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Thunberg, Carl P. The same. 2 vols.
8 Paris, 1796

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix i.

Thurn. See Im Thurn.

Thwaites, R. G. Epochs of American
History : The Colonies, 1492-1750.
Maps. 12 1891

Thys, Capt. . Au Congo et au Kassai :
Conferences donnees a la Societe Beige
des Ingenieurs et des Industriels. [Bound
with maps entitled " Le Kassai et la
Louloa de Kwamouth a Louebo leves a
bord du Steamer ' Stanley.'"] 8

Brussels, 1 888

Tiarks, J. L. Report on Capt. Foster's
Chronometrical Observations in H.M.S.
"Chanticleer." 8 N.D.

Tickell, Major R. Reports on River
Breakwaters. [India Records, Vol. 2,
N.W.Prov.] Plate. Large 8 ^^,1855

Tiedemann, Adolf von. Tana-Baringo-
Nil. Mit Karl Peters zu Emin Pascha.
2nd edition. Map t portrait, and illustra-
tions. 8 Berlin, 1892

Tiedemann, B. von. See United King-
dom, War Office : Appendix 2.

Tieffenthaler, J. See Bernoulli.

Tiele, C. P. Western Asia, according to
the most recent discoveries. Rectorial
address on the 31 8th anniversary of the
Leyden University, Feb. 8, 1893. Trans-
lated by Elizabeth J.Taylor. 8 1893

Tiele, P. A. Memoire Bibliographique
sur les Journaux des Navigateurs Neer-
landais reimprimes dans les collections
de De Bry et de Hulsius et dans les
collections Hollandaises du XVII 6 siecle,
et sur les anciennes editions Hollandaises
des Journaux de Navigateurs etrangers ;
la plupart en la possession de Frederick
Muller a Amsterdam. Plate. 8

Amsterdam, 1867

Nederlandsche Bibliographic van

Land en Volkenkunde. Large 8

Amsterdam, 1884

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 71:

Appendix I.

Tietkens, W. H. An Account of the
latest Exploring Expedition across
Australia. 12* [1877]

Journal of the Central Australian

Exploring Expedition, 1889, under the'
command of W. H. Tietkens. Map.
Small 8* Adelaide, 1891

See South Australia, A : Appendix 2.

Tighe, William. Statistical Observations

relative to the County of Kilkenny,
made in 1800 and 1811. Maps and
plates. 8 Dublin, 1802

Tilleard, J. See Pestalozzi.

Tilley, H. A. Japan, the Amoor, and the
Pacific ; with Notices of other places, com-
prised in a voyage of circumnavigation in
the Imperial Russian corvette "Rynda"
in 1858-60. Plates. 8 1861

Tillinghast, William H. Notes on the
Historical Hydrography of the Handker-
chief Shoal in the Bahamas. Large 8*
Cambridge, Mass. 1881

Tillo, Alexis de. Terrestrial Magnetism
in Orenburg, 1830-70. [In Russian.]
Maps. 4 St Petersburg, 1872

Notice sur le Congres des Geographies

Allemands a Halle [12-14 Avril 1882.]
8* . [Leipzig, 1882]

See Tchernycheff.

Timberlake, Lieut. Henry, who accom-
panied the Three Cherokee Indians to
England in 1762, Memoirs of; con-
taining whatever he observed remark-
able, or worthy of public notice, during
his Travels to and from that Nation ;
wherein the Country, Government,
Genius, and Customs of the Inhabitants
are authentically described. Map and
plate. 8 1765

Timberley, H. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

Timkovski, J. Voyage a Peking a travers
la Mongolie, in 1820 et 1821. . . . Tra-
duit du Russe. . . . Public, avec des
Corrections et des Notes, par M. J.
Klaproth, &c. 2 vols. 8, and Atlas
folio Paris, 1827

Travels of the Russian Mission through

Mongolia to China, and Residence in
Pekin in 1820-21 ; with Corrections and
Notes by J. von Klaproth. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1827

Timur. The Mulfuzat Timury, or Auto-
biographical Memoirs of the Moghul
Emperor Timur. Written in the Jagtay
Turky Language, turned into Persian by
Abu Talib Hussyny, and translated into
English by Major Charles Stewart.
[Oriental Translation Committee publi-
cation.] Map. 4 1830

Tindal, J. G. A. See Schroder, J. F. L.

Tinne, John A. Geographical Notes of
Expeditions in Central Africa, by three
Dutch Ladies. Maps. 8 Liverpool, 1864

Tinter, Prof. Dr W. Publication fiir

die Internationale Erdmessung. Astro-

nomische Arbeiten der Oesterreichischen

Gradmessungs-Commission. Large 4

Vienna, 1891

Tippenhauer, L. Gentil. Die Insel
Haiti. Maps and plates. Folio

Leipzig, 1893

Tippoo, Sultan. See Dalrymple, Re-
pertory, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Tischner, August. The Sun changes its
Position in Space, therefore it cannot be
regarded as being "in a condition of
rest." Portrait. 16 Leipzig, 1883

The Fixed Idea of Astronomical

Theory. Plates. 8 Leipzig, 1885

Tison, Thomas. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3;
Kerr, Vol. 6 : Appendix I.



Tissandier, Albert. Voyage autour du
Monde : Inde et Ceylan, Chine et Japon,
1887-90-91. Illustrations. 4 Paris, 1892

Tissanier, Joseph. Relation du Voyage
du P.Joseph Tissanier, de la Compagnie
de Jesus, depuis la France, iasqu'au
Royaume de Tunquin ; avec ce qui s'cst
passe de plus memorable dans cette
Mission durant les annees 1658-59-60.
[Bound up with Jacques Le Favre's
Letter upon China.] 12 Paris, 1663

Tissot, Charles. Recherches sur la Geo-
graphic comparee de la Mauretanie Tin-
gitane. Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1877

Le Bassin du Bagrada et la Voie

Romaine de Carthage a Hippone par Bulla
Regia. Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1881

Exploration Scientifique de la Tunisie,

Geographic comparee de la Province
Romaine d'Afrique. Tome Premier.
Geographic Physique Geographic His-
torique Chorographie. Maps, plans,
and plates. 4 Paris, 1884

The same. Tome Second. Choro-
graphie Reseau Routier. Ouvrage public
d'apres le Manuscrit de 1'Auteur ; avec
des Notes, des Additions, et im Atlas,
par Salomon Reinach. 4 Paris, 1888

Tissot, E. See Bernard, H.

Tissot, M. A. Memoire sur la Representa-
tion des Surfaces et les Projections des
Cartes Geographiques. 8 Paris, 1881

Tissot, Victor. Unknown Switzerland.
Translated from the I2th edition, by Mrs
Wilson. 12 1889

Tizard, T. H. Contribution to the
Meteorology of Japan. 4* 1876

Tobler, Titus. Dritte Wanderung nach
Palastina in 1857 ; Ritt durch Philistaa,
Fussreisen in Gebirge Judaas und Nach-
lese in Jerusalem. Map. 8 Got ha, 1859

Bibliographia Geographica Palaes-

tinae : Zunachst kritische Uebersicht

gedruckter und ungedruckter Beschreib-

ungen der Reisen ins Heilige Land. 8*

Leipzig, 1867

Bibliographia Geographica Palneslime
ab anno cccxxxm. usque ad annum M.
8 Dresden, 1875

Ilinera et Descriptiones Terra; Sanctae,
lingua latina srec. 4-11, exarata I. 8

Geneva, 1877
and A. Molinier, Itinera Hiero-

solymitana et Descriptiones Terrre Sancte
bellis sacris anteriora. 8 Geneva, 1879
Tod, Lieut. -Col. J. Annals and Anti-
quities of Rajastihan, or the Central and
Western Rajpoot States of India. 2
vols. Map and plates. 4 1829

Travels in Western India, embracing

a Visit to the Sacred Mounts of the
Jains and the most celebrated Shrines of
Hindu Faith between Rajpootana and
the Indus ; with an Account of the ancient
City of Nehrwalla. Plates. 4" 1839

Todd, Charles. Rainfall in South Aus-
tralia and the Northern Territory during
1887 ; with Weather Characteristics of
each Month. Map. Folio* Adelaide, 1888
See South Australia, A : Appendix 2.

Todd, D. P. A Continuation of De
Damoiseau's Tables of the Satellites of
Jupiter to the year 1900. [Published for
the American Ephemeris and Nautical
Almanac.'} 4* Washington, 1876

Todkill, Anas. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 9 : Appendix i.

Toeppen, Dr Hugo. Die Doppelinsel
Nowaja Semlja. Geschichte ihrer Ent-
deckung. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1878

Hundert Tage in Paraguay. Reise

in's Innere. Paraguay im Hinblick auf
Deutsche Kolonisations - Bestrebungen.
Map. 8 Hamburg, 1885

Torino de San Miguel, Vicente. Der-
rotero de las Costas de Espana en el
Mediterraneo, y su Correspondiente de
Africa, para Inteligencia y uso de las
Cartas Esfericas. Descripciones de las
islas Pithiusas y Baleares. Small 4

Madrid, 1787

Derrotero de las Costas de Espana en

el Oceano Atlantico y de las Islas Azores
6 Terceras, para Inteligencia y uso de las
Cartas Esfericas. 4 Madrid, 1789

Espana Maritima, or Spanish Coasting

Pilot, containing Directions for Navigat-
ing the Coasts and Harbours of Spain, in
the Atlantic, with the Coast of Portugal.
Translated by John Dougall. 2 vols.
Charts and plans. 4 1814

Toletus, L. T. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 8 : Appendix i.

Tolhausen. See General ; Dictionaries,
A : Appendix 2.

Toll, Baron Eduard. See Schrenck and
Maximowicz : Beitrage zur Kenntniss des
Russischen Reiches, &c., Vol. 3.

Tollens, Hendrik. The Hollanders in
Nova Zembla[ 1 596-97]. An Arctic Poem,
translated from the Dutch of Hendrik
Tollens by Daniel van Pelt ; with a Pre-
face and a Historical Introduction by
Samuel Richard van Campen ; including
Notes. Frontispiece. 12

New York and London, 1884

Tolmie, W. Eraser. See Canada, A,
Geological and Natural History Survey :
Appendix 2.

Tolstoi, Graf D. A. See Schrenck and
Maximowicz : Beitrage ~r\\\ Kenntniss des
Russischen Reiches, &c. , Vols. I, 2;
Helmeisen and Schrenck, Vol. 8.

Tolstoi, Leon. What I Believe. Trans-
lated from the Russian, by Constantine
Popoff. 8 1885

Tolstoy, G. The First Forty Years of
Intercourse between England and Russia,
1553-93. [In Russian.] Crown 8

St Petersburg, 1875



Tomalin, Lewis R. S. See Jaeger.

Tomaschek, Wilhelm. Die vorslawische
Topographic der Bosna, Herzegowina,
Crnagora und der angrenzenden Ge-
biete. 8* Vienna, 1880

Centralasiatische Stuclien. 2. Die

Pamir-Dialekte. 8* Vienna, 1880

Zur Kunde der Hamus-Halbinsel :
Topographische, Archaologische, &c.,
Miscellen. 8* Vienna, 1882

The same. 2. Die Handelswege im

12 Jahrhnndert nach den Erkundigungen
des Arabers Idrisi. 8* Vienna, 1887

Zur historischen Topographic von

Persien. I. Die Strassenzitge der Tabula
Peutingerana. 8* Vienna, 1883

The same. 2. Die Wege durch die

Persische Wtiste. Map. 8* Vienna, 1885

Topographische Erlauterung der Ktis-

tenfahrt Nearchs vom Indus bis zum
Euphrat. 8* Vienna, 1890

Tombleson, W. Tombleson's Views of
the Rhine, edited by W. G. Fearnside.
8 1832

Tombleson's U pper Rhine. Map and

plates. 8 [1840?]

Tomlinson, Thomas. The Congo Treaty.
Map. 8* 1884

Tomson, R. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3: Ap-
pendix I.

Tonnelier. See Pallas.

Tonsberg, C. Norway: Illustrated Hand-
book for Travellers. Maps and plates.
12 Christiania, 1875

Tooke, W. See Pelham, Vol. 2: Ap-
pendix I.

Tootal, A. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 51 :
Appendix i.

Topinard, Dr Paul. La Societe, 1'Ecole,
le Laboratoire, et le Musee Broca.
Large 8* Paris, 1890

De la Notion de Race en Anthro-

pologie. 8* N. P., N.D.

Topley, William. Notes on the Physical
Geography of East Yorkshire. 8*

Hertford, 1866

On the Lower Cretaceous Beds of the

Bas-Boulonnais, with Notes on their
English equivalents. 8* 1868

On the Comparative Agriculture of
England and Wales. 8* 1871
Geology of the Straits of Dover.
Map and plates. 8* 1872

On the Agricultural Geology of the

Weald. Map. 8* 1872

The National Geological Surveys of
Europe. 8* 1885

Report of the Committee on the

Erosion of the Sea-Coasts of England
and Wales. Map. 8* 1886

Geology in its Relation to Hygiene.

8* 1890

See General, International Geological

Congress : Appendix 2.

Topping, M. See Dalrymple, Repertory,
Vol. I : Appendix i.

Toreen, Olof. A Voyage to Suratte,
China, &c., 1750-52. See Osbeck, P.
A Voyage to China, &c.

See " The Modern Traveller," Vol. 4 :

Appendix I.

Torell, Otto. On the Causes of the
Glacial Phenomena in the North-Eastern
portion of North America. Map. 8*

Stockholm, 1878
See Sweden, A : Appendix 2.

Torelli, Luigi. Carta della Malaria dell'
Italia. Map. 4* Florence, 1882

Torlonia, Prince D. A. Prosciugamenta
del Lago Fucino. Diagrams. 8

Florence, 1871

See Brisse and Rotrou.

Tornebohm, A. E. See Sweden, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Tornero, R. S. Chile ilustrado : Guia
descriptive del Territorio de Chile, de
las capitales de provincia, de los puertos
principales. Plates. 4 Valparaiso, 1872

Tornoe, H. See Norway, A, Norwegian
North Atlantic Expedition, 1876-78 :
Appendix 2.

Tornquist, S. L. See Sweden, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Torquemada, F. Juan de. Primera
(Segunda y Tercera) parte de los Veinte
i un libros i rituales Monarchia Indiana,
con el origen y guerras de los Indies
occidentales, de sus Poblacones, Descu-
brimiento,Conquista, Conversion, y otras
cosas maravillosas de la mesma tierra.
3 vols. Map. Folio Madrid, 1723

Torre, Bertrand de la. See De la Torre.

Torre, Count Raymonde de la. See De
la Torre.

Torrend, J. A Comparative Grammar of
the South-African Bantu Languages,
comprising those of Zanzibar, Mozam-
bique, the Zambesi, Kafirland, Ben-
guela, Angola, the Congo, the Ogowe,
the Cameroons, the Lake Region, &c.
Map. Large 8 1891

Torrens, H. On the Greek Legends of
the Coins of the Indo-Scythian Princes
ofCabul. 8* N.D.

Torrens, Henry D. Travels in Ladak,
Tartaiy, and Kashmir. Plates. 8 1862

Torrente, Mariano. Geografia Universal,
Fisica, Politica, e Historica. 2 vols.
Maps. Folio Madrid, 1827-28

Torres, Louis Vaez de. See Hakluyt
Soc. Publ., 25, 39; Burney, Vol. 2:
Appendix i.

Torres, Simon Perez de. Viaje del
Mundo. P'olio N.P., N.D.

Toscanelli, Paolo dal Pozzo. Paolo dal
Pozzo Toscanelli e la Circumnavigazione
dell' Africa secondo la testimonianza di
un contemporaneo. 8* Florence, 1891

See Uzielli; V., B. A.



Totten, G. M. Communication of the
Board of Directors of the Panama Rail-
road Company to the Stockholders; with
an Appendix, containing Tables of the
Grades, Tangents, and Curves of the
Panama Railroad, and Observations upon
the Levels of the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans. Map. 8* New York, 1855

See United States, E, a, Hydrogr.

Off. Publ., Nos. 50 and 52 : Appendix 2.

and S. Schroeder. See United

States, E, a, Hydro. Off. Publ., No. 60.

Toula, Franz. Eine geologische Reise
in den westlichen Balkan und in die be-
nachbarten Gebiete. Map. 8*

Vienna, 1876

Reisen und geologische Untersuch-

ungen in Bulgarien : Vortrag gehalten
den 19 Marz 1890. Map and ilhislra-
tions. 12*. Vienna, 1890

Der Stand der Geologischen Kenntnis

der Balkanlander. Map. 8* Berlin, 1891
See Hohnel.

Tournefort, Pitton de. Relation d'un
Voyage du Levant, fait par ordre clu
Roi, contenant 1'Histoire Ancienne et
Moderne de plusieurs lies de 1'Archipel,
de Constantinople, des Cotes de la Mer
Noire, de 1'Armenie, de la Georgie, des
Frontieres de Perse et de 1'Asie Mineure ;
avec les Plans des Villes et des Lieux
considerables ; le Genie, les Meurs, le
Commerce, et la Religion des differens
Peuples qui les habitent ; et 1'Explication
des Medailles et des Monumens Antiques.
Maps and plates. 4 Amsterdam, 1718

A Voyage into the Levant, &c. 2

vols. Maps and plates. 4 1718

The same. Translated by J. Ozell.
3 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1741

Toussaint, . Indicateur complet de la
Ville de Caen: Guide des Etrangers.
18* Caen, 1835

Touzet, V. See Rojas, E.

Towerson, W. See Towrson.

Townley, . See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix i.

Townsend, F. T. Wild Life in Florida,
with a Visit to Cuba. Map and plates.
8 1875

Townsend, Horatio. Statistical Survey
of the County of Cork, with Observations
on the Means of Improvement. 8

Dublin, 1810

Townsend, Joseph. A Journey through
Spain in 1786-87 ; and Remarks in pass-
ing through a part of France. 3 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1792

Townsend, J. K. Narrative of a Journey
across the Rocky Mountains to the
Columbia River, and a Visit to the
Sandwich Islands, Chili, &c. ; with a
Scientific Appendix. 8"

Philadelphia, 1839

Townshend, S. Nugent. Our Indian
Summer in the Far West : an Autumn
Tour of Fifteen Thousand Miles in
Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado,
and the Indian Territory. Illustrated by
J. G. Hyde. Photographs. 4 1880

Townson, Robert. Travels in Hungary;
with a Short Account of Vienna in 1793.
Map and plates. 4 1797

Towrson, W. See Astley, Vol. i ; Hak-
luyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Towson, John Thomas. Tables to
facilitate the Practice of Great Circle
Sailing and the Determination of Azi-
muths. Chart. 8 1854

On Ice Impediments in Australia^

Voyages. 8* 1855

The Principles of Great Circle and

Composite Sailing, with Observations
made from more recent Voyages. Chart.
8* Liverpool, 1855

Tables for the Reduction of the Ex-
Meridian Altitudes. 8 1856
See United Kingdom, A, Admiralty :

Appendix 2.
Toynbee, Capt. Henry. On the Normal
Circulation and Weight of the Atmos-
phere in the North and South Atlantic
Oceans, so far as it can be proved by a
steady Meteorological Registration dur-
ing five voyages to India. Map. 8* 1865

Report ... on the Meteorology of
the North Atlantic, between the parallels
of 40 and 50 N. . . . ; with Remarks
on the difference in the Winds and
Weather experienced, according as the
ship's course is Westerly or Easterly, &c.

Tables. 8 1869

Report to the Committee of the

Meteorological Office on the use of
Isobaric Curves, and a line of greatest
Barometric change in attempting to fore-
tell Winds ; with some Practical Sugges-
tions for Seamen, and a few Remarks on
Buys Ballot's Law. Charts. 8* 1869

On the Physical Geography of the
part of the Atlantic which lies between
20 N. and 10 S., and extends from 10
to 40 W. Tables. 8* 1876

On the Great Hurricane, the Tracks

of American Storms, and the Ordinary
Winds of I he N. Atlantic, in August 1873.
Maps. 8* 1877

Report of the Gales experienced in

the Ocean District adjacent to the Cape
of Good Hope, &c. Plates. 4 1882
Weather Forecasting for the British

Islands by means of a Barometer, the
Direction and Force of Wind and Cirrus
Clouds. Diagrams. 12* 1890

Tozer, Henry Fanshawe. Researches
in the Highlands of Turkey, including
Visits to Mounts Ida, Athos, Olympus,
and Pelion . . . ; with Notes on the



Tozer, Henry Fanshawe continued.
Ballads, Tales, and Classical Superstitions
of the Modern Greeks. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8" 1869

Lectures on the Geography of Greece.

Map. Small 8 1873

Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia

Minor. Map and plates. 8 1881

The Islands of the Aegean. Maps.
Small 8 Oxford, 1890

Selections from Strabo ; with an In-
troduction on Strata's Life and Works.
Maps and plans. 8 Oxford, 1893
See Gallon, Vacation Tourists.

Tozetti, J. T. Voyage Mineralogique,
Philosophique, et Historique en Toscane.
2 vols. 8 Paris, 1792

Tracey, Capt. Notes on the Antechamber
of the G real Pyramid. 8* Edinburgh ,1871

Trafford, F. W. C. Amphiorama, ou
La Vue du Monde des Montagnes de la
Spezia. Map. 8* Zurich, 1874

- The same. 2 me Notice. 8*

Ziirich, 1875

The same. 8* Lausanne, 1875, 1877

Souvenir de 1'Amphiorama, ou la Vue
du Monde pendant son passage dans une
Comete. 8* Ziirich, 1 880-81

Trail, W. Account of the Life and
Writings of Robert Simson. Portrait
and plate. 4 Bath, 1882

Traill, G. W. An Elementary Treatise
on Quartz and Opal, including their
varieties ; with a Notice of the principal
Foreign and British localities in which
they occur. 12 Edinburgh, 1867

Statistical Report on the Bhotia

Metals of Kamaon. 4* N. I).

Traill, Dr T. S. Physical Geography.
Plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1838

See Murray, Hugh.

Tramezzino, Michele. Diversi avisi
particolari dall' Indie di Portogallo
ricevuti, dall' anno 1551 fino al 1558,
dalli Reverendi Padri della Compagnia di
Giesu . . . Tradotti nuovamente clalla
lingua Spagnuola nella Italiana. 12

N. P., N.u.

Trap, J. P. Statistik-Topographisk
Beskrivelse af Kongeriget Danmark.
5 vols. Maps and plates. 8

Copenhagen, 1858-60

Trask, Dr John B. Report on the
Geology of the Coast Mountains, and
part of the Sierra Nevada, embracing
their industrial Resources in Agriculture
and Mining. 8* 1854

Report on the Geology of Northern

and Southern California, embracing the
Mineral and Agricultural Resources of
those Sections. 8* Washington, 1856

Traubenberg, Dr Paul Freiherr Rausch
von. Hauptverkehrswege Persiens. Ver-
such einer Verkehrsgeographie dieses
Landes. Maps and profiles. 8

Halle a S., 1890

Trautwein,Th. Register Oesterr.Deutsch.
Alpenvereins, 1863-86. [See Austria-
Hungary, Vienna, in Appendix 3.] 8
Munich, 1887

Bibliographic der Alpinen Literatur,

1871. 8* N.P., N.D.

Trau twine, John C. Rough Notes of an
Exploration for an Inter-Oceanic Canal
Route by way of the Rivers Atrato and
San Juan, in New Granada, South
America. Map. 8 Philadelphia, 1854

Travers, H. De La Cour. Leiter to Sir
Bartle Frere on Development of Trade
on the East Coast of Africa. 8*

Cape Town, 1877

Travers, W. T. L. See New Zealand,
D : Appendix 2.

Travideani, . See Aveiio.

Treacher, Governor. Handbook of
British North Borneo. Compiled from
Reports received from Governor Treacher
and other Officers in the British North
Borneo Company's Service ; with an
Introduction by Sir Rutherford Alcock.
Maps. 8 1886

Trebeck, . See Moorcroft.

Tregear, Ed-ward. The Maori in Asia.
8* Wellington, 1885

The Aryan Maori. Plate. 8

Wellington, 1885

The Maori-Polynesian Comparative

Dictionary. Large 8 Wellington, 1891

A Paumotuan Dictionary. (From

\hejournal of the Polynesian Society). 4
parls. Large 8* N.D.

and H. Williams. Descriplion and
Vocabulary of Niue, or Savage Island.
(From/ourti. Polynes. Soc.) 8* N.D.

Trehouart, . See Gaimard.

Tremeaux, . Voyage au Soudan
Oriental et dans 1'Afrique Septentrionale
pendant 1847-48. 12* Paris, 1853

Tremenheere, Col. C. W. On a Coast
Current from the Mouths of ihe Indus
towards Kurrachee Harbour. Folio* 1865

Trench, F. The Russo-Indian Question
historically, strategically, and politically
considered ; wilh a Sketch of Central
Asiatic Politics. Maps. 8 1869

Trendelenburg, Frederick A. The Life
and Writings of Aristotle. Translated
from the German, by G. Long. 8* N.D.

Trendell, A. J. R. Her Majesty's
Colonies : a Series of Original Papers
issued under the Authority of the Royal
Commission. Compiled and edited by
A. J. R. Trendell ; with Introduclion by
J. R. Seeley. 2nd edition. Maps. 8 1886
- The Colonial Year Book for the year
1890; with Introduction by J. R. Seeley.
Maps. 8 1890

Tresilian, F. H. Remarks on Christmas
Island. 8* 1838

Trevelyan, Arthur. Nolice regarding
some Experiments on Ihe Vibralion of
Heated Metals. 4* Edinburgh, 1831



Trevelyan, Sir W. C., Bart. Notions
of the Americans, picked up by a
Travelling Bachelor. 2 vols. 8 1828

- Vegetation and Temperature of the
Faroe Islands. 8* Edinburgh, 1835

- The same. 4* Florence, 1837
Trevisan, D. See Thenaud.
Tricault, E. Explication et usage des

"Wind and Current Charts." Extrait
des "Sailing Directions" du Lieut.
Maury. Plates. 8* Paris, 1857

See Maury, M. F.

Trigault, Nicholas (Trigantius). See
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Minden in West/., 1886-88

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Ohio River), its Advantages for Manu-
facturing. [The Western Journal, Feb.
1849.] "8* St Louis, 1849

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Map. 8* [1886]

- Rainfall of South Africa, 1842 86.
(From Quarterly Journal Royal Meteoro-
logical Society, \o\. 14.) Maps. 8*


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Wanderings South of the Atlas Moun-
tains. Maps and plates. 8 1860

The Land of Israel : a Journal of

Travels in Palestine, undertaken with
special reference to its physical character.
Map. 8 1865

- The Land of Moab : Travels and
Discoveries on the east side of the Dead
Sea and the Jordan ; with a Chapter on
the Persian Palace of Mashita, by Jas.
Fergusson. Map and plates. 8 1873

- The same. 2nd edition. 1874
See Gallon, Vacation Tourists.

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Noir. La "Gironde," en Afrique.
Maps and portrait. 12 Paris, 1891

Tr6il, Uno von. Letters on Iceland,
containing Observations on the Natural
History of the Country, Antiquities,
Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants,
&c. &c., made during a Voyage under-
taken in 1772 by Sir Joseph Banks,
assisted by Dr Solander, Dr J. Lind,
and other Literary and Ingenious Gentle-
men ; with Notes and Additions by the
Translator ; the whole revised and
corrected by E. Mendes da Costa.
Map. 8 1783

See Pinkerton, Vol I : Appendix I.
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