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the Aurora Borealis in the Land of the
Lapps and Kvrens. Original edition,
edited by Carl Siewers. 2 vols. Map
and illustrations. 8 1885

Trommsdorff, J. B. Pharmacopoca Aus-
triaca. 8 Vienna, 1818

Tromp, S. W. See Bock.

Tronson, J. M. Narrative of a Voyage
to Japan, Kamtschatka, Siberia, Tartary,
and various parts of the Coast of China.
Maps and plates. 8 1859

Trotter, Courts. Among the Islands of
the South Pacific, Fiji. (From Black-
ivoocfs Magazine, April 1888.) 8* 1888

- The same. Tonga and Samoa.
(From Blackinood's Magazine, June
1888.) 8* 1888

- Impressions of Australia ; with an
Account of the Fish River Caves. (From
B lac kwoocTs Magazine, July 1888.) 8*


Memoir of Colonel Sir Henry Yule.
8* [Edinburgh, 1891]

Trotter, Lieut. -Col. H. Account of the
Survey Operations in connection with
the Mission to Yarkand and Kashgar in
J 873-74. Maps [one in cover]. 4

Calcutta, 1875

See India, F, c, Surveys, Trigono-
metrical : Appendix 2.

Trotter, Capt. H. D. Sec Wilson, J. L.

Trotter, Lieut-Col. J. K. See United
Kingdom, G, War Office : Appendix 2.

Trotter, Capt. J. M. See Asia, Central :
Appendix 2.

Trotter, Lieut. -Col. P. D. Our Mission
to the Court of Marocco in 1880 under
Sir John Drummond Hay. Map and
illustrations. 8 Edinburgh, 1881

See De la Martiniere.

Trouessart, . See Levasseur.

Troup, J. Rose. With Stanley's Rear
Column. Map and illustrations. 8 1890

Troutbeck, J. Survey and Present State
of the Scilly Islands. 8 Shcrborne^.D.

Trow, J. Manitoba and North-West
Territories. Map. Small 8 Ottawa, 1878

Trowbridge, T. C. Pamphlets : in-
cluding I. The Physical Geography
of Turkey (from the Transatlantic,
November 1872) ; 2. Proposals for
establishing a Christian College and
Medical School in Central Turkey,
1873. Education in Turkey (from the
Princeton Theological Review, October
1870) ; 3. The Americans in Turkey
(from the Nonconformist, 23rd April
"873) > 4- Robert College, Constanti-
nople. Large and small 8* V.P., V. n.

Trowbridge, Prof. W. P. See United
States, A, Tenth Census, 1880, Vols.
1 6 and 22 : Appendix 2.



Trow, . New York City Directory.
See Wilson, H.

Troyon, F. Monuments de 1'Antiquite
dans 1'Europe Barbara. 8

Lausanne, 1868

Triibner's Catalogue of Dictionaries and
Grammars of the Principal Languages
and Dialects of the World. 2nd edition.
8 1882

Truilhier, Capt. Memoire descriptif de
la Route de Tehran a Meched et de
Meched a lezd, reconnue en 1807; avec
Observations dans son Voyage en Perse,
par M. Daussy. Maps. 8 Paris, 1841

Trumpp, Ernest. Sindhi Reading-Book,
in the Sanscrit and Arabic Characters.
8 1858

- Grammar of the Sindhi Language
compared with the Sanskrit- Prakrit and
the cognate Indian Vernaculars. 8 1872

Nanak, der Stifter der Sikh Religion.

4* Munich, 1876

Trutch, Joseph W. British Columbia :
Overland Coach Road. Minute of the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
1868. Folio* New Westminster, 1868

Truter and Somerville. See Eyries, Vol.
ir : Appendix i.

Tschernyschew, Th. Notes sur les
Travaux, executes par 1'Expedition de
Timane en 1890. [In Russian.] Map.
Large 8 [St Petersburg, 1891]

See Tchernichef.

Tschihatscheff, P. von. See Tchihatcheff.

Tschudi, Johann Jacob von. Travels in
Peru during 1838-42, on the Coast, in
the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the
Andes into the Primeval Forests. Trans-
lated from the German, by T. Ross.
frontispiece. 8 1847

- Reise durch die Andes von Slid-
Amerika, von Cordova nach Cobija, im
Jahre 1858. (Erganzungsheft, 2 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) Illustrations
and maps. 4 Got ha, 1860

Reisen diirch Siidamerika. 5 vols. in

3. Maps and plates. 8 Leipzig, 1866-69
Der Tourist in der Schweiz, und dem

angrenzenden Siid-Deutschland, Ober-
Italien, und Savoyen. 25th edition.
Maps, plans, &*c. 12 St Gallen, 1883

Tseu-Kwang-K'he. See Siu.

Tucker, Luther H. American Glimpses
of Agriculture in Great Britain. 8*

Albany, N.Y., 1860

Tuckey, Capt. James Kingston. Mari-
time Geography and Statistics, or a
Description of the Ocean and its Coasts,
Maritime Commerce, Navigation, &c. 4
vols. 8 1815

Narrative of an Expedition to Explore
the River Zaire, usually called the Congo,
in South Africa, in 1816; to which is

Tuckey, Capt. Jas. Kingston contd.
added the Journal of Professor Smith,
some general Observations on the Country
and its Inhabitants, and an Appendix on
the Natural History of Congo. Afap and
plates. 4 1818

See Eyries, Vols. 4, n ; Phillips,

Collection of Modern and Contemporary
Voyages and Travels [i], Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.

Tudor, John R. The Orkneys and Shet-
land, their Past and Present State ; with
chapters on Geology by Benjamin W.
Peach and John Home, and Notes on
the Flora of the Orkneys by William
Irvine Fortescue, and Notes on the Flora
of Shetland by Peter White. Maps,
plans, and illustrations. 8 1883

Tuke, G. P. See Haig.

Tullberg, S. A. See Sweden, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Tully, Richard. Narrative of a Ten
Years' Residence at Tripoli, in Africa.
From the Original Correspondence in
the possession of the family of the late
Richard Tully, Esq. , the British Consul.
2nd edition. Map and plates. 4 1817

Tuma, Anton. Griechenland, Makedonien
und Siid-Albnnien, oder : Die siidliche
Balkan- Halbinsel. 8 Hanover, 1888

Tupac Amaru. See Angelis, Vol. 5 ;
Kerr, Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Tupper, M. F. A Hymn for all Nations,
1851; translated into Thirty Languages
[upwards of Fifty Versions] ; the Music
composed expressly by S. Sebastian
Wesley. 8 1851

Turenne, Cte. Louis de. Quatorze Mois
dans 1'Amerique du Nord (1875-76). 2
vols. Map. 12 Paris, 1879

Turnbull, David. Travels in the West :
Cuba, with Notices of Porto Rico and the
Slave Trade. Map. 8 1840

Turnbull, John. Voyage round the
World in 1800-1804, in which the
Author visited the principal islands in
the Pacific Ocean, and the English
Settlements of Port Jackson and Nor-
folk Island. 3 vols. 12 1805

See Eyries, Vol. 3 ; Phillips, Collection

of Modern and Contemporary Voyages
[i], Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Turnbull, M. A Manual of the improved
Newtonian Astronomical Globe. 2nd
edition. Illustrations. 4* Toronto, 1887

Turnbull, William. Elements of Spherical
Astronomy, comprising the Stereographic
Projection of the Sphere; with Tables
of Formulae, and Rules for Calculating
the Declinations, &c., of the Heavenly
Bodies, the Times of their Rising,
Setting, and Culminating. Diagrams.
8 1849



Turnbull, William. Treatise on Trigono-
metrical Surveying, comprising full and
detailed Solutions of all the most Import-
ant Cases of Triangulation that usually
occur in the Surveying of a Country or
a Sea Coast. 8 1849

Key to the Exercises of Spherical

Astronomy, comprising full Solutions of
all the Examples, c. 8 1850

A New Practical System of Spherical

Trigonometry, comprising the Stereo-
graphic Projection of the Circles of the
Sphere, together with the Construction
and Calculation of all the cases of Right
and Oblique Angled Spherical Triangles.
Diagrams. 8 1850

Key to the Exercises of Spherical
Trigonometry, comprising Solutions in
full of all the Examples, &c. 8 1850
The Mariner's Daily Assistant, com-

prising the Principles of Plane, Traverse,
Parallel, Middle Latitude, Mercator's,
Oblique and Current Sailing, with Rules
for finding the Latitude; with the Journal
of a Voyage from London to Madeira,
and an Appendix. Alap and plates. 8


Turneham, Robert. See Hakluyt, Vol.
2 : Appendix I .

Turner, D. Account of a Tour in Nor-
mandy, undertaken chiefly for the pur-
pose of investigating the Architectural
Antiquities of the Duchy ; with Observa-
tions on its history, on the country, and
on the inhabitants. 2 vols. in I. Plates.
8 1820

Turner, Rev. George. Nineteen Years
in Polynesia : Missionary Life, Travels,
and Researches in the Islands of the
Pacific. Map and plates. 8 1861

Samoa a Hundred Years ago, and
long before ; together with Notes on the
Cults and Customs of twenty-three other
Islands in the Pacific ; with a Preface by
E. B. Tylor. Maps and illustrations.
Small 8 1884

Turner, George. " Under Canvas," or
Tents, their early origin, construction,
and uses. Small 8* 1878

Turner, M. The Beverley Guide : being
a Description of whatever is curious in
the Town. 12 Beverley, 1830

Turner, Capt. Samuel. Account of an
Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo
Lama, in Tibet, containing a Narrative
of a Journey through Bootan, and part of
Tibet ; Views by Lieut. S. Davis ; and
Observations, Botanical, Mineralogical,
and Medical, by R. Saunders. Map and
plates. 4 1806

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.

Turner, Thomas. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 6 : Appendix I.

Turner, Thomas A. Argentina and the
Argentines : Notes and Impressions of
a Five Years' Sojourn in the Argentine
Republic, 1885-90. Illustrations. 8


Turner, W. Journal of a Tour in the
Levant. 3 vols. Map and plates. 8


See Dalrymple, Repertory : Ap-
pendix I.

Turner, William. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 6 : Appendix i.

Turner, Prof. W. See Whipple, A. W.

Turner-Turner, J. Three Years' Hunt-
ing and Trapping in America and the
Great North- West. Illustrated by Con-
stance Iloare. Maps and illustrations.
4 1888

Tumour, Hon. George. The Maha-
wanso, in Roman Characters, with the
Translation subjoined ; and an Introduc-
tory Essay on Pali Budhistical Literature.
Vol. i. 4 Ceylon, 1837

Turpin, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Ap-
pendix i.

Turquand, W. J. Historical, Statistical,
and other Notes, connected with the
Penth Estate, in the Nasik Sub-Collec-
torate. Map. Proceedings connected
with the Succession to the Penth Estate,
in consequence of the Death, in 1837, of
Dulput Rao, Raja of that Estate. Table.
[Bombay Records, No. 26, N.S.] Royal
8 Bombay, 1856

Tiirr, . Szegedin et les Inondations de
la Tisza. Les Portes de Fer du Danube.
4* Paris, 1879

Tiirst, C. ^^Switzerland, B: Appendix 2.

' ' Tuscarora. " See United States, E, a, Hy-
drogr. Off. Publ., No. 54: Appendix 2.

Tutschek, Charles. Dictionary of the
Galla Language, published by L.
Tutschek. Part I. Galla-English-Ger-
man. 8 Munich, 1844

Tvethe, M. B. Norges Statistik. 8

Christiania, 1848

Twells, Dr. The Life of Dr Edward
Pocock. [Bound up with the lives of
Dr Pearce, Dr Newton, and Rev. Philip
Skelton.] 2 vols. 8 1816

Twining, Thomas. Travels in India a
Hundred Years ago, with a Visit to the
United States : being Notes and Re-
miniscences by Thomas Twining, a Civil
Servant of the Honourable East India
Company. Preserved by his son Thomas
Twining, of Twickenham, and edited by
the Rev. William H. G. Twining. Map
ami portrait. 8 ^93

Twiss, Sir Travers. On Consular
Jurisdiction in the Levant, and the
Status of Foreigners in the Ottoman
Law Courts. 8* 1880

An International Protectorate of the

Congo River. 8* 1883



Twiss, Sir Travers. Sir Travers Twiss
et le Congo : Reponse a la Revue de Droit
international et de Legislation comparee
et au Law Magazine and Review, par un
Membre de la Societe Royal de Geo-
graphic d'Anvers. 8 Brussels, 1884

Twynam, E. District Surveyor Twynam
to the Surveyor General, transmitting
Memorandum of Measurement of Base
line at Newcastle, with Field Notes, &c.
Diagrams and sections. Folio*

Goulburn, 1879

Tyler, Major. See United Kingdom, G ;
War Office Publications : Appendix 2.

Tylor, Alfred. On the Formal ion of
Deltas, and on the evidence and cause
of great changes in the sea-level during
the Glacial Period, with the laws of
denudation and river levels. Plate. 8*


Tylor, Charles. A Historical Tour in
Franconia in the Summer of 1852. Map
and plates. 8 Brighton, 1852

Tylor, Prof. Edward B. Anahuac, or
Mexico and the Mexicans, Ancient and
Modern. Map and plates. 8 1861
- Researches into the Early History
of Mankind and the Development of
Civilization. 8 1865

Anthropology : an Introduction to

the Study of Man and Civilization.
Illustrations. Small 8 1881

See Turner, George.

Tyndale, John Warre. The Island of
Sardinia, including Pictures of the
Manners and Customs of the Sar-
dinians, and Notes on the Antiquities
and Modern Objects of Interest in the
Island ; to which is added some Account
of the House of Savoy. 3 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1849

Tyndall, Prof. John. On the Physical
Phenomena of Glaciers. On the Veined
Structure of Glaciers. 4* 1859

Remarks on Ice and Glaciers. 8* 1859

Glaciers of the Alps : being a

Narrative of Excursions and Ascents,
an Account of the Origin and Phe-
nomena of Glaciers, and an Exposition
of the Physical Principles to which they
are related. 8 1860

On Faraday as a Discoverer. 8 1868

Hours of Exercise in the Alps.
Plates. Small 8 1871

The Forms of Water in Clouds and

Rivers, Ice and Glaciers. Illustrations.
9th edition. 8 1885

New Fragments. Small 8 1892

See Gallon, Vacation Tourists.

Tyrrell, J. B. Notes to accompany a
preliminary Map of the Duck and
Riding Mountains in North-Western
Manitoba. Map. 8* Montreal, 1888

Tyrrell, J. B. A Brief Narrative of the
Journeys of David Thompson, in North-
Western America. 8* Toronto, 1888

Post-Tertiary Deposits of Manitoba

and the adjoining Territories of North-
Western Canada. Large 8*

Washington, 1890

Tyrwhitt, Rev. R. St John. See
Gallon, Vacation Tourists.

Tyson, E. The Cruise of the "Florence;"
or, Extracts from the Journal of the pre-
liminary Arctic Expedition of 1877-78.
(Edited by Capt. H. W. Howgate.) 12
Washington, 1879

Tyson, J. R. Discourse on ihe Surviving
Remnant of the Indian Race in the
United Slates. 8* Philadelphia, 1836

Tyson, Philip T. Reporl upon the Geo-
logy of California. See United States,
K, California : Appendix 2.


Ubicini, A., and Pavet de Courteille.
Etat present de 1'Empire Ottoman,
Stalislique, Gouvernemenl, Administra-
tion, Finances, Armee, Communautes
non Musulmanes, &c., d'apres le Salna-
meh (Annuaire Imperial), pour 1'annee
1293 de 1'Hegire (1875-76), et les docu-
ments officiels les plus recenls. 8

Paris, 1876

U. G. [Lama]. .SV^India, Y,c: Appendix 2.

Uggeri, Ange. Journee Pilloresque des
Edifices de Rome Ancienne. [Text in
French and Italian.] 3 vols. in 2. Map
and plates. Oblong 4 Rome, 1 800

Uhde, Adolph. Die Lander am untern
Rio Bravo del Norte. Atap. 8

Heidelberg, 1 86 1

Uhle, J. P. Der Winter in Oberagypten

als klimatisches Heilmittel. Plates. 12

Leipzig, 1858

Ujfalvy-Bourdon, Marie de. De Paris a
Samarkand, le Ferghanah, le Kouldja et
la Siberie Occidentale : Impressions de
Voyage d'une Parisienne. Portrait,
maps, and plates. 4 Paris, 1 880

Ujfalvy de Mezo-Kovesd, C. E. de. Les
Migrations des Peuples, et particuliere-
menl celle des Touraniens. Maps. Large
8 Paris, 1873

- Leon d'Ouverlure d'un Cours de
Geographic Hislorique et Politique de
1'Asie Centrale, a 1'Ecole des Langues
Orienlales Vivanles. 8* Paris, 1878

- Expedition Scientifique Fran9aise en
Russie, en Siberie, et dans le Turkestan.
Maps, plates, and tables. Large 8 Paris

Vol. I. Le Kohistan, le Ferghanah,
et Kouldja, avec un Appendice sur
la Kachgharie. 1878



Ujfalvy de Mezo - Kovesd, C. E. de.

Expedition Scientifique Franaise en
Russie, en Siberie, et dans le Turkestan

Vol. 2. Le Syr-Daria, le Zerafchane,
le pays des Sept-rivieres, et la Siberie
Occidentale. 1879

Vol. 3. Les Bachkirs, les Vepses, et
les Antiquites Finno-Ougriennes et
Altai'ques, precedes des Resultats
Anthropologiques d'un Voyage en
Asie Centrale. 1880

Vol. 4. Atlas Anthropologique des
Peuples de Ferghanah. 1879

Vol. 5. Atlas, des Etoffes, Bijoux,
Aiguieres, Emaux, &c., de 1'Asie
Centrale. 1880

Vol. 6. Atlas Archeologique des Anti-
quites Finno-Ougriennes et Altai'ques
de la Russie, de la Siberie, et du
Turkestan. 1880

Resultats Anthropologiques d'un

Voyage en Asie Centrale, communiques
au Congres Anthropologique de Moscou.
8* Paris, 1880

Aus dem westlichen Himalaja, Erleb-
nisse, und Forschungen. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1884

Ukert, F. A. Ueber die Art der Griechen
und Romer die Entfernungen zu bestim-
men und iiber das Stadium. 12

Weimar, 1813

Ulloa, Antonio de. Memoires Philoso-
phiques, Historiques, Physiques, con-
cernant la Decouverte de 1'Amerique,
ses anciens habitans, leurs mceurs, leurs
usages, leur connexion avec les nouveaux
habitans, &c. Traduit par M. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 Paris, 1787

See Juan, Don Jorge ; also Callander,

Vol. 3 ; Pinkerton, Vol. 14 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 15 ; Knox's New Collec-
tion, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Ulloa, Capt. Francesco. See Burney,
Vol. I ; Callander, Vol. I ; Hakluyt,
Vol. 3 ; Ramusio, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.
Ulrich, G. H. F. See Hutton ; Selwyn ;

also South Australia, A : Appendix 2.
Ulrich, Melchior. Die Seitenthaler des
Wallis und der Monterosa. 8*

Zurich, 1850

Das Lotschenthal, der Monte Leone,
der Portiengrat, und die Diablerets. 8*

Zurich, 1851

Der Geltengrat, das Heremence- und
Bagnethal, das Einfischthal und der
Weissthorpass. Map. 8* Zurich, 1853

Flrichs, H. N. Topography of the
Harbours, and Position of the Long
Walls, of Athens. Translated from the
Modern Greek, by Ewing Pye Colquhoun.
Map. 8 1847

Jmfreville, Edward. The Present State
of Hudson's Bay and of the Fur Trade ;
the Present State of Nova Scotia ; with
2 H


a Brief Account of Canada and the British

Islands on the Coast of North America.

2nd edition. Map. 8 Edinburgh, 1887
Urrilauft, Dr Friedrich. Afrika in karto-

graphischer Darstellung von Herodot bis

heute. Maps. 8 Vienna, 1887
Die Alpen, Handbuch dergesammten

Alpenkunde. Maps and illustrations.

8 Vienna, 1887
The Alps. Translated by Louisa

Brough. Map and illustrations. 8

Underbill, E. Bean. The West Indies,
their Social and Religious Condition.
8 1862

and Rev. J. T. Brown. Two Ad-
dresses on Emancipation in the West
Indies. 8* 1861

" Undine." Our Cruise in the "Undine,"
the Journal of an English Pair-oar Ex-
pedition through France, Baden, Rhenish
Bavaria, Prussia, and Belgium. By the
Captain. Map and plates. 8 1854

Ungar, Ad. Central-Afrika, ein neuer
und wichtiger Ansiedlungspunkt fur
deutsche Colonisten. 2 parts. 8*

Stuttgart, 1850

Unger, F. Die Insel Cypern einst und
jetzt. 8* Vienna, 1866

and T. Kotschy. Die Insel Cypern :

ihrer physischen und organischen Natur,
mitRticksicht auf ihre friihereGeschichte.
Map and plates. 8 Vienna, 1865

Upham, Edward. The Mahavansi, the
Raja-Ratnacari, and the Raja-Vali,
forming the Sacred and Historical
Books of Ceylon ; also a Collection of
Tracts illustrative of the Doctrines and
Literature of Buddhism. 3 vols. 8 1823

Upham, Warren. See Wright, G. F.

Upton, Col. See Dalrymple. Repertory,
Vol. i : Appendix i.

" Uranie" and " Physicienne." See

Urban. See D'Urban.

Urban! de Gheltof, G. M. Terzo Con

gresso Geografico Internazionale in

Venezia. La Collezione del Doge Marino

Faliero e i tesori di Marco Polo. 8*

Venice, 1881

The same. Le Scoperte Americane

di Amerigo Vespucci negli anni 1504 e
1505. Small 8* Venice, 1881

The same. Lettera inedita di Cris-

toforo Colombo ai Signori Venitiani.

12* Venice, 1881

Urcullu, Jose de. Tratado Elementar

de Geografia, Astronomica, Fizica, Ilis-

torica, 6 Politica, Antiga e Moderna.

3 vols. Plates. 8 Oporto, 1835
Grammatica Inglesa, reducida a viente

y siete Lecciones. 8 Cadiz, 1845



Urechi, Gregoire. Chronique de Mol-
davie depuis le milieu du XIV e siecle
jusqu'a 1'an 1594. Avec traductipn par
Emile Picot. [No. 9 of Publ. de 1'Ec. des
Langues Orient. Viv.] 8 Paris, 1878-86

Urmston, Sir J. Brabazon. Observa-
tions on the China Trade, and on the
Importance and Advantages of removing
it from Canton to some other part of the
Coast. 8 [Privately printed} 1833

Urquhart, David. Exposition of the
Causes and the Consequences of the
Boundary Differences between Great
Britain and the United States, sub-
sequently to their adjustment by arbitra-
tion. Map. 4

[Privately printed} Liverpool, 1839

The Spirit of the East. 2 vols. Map.

8 1839

The Pillars of Hercules ; or, A Nar-
rative of Travels in Spain and Morocco
in 1848. 2 vols. 8 1850

The Lebanon (Mount Souria) : a

History and a Diary. 2 vols. 8 1860

Ursino, Alex. Relation concerning the
Coast of Terra Firma, &c. See Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 7 : Appendix i.

Ursua, Pedro de. Expedition in Search
of El Dorado. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 16; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 28 :
Appendix i.

Urville. See D'Urville.

Uslar, Baron P. K. The Ethnography
of the Caucasus. Philology. The Ab-
khasian Language. [In Russian.] Por-
trait. 8 Tiflis, 1887

Ethnography of the Caucasus. Philo-
logy, Part 2. The Language of the
Chechens. [In Russian.] 8 Tiflis, 1888

The same. Philology. The Avar

Language. [In Russian.] 8 Tiflis, 1889

The same. Philology. Part 4. The

Lak Language. [In Russian.] 8

Tiflis, 1890

Ussher, Archbishop. See Churchill, Vol.
7 : Appendix i.

Ussher, John. A Journey from London
to Persepolis ; including Wanderings
in Daghestan, Georgia, Armenia, Kur-
distan, Mesopotamia, and Persia. Plates.
8 1865

Ussing, T. Algreen, and P. S. Ussing.
Den legale Meclicins Grundscetninger og
Resultater. 8 Copenhagen, 1834

Utiesenovic, O. Die Naturschatze im
nordlichen Croatien. Map. 8*

Vienna, 1879

Uzielli, Gustavo. Ricerche intorno a
Leonardo da Vinci. Serie Seconda.
Plate. 8 Koine, 1884

Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli Iniziatore

della Scoperta d'America : Ricordo del
Solstizio d'Estate del 1892. 8

Florence, 1892

See Dati ; Issel.

Uztariz, Geronymo de. The Theory
and Practice of Commerce and Maritime
Affairs. Translated from the Spanish
by John Kippax. 2 vols. 8 1751


V , B. A. Qui a imprime la primiere

lettre de Christoph Colomb ? 8*

Leipzig, 1892

Christophe Colomb et Toscanelli. 8*

Paris, 1893

V , G. D. La Spedizione Bottego.

Relazione sommaria di G. D. V. Map.

8* Koine, 1893

Vaca, Cabeza de (or Vacca, Capo di).

See Cabeza de Vaca.

Vacani, Baron Camillo. Della Laguna

di Venezia e dei Fiumi nelle attigue

Provincie. Map. 8 Florence, 1867

Vaccarone, Luigi. Statistica delle Prime

Ascensioni nelle Alpi Occidentali. Terza

edizione. 12 Turin, 1890

Vahl, J. See Gaimard, Paul.

Vail, E. A. Notice sur les Indiens de

I'Amerique du Norcl. Maps and plates

coloured. 8 Paris, 1840

Vaillant, Admiral A. N. Voyage autour

du Monde, execute pendant les annees

18366! 1837 sur la Corvette "LaBonite,"

commandee par M. Vaillant. 15 vols. 8;

3 vols. eleph. folio Paris, 1841-52

Lasalle, A. de. Relation du Voyage. 3

vols. (Vol. i with //ato. ) 8

1845, 1851, 1852
Darondeau, B., and E. Chevalier.

Observations meleorologiques. Vol. I,

1840; Vol. 2, 1841. 8
Observations magnetiques. Vol. I,

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