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Verschleppung deutscher Auswanderer ;
mit speciellen Documenten iiber die
Auswanderung nach Brazilien zur Wider-
legungfalscher Angaben. 8* Berlin, 1868

Circular [in German] relative to

Emigration to Paraguay. 4* Berlin, 1869
Stutfield, Hugh E. M. El Maghreb :

1,200 Miles' Ride through Morocco.

Map. Crown 8 1886

Stiiwe, F. Die Handelsziige der Araber

unter den Abbassinden durch Afrika,

Asia, und Osteuropa. Map. 8

Berlin, 1836
Suchet, Marechal. Memoires sur ses

Campagnes en Espagne depuis 1808

jusqu'en 1814. 2 vols. Portrait. 8

Paris, 1828
Sucksbich, R. See Purchas, Vol. 2,

Book 9: Appendix I.
Suess, Eduard. Das Antlitz der Erde.

Erster Band. Maps and illustrations.

Large 8 Leipzig, 1885

: Ditto. Zweiter Band. Maps. Large

8 Leipzig, 1888

See Hohnel ; "Novara. "

Sulaka, Simon. See Purchas, Vol. i,

Book i : Appendix I.
Suleiman Pasha. See Soleyman.
Sulivan, B. J. Derrotero de las islas

Malvinas. 8* Santiago, 1883

Sulivan, Capt. G. L. Dhow chasing in

Zanzibar Waters and on the Eastern

Coast of Africa : Narrative of five years'

experiences in the suppression of the

Slave Trade. Map. 8 1873



Sullivan, Edward. The Bungalow and
the Tent; or, A Visit to Ceylon. 8 1854

Sullivan, John T. Report of Historical
and Technical Information relating to the
Problem of Interoceanic Communication
by Way of the American Isthmus. Maps,
plans, and profiles. 4

Washington, 1883

Sullivan, Robert. Geography General-
ised ; or, An Introduction to the Study
of Geography on the Principles of Classi-
fication and Comparison. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1863

Summers, James. Lecture on the Chinese
Language and Literature, delivered in
King's College, London, 131!! April 1853.
12* 1853

Sumner, Hon. Charles. Speech . . .
on the Cession of Russian America to
the United States. 8* Washington, 1867

Supan, Dr Alexander. Archiv fur Wirts-
chaftsgeographie. (Erganzungsheft, 84
Petermann's Mittheilungen). Maps.
4 Got ha, 1886

See Wagner and Supan.

Surre, Herbert. See Blackwood, Vol. 4 :
Appendix i.

"Susan," Ship. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2:
Appendix I.

Sutcliffe, Thomas. The Earthquake of
Juan Fernandez, as it occurred in 1835 ;
with a Refutation of several Misstatements
that have been published in the Nautical
Magazine of 1837 and the Public Papers.
Plates. Royal 8* Manchester, 1839

Sixteen Years in Chile and Peru from
1822 to 1839. By the retired Governor
of Juan Fernandez. 8 [1841]

Sutherland, Alexander. Geography of
Victoria. 12 1893

See Dawson, G. M.
Sutherland, D. A Tour up the Straits

from Gibraltar to Constantinople ; with
the Leading Events in the Present War
between the Austrians, Russians, and the
Turks, to the commencement of the year
1789. 8 1790

Sutherland, Lieut. -Col. J. Original
Matter contained in Lieut. - Colonel
Sutherland's Memoir on the KafTers,
Hottentots, and Bosjemans, of South
Africa : Heads 1st and 2nd, Commen-
taries and Notes on the Text used in
the compilation of the Memoirs. 8

Cape 7 'own, 1847

Sutherland, Peter C. Journal of a Voyage
in Baffin's Bay and Barrow Straits in 1850-
51, performed by H.M. ships "Lady
Franklin" and "Sophia," under the
Command of Capt. Penny, in Search of
the Missing Crews of H.M. ships " Ere-
bus" and "Terror"; with a Narrative
of Sledge Excursions on the Ice of
Wellington Channel, &c. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1852

Sutro, A. The Sutro Tunnel to the
Comstock Lode in the State of Nevada,
Importance of its Construction, and
Revenue to be derived therefrom. Map.
8* New York, 1866

Svanberg, Jons. Exposition des Opera-
tions faites en Lapponie, pour la deter-
mination d'un Arc du Meridien, en 1801-
3 ; par Ofverbom, Svanberg, Holmquist,
et Palander. 8 Stockholm, 1805

Svedmark, E. See Sweden, A, Geologiska
Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Svenonius, F. V. See Sweden, A, Geolo-
giska Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Svoboda, Alexander. The Seven Churches
of Asia, as seen in their Present Condi-
tion, and other Eastern Subjects. [De-
scriptive Catalogue of Paintings.] 8*


Svoboda, Dr. Futschau-fu am Minflusse.
8* [Vienna, 1888]

Annam und das franzosische Cochin-
china. Maps, 8* [I'tenna, 1 888]

Ein kurzer Besuch auf den Nicobaren.

Map and plates. 8* Vienna, 1888

Die Nikobaren-Inseln und ihre Be-

wohner. Maps and plates. 8* Vienna, 1889

Swaan, P. See Robide van der Aa.

Swain, G. F. Statistics of Water Power
employed in manufacturing in the United
States. (Publ. of the American Statis-
tical Association, NS., No. i, March
1888.) 8* Boston, 1888

Swainson, W. A Treatise on the Geo-
graphy and Classification of Animals.
12 1835

Observations on the Climate of New

Zealand, principally with reference to its
Sanative character. 8* 1840

See Murray, Hugh; Richardson, Sir J.

Swallow, G. C. Geological Report of
the Country along the Line of the South-
western Branch of the Pacific Railroad,
State of Missouri ; with Memoir of the
Pacific Railroad. Map. 8 St Louis, 1859

See Shumard.

Swan, C. A. Letters and Diary of C. A.
Swan, of Garenganze, September 1888
to May 1889. 12* 1890

Notes on the Grammatical Construc-
tion of Chiluba (the language of the
Luba people), as spoken in Garenganze,
Central Africa ; with brief Vocabularies
in Luba-English and English-Luba, and
six chapters in Chiluba from the Gospel
of John. 12 Bath [1892]

Swan, R. See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Kerr, 9 ;
Purchas, Vol. I, Book 5 : Appendix i.

Swan, R. M. W. See Bent, J. T.

Swank, James M. Department of the
Interior : Tenth Census of the United
States. Francis A. Walker, Superin-
tendent. Statistics of the Iron and Steel
Production of the United States. Maps.
4 Washington, 1881



Swanus. Sec Hakluyt, Vol. 2; Kerr,

Vol. i : Appendix i.
Swart, Jacob. Vernieuwde Uitgave van

Douwes Zeeman's Tafelen, of Grond-

beginselen der dadelijke Zeevart Kunde.

Vierde Druk. 8 Amsterdam, 1844

See Schroder, J. F. L. ; Tasman.
Swayne, Lieut. E. J. E. Expedition

to the Nogal Valley. R.G.S. Suppl.
Papers, Vol. 3. Map. Large 8 1893

See Swayne, Capt. H. G. C.
Swayne, George C. Lake Victoria : a

Narrative of Explorations in Search of
the Source of the Nile, compiled from the
Memoirs of Captains Speke and Grant.
Map and plates. 8 1 868

Swayne, Capt. H. G. C. Journal of two
Expeditions across Somali-land to the
Webbe Shabeyli River. Map. Folio


and Lieut. E. J. E. Swayne.

Report on the Reconnaissance of North-
ern Somali-land, February to November
1891. Folio Bombay, 1892

Sweetser. M. F. King's Handbook of
the United States. Planned and edited
by Moses King. Text by M. F. Sweetser.
Maps and illustrations. 8 U 1 89 1

Swettenham, F. A. Journal kept
during a Journey across the Malay
Peninsula. 8* [Pahang, 1885]

Swift, Jonathan. See Craik.

Swinburne, Henry. Travels in the Two
Sicilies, 1777-80. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 4 1783-85

The same. 2nd edition. 4 vols.
Plates. 8 1 790

Travels through Spain in the years
1775 and 1776, in which several Monu-
ments of Roman and Moorish Architec-
ture are illustrated by accurate Drawings
taken on the spot. 2nd edition, to
which is added a Journey from Bayonne
to Marseilles. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1787

Swindells, R. A Summer Trip to the
Island of St Michael, the Azores. Map
and plates. 12

[Privately printed], Manchester, 1877

Swinhoe, Robert. Narrative of the
North China Campaign of 1860, con-
taining personal experiences of Chinese
character, and of the moral and social
condition of the country, together with
a de-cription of the interior of Pekin.
Map and plates. 8 1861

- Notes on the Island of Formosa.
Map and coloured plates. 8 1863

On the Chinese Dialect spoken in
Hainan. 4* 1870

Reports of Special Mission to the

Yang-tsze-Kiang, &c. Folio* 1870

A Revised Catalogue of the Birds of
China and ils Islands, &c. 8* 1871

The Natural History of Hainan.

Plates. Small 8 1871

Swire, H. See Blackwood, Vol. 6 :
Appendix I.

Sydow, E. von. Begleitworte zuin

Wand-Atlas iiber alle Theile der Erde.

8 Got ha, 1839

- Ein Nachruf. 8 Berlin, 1873

Sykes, Col. W. H. On a portion of
Dukhun, East Indies. Map. 4* 1836

Discussion of Meteorological Observa-
tions taken in India, at various heights,
embracing those at Dodabetta on the
Neelgherry Mountains, at 8,640 feet
above the level of the Sea. Plates.
4 1850
Traits of Indian Character. 8*


- Notes on the Progress of the Trade
of England with China since 1833, and
on its present condition and prospects.
8* 1861

- The Taeping Rebellion in China,
its Origin, Progress, and Present Con-
dition. 8* 1863

See India, C, Geological Papers : Ap-

pendix 2.

"Sylvanus." Rambles in Sweden nnd
Gottland ; with Etchings by the Way-
side, by Sylvanus. Plates. 8 1847

Symes, Major Michael. Account of an

Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava in

1795. Maps and plates. 4 1800

See Eyries, Vol. 13 ; Pelham, Vol. 2 ;

Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Symington, Andrew James. Pen and
Pencil Sketches of Faroe and Iceland ;
with Translations from the Icelandic.
Woodcuts. 8 1862

Symonds, Admiral Thomas W. C.
Our Great Peril, if War overtake us with
our Fleet deficient in Number, Struc-
ture, and Armament. 8*

Newton Abbot, N.D.

Symons, G. J. Rainfall Tables of the
British Isles for 1866-80. 8 1883

The Eruption of Krakatoa, and sub-
sequent Phenomena. Report of the
Krakatoa Committee of the Royal So-
ciety, viz. : Hon. R. Abercromby, E.
D. Archibald, Prof. T. G. Bonney, Sir
F. J. Evans, Dr A. Geikie, Prof. J. W.
Judd, J. N. Lockyer, Hon. F. A. R.
Russell, R. II. Scott, Prof. G. G.
Stokes, Lieut. -Gen. Strachey, G. J.
Symons, Capt. W. J. L. Wharton.
Edited by G. J. Symons. Maps and
illustrations. 4 1 888

Symons, Lieut. Thomas W. Report of
an Examination of the Upper Columbia
River and the Territory in its vicinity in
September and October 1881, to deter-
mine its navigability, and adaptability
to Steamboat transportation. Maps
and illustrations. 4

Washington, 1882



Synge, Capt. Millington H. Great
Britain one Empire : on the Union of
the Dominions of Great Britain by inter-
communication with the Pacific and the
East via British North America. Map.


Szabad, E. Hungary, Past and Present,
embracing its History from the Magyar
Conquest to the present time. 8

Edinburgh, 1854

Szaszky, J. Tomka. Introductio in
Orbis hodierni Geographiam, ad ad-
curatissimas quasque Calcographorum
Tabulas, Methodo quantum ejus fieri
licuit facili, directoque ordine, adnexa
simul naturalis atque Civilis Regnorum
habitus, descriptione ; Prsefatus est, de
falis Geographic priscis ac recentioribus
M- Belius. 8 Presburg, 1748

Szechenyi, Count Bela. Die wissens-
chaftlichen Ergebnisse der Reise des
Grafen Bela Szechenyi in Ostasien
1877-80. Erster Band. Die Beobach-
tungen wahrend der Reise. Map,
plates, &*c. 4, and Atlas large 4

Vienna, 1893

Szek. See Teleki.

T , Comte de. Sur les routes du

Danube a Constantinople. 8* Paris, 1828

Tachard, Guy. Second Voyage du Pere
Tachard et des Jesuites envoyez par le
Roy au Royaume de Siam, con tenant
diverses remarques d'Histoire, de Phy-
sique, de Geographic, et d'Astronomie.
Plates. Square 8 Paris, 1686

See Laharpe, Vol. 5 ; Allgemeine
Historic, 10 : Appendix I.

Tafel, Theophilus Luc. Frid. De
Thessalonica ejusque Agro : Dissertatio
Geographica. 8 Berlin, 1839

De Via Militari Romanorum Egnatia,
qua Illyricum, Macedonia, et Thracia
jungebantur : Dissertatio Geographica.
4 Tubingen, 1842

Tagle, A. S. de. Sec Sartorius.

Tagliabue, E. Dieci Anni a Massaua.
Considerazioni politico coloniali. 8*

Milan, 1888

Taine, H. Voyage aux Pyrenees.
Troisieme edition, illustree par Gustave
Dore. 8 Paris, 1860

Taintor, E. C. Geographical Sketch of
the Island of Hainan. Map. 4*

Canton, 1868

- The Alxirigines of Northern Formosa.
8* Shanghai, 1874

Taiso, . See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2 :
Appendix I.

Tait, M. Yorkshire, its Scenes, Lore,
and Legends, elaborated from a Prize
Essay written for the Bradford Geo-
graphical Exhibition, 1887 ; with maps
by E. D. King. Square 12 Leeds, 1888

Talbot, Thorp. The New Guide to the
Lakes and Hot Springs, and a Month in
Hot Water. Illustrations. 8

Auckland, N.Z., 1882

Tallenay, Jenny de. Souvenirs de Vene-
zuela : Notes de Voyage. Illustrations.
12 Paris, 1884

Tamborrel, Joaquin de Mendizabul.

Tesis leida en el examen profesional de

Ingeniero Geografo sustentado en la

escuela nacional de Ingenieros. Plate.

Mexico, 1 884

Tancoigne, . A Narrative of a Journey
into Persia, and Residence at Teheran,
containing a Descriptive Itinerary from
Constantinople to the Persian Capital
. . . Map and frontispiece. 8 1820

Tandy, W. See Sangermnno.

Tanner, Prof. Henry. The Canadian
North- West, and the advantages it offers
for Emigration purposes. [2nd edition.]
Map ami illustrations. 8* 1886

Successful Emigration to Canada.
Revised edition. Map. 8* Ottawa, 1886
British Columbia, its Agricultural

and Commercial capabilities, and the
advantages it offers for Emigration pur-
poses. Illustrations. 8* 1887

Tanner, H. S. American Traveller, or
Guide through the United States. Maps.
12 Philadelphia, 1840

- Description of the Canals and Rail-
roads of the United States, compre-
hending Notices of all the Works of
Internal Improvement throughout the
several States. Maps. 8

New York, 1840

The Traveller's Handbook for the

State of New York and the Province of
Canada. Maps. 12" New York, 1844

Tappenbeck. Lieut. . Bericht von
Lieutenant Tappenbeck. [On a Journey
on the Congo.] 8* [Berlin, 1886]

Tarducci, T. R. Di Giovanni e Sel>as-
tiano Caboto : Memorie raccolte e docu-
mentate. Large 8 Venice, 1892

Tarnovski, Lieut. G. Review of the
Trans-Caspian Region for 1891 and
1892. [In Russian.] 8 Askhabad, 1893

Tasman, Abel Jansz. Journaal van de
Reis naar het Onbekendc Zuidland,
1642, met de Schepen " Heemskcrck "
en de "Zeehaen." Medegedeeld en met
eenige Aanteekeningen voorzien door
Jacob Swart. Map. 8" Amsterdam, 1860
See Burney, Vol. 3 ; Callander, Vol.
2; Dalrymple, Pacific, Vol. 2; Harris,
Vol. I ; Pinkerton, Vol. 1 1 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 12 ; "Voyages," p. 597 :
Appendix I.

Tassy, Garcin de. Les Auteurs Hin-
doustanis et leurs Ouvrages. 8*

Paris, 1868



Tassy, Garcin de. Bag o Bahar, Le
Jardin et le Printemps : Poeme Hindou-
stani. Traduit en Francais. [No. 8 of
Publ. de 1'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.]
8 Paris, 1878

Tate, T. Notes on a Voyage to the
Arctic Seas in 1863. 12 Alnwick, 1864

Tattam, Henry. Compendious Grammar
of the Egyptian Language, as contained
in the Coptic and Sahidic Dialects ; with
Observations on the Bashmuric ; . . .
with an Appendix consisting of the Rudi-
ments of a Dictionary of the Ancient
Egyptian Language in the Enchorial
Character, by Thomas Young. 8 1830

Tatton, J. See Astley, Vol. I ; Purchas,
Vol. i, Book 3 : Appendix i.

Taubert, P. See Schweinfurth and

Taubman-Goldie. See Goldie.

Taunt, Emory H. Report of Lieutenant
Taunt of a Journey on the River Congo.
8 Washington, 1887

Tavara, Santiago. Memoria de la Cun-
stitucion Medica del Callao en el Ano
1877. 12* Callao, 1878

Tavares Bastos. A livre Navegacao do
Amasonas. [Journal do Para, Nos. 22,
23, e 24 ; Jan. 28, 29, 30, 1864.] 3 Nos.
Folio* Para, 1864

Tavernier, John Baptista. The Six
Voyages of John Baptista Tavernier . . .
through Turkey into Persia and the East
Indies, finished in the year 1670 . . .
made English by J. P. Plates. Small
folio 1678

Recueil de Plusieurs Relations et

Traitez singuliers et curieux de J. B.

[For full Titles and Contents, see Ap-
pendix i.]

See Ball, V. ; also Harris, Vol. I ;

Pinkerton, Vol. 8 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vols. 10, II : Appendix I.

Taw Sein-ko. A Preliminary Study of
the Kalyani Inscriptions of Dhamma-
chetti, 1 476 A. D. Plates. 4* Bombay, 1893
Notes on an Archaeological Tour
through Ramannadesa (the Talaing
country of Burma). Reprinted from the
Indian Antiquary. Plate. ^* Bombay, 1893

Taylor, A. Dundas. On the Harbours of
India. 8* Liverpool, 1870

- The Indian Directory, for the Guid-
ance of Commanders of Steamers and
Sailing Vessels, founded upon the work
of the late Captain James Horsburgh:
Part the First, containing the East Indies
and interjacent parts of Africa and South
America. Revised, extended, and illus-
trated, with Charts of Winds, Currents,
Passages, Variation, and Tides. Small
4 1874

See United Kingdom, A, Admiralty

Publ. ; India, D, Marine Surveys and
Returns of Wrecks : Appendix 2.

Taylor, A. J. Imperial Federation versus
Australian Independence. 8* Hobart, 1889
A Chat about the Aborigines of Tas-
mania. With some Reflections on the
subject, . . . also some Notes on the
Shell Mounds at Little Swanport. 8*
Hobart [1891]

Taylor, Annie R. An Englishwoman in
Thibet. (From the National Review for
September 1893.) 8* 1893

Taylor, Bayard. Visit to India, China,
and Japan in 1853. 8 1855

Taylor, C. E. Leaflets from the Danish
West Indies, descriptive of the Social,
Political, and Commercial Condition of
these Islands ; with a Portrait of the
Author, and a Biographical Sketch
written by Ph. Linet. Illustrations.
8 1888

Taylor, Elizabeth I. See Tiele, C. P.

Taylor, Ellen M. Madeira, its Scenery,
and how to see it ; with Letters of a
Year's Residence, and Lists of the Trees,
Flowers, Ferns, and Seaweeds. Frontis-
piece, map, and plan. Crown 8 1882

The same. 2nd edition. Frontispiece,

map, and plan. Crown 8 1889

Taylor, G. A Ramble through Southern
Formosa. (From The China Review.}
Sketches. 8* N.P. [1888]

Taylor, G. Cavendish. Adventures with
the British Army, from the Commence-
ment of the War to the Taking of
Sebastopol. 2 vols. 8 1856

Taylor, J. Words and Places ; or, Etymo-
logical illustrations of History, Ethno-
logy, and Geography. 3rd edition.
Maps. 12 1873

Taylor, Major John. Travels from
England to India, in 1789, by the way of
the Tyrol, Venice, Scandaroon, Aleppo,
and over the Great Desart to Bussora ;
with Instructions for Travellers, and an
Account of the Expense of Travelling,
&c. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1799

Taylor, J. E. See Adalbert.

Taylor, J. G. Travels in Kurdistan, with
Notices of the Sources of the Eastern
and Western Tigris, and Ancient Ruins
in their Neighbourhood. 8* [1865]

Taylor, Mrs. Lunar Tables, by which the
True Distance is obtained from the
Apparent Altitudes, and the usual tedious
preparations avoided previous to clearing
a Lunar Distance. 8 1835

Taylor, N. See Vicforia, B : Appen-
dix 2.

Taylor, Capt. R. Historical and other
Information connected with the Province
of Oman, Muskat, and the adjoining
Country ; the Islands of Bahrein, Ormus,
Kishm, and Karrack ; and other Ports
and Places in the Persian Gulf: prepared
in 1818. [From the India Record, No.
24.] Maps. Royal 8 Bombay, 1856



Taylor, Capt. R. Report on the Naviga-
tion of the River Gogra. Plans. [India
Records, Part 31, N.W. Provinces.]
Large 8* Calcutta, 1858

Taylor, Rev. Richard. Te Ika a Maui ;
or, New Zealand and its Inhabitants,
illustrating the Origin, Manners, Cus-
toms, . . . and Language of the Natives ;
together with the Geology, Natural His-
tory, Productions, and Climate of the
Country, &c. Map and plates. 4 1855

The same. 2nd edition. Plates. 8


Taylor, Richard C. Two Reports on the
Coal Lands, Mines, and Improvements
of the Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal
Company, and of the Geological Exami-
nations, Present Condition, and Prospects
of the Stony Creek Coal Estate, Penn-
sylvania ; with an Appendix containing
tables and statistical information. Maps.
8 Philadelphia, 1840

Taylor, T. G. Meteorological Obser-
vations made at the Meteorological
Bungalow on Dodabetta, 8,640 feet
above the level of the sea, in 1847-48.
8* Madras, 1848

See India, N, Madras Observations :

Appendix 2.

- and J. Caldecott. Observations
on the Directions and Intensity of the
Terrestrial Magnetic Force in Southern
India. Map. 8* Madras, 1839

Taylor, Rev. W. E. African Aphorisms,
or Saws from Swahili-Land; with a Pre-
face by the Rev. W. Salter Price. 12 1891

Taysen, F. See Blackwood, Vol. 3 :
Appendix i.

Tchernycheff, T. Hauteurs absolues
determinees dans 1'Oural Meridional en
1882-85, calculees sans la direction du
Gen. A. deTillo. 4 St Petersburg^ 1886
Notes sur les Travaux executes par
1'Expedition de Timane en 1890. [In
Russian.] Map. Large 8

\St Petersburg, 1891]

Tchihatcheff, P. de. Voyage Scientifique
dans 1'Alta'i Oriental et les parties ad-
jacentes de la Frontiere de Chine. Plates.
Large 4 Paris, 1 845

Memoire relatif a la Constitution
Geologique de 1' Altai. 4* Paris, 1845

Notice of Researches in Asia Minor.
8 1849

"Miscellanea." 8 Paris, &c.

Including: Notice of Researches in
Asia Minor. !$49

Memoire sur les Terrains Jurassique,
Cretace\ et Nummulitique de la
Bithynie, de la Galatie, et de la
Paphlagonie. 1851

Depots Nummulitiques et Diluviens de
la Presqu'ile de Thrace. Map 1851

Le Paix de Zurich et le nouveau Con-
gres Europeen. ^59

Tchihatcheff, P. At. continued.

Italic et Turquie. J 859

Lettres sur la Turquie. 1859

L'Asie Mineure et 1'Empire Ottoman :

Etat Actuel et Richesses Naturelles de

1'Asie Mineure, situation Politique, Mili-

taire, et Financiere de la Turquie. 8

Paris, 1850
Asie Mineure : Description Physique,

Statistique, et Archeologique de cette

contree. 8 vols. Royal 8, and Atlas

4 Paris

I e Partie Geographic Physique com-

paree. J'lates 1853

H e Partie Climatologie et Zoologie.

Plates 1856

1 1 I e Partie Botanique. 2 vols. 1860

IV e Partie Geologic. 3 vols. Vol.

I, 1857 ; Vols. 2 and 3, 1869. Map

and plate.

Paleontologie. Atlas of plates,

1860 (par A. D'Archiac, P. Fischer,
and E. de Verneuil). 1866

Depots Tertiaires d'une partie de la

Cilicie Trachee, de la Cilicie Champetre,
et de la Cappadoce ; Depots Tertiaires
du Midi de la Carie et d'une partie sep-
tentrionale de la Pisidie ; Depots Paleo-
zoiques de la Cappadoce et du Bosphore.
Map. 8 Paris, 1854

Lettre sur les Antiques de 1'Asie

Mineure, addressee a M. Mohl. 8*

Paris, 1854

Considerations Historiques sur les

Phenomenes de Congelation constates
dans le Bassin de la Mer Noire. Large
8* Pferatffef [1855]

Etudes sur la Vegetation des Hautes

Montagnes de 1'Asie - Mineure et de
1'Armenie. 8* Paris, 1857

Le Bosphore et Constantinople ; avec

Perspectives des Pays Limitrophes. Maps
and plates. Royal 8 Paris, 1864

Reisen in Kleinasien und Armenien,

1847-63. (Erganzungsheft, 20 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen. ) Map. 4

Got ha, 1867

Une Page sur 1'Orient. 12 Paris, 1868

Espagne, Algerie, et Tunisie : Lettres

a Michel Chevalier. Map. 8 Paris, 1880
- Preface de la nouvelle edition de
" 1'Asie Cenlrale " de Humboldt. 8*

N.P., N.D.

Klein-Asien. Map and illustrations.

12 Leipzig, 1887

Etudes de Geographic et d'Histoire

Naturelle. 8 Florence, 1890

See Grisebach.

Tchirikoff, Gen. E. I. See Gamazoff.
Tchirikow. See Allgemeine Historic,

Vol. 17 : Appendix I.
Teale, T. P. See Osburn, W.
Tebbutt, John. Meteorological Observa-
tions made at the Private Observatory
of J. Tebbutt, Jun., Windsor, N.S.W.,
1863-66. 8 Sydney, 1868

4 66


Tebbutt, John. The same, 1867-68-69-70.


The same, 1871-76.

Sydney, 1874

Sydney, 1877
See Churchill,

Techo, F. Michel del.
Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Tecla, Maria. See Purchas, Vol. i,
Book I : Appendix I.

Teenstra, M. D. Beknopte Beschrijving
van de Nederlandsche Overzeesche Be-
'zittingen ... in Oost- en West-Indien,
&c. Map and plate. 8 Groningen, 1846

Teetzmann, F. See Baer and Helmer-
sen, ii.

" Tegetthoff." See Payer.

Tegg, James. New South Wales Pocket
Almanac and Remembrancer for 1840.
1 8 Sydney, 1840

Tegner, H. See Hage.

Tegoborski, M. L. de. Commentaries
on the Productive Forces of Russia. 2
vols. 8 1855

Teichelmann, C. G., and C. W. Schiir-
mann. Outlines of a Grammar, Voca-
bulary, and Phraseology of the Aboriginal
Language of South Australia spoken by
the Natives in and for some distance
around Adelaide. 8 Adelaide, 1840

Teignmouth, Lord. Sketches of the
Coasts and Islands of Scotland, and of
the Isle of Man. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1836

Teixeira, P. See Tellez ; also Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 16 : Appendix I.

Teleki von Szek, D. Reisen durch
Ungern und einige angranzende Lander ;
aus dem Ungrischen iibersetzt durch
Ladislaus v. Nemeth. Portrait. 8

Pesth, 1825

Telfer, Capt. J. Buchan. The Crimea

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