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piece. 8 Edinburgh, 1864
- An octavo Pamphlet of 43 pages, con-

taining water-colour drawings of parts
of various African Mammals, taken out
by Capts. Speke and Grant, with inter-
polated original drawings by both those
travellers. 8* N.D.

An octavo Pamphlet, originally con-
taining coloured lithographs of African
Birds, and a Report on a Zoological
Collection from the Somali country by
Edward Blyth, 1860, with interpolated
original drawings by Capts. Speke and
Grant. 8* N.D.

See Malte-Brun ; Nardi ; Swayne,
G. C. ; also Blackwood, Vol. i : Ap-
pendix i .

Spelman, Edward. The Expedition of
Cyrus into Persia, and the Retreat of
the Ten Thousand Greeks. Translated
from the original Greek of Xenophon.
8 1812

Spence, J. M. Primera Ascension al Pico
de Naiguata. 8* Caracas, 1872

Illustrations of Venezuela: Catalogue

of Works of Art, &c., collected during
eighteen months' travel in that Republic,
1871-72. 8* Manchester, 1873

Venezuela : its people and its pro-
ducts. 8* Manchester, 1874

The Land of Bolivar ; or, War, Peace,

and Adventure in the Republic of
Venezuela. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1878

Spence, Lancelot M. Dalrymple. The
Civil Service Geography . . . arranged
especially for Examination Candidates
and the Higher Forms of Schools.
Revised throughout by T. Gray. Maps.
1 6 1867

Spence, William. The Radical Cause of
the Present Distresses of the West-India
Planters pointed out ; with Remarks on
the Publications of Sir W. Young, C.
Bosanquet, and J. Lowe, relative to the
Value of the West-India Trade. 8 1807



Spencer, Capt. Edmund. Travels in
Circassia, Krim Tarlary, c. , including
a Steam Voyage down the Danube
from Vienna to Constantinople, and
round the Black Sea, in 1836. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1837

- Travels in the Western Caucasus,
including a Tour through Imeritia,
Mingrelia, Turkey, Moldavia, Galicia,
Silesia, and Moravia in 1836. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1838

Travels in European Turkey in 1850,

through Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, Mace-
donia, Thrace, Albania, and Epirus ;
with a Visit to Greece and the Ionian
Isles, and a Homeward Tour through
Hungary and the Slavonian Provinces
of Austria on the Lower Danube. 2 vols.
Map atui plates. 8 1851

Tour of Inquiry through France and

Italy, illustrating their present Social,
Political, and Religious Condition. 2
vols. 8 1853

Turkey, Russia, the Black Sea, and

Circassia. Map and illustrations, some
coloured. 8 1854

Spencer, Herbert. On alleged " Spon-
taneous Generation," and on the hypothe-
sis of physiological units. 8* 1868

Spencer, J. A. The East : Sketches of
Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land.
Map and plates. 8 1850

Spener, Jacobus Carolus. Notitia Ger-
manise Antiquse, ab ortu Reipublicre ad
Regnorum Germanicorum in Romanis
Provinciis stabilimenta, Germanise et
Germanicarum Civitatum statum et con-
ditionem plene declarans ; ex fide dignis
monumentis argumentum perfecit et
Novis Tabulis Geographicis instruxit,
accessit conspectus Germanire Media;,
qualis seculo VI. et post paulo sequentibus
seculis fuit. Maps. Small 4 Halle, 1717

Spice, R. P. A Brief Account of a Tour
from Westminster to the extreme North
of Norway. 8* 1878

Spiers, R. Phene. See Fergusson, James.

Spilbergen, Admiral George. See
Burney, Vol. 2 ; Callander, Vol. 2 ;
Harris, I ; Kerr, 10 ; Laharpe, 15 ;
Allgemeine Historic, 8, 12 : Appendix i.

Spillman, Joseph. Sec Miinzenberger.

Spilman, James. A Journey through
Russia into Persia, by two English Gentle-
men, . . . 1739, from Petersburg, in
order to make a discovery how the Trade
from Great Britain might be carried on
from Astracan over the Caspian. 8* 1742

Spilsbury, F. B. See Phillips [i], Vol. 6 :
Appendix I.

Spinola, Dr A. de Souza. See Jardim.

Spittel. Der Weichselstrom von Mon-
tauerspitze bis zur Miindung. Maps and
plates. 4* Berlin, 1862

Spittler, L. T. Geschichte des Fiirsten-
thums Hannover seit den Zeiten der
Reformation bis zu Ende des Sieben-
zehnten Jahrhunderts. 2 vols. 8

Hanover, 1798

Spix, J. B. von, and C. F. P. von
Martius. Reise in Brasilien auf Bcfehl Sr.
Majestat Maximilian Joseph I., Konigs
von Baiern, in den Jahren 1817 bis 1820.
3 vols. 4 Atlas eleph. folio

Munich, 1823-31

Travels in Brazil in 1817-20, under-
taken by command of the King of
Bavaria. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1824

Sporer, J. Novaja Semla in geograph-
ischer, naturhistorischer, und volkswirth-
schaftlicher Beziehung. ( Erganzungsheft,
21 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Map.
4 Got ha, 1867

See Polar Regions, Arctic, H : Ap-

pendix 2.

Spottiswoode, G. A. See Gallon, Vaca-
tion Tourists.

Spottiswoode, W. A Tarantasse Journey
through Eastern Russia in 1856. Map
and plates. 8 1857

On a Method for determining Longi-
tude by means of Observations on the
Moon's greatest Altitude. 4* 1860

Spratt, Admiral T. A. B. Report of
Deep Soundings between Malta and the
Archipelago in 1856-57, with Remarks
on the best Means of obtaining Deep
Soundings. Map. 8 1857

Report on the Delta of the Danube,

with Plans and Sections. Folio* 1857

Remarks on the Comparative Con-
ditions of the different Mouths and
Branches of the Danube. Maps and
plans. [Parly. Rep.] Folio* 1858

An Investigation on the Effect of the

Prevailing Wave Influence on the Nile's
Deposits. Maps. Folio* 1859

A Dissertation on the True Position

of Pelusium and Farama. Maps. Folio*


Sailing Directions for the Island of
Crete or Candia. 8* 1861

Instructions sur 1'ile de Crete ou

Candie. Traduction par A. le Gras. 8*

Paris, 1861

- Travels and Researches in Crete.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1865

On the Evidences of the rapid Silting

in progress at Port Said, the entrance to
the Suez Canal. Maps. 8* 1870

A Suggestion for the Improvement of

the Entrance to the Mersey. Map. 8*


Report on the Present State of the

Navigation of the River Mersey, 1880.
Plans. 8* 1 88 1

The same, 1882. Plan. 8* 1883


Spratt, Admiral T. A. B. The same,
1883. Chart and plans. 8* 1884

- The same, 1884. Plan. 8* 1885

- The same, 1885. Plan. 8* 1886

Remarks on the Dorian Peninsula and
Gulf; with Notes on the Temple of
Latona there. Map. 4* 1886

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.
Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

and Prof. E. Forbes. Travels in

Lycia, Milyas, and the Cibyratis. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1847

Sprecher von Bernegg, Hektor. Die
Verteilung der bodenstandigen Bevol-
kerung im Rheinischen Deutschland im
Jahre 1820. Ein Beitrag zur Methodik
der Dichtigkeitskarten und zur Anthropo-
geographie des siidwestlichen und west-
lichen Deutschland. Map. 8*

Gb'ttingcn, 1887

Sprengel, M. C. Geschichte der wich-
tigsten geographischen Enldeckungen
bis zur Ankunft der Portugiesen in Japan,
1542. 12 Halle, 1792

Sec Ehrmann.

Sprent, C. P. See Scott, J. R.

Sproat, Gilbert Malcolm. Scenes and
Studies of Savage Life. Plate. 8 1868

Spruce, Richard. Report on the Expe-
dition to procure Seeds and Plants of the
Cinchona Succirubra, or Red Bark Tree
[in Ecuador]. 8 1861

Notes on the Valleys of Piura and
Chira in Northern Peru, and on the
Cultivation of Cotton therein. 8* 1864

On the River Purus, a tributary of the
Amazon. 8* 1864

Palmre Amazonica:, sive Enumeratio
Palmarum in itinere suo per regiones
America; a-quatorialeslectarum. 8 [1871]

Spry, W. J. J. The Cruise of Her
Majesty's ship "Challenger": Voyages
over many Seas, Scenes in many Lands.
Map and plates. 8 1876

Sprye, Capt. Richard. Commerce with
Western and Interior China, Thibet and
Tartary, across British Pegue from the
Port of Rangoon to Esmok on I he
South- Western Frontier of China Proper;
with Introduction and Notices by the
Press. RoyalS* [Privately printed} 1860

- The Western - Inland- Provinces of
China Proper, Geographically and Com-
mercially considered in connection with
British- Eastern- Pegue and the Port of
Rangoon. Map. 8*

[ Privately printed] \ 862

Commerce with Wcstein and Cen-
tral China, Thibet, and Tartary. In-
troduction to Notices by the Press [and
various Press Notices.] 4* [1868]

- The Sprye Route to Western China.
[A Cutting from The Engineer of 24th
December 1869.] Map. Small 8* 1869

Sprye, Captain Richard, and R. H. F.
Sprye. Aerial Telegraph to Hong-
Kong and the Open Ports of China, and
a New Commerce with the vast West of
that Empire across Eastern-Pegue from
Rangoon. 8* [Privately printed} 1862

Sprye, R. H. F. and C. H. F. The
British and China Railway, from H.M.
Port of Rangoon, in the Bay of Bengal,
through Pegue and Burmah to the
Yunnan Province of China, with Loop-
Lines to Siam and Cambogia, Tonquin
and Cochin-China. Map. Royal 8* 1858

Spurway, Thomas. See Gottfried ;
Purchas, Vol. i, Book 5 : Appendix I.

Squier, E. G. Antiquities of the State
of New York. Being the Results of
Extensive Original Surveys and Explora-
tions, with a Supplement on the Antiqui-
ties of the West. Plates. 8

Biiffalo, N. Y., 1851
- Travels in Central America, particu-
larly in Nicaragua ; with Descriptions of
its Aboriginal Monuments, Scenery, and
People, their Languages, Institutions,
Religions, &c. 2 vols. Maps and
coloured plates. 8 New York, 1853

Honduras Interoceanic Railway :

Preliminary Report. Maps. 8*

New York, 1854

Do. Supplementary Report. 8* 1856
Notes on Central America, particu-

larly the States of Honduras and San
Salvador, their Geography, Topography,
Climale, &c. , and the proposed Hon-
duras Inter-Oceanic Railway. Maps and
plates. 8 New York, 1855

Collection of Rare and Original

Documents and Relations concerning
the Discovery and Conquest of America,
chiefly from the Spanish Archives ; pub-
lished in the Original, with Transla-
tions, Illustrative Notes, Maps, and Bio-
graphical Sketches. No. i. Square 8
New York, 1860

Honduras : Descriptive, Historical,
and Statistical. Map. 8 1870

The Primeval Monuments of Peru

compared with those in other parts of
the World. 8* 1870

Observations on the Geography and
Archaeology of Peru. 8* 1870

- Peru. Incidents of Travel and Ex-
ploration in the Land of the Incas.
Plates. 8" 1877

Nicaragua : its People, Scenery,

Monuments, Resources, Condition, and
Proposed Canal. Map and illustrations.
8 New York, 1860

Squier, M. F. Travels in Central
America, including Accounts of some
Regions unexplored since the Conquest.
From the French of the Chevalier Arthur
Morelet ; Introduction and Notes by E.
G. Squier. Alap and plates. 8 1871



Squire, Col. See Walpole, Turkey, Ap-
pendix i.

Squire, Jane. Proposal to determine our

Longitude. Small 4 1742

Stache, G. Die projectirte Verbindung

des Algerisch-tunesischen Chott-Gebietes

mil clem Mittelmeere. 8* Vienna, 1875

See " Novara."

Stack, E. Six Months in Persia. 2 vols.

Maps. 12 1882

Stade, Hans. See Ilakluyt Soc. Publ.,

Vol. 51 ; Gottfried ; Ternaux-Compans,

Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Staehlin, J. von. An Account of the New
Northern Archipelago lately discovered
by the Russians in the Seas of Kamts-
chatka and Anadir. Translated from
the German Original : also a Narrative of
the Singular Adventures of Four Russian
Sailors who were cast away on the
Desert Island of East-Spitzbergen. By
P. L. Le Roy. Translated from the
German original. 8 !774

Stahlberger, E. Die Ebbe und Fluth in
der Rhede von Fiume. Diagrams. 4
Budapest, 1874

Stainbank, H. E. Coffee in Natal, its
Culture and Preparation. Small 8* 1874
Stairs, Capt. See Moloney.
Stallibrass, E. On Deep-Sea Sounding
in connection with Submarine Tele-
graphy. Plates. 8* 1887
Stanford, C. Catalogue of the Geo-
logical Maps, Sections, and Memoirs of
the Geological Survey of Great Britain
and Ireland, under the Superintendence
of Sir Roderick I. Murchison. 8 N.D.
Stanford, E. Stanford's Compendium of
Geography and Travel, based on Hell-
wald's "Die Erde und ihre Volker."
Maps and plates. 8

Europe. By F. W. Rudler and
Geo. G. Chisholm. Edited by Sir
Andrew C. Ramsay ; with Ethnologi-
cal Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1885
Asia. With Ethnological Appendix
by Augustus H. Keane ; edited by Sir
Richard Temple. 1882

The same. 2nd edition 1886

Africa. Edited and extended by
Keith Johnston ; with Ethnological
Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1878

The same, by the late Keith John-
ston. Revised and corrected by E. G.
Ravenstein ; with Ethnological Ap-
pendix by A. H. Keane. 4th edition


North America. Edited and en-
larged by Prof. F. V. Hayden and
Prof. A. R. C. Selwyn. 1883

Central America, the West Indies,
and South America. Edited and ex-
tended by H. W. Bates, with Ethnolo-
gical Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1878
The same. 3rd edition 1885

Stanford E. continued.

Australasia. Edited and extended
by Alfred R. Wallace . . . ; with
Ethnological Appendix by A. H.
Keane. 1879

The same. 4th edition. 1884

The same. (New issue. ) Austral-
asia, Vol. i ; Australia and New
Zealand. By Alfred R. Wallace. 1893

A Catalogue of Maps, Atlases, Books,
and other Publications issued or sold by
Edward Stanford. 8 1890

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn. Sinai and
Palestine in connection with their His-
tory. 4th edition. Maps. 8 1857

- The Mission of the Traveller.
[Funeral Sermon on Dr Livingstone :
from Good Words.~\ 8* 1874

See Morrison ; Whitty.

Stanley, Bishop Edward. Heads for
the Arrangement of Local Information
in every Department of Parochial and
Rural Interest. 8* 1848

Stanley, H. Chinese Manual, with Com-
mentary or Explication : Recueil de
Phrases Chinoises, composees de quatre
Caracteres, et dont les Explications
sont rangees dans 1'ordre Alphabetique
Francais. Chinese, French, and English.
Folio* 1854

Stanley, Hon. H. E. J. See Stanley of
Alderley, Lord.

Stanley, H. M. How I found Livingstone:
Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in
Central Africa ; including Four Months'
Residence with Dr Livingstone. Maps
and plates. 8 1872

- The same. 2nd edition 1873
Coomassie and Magdala : the Story

of Two British Campaigns in Africa.
Maps and plates. 8 1874

Through the Dark Continent ; or, The

Sources of the Nile around the great
Lakes of Equatorial Africa, and down
the Livingstone River to the Atlantic
Ocean. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8


-The same. Small 8 1880

- The Congo, and the Founding of its
Free State : a Story of Work and Ex-
ploration. 2 vols. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 1885

- The Story of Emin's Rescue as told
in H. M. Stanley's Letters. Published
with Mr Stanley's permission, and edited
by J. Scott Keltic. Map. 12 1890

In Darkest Africa ; or, The Quest,

Rescue, and Retreat of Emin, Governor
of Equatoria. 2 vols. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 i 890
The same. 2 vols. 4 1890



Stanley, H. M. Mr H. M. Stanley's March
through the Great Forest Region of Central
Africa, from the Congo to the Nile
Lakes ; with Sketches and Descriptions
by Officers of the Emin Relief Expedi-
tion. Special Number of the Illustrated
London News. Folio 1890

Slavery and the Slave Trade in

Africa. (From Harper's Magazine,
March 1893.) Illustrations. 8* 1893
See Casdagli ; Glave ; Jephson ; Mon-

tefiore ; Parke, T. H. ; Peters ; Row-
lands ; Schynse ; Troup ; Wauters ;
Werner ; Yule and Hyndman.

Stanley, J. M. Catalogue of the Por-
traits of North American Indians, with
his Sketches of Scenery, &c. 8

Washington, 1852

Stanley of Alderley, Lord. See Hakluyt
Soc. Publ., Vols. 35, 39, 42, 49, 52, 64 :
Appendix i.

Stanley, William Ford. Experimental
Researches into the Properties and
Motions of Fluids, with Theoretical
Deductions therefrom. Illustrations. 8


Stansbury, Howard. Exploration and
Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt
Lake of Utah, including a Reconnois-
sance of a New Route through the Rocky
Mountains. Maps and plates. 8

Philadelphia, 1852

Stanton, R. B. Availability of the
Canons of the Colorado River of the
West for Railway purposes. Map and
plates. 8* [1892]

Starke, Mariana. Information and
Directions for Travellers on the Con-
tinent. 8 1829

Statkowski, B. Problemes de la Clima-
tologie clu Caucase. 8 Paris, 1879

Statter, Dover. The Decimal System
as a whole in its relation to Time,
Measure, Weight, Capacity, and Money
in unison with each other. Diagram.
8* 1856

Stauber, Anton. Das Stu<lium der Geo-
graphic in und ausser der Schule. 8

Augsburg, 1888

Staudinger, Paul. Im Herzen der
Haussalander : Reise im westlichen
Sudan nebst Bericlit tiber den Verlauf
der Deutschen Niger-Benue Expedition,
sowie Abhandlungen liber klimatische,
naturwissenschaftliche, und ethnogra-
phische Beobachtungen in den eigent-
lichen Haussaliindern. Map. Large 8
Berlin, 1889

- The same. 2nd edition. Map.
Large 8 Leipzig, 1891

Staunton, Sir George Thomas. An
Authentic Account of nn Embassy . . .
to the Emperor of China ; including
cursory Observations made, and Infor-

Staunton, Sir Geo. Thos. continued.
mation obtained, in Travelling through
that Ancient Empire, and a small part
of Chinese Tartary ; together with a
Relation of the Voyage ... to the
Yellow Sea and Gulf of Pc-kin. 2 vols.
Portrait. 4, nnd folio Atlas 1797

Narrative of the Chinese Embassy

to the Khan of the Tourgoulh Tartars,
1712-15. By the Chinese Ambassador,
an 1 published, by the Emperor's autho-
rity, at Pckin. Translated from the
Chinese, and accompanied by an Ap-
pendix of miscellaneous translations.
Map. 8 1821

Miscellaneous Notices relating to
China, and on Commercial Intercourse
with that Country. 8 1822-50

Notes of Proceedings and Occur-
rences during the British Embassy to
Pekin in 1816. 8

[Privately printed], Havant, 1824
See Pelham, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Stavorinus, J. S. Voyage par le Cap de
Bonne-Esperance et Batavia, a Sama-
rang, a Macassar, a Amboine, et a
Surate, en 1774-78. 3 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 Paris, 1800

See Pinkerton, Vol. n : Appendix i.

Stebnitzky, J. Ueber die geographische
Lnge und die absolute Hone der Stadt
Teheran. [Translated from the Russian,
by A. Moritz.] 4* N.P., N.I).

Stecker, A. See Rohlfs.

Stedman, Capt. J. G. Narrative of
a Five Years' Expedition against the
Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana,
on the Wild Coast of South America,
from 1772 to 1777 ; elucidating the His-
tory of that country and describing its
Productions, with an Account of the
Indians of Guiana and Negroes of Guinea.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 4 1796

Steedman, Andrew. Wanderings and
Adventures in the Interior of South
Africa. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1835

Steel, R. See Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Purchas,
Vol. i, Book 4 : Appendix I.

Steel, W. G. A Visit to Crater Lake,
the Proposed National Park. (From The
West Shore for March 1886.) 8*

Portland, Or., 1886

The Mountains of Oregon. Plates.

8 Portland, Or., 1890

Steen, Aksel S. See Polar, Arctic, G :
Appendix 2.

Steenis, Hendrik Cornelis. Journaal
wegens de . . . Reys-tocht met het
Oorlogschip Hel Iluys en't Bosch, 1751.
Small 4 Amsterdam, N. I).

Steenstrup, Japetus. /eni'ernes Reiser
i Norden. En Kritisk Fremstilling af
del sidste tiaars vigtige bidrag til For-
staaelsen af Venetianerne /eni's ophold
i Norden fra 1391 til 1405. Map and
facsimiles. 8 Copenhagen, 1883



Steenstrup, Japetus. Les Voyages des
Freres Zeni dans le Nord. Facsimiles.
8* Copenhagen, 1884

Steenstrup, J. J. S. Et Blik paa Natiir-
og Oldforskningens Furstudier til Bes-
varelsen af Sporgsmaalet <'m Menneskes-
laegtens tidligste Optraxlen i Europa.
Plate. 8* Copenhagen, 1865

Steenstrup, K. J. V. Om de Kulforende
Dannelser paa Oen Disko, Hareoen, og
Syd - Siden af Niigssuak's Halvoen i
Nord-Gronland. ]\Iap and plates. 8*

Copenhagen, 1874

- Ur Kongliga Bibliotekets Handskrift-
samling : 2. Bemrcrkninger til et gam-
melt Manuskriptkaart over Gronland.
Plate. 8* [Stockholm, 1887]

Steere, Bishop E. A Walk to the
Nyassa Country. 12* Zanzibar, 1876
Swahili Exercises. Compiled for the
Universities Mission to Central Africa.
12 1882

See Heanley.

Stefani, Prof. Carlo de, Dr C. J.
Forsyth Major, and William Barbey.

Samos : Etude geologique, paleonto-
logique, et botanique ; avec treize
planches par Ch. Cuisin. 4

Lausanne, 1891

Stefano, Hieronomo di Santo. See
Hakluyt Soc. 1'ubl., Vol. 22 ; Ramusio,
Vol. i : Appendix i.

Stein, Christian G. D. Handbuch der
Geographic und Statistik fiir die
gebilcleten Stande ; nach den neueren
Ansichten, bearbeitet von F. Horschel-
niann. 3 vols. 8 Leipzig, 1833-34

and F. Horschelmann. Handbuch
der Geographic und Statistik fiir die
gebildeten Stande. Neu arbeitet unter
Mitwirkung mehrerer Gelehrten, von
Dr J. E. Wappaus. 7th edition. 4 vols.
(u parts) in 9. 8 Leipzig, 1855-68

Stein, . See Choroschchin.

Steinberger, A. B. Report upon Samoa
or the Navigator's Islands. 8*

Washington, 1874

Steindachner, F. See " Novara."

Steinen, Karl von den. Durch Central-
Brasilien : Expedition zur Erforschung
des Schingii im Jahre 1884. Maps and
illustrations. Large 8 Leipzig, 1886

Zweite Schingii Expedition, 1887-88.
Die Bakairi-Sprache . . . Mil Beit-
ragen zu einer Lautlehre der Karai-
bischen Grundsprache. Frontispiece.
8 Leipzig, 1892

Steiner, J. Der Reise-Gefahrte durch die
Oesterreichische Schweiz, oder das
Ober-Ennsische Salzkammergut. 12

Linz, 1829

Steinschneider, M. Die Hebraeischen
Handschriften der K. Hof- und Staats-
bibliothek in Muenchen. 8 Munich, 1875

Steinthal, H. Die Mande-Neger-Spra-
chen, psychologisch und phonetisch
betrachtet. 8 Berlin, 1867

Steinwenter, A. Versuch einer zusam-
menhangenden Darstellung des Strom-
systems des obern Nil. Map. 8*

Marburg, 1875

Stellers, Georg Wilhelm. Beschreibung
von clem Lande Kamtschatka, clessen
Einwohnern, deren Sitten, Nahmen,
Lebensart, und verschiedenen Gewohn-
ht-iten, heiausgegeben von J. B. S. Map
and plates. 8 Frankfurt, 1774

Stendhall, Count de. Rome, Naples,
and Florence in 1817. 8 1818

Stephen, Leslie. See General, Biography :
Appendix 2.

Stephen, Rev. Leslie. See Gallon,
Vacation Tourists.

Stephens, John L. Incidents of Travel
in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy
Land. 8 [? 1836]

The same. (*' By George Stephens.")

New edition. 2 vols. 8 1838

- Incidents of Travel in Central

America, Chiapas, and Yucatan. 2 vols.

Map and plates. 8 1842

- Incidents of Travel in Yucatan.

2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1843

Stephens (or Stevens), Sacheverel.
See Knox's New Coll., Vol. 5, p. 608;
"The World Displayed," Vol. 19: Ap-
pendix i.

Stephens, Thomas. Macloc : an Essay
on the Discovery of America by Madoc
ap Owen Gwynedd, in the I2th Century.
8 U 1893

Stephens, Thomas. See Stevens.

Stephenson, Sir Macdonald. Railways
in China. Report upon the Feasibility
and most effectual means of introducing
Railway Communication into the Empire
of China. Map. Folio 1864

Stern, Henry A. Wanderings among the
Falashas in Abys>inia ; together \\ith a
Description of the Country and its various
Inhabitants. Map and plates. 8 1862

Sternberg, C. G. von. Reise durch
Tyrol in die Oesterreichischen Provinzen
Italiens. Plates. 4 Vienna, 1811

Sterndale, R. A. Sconce, or Camp Life
on the Satpur.i Range, a Tale of Indian
Adventure. Map and plates. 8 1877

Sterrett, J. R. Sitlington. An Epi-
graphical Journey in Asia Minor.
[Archreological Institute of America :
Papers of the American School of Classi-
cal Studies at Athens, Vol. 2, 1883-84.]
Maps. 8 Boston, Mass., 1888

The Wolfe Expedition to Asia Minor.
The same. Vol. 3, 1884-85. Maps. 8
Boston, Mass., 1888

Stetson, G. R. The Liberian Republic
as it is. 8* Boston, Mass., 1881



Steuart, Lieut. C. J. A Short Account
of the Chootas, a Tribe inhabiting por-
tions of the Valley of the Hubb and of
the Country adjacent to the Western
Frontier of Scinde. Map and plates.
[Bombay Records, No. 5> N.S.] Royal
8 Bombay, 1854

Steuart, James. Notes on Ceylon and its
Affairs, with Observations on the Anti-
quity of Point de Galle, and on the
Pearl Fishery. Map and plate. 8

Privately printed, 1 862

Steub, Ludwig. Ueber die Url ewohner
Ratiens und ihren Zusammenhang mit
den Etruskern. 8 Munich, 1843

Steudner, . See Ileuglin.

Steveni, W. Barnes. Colonel Gramb-
cheflsky's Pamir Explorations and the
Indian Government. Portrait. Large
8* N.I).

Colonel Grambcheffsky's Expeditions
in Central Asia, and the Recent Events
on the Pamirs. Map. Large 8* N.D.

See Gromchefsky.

Stevens, B. F. See Columbus.
Stevens, C. Ellis. The City, a Study,

with practical bearings. 2nd edition.

8* New York, N.D.

Stevens, G. S. Report: Aden, 2Oth

February 1880. Map. Folio* 1880

The same. 27th September 1880.
Maps. Folio* 1 880

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