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port on the Geology of Trinidad, &c.
Maps and plates. 8 U 1860

Wall, H. Beresford de la Poer. Manual
of Physical Geography of Australia.
Plates. 12 Melbourne, 1883

Wallace, Albert. Jottings referring to
the Early Discovery of Gold in Australia,
and some Remarks relative to the Veteran
Gold Miner, John Calvert. Sydney, N.D.

Wallace, Capt. A. The Occupation of the
Southern Shan Country at the commence-
ment of 1887. (From the J. United
Service of India, Vol. 18, No. 75, Simla.)
8* 1889

Wallace, Dr Alfred Russel. Narrative of
Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro ;
with an Account of the Native Tribes, and
Obsertations on the Climate, Geology,
and Natural History of the Amazon
Valley. Map and plates. 8 1853

The same. 2nd edition. [The Minerva
Library of Famous Books.] Map, por-
trait, and illustrations. Crown 8 1889

Palm Trees of the Amazon and their
uses. Map and plates. 8 J&53

On the Law which has regulated the

Introduction of New Species. 8* 1855
The Malay Archipelago, the Land of

the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise :
a Narrative of Travel, with Studies of
Man and Nature. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1869

Another edition. Maps and plates.
Small 8 1872

Another edition 1886

The Geographical Distribution of
Animals, with a Study of the Relations
of Living and Extinct Faunas as eluci-
dating the Past Changes of the Earth's
Surface. 2 vols. Maps and plates 1876

Island Life, or the Phenomena and

Causes of Insular Faunas and Floras,
including a Revision and attempted
Solution of the Problem of Geological
Climates. Maps. 8 1880

The same. 2nd edition. Maps, dia-
grams, &c. Small 8 1 892
Inaccessible Valleys : a Study in
Physical Geography. (From the Nine-
teenth Century, March 1893.) 8* 1893
The Ice Age and its Work. Part i.

Erratic Block and Ice Sheets. (From the
Fortnightly ftevie-iV,No\em\>Q't.) 8* 1893
See Stanford.

Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie.

Russia. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1877

- Egypt and the Egyptian Ouestion.

8 1883

Wallace, E. A. The Guahivos. 8*

Detnerara, 1887

Wallace, Edward J. The Oregon Question
determined by the Rules of International
Law. 8* 1846

Wallace, J. H. See Sherrin and Wallace.

Wallace, Prof. Robert. India in 1887
as seen by Robert Wallace. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Edinburgh, 1 888

The Rural Economy and Agriculture

of Australia and New Zealand. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1891



Wallace, Major R. Historical Sketch of
the Native States under the Control of the
Political Agent in the Kewa Kanta, pre-
pared in 1854. [Records, Bombay, No.
23, N.S.] Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Wallace, W. See Murray, Hugh.

Wallach, H. See Kaufmann,

Waller, Rev. Horace. Remarks on the
Bilious Intermittent Fever of Africa, its
treatment, and precautions to be used
in dangerous localities. 8* 1873

- The Title -Deeds to Nyassa-Land.
Map. 8* 1887

Trafficking in Liquor with the Natives
of Africa. 8* [1887]

On some African Entanglements. 8*


Nyassaland : Great Briiain's Case
against Portugal. Maps. 8* 1890

- "Ivory, Apes, and Peacocks:" an
African Contemplation. 12 1891

Health Hints for Central Africa; with
Remarks on "Fever," its treatment, and
Precautions lo be used in dangerous
localities. 5th edition. 16* 1893

- Heligoland for Zanzibar, or One
Island full of Freemen for Two full of
Slaves. 8* 1893

See Livingstone ; Young, E. D.

Waller, J. A. See Phillips, New Voyages
and Travels [3], Vol. 3: Appendix I.

Waller, Richard. Memoirs for a Natural
History of Animals, containing the Ana-
tomical descriptions of several Creatures
dissected by the Royal Academy of
Sciences at Paris. Englished by Alex.
Pitfield. [Bound with the following
book.] Folio 1688

The Measure of the Earth : being

an Account of several Observations
made for that purpose by divers
Members of the Royal Academy of
Sciences at Paris. Translated out of the
French by Richard Waller, Fellow of
the Royal Society. Plates. Folio 1688

Wallich, G. C. Notes on the Presence of
Animal Life at Vast Depths in the Sea,
with Observations on the Nature of the
Sea-Bed, as bearing on Submarine Ttle-
graphy. 8* [Privately printed] 1860
The North-Atlantic Sea-Bed : com-
prising a Diary of the Voyage on board
H.M.S. "Bulldog" in 1860, and Ob-
servations on the Presence of Animal
Life, and the Formation and Nature of
Organic Deposits, at great Depths in the
Ocean. Part I. Map and plates. 4 1862
The Atlantic Deep-Sea Bed and its

Inhabitants. (Quarterly Journal of
Science, No. I.) Plate. 8* 1864

Wallis, Capt. James. An Historical
Account of the Colony of New South
Wales and its dependent Settlements, in
illustration of Twelve Views from Draw-
ings taken on the spot by Capt. Wallis,

Wallis, Capt. ]&mKS continued.

engraved by W. Preston, a convict ; with
a Map of Port Macquarie by J. Oxley.
Folio 1821

Wallis, Capt. S. See Hawkesworth ;
Kerr, Vol. 12 ; Laharpe, Vol. 18 ; "The
Modern Traveller." Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Walraff, W. J. Geographische Ver-

breitung, Geschichte, und kommerzielle

Bedeutung der Haifa (Stipa tenacissima,

L.), nebst Karte des Verbreitungsgebietes.

Bonn, 1890

Walpole, Lieut. Hon. Fred. Four Years
in the Pacific in H.M.S. "Collingwood,"
from 1844 to 1848. 2vols. Frontispiece.
8 1849

The Ansayrii and the Assassins, with
Travels in the Further East in 1850-51,
including a Visit to Nineveh. 3 vols.
Portrait. 8 1851

Walpole, Robert. Memoirs relating to
European and AsiaticTurkey, edited from
Manuscript Journals. Map and plates.

4 1817

Travels in various Countries of the

East. Maps, &c. 4 1820

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

Walpole, Thomas. Journal of the late
Campaign in Egypt : including Descrip-
tions of that Country, and of Gibraltar,
Minorca, Malta, Marmorice, and Macri;
with an Appendix containing official
papers and documents. Maps and plates.
4 1803

Walras, Leon. Theorie de la Monnaie.
Plates. 8 Lausanne, 1886

Walsh, R. Narrative of a Journey from
Constantinople to England. 3rd edition.
Maps. 8 1829

Journey from Constantinople to Eng-
land. 12 1831

Waltenberger, A. Die Rhatikonkette,

Lechlhaler- und Vorarlberger Alpen.

(Erganzungsheft, 40 Petermann's Mit-

theilungen.) Maps. 4 Gotha, 1875
Walter, Capt. Charles. Historical

Sketch of Kutch. [Bombay Records,

No. 15, N.S.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1855
Walter, Rev. Richard. See Anson.
Walters, H. Journey across the Pandua

Hills, near Silhet, in Bengal. Plates.

4* N. n.

Waltershausen, W. Sartorius von. See

Waltham, Edward. Our Journey to Fez.

8* 1882

Walther, Dr Johannes. Allgemeine

Meereskunde. Map and illustrations.

12 Leipzig, 1893

Walton, William. Letter relating to the

Affairs of Portugal. 8* 1829

Sketch of the River Ebro, showing its
course through Spain . . . from the
Spanish of Don Pascual Madoz. 8




Waltzemiiller, Martin. [Hylacomylus.]
Ses Ouvrages et ses Collaborateurs . . .
par un Geographe Bibliophile. 8

Paris, 1867

"Wanderer," Voyage of. See Lambert.

"Wanderer." Notes on the Caucasus.
By Wanderer. 8 1883

Wangemann, Dr. See Jeppe.

Wappaus, Dr J. E. Die Republiken von
Siidamerika. Part I. Venezuela. 8
Gottingen, 1843

Deutsche Auswanderung und Colonisa-
tion. 8 Leipzig, 1846

See Stein and Horschelmann.

Warburg, Dr Charles. Fever Tincture
and Tonic Medicine. Portrait. 12* N.D.

Warburton, Eliot. Darien, or the Mer-
chant Prince : a Historical Romance.
3 vols. 8 1852

Warburton, George. Conquest of Canada.
2 vols. Portraits. 8 1850

Hochelaga, or England in the New
World. Edited by Eliot Warburton.
4th edition. 2 vols. Plate. 8 1851

Warburton, Col. P. Egerton. Journey
across the Western Interior of Australia ;
with an Introduction and Additions by
C. H. Eden. Edited by H. W. Bates.
Map and plates. 8 1875

Warburton, Piers Eliot. Florida, Past,
Present, and Future: being a Lecture on
Florida, delivered in the Albert Hall,
Edinburgh, on 24th March 1885. 12* 1885

Ward, Lieut. Aaron. See United States,
E a, Hydrographic Office Publications,
No. 94 : Appendix 2.

Ward, C. S. " Thorough Guide" Series.
Maps and plans. 12

North Devon and North Cornwall,

from Exmoor to the Land's End. 3rd
edition. 1885

The Eastern Counties, their Watering-

Places, Cathedral Cities, together with
the approaches from London. 2nd and
3rd editions. 1886 and 1892

Surrey and Sussex, including Tun-
bridge Wells. 1890

See Baddeley.

Ward, C. Y. Pilote du Golfe d'Aclen,
Sokotra, et iles adjacentes ; Cotes de
Somali et d'Arabie dans le Golfe d'Aclen ;
Cote Estd'Arabie et iles adjacentes . . .
Traduit par M. J. Lafont. 8 Paris, 1866

See United Kingdom, A : App. 2.

Ward, E. Knapsack -Manual for Sports-
men on the Field. 8 1872

Ward, Hon. Elijah. Atrato Ship Canal,
its Importance to the Commerce of the
United States and other Nations. 8*

Washington, 1859

"Ward, F. O. Sur 1'Adoucissement, la
Purification, et 1'Aeration Artificielle de
1'Eau des Grandes Villes, d'apres de
nouveaux precedes Anglais. 8*

Brussels, 1857

Ward, Herbert. Five Years with the
Congo Cannibals. Illustrations. Large
8 1890

Ward, H. G. Mexico in 1827. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1828

Ward, Luke. See Burney, Vol. 2 ; Hak-
luyt, Vol. 4: Appendix I.

Ward, Thomas Humphry. The Reign of
Queen Victoria : a Survey of Fifty Years
of Progress. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1887

Warden, D. B. A Chorographical and
Statistical Description of the District of
Columbia, the seat of the General Go-
vernment of the United States. Map,
plate, and tables. 8 Paris, 1816

Warden, Francis. Historical Sketches,
&c. [Bombay Records, No. 24, N.S.]
Large 8 Bombay, 1850

Brief Notes relative to the Province of
Oman, prepared in 1819. Historical
Sketch of the Joasmee Tribe of Arabs
from 1747 to 1819 ; with continuations
from 181910 1853 by Lieuts. S. Hennell,
A. B. Kemball, and H. F. Disbrowe.

Historical Sketch of the Uttoobee
Tribe of Arabs (Bahrein) from 1716 to
1817; with continuations from 1817 to
1853 by Lieuts. Hennell, Kemball, and

Historical Sketch of the Wahabee
Tribe of Arabs from 1795 to 1818 ; with
continuations from 1819101853 by Lieuts.
Hennell, Kembal, and Disbrowe. Notes
relative to the Rise and Progress of the
Arab Tribes of the Persian Gulf. His-
torical Sketch of the Rise and Progress
of the Government of Muskat, commenc-
ing with the year 1694-95 anc ' continued
to 1819; to which is added a Narrative
of Events connected with that Govern-
ment from 1819 to 1831, by Lieut. S.
Hennell ; from 1832 to 1844, by Lieut.
A. B. Kemball ; from 1844 to 1853, by
Lieut. H. F. Disbrowe.

Warden, M. See Recueil de Voyages,
Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix I.

Wardrop, Oliver. The Kingdom of
Georgia : Notes of Travel in a Land of
Women, Wine, and Song ; to which
are appended Historical, Literary, and
Political Sketches, Specimens of the
National Music, and a compendious
Bibliography. Maps and illustrations.
8 1888

Warelius, A. See Baer and Helmersen, 13.

Waring, Edward Scott. A Tour to
Sheeraz by the Route of Kazroon and
Feerozabad ; with Remarks on the
Manners, Customs, Laws, Language,
and Literature of the Persians; to which
is added a History of Persia from the
death of Kureem Khan to the subver-
sion of the Zund Dynasty. Plates. 4




Waring-, Edward Scott. See Phillips,
Collection of Modern and Contemporary
Travels [i], Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Waring, George E., jun. See United
States, A, Tenth Census, Vol. 18, 1880 :
Appendix 2.

Warne, Charles. The Celtic Tumuli of
Dorset : an Account of Personal and
other Researches in the Sepulchral
Mounds of the Durotriges. Plates.
Large folio 1866

Ancient Dorset : the Celtic, Roman,
Saxon, and Danish Antiquities of the
County, including the Early Coinage,
illustrated with plates and woodcuts ;
also an Introduction to the Ethnology of
Dorset, and other Archaeological Notices
of the County, by Dr T. William Wake
Smart. Large folio Bournemouth, 1872

Warren, Sir Charles. Underground
Jerusalem : an Account of some of the
principal difficulties encountered in its
Exploration, and the results obtained ;
with a Narrative of an Expedition
through the Jordan Valley, and a Visit
to the Samaritans. Plates and photo-
graphs. 8 1876

See Morrison ; also Turkey in Asia,
B ; South Africa, B : Appendix 2.

Warren, Comte Edouard de. L'Inde
Anglaise en 1843. [A Review.] 12*

Paris, 1844

See Saulcy.

Warren, George. See Churchill, Vol. 8 :

Appendix i.

Warren, Lieut. G. K. Explorations in

the Dacota Country in 1855. Maps. 8

Washington, 1856

Letter to the Hon. G. W. Jones,
relative to Explorations of Nebraska
Territory. Map. 8* Washington, 1858

Memoir to accompany the Map of the
Territory of the United States, from the
Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean,
giving an Account of each of the Explor-
ing Expeditions since A.D. 1800; with
a detailed description of the method
adopted in compiling the general Map.
Maps. 4 Washington, 1859

An Essay concerning Physical Features
exhibited in the Valley of the Minnesota
River, and upon their signification. Maps.
8* Washington, 1874

See United States, II, a, Surveys :

Appendix 2.

Warren, Lieut. -Col. J. Kala Sankalita :
a Collection of Memoirs on the Various
Modes according to which the Nations
of the Southern parts of India divide
Time. 4 Madras, 1825

Warren, W. W. Life on the Nile, and

Excursions on Shore between Cairo and

Asouan ; also a Tour in Syria and

Palestine in 1866-67. 12 Paris, 1867

2 i

Warrington, Lewis. See Maury, M. F.

' ' Warrior, " H. M. S. See Share.

Warwick, W. Van. See Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 8 : Appendix i.

Washington, Major F. P. Lecture on
the Methods and Processes of the
Ordnance Survey, delivered at the Royal
Engineer Institute, Chatham. 8* 1890

Washington, Capt. John. Eskimaux and
English Vocabulary, for the use of the
Arctic Expeditions. Oblong 12 1850

"Washington," Ship. See Giglioli.

Wassa, Effendi. The Truth on Albania
and the Albanians, Historical and Phy-
sical. Translation by Edward St John
Fairman. 8* 1879

Waterhpuse, Col. J. Report on the
Operations connected with the Observa-
tion of the Total Solar Eclipse of 6th
April 1875 at Camorta in the Nicobar
Islands. Folio Calcutta, 1875

The Application of Photography to

the Reproduction of Maps and Plans by
the Photomechanical and other processes.
Maps. 8 Calcutta, 1878

Notes on the Survey Operations in

Afghanistan in connection with the
Campaign of 1878-79 Map. 8*

[Calcutta, 1879]

Annual Address and Review, Asiatic

Society of Bengal. 8* Calcutta, 1889
The same. 8* CalciMa, 1890

"Water Lily." Cruises of the "Water
Lily." See Mansfield.

Waterton, Charles. Wanderings in South
America, the North-West of the United
States, and the Antilles, in 1812-16-20
and 1824 ; with original Instructions for
the perfect Preservation of Birds, &c.,
for Cabinets of Natural History. 8


Wathen, George H. The Golden Colony,
or Victoria in 1854 ; with Remarks on
the Geology of the Australian Gold-
Fields. Maps and illustrations. Small
4 1855

Watkis, Capt. H. B. B. The Anglo-
Russian Question in Central Asia, and
the Defence of India. (From \hzjournal,
United Service Institution of India, Vol.
20, No. 88.) 8* [Simla, 1891]

Watson, Col. C. M. The Campaign of
Gordon's Steamers. Maps. 8* 1888
Comparative Vocabularies of the
Languages spoken at Suakin : Arabic,
Hadendoa, Beni- Ameer. 8* 1888

Watson, G. C. The Gregory South and
Warrego Districts : Report on the Phy-
sical Features of the Country. Map.
Folio* Brisbane, 1882

Watson, H. C. Topographical Botany:
being Local and Personal Records to-
wards showing the Distribution of British
Plants traced through the 112 Counties


Watson, H. C. continued.

and Vice-Counties of England and Scot-
land. Map. 8 Thames Ditton, 1873-74
Part I. Ranunculacere Coniferre.
Part 2. Orchidacese Equisetacese.

Watson, J. Forbes. Classified and De-
scriptive Catalogue of the Indian Depart-
ment in the International Exhibition,
1862. Imperial 8 1862

Watson, R. S. The Villages around
Metz. 8* Newca>tle-upon-7'yne, 1870

A Visit to Wazan, the Sacred City of

Morocco. Map and illustrations. 8


Watson, Sereno. See. United States,
H, a: Appendix i.

Watson, T. Letter to Sir Bartle Frere on
Telegraphic Communication in Africa.
8* Cape Town, 1877

Watson, William. A Philosophical
Treatise on the Earth and its Satellites.
MS. Folio* 1866

Watt, Alexander. Scientific Industries
Explained, showing how some of the
important articles of commerce are
made. Small 8 Edinburgh, 1888

Watt, George. The Aboriginal Tribes
ofManipur. Plates. 8* 1887

A Dictionary of the Economic Pro-
ducts of India. By George Watt, M.B.,
assisted by numerous Contributors. 6
vols. (in 9). Large 8 Calcutta, 1889-93

Watt, Hugh. British Guiana and Vene-
zuela: Two Lectures. 8* 1887 and 1888

Watt, , and W. Winterbottom. See
Eyries, Vol. 10: Appendix i.

Watteville, Baron de. Rapport a M.
Waddington, Ministre de 1'Instruction
Publique et des Beaux-Arts, sur le service
des Missions et Voyages Scientifiques en
1876. 8 Paris, 1877

Watts, John. Self-Made Men, or Sketches
of those who have distinguished them-
selves in Life by Industry and Self-
Culture, &c. 8* Port of Spain, 1867

Watts, Lieut. See Phillip ; also Pelham,
Vol. i : Appendix I.

Watts, W. L. Snioland ; or Iceland, its
Jokulls and Fjalls. 12 1875

Across the Vatna Jokull, or Scenes in

Iceland ; being a Description of hitherto
Unknown Regions. Plates. 12 1876

Watts, W. W. See Whitaker.

Waugh, Gen. Sir A. Scott. Instructions
for Topographical Surveying. Diagrams.
8* Roorkee, 1861

See India, F, c, Surveys, Trigono-
metrical : Appendix 2.

Wauters, Alphonse. Atlas Pittoresque
des Chemins de Fer de la Belgique.
Maps and plates. Oblong 8

Brussels, 1840

Guide Pittoresque du Voyageur a la

Grotte de Han-sur-Lesse. Plates. 4*
Brussels, 1841

Wauters, A. J. L'Afrique Centrale en
1522 : Le Lac Sachaf d'apres Martin Hy-
lacomilus et Gerard Mercator ; quelques
mots a propos de la doctrine Portugaise
sur la Decouverte de 1'Afrique Centrale
au XVI e siecle. Map. 8* Brussels, 1879

Les Beiges au Congo. [Numero Ex-
traordinaire du Mouvement Geogra-
phique.] Maps, portraits, and illustra-
tions. Folio* 1885

Bibliotheque Geographique: Le Congo

au Point de Vue Economique. Maps
and illustrations 12 Brussels, 1885

- Stanley's Emin Pasha Expedition.
Maps and illustrations. Small 8 1890

- Stanley au secours d'Emin-Pacha.
Map, portrait, and illustrations. 12

Paris. 1890
L'Orthographie des Noms Geogra-

phiques au Congo. Map. 8*

Brussels, 1892

Wauwermans, Colonel. Liberia: His-
toire de la Fondation d'un Etat Negre
Libre. Maps. 12 Brussels, 1885

Wawn, William T. The South Sea
Islanders and the Queensland Labour
Trade : a Record of Voyages and Expe-
riences in the Western Pacific from 1875
to 1891. Illustrations. Large 8 1893

Waymouth (or Weymouth), Capt.
George. See Gottfried ; Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 5; Purchas, Vol. 3; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 17: Appendix I.

Weakley, R. H. Narrative of a Journey
into the Interior of Asia Minor. Plate.
4* 1867

Wears, W. G. The Prospects of Gold
Mining in Venezuela. Plan. 8* [1888]

The same, and a Guide to the Guayana

Gold-Fields. Revised edition. Plan.
8* 1888

Weatherhead, Geo. Hume. An Account
of the Beulah Saline Spa at Norwood,
Surrey. Plate. 8 1832

Webb, Filippo Barker. Osservazioni
intorno allo stato antico e presente dell'
Agro Trojano. Map. 8 Milan, 1821

Webb, F. C. Up the Tigris to Bagdad.
Plates. 8 1870

Webb, P., and S. Berthelot. Histoire
Naturelle des lies Canaries. 3 vols.
Plates. Large 4, and folio Atlas

Paris, 1836-50

Vol. i. Part i. L'Ethnographie et les

Annales de la Conquete 1842

Part 2. LesMiscellaneesCanariennes

.Vol. 2. Tart i. La Geographic Descrip-
tive, la Statistique, et la Geologic 1839
Part 2. La Zoologie 1836-44

Vol. 3. Part i. La Geographic Botan-
ique 1840

Part 2. Phytographia Canariensis




Webb, W. W. The Currencies of the
Hindu State of Rajputana. Map and
plates. Large 8 1893

Webb, . .See Plaisted.

Webb . See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appen-
dix i.

Webber, Lieut. -Col. British Guiana:
The Essequibo and Potaro Rivers, with
an Account of a Visit to the recently
discovered Kaieteur Falls. Maps and
photographs. Large 8 1873

Webber, V. A. Journal of a Voyage
round Cape Horn. 8 Swansea, 1859

Weber, Albrecht. Indische Skizzen :
Vier bisher in Zeitschriften zerstreute
Vortriige und Abhandlungen. Table.
8 Berlin, 1857

India and the West in the Old Days.

Translated from the German by Emily

Hawtrey ; edited by Robert Sewell. 8

Madras, 1887

Weber, Max Maria von. Die Wasser-
strassen Nord-Europa's. Ergebnisse von
im Auftrage des Herrn Konigl. Preuss.
Ministers fiir offentliche Arbeiten unter-
nomrnenen Studienreisen. Map and
plans. 8 Leipzig, 1881

Webster, Daniel. See Gallatin.

Webster, David. Topographical Dic-
tionary of Scotland. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1817

Webster, Lieut. J. D. Report of a Survey
of the Gulf Coast at the Mouth of the Rio
Grande. Map. 8 Washington, 1850

Webster, W. D. See British South Africa,
A: Appendix 2.

Webster, W. H. B. Narrative of a Voyage
to the Southern Atlantic Ocean in 1 828-30,
in H.M. sloop "Chanticleer," under the
command of Capt. Henry Foster. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1834

The Recurring Monthly Periods and
Periodic System of the Atmospheric
Actions, with Evidences of the Transfer
of Heat and Electricity, and general
Observations on Meteorology. Chart.
8 1857

Weddell, H. A. Aper9u d'un Voyage
dans le Nord cle la Bolivie, et dans les
parties voisines du Perou. Map. 8

Paris, 1852

Voyage dans le Nord de la Bolivie, et
dans les parties voisines du Perou, ou
Visite au District aurifere de Tipuani.
Map and plates. 8 Paris, 1853

Weddell, James. Voyage towards the
South Pole, 1822-24, containing an Ex-
amination of the Antarctic Sea to the 74th
degree of latitude, and a Visit to Tierra
del Fuego, with a particular Account of
the Inhabitants ; to which is added much
useful Information on the Coasting
Navigation of Cape Horn and the
adjacent Islands ; with Observations on
the probability of reaching the South

Weddell, James continued.

Pole, and an Account of a Second
Voyage by Capt. Brisbane to the same
Seas. Maps and plates. 8 1827

Wedderburn, Alex. Statistical and Prac-
tical Observations relative to the Province
of New Brunswick. 4 St John, 1835

Weeks, Joseph D. See United States, A,
Tenth Census, 1880, Vols. 10 and 20 :
Appendix 2.

Ween, C. van. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 8 : Appendix i.

Weert, Sibald de. See Harris, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 10 ; Laharpe, Vol. 15 ; Pur-
chas, Vol. i, Book 2 : Appendix I.

Weetman, Sydney. Notes on the Great
Barrier Island. 8* [Auckland, 1889]

Wegener, Dr Georg. Versuch einer
Orographie des Kwen-Lun. Maps. 8*
Marbtirg, 1891
See Himly.

Weidmann, F. C. Darstellungen aus dem

Steyermarkischen Oberlande. Map. 8

Vienna, 1834

Weigand, Dr Gustav. Von Berat iiber
Muskopolje nach Gjordscha. Illustra-
tions. 4* Brunswick, 1892

Weigel, T. O. T. O. Weigel's Syste-
matisches Verzeichniss der Hauptwerke
der Deutschen Literatur aus den Gebieten
der Geschichte und Geographic von
1820-82. Bearbeitet von Dr E. Fromm.
4 Leipzig, 1887

Weihrauch, K. Zehnjahrigen Mittel-
werthe (1865 bis 1875) nebst neunjah-
rigen Stundenmitteln (1867 bis 1875)
fiir Dorpat. Tables. 8* Dorpat, 1877

Weinhold, Dr K. See Germany, C : Ap-
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8 1884

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Satellitenbildung. Einleitung zur Ge-
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Kilima - Ndjarogebiet im Auftrage der
Deutsch Ostafrikanischen Gcsellschaft.
Map. 12* Berlin, 1886

5 oo


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Populations in Europe, America, Asia,
Africa, Australia, and Polynesia. 8*

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