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Smith, Mary H. The Earth and its In-
habitants : Common School Geography.
(Guyot's Geographical Series.) Maps.
4 New York, 1870

Smith, M. L., andE. L. F-. Hardcastle.
Survey of the Valley of Mexico. [Con-
gress Report.] Map. 8*

Washington, 1849

Smith, Gen. Persifor F., and Gen. B.
Riley. Report on the Geology and
Topography of California. See United
States, K, California : Appendix 2.

Smith, Philip. See Schliemann.

Smith, R. B. Italian Irrigation : being a
Report on the Agricultural Canals of
Piedmont and Lombardy. 2nd edition.
2 vols. 8, and Atlas 1855

Smith, R. Bosworth. Mohammed and
Mohammedanism. 2nd edition. Small
8 1876

Carthage and the Carthaginians.

Maps and plates. Small 8 1878

Uganda. Two Letters to the Times.
8* 1882

Smith, Sir R. Murdoch. Persian Art.
Plate. 8 [1876]

and Comm. E. A. Porcher. His-
tory of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene,
made during an Expedition to the Cyre-
naica in 1 860-61, under the auspices of
H.M. Government. Map and plates.
4 1864

Smith, Robert. See Purchas, Vol. i,

Book 5 : Appendix i.
Smith, Lieut. R. S. A Manual of Topo-
graphical Drawing. Plates. Royal 8

New York, 1854

Smith, S. Percy. The Eruption of Tara-
wera : a Report to the Surveyor-General.
Maps and plates. 8

Wellington, 1886 [1887]
- The Kermadec Islands, their Capa-
bilities and Extent. Map and illustra-
tions. 8* Wellington, 1887
See New Zealand, B : Appendix 2.

Smith, Thomas. De Republica An-
glorum. 16 Leyden, 1641

Smith, Thomas. The Wonders of Nature
and Art, or a Concise Account of what-
ever is Curious and Remarkable in
the World, ii vols.. [Vol. 3 missing.]
Plates. 1 8 1803-4

Smith, Capt. Thomas. Narrative of a
Five Years' Residence at Nepaul, from
1841 to 1845. 2 vo ' s - 8 1852

Smith, Thomas. See Boldakoff; also
Ray : Appendix I.

Smith, Vincent Arthur. See Sleeman ;
also India, A, Archaeological Survey :
Appendix 2.

Smith, Sir Wm. Dictionary of Greek and
Roman Geography. 2 vols. Woodcuts.
8 1856

The Student's Manual of Ancient

Geography. See Bevan, W. L.

Smith, William. A New Voyage to
Guinea : Describing the Customs, Man-
ners, Soil, Climate . . . and whatever
else is Memorable among the Inhabitants,
&c. Plates. 8 1745

See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Laharpe, Vol. 2 ;

Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Smith, W. Anderson. Benderloch, or
Notes from the West Highlands. 2nd
edition. Map. Crown 8 Paisley, 1883

- Loch Creran : Notes from the West
Highlands. 8 1887

Smith, W. F. See United States, K,
Texas : Appendix 2.

Smith, W. H. Birmingham and its
Vicinity, as a Manufacturing and Com-
mercial District. Map and plates. 8 1836

Smith, W. H. Canada, Past, Present, and
Future : being a Historical, Geographi-
cal, Geological, and Statistical Account
of Canada West. 2 vols. Maps. 8
Toronto, 1851

Smith, William R. History of Wisconsin,
in three parts, Historical, Document-
ary, and Descriptive. Vols. I and 3.
8 Madison, Wis., 1854

Smith, W. Wilson Hind. A Boy's
Scrambles, Falls, and Mishaps in
Morocco. Illustrations. Small 8 N'. D.

Smith- Delacour, E. W. Shironga Vo-
cabulary, or Word Book on the Language
of the Natives of Delagoa Bay, South-
East Coast of Africa. Map. 8 1893

Smits, D. H. A. See Melvill.

Smollett, Dr. See "The Modern Tra-
veller," Vol. 4, p. 610: Appendix I.

Smoult, W. H. See Baikie, R.

Smucker, Samuel M. Arctic Explora-
tions and Discoveries during the Nine-
teenth Century, being Detailed Accounts
of the several Expeditions to the North
Seas, both English and American, by
Ross, Parry, Back, Franklin, M'Clure,
&c., including the First Grinnell Expedi-
tion. Woodcuts. 12 New York, 1857

See Fremont.

Smyth, Prof. Charles Piazzi. Report
to the Principal Secretary of State for
the Home Department on the Royal
Observatory of Edinburgh, 1846. 4

Edinburgh,, 1846

Contributions to a Knowledge of

the Phenomena of the Zodiacal Light.
Plate. 4* Edinburgh, 1852

On the Total Solar Eclipse of 1851.

Plate. 4* Edinburgh, 1852

- Report to the Board of Visitors of
the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh,
Noveml>er 1852. 4 Edinburgh, 1852

On Raising Water for the Purposes
of Irrigation in the Colonies. Woodcuts.
8* 1853



Smyth, Prof. Charles Piazzi. Descrip-
tion of New and Improved Instruments
for Navigation and Astronomy. [Paris
Universal Exhibition of 1855.] Royal
8 Edinburgh, 1855

Experiences with a Free-Revolver

Stand for a Telescope at Sea during a
Voyage to Teneriffe in 1856. 8 1856
Astronomical Observations made at
the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Vols. II (1849-54) and 12 (1855-59).
Plates. Oblong 4 Edinburgh, 1857-63

- Extracts from the Letterpress of
the Astronomical Observations made at
the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Vols. II and 12 (1849-54.) Plates. 4

Edinburgh, 1857

- Report on the TenerifTe Astrono-
mical Experiment of 1856. Plates. 4

Teneriffe : an Astronomer's Experi-

ment, or Specialities of a Residence
above the Clouds. Photo-stereograph
plates. 8 " 1858

- Three Cities in Russia. 2 vols.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1 862

Report read to the Special Meeting
of H.M. Government Board of Visitors
of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh,
nth November and 4th December 1864.
2 parts. 4* Edinburgh, 1864

On an Equal-surface Projection for
Maps of the World, and its Application
to certain Anthropological Questions.
Maps. 8* Edinburgh, 1870

A Poor Man's Photography at the
Great Pyramid in ... 1865, compared
with that of the Ordnance Survey
Establishment subsidised by London
Wealth ... at the same place four
years afterwards : a Discourse, &c. 8


Our Inheritance in the Great Pyra-
mid. Fourth and much enlarged edition,
including all the most important Dis-
coveries up to the time of publication.
Plates. 8 1880

Madeira Spectroscopic : being a
Revision of 21 Places in the Red Half
of the Solar Visible Spectrum at Madeira
during the Summer of 1 88 1. Plates. 4

Edinburgh, 1882

Astronomical Observations made at

the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, being
Vol. 15 for 1878 to 1886, containing only
the remainder of the Star Catalogue,
Discussion, and Ephemeris for 1830 to
1890, of which the first four hours ap-
peared in Vol. 14. 4 Edinburgh, 1886
Smyth, R. Brough. Mining and Mineral
Statistics, with Notes on the Rock For-
mations of Victoria ; to which is added
a Sketch of a new Geological Map of
Victoria. 8 Melbourne, 1873

Smyth, R. Brough. The Aborigines of
Victoria, with Notes relating to the Habits
of the Natives of other parts of Australia
and Tasmania. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
4 1878

See Victoria, B : Appendix 2.

Smyth, Lieut. W., and F. Lowe. Narra-
tive of a Journey from Lima, Para, across
the Andes and down the Amazon, under-
taken with a View of Ascertaining the
Practicability of a Navigable Communi-
cation with the Atlantic by the Rivers
Pachitea, Ucayali, and Amazon. Maps
and plates. 8 1836

Smyth, Admiral Wm. Henry. Memoir
descriptive of the Resources, Inhabitants,
and Hydrography of Sicily and its
Islands. Maps and plates. 4 1824

Sketch of the Present State of the

Island of Sardinia. Map and plates. 8


Account of a Private Observatory re-
cently erected at Bedford. 4* 1831

Some Remarks on an Error respecting

the Site and Origin of Graham Island.
Map. 4* 1832

Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet
of Roman Imperial Large Brass Medals.
4 Bedford, 1834

Observations of Halley's Comet.

IVate. 4* 1836

Nautical Observations on the Port and

Maritime Vicinity of Cardiff. Map. 8

Cardiff, 1840

The Mediterranean : a Memoir, Phy-
sical, Historical, and Nautical. 8 1844

On some Roman Vestigia recently
found at Kirkby Thore, in Westmoreland.
Woodcuts. 4* 1845

Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet of
Roman Family Coins, belonging to the
Duke of Northumberland. 4

Privately printed, 1856

Notice of Certain Relics found near

Aylesbury, with Further Remarks on
Rubbings. 8* 1859

The Cycle of Celestial Objects con-
tinued at the Hartwell Observatory to
1859; with a Notice of Recent Discoveries,
including Details from the /Ecles Hart-
wellianDe. Map, plates, facsimile, and
woodcuts. 4 Privately printed, 1860

Letter on a "Double-Faced" Brass
in Stone Church ; with a Few Remarks
on the Desecration and Robberies in
Sacred Edifices. 8* 1860

A Word More on the " Double-

Faced " Brass in Stone Church, with a
Few Particulars respecting that Edifice,
&c. Plate. 8* 1 86 1

Sidereal Chromatics : being a Reprint,

with Additions, from the " Bedford Cycle
of Celestial Objects," and its " Hartwell
Continuation," on the Colours of Multiple
Stars. Plate. Royal 8

Privately printed, \ 864



Smyth, Admiral Wm. Henry. The

Sailor's Word-Book : an Alphabetical
Digest of Nautical Terms . . .
Revised for the Press by Vice-Admiral
Sir E. Belcher. 8 1867

See Campana.

Smyth, W. W. A Year with the Turks, or
Sketches of Travel in the European and
Asiatic Dominions of the Sultan. Map.
8 1854

Smythe, Mrs. Ten Months in the Fiji
Islands ; with an Introduction and Ap-
pendix by Colonel W. J. Smythe. Maps
and plates. 8 1864

Smythies, Right Rev. C. A. Mission
Work on Lake Nyassa. [Cuttings from
Manchester Guardian.] N.D.

A Journey from Matope on the Upper

Shire to Newala on the Rovuma ... in
1885. 12* Zanzibar, 1885

A Journey to Lake Nyassa, and Visit

to the Magwangwara and the Source of
the Rovuma. 8* Zanzibar [1887]

Snelgrave, Capt. W. A New Account
of some Parts of Guinea and the Slave
Trade. Map. Small 8 1734

See Astley, Vol. 2 ; Laharpe, Vol. 2 ;

Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 3: Appendix i.

Snellemann, J. F. Daniel David Veth.
Portrait. 8* Haarlem, 1885

- See Muller, H. P. N. ; Veth, P. J.

Snider, A. La Creation et ses Mysteres
Devoiles : Ouvrage ou 1'on expose claire-
ment la Nature de tous les Etres, les
Elements dont ils sont composes, et leurs
Rapports avec le Globe et les Astres ;
la Nature et la Situation du Feu du
Soleil ; 1'Origine de 1'Amerique et de ses
Habitants Primitifs ; la Formation forcee
de Nouvelles Planetes ; 1'Origine des
Langues, et les Causes de la Variete des
Physionomies ; le Compte courant de
1'Homme avec la Terre, &c. Plates.
8 , Paris, 1858

Les Emanations : Recherches sur

1'Origine et la Formation forcee et per-
petuelle des Mondes. [2nd edition.] 8*

Paris, 1860

Nouvelle Theorie sur la formation des

Cometes et leur raison d'etre. 8*

Paris, 1 86 1

Snider-Pellegrini, A. Du Developpe-
ment du Commerce de 1'Algerie avec
PInterieur de 1'Afrique, et d'une Route
par Terre d'Alger au Senegal par Tom-
bouctou ; precede d'Observations sur
1'Algerie et le Maroc. 8* Paris, 1857

Storia della Casa d' Austria dalla sua

origine sino al giorno d'oggi. 8

Turin, 1861

Snodgrass, Major. Narrative of the
Burmese War, detailing the Operations of
Major-General Campbell's Army, from its
Landing at Rangoon in 1824 to the Con-
clusion of a Treaty of Peace at Yandaboo
in 1826. Map and plates. 8 1827

Snow, Robert. Observations of the
Aurora Borealis, from September 1834
to September 1839. 12* 1842

Snow, W. Parker. Voyage of the " Prince
Albert " in Search of Sir John Franklin :
a Narrative of Every-day Life in the
Arctic Seas. Map and plates. 8 1851

Two Years' Cruise off Tierra del

Fuego, the Falkland Islands, Patagonia,
and in the River Plate. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1857

On the Lost Polar Expedition and

Possible Recovery of its Scientific Docu-
ments ; with an Introduction and Supple-
mentary Remaiks, containing an Analysis
and Critical Examination of Facts and
Opinions on the Subject, demonstrating
the Probability of Survivors yet being
found. 8* 1860

Ocean Relief Depots, and Exploring in

the Far North. 8* [Edinburgh'] 1880
Character Sketch of W. Parker Snow,
Sailor, Explorer, and Author. 4* N.D.

Scares, Joaquim Pedro Celestino.
Bosquejo das Possessoes Portuguezas no
Oriente ou resumo de algumas derrotas
da India e da China. [Vol. I.] Plans,
plates, and tables. 6 Lisbon, 1851

Documentos Comprovativos do Bos-
quejo das Possessoes Portuguezas no
Oriente. Vol. 3. [Goa.] Tables. 8
Lisbon, 1853
Quadros Navaes, ou Collec^ao dos

Folhetins Maritimos do Patriota seguidos
de huma Epopeia Naval Portugueza. 3
vols. 8 Lisbon, 1861-63

Soares, Lopez. See Astley, Vol. i ; Gott-
fried : Appendix i.

Soares, Dr S. F. Estatistica do Com-
mercio maritimo do Brazil do exercicio
de 1872-73. (2a Parte. Commercio
maritimo geral, Importa9ao e Exporta-
9&o. Organizada pela Commissao diri-
gida pelo Dr Sebasiiao Ferreira Soares.)
Vol.2. 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1882

The same. (3a Parte. Commercio

de longo curso por provincias. Or-
ganizada, &c.) Vol. 3. 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1882

The same. (4a Parte. Commercio

de Cabotagem por Provincias. Generos
nacionaes. Organizada, &c.) Vol. 5-
8 Rio de Janeiro, 1884

Soetbeer, Dr Adolf. Edelmetall-Produk-
tion. (Erganzungsheft, 57 Petermann's
Mittheilungen. ) 3 coloured tables. 4

Got ha, 1879

Solander, Dr Daniel. See Troil.

Solander, E. Observations du Magne-
tisme Terrestre faites a Upsala. 4 charts.
4 Stockholm, 1893

Soldan. See Paz Soldan.



Soldner, J. Bcstimmung des Azimuths
von Altomiinster, uncl dadurch der Lage
des Meridians, auf dem nordlichen
Frauen-Thurme zu Miinchen. 8

Munich, 1813

Soleillet, Paul. Exploration du Sahara
Central : Avenir de la France en Afrique.
8* Paris, 1876

L' Afrique Occidentale : Algerie,

Mzab, Tildikelt. Map. Small 8

Avignon, 1877

Voyage a Segou, 1878-79 ; redige
d'apres les Notes et Journaux de Voyage
de Soleillet, par Gabriel Gravier. Map
and portrait. 8 Paris, 1887

Soleyman, Pasha. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 6 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
I : Appendix I.

Solinus, C. Julius. Polyhistor, Rerum
toto Orbe Memorabilium thesaurus locu-
pletissimus ; huic ob argument! simili-
tudinem Pomponii Melre de Situ Orbis,
libros tres, fide diligentiaque summa
recognitos, adjunximus ; cum Indice
rerum atque verlx)rum. Maps. Folio
Bale, 1538

Solis, Don Antonio de. Historia de la
Conquista de Mejico, Poblacion y Pro-
gresos de la America Septentrional
conocida por el nombre . de Nueva
Espaiia. 2 vols. 18 Parts, 1827

Solis, G. C. de. L'Origine di molte Citta
del Mondo et particularmente di tutta
Italia ... col principio del Regno de
Longobardi, &c. 8 Venice, 1592

Solis, Juan (or Jean Dias) de. See
Burney, Vol. i ; Gottfried ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 13 ; A General Collec-
tion of Voyages and Travels, p. 610 :
Appendix I.

Solms, Marie de. Nice. 12 Florence, 1854

Solomon, George. Population and
Prosperity, or Free versus Slave Pro-
duction. 8* Kingston, Jamaica, 1859

Solomon, Job Ben. See Astley, Vol. 2 ;
Knox's New Collection, Vol. 6 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Soltera, Maria. A Lady's Ride across
Spanish Honduras. Illustrations. 8
Edinburgh, 1884

Soltykoff, Prince Alexis. Voyages dans

I'lndc. 2nd edition. 2 vols. Map. 8

Paris, 1851

Solvyns, F. Baltazard. Les Hindous,
ou Description de leursMoeurs,Coutumes,
et Ceremonies. Vols. 2, 3, 4. Plates.
Folio Paris, 1 8 io- 1 2

Somera, Josef. Voyage to the Palaos
or Pelew Islands. See Burney, Vol. 5 :
Appendix i.

Somerville, Alexander N. See Truter
and Somerville, in Vol. 1 1 of Eyries :
Appendix i.

Somerville, Lieut. Boyle T. A Vocabu-
lary in various Dialects used in some
Islands of the New Hebrides, South
Pacific. Oblong 8 1892

Somerville, Mary. On the Connexion of
the Physical Sciences. Plates. 12 1836

Physical Geography. 2 vols. Por-
trait. 12 1848

- The same. 6th edition, thoroughly
revised by H. W. Bates. Portrait. 8


Sommer, Jean Adolphe. Repertoire
Analytique et Descriptif pour la Carte
d'Athenes et ses Environs publiee en
1841. 4 Munich, 1841

Sommer, Job. Gottfr. Das Kaiserthum
Oesterreich, geographisch-statistisch dar-
gestellt. 8 Prague, 1839

Taschenbuch zur Verbreitung Geo-

graphisqher Kenntnisse, 1841. Plates.
12 Prague, 1841

Sommers, Sir G. See Summers.

Sommier, S. Fra i Basckiri (Capitolo
di un Libro inedito). 8* [Florence} N.D.

- Un' Estate in Siberia fra Ostiacchi,
Samoiedi, Sirieni, Tatari, Kirghisi, e
Baskiri. Maps and illustrations. Large
8 Florence, 1885

Prima Ascensione Invernale al Capo
Nord e ritorno attraverso la Lapponia e
la Finlandia. Map and illustrations. 8*

Koine, 1886

Due Communicazioni fatte alia Societa
d'Antropologia sui Lapponi e sui Fin-
landesi Settentrionali. 8* 1886

Sirieni Ostiacchi e Samoiedi dell' Ob.
Prima parte. Map and illustrations. 4

Florence, 1887

- Una Genziana Nuova per 1'Europa.
8* 1888

- Note di Viaggio. i. Esposizione
Uralo-Siberiana di Ekaterinburg, Cere-
missi degli Urali e del Volga. 2. Mordva
Popolazione di Astrakan Kalmucchi.
Illustrations. 4* Florence, 1889

and E. H. Giglioli. II Dottor

Finsch alia Nuova Guinea.

[Florence, 1889]
Sommieres, Col. L. C. V. de. See

Phillips, New Voyages and Travels [3],

Vol. 4 : Appendix r.
Sonklar, Carl A. von. Ein Condensations

Hygrometer. Plate. 8* Vienna, 1856
Der neuerliche Ausbruch des Suldner-

gletschersin Tirol. Map. 8* Vienna, 1857
Ueber den Zusammenhang der Glet-

scherschwankungen mit den meteorolo-

gischen Verhaltnissen. 8* Vienna, 1858

- Grundziige einer Hyetographie des
Oesterreichischen Kaiserstaates. Map
and tables. Royal 8* Vienna, 1 860

- Die Oetzthaler Gebirgsgruppe, mit
besonderer Riicksicht auf Orographie
und Gletscherkunde. Plate. 8

Got ha, 1860



Sonklar, Carl A. von. Von den Glets-
chern der Diluvialzeit. Royal 8*

Vienna, 1862

Von den Alpen. 2 parts. (Oesterr.
Revue, 3 band, 1864.) Maps. 8* [1864]

Die Gebirgsgruppe der Hohen-Tauern,

mil besonderer Riicksichtauf Orographie,
Gletscherkunde, Geologic, und Meteor-
ologie. Maps. 8 Vienna, 1866

Die Zillerthaler Alpen, mil besonderer
Riicksicht auf Orographie, Gletscher-
kunde und Geologic. (Erganzungsheft,
32 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 3
waps. 4 Got ha, 1872

Leitfaden der Geographic von Europa,
fur hohere Lehranstalten. 2nd edition.
8 Vienna, 1876

Lehrbuch der Geographic fiir die k. k.

Militar-, Real-, und Kadeten-Schulen.

Maps. 8 Vienna, 1877

The same. 2nd edition. 8 1880

Von den Ueberschwemmungen. Ent-
haltend : Allgemeine Beschreibung,
Chronik der Ueberschwemmungen und
Mittel der Abwehr. 8 Vienna, 1883

See Martel ; also Switzerland, B, Alps :
Appendix 2.

Sonnenschein, A. See Kirchhoff.
Sonnenstern, M. von. See Central

America, Nicaragua : Appendix 2.
Sonnerat, M. Voyage a la Nouvelle
Guinee, dans lequel on trouve la Descrip-
tion des Lieux, des Observations Phy-
siques et Morales, et des details relatifs
a 1'Histoire Naturelle dans le Regne
Animal et le Regne Vegetal. Plates. 4
Paris, 1776

Voyage aux Indes Orientales et a la

Chine, 1774-81. 2 vols. Plates. 4

Paris, 1782

Sonnini, C. S. Travels in Upper and
Lower Egypt, undertaken by order of the
old Government of France. Translated
by Henry Hunter. 3 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1 799

Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt.

Translated from the French. Map and
plates. 4 1800

Travels in Greece and Turkey. 2 vols.

Map and plates. 8 1801

- The same. 4 1801

The same. Collection of plates. 4


Voyage dans la Haute et Basse Egypte.

Illustrations. 3 vols. Small 8, and
vol. of plates 4 Paris, 1 798

See Pelham, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Sonnleithner, H. von. Skizze liber den

Oesterreichischen Reisenden, Virgil von
Helmreichen. 8 Vienna, 1852

Sonora, Marques de. Informe General
que en virtud de Real Orden instruyo y
entrego el Excmo. Sr. Marques de Sonora
siendo visitador General de este Reyno

Sonora, Marques de continued.

al Excmo. Sr. Virrey Frey D. Antonio
Bucarely y Ursua con fecha de 31 de
Diciembre de 1771. 8 Mexico, 1867

Sopwith, T. Notes of a Visit to Egypt,
by Paris, Lyons, Nismes, Marseilles, and
Toulon. Plates. 12 1857

Soraluce y Zubizarreta, Nicolas de.
Las Excmas, juntas y diputaciones de
Guipiizcoa y Juan Sebastian del Cano
inmortal Protorodeador del Mundo ante
la Historia. 8* Vitoria, 1883

Sorby, Dr H. C. On the Motions of
Waves as illustrating the Structure and
Formation of Stratified Rocks. 8* 1855
On the Terraces in the Valley of the
Tay north of Dunkeld. 8*

Edinburgh, 1856
On the Physical Geography of the

Tertiary Estuary of the Isle of Wight.
Map. 8* Edinburgh, 1857

Sbrensen, N. G. See Sweden, A, Geo-
logiska Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Soria, Pablo. Informe del Comisionado
de la Sociedad del Rio Bermejo, a los
Senores Accionistas. Small 4

Buenos Ayres, 1831

Sosa, P. See Wyse.

Sosnoffsky, Col. J. Russian Scientific-
Commercial Expedition to China in 1874-
75. [In Russian.] 8 St Petersburg, 1876

See Clarke, F. C. H. ; Piassetsky.

Sotheby, S. Leigh. Principia Typo-
graphica : on the Block-Books, or Xylo-
graphic Delineations of Scripture His-
tory issued in Holland, Flanders, and
Germany during the I5th Century ;
on their Connexion with the Origin of
Printing ; and on the Character of the
Water-marks in the Paper of the Period.
3 vols. in I. Plates. Folio 1858

Soto, Fernando de. See Gottfried;
Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 9 ; Kerr, Vol.
5 ; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 ; Ternaux-
Compans, Vol. 20 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 1 6 : Appendix i.

Soubeiran, J. Leon. L'Afrique Australe
Temperee. Map. 8* [Montpellier, 1882]

L'Observatoire de 1'Aigoual. 8*

{Montpellier, 1883]

Souleyet, L. See Vaillant.

Sousa, Francisco de. Tratado das Ilhas
Novus e dos Portuguezes que forao de
Viana, e das Ilhas dos Aores a povoar
a Terra Nova do Bacalhao. 2nd edition.
Map. 8* Ponta Delgada, 1884

Sousa. See Faria y Sousa.

Sousa, Pedro Lopes de. Diario da Nave-
ga9ao da Armada q ue foi a Terra do Brasil,
em 1530, sob a Capitania-Mor Martini
A. de Sousa. Publicado por F. A. de
Varnhagen. Portrait. 8 Lisbon, 1839

See Santarem.

Southam, T. See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.



Southesk, Earl of. Saskatchewan and
the Rocky Mountains : a Diary and
Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adven-
ture during a Journey through the Hud-
son's Bay Company's Territories in 1859
and 1860. Maps and plates. 8 1875
Sowerby, J. The Forest Cantons of
Switzerland, Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri,
Unterwalden. Map. 12 1892

Sowerby, W. Reports on the Survey of
the Mineral Deposits in Kumaon, and
on the Iron Smelting Operations ex-
perimentally conducted at Dechouree.
[India Records, No. 17.] Map and
plates Calcutta, 1856

- Report on the Government Iron
Works at Kumaon, with Plans, Specifi-
cations, and Estimates . . . and Remarks
on the Iron Deposits of the Himalayas.
[India Records, No. 26.] Map and
plates Calcutta, 1859

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Afrika : Erfahrungen und Betrach-
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Soyka, Dr Isidor. See Penck's Abhand-

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and Climate of Texas. Map. 8

Calves ton, 1882

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Translated from the Russian. Map.
Small 8 1874

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World : an Account of Three Visits to
the Japanese Empire. Plates. 8 1856

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the Two Sicilies and some parts of the
Apennines. Translated from the Italian.
4 vols. Plates. 8 1798

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Vol. 17 : Appendix i.

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Book 6 : Appendix I.

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of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic
Circle, and round the World, but chiefly
into the Country of the Hottentots and
Caffres, from 1772-76. Translated from
the Swedish. 2 vols. Plates. 4 1785

Speed, John. A Prospect of the most
famous parts of the World . . . with
these kingdoms therein contained,
Grecia . . . &c. ; together with all the
provinces, counties, and shires contained
in that large theater of Great Brittaine's
Empire. [Imperfect copy.] Maps and
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ami illustrations. 8 1856

Speke, Capt. John Hanning. Journal
of the Discovery of the Source of the
Nile. Portraits, maps, and plates. 8


What led to the Discovery of the

Source of the Nile. Map and frontis-

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