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Stevens, Henry. Historical and Geo-
graphical Notes, 1453-1530. Maps. 8
New Haven, Conn., 1869
Sebastian Cabot John Cabot = o.
12* Boston, Mass., 1870

Bibliotheca Geographica et Historica;
or, A Catalogue ... of rare and valuable
Ancient and Modern Books, Maps . . .
&c., illustrative of Historical Geography
and (ieographical History, &c. Part I.
Frontispiece. 8 1872

The Dawn of British Trade to the

East Indies, as Recorded in the Court
Minutes of the East India Company,
1599-1603. Containing an Account of
the Formation of the Company ; the
First Adventure, and Waymouth's Voy-
age in Search of the North-West Pass-
age. Now first printed from the Original
Manuscript, by Henry Stevens of Ver-
mont. With an Introduction by Sir
George Bird wood. 8 1886
See I-'chc'iner.

Stevens, John. See Ilerrera, A. de

Stevens, J. J. Report of Exploration of a
Route for the Pacific Railroad, near the
Forty-seventh and Forty-ninth Parallels,
from St Paul to Puget Sound. Maps.
8 Washington, 1854

See United States, II, c : Appen-
dix 2.

Stevens, Sacheverel. Sec Stephens.

Stevens, Samuel. Directions for Collect-
ing and Preserving Specimens of Natural
History in Tropical Climates. 8* N.D.
Stevens, S. The New Route of Com-
. merce by the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
Maps. 8* 1871

- The New Route of Commerce by the
Isthmus of Tehuantepec : Argument
demonstrating the advantages which the
Tehuantepec possesses over all other
Routes across the American Isthmus.
8* \_New York} 1872

Stevens, Thomas. Around the World
on a Bicycle, from San Francisco to
Teheran. Ilhtstrations. 8 1887

- Around the World on a Bicycle,
from Teheran to Yokohama. Illustra-
tions. 8 1888

Stevens, Thomas. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Keir, Vol. 7 ; Pur-
chas, Vol. I, Book 3, Vol. 2, Book 9 :
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Stevenson, James. Notes on the Country
between Kilwa and Tanganika. Maps.
8* Glasgow, 1877

- The Civilisation of South -Eastern
Africa, including remarks on the ap-
proach to Nyassa by the Zambesi, and
Notes on the Country between Kilwa
and Tanganika. 3rd edition. Maps. 8*
Glasgow, 1877

- The Water Highways of the Interior
of Africa, with Notes on Slave-Hunting
and the Means of its Suppression. Maps.
8* Glasgow, 1883

The Arabs in Central Africa and at
Lake Nyassa, with Correspondence with
H.M. Secretary of State for Foreign
Affairs on the attitude of Portugal. Maps.
8* Glasgow, 1888

The Arab in Central Africa. Map.

8* Glasgow, 1888

Stevenson, William. General View of
the Agriculture of the County of Surrey.
Map. 8 1809

Stevenson, W. See Kerr, Vol. 18 : Ap-
pendix i.

Stevenson, W. B. Historical and Des-
criptive Narrative of Twenty Years'
Residence in South America. 3 vols.
Plates. 8 1825

Stewardson, Henry C. See Turkey in
Asia, B, Palestine : Appendix 2.

Stewart, Charles. History of Bengal,
from the first Mohammedan Invasion
until the virtual Conquest by the Eng-
lish, A.i>. 1757. Map. 4 1813

See Timur.

Stewart, C. See Mirza Abu Taleb Khan.

Stewart, C. S. A Visit to the South
Seas, in the United States ship "Vin-
cennes," during the years 1829 and 1830 ;
including Scenes in Brazil, Peru, Manilla.
the Cape of Good Hope, and St Helena,
2 vols. Plates. 8 1832

45 6


Stewart, Lieut-Col. D. H. Report on the
Soudan. [Parly. Rep.] Map. Folio*


Stewart, Dr James. See Africa, General,
D : Appendix 2.

Stewart, J. On the Zambesi. 8* N.D.

Stibbs, Capt. Bartholomew. See Astley,

Vol. 2 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 3 :

Appendix i.

Stier, H. C. G. See Gama, Vasco da.
Stierlin, R. Alpen-Ansicht vom Gurten

bei Bern. 8* Berne, 1868

Stiffe, Capt. A. W. Survey of the Mouth

of the Indus, in March 1867. Folio* N.D.
The same. Folio* 1877

Baluchistan Province of Las Baila :

Journal of a Visit to Baila via Soumiyani,
in March 1878. Folio* [1885]

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.

Off. Publ. ; and India Return of Wrecks,
&c. : Appendix 2.

Stillman, J. D. B. Seeking the Golden
Fleece: a Record of Pioneer Life in Cali-
fornia ; to which is annexed Footprints
of Early Navigators, other than Spanish,
in California ; with an Account of the
Voyage of the schooner "Dolphin."
Plates. 8 San Francisco, 1877

Stirling, A. An Account, Geographical,
Statistical, and Historical, of Orissa
Proper, or Cuttack. In Two Parts :
Part I General Description, Boundaries
(Ancient and Modern), Soil, Productions,
Geology, Rivers, Towns, &c. ; Part 2
Chronology and History. MS. Folio

The same. Letterpress copy. Plates.

4 N.P., N.D.

Stirling, V. H. See Marsh, J. W.

Stirton, Dr J. Cryptogamic Flora of the
West of Scotland. Published for the
British Association Meeting, 1876. 12
Glasgow, 1876

See United Kingdom, K : Appen-
dix 2.

Stizenberger, E. Index Lichenum Hy-
perboreorum. 12 St Gall, 1876

Stockdale, F. W. L. A Concise His-
torical and Topographical Sketch of
Hastings, Winchelsea, and Rye, includ-
ing also several other places in the
vicinity of those ancient towns. Plates.
8 1817

Stocks, J. E. Practical Remarks on the
Plants of Sind, and the uses of certain
Wild Plants in Medicine, the Arts, and
Domestic Economy. [Bombay Records,
No. 17, N.S.] Royal 8* Bombay, 1855

See Burton, R. F.

Stockwell, G. S. The Republic of Li-
beria, its Geography, Climate, Soil, and
Productions, with a History of its Early
Settlement. 12 New York, 1868

Stocqueler, J. H. Fifteen Months' Pil-
grimage through Untrodden Tracts in
Khuzistan and Persia, in 1831-32, in a
Journey from India to England through
parts of Turkish Arabia, Armenia, Russia,
and Germany. 8 1832

The Overland Companion, being a

Guide for the traveller to India via
Egypt. 12 1850

Stoddart, J. The Meteorology of Ceylon
in 1883, and Average Results from 1869.
4 [1884]

Stoddart, Col. See Wolff, J.

Stoffel, Col. Baron. See United King-
dom, G, War Office Publications : Ap-
pendix 2.

Stok, J. P. van der. See Van der Stok.

Stokes, Prof. G. G. See Symons, G. J.

Stokes, H. J. An Historical Account of
the Bel^aum District in the Bombay
Presidency. [Bombay Records, No. 115,
N.S.] Royal 8* Bombay, 1870

Stokes, Capt. J. Lort. Discoveries in
Australia, with an Account of the Coasts
and Rivers Explored and Surveyed dur-
ing ihe Voyage of H.M.S. " Beagle" in
1837-43 ; also a Narrative of Capt. Owen
Stanley's Visits to the Islands in the
Arafura Sea. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1846

Stokes, Robert. Regulated Slave Trade :
Evidence given before the Select Com-
mittee of the House of Lords in 1849.
Plate. 8 1851

Stolberg, F. L. Graf zu. Reise in
Deutschland, der Schweiz, Italien, und
Sicilien. 3 vols. 8 Leipzig, 1794

See Pelham, Vol. 2: Appendix i.

Stoliczka, F. A Brief Account of the
Geological Structure of the Hill Ranges
between the Indus Valley in Ladak and
Shah-i-dula on the Frontier of Yarkand
Territory. 8* Calcutta, 1874

Geological Notes on the Route

traversed by the Yarkand Embassy from
Shah-i-dula to Yarkand and Kashgar. 8*
Calcutta, 1874

Geological Observations made on a
Visit to the Chaderkul, Thian Shan
Range. 8* Calczttta, 1874

See " Novara ; " also India, C, Palseon-

tologia Indica : Appendix 2.

Stoll, Otto. Zur Ethnographic der Re-
publik Guatemala. Map. 8 Ziirich, 1884

Guatemala, Reisen und Schilderungen

aus den Jahren 1878-83. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 Leipzig, 1886

Stolpe, M. See Sweden, Geologiska
Undersiikning : Appendix 2.

Stolpyanski, N. " Narodnaya Azbuka. "
[Russian Primer.} 12* St Petersburg, 1872

Stolze, F., and F. C. Andreas. Die
Handelsverhaltnisse Persiens. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 77 Petermann's Mitthcil-
ungen). Map. 4 Got ha, 1885



Stone, Octavius C. A Few Months in
New Guinea. Maps and plates. 8 1880

Stone, Olivia M. Tenerife and its Six
Satellites ; or, The Canary Islands, Past
and Present. 2 vols. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 1887

Stonehewer-Cooper, H. Coral Lands.
2 vols. Photographs. 8 1880

See Ross, Mars.

Stoneman, John. See Purchas, Vol.* 4,
Book 10 : Appendix i.

Stone's Dunedin and Invercargill Com-
mercial, Municipal, and General Direc-
tory ; Otago and Southland Gazetteer.
Almanac, and Companion for 1886.
Maps. Small 8 Dunedin, N.Z., 1886

Stoney, Capt. H. Butler. Residence in
Tasmania ; with a Descriptive Tour
through the Island, from Macquarie
Harbour to Circular Head. Map and
plates. 8 1856

- Victoria ; with a Description of its
principal cities Melbourne and Geelong.
and Remarks on the Present State of the
Colony, including an Account of the
Ballarat Disturbances. Maps and plates.
8 1856

Stoppani, Antonio. Carattere Marino
dei grandi Anfiteatri Morenici' dell' alta
Italia. Estratto dall' opera Geologia
d'ltalia per A. Stoppani e Gaetano Negri
compresa nella grande publicazione :
L'ltalia sotto 1'aspetto Fisico, Storico,
Letterario, Artistico, ecc. : Opera divisa
in tre parti : II dizionario corOgrafico
dell' Italia, I trattate scientifici sull'
Italia, e 1'Atlante Geografico, Slorico,
ecc., dell' Italia. Maps and illustra-
tions. Large 8* Milan, 1877

Story, John. See Churchill, Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix I.

Story, 'W. See Victoria, C : Appendix 2.

Stott, J. G. The Killin Hills, by J. G.
Stott. Tables giving all the Scottish
Mountains exceeding 3,000 feet in
height, by H. T. Munro. 8* N.D.

Stout, B. Narrative of the Loss of the
ship "Hercules," on the Coast of Caf-
fraria, the i6th of June 1796; also a
Circumstantial Detail of his Travels
through the Southern Deserts of Africa
and the Colonies, to the Cape of Good
Hope ; with an Introductory Address
to the Rt. Honourable John Adams. 8


Stow, G. W. See Jones, T. Rupert.

Stow, John. A Hermit's Idea that the
Stars are the Homes of the Heavenly
Hosts, &c., &c. 4* 1862

Stow, J. P. South Australia, its History,
Productions, and Natural Resources.
Maps, plan, and illustrations. 8

Adelaide, 1883
The same. 2nd edition. 8

Adelaide, 1884

Strabo. Strabonis de Situ Orbis. Vol.
i. 24 Leyden, 1557

Strabonis Rerum Geographicarum,
Libri XVII.; accedunt huic edition!, ad
Casaubonianam iii expressse, notse in-
tegrse G. Xylandri, Is. Casauboni, F.
Morellii, J. Palmerii; selectee vero ex
scriptis P. Meruke, J. Meursii, P.
Cluverii, L. Holstenii, C. Salmasii, S.
Bocharti, Is. Vossii, E. Spanhemii, C.
Cellarii aliorumque; subjiciuntur Chresto-
mathiae Gnec. tt Lat. 2 vols. Folio

Amsterdam, 1707

Strabonis Rerum Geographicarum,
Libri XVII., Graece et Latine, cum
variorum, prrecipue Casauboni, animad-
versionibus, juxta Editionem Amstelod-
amensem. Codicum MSS. collationem,
Annotationes, et Tabulas Geographicas,
adjecit T. Falconer ; subjiciuntur Chres-
tomathire Gr. et Lat. 2 vols. Maps.
[Large paper.] Folio Oxford, 1807

Strabon's Erdbeschreibung in sieben-

zehn Biichern . . . Verdeutscht von
Christoph Gottlieb Groskurd. 4 vols.
8 Berlin and Stettin, 1831-34

Strabonis Geographica, recensuit,
Commentario Critico instruxit, Gustavus
Kramer. 3 vols. 8 Berlin, 1844

Geography of Strabo. Literally trans-
lated, with Notes, by H. C. Hamilton
and \V. Falconer. 3 vols. 12 1854-57
See Dubois ; Tozer.

Strachan, Capt. John. Explorations and
Adventures in New Guinea. Portrait,
maps, and illustrations. 8 1 888

Strachan, R. Principles of Weather
Forecasts and Storm Prevision. 2nd
edition. 8* 1868

On the Weather of Thirteen Autumns,
Winters, Springs, and Summers ; and on
the Annual Means of Thirteen Years'
Observations at London. [Extract from
Quarterly Journal of Meteorological
Society, ii.] Chart. 8* N.I).

Results of Meteorological Observa-

tions made at Asuncion, Paraguay. 8*


Strachey, Capt. Henry. Narrative of a
Journey to the Lakes Cho-Lagan or
Kakas Tal, and Cho-Mapan or Manasa-
rowar, and the Valley of Pruang, in
Tibet, in 1846. Map. 8 Calcutta, 1848
Physical Geography of Western Tibet.
Map. 8* 1854

Strachey, John. Observations on the
different Strata of Earths and Minerals,
more particularly of such as are found in
the Coal Mines of Great Britain. Plate.
Small 4 1727

Strachey, J. Notes regarding the trade
of the Moradabad District. [Records,
N.W. Prov., Part 22.] Royal 8*

Agra, 1855

Strachey, Sir John. India. Map. 8




Strachey, Gen. R. Introductory Lecture
on Scientific Geography. 8* 1877

Lectures on Geography, delivered

before the University of Cambridge,
during the Lent Term 1888. Crown 8

Strachey, William. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 6 ; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 :
Appendix I.

Strahan, G. See India, F, c, Trigono-
metrical Survey : Appendix 2.

Strahl, Philipp. See Mouraviev.

Strahlenberg, Philipp Johann von. Das
nord- und ostliche Theil von Europa
und Asia, in so weit solches das gantze
Russische Reich mil Siberien und der
grossen Tatarey in sich begreiflet, in
einer historisch-geographischen Beschrei-
bung der alien und neuern Zeiten . . .
vorgestellet. Nebst einer. . . . Tabula
Polyglotta von zwey und dreissigerley
Arten Tatarischer Volcker Sprachen und
einem Kalmuckischen Vocabulario, &c.
Map and plates. 4 Stockholm, 1730
An Historico-Geographical Descrip-
tion of the North and Eastern Parts of
Europe and Asia ; but more particularly
of Russia, Siberia, and Great Tartary,
. . . with Table of the Dialects of thirty-
two Tartarian Nations, and a Vocabulary
of the Kalmuck-Mungalian Tongue, &c.
Square 8 1738

Strahorn, R. E. To the Rockies and
Beyond, or a Summer on the Union
Pacific Railroad and Branches : Saunter-
ings in the popular Health, Pleasure, and
Hunting Resorts of Nebraska, Dakota,
Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho,
Oregon, Washington, and Montana, &c.
Plates. 8 Omaha, 1879

Stralisky, J. Account of the Survey of
the Russian Empire during the Reign of
the Emperor Alexander II. [In Russian.]
4 St Petersburg, 1874

Strangford, Viscountess. The Eastern
Shores of the Adriatic in 1863 ; with a
Vi>it to Montenegro. Plates. 8 1864

Strauss, Johann Jansen. Reise clurch
Italien, Griechenland, Liefland, Moskau,
die Tatarei, Medien, Persien, die Tiirkei,
Japan, und Ostin.-lien ; worin ausser den
Schicksalen des Verfassers, die Merk-
wiirdigkeiten, Lebensarten, Sitten, und
Gebrauche der durchreis'ten Lander
l>eschrieben werden ; angefangen im
1647 und beendigt 1673. 8 Gotha, 1832

Strecker, Wilhelm. Topographische
Mittheilungen fiber Iloch - Armenien.
Map. 8* Jlcrlin, 1861

Streeter, Edwin W. Precious Stones
and Gems, their History and distinguish-
ing Characteristics. Plates. 8 1877
The Great Diamonds of the World.
Edited and annotated by Joseph Ilatton
and A. II. Keane. 8 [1882]

Sec Scott and Atkinson.

Street's Indian and Colonial Mercantile
Directory for 1888-89. Maps. Large 8


Strehler, Dr. Bijzonderheden wegens
Batavia en deszelfs omstreken ; uit het
Dagboek, gedurende twee Reizen cler-
waarts in 1828-30. ... Uit het Hoog-
duitsch. 8 Haarlem, 1833

Streich, Victor. Scientific Results of the
"Elder " Exploring Expedition : Geology
and Meteorology. Map and illustra-
tions. 8* [Adelaide, 1893]

Strelbitsky, J. Superficie de 1'Europe.
Publication du Comite Central Russe de
Statistique. Maps. 4 St Petersburg, 1882

Stretch, Richard H. Illustrations of the
Zygrenidae and Bombycidas of North
America : Vol. i, Parts i to 9. 8


Streyc, Daniel. Beskrivelse over den 6
Islandia, fra Polsk oversat af E. M.
Thorson ; med Anmserkninger af S.
Jonasson. 8* Copenhagen, 1859

Strickland, H. E. On the True Method
of Discovering the Natural System in
Zoology and Botany. 8* 1840

Report on the Recent Progress and
Present State of Ornithology. 8* 1845

On Geology in relation to the Studies
of the University of Oxford. 8*

Oxford, 1852
See Jardine, W. ; Murchison.

Stringer, C. E. W. Report of a Journey
to the Laos State of Nan, Siam. Map.
Folio* 1888

Stringer, M. Opera Mineralia Explicata ;
or, The Mineral Kingdom within the
Dominions of Great Britain display 'd :
being a compleat History of the Ancient
Corporations of the City of London, of
and for the Mines, the Mineral and the
Battery Works. 8 1713

Strobl, Heinrich. Kreta : eine geo-

graphisch-historische Skizze. Map. 4

Munich, 1875-76

Strom, Hans. Physisk og Oeconomisk
Beskrivelse over Fogderiet Sondmor,
beliggende i Bergens Stift i Norge. 2
parts. Plates. 4 SoriJe, 1762

Strong, Fred. Greece as a Kingdom,
or a Statistical Description of that
Country, from the arrival of King Oth<>,
in 1833, down to the present time. 8


Strong, Capt. John. See Burney, Vol. 4:
Appendix i.

Strover, G. A. Memorandum on the
Metals and Mineials of Upper Burmah.
Folio* 1873

Stroza, Peter. See Purchas, Vol. i,
Book I : Appendix I.

Struckmann, C. Ueber die Verander-
ungen in der geographischende, Ver-
breitung der hoheren wildlebenden.



Struckmann, C. contimied.

Tiere im mittleren Europa und Speciell
in Deutschland seit deralten Quartarzeit
bis zurGegen wart. [Incomplete.] Large
8* [LaAr, 1882]

Struve, F. G. W. Table des Positions
Geographiques principales de la Russie.
4* St Petersburg, 1843

Resultate der in den Jahren 1816
bis 1819 ausgefiihrten, astronomisch-
trigonometrischen Vermessung Livlands.
Maps. 4 St Petersburg, 1844

Description de 1'Observatoire du
Poulkowa. Plates. 4 St Petersburg, 1845

Astronomische Ortsbestimmungen in
der Europiiischen Tiirkei, in Kaukasien,
und Klein-Asien. 4 Si Petersburg, 1845

Ueber den Fliicheninhalt der 37
westlichen Gouvernements und Pro-
vinzen des Europaischen Russlands.
Plate. 4* St Petersburg, 1845

- Rapport fait a 1' Academic Imperiale
des Sciences sur unc Mission Scientifique
dont il fut charge en 1847. 4*

St Petersburg, 1849

Expose Historique des Travaux
executes jusqu'a la fin dc 1'Annee 1851,
pour la Mesure de 1'Arc du Meridien,
entre Fuglenojs 70 40' ct Ismai'1 45 20' ;
suivi de deux Rapports de M. G. Lind-
hagen sur 1'Expedition de Finnmarken,
et surles Operations de Lappome. Maps.
4* St Petersburg, 1852

Sur la Jonction des Operations
Geodesiques Russes et Autrichiennes,
executee par oidre des deux Gouverne-
ments. 8* St Petersburg, 1853

Arc du Meridien de 25 20' entre le
Danube et la Mer Glaciale, mesure,
depuis 1816 jusqu'en 1855, sous la
Direction de C. de Tenner, N. H.
Selander, Chr. Hansteen, et F. G. W.
Struve. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 4

St Petersburg, 1857-60

- Vergleichungen der Wiener Masse
mil mehreren auf der Kaiserl. Russischen
Hauptsternwarte zu Pulkowa befind-
lichen Masseinheiten. 8 Vienna, 1861

and O. W\ Expedition Chrono-
metrique entre Altona et Greenwich,
pour la Determination de la Longitude
Geographique de 1'Observatoire Central
de Russie. Plates. 4 St Petersburg, \ 846

Struve, H. Landkarlen; ihre Herstellung
undihreFehlergrenzen. 8* Berlin, 1887

Struve, Otto W. Determination des
Positions Geographiques de Novgorod,
Moscou, Riazan, Lipetsk, Voroneje, et
Toula. 4 St Petersburg, 1843

Rcsultats Geographiques du Voyage
en Perse en 1838-39. 4*

St Petersburg, 1851

Expeditions Chronometriques de 1845
et 1846. 2 parts. 4

St Petersburg, 1853-54

Struve, Otto W. Positions Geogra-
phiques determinees en 1847, par le
Lieut. -Col. Lemin dans le Pays des
Cosaques du Don. Map. 4

St Petersburg, 1855

- Recueil de Memoires presentes a
1'Academie des Sciences, par les Astro-
nomes de Poulkova, ou offerts a 1'Obser-
vatoire Central par d'autres Astronomes
du Pays. Vol. 2. Map and plates. 4

St Petersburg, 1859

- Librorum in Bibliotheca Specuke
Pulcovensis anno 1858 exeunte conten-
torum Catalogus Systematicus. Royal
8 St Petersburg, 1860

- Ueber einen vom General Schubert
an die Akademie gerichteten Antrag,
betreffend die Russisch-Scandinavische
Meridian-Gradmessung. 8 1861

Uebersicht der Thatigkeit der Nicolai-
Haupsternwarte. Portrait. 4

St Petersburg, 1865

Tabula: auxiliares ad Transitus per
Planum primum verticale reducendos
inservien es. 4* St Petersburg, 1868

- Tabulae Quantitatum Bessebianarum,
proannis 1875-79. 8 St Petersbiirg, 1871

- Die Beschliisse der Washingtoner
Meridian Conferenz. 8* StPcterbnrg, 1885

Struys, Jean. Les Voyages de Jean
Struys en Moscovie, en Tartarie, en
Perse, aux Indes, et en plusieurs autres
pais etrangers, &c. 4 Amsterdam, 1681

The same. Par M.

Plates. 1 2
The same.


Glanius. 3 vols.
A'otien, 1724
i and 3. Plates.
Lyons, 1782
Physical Descrip-

Strzelecki, P. E. de.

tion of New South Wales and Van
Diemen's Land. Maps and 'plates. 8 1845

Stuart, James, and Nicholas Revett.
The Antiquities of Athens, and other
places in Greece ; with the Supple-
mentary Volume by C. Cockerell, W.
Kinnard, &c. ; together with the Un-
edited Antiquities of Attica, comprising
the Architectural Remains of Eleusis,
Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus, by the
Society of Dilettanti. 5 vols. Maps
and plates. Folio 1825-33

Stuart, J. M'Douall. Journal of an
Expedition into the Unexplored Country
to the North- West and South -West o'f
Port Augusta, South Australia. Map.
Folio* 1858

Explorations across . . . Australia,
1861-62. Map. 8* Melbourne, 1863

Journals of Explorations in Australia,
1858-62, when he fixed the Centre of the
Continent and successfully crossed it
from Sea to Sea. Edited from Mr
Stuart's MS. by W. Hnrdman. Portrait,
maps, and plates. 8 1864

See Westgarth.



Stuart, J. M. The Ancient Gold Fields of
Africa : from the Gold Coast to Mashona-
land. Maps and plates. 4 N.D.

Stuart, Lieut. -Col. Journal of a Resi-
dence in Northern Persia and the Ad-
jacent Provinces of Turkey. 8 1854

Stuart, Villiers. Nile Gleanings concern-
ing the Ethnology, History, and Art of
Ancient Egypt, as revealed by Egyptian
Paintings and Bas-Reliefs ; with Descrip-
tions of Nubia and its great rock tem-
ples to the Second Cataract. Map and
plates. 8 1879

Egypt after the War : being the

Narrative of . a Tour of Inspection
(undertaken last autumn), including ex-
periences among the Natives, with
descriptions of their Homes and Habits ;
in which are embodied Notices of the
latest Archaeological Discoveries, and a
revised account of the Funeral Canopy
of an Egyptian Queen. Maps and
plates. Large 8 1883

Stubel, A. W. Reiss und A. Stiibel,
Reisen in Siid-Amerika. Skizzen aus
Ecuador dem 6. Deutschen Geograph-
entage ; gewidmet von Alphons Stubel.
Illustrations. Folio Berlin, 1 886

See Reiss.

Stuckle, Henri. Le Commerce de la
France avec le Soudan. 12* Paris, 1864

Studer, B. Ueber die natiirliche Lage
von Bern. Map. 4 Berne, 1859

Geschichte der physischen Geo-
graphic der Schwei'z bis 1815. 8

Berne, 1863

Studley, T. See Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 :
Appendix i.

Stukeley, T. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Stumm, H. Der russische Feldzug nach
Chiwa. i Theil. Historische und mili-
tar-statistische Uebersicht des russis-
chen Operationsfeldes in Mittelasien.
Maps. Large 8 Berlin, 1875

- Russia in Central Asia : Historical
Sketch of Russia's progtess in the East
up to 1873, and of the Incidents which
led to the Campaign against Khiva ;
with a Description of the Military
Districts of the Caucasus, Orenburg, and
Turkestan. Translated into English by
J. W. Ozanne and Captain H. Sachs.
Maps. 8 1885

See Vincent, C. E. H.

Stumpf.J. .S>Switzerland,B: Appendix 2.

Stur, D. Geologic der Steiermark. 4

Graz, 1871

Sturge, Edmund. West India: "Com-
pensation " to the Owners of Slaves, its
History and its Results. 8* 1893

Sturge, Mrs George. See Heifer.

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Map. 8* Boston, Mass., 1845

Sturler, W. L. de. Proeve eener Besch-
rijving van het Gebied van Palembang,
&c. Map. 8 Groningen, 1843

Redevoering over de natuurlijke

Voordeelen van Bodem en Luchtstreek
op Java, &c. 8* Groningen, 1847

See Selberg.

Sturt, Capt. Charles. Two Expeditions
into the Interior of Southern Australia
during 1828-31 ; with Observations on
the Soil, Climate, and General Resources
of New South Wales. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1834

Narrative of an Expedition into

Central Australia during 1844-46 ; to-
gether with a Notice of the Province of
South Australia in 1847. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1849

Sturz, J. J. German Emigration to British
Colonies. Small 8 1860

- Der Nord- und Ostsee Kanal durch
Holstein ; Deutschlands Doppelpforte
zu seinen Meeren und zum Weltmeere.
Map. 8* Berlin, 1864

Schafzucht und Wollproduction fiir

deutsche Rechnung in Uruguay, als
Grundlage fiir deutsche Ansiedelungen
inLaPlata-Flussgebiete. 8* Berlin, 1864

Neue Beitrage iiber Brasilien und die

La Plata- Lander. 8* Berlin, 1865

Die deutsche Auswanderung und die

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