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for both Hemispheres. Diagrams. Royal
8* 1852

Sedgwick, Professor. See Livingstone.

Sedillot, . Notice sur une Carte Routiere
de Mesched a Bokhara et de Bokhara a
Balkh, d'apres la Traduction de M.
Garcin de Tessy. Maps. 8* Paris, 1852

- See Hansteen.

Seebohm, F. The Crisis of Emancipa-
tion in America. 8* 1865

Seebohm, Henry. Siberia in Europe : a
Visit to the Valley of the Petchora in
North-east Russia ; with Descriptions of
the Natural History, Migration of Birds,
&c. Map and illustrations. 8 1880



Seebohm, Henry. Siberia in Asia : a
Visit to the Valley of the Yenesay in East
Siberia ; with Description of the Natural
History, Migration of Birds, &c. Map
and illustrations. Crown 8 1882

Seeley, H. G. The Fresh- water Fishes
of Europe : a History of their Genera,
Species, Structure, Habits, and Distribu-
tion. Illustrations. Large 8 1886

Seeley, J. R. See Trendell.

Seemann, Berthold. Narrative of the
Voyage of H.M.S. " Herald," 1845-51,
under the command of Capt. Henry
Kellett : being a Circumnavigation of
the Globe, and Three Cruises to the
Arctic Regions in search of Sir John
Franklin. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8


The Zoology of the Voyage of

H.M.S. "Herald" . . . Edited by
Prof. Edward Forbes ; Vertebrals, in-
cluding Fossil Mammals, by Sir John
Richardson. Plates. 4 1854

Viti : an Account of a Government

Mission to the Vitian or Fijian Islands
in the years 1 860-6 1. Map and plates.
8 1862

See Galton, Vacation Tourists ;


Seetzen, Ulrich Jasper. Brief Account
of the Countries adjoining the Lake of
Tiberias, the Jordan, and the Dead Sea.
Map. 4* Bath, 1810

Reisen durch Syrien, Palastina, Pho-
nicien, die Transjordan- Lander, Arabia
Petraea, und Unter-Aegypten. Heraus-
gegeben und commentirt von Prof. Dr
F. Kruse in Verbindung mit Prof. Dr
Hinrichs, Dr G. F. H. Miiller, und
mehreren andern Gelehrten. Vols. I and
2 in one. 8 Berlin, 1854

Seguin, J. Les Antiquitez d'Arles,
traitees en maniere d'entretien et
d'ltineraire. Small 4 Aries, 1687

Segura, JoseC. , and Manuel D. Cordero.
Resena sobre el cultivo de algunas
Plantas industriales que se explotan en
la Repiiblica. Plates. 8 Mexico, 1884

Seilliere, Ernest. Une Excursion a
Ithaque : Dessins de Pierre Vignal d'apres
les photographies de 1'auteur. 4

Paris, 1892

Seidel, Ludwig. Untersuchungen iiber
die Lichtstarke der Planeten Venus,
Mars, Jupiter, und Saturn. 4

Munich, 1859

Sein-ko. See Taw Sein-ko.

Selberg, Eduard. Reis naar Java en
Bezoek op het Eiland Madura ; vrij
vertaald, naar het Hoogduitsch . . .
door W. L. de Sturler. Map. 8

Amsterdam, 1846

Selby, W. B. Memoir on the Ruins of
Babylon. [From the India Records,
No. 51.] Plans. Royal 8 Bombay, 1859

Selby, W. B. Directions for approaching
Bombay. 8* N.P., N.D.

Seler, Dr Edward. Reisebriefe aus
Mexiko. Illustrations. 8 Berlin, 1889

Selfridge, T. O. Reports of Explora-
tions and Surveys to ascertain the Prac-
ticability of a Ship-Canal between the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the way
of the Isthmus of Darien. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1874

Selim, Capt. Premier Voyage a la re-
cherche des Sources du Bahr-el-Abiad ou
Nil-Blanc. 8* Paris, 1840

Sella, V., and D. Vallino. Monte Rosa
and Gressoney. Illustrations. Oblong
8 [1890]

Nel Caucaso Centrale. Note di

Escursioni colla Camera oscura. Map
and illustrations. 8 Turin, 1890

Selous, Frederick Courteney. A Hunter's
Wanderings in Africa : being a Nar-
rative of Nine Years spent amongst the
Game of the Far Interior of South
Africa, containing Accounts of Explora-
tions . . ; with full Notes upon the
Natural History and Present Distribu-
tion of all the large Mammalia. 2nd
edition. Map and illustrations. 8 1890

Travel and Adventure in South-east

Africa : being the Narrative of the last
Eleven Years spent by the Author on the
Zambesi and its Tributaries ; with an
Account of the Colonisation of Mashuna-
land, and the progress of ' the Gold
Industry of that Country. Map and
illustrations. 8 1893

Selwyn, Alfred R. C. See Stanford, E. ;
also Victoria, D : Appendix i.
and George H. F. Ulrich. Inter-
colonial Exhibition Essays, 1 866. Notes
on the Physical Geography, Geology, and
Mineralogy of Victoria. Map and plates.
8* Melbourne, 1866

and G. M. Dawson. Descriptive

Sketch of the Physical Geography and
Geology of the Dominion of Canada.
Map. 8 Montreal, 1884

Selwyn, Capt. J. H. Explanation of the
Floating Cylinders for Laying Telegra-
phic Submarine Cables. Plate. 4* N.D.

Semenoff, P. Geographico - Statistical
Lexicon of the Russian Empire. [In
Russian.] 5 vols. Large 8

St Petersburg, 1863-85

Semmes, Raphael. My Adventures
Afloat : a Personal Memoir of My
Cruises and Services in " The Sumter "
and "Alabama." Vol.2. 8 1869

Semper, Dr Karl. Die Philippinen
und ihre Bewohner. Sechs Skizzen.
Maps. 8 Wiirzburg, 1869

Die Palau-Inseln im Stillen Ocean.

8 Leipzig, 1873



Semple, R. See Phillips, Collection of
Modern and Contemporary Voyages and
Travels [i], Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Sen, . Le Relief du Mont-Blanc et
des Sommites Environnantes. 8*

Geneva, 1844

See Jomard.

Senhouse, Humphrey le Fleming.
Graham Island. [Copy of a Letter dated
5th August 1831.] 8* [1831]

Senillosa, Don F. Programa de un Curso
de Geometria. 8* Buenos Ayres, 1825
Memoria sobre los Pesos y Medidas.
8* Buenos Ay res, 1835

Senior, N. W. A Journal kept in Turkey
and Greece in the Autumn of 1857 and
the beginning of 1858. Maps and plates.
8 1859

"Senjawin." See Kittlitz.

Seoane, Guillermo A. Tribunales de

Arbitraje : Centra-Memorandum sobre

algunas Reclamaciones Francesas pre-

sentado al Tribunal Franco-Chileno. 8

Santiago, 1885

Sepp, Ant. See Churchill, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix i.

Sequeira, Diego Lopez de. See Gott-
fried : Appendix I.

Sequeira, Gonsalo de. See Gottfried :
Appendix i.

Serena, Carla. Mon Voyage : Souvenirs
personnels I. De la Baltique a la Mer
Caspienne ; 2. Une Europeenne en Perse.
Portrait and frontispiece. 12

Paris [1881]

Hommes et Choses en Perse. Por-
trait and plates. 12 Paris, 1883

Serrano, M. Ramon. Derrotero del
Estrecho de Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego
i Canales de la Patagonia. Desde el
Canal de Chacao hasta el Cabo de Hornos.
Plates. I/arge 8 Santiago de Chile, 1891

Serrant, Emile. Le Bispain pour 1' Ali-
mentation du Soldat en Campagne et du
Marin. 8* Paris, N.D.

Les Mines d'Or du Bambouk. 8*

Paris, 1888

Serrurier, L. Professor Schlegel's zoo-
genaamcle Kritiek van het Japansch-
Nederlandsch en Japansch- Engelsch
Woordenboek. Deel 3. 8* Leyden, 1893

Sessions, Frederick. The Gonds of
Central India, their Country, Religion,
and Customs. (Reprinted from The
Friends^ Quarterly Examiner. ) 8* N. D.

Sesti, Don Battista G. Piante delle
Citta, &c., di Milano. 4 Milan, 1707

Seton, G. St Kilda, Past and Present.
Map and plates. 8 1878

Seton-Karr, H. W. Shores and Alps of
Alaska. Maps and illustrations. 8


Ten Years' Wild Sports in Foreign

Lands, or Travels in the Eighties. 8


Settimanni, Cesare. D'une nouvelle
Methode pour determiner la Parallaxe
du Soleil. 8* Florence, 1869

D'un seconde Nouvelle Melhode pour
determiner la Parallaxe du Soleil. 8*

Florence, 1870

Seue, C. de. La Neve de Justedal et ses
Glaciers. Map and plates. 4*

Christ iania, 1870

Windrosen des siidlichen Norwegens.

Tables. 4* Christ iania, 1876

Historisk Beretning om Norges

Geografiske Opmaaling fra den Stiftelse
i 1773 indtil Udgangen af 1876. Maps.
8 Christianid, 1876

Seume, G. J. A Tour through Part of
Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Den-
mark, &c., during the summer of 1805.
Translated from the German. Plates.
8 1807

See Phillips [i], Vol. 7 : Appendix I.
Seve, Edouard. La Patria Chilena : le

Chili telqu'ilest. I. 8 Valparaiso, 1876

Seward, A. C. Fossil Plants as Tests of
Climate : being the Sedgwick Prize Essay
for the year 1892. 8 1892

Seward, William. Journal of a Voyage
from Savannah to Philadelphia, and from
Philadelphia to England, 1740. 8 1740

Sewastionoff, Pierre de. See Ptolemy.

Sewell, Robert. See Weber, A.

Sewerzow, N. Travels in Turkestan
and Researches in the Thian-Shan. [In
Russian.] Maps and illustrations. 8
St Petersburg, 1873

Erforschungdes Thian-Schan-Gebirgs-

Systems, 1867. (Erganzungsheft, 42 and
43 Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) Col-
oured map. 4 Gotha, 1875

Sexe, S. A. Mrerker efter en listid i
Omegnen af Hardangerfjorden. Map.
4* Christiania, 1866

Boiumbneen, i Juli 1868. Universi-

tets- Program for Forste Semester 1869.
Plate. 4* Christiania, 1869

Seyd, Ernest. California and its Re-
sources : a Work for the Merchant, the
Capitalist, and the Emigrant. Maps and
plates. 8 1858

Seymour, G. L. See Lane-Poole, S.

Seymour, H. D. Russia on the Black
Sea and Sea of Azof : being a Narrative
of Travels in the Crimea and bordering
Provinces. Maps. 8 1855

Shabeeny, . See Jackson, J. G.

Shadwell, C. F. A. Tables for Facili-
tating the Approximate Prediction of
Occultations and Eclipses for any parti-
cular place. Diagrams. 8 1847

Tables for Facilitating the Determina-
tion of the Latitude at Sea by the Simul-
taneous Altitudes of two Stars. 8 1849

Tables for Facilitating the Determina-
tion of the Latitude and Time at Sea by
Observations of the Stars. 8 1854



Shadwell, C. F. A. Formuke of Navi-
gation and Nautical Astronomy, on 12
Cards, in case. 12 1856 and 1859

Tables for Facilitating the Reduction
of Lunar Observations. 8 1860

Notes on the Management of Chrono-
meters and the Measurement of Meridian
Distances. 8 1855 and 1861

Notes on Interpolation, Mathematical

and Practical. 8 1879

Shaffner, Tal. P. The Telegraph Manual:
a Complete History and Description of
the Semaphoric, Electric, and Magnetic
Telegraphs of Europe, Asia, Africa, and
America, Ancient and Modern. Portraits
and illustrations. 8 New York, 1859

Shahamet Ali. The Sikhs and Afghans,
in connection with India and Persia,
immediately before and after the death of
Ranjeet Singh. 8 1847

Shakespear, A. Memoir of the Statistics
of the North-Western Provinces of the
Bengal Presidency. Royal 8

Calcutta, 1848

Shakespear, John. Muntakhabat-i-Hindi :
or Selections in Hindustani, with Verbal
Translations or particular Vocabularies,
and a Grammatical Analysis of some
parts. Vol. i. 4 1824

Shakespear, Capt. Sir Richmond. See
Black wood, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Shaler, Prof. N. S. Aspects of the Earth :
a Popular Account of some familiar Geo-
logical Phenomena. Illustrations. 8


Nature and Man in America. Crown

8 1892

Share, James M. Great Circle Tables
for the North Atlantic, by which the
Great Circle and Mercator Courses, &c.,
may be easily found ; together with Short
Practical Rules and Corresponding Ex-
amples in Great Circle Sailing. 4 1852

The Lee Shore, or Loss of H.M.S.

" Warrior," and other Poems. 12 1856

Tables for Ascertaining a Ship's

Distance from the Summit of High Land,
having taken its Altitude above the Sea
Horizon with a Sextant ; with a Short
Distance Table. 4 1857

t'harland, Emily Cruwys. Coin of the
Realm ; what is it ? or Talks about Gold
and Silver Coins . . . ; also, as an
Appendix, an Exchange Calculus (Five
Papers), and a Memorandum on Money,
with Valuable and Original Tables by
John Henry Norman. 8 1888

Sharp, Capt. Bartholomew, and others.
Voyages and Adventures in the South
Sea ; also Capt. Van Horn with his Buc-
canieres surprizing of la Vera Cruz ; to
which is added the true Relation of Sir
Henry Morgan his Expedition against
the Spaniards in the West Indies, and

Sharp, Capt. B., &c. continued.

his taking Panama, together with the
President of Panama's Account of the
same Expedition ; and Col. Beeston's
adjustment of the Peace between the
Spaniards and English in the West
Indies. 8 1684

See Callander, Vol. 2 ; Hacke : Ap-
pendix i.

Sharp, David. An Address read before
the Entomological Society of London.
8* 1889

Sharp, Samuel. See "The Modern
Traveller," Vol. 4, p. 610: Appendix i.

Sharpe, R. B. See " Erebus " and
" Terror."

Sharpe, Reginald R. Calendar of Letters
from the Mayor and Corporation of the
City of London, circa A.D. 1350-70,
enrolled and preserved among the
Archives of the Corporation at the
Guildhall. Edited [with an Introduc-
tion] by Reginald R. Sharpe, D.C.L.
8 1885

Sharpe, Samuel. History of Egypt, from
the Earliest Times till the Conquest by
the Arabs, A.D. 640. 8 1846

Sharpe, A. Report, dated from Sumlx),
S.W. corner of Tanganyika, 8th Sep-
tember 1890, and addressed to Consul-
General Johnston. Folio* 1892

Sharpey, Alex. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Gottfried; Kerr, Vol. 8; Purchas, Vol. I,
Book 3 ; Allgemeine Historic,, Vol. I :
Appendix I.

Shaw, Barnabas. Memorials of South
Africa. Map and plate. 8 1840

Shaw, Miss Flora L. Letters from
Queensland. By The Times Special
Correspondent. 12 ^93

Letters from South Africa. By The
Times Special Correspondent. Re-
printed from The Times of July, August,
September, and October 1892. Crown
8 1893

Shaw, George A. Madagascar and
France : with some Account of the
Island, its People, its Resources, and
Development. Map and illustrations.
Crown 8 1885

Madagascar of To-day : an Account
of the Island, its People, Resources, and
Development. Illustrations. 32 1886

Shaw, Dr J. Ramble through the United
States, Canada, and the West Indies.
8 1856

Shaw, J. The Geography of South Africa,
Physical and Political. 12 1878

Shaw, Dr Norton. Introductory Notice
to Dr Isaac I. Hayes's " Boat Journey,"
with Lists of Arctic Expeditions and
Works. 12* 1860

See Hayes; Jackson, Col. J. R. ;
Nilsson ; Rink.

Shaw, Peter. See Varenius.



Shaw, R. Visits to High Tartary,
Yarkand, and Kashghar [formerly
Chinese Tartary], and Return Journey
over the Karakoram Pass. Maps and
plates. 8 1871

Shaw, Thomas. Travels, or Observations
relating to several parts of Barbary and
the Levant. Maps and plates. 4 1757

Travels, with some Account of the

Author. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8
Edinburgh, 1808
See Pinkerton, Vol. 15; Knox's New

Collection, Vol. 6; "The World Dis-
played," Vols. n, 17, 18 : Appendix i.

Shaw, William. See Dictionaries,
A, Gaelic : Appendix 2.

Shaw's Tour in the West of England.
See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Sheafer, Messrs. See United States,
K, Pennsylvania : Appendix 2.

" Shearwater." See Carpenter, W. B.

Shedden, Robert. Nautical Obervations,
&c., taken during the Voyage of the
" Nancy Dawson " to Behring Strait,
&c. 3 vols. MS. Folio 1848-49

Sheepshanks, R. Reply to Mr Babbage's
Letter " On the Planet Neptune and the
Royal Astronomical Society's Medal."
8* 1847

Sheil, Lady. Glimpses of Life and
Manners in Persia. Plates. 8 1856

Shelbourne, Major Sidney F. Inter-
oceanic Ship Canal : San Bias Route.
Map. 8* New York, 1880

Comparative View of the Panama

and San Bias Routes for an Interoceanic
Canal. 8* New York, 1880

Sheldon, J. P. To Canada and through
it with the British Association. Map
and illustrations. 8 Ottawa, 1885

Sheldon, Mrs M. French. Sultan to
Sultan : Adventures among the Masai
and other Tribes of East Africa. Map,
portrait, and illustrations. Small 4 1892

Shelley, G. E. A Handbook to the Birds
of Egypt. Plates. Large 8 1872

Shelvocke, George. A Voyage round
the World by the way of the Great
South Sea, performed in the years
1719-20-21-22, in the "Speedwell" of
London . . . till she was cast away on
the Island of Juan Fernandes, in May
1720; and afterwards continu'd in the
"Recovery," the "Jesus Maria," and
" Sacra Familia," &c. Map and plates.
8 1726

The same, in the year 1718. 2nd

edition. Maps ami plates. 8 1757

See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Callander, Vol.

3 ; Harris, Vol. i ; Kerr, Vol. 10 :
Appendix i.

Shepard, J. S. Over the Dovrefjelds.
Plate. Small 8 1873

Shepherd, C. W. The North-West
Peninsula of Iceland : being the Journal
of a Tour in Iceland in the Spring and
Summer of 1862. Map and plates. 8 1867

Shepherd, W. Homeward through
Mongolia and Siberia. Map. 8* 1880

Shepherd, Major W. Prairie Ex-
periences in handling Cattle and Sheep.
Map and illustrations. 8 1884

Sheridan, Lieut. -General P. H. Report,
dated 2Olh September 1881, of his Ex-
pedition through the Big Horn Mountains,
Yellowstone National Park, &c. ; to-
gether with Reports of Lieut. -Col. J.
F. Gregory, Surgeon W. H. Forwood,
and Capt. S. C. Kellogg. Maps. 8*

Washington, 1882

Report of an Exploration of Parts
of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, in
1882 ; with the Itinerary of Col. Jas. F.
Gregory, and a Geological and Botanical
Report by Surgeon W. H. Forwood.
Map. 8* Washington, 1882

and W. T. Sherman. Reports of

Inspection made in the summer of 1877
of country north of the Union Pacific
Railroad. Maps and plates. 8

Washington, 1878

Sherley, Sir A. See Shirley.

Sherman, O. T. See United States,
H, b, Signal Service : Appendix 2.

Sherman, W. T. See Sheridan.

Sherriff, William. Report on the North-
ern Shan States. Map and illustration.
Folio* Rangoon, 1889

Sherrin, R. A. A., and J. H. Wallace.
Brett's Historical Series. Early History
of New Zealand : From Earliest Times
to 1840, by R. A. A. Sherrin ; from 1840
to 1845, by J. H. Wallace. Edited by
Thomson W. Leys. Illustrations. 4
Auckland, 1890

Sherwill, Capt. W. S. Report on
the Rivers of Bengal. Maps. Papers
of 1856, '57, and '58, on the Damoodah
Embankments, &c. Afaps. [From India
Records, No. 29.] Royal 8

Bengal, 1858

Shields, G. O. The Big Game of North
America, its Habits, Habitat, Haunts,
and Characteristics ; How, when, and
where to Hunt it. ... Edited by G.
O. Shields ( ' ' Conquina "). Illustrations.
8 1890

Shillibeer, Lieut. J. Narrative of the
"Briton's" Voyage to Pitcairn's Island,
including a Sketch of the Present State
of the Brazils and of Spanish South
America. Plates. 8 1818

See Eyries, Vol. 6 : Appendix i.

Shillinglaw, John J. Narrative of Arctic
Discovery, from the Earliest Period to the
Present Time ; with Details of Measures
adopted for the Relief of Sir John
Franklin. Maps and portrait. 8 1850



Shillinglaw, John J. Cast away on the
Auckland Isles : a Narrative of the
Wreck of the "Grafton," and of the
Escape of the Crew after twenty
months' suffering, from the Private
Journals of Capt. Thus. Musgrave ; with
a Map, and some Account of the Auck-
lands. 8 Melbourne, 1865

Historical Records of Port Phillip :

the First Annals of the Colony of
Victoria. Map and plates. 8

Melbourne, 1879

Shipley, John B. The Full Significance
of 1492. 12 New York, 1890

and Marie A. Shipley. The Eng-
lish Re-discovery and Colonisation of
America. Crown 8 [1890]

Shipley, Mrs John B. Suppressed His-
torical Facts : Roman Catholic Evidence
confirming Leif Erikson's Discovery of
America. 12 New York, 1890

Shipp, Barnard. The History of Hernando
de Soto and Florida, or Record of the
Events of Fifty-six Years, from 1512 to
1568. Maps. Large 8

Philadelphia, 1881

Shirley (or Sherley), Sir Anthony.
Voyages to the West Indies, Central
America, Newfoundland, and Persia.
See Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 9 : Appendix i.

Shirley, William. Letter to the Duke of
Newcastle ; with a Journal of the Siege
of Louisburg, and other Operations of
the Forces, during the Expedition against
the French Settlements on Cape Breton.
8* 1746

Sholl, T. C. The North-West Settle-
ments. [Cuttings from a Newspaper,
containing an Account by T. C. Sholl of
a North Australian Exploring Expedi-
tion.] Folio* N.P., 1866

Shoolbred, J. N. On the Changes in the
Tidal Portion of the River Mersey and
in its Estuary. Maps. 8* 1876

Shooter, Joseph. The Kafirs of Natal
and the Zulu Country. Map and plates.
8 1857

Shore, Hon. Henry Noel. The Flight
of the Lapwing : a Naval Officer's
jottings in China, Formosa, and Japan.
Map and illustrations. 8 1 88 1

Shortland, Edward. Maori Religion and
Mythology, illustrated by Translations of
Traditions, Karakia, &c. ; to which are
added Notes on Maori Tenure of Land.
Small 8 1882

Shortland, Lieut. See Phillip, Governor
Arthur; /wPelham, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Shortland, P. F. Bay of Fundy : Re-
marks for Sailing Directions, made be-
tween the years 1850-55. 8 1856
Bay of Fundy Pilot, from Baccaro
Point to Q noddy Head, including the
Grand Manan Island. 8 1857

Shortland, P. F. Sounding Voyage of
Her Majesty's ship "Hydra," 1868.
Plates. Square 8 1869

Shortrede, Robert. Compendious Loga-
rithmic Tables, embracing Logarithms to
Numbers and Numbers to Logarithms,
with Logarithmic Sines and Tangents to
every Five Minutes of the Quadrant. 8
Edinburgh, 1844

Logarithmic Tables, to Seven Places

of Decimals, containing Logarithms to
Numbers from I to 120,000. . . . Royal
8 Edinburgh, 1844

Shortt, J. Topographical Report on the
Political Districts of Raigurh, Sarungurh,
Sonepore, and Sumbulpore. [From the
India Records, No. 23] Royal 8

Calcutta, 1855

Showell, R. H. Rough Notes on the
Petty Estate of Jowar. See Marriott.

Shreeve, W. Whitaker. Sierra Leone,
the Principal British Colony on the
Western Coast of Africa. 8 1847

Shuck, J. L. Portfolio Chinensis, or a
Collection of authentic Chinese State
Papers illustrative of the History of the
Present Position of Affairs in China ;
with a Translation, Notes, and Introduc-
tion. 8 Macao, 1840

Shufeldt, R. W. Reports of Explorations
and Surveys to ascertain the Practica-
bility of a Ship - Canal between the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the way
of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Maps,
plates, and profiles. 4 Washington, 1872

Shumard, B. F. Report on the Geo-
logical Survey of the State of Missouri.
See United States, K (Missouri) : Ap-
pendix 2.

and G. C. Swallow. Descriptions
of New Fossils from the Coal Measures
of Missouri and Kansas. 8*

St Louis, 1858

Shurtleff, Nath. B. Records of the
Colony of New Plymouth, in New Eng-
land, 1633-89. 8 vols. in 6. 4

Boston, Mass., 1855-57
Shway Yeo. See Scott, J. G.
Sibree, James, junr. Madagascar and its
People : Notes of a Four Years' Resi-
dence ; with a Sketch of the History,
Position, and Prospects of Mission Work
amongst the Malagasy. 8 [1870]

South-East Madagascar : being Notes
of a Journey through the Tanala, Tai-
moro, and Taisaka Countries, in June and
July 1876. Map. 12* Antananarivo, N. D.

The Great African Island : Chapters

on Madagascar, a Popular Account of
Recent Researches, &c. Maps and
plates. 8 1880

A Madagascar Bibliography : includ-
ing Publications in the Malagasy Lan-
guage and a List of Maps of Madagascar.
8 Antananarivo, 1885



Sibree, James, junr. See Megiserus.

Sibley, Dr. See Phillips [i], Vol. 6:
Appendix I.

Sibthorp, Dr. See Walpole, Turkey :
Appendix I.

Sibthorpe, A. B. C. The Geography of

Sierra Leone. Revised, corrected, and

enlarged. 2nd edition. 16* N.D.

- The Geography of the Surrounding

Territories of Sierra Leone. 16* 1892

Sice, Eugene. Traite des Lois Mahome-
tanes, ou Recueil des Lois, Usages, et
Coutumes des Musulmans du Decan.
8 Paris, 1841

Sichel, J. See " Novara."

Sickler, F. K. L. Handbuch der alien
Geographic fuer Gymnasien und zum
Selbstunterricht, mil sleter Ruecksicht
auf die Numismatische Geographic, &c.
2 vols. 8 Cassel, 1822

Sidenbladh, Elis. See Sweden, A (Geo-
logiska Undersokning) : Appendix 2.

Sidi-Aly. Relation des Voyages de Sidi-
Aly fils d'Houtian, nomme ordinaire-
menl Katibi Roumi, Amiral de Soliman
II. Ecrile en Turk ; traduite de 1'alle-
mand, sur la version de M. de Diez, par
M. Moris. 8 Paris, 1827

Sidney, Samuel. The Three Colonies of
Australia New South Wales, Victoria,
South Australia, their Pastures, Copper
Mines, and Gold Fields. Map and illus-
trations. 8 i 853

Sidoti, Jean Baptiste. See Burney, Vol.
5 : Appendix I.

Siebold, C. Th. E. Ueber Partheno-
genesis. 4* Munich, 1862

Siebold, Carl Theodor von. See Hertwig.

Siebold, Ph. Fr. de. , Voyage au Japon
pendant 1823-30. Edition Francaise,
redigee par Montry et Fraissinet, Vols.
i and 5. 8 Paris, 1838 and 1840

Leltre sur 1'utilite des Musees Ethno-

graphiques, et sur 1'importance de leur
creation dans les Etals Europeens qui
possedent des Colonies, ou qui entretien-
nent des Relations Commerciales avec les
autres parties du Monde. Royal 8*

Paris, 1843

Nippon. Archiv zur Beschreibung

von Japan und dessen Neben- und Schutz-
landern ; Jezo mil den Siidlichen Kurilen,
Kraflo, Koorai, und den Liukiu-Inseln,
&c. Vols. 1-6. Maps ami plates. Folio

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