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direzione del Passo chiamato del Planchon
nel Sud clella Provincia di Mendoza.
Traduzione Italiana. Map. Folio*

Buenos Ayres, 1870

Rosier, J. See Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 :
Appendix I.

Rosiwal, A. See Hohnel.

Roskoschny, Dr Hermann. Europas
Kolonien. Das Kongogebiet und seine
Nachbarlander. Nach den neuesten
Quellen geschildert. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Leipzig, N.D.

The same. West-Africa von Senegal

zum Kamerun. Nach den neuesten
Quellen geschildert. Dritte Auflage.
Maps and illustrations. 4 Leipzig, N.u.

Die Wolga und ihre Zufliisse : Ges-

chichte, Ethnographic, Hydro- und Oro-
graphie nebst Mitteilungen tiber das
Klima des Wolga-gebietes. 8

Leipzig, 1887
Rosny, Leon de. L'Orient. 8*

Paris, 1860

Discours prononce a 1'ouverture du
Cours de Japonais. 8* Paris, 1863

Varietes Orientales, historiques, geo-

et litteraires. 12 Paris, 1872

Les documents ecrits de 1'Antiquite

Americaine. Compte-rendu d'une Mis-
sion Scientifique en Espagne et en
Portugal. (No. 3 of Memoires de la
Societe d' Ethnographic.) Map and
plates. 4* Paris, 1882

Bibliotheque Royale de Stockholm :

Catalogue de la Bibliotheque Japonaise
deNordenskiold, coordonne, revu, annote
et public par Leon de Rosny, et precede
d'une Introduction par le Marquis
d'Herveyde Saint Denys. 8 Paris, 1883

Kami yo-no maki : Histoire des

Dynasties Divines. Publiee en Japonais,
traduite pour la Premiere fois sur le
Texte Original, accompagnee d'une glose
inedite composee en Chinois et d'un
Commentaire perpetuel redige en Francais
par Leon de Rosny. (Vol. i. II e Serie.
Vol. 16 of Publications de 1'Ecole des
Langues Orientales Vivantes.) Large 8

Paris, 1884 and 1887
Les Religions de I'Extreme Orient.

Le9on d'ouverture faite a 1'Ecole pratique
des Hautes-Etudes. 8* Paris, 1886
Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 8 Paris
Chan-hai-king. Antique Geographic

Chinoise traduite pour la premiere fois sur
le texte original. Tome I. 8 Paris, 1891

See Cortambert.

Rosny, Lucien de. Les Antilles : Etude
d'Ethnographie et d'Archeologie Ameri-
caines. (Memoires de la Societe d'Eth-
nographie.) Paris, 1886



Ross, A. Adventures of the First Settlers
on the Oregon or Columbia River : being
a Narrative of the Expedition fitted out
byj. J. Astor. Map. 8 1849

Ross, A. , and A. Sinclair. The Peruvian
Corporation, Limited. Report on Land
in Peru suitable for Agriculture. 4*


Ross, Dr A. M. The Birds of Canada ;
with Descriptions of their Habits, Food,
Nests, Eggs, Times of Arrival and De-
parture. Plates and woodcuts. Small
8 Toronto, 1871

U.S. Centennial Exhibition. Cata-
logue to illustrate the Animal Resources
of the Dominion of Canada : list of Fur-
bearing, Useful, and Injurious Animals,
and the Native and Migratory Birds. 8

Toronto, 1876

Catalogue of Mammals, Birds, Rep-
tiles, and Fishes of the Dominion of
Canada. 8 Montreal, 1878

Ross, David. The Land of the Five Rivers
and Sindh : Sketches, Historical and
Descriptive. Map. 8 1883

- Military Transport by Indian Rail-
ways. Map and plates. 8

Lahore, 1883

Ross, Lieut. -Col. E. C. Report on a
Visit to Kej, and Route through Mekran
from Gwaclur to Kurrachee. Folio* 1865

Notes on Mekran. Map. Folio* 1865

Report on the Coast of Mekran from
Cape Jask to Gwadur. Map. Folio*


Report of a Tour from Shiraz to
Bushire, with route map. Folio* 1875

- Memorandum descriptive of the

Route between Sohar and El Bereymee
in Oman. Folio* 1876

Memorandum on Tribal Divisions in
the Principality of Oman. To accom-
pany Table of Tribes. Tables. Folio*


Ross, J. South Australia. Mr J. Ross's
Explorations, 1874. Journal and Map.
Folio* N.P. [1875]

Ross, Sir James Clark. The Position of
the North Magnetic Pole. 4* 1834

A Voyage of Discovery and Research

in the Southern and Antarctic Regions,
1839-43. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8


See " Erebus" and " Terror."

Ross, John. History of Corea, Ancient
and Modern, with Description of Manners
and Customs, Language and Geography.
Maps and plates. 8 Paisley [1880]

Ross, Adm. Sir John. Voyage of Dis-
covery in H.M.'s ships "Isabella" and
" Alexander," for the purpose of explor-
ing Baffin's Bay and inquiring into the
probability of a North-West Passage.
Charts ami plates. 4 1819

Ross, Adm. Sir John. Narrative of a
Second Voyage in Search of a North-
West Passage, and of a Residence in the
Arctic Regions during 1829-33, including
the Reports of Capt. J. C. Ross, and the
Discovery of the Northern Magnetic Pole.
Portrait, charts, and plates. 4 1835

Appendix to do. Coloured plates. 4


Explanation and Answer to Mr Braith-

waite. 4* 1835-36

See Huish, R. ; Krusenstern ; also

Eyries, Vol. 7: Appendix i.

Ross, Ludwig. On the Topography of
Halicarnassus, with Guichard and Dale-
champ's Account of the Final Destruc-
tion of the Mausoleum ; translated, with
Notes, by John Hogg. 8

Cambridge, 1854

Ross, Malcolm. A Complete Guide to the
Lakes of Central Otago, the Switzerland
of Australasia. Maps and illustrations.
8 Wellington, 1889

Aorangi ; or, The Heart of the

Southern Alps, New Zealand. Maps
and plates. 8* Wellington, 1892

Ross, Mars, and H. Stonehewer-
Cooper. The Highlands of Cantabria ;
or, Three Days from England. Map
and illustrations. 8 1 885

Ross, Thomasina. See Humboldt and
Bonpland ; Tschudi.

Ross, W. A. Yacht Voyage to Norway,
Denmark, and Sweden. 8 ^49

Ross, Col. W. A. Pyrology, or Fire
Analysis. 8* 1872

Rosser, W. H. Notes on the Physical
Geography and Meteorology of the South
Atlantic ; together with Sailing Direc-
tions for the Principal Ports of Call and
for the Islands : to which is appended a
Catalogue of all the doubtful Islands,
Rocks, and Shoals. Maps and plates. 8


A Ship's Position at Sea : Practical

Methods of Finding the Latitude and
Longitude by two Altitudes of the Sun,
or other celestial objects, and of Deter-
mining the bearing of the Land from a
single Altitude. Chart. 8 1862

The Stars : how to know them and
how to use them. Plates. 8 1865

The Seaman's Guide to the Islands of

the North Pacific. See United King-
dom, A, North Pacific Pilot, Part 2 :
Appendix 2.

A Self-Instructor in Navigation and

Nautical Astronomy, for the Local Marine
Board Examinations and for use at Sea.
2nd edition. Plates. 8 1 868

Lunars and Lunar Tables : being

various Methods of Finding the true
Lunar Distance, and thence the Longi-
tude. 8 1875



Rosser, W. H. A Self-Instructor in
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, for
the Local Marine Board Examinations
and for use at Sea. 3rd edition. Plates.
8 1876

Stellar Navigation, with New A, B,

and C Tables for finding by easy methods
Latitude, Longitude, and Azimuths ;
Latitudes and Declinations ranging to 68
N. or S. 4 1883

See Imray ; also United Kingdom,

North Pacific Pilot : Appendix 2.

Rosset, C. W. The Maldive Islands.
(From the Graphic, i6th October 1886.)
Illustrations. Folio* 1886

Rossi, Stefano de. See Issel.

Roth, Abraham. The Doldenhorn and
Weisse Frau ascended for the first time,
by Abraham Roth and Edmund von
Fellenberg. Map atid plates. 8

Coblentz, 1863

Roth, H. Ling. Franco-Swiss Dairy-
ing. 8* 1885
- Further Remarks on the Roots of the
Sugar-Cane. Plates. 8* 1885

Arbere : a Short Contribution to the

Study of Peasant Proprietorship. 8* 1885
Bibliography and Cartography of His-
paniola. (Roy. Geog. Soc. Suppl.
Papers, Vol. 2.) 8 1887

See Crozet's Voyage.

Roth, J. F. Niirnbergs neueste Beschrei-
bung und Verfassung, nebst einem Ver-
zeichniss der Kaufleute, &c. Plates. 12
Nuremberg, 1813

Roth, Prof. J. R. Schilderung der Natur-
verhaltnisse in Siid-Abyssinien. 4*

Munich, 1851

Rothpletz, A. Das Karwendelgebirge.
Map, plates, and sections. 8*

Munich, 1888

Rottiers, Colonel. Itineraire de Tiflis a
Constantinople. Maps and plates. 8

Brussels, 1829
Rotzmital und Blatna, L. von. See


Roudaire, Capt. Rapport a M. le Mini-
stre de l'Instructi f on Publique sur la Mis-
sion desChotts. Etudes relatives au Projet
de Mer Interieure. Map. 8 Paris, 1877
Rouge, Vicomte J. ,de. Geographic
Ancienne de la Basse-Egypte. Map. 8
Paris, 1891

Rouhaud, Hippolyte. Les Regions Nou-
velles : Histoire du Commerce et de la
Civilisation au Nord de 1'Ocean Pacifique.
8 Paris, 1 868

Rouire, Dr . L'Emplacement de la
Mer Interieure d'Afrique. Map. 8*

Paris, 1884

- La decouverte de la Mer Interieure

Africaine. 4* [Paris, 1884]

Des divers Systemes Modernes ayant

assimile le pays de Gabes a la Region de

Triton. Map. 8* Tours, 1886

Rouire, Dr . Sur les Dolmens de
1'Enfida. Large 8* [Paris, 1887]

La decouverte du Bassin Hydro-

graphique de la Tunisie Centrale et
1'Emplacement de 1'Ancien Lac Triton
(ancienne Mer Interieure d : Afrique).
Maps. 8 Paris, 1887

Roujouz, H. de. Essai sur PAtterage et
1'Entree de la Rade de Brest par Temps
Brumeux, avec un Batiment a Vapeur.
Plates. 8 Parts, 1868

Rousseau, Alphonse. Geographic Gene-
rale de la Bosnie et de 1'Herzegovine.
8 1868

Rousset, L. A Travers la Chine. Map.
12 Paris, 1878

Roussillon, Due du. Origines, Migra-
tions, Philologie, et Monuments Antiques.
Parts I, 2. 8* 1867

Roussin, Amiral le Baron. Memoir on
the Navigation of the West Coast of
Africa, from Cape Bojador to Mount
Souzos, 1817-18. Translated from the
French by Lieut. J. Badgley. 4 1827
[Bound up with Capt. Owen's Tables
of Latitudes and Longitudes.]
Pilote du Bresil, ou Description des
Cotes de 1'Amerique Meridionale ; com-
prises entre Pile Santa-Catarina et celle
de Maranao, avec les Instructions neces-
saires pour atterir et Naviguer sur ces
Cotes, 1819-20. 8 Paris, 1827

Roustan, Honore. La Republique de
1'Uruguay a 1'Exposition Universelle de
Paris, 1889. Map. 4 Montevideo, 1889
See Pena.

Routier, Gaston. L' Agriculture, la Flore,
les Mines, et la Faune de Madagascar.
4* Rouen, 1890

Rouvier, C. Cartes du Congo Franais :
Note sur la Construction des Cartes
levees pendant le cours d'une Mission
au Congo en 1885-86. Map. 8*

Paris, 1887

Rouwolf, Leendert. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix I.

Roux, Hugues le. Au Sahara. Illus-
trations. 12 Paris, N.D.

Roux, Jules Ch. Le Canal de Panama
en 1886. Map, plans, and plates. 4

Marseilles, 1886

Rouzier, S. Dictionnaire geographique

et administratif universel d'Haiti illustre

. . . ou Guide General en Haiti. Vol.

i, A F. Maps and illustrations. 8

Paris [1891]

Vol. 2, G H. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 Paris, 1894

Rowan, J. J. The Emigrant and Sports-
man in Canada : some Experiences of
an old Country Settler, with Sketches of
Canadian Life, Sporting Adventures, and
Observations on the Forests and Fauna.
Map. 8 1876

Rowe, G. S. See Williams and Calvert.



Rowell, G. A. On the Change of Tempera-
ture in Europe, and the Variation of the
Magnetic Needle. Map. 8* 1853

Rowlands, C. Henry M. Stanley : The
Story of his Birth in 1841 to his Dis-
covery of Livingstone in 1871. Plates.
Small 8 1872

Rowlands, Rev. Daniel. The Fish-
guard Invasion by the French in 1797.
Some passages taken from the diary of
the late Reverend Daniel Rowlands,
some time Vicar of Llanfiangelpenybont.
Illustrations. 8 1892

Rowles, Richard. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 8 ; Purchas, Vol.
I, Book 3 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
I : Appendix i.

Rowley, Henry. The Story of the Uni-
versities' Mission to Central Africa, from
its commencement, under Bishop Mac-
kenzie, to its withdrawal from the
Zambesi. Maps and plates. 8 1866

Roxas, S. A. 'de. See Angelis, Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Roxburgh, Dr Wm. See Dalrymple,
Repertory, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Roy, Rev. Father Le. A Travers le

Zanguebar. Map and illustrations. 8

Paris, 1884

Roy, Josef Jansz. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Royle, John F. Essay on the Productive
Resources of India. Royal 8 1840

Ruard de Card, E. El Arbitraje Inter-
nacional en el pasado, en el presente i
en el porvenir. (Traducido del frances. )
8* Santiago de Chile, 1877

Rubriques, William de. Ambassadeur
de Saint Louis en Orient. Recit de son
Voyage. Traduit de 1'Original Latin et
Annote par Louis de Backer. 12

Paris, 1877

See Astley, Vol. 4 ; Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. I ; Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr,
Vol. i ; Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Purchas,
Vol. 3, Book i ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

Rucellai, G. See Alamanni.

Rudge, Thomas. General View of the

Agriculture of the County of Gloucester.

Maps. 8 1807

Rudinger, N. Ueber die Wege und Ziele

der Hirnforschung. 4 Munich, 1893
Rudler, F. W. See Stanford.
Ruelens, C. See Eredia.
Ruge, Dr Sophus. Ueber Compas und

Compaskarten. Map. 8* Dresden [1868]

Geschichte des Zeitalters der Entdeck-
ungen. Maps and illustrations. 8

Berlin, 1881-83

- Abhandlungen und Vortrage zur
Geschichte der Erdkunde. 8

Dresden, 1888

Ruge, Dr Sophus. Christoph Columbus.

(Fuhrende Geister. Eine Sammlung von

Biographieen. Herausgegeben von Dr

Anton Bettelheim. Vierter Band. ) Map

and portrait. 12 Dresden, 1892

Rugendas, M. Malerische Reise in Bra-

silien. Plates. Folio Paris, 1835

Ruggerius. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2 :

Appendix I.
Ruidiaz y Caravia. Eugenio. La

Florida. 2 vols. Maps and illustrations.

8 Madrid, 1893-94

Ruis, Augustin. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 :

Appendix I.
Rumbold, Sir Horace. The Great Silver

River : Notes of a Residence in Buenos

Ayres in 1880 and 1881. Illustrations.

8 1887

Rukt, Shah. See Rokh.
Rumford, Count. The Complete Works

of. 4 vols. 8 Boston, Mass., 1870-75

See Ellis, G. E. [additional volume].

Rumsey, Commr. R. Murray. Report

on Survey of the Ancobra River, and on
the Axim Gold Region, West Africa.
Sketch maps. Folio* 1882

Randall, Major F. M. Manual of the
Siyin Dialect spoken in the Northern
Chin Hills. 8 Rangoon, 1891

The Siyin Chins. Roy. Geog. Soc.

Suppl. Papers, Vol. 3. Map. Large
8 1893

Randall. Thomas. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vols. 5, 8: Appendix I.

Rupibus, Petrus de. See Hakluyt, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Riippel, Eduard. Reisen in Nubien,
Kordofan und dem petraischen Arabien,
vorziiglich in geographisch - statistischer
Hinsicht. 8 1829

Reise in Abyssinien. 2 vols. 8

Frankfort-o-M., 1838-40
Ruschenberger, Dr W. S. W. Narra-
tive of a Voyage round the World during
the years 1835, 1836, and 1837 ; includ-
ing a Narrative of an Embassy to the
Sultan of Muscat and the Kingdom of
Siam. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1838

Rusden, G. W. The Discovery, Survey,
and Settlement of Port Phillip. Maps.
8* 1872

History of Australia. 3 vols. Map.

8 1883

- History of New Zealand. 3 vols.
Afap, plans, and plates. 8 1883

Aureretanga : Groans of the Maoris.

8* 1888

The Great Refusal, by Vindex. 8* 1890

The Law of Libel. 8* 1890

Rush, George. Accounts of Ascents in
the Nassau and Victoria Balloons, 1838,
1849, and 1850; with a Description of
Rush's Registered Dials for the Im-
proved Aneroid Barometer, and Ap-
pendix by W. H. Jones. 8* 1851



Ruskin, John. The Future of England.
[A Paper read at the R.A. Institution.]
8* 1869

Russegger, Joseph. Beitrage zur Physiog-
nomik, Geognosie, und Geographic des
Afrikanischen Tropenlandes. 8* 1840

Reisen in Europa, Asien, und Africa ;

mil l^esonderer Riicksicht auf die natur-
wissenchaftlichen Verhaltnisse der be-
treffenden Lander, in 1835-41. Vol. i.
8 Stuttgart, 1841

Russell, Alexander. The Natural His-
tory of Aleppo and Parts adjacent ;
together with an Account of the Climate,
Inhabitants, and Diseases, particularly of
the Plague. Coloured plates. 4 1756

The same. 2nd edition. Notes by

P. Russell. 2 vols. 4 1794

See "The World Displayed," Vol.
13, p. 609 : Appendix i.

Russell, Dr. See Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 :

Appendix I.
Russell, Hon. F. A. Rollo. See Symons,

G. J.
Russell, Major Frank S. See United

Kingdom, G, War Office Publications :

Appendix 2.
Russell, G. See Phillips, Voyages and

Travels [3], Vol. I : Appendix I.
Russell, Count Henry. Biarritz and

Basque Countries. Map. Small 8 1873
Souvenirs d'un Montagnard (1858-88).

Small 8 Pan, 1888

Russell, H. C. Abstract of Meteorological

Observations made in New South Wales,

up to the end of 1869 ; with Remarks on

the Climate. 8* Sydney, 1871

Results of Meteorological Observa-
tions made in New South Wales, during
the years 1872-84. 4 vols. Diagrams.
8 1873-92

Climate of New South Wales, De-
scriptive, Historical, and Tabular.
Diagrams. 8 Sydney, 1877

Storms on the Coast of New South

Wales. Maps. 8* 1878

Results of Rain Observations made

in New South Wales during 1878. Map.
8* Sydney, 1879

Results of Rain and River Observa-
tions made in New South Wales during
1879. 8* Sydney, 1880

Papers read before the Astronomical

Section of the Royal Society of New
South Wales, 1878-79. 8*

{Sydney, 1879-80]

The "Gem" Cluster in Argo. Plate.

8* [Sydney, 1880]

The Went worth Hurricane. Map.

8* [Sydney, 1880]

Note upon a Sliding-Scale for cor-
recting Barometer Readings to 32 F.
and Mean Sea-Level. Diagram, 8*

\Sydf v, 1880]

Russell, H. C. Some New Double Stars

and Southern Binaries. Diagrams. 8*

[Sydney, 1 880]

Recent Changes in the Surface of

Jupiter. Diagrams. 8* [Sydney, 1881]

Thunder and Hail Storms in New

South Wales. Diagram. 8*

[Sydney, 1881]

Results of Rain and River Observa-
tions made in New South Wales, during

1880. Map and diagram. 8*

[Sydney, 1881]

Results of Double Star Measures

made at the Sydney Observatory, New
South Wales, 1871-81. Diagrams. 8*

Sydney, 1882
Transit of Mercury, 8th November

1 88 1. 8* [Sydny, 1882]
Results of Rain and River Observa-

tions made in New South Wales, during
1 88 1. Map and diagrams. 8*

Sydney, 1882

- The same, during 1883 and 1884.
Maps and diagrams. 8* Sydney, 1884-85

- The same, during 1885. Map and
diagrams. 8* Sydney, 1886

Anniversary Address. (Delivered to

the Royal Society of N.S.W., 6th May
1885.) 8* 1885

Local Variations and Vibrations of

the Earth's Surface. Diagrams. 8*

[Sydney, 1 886]

Notes upon the History of Floods in

the River Darling. Diagram. 8*

[Sydney, 1887]

Notes upon Floods in Lake George.

Diagrams. 8* [Sydney, 1887]

Results of Rain and River Observa-
tions made in New South Wales, and
part of Queensland, during 1886. Maps
and diagrams. 8* Sydney, 1 887

Results of Meteorological Observa-
tions, 1885-1889. Diagrams. 8

Sydney, 1887-91

On the New Self- Recording Thermo-
meter. 8* [1888]

Astronomical and Meteorological

Workers in New South Wales, 1778 to
1860. 8* [Sydney, 1888]

Proposed Method of Recording Varia-

tions in the direction of the Vertical.

[Sydney, 1888]

The Source of the Underground
Water in the Western Districts. 8* [1889]

Results of Rain, River, and Evapora-
tion Observations made in New South
Wales, during 1887 and 1888. Map and
diagrams. 8 Sydney, 1888-89

Results of Rain, River, and Evapora-
tion Observations made in New South
Wales, during 1 889. Maps and diagrams.
8 Sydney, 1890

Preparations now lacing made in
Sydney Observatory for the Photographic
Chart of the Heavens. Plate, 8* 1891



Russell, H. C. Hailstorms. Chart. 8*
Sydney, 1892

Physical ' Geography and Climate of
New South Wales. 2nd edition. Maps.
8* Sydney, 1892

Results of Meteorological Observa-
tions made in New South Wales during
1890, under the direction of H. C.
Russell. Map. 8 Sydney, 1892

Diagram of Isothermal Lines of New

South Wales. Large 8* Sydney, 1892

Results of Rain, River, and Evapora-
tion Observations made in New South
Wales, 1890-92. Maps. 8

Sydney, 1891-93

Pictorial Rain Maps. Map. 8*

Sydney, 1893

Moving Anticylones in the Southern

Hemisphere. (From the Quarterly
Journal of the Royal Meteorological
Society, Vol. 19, No. 85, January 1893.)
Diagrams. Large 8* 1893

On Meteorite No. 2 from Gilgoin

Station. 8* Sydney, 1893

President's Address at the First Meet-

ing of the Australian Association for the
Advancement of Science. 8* N.D.

Russell, Henry Stuart. The Genesis of
Queensland : an Account of the First
Exploring Journeys to and over Darling
Downs ; the Earliest Days of their
Occupation . . ; a Resume of the Causes
which led to Separation from New South
Wales. With portrait and maps. Large
8 Sydney, 1888

Russell, Israel C. An Expedition to
Mount St Elias, Alaska. Maps and
plates. Large 8 Washington, 1891

See United States, G, c, Surveys :

Appendix 2.

Russell, Bishop Michael. Palestine, or
the Holy Land, from the earliest period
to the present time. 3rd edition. Map
and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1832

View of Ancient and Modern Egypt,

with an Outline of its Natural History.
Map and plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1832

Nubia and Abyssinia ; comprehending

their Civil History, Antiquities, Arts,
Religion, Literature, and Natural His-
tory. Map and plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1833

History of the Present Condition of the

Barbary States ; comprehending a View
of their Civil Institutions, Antiquities,
Arts, Religion, Literature, Commerce,
Agriculture, and Natural Productions.
Map ami plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1835

History of Ancient and Modern

Egypt, its Temples and Monuments.
Map and plates. 12 1852

Russell, Robert. Natal, the Land and its
Story : a Geography and History for the
use of Schools. Map. 12

Pietermaritzbtirg, 1 89 1

The same. 3rd edition. Map

Pietermaritzburg) 1894

Russell, Dr W. H. A Visit to Chile and
the Nitrate Fields of Tarapaca, &c.
Maps aitd illustrations. 4 1890

Rust, . Die deutsche Emin Pascha-
Expedition. Map. 8 Berlin, 1890

Riitimeyer, L. Beitrage zu einer Palseon-
tologischen Geschichte der Wiederkauer
zunachst an Linne's Genus Bos. 8*

Bale, 1865

Ueber Thai- und See-Bildung. Bei-
trage zum Verstandniss der Oberflache der
Schweiz. Map. 4* Bale, 1869

Rutter, W. See Kerr, Vol. 7; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Ruxton, George F. Adventures in
Mexico and the Rocky Mountains.
Small 8 1847

The Oregon Question, &c. See

United States, K, Oregon Question :
Appendix 2.

Ryan, P. See Sadlier.

Ryan, W. Redmond. Personal Adven-
tures in Upper and Lower California in
1848-49. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1851

Ryder, C. Forslag og Plan til en Un-

dersogelse af Gronlands 6'stkyst fra 66

til 73. N. Br. 8* Copenhagen, 1890

- Den Ostgronlandske Expedition.

Maps. 4* Copenhagen^ 1892

Rye, E. C. New Guinea Bibliography.
(Extracted from the Royal Geographical
Society's Supplementary Papers, Vol. i.)
8* 1884

Rykatschew, M. Ueber den Auf- und
Zugang der Gewasser des Russischen
Reiches ; Zweiter Supplementband zum
Repertorium fiir Meteorologie heraus-
gegeben von der Kaiserlichen Academic
der Wissenschaften. Maps. 4

St Petersburg, 1887

Results with Monro's Anemograph,

1883-85. [In Russian]

St Petersburg, 1889

Rylands, Thomas Glazebrook. The
Geography of Ptolemy Elucidated. Maps
and illustrations. 4 Dublin, 1893

"Rynda." See Tilley.

S , V. de. Zambesia : the Anglo- Luso- '

African Difficulty Explained. By V. de
S. 8* 1890

Sa, G. de. See Portuguese Voyages, &c.,
p. 612 : Appendix I.

Sa, Pedro de. See Churchill, Vol. 8 :
Appendix I.

Saabye, Hans Egede. Bruchstiikke eines
Tagebuches gehalten in Gronlandin 1770
bis 1778, aus dem Danischen iibersetzt
von G. Fries. Map. 8 Hamburg, 1817

See Egede, Hans.

Saavedra, A. See Burney, Vol. i ; Cal-
lander, Vol. I ; Navarette, Vol. 5 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 18 : Appendix I.

4 i6


Sabatier, Camille. Touat, Sahara, et
Soudan. Etude geographique, politique,
economique, et militaire. Afap. 8

Paris, 1891

Sabine, Gen. Sir Edward. Account of
Experiments to Determine the Figure of
the Earth by means of the Pendulum
vibrating Seconds in different Latitudes,
as well as on various other subjects of
Philosophical Inquiry. (Also containing
a Brief Account of Capt. Clavering's
Voyage to the Arctic Regions.) Maps.
4 1825

Report on the Phenomena of Ter-
restrial Magnetism : being an Abstract of
the " Magnetismus der Erde" of Prof.
Ch. Hansteen. Maps. 8 1836

Report of the Variations of the Mag-
netic Intensity observed at different points
of the Earth's Surface. Maps. 8* 1838
Discussion of Magnetic Observations
made during the Voyages of H.M. ships
"Adventure" and "Beagle," 1826-36.
8 1838

Report on the Magnetic Isoclinal and

Isodynamic Lines in the British Islands.
Plates. 8* 1839

Observations made at the Magnetic

Observatories of Toronto in Canada,
Trevandrum in the East Indies, and St
Helena, during a remarkable Magnetic
Disturbance on the 2.5th and 26th of
September 1841. 8 1841

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