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- and Dr H. Wagner Die Bevol-
kerung der Erde. I. (Erganzungsheft,
33 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 4

Gotha, 1872

- Die Bevolkerung der Erde. II.
(Erganzungsheft, 35 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen. ) 2 coloured maps. 4

Gotha, 1874

Ditto. III. (Erganzungsheft, 41
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 4

Gotha, 1875

- Ditto. IV. (Erganzungsheft, 49
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 2 coloured
maps, 4 Gotha, 1877

- Ditto. V. (Erganzungsheft, 55
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 2 maps.
4 Got ha, 1878



Behm, Dr E. and Dr H. Wagner. Die

Bevo'lkerung der Erde. VI. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 62 Petermann's Mitthei-
lungen.) 3 maps. 4 Gotha, 1880

Ditto. VII. (Erganzungsheft, 69
Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) 2 maps.
4 Gotha, 1882

See also Wagner, H.

Behrens, H. The Natural History of
Hart/ - Forest, in His Majesty King
George's German Dominions. Trans-
lated by J. Andree. 8 1730

Behring, Capt. See Harris, Vol. 2 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 : Appen-
dix i.

Beilby, J. W. Reasons Suggestive of
Mining on Physical Principles for Gold
and Coal. 12* Melbourne, 1875

Beke, Dr Charles T. Origines Biblicse ;
or, Researches in Primeval History.
Map. 8 1834

On the Geological Evidence of the

Advance of the Land at the Head of the
Persian Gulf. 8* 1835

On the Complexion of the Ancient

Egyptians. 8* 1836

On the Former Extent of the Persian

Gulf, and on the Non-identity of Babylon
and Babel. 8* 1836

Additional Remarks. 8* 1837

Vertheidigung gegen Dr Paulus liber

Origines Biblicse. 8 Leipzig, 1836

On the Passage of the Red Sea by the
Israelites, and its Locality, and on the
Situation of Mount Sinai. Map. 8* 1838

On the Alluvia of Babylonia and
Chaldea. 8* 1839

Route from Ankober to Dima. 8*


Abyssinia : being a Continuation of
Routes in that Country. 8* Map [1842]

Memoire justificatif en rehabilitation
des Peres Pierre Paez et Jerome Lobo,
Missionnaires en Abyssinie, en ce qui
concerne leurs visiles a la Source de
1'Abai (le Nil) et a la Cataracte d'Alata.
Map. 8* Paris, 1842

On the Countries south of Abys-
sinia. Map. 8* [1844]

On the Languages and Dialects of
Abyssinia, and the Countries to the
south. 8* 1845

A Statement of Facts relative to the
Transactions between the Writer and the
late British Political Misssion to the
Court of Shoa, in Abessinia. 8* 1846

Christianity among the Gallas. 8* 1847
Description of the Ruins of the

Church of Martula Mariam, in Abessinia.

Plates. 4* 1847
On the Korarima, or Cardamom of

Abessinia. 8* 1847
Essay on the Sources of the Nile in

the Mountains of the Moon. 8*

Edinburgh, 1848

Beke, Dr Charles T. On the Origin of
the Gallas. 8* 1848

Remarks on the Mats'hafa Tomar, or

the Book of the Letter, an Ethiopic
MS. in the University of Tubingen. 8*


On the Sources of the Nile : being an

Attempt to Assign the Limits of the
Basin of that River. 8* 1849

On the Geographical Distribution of

the Languages of Abessinia and the
Neighbouring Countries. Map. 8*

Edinbtirgh, 1849

Ueber die Geographische Verbreitung

der Sprachen von Abessinien und der
Nachbarlander. Map. 8* 1849

Letter to M. Daussy, President of the

Geographical Society of France. 8*


Observations sur la Communication

supposee entre le Niger et le Nil. 8*

Enquiry into M. Antoine d'Abbadie's

Journey to KarTa to Discover the Source
of the Nile. Map. 8* 1851

Reasons for Returning the Gold Medal

of the Geographical Society of France,
and for withdrawing from its Member-
ship. 8* 1851

A Summary of Recent Nilotic Dis-
covery. 8* 1851

The Sources of the Nile : being a

General Survey of the Basin of that
River and of its Head Streams, with the
History of Nilotic Discovery. Maps. 8


On the Mountains forming the

Eastern Side of the Basin of the Nile,
and the Origin of the Designation of
" Mountains of the Moon " as applied to
them. 8* Edinburgh, 1861

The French and English in the Red

Sea. 8* 1862

A Few Words with Bishop Colenso

on the subject of the Exodus of the
Israelites, and the Position of Mount
Sinai. 8* 1862

Views in Ethnography : the Classifica-

tion of the Language, the Progress of
Civilisation, and the Natural History of
Man. 8 1863

Who Discovered the Sources of the

Nile? a Letter to Sir Roderick I.
Murchison, with an Appendix. 8* 1863

On the Sources of the Nile. 8* 1864

The British Captives in Abyssinia.

8* 1865

The same. 2nd edition. Map. 8* 1867

The Idol in Horeb. Small 8 1871

The late Dr Charles Beke's Dis-
coveries of Sinai in Arabia and of
Midian. Edited by his Widow. Map
and plates. 8 1878
See Lacerda,

4 o


Beke, Emily. Jacob's Flight ; or, A Pil-
grimage to Harran and thence in the
Patriarch's Footsteps into the Promised
Land. Map and plates. 8 1865

Summary of the late Dr Beke's pub-
lished Works, and of his inadequately
requited public services. Small 8*

Tunbridge Wells, 1867

Belavenetz, I. Deviations of the Com-
pass and the Compass Observatory. [In
Russian. ] Plate. 8

St Petersburg, 1863

Fixing the Compass in the Submarine

Boat. [In Russian.] Plates. 8*

St Petersburg, 1867

Belcher, Sir Edward. Treatise on
Nautical Surveying : containing an out-
line of the Duties of the Naval Sur-
veyor, with Cases applied to Naval
Evolutions, and Miscellaneous Rules
and Tables useful to the Seaman or
Traveller. Plans and plates. 8 1835

Directions for the River Gambia. 8

Narrative of a Voyage round the
World performed in H.M.S. " Sulphur,"
1836-42, including Details of the Naval
Operations in China from Dec. 1840 to
Nov. 1841. Maps and plates. 2 vols.
8 1843

Directions for the River Douro, 1833.
8 2nd edition 1847

Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S.

" Samarang," during 1843-46, employed
Surveying the Islands of the Eastern
Archipelago ; accompanied by a brief
Vocabulary of the Principal Languages,
with Notes on the Natural History of
the Islands by A. Adams. Map and
plates. 2 vols. 8 1848

The Zoology of the Voyage of H. M. S.

" Samarang," under the command of
Sir E. Belcher, during the years 1843-46,
by J. E. Gray, Sir J. Richardson,
A. Adams, L. Reeve, and A. White.
Edited by Arthur Adams. Plates. 4


The Last of the Arctic Voyages :

being a Narrative of the Expedition in
H.M.S. "Assistance," in search of Sir
John Franklin, during 1852-54 ; with
Notes on the Natural History, by Sir
John Richardson, Professor Owen, T.
Bell, J. W. Salter, and Lovell Reeve.
Maps and plates. 2 vols. Royal 8 1855

See Smyth, Admiral W. H.

and Capt. W. T. Bate. China
Pilot: Appendix, No. 2, General Obser-
vations on the Coasts of Borneo, the
Sulu, and Mindoro Seas, with Sailing
Directions for Palawan Passage and
Island. 8 1859

Beldam, Joseph. Recollections of Scenes
and Institutions in Italy and the East.
Plates. 2 vols. 8 1851

Belgrand, E., and G. Lemoine. Note
sur 1'Etat probable des Eaux courantes
du Bassin de la Seine dans 1'ete et
1'automne de 1870. 8* Paris, 1870

Belknap, G. E. See United States,
E, a (No. 54) : Appendix 2.

Bell, Charles N. Our Northern Waters :
a Report presented to the Winnipeg
Board of Trade regarding the Hudson's
Bay and Straits, being a Statement of
their Resources in Minerals, Fisheries,
Timber, Furs, Game, and other Products ;
a'so Notes on the Navigation of these
Waters, together with Historical Events
and Meteorological and Climatic Data.
Maps. 8* Winnipeg, 1884

The Selkirk Settlement and the
Settlers : a Concise History of the Red
River Country, from its Discovery, in-
cluding Information extracted from
original documents lately discovered,
and Notes obtained from Selkirk Settle-
ment Colonists. Illustrations. 8*

Winnipeg, 1887

Bell, Clara. See Ebers.

Bell, Col. C. W. Bowdler. See United
Kingdom, G, War Office Publications :
Appendix 2.

Bell, Dugald. On the Glacial Phenomena
of Scotland, with Reference to the
Reports of the Boulder Committee of the
Royal Society of Edinburgh. 8*

Glasgow, 1888

Bell, Horace. The Great Indian Desert.
8* [1889]

Bell, H. C. P. The Maldive Islands :
an Account of the Physical Features,
Climate, History, Inhabitants, Produc-
tions, and Trade. Maps and diagram.
Folio Colombo, 1883

Bell, James. New and Comprehensive
Gazetteer of England and Wales, repre-
senting under each Article respectively
the Population of the Towns and Parishes,
according to the Census of 1831, and the
State of the Elective Franchise as fixed
by the Provisions of the Reform Bill.
Maps. 4 vols. 8 Glasgow, 1837-38

System of Geography, Popular and

Scientific ; or a Physical, Political, and
Statistical Account of the World and its
Various Divisions. Maps and plates. 6
vol*. 8 Glasgow, 1838

Bell, James Stanislaus. Journal of a
Residence in Circassia during the years
1837, 1838, and 1839. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1840

See Tempsky.

Bell, John. Travels from St Petersburg in
Russia to Diverse Parts of Asia. 2 vols.
in I. Map. 4 Glasgow, 1763

Ditto. 2 vols. Maps. 4

Glasgow, 1763


Bell, John. Travels from St Petersburg in
Russia to various Parts of Asia. Maps.
2 vols. 8 1788

See Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Knox's New

Collection, Vol. 6, p. 608: Appendix i.

Bell, Col. Mark S. China: being a
Military Report on the North-Eastern
Portions of the Provinces of Chih-Liand
Shan-Tung, Nanking and its Approaches,
&c. ; together with an Account of the
Chinese Civil, Naval, and Military Ad-
ministrations, &c. &c., and a Narrative
of the Wars between Great Britain and
China. Maps and plates. Vol. I.
Large 8 Simla, 1884

Afghanistan as a Theatre of Opera-
tions, and as a Defence to India. Map.
8* 1885

Imperial Strategic Communications

with Special Reference to the Turko-
Persic - Indian Line, and the Strategic
Considerations influencing its Alignment.
Map. 8 Simla, 1885

Turkey in Asia and Persia. Sections

2 and 3 : Reconnaissances in Mesopo-
tamia, Armenia, Kurdistan, and Azar-
liaijan in 1885-86. Forming Appendix I
to Central Asia, Part 5, and Routes in
Central Asia, Section I. Compiled by
Lieut. -Colonel C. M. MacGregor (1872).
Maps, plans, and plates. Large 8

Simla, 1889
Extracts from a Letter from Colonel

M. S. Bell to Major-General Chapman,
Quartermaster General in India, dated
Suian-fu, i8th April 1887. Folio.*

Letter on proposed Journey to Kash-

garia. Map. Folio* 1887

Reports of proceedings in Kashgaria

and Manchuria, with Sketch Map, dated
from Peking, 2Oth March 1887. Folio.*
China : Reconnaissance Journey
through the Central and Western Pro-
vinces, from Peking through Shansi,
Shensi, Kansuh,and Sin-Kiangto Ladakh
and India, together with Notes on the
Districts adjoining the Route taken and
the Roads traversing them. 2 vols.
Vol. i, India via Peking to Hami ;
Vol. 2, Hami via Yarkand to India.
Maps, plans, and plates. Large 8

Calcutta, 1888

A Visit to the Kari'm River and Kum.
(From Black-wood's Magazine, April
1889.) Map. 8* 1889

Isfahan to Bushire : Roads and Re-
sources of Southern Persia. (From
Black-Mood's Magazine.} 8* 1889

Bell, Robert. Wayside Pictures through
France, Belgium, and Holland. Illus-
trations. 8" i 849

Bell, Dr Robert. The "Medicine-Man,"
or Indian and Eskimo Notions of Medi-
cine. 8* Montreal, 1886

Bell, Dr Robert. On Glacial Phenomena
in Canada. 8* Washington, 1890

The Nickel and Copper Deposits of

Sudbury District, Canada. Illustrations.
RoyalS* Rochester, U.S., 1891

Bell, T. L. See India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix 2.

Bell, Dr William. Ein Versuch den
Ort Schiringsheal der fiinfmal in dem
Periplus von Othere und Wulfstan ent-
haltend in der anglosachsischen Ueber-
setzung von Orosius des Konigs Alfred,
&c. 8* 1847

On the Head of Janus found on a

British Coin. 8* N.D.

See Lepsius.

Bell, W. Letter from Koslogir, on Forest
Culture. 4* Edinburgh, 1868

Bell, W^. A. New Tracks in North America:
a Journal of Travel and Adventure whilst
engaged in the Survey for a Southern
Railroad to the Pacific Ocean, during
1867-68. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8


Ditto. With Contributions by General

W. J. Palmer, Major A. R. Calhoun,
C. C. Parry, M.D., and Captain W. F.
Colton. 2nd edition. Maps and plates.
8 1870

Bellasis, A. F. An Account of the

Ancient and Ruined City of Brahmina-

bad, in Sindh, situated on a branch of

the Old Bed of the Indus. MS. Folio*

Kurrachee, 1854

Report on the Southern Districts of

the Surat Collectorate. [From the India
Records, No. 2.] Plate. Royal 8

Bombay, 1854

Bellefonds, A. Linant de. Journal of a
Navigation on the Bahr-el-Abiad : De-
scription of a Journey across the Pro-
vince of Atbara, in a direction from
South-West to North-East. Map. 4


Memoire sur le Lac Moeris. Map.

4* Alexandria, 1843

L'Etbaye, pays habile par les Arabes

Bicharieh : Geographic, Ethnologic,
Mines d'or. Map and plates. 8. Folio
Atlas Paris, 1858

Memoires sur les Principaux Travaux

d'utilite publique executes en Egypte.
8. Accompanied by Folio Atlas

Paris, 1872-73

Bellefonds, E. Linant de. Meteoro-
logical Tables, February to July 1875 :
Observations made in Various Localities
near the Victoria Nyanza. MS. Folio*

Bellemo, Vincenzo. I Viaggi di Nicolo

de' Conti. Maps. 12 Milan, 1883
Bellew, Dr H. W. Journal of a Political

Mission to Afghanistan in 1857 . . ;

with an Account of the Country and

People. Plates. 8 1862


Bellew, Dr H. W. A General Report on
the Yusufzais. Map. 8 Lahore, 1864

Record of the March of the Mission

to Seistan under the command of Major-
General F. R. Pollock. [From the
India Records, No. 104.] Calcutta, 1873

From the Indus to the Tigris : a

Narrative of a Journey through the
Countries of Balochistan, Afghanistan,
Khorassan, and Iran, in 1872 ; together
with a Synoptical Grammar and Voca-
bulary of the Brahoe Language, and a
Record of the Meteorological Observa-
tions and Altitudes on the march from
the Indus to the Tigris. 8 1874

Kashmir and Kashgar : a Narrative

of the Journey of the Embassy to Kash-
gar in 1873-74. 8 1875

The History of Kashgharia. 4

Calcutta, 1875

Afghanistan and the Afghans : being

a Brief Review of the History of the
Country and Account of its People, with
Special Reference to the Present Crisis
and War with the Amir Sher AH Khan.
Small 8 1879

Bellin, S. Description Geographique de
la Guyajine : contenant les Possessions
et les Etablissemens des Fran9ois, des
Espagnoh, des Portugais, des Hollandois,
dans ces vastes Pays ; le Climat, les
Productions de la Terre, et les Animaux ;
leurs Habitans, Moeurs, Coutumes, et le
Commerce qu'on y peut faire. Maps
and plates. 4 Paris, 1763

Bellingshausen, Capt. Voyage round
the World in the sloops " Vostok " and
"Mirnye" in 1819-21. [In Russian.]
2 vols. in I. 4 St Petersburg, 1831

Bellitti, D. Ant. Silvestro. Delle Stufe

e de' Bagni di Sciacca. Plates. Folio

Palermo, 1783

Belloni, Antonio. Memoria Idrometrica
sopra il Fiume Arno. Plate. Small
folio* Venice, 1778

Bellonius, Petrus. Plurimarum singular-
ium et memorabilium rerum in Grsecia,
Asia, Aigypto, Judsea, Arabia, aliisq.
exteris Provinciis ab ipso Conspectarum
Observationes, C. Clusius Atrebas e
Gallicis Latinas faciebat. Illustrations.
12 Antwerp, 1589

Be Hot, J. R. Journal d'un Voyage aux
Mers Polaires, execute a la Recherche de
Sir John Franklin, en 1851-52 ; precede
d'une Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux
de 1'Auteur par M. Julien Lemer. Por-
trait and map. 8 Paris, 1854
Lines on the Loss of. 8*

Manchester, 1853

Belluno, G. S. da. See Pellegrini.

Belly, Felix. A Travers 1'Ame'rique
Centrale, le Nicaragua, et le Canal Inter-
oceanique. 2 vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1867

See G amend.

Belmar, A. de. Voyage aux Provinces
Bresiliennes du Para et des Amazones en
1860, precede d'un rapide coup d'ceil sur
le littoral du Bresil. 8 1861

Beloch, Dr Julius. Campanien : Topo-
graphic, Geschichte, und Leben der
Umgebung Neaprfs im Alterthum. 8,
Atlas 4 Berlin, 1879

Die Bevolkerung der Griechisch-

Romischen Welt. Erster Theil. His-

torische Beitrage zur Bevolkerungslehre.

Leipzig, 1886

Beloe, Rev. W. See Herodotus.

Belon, M. See Ray, John : Appendix i.

Belt, T. The Naturalist in Nicaragua :
a Narrative of a Residence at the Gold
Mines of Chontales, and Journeys in the
Savannahs and Forests ; with Observa-
tions on Animals and Plants in reference
to the Theory of Evolution of Living
Forms. Map. 8 1874

The Glacial Period in the Southern

Hemisphere (Reprint from the Quarterly
Journal of Science, July 1877). 8* 1877

Beltrame, Giovanni. Di un Viaggio sul
Fiume Bianco nell' Africa Centrale :
Lettera. Maps. 8* Verona, 1861

II Sennaar e lo Sciangallah. 2 vols.

Map and plate. 12 Verona, 1879

II Fiume Bianco e i Denka. Map.

12 Verona, 1881

Beltrami, Costantino. Costantino Bel-
trami da Bergamo : Notizie e Lettere
pubblicate per cura del Municipio di
Bergamo, e dedicate alia Societa Storica
di Minnesota. 8* Bergamo, 1865

Beluacensis Vicentius. See Vicentius.

Belzoni, G. Narrative of the Operations
and Recent Discoveries within the
Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Exca-
vations in Egypt and Nubia, and a Jour-
ney to the Coast of the Red Sea in
Search of the Ancient Berenice, and
another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon.
Plate. 4 1820

The same. Map and plates. 2 vols.

8 1822

See Walpole, Travels : Appendix I.

Benaduci, Lorenzo B. Idea de una

Nueva Historia General de la America
Septentrional. Frontispiece. 4

Madrid, 1746

Benard, E. Nicaragua and the Inter-
oceanic Canal. 8* Washington, 1874

Ben Batuta. See Ibn Batuta.

Beneke, F. W. On the Warm Saline
Springs of Nauheim (near Frankfort-
o/M). Translated and abridged from
the German by S. Sutro. Tables. 8 1860

Benicken, F. W. Die Elemente der
Militar-Geographie von Europa. Map.
8 Weimar, 1821

Benisch, Dr A. See Petachia,



Benjamin, Rabbi, of Tudela. Itiner-
arium Benjamini Tudelensis. Ex Heb-
raico Latinum factuin B. A. Montano.
8 Antwerp, 1575

Itinerary. Translated and edited by

A. Asher. 2 vols. 8 1840
See Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. I ;

Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Purchas, Vol. 2,

Book 9 : Appendix I.
Benjamin, I. J. Empfehlungsschreiben

der grossten Gelehrten Europa. 8*

Hanover, 1862
Reise in den ostlichen Staaten der

Union und San Francisco. Portrait.

8 Hanover, 1862

Eight Years in Asia and Africa from

1846 to 1855 ; with a Preface by Dr

B. Seemann, and the Bible Notes from
Benjamin of Tudela, R. Petachia, P. Teix-
eira, and Ritter's Erdkunde. Map and
woodcuts. 8 Hanover, 1863

Benjamin, S. G. W. Persia and the
Persians. Portrait and illustrations.
Large 8 1887

Benko, Freiherr Jerplim von. Reise

S. M. Schitfes "Zrinyi" iiber Malta,

Tanger, und Teneriffa nach West-Indien

in den Jahren 1885 und 1886. Map. 8

Pola, 1887

Die Reise S. M. Schiffes " Frunds-

berg " im Rothen Meere, und an den
Kiistens von Vorderindien und Ceylon in
den Jahren 1885-86. Map and plans.
8 Pola, 1888

Reise S. M. Schiffes " Albatros,"

unter Commando des k. k. Fregatten-
Kapitans Arthur Miildner, nach Siid-
Amerika, dem Caplande, und West
Afrika, 1885-86. Map. 8 Pola, 1889

Das Datum auf den Philippinen.
8* Vienna, 1890

Die Schiffs - Station der k. und k.

Kriegs - Marine in Ost-Asien : Reisen
S. M. Schiffe "Nautilus" und "Aurora,"
1884-88. Maps. Large 8 Vienna, 1892
Benmohel, N. L. Epea Pteroenta :
conveying Revelations of the Past. 8

Dublin, 1 86 1

Benmohel, N. L. 2a/2aAcua>v, ^VCOD-
Inscription de Treves ; avec une Digres-
sion sur 1'Origine du Langage. 8*

Dublin, 1868

[Bennassuti, Dr G.] Guida e Compen-

dio Storico della Citta di Verona e cenni

intorno alia sua Provincia. Maps. 18

Verona, 1825

Benndorf, Otto. Altgriechisches Brot. 8*
Vienna, N.D.

See Turkey in Asia, A: Appendix 2.

Bennet, J. H. Winter and Spring on
the Shores of the Mediterranean ; or,
The Genoese Rivieras, Italy, Spain,
Corfu, Greece, The Archipelago, Con-
stantinople, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia,
Malta, Algeria, Tunis, Smyrna, Asia

Bennet, J. H. continued.

Minor, with Biarritz and Arcachon, as
Winter Climates. (5th edition.) Maps
and plates. Small 8 1875

Bennet, J. W. Ceylon and its Capa-
bilities : an Account of its Natural
Resources, Indigenous Productions, and
Commercial Facilities ; to which are
added Details of its Statistics, Pilotage,
and Sailing Directions. Map and plates,
coloured. 4 1843

Bennett, F. Debell. Narrative of a
Whaling Voyage round the Globe, from
1833-36, comprising Sketches of Poly-
nesia, California, the Indian Archi-
pelago, &c. ; with an Account of South-
ern Whales, the Sperm Whale Fishery,
and the Natural History of the Climates
visited. Map and frontispiece. 2 vols.
8 1840

Bennett, George. Wanderings in New
South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast,
Singapore, and China ; being the Journal
of a Naturalist in those Countries during
1832-34. Frontispiece. 2 vols. 8 1834

Gatherings of a Naturalist in Aus-
tralasia : being Observations principally
on the Animal and Vegetable Produc-
tions of New South Wales, New Zea-
land, and some of the Austral Islands.
Coloured plates, &c. 8 1860

Bennett, James F. The South Australian
Almanack and General Directory, 1841,
1842. 8 Adelaide, 1841

Bensengra, V. N. Instructions for the
Study of Comparative Psychology. [In
Russian.] 8 St Petersburg, 1879

Benson, Capt. George. Sketch of
Christmas Island. 8* 1838

Benson, Robert. Sketches of Corsica, or
a Journal written during a Visit to that
Island in 1823 ; with an Outline of its
History, and Specimens of the Language
and Poetry of the People. Plates. 8


Benson, William. Universal Phono-
graphy : an attempt to select and
classify the principal sounds of Human
Speech, and to denote them by one Set
of Symbols for Easy Writing and Print-
ing ; with an Appendix on the Use of
Phonography for the Blind. 8* 1887

Bent, J. Theodore. The Cyclades, or
Life among the Insular Greeks. Map.
Small 8 1885

The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland :

being a Record of Excavation and Ex-
ploration in 1891 ; with a Chapter on
the Orientation and Mensuration of the
Temples by R. M. W. Swan. Map and
illustrations. 8 1892

Ditto. New edition. Small 8 1893

Mashonaland and its People. (From

the Contemporary Review. ) 8* 1893



Bent, J. Theodore. The Sacred City of the
Ethiopians : being a Record of Travel and
Research in Abyssinia in 1893 5 with a
Chapter by Professor H. D. Miiller on the
Inscriptions from Yeha and Aksum, and
an Appendix on the Morphological
Character of the Abyssinians by J. G.
Garson, M.D. Map and illustrations.
8 1893

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 87:

Appendix i.

Bent, S. An Address delivered before the
St Louis Mercantile Library Association,
6th Ian. 1872, upon the Thermal Paths
to the Pole. Maps. 8* St Louis, 1872

Bentham, G. See Orsted, A. S.

Bentley, C. S. A New Theory of the
Tides, folio* 1879

Bentley, Rev. W. Holman. Dictionary
and Grammar of the Kongo Language,
as spoken at St Salvador, the ancient
capital of the Old Kongo Empire, West
Africa. 8 1886

The same. Compiled and prepared

for the Baptist Mission on the Kongo
River, West Africa. 8 1887

Life on the Congo ; with an Intro-

duction by the Rev. George Grenfell.
Map and illustrations. 12 1887

Bentley, T. Select Views in Mysore, by
Mr Home. See Home.

Benyowsky, Count Mauritius Augustus
de. Memoirs and Travels of ; consisting
of his Military Operations in Poland, his
Exile into Kamchatka, his Escape and
Voyage from that Peninsula through the
Northern Pacific Ocean, touching at
Japan and Formosa, to Canton in China ;
with an Account of the French Settle-
ment he was appointed to form upon the
Island of Madagascar. Written by him-
self; translated from the Original Manu-
script. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 4


Benzoni, Hieronym. Novoe Novi Orbis
Historiae, id est, rerum ab Hispanis in
India Occidentals hactenus gestarum, et
acerbo illorum in eas gentes dominatu,
libri tres ; Urbani Calvetonis opera ex
Italicis commentariis descripti, &c. ; his
ab eodem adjuncta est, De Gallorum in
Floridam expeditione, &c., brevis his-
toria. 12 Geneva, 1600

- See Gottfried ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vol. 21 ; Purchas, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Beranger, Don Carlos de. Relacion
Jeografica de la Provincia de Chiloe.
Publicada por primera vez con una
Introduccion i notas esplicativas por
Nicolas Anrique. Royal 8* Santiago, 1893

Berard, A. Description Nautique des
Cotes de 1'Algerie, suivie de Notes par
De Tessan. Plates. 8 Paris, 1837

Berchet, Guglielmo. La Repubblica di
Venezia e la Persia. Photographs. 8
Turin, 1865

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