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and Transcaucasia : being a Narrative of
a Journey in the Kouban, in Gouria,
Georgia, Armenia, Ossety, Imeritia,
Swannety, and Mingrelia, and in the
Tauric range. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1876

Armenia and its People. Large 8*


See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 58; Ap-
pendix I.

Telford, Thomas, and Capt. George
Nicholls. Ship Canal for the Junction
of the English and Bristol Channels :
Reports, with an Appendix. 8* 1824

Tellez, Balthazar. The Travels of the
Jesuits in Ethiopia . . . Travels of the
Sieur Mouette in the Kingdoms of Fez
and Morocco [1670] ; Travels of Peter
Teixeira from India to Italy, by land
[after 1600] ; Voyage to Madagascar,
the adjacent Islands, and Coast of Africk,
by F. Cauche [after 1638]. Maps. Small
4 1710

See Thevenot, Vol. 4 ; Recueil de

divers Voyages, p. 595 : Appendix i.

Tellier, J. Essai d'Etude positiviste sur
le Sud Algerien. 8* Brussels, 1878

Temminck, C. J. Coup d'reil general
sur les possessions Neerlandaises dans
1'Inde Archipelagique. 3 vols. 8

Leyden, 1846-49

Temple, Edmond. Travels in various
parts of Peru, including a Year's Resi-
dence in Potosi. 2 vols. Map und
plales. 8 1830

Temple, Sir Grenville T. Excursions in
the Mediterranean, Algiers, and Tunis.
2 vols. Maps, plates, and facsimiles.
8 1835

Travels in Greece and Turkey, being

the Second Part of Excursions in the
Mediterranean. 2 vols. Plales. 8 1836

Sketch of the Campaign of Kostan-

tinah, in 1837. 8* 1839

Temple, Lieut. G. T. Hydrography,

Past and Present. Map. 8* 1879

Statement in Vindication of Com-
mander T. A. Hull, R.N., Superin-
tendent of Charts at the Admiralty. 8*

Pleasure Cruise to the Land of the

Midnight Sun, in the Orient Company's
s.s. " Chimborazo. " Map and illustra-
tions. 4* [1889]
Notes on a Winter Cruise in the West
Indies by the Orient Company's s.s.
"Garonne," November 1893. Map and
illustrations. 4* 1 893
See United Kingdom, A, Sailing

Directions : Appendix 2.

Temple, Sir Richard. Report on the
Moquddumee Biswahdaree Settlement of
Pergunnah Barrah, Zillah Allahabad.
[From the India Records, Part 27, N.W.
Provinces.] Agra, 1856

Report showing the Relations of the

British Government with the Tribes,
Independent and Dependent, on the
N.W. Frontier of the Punjab, from
annexation in 1849 to the close of 1855.
[From the India Records, No 12.] Royal
8 Calcutta, 1856

Report on the Mahanuddy and its

Tributaries, and the Resources and Trade
of the adjacent countries. [From the
India Records, No. 43, Public Works
Department.] Royal 8 Calcutta, 1864

India in 1880. Maps. 8 1880

Men and Events of My Time in

India. 8 1882

Journals kept in Hyderabad, Kash-
mir, Sikkim, and Nepal. Edited, with
Introductions, by his son Richard
Carnac Temple. 2 vols. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1887

Palestine. Illustrations. 4 1888

See Stanford, E.

Temple, Richard Carnac. Notes on the
Transliteration of the Burmese Alpha-
bet into Roman Characters ; to which is



Temple, Richard Ca.rna.ccontinued.
attached a Note on the Vocal and Con-
sonantal Sounds of the Peguan or Talaing
Language. Folio* Rangoon, 1876

Notes on the Formation of the

Country passed through by the 2nd
Column, Tal Chotiali Field Force, during
its march from Kala Abdullah Khan in
the Khojak Pass to Lugari Barkhan,
Spring of 1879. Map. 8* Calcutta, 1879

Rough Notes on the Distribution of

the Afghan Tribes about Kandahar.
Maps. S* 1879

Remarks on the Afghans found
along the Route of the Tal Chotiali
Field Force, in the Spring of 1879.
Parts I and 2. Maps and plates. 8*

{Calcutta, 1880]

- The Legends of the Punjab. 8*

Bombay, N.D.
See Man.

Templeman, P. See Norden.

Templeton, Frederick. Statement made
to the Directors of the British American
Land Company, on the Eastern Town-
ships of Lower Canada. 8 1836

Tempsky, G. F. von Mitla. A Narra-
tive of Incidents and Personal Adven-
tures on a Journey in Mexico, Guate-
mala, and Salvador, in 1853-55. Edited
by J. S. Bell. Map ami plates. 8 1858

Tenison-Woods, Rev. J. E. See Woods.

Ten Kate, Dr H. F. C. Reizen en Oncler-
zoekingen in Noord Amerika. Maps
and plates. 8 Ley den, 1885

Sur les Cranes de Lagoa-Santa. 8*

Paris, 1885

Legends of the Cherokees. (Re-
printed from Journal of American Folk-
Lore, Vol. 2, No. 4.) 8* N.I>. N.D.

- Zuni Fetiches. Plate. 4* 1890
Tennant, Lieut. -Col. J. F. Report on

Observations of the Total Eclipse of the
Sun on nth and I2th December 1871,
made by order of the Government of
India, at Dodabetta, near Ootacamund.
Plates. 4* 1875

Tennant, Robert. Sardinia and its Re-
sources. Map and illustrations. Large
8 1885

Tennent, Sir James Emerson. Ceylon :
an Account of the Island, Physical,
Historical, and Topographical, with
Notices of its Natural History, Antiqui-
ties, and Productions. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1860

Sketches of the Natural History of
Ceylon, with Narratives and Anecdotes,
&c. Illustrations. 8 1861

Tenore e Gussoni. Viaggio alia Meta,
al Morrone, ed alia Maiella [Abruzzo].
4 N.D.

Ten Rhyne, . See Churchill, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Teran, Ignacio. Teoria de la Lluvia 6
sea ; un ensayo de razones sobre el modo
como se verifica el fenomeno de la
lluvia. 12* Sucre, 1890

Ternant, Victor de. L'Exposition des
Colonies and de 1'Inde a Londres, ,1886 :
Rapport presente a la Societe des Etudes
Coloniales et Maritimes, par son delegue
a 1'Exposition. 8* Pan's, 1887

Ternaux - Com pans, H. Bibliotheque
Asiatique et Africaine, ou Catalogue des
Ouvrages relatifs a 1'Asie et a 1'Afrique
qui ont paru depuis la Decouverte de
I'lmprimerie jusqu'en 1700. 8

fan's, 1841

Essai sur 1'Ancien Cundinamarca. 8

Paris, N.D.

Voyages, Relations, et Memoires
Originaux, pour servir a 1'Histoire de
la Decouverte de 1'Amerique. 20 vols.
in 10. 8 Paris, 1837-41

[For Contents of these volumes, see
Appendix I.]

Terry, Charles. New Zealand, its Ad-
vantages and Prospects as a British
Colony; with an Account of the
Aborigines, &c. Map and plates. 8 1842

Terry, Edward. Voyage to East India
. . . Reprinted from the edition of 1655.
Map and plates. 8 1777

See Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Purchas,

Vol. 2 ; Thevenot, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Tessan, U. de. Rapport verbal sur un
Ouvrage imprime de M. Cialdi intitule
" Sul moto ondoso del Mare, &c. " 4*
Paris, 1866

See Du Petit-Thouars.
Tessy, Garcin de. See Sedillot.
Tevet, Andrea. Historia dell' India

America, delta altramente Francia An-
tarctica. Tradotta cli Francese, da G.
Horologgi. 12 Venice, 1561

Texeira, Peter. See Teixeira.

Texier, C. Description tie 1'Armenie, la
Perse, et la Mesopotamie. 2 vols.
Plates. Folio Paris, 1842

and R. Popplewell Pullan. The
Principal Ruins of Asia Minor illustrated
and described. Map and plates. Folio


Teysmann, J. E. See Robide van der Aa.

Thackeray, Col. E. T. From Assam to
Kashmir : Notes on Sport and Travel.
Illustrations. 8* N.D.

Thackeray, St John. See Marshall, T.

Thayer, Russell. Earthquakes : a Scien-
tific Investigation of the Method of Action
of these Terrestrial Phenomena, and a
Theory of their Primary Cause. Plan.
8* Philadelphia, 1886

Theal, G. M'Call. Compendium of the
History and Geography of South Africa.
3rd edition. 8 1878

4 68


Theal, G. M'Call. History of the Boers
in South Africa ; or, The Wanderings and
Wars of the Emigrant Farmers from their
leaving the Cape Colony to the acknow-
ledgment of their Independence by Great
Britain. Maps. 8 1887

History of South Africa. [1486-1691.]
Maps. 8 1888

The same. [1691-1795.] Maps and
frontispiece. 8 1888

The same. [1795-1834.] Maps. 8


The same. The Republics and Native
Territories from 1854 to 1872. Map. 8


Thebaeus. See Purchas, Vol. i , Book I :
. Appendix i.

Thenaud, Jean. Le Voyage d'outremer
(Egypte, Mont Sinay, Palestine) de
Jean Thenaud Gardien du convent des
Cordeliers d'Angouleme; suivi de la
Relation de 1'Ambassade de Domenico
Trevisan aupres du Sudan d'Egypte,
1512. Public et annote par Ch. Schefer.
[Kecueil de Voyages et de Documents
pour servir a 1'Histoire de la Geographic
depuis le XIII e jusqu'a la fin du
XVI e Siecle. Public sous la direction
de MM. Ch. Schefer et Henri Cordier.
Vol. 5.] Plate. Large 8 Paris, 1884

Theodoricus, Sebastianus. Novce Ques-
tiones Sphaene, hoc est, de Circulis
Ccelestibus et primo mobili, in gratiam
studiosse inventutis scriptae. Woodcut
diagrams (some movable). 12

Wittenberg, 1567

[Bound up with other works and en-
titled " Cosmographia. "]

Thevenot, J. P. E. Traite des Maladies
Europeens dans les Pays Chaucls, et
specialement au Senegal ; ou E*sai
Statistique, Medical, et Hygienique sur
le Sol, le Climat, et les Maladies de cette
partie de 1'Afrique. 8 Paris, 1840

Thevenot, Jean de. Troisieme partie
des Voyages de, contenant la Relation
de 1'Indostan, des Nouveaux Mogols, et
des autres Peuples et Pays des' Indes.
4 Paris, 1684

Travels into the Levant, viz., Turkey,

Persia, the East Indies. Portrait and
plates. Folio 1687

- See Harris, Vol. 2; "The World
Displayed," Vols. n, 12; Knox's New
Collection, Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Thevenot, Melchizedec. Relation de
divers Voayges [sic] curieux qui n'ont
point este publiees . . .

[For full Title and Contents, see Ap-
pendix i.]

TheVoz, F. and E. See Turkey in Asia,
B, Palestine : Appendix 2.

Thibaut, . Journal de 1'Expedition a
la Recherche des Sources du Nil, 1839-40.
8* Paris, 1856

Thiebaut de Berneaud, Arsenne. See

Thielmann, Max von. Streifziige im
Kaukasus, in Persien, und in der Asia-
tischen Tiirkei. Map and plates. 8

Leipzig, 1875

Journey in the Caucasus, Persia, and
Turkey in Asia. Translated by Charles
Heneage. 2 vols. Map and plates.
Small 8 1875

Vier Wege durch Amerika. Maps

and plates. 4 Leipzig, 1879

Thoemmel, Gustav. Geschichtliche,
Politische und Topografisch-statistische
Beschreibung des Vilajet Bosnien, das ist
das eigentliche Bosnien, nebst tiirkisch
Croatien, der Ilercegovina und Rascien.
8 Vienna, 1867

Thorn, Alex. Inquiry into the Nature
and Course of Storms in the Indian
Ocean South of the Equator. Maps and
diagrams. 8 1845

Thoma, Dr C. Dasunterirdische Eisfeld,
bei der Dornburg, am siidlichen Fusse
des Westerwaldes. Map. 12*

Wiesbaden, 1841

Thoman, Fedor. Metrologie Espagnole.
8* Paris [ 1 870]

Thomas, A. Etymologisches Worterbuch
geographischer Namen, namentlich
solcher aus dem Bereiche der Schul
Geographic. 8 Breslau, 1886

Thomas, Charles ap. To the Summit
of the Andes by Rail. 12*

Gravesend, N.D.

Thomas, Cyrus. A Study of the Manu-
script Troano ; with an Introduction by
D. G. Brinton, M.D. [From "Contri-
butions to North American Ethnology,"
Vol. 5.] Plates. 4 Washington, 1882

Work in Mound Exploration of the

Bureau of Ethnology. 8*

Washington, 1887
The Circular, Square, and Octagonal

Earthworks of Ohio. Illustrations. 8*
Washington, 1 886

The Problem of the Ohio Mounds.
Illustrations. 8* Washington, 1889

Catalogue of Prehistoric Works east
of the Rocky Mountains. Large 8

Washington, 1891
See United States, G, a (Surveys) :

Appendix 2.
Thomas, E. Early Armenian Coins. 8*


Thomas, Edward. The Indian Balhara,

and the Arabian Intercourse with India

in gth and following Centuries. 4* 1882

Thomas, H. T. Untrodden Jamaica.

Map and illustrations. 8*

Kingston, Jamaica, 1 890



Thomas, Isaiah. History of Printing in
America, with a Biography of Printers
and an Account of Newspapers ; to which
is prefixed a Concise View of the Dis-
covery and Progress of the Art in other
Parts of the World. 2 vols. Facsimiles.
8 Worcester, Mass., 1810

Thomas, J. , and T. Baldwin. Complete
Pronouncing Gazetteer. See Lippincott.

Thomas, J. See Astley, Vol. I : Appen-
dix i.

Thomas, Julian. Cannibals and Convicts :
Notes of Personal Experiences in the
Western Pacific. Map and portraits. 8


Thomas, of Woodstock. See Gloucester,
Duke of.

Thomas, P. U. Essai de Statistique de
1'ile de Bourbon : suivi d'un projet de
Colonisation de 1'Interieur de cette ile.
2 vols. 8 Paris, 1828

Thomas, R. H. See Graham, D. C. ;

Thomas, Commr. T. E. L. See Kellet,
Capt. ; also India : Appendix 2.

Thomas, T. M. Eleven Years in Central
South Africa. Map and plates. 8 [1872]

Thomason, A. Men and Things in
America. 12 1838

Thomason, Hon. James. Despatches
and Minutes, Vol. 2. [From the India
Records, Part 41.] Royal 8

Calcutta, 1858

Thomassen, E. S. Biographical Sketch
of Nicholas de Miklouho-Maclay. Plate
and portraits. 8* 1882

Thomassy, M. R. Note sur 1'Hydrologie
Maritime et sur les Lignes d'Equisalure
de 1'Ocean Atlantique. 8* Paris, 1860

Thompson, C. W. Report on Route
Survey : Accra to Prahsue. Sketch map.
Folio* [Elmina, 1882]

Manual of the Sextant, containing
Instructions for its Use in determining
Time, Latitude, Longitude, and the
Variation of the Compass. 8 1887

Thompson, David. See Tyrrell.
Thompson, Edward H. Explorations at
Labna, Yucatan. Plan. 8* 1887

Extracts from Letters on Explorations
in Yucatan. 8* 1888

The Ancient Structures of Yucatan
not Communal Dwellings, and Yucatan
at the Time of its Discovery. (From
Proceedings of the American Antiquarian
Society, 2ist October 1892.) Plates. 8*

Worcester, Mass., 1893
Thompson, George. Travels and Ad-
ventures in Southern Africa, comprising
a View of the Present State of the Cape
Colony. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1827

The War in Paraguay, with a His-
torical Sketch of the Country and its
People, and Notes upon the Military
Engineering of the War. Maps. 8 1869

Thompson, G "Confederation in South
Africa," and " Delagoa Bay." [Extracts
from the Empire newspaper] N.P., 1874

Thompson, G. A. Narrative of an Official
Visit to Guatemala from Mexico. Map.

12 1829

Thompson, J. G. Complete Phonetic
Alphabet, based upon Lepsius's Standard
Alphabet. 8* Bombay, 1859

Pointed and Unpointed Romanic

Alphabets compared, in Six Versions of
Luke xiv. 18-20. 8* Mangalore, 1859

Thompson, Robert, and John Hogg.
Sketches of Kertch, its larger Tumuli,
and some other Remains. Map and
plates. 8 s 1857

Thompson, R. Report on Forests of
Tuppehs Doodhee, Bara and Pulwa,
Pcrgunnah Singrowlee, District Mirza-
poor, 1869. [Records, Vol. 2, Part 2,
2nd Series, N.W. Prov.] 8

Allahabad, 1869

Thompson, William Mann. Improved
Systems of Chaining for Land and
Engineering Surveys. 8* 1888

Thomson, Arthur S. Story of New
Zealand, Past and Present, Savage and
Civilised. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1859

Thomson, Sir C. Wyville. The Depths
of the Sea : an Account of the General
Results of the Dredging Cruises of H.M.
ships "Porcupine" and "Lightning"
during the Summers of 1868, 1869, and
1870. Maps and plates. 8 1873

The Voyage of the "Challenger."

The Atlantic : a Preliminary Account of
the General Results of the Exploring
Voyage of H. M.S. " Challenger " during
the year 1873 and the early part of the
year 1876. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1877

See " Challenger" Voyage.

Thomson, David. Lunar and Horary
Tables, &c. 5 1st edition. 8 1856

Thomson, Capt. F. T. See "Challenger."

Thomson, Dr James. On the Grand Cur-
rentsof Atmospheric Circulation. 4* 1892

Thomson, John. The Antiquities of
Cambodia : a series of Photographs
taken on the spot, with Letterpress de-
scription. Oblong 4 Edinburgh, 1867

Notes on Cambodia and its Races.

8* 1867

Illustrations of China and its People :

a series of two hundred Photographs,
with Letterpress descriptive of the places
and people represented. 4 vols. Folio


The Straits of Malacca, Indo-China,
and China ; or, Ten Years' Travels, Ad-
ventures, and Residence abroad. Plates.
8 1875

- The Land and the People of China.
Map and plates. 12 1876



Thomson, John. Through Cyprus with
the Camera in the Autumn of 1878.
2 vols. Photographs. 4 J&79

Thomson, Joseph. To the Central African
Lakes and back : the Narrative of the
Royal Geographical Society's East Cen-
tral African Expedition, 1878-80 ; with
short Biographical Notice of the late Mr
Keith Johnston. Maps and portraits.
Small 8 1881

Thro.ugh MasSi Land : a Journey of

Exploration among the Snowclad Vol-
canic Mountains and Strange Tribes of
Eastern Equatorial Africa, being the
Narrative of the Royal Geographical
Society's Expedition to Mount Keniaand
I,ake Victoria Nyanza, 1883-84. 3rd
edition. Maps and illustrations. 8 1885
Up the Niger to the Central Sudan.

[Cuttings from Good Words, January,
February, April, and May 1886.] Map
and illustrations. Large 8* 1886

Travels in the Atlas and Southern

Morocco : a Narrative of Exploration.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1889

Mungo Park and the Niger. Maps

and illustrations. Crown 8 1890

Thomson, J. P. The Island of Kadavu.
Map. 8* {Edinburgh, 1889]

Sir William MacGregor's Upper Fly

River Exploration, British New Guinea.
8* {Brisbane, 1890]

Notes on the Brisbane River Floods.

8* {Brisbane, 1890]

British New Guinea. Map and illus-
trations. Royal 8 1892

Exploration and Discoveries in British

New Guinea since the Proclamation of
Sovereignty. 8* {Hobart, 1892]

Practical Suggestions to

{Sydney, 1892]
Sketch of the
Duntdin, 1858

Thomson, J. Turnbull.
Province of Otago. 8*

See New Zealand, B : Appendix 2.

Thomson, Thomas. Travels in Sweden
in 1812. Maps and plates. 4 1813

Thomson, Dr Thomas. Western Hima-
laya and Tibet : a Narrative of a Journey
through the Mountains of Northern India
in 1847-48. Maps and plates. 8 1852
See Hooker, Sir J. D.

Thomson, William. New Methods of
rinding the Apparent Time and the Sun's
Altitude for any given place and time ;
and finding the Latitude by Double
Altitudes, and also by a single Altitude
of the Sun. 8 Bombay, 1848

Thomson, Sir William (Lord Kelvin).
Polar Icecaps and their Influence in
changing Sea Levels. 8* [Glasgow, 1888]

Thomson, W. M. The Land and the
Book ; or, Biblical Illustrations drawn
from the Manners and Customs, Scenes
and Scenery, of the Holy Land. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1859

Thorburn, John. Struggles m Africa,
and how I transported a steam-boat on
wheels 1,600 miles across the country.

12* N.D.

Thorburn, S. S. Bannu, or our Afghan
Frontier. Map. 8 1876

Thorden, K. M. Om Telefonen. 8*

{Upsala, 1884]

Verlds telegrafnatet, betraktadt huf-

vudsakligen fran geografisk synpunkt.
8* {Upsala, 1884]

De Telegrafiska Undervaltenslednin-

garna. 8* " {Stockholm, 1885]

Den Elektriska Telegrafen, dess Ut-

veckling och nuvarande tillstand. 8*

{Stockholm, 1885]

Thoreau, Henry D. A Week on the
Concord and Merrimack Rivers. 12

Boston, Mass., 1849

Thorel, C. Notes Medicales du Voyage
d'Exploration du Mekong et de Cochin-
chine. 8 Paris, 1870

Thoresby, R. See Kirk, T.

Thorn, F. M. See United States, F:
Appendix 2.

Thorne, James. Rambles by Rivers :
the Duddon, the Mole, the Adur, Arun,
and Wey, the Lea, the Dove. Woodcuts.
18 1844

The same. The Avon. Woodcuts.
I 8 1845

Handbook to the Environs of London,

alphabetically arranged, containing an
Account of every Town and Village, and
of all places of interest within a circle of
twenty miles round London. 2 vols.
Small 8 1876

Thorne, Robert. See Kerr, Vol. 6;
Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 4 ; Hakluyt Soc.
Pub!., Vol. 7 : Appendix i.

Thornton, Bertram. The Comparative
Climatology of London and the chief
English Health Resorts. Map. 12* 1891

Thornton, Edward. Chapters of the
Modern History of British India. 8 1840
History of the British Empire in India.
6 vols. Maps. 8 1841-45

Gazetteer of the Countries adjacent

to India on the North-West, including
Sinde, Afghanistan, Beloochistan, the
Punjab, &c. 2 vols. 8 1844

A Gazetteer of the Territories under
the Government of the East-India Com-
pany, and of the Native States on the
Continent of India. 4 vols. Map. 8

A Gazetteer of the Territories under

the Government of the Viceroy of India.
Revised and edited by Sir Roper Leth-
bridge and Arthur N. Wollaston. 8 1886
Thornton, John. Advanced Physiography.
Map and illustrations. 12 1890



Thornton, J. W. The Landing at Cape
Anne ; or, The Charter of the first Per-
manent Colony on the Territory of the
Massachusetts Company. From the
original MS. ; with an inquiry into its
authority, and a history of the Colony,
1624-28. Plate. 8 Boston, Mass, 1850

Thornton, Thomas. The Present State
of Turkey ; or, A Description of the
Political, Civil, and Religious Constitu-
tion, Government, and Laws of the
Ottoman Empire ; together with the
Geographical, Political, and Civil State
of the Principalities of Moldavia and
Wallachia. 4 1807

Thornton, W. T. Indian Public Works
and cognate Indian Topics. Map. Small
8 1875

Thoroddsen, Th. Oversight over de
Islandske Vulkaners Historic. (Avec
un resume" en francais.) Map. 8

Copenhagen, 1882

Fra Islands indre Hojland, en Rejse-

beretning fra Sommeren 1889. Map.
4* {Copenhagen} N.D.

De varme Kilder paa Hveravellir i

Island. Map. 8* {Stockholm} 1889

Nogle Bemaerkninger om de Islandske
Findesteder for Dobbelspath. Figures.
8* {Stockholm, 1890]

Reisen in Island und einige Ergeb-

nisse seiner Forschungen. 8*

Berlin, 1892

Rejse i Vester-Skaptafells Syssel paa

Island i Sommeren 1893. (From the
Tidskrift of the Royal Danish Geo-
graphical Society, 1893-94.) Map. 4*

Copenhagen, 1893

See Boehmer.

Thorp, Robert. Cashmere Misgovern-

ment. 8* 1870

Thorpe, B. See Rask.
Thorpe, W. G. Ipplepen ; Round and

About an Old Devon Village. 8* 1889
Thorpe, Mrs. See Laveleye.
Thorson, E. M. See Slreyc.
Thouar, A. A la recherche de la mission

Crevaux. [Cutting from the Revue

Occidental (3), IV., No. 7.] 4*

{Paris, 1884]

Explorations dans 1'Amerique du
Sud. Maps and illustrations. 12

Paris, 1891

Thoulet, J. Oceanographie Statique.
Illustrations. 8 Paris, 1890

Les Courants de la Mer et le Gulf-
Stream. [Reprint from the publication
of the French Association for the
Advancement of Science.] 8* 1893

Introduction a 1'Etucle de la Geo-

graphie Physique. 8 Paris, 1893

Thoyon, . Renseignements sur quel-
ques Mouillages de la Cote d'Islandc et
de Norvege. Plates. 8 Paris, 1865

Threlkeld, L. E. Australian Grammar,
comprehending the Principles and Na-
tural Rules of the Language as spoken
by the Aborigines in the vicinity of
Hunter's River, Lake Macquarie, &c.,
New South Wales. 8 Sydney, 1834

An Australian Language as spoken

by the Awabakal, the People of Awaba
or Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle,
New South Wales), being an Account of
their Language, Traditions, and Customs.
Rearranged, condensed, and edited,
with an Appendix, by John Fraser.
Map and plates. 8 Sydney, 1892

Thrum, T. G. Hawaiian Almanac and
Annual for 1890: a Handbook of In-
formation on Interesting Matters relating
to the Hawaiian Islands. 8

Honolulu , 1889

Thrupp, Joseph Francis. Antient
Jerusalem : a new Investigation into
the History, Topography, and Plan of
the City, Environs, and Temple, &c.
Map and plates. 8 Cambridge, 1855

Thrupp, J. Godfrey. See James, F. L.

Thucydides. See Wheeler, J. T.

Thuillier, Sir H. L. General Reports on
the Topographical Surveys of India.
See India, F, b : Appendix 2.

and R. Smyth. A Manual of Sur-
veying for India, detailing the mode of
operations on the Trigonometrical, Topo-
graphical, and Revenue Surveys of India.
3rd edition. Maps, plates, &c. 8

Calcutta, 1875

Thunberg, Carl. P. Reisen in Europa,
Afrika, und Asien, vorziiglich in Japan,
wahrend der Jahre 1770 bis 1779, iiber-
setzt von K. Sprengel, und mil Anmer-
kungen begleitet von J. R. Forster, aus
clem Schwedischen frey iibersetzt von
C. H. Groskurd. 2 vols. in I. Plates.
8 Berlin, 1792-94

Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia,

made between the years 1770 and 1779.
Vol. 3, containing a voyage to Japan and
travels in different parts of that Empire
in the years 1775 and 1776. 3rd edition.
8 1796

The same. Vol. 4, containing travels

in the Empire of Japan, and in the
Islands of Java and Ceylon, together
with the voyage home. Plates. 8 1795

Voyages au Japon, par le Cap de

Bonne- Esperance, les iles de la Sonde,
&c., 1770-78. Traduits, rediges, et aug-
mentes de notes considerables sur la
Religion, le Gouvernement, le Com-
merce, 1'Industrie, et les Langues de ces
differentes contrees, particulierement sur
le Javan et le Malai, par L. Langles ;
et revus, quant a la partie de 1'Histoire

naturelle, par J. B.

Plates. 4

Lamarck. 2 vols.
Paris, 1796



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