metalliferes et ses productions
de toute sorte. Maps and illustrations.
Large 8 Paris, 1884

Rojas, E. Philosophic de la Morale.

Traduit par V. Touzet. 8

St Gerinain-en-Laye, 1870
Rokh, Shah. See Astley, Vol. 4 ; Kerr,

Vol. i ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 7 :

Appendix I.
Rolamb, Nicholas. See Churchill, Vol. 5 :

Appendix I.
Holland, Georges. La Region de Ouargla.

Map. 4* [Paris, 1883]

Chemin de Fer Transsaharien : Geo-
logic du Sahara Algerien et aper^u Geo-
logique sur le Sahara de 1'Ocean
Atlantique a la Mer Rouge. Texte,
Extrait des Documents relatifs a la
Mission de Laghouat-El-Golea-Ouargla-
Biskra, publics par le Ministere des
Travaux publics (Rapport Geologique).
Folio Paris, 1890

The same. Geologic et Hydrologie

du Sahara Algerien. Planches accom-
pagnant les deux volumes de Texte,
Extrait des Documents, &c. (Rapports
Geologique et Hydrologique.) Folio

Paris, 1890

Le Transsaharien : Reponse a M.

Duponchel. 4* N.D.

Romanovski, M. Notes on the Central
Asiatic Question. 8 Calctilta, 1870

Romer, Mrs. Pilgrimage to the Temples
and Tombs of Egypt, Nubia, and Pales-
tine in 1845-46. 2 vols. Plates 8


Romilly, H. H. Report on the Labour
Trade in New Britain and New Ireland.
Folio* [1884]

The Western Pacific and New Guinea :
Notes on the Natives, Christian and
Cannibal, with some Account of the old
Labour Trade. Map. Crown 8 1886

From my Verandah in New Guinea :
Sketches and Traditions ; with an Intro-
duction by Andrew Lang. Map. 8


R6nay, H. Abstracts of the Travels of
Ladislaus Magyar in South Africa, 1849-
57. MS. SquareS* N.D.

R6nay, Jaczint. Jellemisme, vagy az
Angol, Franczia, Magyar, Nemet, Olasz,
Orosz, Spanyol, Nemzet, No, Ferfiu es
eletkorok Jellemzese lelektani szem-
pontbol. 8 Gyorott, 1847

R6nay, W. A Tuzimado Boles az 6s-

Vilagok, Emlekeirol. [History of the

Development of the Globe.] Plates. 8

Budapest, 1 860

Rondot, M. Natalis. Notice du Vert de
Chine, et de la Teinture en Vert chez
les Chinois ; suivie d'une Etude des
Proprietes Chimiques et Tinctoriales du
Lo-Kao, par M. J. Persoz ; et de Re-
cherches sur la Matiere Colorante des
Nerpruns Indigenes, par M. A. F.
Michel. Plates. Royal 8 Paris, 1858

Commerce de la France avec la Chine.

Royal 8* Lyons, 1860

- Pe-King et la Chine : Mesures, Mon-
naies et Banques Chinoises. Royal 8*
Paris, 1 86 1

Roon, Albrecht von. Grundziige der
Erd- Volker- und Staatenkunde ; mit
einem Vorwort von Carl Ritter. Zweite
Abtheil ; Physische Geographic. 8

Berlin, 1838

Roorda, T. De Wajangverhalen van
Pala-Sara, Pandoe en Raden Pandji, in
het Javaansch, met aanteekeningen.
\_ Javanese.] 8 The Hague, 1869

See Veth.

Roos, Hon. Fred. Fitzgerald de. Per-
sonal Narrative of Travels in the United
States and Canada in 1826. Plates. 8


Roque. See De la Roque.

Roquefeuil, Camille de. See Phillips, New
Voyages and Travels [3], Vol. 9 : Ap-
pendix I.

Roquette, de la. See De la Roquette.

Roosevelt, T. Hunting Trips of a Ranch-
man : Sketches of Sport on the Northern
Cattle Plains. Illustrations. Large 8


Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail.

Illustrations. 4

Rosales, H. See Victoria, C: Appendix 2.

Resales, Manuel Landeata. Recopila-
cion Geografica, Estadistica, e Historica
de Venezuela. 2 vols. Oblong 4

Caracas, 1889

Roscher, Albrecht. Ptolemreus und die
Handelsstrassen in Central-Africa. Maps.
8* Gotha, 1857

Roscher, W., and R. Jannasch. Kolo-
nien : Kolonial Politik und Auswanderung.
8 Leipzig, 1885

Roscoe, Thomas. Wanderings and Ex-
cursions in North Wales. Map and
plates. 8 1853

- Wanderings and Excursions in South
Wales, with the Scenery of the River
Wye. Map and plates. 8 1854



Rose, G. Reise nach clem Ural, clem

Altai, und dem Kaspischen Meere von A.

von Humboldt, G. Ehrenberg, und G.

Rose. Mineralogisch-geognosticher Theil

und historischer Bericht der Reise.

2 vols. Maps mid plates. 8 Berlin

Vol. i. Reise nach dem nordlichen Ural

und dem Altai 1837

Vol. 2. Reise nach dem sikllichen Ural

und dem Kaspischen Meere 1842

Rose, H. J. Untrodden Spain and her
Black Country : being Sketches of the
Life and Character of the Spaniard of the
Interior. 2 vols. 8 1875

Rose, J. See Graham, D. C.

Rose, W. S. See Phillips [3], Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Rosebery, Earl of. See Parkin.

Rosen, G. Das Haram von Jerusalem
und der Tempelplatz des Moria. Maps.
8*^ Gotha, 1866

Rosen, P. G. Die astronomisch-geoda-
tischen Arbeiten der topographischen
Abtheilung des Schwedischen General-
stabes. Erster Band. Heft 2, 3. 4

Stockholm, 1885, 1890

Die astronomisch - geodatischen Ar-
beiten der topographischen Abtheilung
des Schwedischen Generalstabes. Zweiter
Band. Heft I. Plates. 4 Stockholm, 1888

Projet cle mesure d' un arc du meridien

de 4 20' an Spitzberg. Map. Large 8*
Stockholm, 1893

Rosen, Baron Victor. Les Manuscrits
Arabes de 1'Institut des Langues Ori-
entales. 8 St Petersburg, 1877

Rosenberg, C. B. H. von. Reistogten
in de Afdeeling Gorontalo gedaan op last
der Nederlandsch Indische Regering.
Plates and maps. 8 Amsterdam, 1865

Reis naar de Zuidoostereilanden.

Plates. 8 The Hague, 1867

Reistochten naar de Geelvinkbai op

Nieuw-Guinea in dejahren 1869 en 1870,
ambtenaar belast met wetenschappelijke
onderzoekingen in Nederlandsch-Indie.
Maps and plates. 4 The Hague, 1875

Der Malayische Archipel. Land und
Leute in Schilderungen, gesammelt
wahrend eines dreissigjahrigen Aufen-
thaltes in den Kolonien. (Vorwort von
Professor P. J. Veth. ) Plates. 8

Leipzig, 1878-79

Rosencoat, de. Reconaissance Hydro-
graphique des Cotes Occidentales du
Centre Amerique, Province de Veraguas
(Nouvelle-Grenade). 8 Paris, 1857

Rosenheyn, Max. Die Marienburg, das
Haupthaus der deutschen Ordens-Ritter.
Plates and plan. 16 Leipzig, 1858

Rosenwall, P. Bemerkungen eines Russen
eber Preussen und dessen Bewohner,
desammelt auf einer im Jahr 1814 durch
dieses Land unternommenen Reise.
Small 8 Alayence, 1817

Rosetti, Emilio. Ferrovia Trasandina.
Relazione sulla practicabilita di una
Stra la Ferrata attraverso le Ande nella

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