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Ley den, 1852

See Vries.

and P. Melvill de Carnbee. Le

Moniteur des Indes-Orientales et Occi-
dentales, recueil de Memoires et de
Notices Scientifiques et Industriels, de
Nouvelles et de Fails importants con-
cernant les Possessions Neerlandaises
d'Asie et d'Amerique, 1846-49. 3 vols.
Maps and plates. 4

The Hague, 1847-49

Sieger, Dr Robert. Die Schwankungen
der hocharmenischen Seen seit 1800 in
Vergleichung, mil einigen verwandlen
Erscheinungen. Diagrams. 8*

Vienna, 1888

Glelscher- und Seespiegelschwank-

ungen. 12* Munich, 1888

Neue Beilrage zur Statistik der Sees-
piegelschwankungen. 8* Vienna, 1888

Schwankungen der innerafrikanischen

Seen. 8* Vienna, N.I).

Seenschwankungen und Strandvers-

chiebungen in Skandinavien. (Sonder-
abdruck aus der Zeitschrift der Gesells-
chaft fiir Erdkunde zu Berlin XXVIII.
Band 1893. No. I und 6.) 8*

Berlin, 1893

Sievers, Dr W. Ueber die Abhangig-
keil der jelzigen Confessionsverleilung in
Siidwestdeutschland von den friiheren
Territorialgreneen. (Inaugural disserta-
tion zur Erlangung der Philosophischen
Doctorwiirde an der Universitat Got-
tingen. ) 4 Hainbrirg, 1883

Reise in der Sierra Nevada de Santa
Maria. Illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1887
Venezuela, mil einer Karte der Vene-

zolanischen Cordillere, bearbeitet und
gezeichnel auf Basis der Sievers'schen
Forschungen von L. Friederichsen. 8

Hamburg, 1888
See Penck, Geographische Abhand-

lungen, Band 3.

Siewers, Carl. See Tromholt.

Sighelmus, . See Hakluyl, Vol. 2 ;
Kerr, Vol. i ; Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3 :
Appendix i.

Sigismund, Reinhold. Die Aromata in
ihrer Bedeulung fiir Religion, Sillen,
Gebrauche, Handel, und Geographic des
Altertums bis zu den erslen Jahrhun-
derten unserer Zeitrechnung. 8

Leipzig, 1884

Sigsbee, C. D. See Uniled Slates,
F, Coast and Geodelic Survey : Appen-
dix 2.

Sigurdsson, Jon. See Rafn.

Silas, Ferdinand. The Gianl Balloon ;
an Account of its Construclion, and of
the Two Ascenls made by Nadar, lo-
gelher wilh various Scienlific Nolices
respecting the Helice, or Screw, applied
to Aerial Navigation ; compiled from ihe
French of MM. Babinet, Barral, and
Nadar. 8* 1863

Silas, F. See Scherzer.

Siljestrom, P. A. See Gaimard, Paul.

Silliman, Benjamin. See Phillips, New
Voyages and Travels [3], Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix I.

Silva, A. C. da. See Portugal, Lisbon :
Appendix 2.

Silva Figueroa, Garcia. Sec Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 9 : Appendix i.



Silva, J. M. Pereira da. Christovam
Columbo e o clescobrimento da America.
8 A'io tie Janeiro, 1892

Silva, Luiz A. Rebello da. See Santarem.

Silva, Nuno da. See Callander, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Kerr, Vol. IO : Ap-
pendix I.

Silveira, de. See Santarem.

Silver, J. M. W. Sketches of Japanese
Manners and Customs. Illustrated by
native drawings reproduced in ...
chromo-lithography. 4 1867

Silver, S. W. Handbook to South Africa.
Map. Small 8* 1872

The same, including the Cape Colony,

Natal, the Diamond Fields, the Trans-
Orange Republics, &c., also a Gazetteer.
2nd edition. Plates. Small 8 1876

The same, 3rd edition, including the
Transvaal, Orange Free State, &c. Map
and plates. Small 8 1880

Handbook for Australia and New

Zealand, with Seasons' Chart of the
World. Small 8 1874

The same, 3rd edition, including the
Fiji Islands. Map. Small 8 1880

The same, with New Map of the.

Colonies. 5th edition. 1886

Handbook to the Transvaal, British

South Africa : its natural features, indus-
tries, population, and gold-fields. Map.
Small 8 1877

Handbook to Canada : a Guide for
Travellers and Settlers in the Provinces
of Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova
Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia,
Prince Edward Island, North - West
Territories, &c. 2nd edition. Map.
Crown 8 1884

Handbook to South Africa : including

the Cape Colony, the Diamond Fields,
Natal, British Bechuanaland, Bechuana-
land Protectorate, Zambesia and its Gold
Fields, the Transvaal and its Gold Fields,
Orange Free State, &c: Also a Gazetteer
and map. 4th edition. Illustrations.
12 1891

See Buller, W. L.

Silvestre, J. L'Empire d'Annam et le
Peuple Annamite ; Aperju sur la Geo-
graphic, les Productions, ['Industrie les
Ma-lire et les coutumes de 1'Annam,
Map. 12 Paris, 1889

Silvestri, Carlo. Istorica e geografica
descrizione delle antiche paludi Adriane,
ora chiamate Lagune di Venezia . . .
con notizie della citta di Adria, e
Gavello . . . di Rovigo . . . e delle
terre di Lendinara e Badia. Maps.
Small 4 Venice, 1736

Sime, James. Geography of Europe.
Illustrations. 12 1890

Simler, Josias. loske Simleri Vallesire et
Alpium descriptio. 8 Leyden, 1633

Simmonds, P. L. The Commercial Pro-
ducts of the Vegetable Kingdom, con-
sidered in their various uses to Man and
in their relation to the Arts and Manu-
factures, forming a Practical Treatise
and Handbook of Reference for the
Colonist, Manufacturer, Merchant, and
Consumer. 8 1854

Waste Products and Undeveloped
Substances : a Synopsis of progress made
in their economic utilisation during the
last quarter of a century at home and
abroad. 3rd edition. 12 1876

Tropical Agriculture : a Treatise on
the culture, preparation, commerce, and
consumption of the principal products of
the Vegetable Kingdom. 8 1877

The Commercial Products of the Sea ;

or, Marine Contributions to Food, In-
dustry, and Art. 8 1879

Simms, F. W. A Treatise on the
Principal Mathematical and Drawing
Instruments employed by the Engineer,
Architect, and Surveyor ; with a Descrip-
tion of the Theodolite, together with
Instructions in Field-work. Woodcuts.
12 1847

A Treatise on the Principal Mathe-
matical Instruments employed in Sur-
veying, Levelling, and Astronomy, ex-
plaining their Construction, Adjustments,
and Use ; with an Appendix and Tables.
Diagrams. 8 _ 1850
The Sextanf and its Applications ;

including the Correction of Observations
for Instrumental Errors, and the Deter-
mination of Latitude, Time, and Longi-
tude, by various methods, on Land and
Sea, with Examples and Tables. 8 1858

Simon, Gabriel. Voyage en Abyssinie
et chez les Gallas-Raias : L'Ethiopie,
ses mceurs, ses traditions, le Negouss
Johannes, les Eglises monolithes de Lali-
bela. Map and illustrations. 8

Paris, 1885

Simon, G. E. China : its Social, Politi-
cal, and Religious Life. From the French
of G. Eug. Simon. 8 1887

Simon, Pedro. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vol. 28 : Appendix I.

Simond, L. Journal of a Tour and Resi-
dence in Great Britain, during the years
1810 and 1811. 2nd edition. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1817

Switzerland in 1817-19 ; with an

Historical Sketch of the Manners and
Customs of Ancient and Modern
Helvetia. 2 vols. 8 1823

See Phillips, New Voyages and

Travels [3], Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

Simonin, L. La Toscane et la Mer
Tyrrhenienne : Etudes et Explorations.
12 Paris, 1868



Simonoff, L. J. Description of an Astro-
nomical Observatory of the Imperial
Kazan University. [In Russian.] Plates.
8* St Petersburg, 1838

Simonsen, Vedel. Biedrag til Danske
Slottes og Herreborges . . . Historic.
12 Odense, 1840

Biedrag til Odense Byes Aeldre

Historic. Vol. I. 12 Odense, 1842

Samlinger til Hagenskov Slots, nuvae-

rende Frederiksgaves, Historic. 12*

Odense, 1842

Simony, Dr Friedrich. Das Dachstein-

gebiet, ein geographisches Charakterbild

aus den Osterreichischen Nordalpen.

Erste Lieferung. Photographs, &*c. 4

Vienna, 1889

Das Schwinden des Karlseisfeldes

nach 50 jahrigen Beobachtungen und
Aufnahmen. Photographs. 8

Vienna, 1891
Begleitwort zur zweiten Lieferung

des Werkes das Dachsteingebiet. Plates.
4 Vienna, 1893

Verzeichniss der in Druck veroffent-

lichten Arbeiten von Friedrich Simony,
von Dr A. E. Forster. Large 8

Vienna, 1893

Simpson, Alex. The Sandwich Islands :
Progress of Events since their Discovery
by Capt. Cook, their Occupation by
Lord George Paulet, their Value and
Importance. Maps. 8 !&43

The Oregon Territory, &c. See
United States, K (Oregon) : Appendix 2.

Simpson, Edward. See United States,
E, a, Hydrographic Office Publications,
No. 92 : Appendix 2.

Simpson, Sir George. Narrative of a
Journey round the World during 1841-
42. 2 vols. Map and portrait. 8 1847

Simpson, Capt. James H. Report of the
Route from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to
Santa- Fe, New Mexico. Maps. 8*

Washington, 1850

Report of Wagon Road Routes in

Utah Territory. 8* Washington, 1859

Simpson, John. Results of Thermo-
metrical Observations made at the
"Plover's" Wintering - place, Point
Barrow. Plate. 8* 1857

Simpson, J. H. See United States, K
(Texas) : Appendix 2.

Simpson, Thomas. Narrative of the Dis-
coveries on the North Coast of America
effected by the Officers of the Hudson's
Bay Company during 1836-39. Map.
8 1843

Simpson, W. A Private Journal kept
during the Niger Expedition, from the
commencement in May 1841 until the
recall of the Expedition in June 1842.
8 1843

Sims, A. A Vocabulary of Kibangi, as
spoken by the Babangi (commonly called
Bayansi) on the Upper Congo, from Kwa
Mouth (Kasai) to Liboko (Bangala).
English-Kibangi. 12 1 886

A Vocabulary of the Kiteke, as

spoken by the Bateke (Batio) and kindred
Tribes on the Upper Congo. English-
Kiteke. 12 1886

Simson, Alfred. Travels in the Wilds
of Ecuador and the Exploration of the
Putumayo River. Map. Crown 8 1886

Simson, Robert. Account of the Life
and Writings of, by W. Trail. Portrait
and plate. 4 Bath, 1812

Sinclair, A. See Ross, A.

Sinclair, A. C. , and R. Fyfe Lawrence.
The Handbook of Jamaica for 1883,
comprising Historical, Statistical, and
General Information concerning the

Island. 8
- The same, for 1884-85.

The same, for 1885-86.

The same, for 1886-87.


The jame, for 1887-88. Map.
The same, for 1888 89. Map.





Shetland and the
Edinburgh, 1840
The Statistical

Sinclair, Catherine.
Shetlanders. 8

Sinclair, Sir John.

Account of Scotland, drawn up from the
Communications of the Ministers of the
different Parishes. 21 vols. 8

Edit tint rgh , 1 7 9 ' - 99

Analysis of I he Statistical Account of

Scotland, wiih a General View of the
History of that Country. Part 2. 8


The Correspondence of the Right

Honourable Sir J. Sinclair. . . . Illus-
trated by Facsimiles of Two Hundred
Autographs. 2 vols. Map ami portrait.
8 . 1831

Sinding, Otto. See Nansen.

Sinkel, E. Ma Vie de Marin. Vol. I.
Small 8 Brussels, 1872

Sinnett, Mrs Percy. See Hue; Moll-
hausen ; Pfeiffer.

Sintra, Pedro di. See Cintra.

Sionita, Gabriel. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

Sipiere, Clement. Le Cinquieme Con-
gres National des Societes Francaises de
Geographic a Bordeaux. Compte Renclu.
8 Toulouse, 1882

Sirotka, Prince Radwil. Journey to the
Holy Land, 1582-84. [In Russian.]

St Petersburg, 1879

Sirr, Henry Charles. China and the
Chinese : their Religion, Character, Cus-
toms, and Manufactures, and the Evils
arising from the Opium Trade. 2 vols.
8 1849



Sitgreaves, Capt. L. Report of a.\\ Ex-
pedition down the Zuni and Colorado
Rivers. Maps and plates. 8

Washington, 1854

Siu, Paul. Dissertation on the Silk
Manufacture and the Cultivation of the
Mulberry. Translated from the works
of Tseu-Kwang-K'he, called also Paul
Siu. Plates. 8 Shanghai, 1849

Skalkofsky's Russian Trade in the Pacific
Ocean : Economic Investigations of the
Russian Trading and Sea Routes on the
Coasts of Eastern Siberia, Korea, China,
Japan, and California. [In Russian.]
8 St Petersburg, 1883

Skeen, W. Adam's Peak : Legendary,
Traditional, and Historic Notices of the
Samanala and Sri-pada ; with a Descrip-
tive Account of the Pilgrim's Route from
Colombo to the Sacred Foot-print. Map.
Square 8 1870

Skelton, Rev. P. See Burdy.

Skertchly, J. A. Dahomey as it is : being
a Narrative of Eight Months' Residence
in that Country . . ; also an Appendix
on Ashantee. Map and plates. 8 1874

Skertchly, S. B. J. See Miller, S. H.

Skinner, A. M. Geography of the Malay
Peninsula. Part I. Maps. 8*

N.P., N.r>.

Skinner, J. E. Hilary. Roughing it in
Crete in 1867. Map. 8 1868

Skinner, Joseph. The Present State of
Peru ; comprising its Geography, Topo-
graphy, Natural History, &c. 4 1805

Skinner, Major Thomas. Excursions
in India, including a Walk over the
Himalaya Mountains to the Sources of
the Jumna and the Ganges. 2 vols. 8


Adventures during a Journey overland

to India by way of Egypt, Syria, and
the Holy Land. [Vol. 2 only.] 8 1837

Skinner, Walter R. The Mining Manual
for 1888, containing full Particulars of
Mining Companies, and of all those
registered from June 1887, together with
a List of Mining Directors. 8

Skippon, Sir Philip. See Churchill, Vol.
6 ; Harris, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Skrine, Henry. A General Account of
all the Rivers of Note in Great Britain,
with their several Courses, their peculiar
Characters, and the Countries through
which they flow, and the entire Sea
Coast of our Island. Maps. 8 1801

Skrine's Tour in Wales. See Pinkerton,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Slack, Captain Charles. Tourists' and
Students' Manual of Languages. 4th
edition.. 12 1891

Introduction to Swahili : for the

use of Travellers, Students, and others.
Map. 12 1891

Slade, Adolphus. Turkey, Greece, and
Malta. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1837

Slade, John. Narrative of the late Pro-
ceedings and Events in China. 8

Canton, 1839

Sladen, Sir E. B. Trade through
Burmah to China : an Address read to
the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, on
I4th November 1870. Map. 8*

Glasgow, 1870

Copy of Major Sladen's Report on the

Bhamo Route : Official Narrative of the
Expedition to explore the Trade Routes
to China via Bhamo, under the guidance
of Major E. B. Sladen, Political Agent,
Mandalay ; with connected Papers. Map.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1871

See Anderson, John.

Sladen, W. P. See India, C (Pakeonto-
logia Indica) ; United Kingdom, H,
"Challenger" Reports : Appendix 2.

Slafter, Rev. Edmund F. History and
Causes of the Incorrect Latitudes as
recorded in the Journals of the Early
Writers, Navigators, and Explorers, re-
lating to the Atlantic Coast of North
America, 1535-1740. Illustrations. 8*
Boston, Mass., 1882

Reconnaissance of the Defences of

Norumbega. See Horsford.

Sleeman, Major-Gen. Sir W. H.
Rambles and Recollections of an Indian
Official. 2 vols. Plates. Royal 8 1844

Journey through the Kingdom of

Oude in 1849-50, with Private Corres-
pondence relative to the Annexation of
Oude to British India. 2 vols. Map.
8 1858

Rambles and Recollections of an

Indian Official. A new edition. Edited
by Vincent Arthur Smith. (No. 5 of
Constable's Oriental Miscellany. ) 2 vols.
8 1893

Sleeman, Lucy. See Blennerhassett.

Slevin, T. E. The Magnetic Pole.
Figures. 8* San Francisco, 1882

Sloane, Hans. Voyage to the Islands
Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christ-
ophers, and Jamaica, with the Natural
History of the last of these islands . . ;
with some Relations concerning the
neighbouring Continent and Islands of
America. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
Folio 1707

Small, H. B. Canadian Forests, Forest

Trees, Timber, and Forest Products. 8

Montreal, 1884

Smart, Dr T. William Wake. See

Smeaton, Donald Mackenzie. The
Loyal Karens of Burma. Crown 8 1887

Smellie, Thomas D. Ocean and Air
Currents. 8* Glasgow, 1885

Smirnove, J. See Plescheef.


Smishlyaer, D. The Perm Region (Perm-
skiy Krai). A collection of information
on the Government of Perm, published
by the Local Statistical Committee. 2
vols. [In Russian.] Perm, 1892-93

Smit, J. See Hudson.

Smith, A. See United Kingdom, A
(Hydrogr. Off. Publ. ) : Appendix 2.

Smith, Agnes. Through Cyprus. Map
and illustrations. 8 1887

Smith, Albert. Month at Constantinople.
Illustrations. 8 1850

Mont Blanc ; with a Memoir by Ed-
mund Yates. Woodcuts. 12 1860

See Black wood, Vol. \ : Appendix i.

Smith, Dr Andrew. Report of the Expe-
dition for Exploring Central Africa from
the Cape of Good Hope, 1834. 8*

Cape Town, 1836

Smith, Dr Archibald. Peru as it is : a
Residence in Lima and other parts of the
Peruvian Republic, comprising an Ac-
count of the Social and Physical Features
of that Country. 2 vols. in I. 8 1839

Smith, Archibald. Instructions for the
Construction of the Best Table of the
Deviations of a Ship's Compass, from
Deviations observed on 4, 8, 16, or 32
Points ; and for the Adjustment of the
Table on a change of Magnetic Latitude.
8* 1850

Practical Rules for Ascertaining and

Applying the Deviations of the Compass
caused by the Iron in a Ship ; with
Supplement, being Instructions for the
Computation of a Table of the Deviations
of a Ship's Compass, from Observations
made on 4, 8, 16, or 32 points, and a
Graphic Method of Correcting the Devi-
ations of a Ship's Compass. 8* 1855-59

Instructions for Correcting the Devi-
ation of the Compass. 8* 1857

A Graphic Method of Correcting the

Deviations of a Ship's Compass, from
Observations made on 4 or more Points.
Diagrams. 8* 1859

Smith, A. R. Bibliotheca Americana : a
Catalogue of ... Books and Pamphlets
illustrating the History and Geography of
North and South America and the West
Indies. 8 1874

Smith, Cecil. The Ruins of Persepolis.
(From Mac inillan ''s Magazine, Feb. 1893.)
8* 1893

Smith, Charles. See Fuchs and Saladin.

Smith, C. H. M. Road report from
Vador to the Chamalang Valley by the
Mawariki Mountain, and back to Saki
Sarwar by the Shahidani Pass. Maps
and plates. Large 8* Calcutta, 1883

Smith, C. I. Statistical Report on the
Mysore. Map. 8 Edinburgh, 1854

Smith, C. Michie. Results of Observa-
tions of the Fixed Stars, made with the

Smith, C. Michie continued.

Meridian Circle, at the Government
Observatory, Madras, in the years 1861-
90. See India, N (Madras Astronomical
Observations) : Appendix 2.

Smith, Charles Roach. Notes on some
of the Antiquities of France, made during
a Fortnight's Excursion in 1854. Plate.
8* 1855

Smith, Lieut. Charles Stewart. Ex-
plorations in Zanzibar Dominions. ( Roy.
Geog. Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 2. )
Map. Large 8 1887

Smith. D. A True Key to the Assyrian
History, Sciences, and Religion : being
an Introduction to the History of the
Remarkable Discovery of the Primitive
Alphabet. 8 1869

Smith, Edward. Account of a Journey
through North-Eastern Texas, in 1849,
for the purposes of Emigration. Maps.
12 1849

Smith, E. A. See "Erebus" and "Terror."

Smith, Eli. See Robinson, E.

Smith, E. R. The Araucanians, or Notes
of a Tour among the Indian Tribes of
Southern Chili. Small 8

New York, 1855

Smith, Sir C. Euan. See Persia : Ap-
pendix 2.

Smith, Capt. Francis. An Account of a
Voyage for the Discovery of a North-
West Passage by Hudson's Straits to the
Western and Southern Ocean of America,
in 1746 and 1747, in the ship " Cali-
fornia.'' By a Clerk of the " California."
2 vols. Maps. 8 1748

Smith, F. Harrison. Through Abys-
sinia : an Envoy's Ride to the King of
Zion. Map and illustrations. 8 1890

Smith, F. Hopkinson. A White Umbrella
in Mexico. Illustrations. 12 1889

Smith, F. Porter. A Vocabulary of Proper
Names, in Chinese and English, of Places,
Persons, Tribes, and Sects in China,
Japan, Corea, Annam, Siam, Burmah,
the Straits, and adjacent Countries.
Large 8* Shanghai, 1870

The Oils of Chinese Pharmacy and

Commerce. 8* ^74

Smith, Bishop George. Narrative of an
Exploratory Visit to each of the Con-
sular Cities of China, and to the Islands
of Hong-Kong and Chusan, in 1844-46.
2nd edition. Map and plates. 8 1847

Narrative of a Visit to Lewchew, or

Loo Choo, in 1850 ; with the Report of
the Loochoo Mission Society for i85i-5 2
and Extracts from the Journal of Dr
Bettelheim, 1850-52. Map. 12 1853

Smith, George. The Chaldean Account
of Genesis : containing the description of
the Creation, the Fall of Man, the
Deluge, the Tower of Babel, the Times
of the Patriarchs, and Nimrod ; Baby-



Smith, George continued.

Ionian Fables, and Legends of the Gods ;
from the Cuneiform Inscriptions. Plates.
8 1876

Assyrian Discoveries : an Account of

Explorations and Discoveries on the Site
of Nineveh, during 1873 and I ^74- Map
and plates. 8 1876

Smith, Dr George. The Life of John
Wilson, for fifty years Philanthropist and
Scholar in the East. Maps and plates.
8 1878

Fifty Years of Foreign Missions, or

the Foreign Missions of the Free Church
of Scotland in their year of Jubilee, 1879-
80. 1 4th edition. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 Edinburgh, 1880
The Students' Geography of India :

the Geography of British India, Politi-
cal and Physical. Maps. Crown 8


Short History of Christian Missions,
from Abraham and Paul to Carey,
Livingstone, and Duff. Small 8

Edinburgh, 1884

The Life of William Carey, D.D.
Portrait and illustrations. 8 1885

Stephen Hislop, Pioneer Missionary
and Naturalist in Central India from
1844 to 1863. Map, portrait, and
illustrations. 8 1888

A Modern Apostle, Alexander N.

Somerville, D.D., 1813-1889, in Glas-
gow, Scotland, and Ireland ; India and
America ; Australasia and Austral- Africa;
Spain, France, and Italy ; Germany and
Russia ; Greece and Turkey ; Austro-
Hungary and Slavonia. Map, portrait,
and illustrations. 8 1890

Henry Martyn, Saint and Scholar,


First Modern Missionary to the Moham-
medans, 1781-1812. Portrait and illus-
trations. 8 1892

The Conversion of India,

Pantsenus to the Present Time,
193-1893. Illustrations. 8

See Mitchell, Mrs M.

Smith, G. A. The Advantages of the Far
West of America as compared with other
fields of Emigration. 8* 1870

Smith, Prof. George Adam. On some
Unpublished Inscriptions from the Hauran
and Gilead. (From the Critical Review,
January 1892.) Plates. 8*

Edinburgh, 1892

Smith, Rev. G. Furness. Uganda : its
Story and its Claim. Illustrated by
Lancelot Speed. Oblong 12* [1892]

Smith, Col. H. See Blackwood, Vol. 5 :
Appendix I.

Smith, H. H. Brazil, the Amazons, and
the Coast. Map ami -woodcuts. 8 1879

Smith, Col. Sir Rolled. Report on the
Beni Amer Country. Map. Folio

Suakin, 1892

Smith, James. Voyage and Shipwreck
of St Paul, with Dissertations on the
Writings of St Luke, and the Ships and
Navigation of the Antients. Maps. 8


Smith, Mrs James. The Booandik Tribe
of South Australian Aborigines : a Sketch
of their Habits, Customs, Legends, and
Language ; also an account of the
efforts made by Mr and Mrs James
Smith to Christianise and civilise them.
Illustrations. 12 Adelaide, 1880

Smith, Captain John. The True Travels,
Adventures, and Observations of Cap-
taine John Smith in Europe, Asia,
Affrica, and America, from Anno
Domini 1593 to 1629 ; his accidents
and sea-fights in the Straights ; his
service and stratagems of warre in Hun-
garia, Transilvania, Wallachia, and Mol-
davia . . . Tartaria . . . Gambia . . .
Together with a continuation of his
generall History of Virginia, Summer-
Isles, New England, and their proceed-
ings since 1624 to this present 1629 ; as
also of the new Plantations of the great
river of the Amazons, the lies of St
Christopher, Meirs, and Barbados in
the West Indies. Plate. 4 1630

- The True Travels, Adventures, and
Observations of Capt. lohn Smith, in
Europe, Asia, Africka, and America,
beginning about the yeere 1593 and con-
tinued to this present 1629 [from edition
of 1629] ; The General Historic of Vir-
ginia, New-England, and the Summer
Isles [from the edition of 1627]. 2 vols.
Portrait, maps, and plates. 8

Richmond, Va., 1819
See Churchill, Vol. 2 ; Gottfried ;

Pinkerton, Vol. 13 ; Purchas, Vols. 2,
Book 8, and 4, Books 9, 10: Appendix I.

Smith, J. Calvin. See Haskel.

Smith, Dr J. E. A Sketch of a Tour on
the Continent in the years 1786 and 1787.
3 vols. 8 1793

See Linnceus.

Smith, J. L. Clifford. Narrative of the
discovery of the Great Central Lakes of
Africa: Tanganyika, Victoria Nyanza,
Albert Nyanza, and Nyassa. Map.
Small 8* Halifax, 1877

Smith, J. W. Report to the Mexican Gulf
Railway Company. Alap. 8*

Liverpool, 1847

Smith, Joseph W. , and G. E. Dalrymple.
Report of the Proceedings of the Queens-
land Government schooner "Spitfire"
in search of the Mouth of the River
Burdekin, on the North-Eastern Coast
of Australia ; and of a portion of that
Coast extending from Gloucester Island
to Halifax Bay. 8* Brisbane, 1860

Smith, Lieut. Explorations on the Victoria
Nyanza. (From The Church Missionary
Intelligencer ami Record.} 8* 1878



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