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und sein Gebiet, mil Kiicksicht auf die
neuesten Ausgrabungen im Tigristhale.
Plates. 4* Erfurt, 1851

Welbe, John. See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Weld, Charles Richard. History of the
Mace given to the Royal Society by
King Charles the Second. Plate. Royal
8* 1846

A History of the Royal Society, with
Memoirs of the Presidents ; compiled
from authentic documents. 2 vols.
Plates. 8

A Vacation Tour in the United States

and Canada. Map. Small 8 1855

A Vacation in Brittany. Illusti ations.
8 1856

The Pyrenees, West and East. Plate.
8 1859

Weld, I., jun. Travels through the States
of North America and the Provinces of
Upper and Lower Canada, during the
years 1795, '96, and '97. 3rd edition.
2 vols. Plates. 8 1800

Weldon's Guide to Epping Forest, with a
concise history of the Forest by Frederic
Johnson. (Map missing.) Illustrations.
8* [1882]

Wellesley, Capt. the Hon. W. Private
Letter-Box (from November 1830 to June
1833) of H.M.S. " Sapphire," during her
Voyage from Portsmouth to Bermuda,
Gulf of St Lawrence, Halifax, Maran-
ham, Para, La Guayra, Vera Cruz, &c. ;
with some Account of the Indiarubber
Tree, and Remarks made concerning the
Passage to and Navigation upon the
Northern Coast of Brazil; and of
H.M.S. "Winchester" from Port Royal
to Chatham. MS. Folio 1830-33

Wellesley, Marquis. Despatches, Minutes,
and Correspondence of Marquess Wel-
lesley during his Administration in India.
Edited by Mr Montgomery Martin. 5
vols. Portrait and maps. 8 1836-37

Wellington, Duke of. Despatches of
Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington
during his various Campaigns in India,
Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low
Countries, and France, from 1799 to
1818. Compiled from official and
authentic documents; with Index. 13
vols. 8 1837-39

Wells, J. C. The Gateway to the Polynia:
a Voyage to Spitzbergen. Map and
plates. 8 1873

Wells, James W. Exploring and Tra-
velling Three Thousand Miles through
Brazil from Rio de Janeiro to Maranhao;
with Appendix containing Statistics, &c.
2 vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1 886

A Sketch of Brazil. [Supplement to
Chamber of Commerce Journal. ] 4* 1887

A Survey journey in Santo Domingo,
West Indies. Roy. Geog. Soc. Suppl.
Papers, Vol. 3. Map. Large 8 1893

See Dinarte.

Wells, R., jun., and J. W. Kelly.

English - Eskimo and Eskimo - English
Vocabularies ; preceded by Ethnogra-
phical Memoranda concerning the Arctic
Eskimos in Alaska and Siberia. Maps.
8* Washington, 1890

Wells, William Henry. Geographical
Dictionary, or Gazetteer of the Australian
Colonies, their Physical and Political
Geography, together with a brief Notice
of all the Capitals, Principal Towns, and
Villages ; also of Rivers, Bays, Gulfs,
Mountains, Population, and General
Statistics. Maps and plates. 8

Sydney, 1848

Wells, William V. Explorations and
Adventures in Honduras, comprising
Sketches of Travel in the Gold Regions
of Olancho, and a Review of the His-
tory and General Resources of Central
America. Maps and plates. 8

New York, 1857

Wellsted, Lieut. J. R. Travels in
Arabia. 2 vols. Alaps and plates. 8

, I8 3 8
Travels to the City of the Caliphs,

along the Shores of the Persian Gull and
the Mediterranean, including a Voyage
to the Coast of Arabia and a Tour on the
Island of Socotra. 2 vols. Map. 8

See Robinson, F.

Welsh, James. See Astley, Vol. I ;
Ilakluyt's Voyages, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol.
7 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; Ap-
pendix I.

W^elz, G. de. Saggio su i mezzi da molti-
plicare prontamente le ricchezze della
Sicilia. Maps and tables. 4

Paris, 1822

Wende, G. Deutschland's Kolonien. See

Wendover, Roger. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book I : Appendix I.

Wenger, J. A Catalogue of Sanscrit and

Bengalee Publications printed in Bengal.

[From the India Records, No. 41.] 8

Calctttta, 1865

Wentworth, W. C. Statistical, His-
torical, and Political Description of the
Colony of New South Wales and its
dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's
Land. 8 1819


Wereschagen, W. W. See Verestchagen.

Werne, Ferdinand. Expedition zur Ent-

deckungdcs WeissenNil. Miteinem Vor-

worte von Carl Ritter. 8 Berlin, 1848

Feldzug von Sennaar nach Taka,

Basa, und Beni-Amer, mil besonderem
Hinblick auf die Volker von Bellad-
Sudan. Map and portraits. 8

Stuttgart, 1851
African Wanderings, or an Expedition

from Sennaar to Taka, Basa, and Beni-
Amer, with a particular glance at the
Races of Bellad Sudan. Translated by
Johnson. Map. 12 1852

Reise durch Sennaar nach Mandera,

Nasub, Cheli, im Lande zwischen dem
blauen Nil und dem Atbara. Map and
plates. 8 Berlin, 1852

Werner, B. von. Ein Deutsches Kriegs-
schiff in der Siidsee. Zweite Auflage.
Maps and illustrations. 8

Leipzig, 1889

Werner, J. R. A Visit to Stanley's Rear-
Guard at Major Barttelot's Camp on the
Aruhwimi, with an Account of River-
Life in the Congo. Maps, portraits, and
illustrations. 8 1 889

- Major Barttelot's Camp on the
Aruhwimi. (From Black-wood's Maga-
zine, Feb. 1889.) Maps. 8* 1889

Wert, Sebald de. See Weert.
Wertheman, Arthur. Informe de la Ex-

ploracion de los Rios Pereno y Tambo.

Map. 8* Lima, 1877

- Iquitos, the River Ferene, and
Huanuco. [Newspaper Cuttings from
El Nacional and El Pcruano, Septem-
ber and November 1870, of Reports by
Arthur Wertheman, B. Bermudes, Jose
Cardenas, and Jose Manuel Pinzas.
8* 1870

Wertomannus, Lewis. See Varthema.

Wesley, S. B. See Tupper.

Wesseling, Peter. Vetera Romanorum
Itineraria, sive Antonini August! Itinera-
rium, cum integris Jos. Simleri, Hieron.
Suritae,etAnd. SchotliNotis. Itinerarium
Hierosolymitanum ; et Hieroclis Gram-
maticiSynecilemus Curante I'etro Wessel-
ingio, qui et suas addidit Adnotationes.
Frontispiece. 4" Amsterdam, 1735

Wesselowsky, C. Tabellen liber mil tlere
Temperaturen im Russischen Reiche.
8* \_St Petersburg, 1856]

See Baer and Ilelmersen, 18.

West, Edward W. A Memoir of the
States of the Southern Maratha Country.
[From the India Records, No. 113.]
Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1869

West, Lieut. J., and Lieut. C. B.
Little. Gazetteer of Manipur, the
country between it and Ava, and some
">f the adjacent Hill tracts. [No map.]

, 1884

Westgarth, William, Tracks of M 'Kin-
lay and Party across Australia, by John
Davis, one of the Expedition. Edited
from Mr Davis's Manuscript Journal ;
with an introductory view of the recent
Australian Explorations of M'Douall
Stuart, Burke and Wills, Landsborough,
&c. Map arid plates. 8 1863

- The Colony of Victoria, its History,
Commerce, and Gold Mining, its Social
and Political Institutions, down to the
end of 1863 ; with Remarks, incidental
and comparative, upon the other Aus-
tralian Colonies. Map. 8 1864
Half-a-Century of Australasian Pro-

gress : a Personal Retrospect. Part I,
Itinerary of the Tour of a Revisit; Part
2, A Series of Articles on General Ques-
tions of Australasia, the Colonies, and
the Empire generally. Maps. 8 1889

Westgarth Prize Essays. Essays on
the Street Re-alignment, Reconstruction,
and Sanitation of Central London, and
on the Re-Housing of the Poorer Classes,
to which Prizes offered by William West-
garth were awarded by the Society of
Arls, 1885. Plans. 8 1886

Westmacott, R. M. Sketches in Aus-
tralia. 18 Plates. Folio

Privately printed, Exeter, N. D.

Weston, A. Report on the Sugar In-
dustry on the Clarence and Richmond
Rivers. Folio* [Brisbane] 1882

Weston, Comm. Henry Burton. Tables
for Finding the Longitude by Chrono-
meter at Sunrise and Sunset. 8 1856

Wetmore, Alphonso. Gazetteer of the
State of Missouri ; with an Appendix
containing Frontier Sketches and Illus-
trations of Indian Character. Frontis-
piece. 8 St Louis, Miss., 1837

Wettstein, H. Die Stro'mungen des
P'esten, Fliissigen und Gasformigen, und
ihre Bedeutung fur Geologic, Astronomic,
Klimatologie, und Meteorologie. Maps.
8 Zurich, 1880

Wex, Gustav von. Zweite Abhandlung
iiber die Wasserabnahme in den Quellen,
Fliissen und Striimen bei gleichzeitigt r
Steigerung der Ilochwasser in den
Culturlandern. 4* Vienna, 1879

Wey, William. The Itineraries of
William Wcy, Fellow of Eton College,
to Jerusalem A. n. 1458 and A.D. 1462 ;
and to Saint James of Compostella, A.D.
1456. From the original Manuscript in
the Bodleian Library. Large square 8
[Roxburghe Cltib~\ 1857
Map illustrating the Itineraries of
1458 and 1462. In facsimile, from the
original in the Bodleian Library. Large
square 8 1867

Weymouth, George. Voyage to the
North-West. See Waymouth.



Weyprecht, Carl. Grundprincipien dor
arktischen Forschung. 4*

[Triest, 1875]

An Address delivered by Carl Wey-
precht before the 48th Meeting of German
Naturalists and Physicians at Graz, on
the 1 8th September 1875 : Fundamental
Principles of Scientific Arctic Investiga-
tion. 4* Vienna, 1875

Die Metamorphosen des Polareises.

Map and plate. 8 Vienna, 1879

and J. Payer. Berichte des Oester-

reichisch - ungarischen Nordpol-Expedi-
tion, 1872 bis 1874. 8* Vienna, 1874

La Spedizione Austro - Ungarica al

Polo Nord, 1872-74 : Rapporti ufficiali
dell imperiale regia Marina al Comitato
della Spedizione, &c. Map. 8*

Rome, 1874

.feWullerstorf-Urbair, Wiggins ; also

Polar Regions, Arctic, B, German and
Austrian Exped. : Appendix 2.

Whall, W. B. Handy-Book of the Tides,
with Twelve Charts showing the State of
the Tide at every hour at Dover. Oblong
8* N.D.

The same, with Fifteen Charts. 4th

edition. Oblong 8* N.D.

Wharton, Adm. W. J. L. Hydrographi-
cal Surveying : a Description of the
Means and Methods employed in con-
structing Marine Charts. 8 1882

Orthography on Admiralty Charts.

Folio* 1884

Captain Cook's Journal during his

First Voyage round the World, made in
H.M. bark "Endeavour," 1768-71. A
literal transcription of the original MS. ,
with Notes and Introduction. Maps and
facsimiles. 4 1893

See Freshfield ; Symons ; also United
Kingdom, A, Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off.
Publ.] : Appendix 2.

Wheatstone, Charles. The Universal
Telegraph, invented 1839, improved 1858.
8* Glasgow, N.D.

Wheeler, Daniel. Extracts from the
Letters and Journals of Daniel Wheeler,
now engaged in a Religious Visit to some
of the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Van
Diemen's Land, and New South Wales,
accompanied by his son C. Wheeler.


Wheeler, Sir George. See Ray : Ap-
pendix i.

Wheeler, Capt. George M. Report upon
the Third International Geographical
Congress and Exhibition at Venice, Italy,
1 88 1 ; accompanied by data concerning
the principal Government Land and
Marine Surveys of the World. Maps.
4 Washington, 1885

See United States, H, a : Appendix 2.

Wheeler, J. Talboys. An Analysis
and Summary of Thucydides ; with a
Chronological Table of Principal Events,
Money, Distances, &c., reduced to
English Terms, a Skeleton Outline of
the Geography, Abstracts of all the
Speeches, &c. 12 Oxford, 1850

An Analysis and Summary of Hero-
dotus ; with a Synchronistical Table of
Principal Events, Tables of Weights,
Measures, Money, and Distances, an
Outline of the History of Geography,
and the Dates completed from Gaisford,
Baehr, &c. ; with explanatory Notes,
including Histories of Assyria, Baby-
lonia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Scythia, &c.,
digested from other Ancient Writers and
Modern Researches. 2nd edition. 12


An Analysis and Summary of Old

Testament History and the Laws of
Moses, with a Connexion between the
Old and New Testaments. 12

Oxford, 1852
An Analysis and Summary of New

Testament History, including the P'our
Gospels, harmonized into one continuous
Narrative, the Acts of the Apostles, and
continuous History of St Paul, an
Analysis of the Epistles and Book of
Revelation, the Critical History, Geo-
graphy, &c. ; with Copious Notes, His-
torical, Geographical, and Antiquarian.
12 Oxford, 1852

Popular Abridgment of the Old and

New Testament History, for Schools,
Families, and General Reading. Maps.
I 8 1854

The Geography of Herodotus de-

veloped, explained, and illustrated, from
Modern Researches and Discoveries.
Maps. 8 1854

Journal of a Voyage up the Irrawaddy

to Mandalay and Bhamo. 8*

Rangoon, 1871

Wheeler, O. E. Gazetteer of Arabia.
Part 4. Aden. Map. Large 8*

Simla, 1884

Somali-land, or the North-East Horn

of Africa, from the Gulf of Tajourah to
the Equator. Maps and illustrations.
Large 8 Simla, 1884

Wheelwright, W. Statements and Docu-
ments relative to the Establishment of
Steam Navigation in the Pacific, with
Copies of the Decrees of the Govern-
ments of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, grant-
ing exclusive privileges to the under-
taking. Map. 8 1838

Report on Steam Navigation in the

Pacific, with an Account of the Coal
Mines of Chile and Panama. 8* 1843
Introductory Remarks on the Pro-
vinces of La Plata, and the Cultivation
of Cotton ; Parana and Cordova Rail-

WHE Will.


Wheelwright, W. continued,

way, Report of Allan Campbell ; Pro-
posal for an Inter - oceanic Railway
between the Rio de la Plata and Pacific.
Map. 8* 1 86 1

Ferro-Carril a la Ensenada. 8*

Buenos Ayres, 1870

La Vida y los Trabajos Industriales
de W. Wheelwright en la America del
Sud, por J. B. Alberdi. 8 Paris, 1876

Wheler, George. A Journey into
Greece. Plates. Small folio 1682

Whetham. See Boddam-Whetham.

Whewell, Dr William. Address de-
livered at the Anniversary Meeting of
the Geological Society. 8* 1839

Researches on the Tides, Additional
Note to the Eleventh Series of. 4* 1840

- The same. Thirteenth Series : On
the Tides of the Pacific, and on the
Diurnal Inequality. Map. 4* 1848

Astronomy and General Physics, con-
sidered with reference to Natural Theo-
logy. ( Bridge water Treatise. ) 12 1847

Whiddon, Capt. See Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Whipple, Lieut. A. W. Report of an
Expedition from San-Diego to the Co-
lorado ; with a Vocabulary of the Yuma
(or Cuchan) Language. 8

Washington, 1851

Report of Explorations for a Railway

Route near the Thirty-fifth Parallel of
Latitude, from the Mississippi River to
the Pacific Ocean. Maps. 8

Washington, 1854

T. Ewbank, and Prof. W.

Turner. Report upon the Indian
Tribes, with Vocabularies of North
American Languages. Illustrations. 4

Washington, 1855

Whipple, G. M. On the Relation be-
tween the Height of the Barometer, the
Duration of Sunshine, and the Amount
of Cloud, as observed at the Kew
Observatory. 8* 1879

On the Relation existing between the
Duration of Sunshine, the Amount of
Solar Radiation, and the Temperature
indicated by the Black-Bulb Thermo-
meter in vactw. 8* ^79

On the Rate at which Barometric

Changes traverse the British Isles. 8*


Whishaw, Fred. J. Out of Doors in

Tsarland : a Record of the Seeings and

Doings of a Wanderer in Russia. 8 1893

Whitaker, Alex. See Purchas, Vol. 4,

Book 9 : Appendix I.
Whitaker, W. List of Works on the
Geology, &c., of Cornwall. 8*

Truro, 1875

A List of Works relating to the Geo-
logy of Cumberland and Westmoreland.
8* N.D.

Whitaker, W. List of Works on the Geo-
logy, Mineralogy, and Paleontology of
Cheshire. 8* Liverpool, 1876

- List of Works on the Geology of
Hertfordshire. 8* [1876]

List of Works on the Geology,

Mineralogy, and Paleontology of Wales
(to the end of 1873). 8* [1880]

List of Works on the Geology and

Paleontology of Oxfordshire, of Berk-
shire, and of Buckinghamshire. 8*


Easter Excursion, 1887 : Preliminary

Excursion to Southampton, in conjunc-
tion with the Hampshire Field Club.
(Reprinted from Proceedings of the Geo-
logists' Association.} 8* 1887

and W. H. Dalton. List of Works

on the Geology, &c., of Essex. 8*


and W. W. Watts. List of Works

on the Geology, Mineralogy, and Palae-
ontology of Shropshire. 8*

Oswestry, 1889

Whitbourne, Capt. R. See Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 10 : Appendix i.

White, Arnold. Recent Experiments
in Colonisation. (From Contemporary
Review.) 8* 1890

White, A. Silva. On the Achievements
of Scotsmen during the igth Century in
the Fields of Geographical Exploration
and Research : a Report to the Paris
Geographical International Congress of
1889. 8* Edinburgh, 1889

The Development of Africa. Maps.

8 1890

The same. 2nd edition. Maps. Crown
8 1892

Britannic Confederation : a Series of

Papers by Admiral Sir John Colomb,
Prof. E. A. Freeman, G. G. Chisholm,
Prof. Shield Nicholson, M. II. Hervey,
and Lord Thring. Edited, with Intro-
duction, by A. Silva White. 8 1892

White, C. A. See United States, G, c,
Surveys : Appendix 2.

White, F. W. Notes on the Province of
Chekiang. Map. Small 8* Bath, 1875

White, Gilbert. Natural History of
Selborne. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1813

White, John. Journal of a Voyage to
New South Wales. Plates. 4 1790

White, Joseph. See Pocock.

White, Capt. Martin. Sailing Directions
for the English Channel, including a
General Description of the South Coasts
of England and Ireland, and a Detailed
Account of the Channel Islands. 8 1850
and John Purday. Portulan des
Cotes de la Manche, du Canal de Bristol,
et de la Cote sud d'Irlande, traduit
des Instructions Anglaises. Illustra-
tions. 8 Paris, 1855

White, Peter. See Tudor.



White, Robert. Madeira, its Climate and
Scenery; containing Medical and General
Information, &c. Map and plates. 12


On the Open Water at the Great

Polar Basin. 4* 1856

White, T. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3; Kerr,
Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

White, T. H. Fragments of Italy and the
Rhineland. 12 1841

White, Col. T. Pilkington. The Ord-
nance Survey of the United Kingdom.
Crown 8 1886

White, W. Post Office Gazetteer of the
Dominion of Canada. 8 Montreal, 1872

White, Walter. Erebus and Terror : a
Poem. 12* N.D.

Papers on Railway and Electric Com-
munications, Arctic and Antarctic Ex-
plorations, and the Sanitary Movement.
8 Edinburgh, 1850-51

On Foot through the Tyrol in 1855.


Whiteaves, J. F. See Canada, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Whitehead, Charles. The Life and
Times of Sir Walter Raleigh, with
copious extracts from his "History of
the World." Plates. 8 1854

Whitehouse, . Reply to the Statement
of the Directors of the Atlantic Tele-
graph Company, published in the Daily
News, aoth September, and Times, 22nd
September 1858. Royal 8* 1858

Whitehouse, F. Cope. The Pyramids,
Bahr Yusuf, Moeris, the Labyrinth, and
the Sphinx. Illustrations and facsimile
map. 4 1 88 1

Lake Moeris, from Recent Explora-
tions in the Moeris Basin and Wadi
Fadhi. Map. 8* [1882]

Is Fingal's Cave Artificial ? Illustra-
tions. Large 8* New York, 1882

Le Lac Moeris et son emplacement

d'apres de nouvelles recherches. 8*

Paris, 1882

Pithorn and the Lake of Moeris. 8*


The latest researches in the Moeris

Basin. 8* 1884

The Fayoum and the Land of Goshen.

Map. 8* 1884

Moeris, the Wonder of the World.

Maps and sections. 8* New York, 1884

Lake Moeris and the Construction of

the Pyramids. 4* Buffalo, 1884

Moeris, Labyrinth, Minotaur, Pit-
horn. Maps. Large 8 1885

The Bahr Yusuf and the prophecy of

Jacob. Maps. 8* 1886

The Rai'an Moeris, or Storage Reser-
voir of Middle Egypt. Map. Large 8*


Ptolemaic Maps, with special reference

to Lake Moeris. Maps. Large 8* 1 890

Whitehouse, F. Cope. The Raiyan
Project. Illustrations. 8* 1890

The Raiyan Moeris. Maps. 8*

New York, 1890

Memorandum on the Raiyan Project.

Folio* N.P. [1891?]

Note sur trois cartes Ptolemaiques de

1'Afrique Septentrionale, 1'Egypte, et la
Syrie. 8* 1892

The RaiySn Moeris and the Ptolemaic

Maps. Maps. 8* 1892

How to Save Egypt. Reprinted from

the Fortnightly Review. Maps.

The Fayum and Lake Moeris.
Engineering. ) Maps. 8*

The Pyramid-Hill of Gizeh.
tr at ions. 8*



Whiteman, Andrew (alias Leucander).
See Hakluyt's Voyages, Vol. 2 ; Kerr,
Vol. I : Appendix I.

Whitfield, Robert P. See United States,
G, b, G, c, H, a : Appendix 2.

Whitford, John. Trading Life in Western
and Central Africa. Map. Small 8

Liverpool, 1876

The Canary Islands as a Winter
Resort. Maps and illustrations. 12


Whitelocke, Sir Bulstrode. A Journal
of the Swedish Ambassy in 1653 and
1654, from the Commonwealth of Eng-
land, Scotland, and Ireland ; with an
Appendix of Original Papers. 2 vols.
4 1772

Whiting, George. The Products and
Resources of Tasmania, as illustrated in
the International Exhibition, 1862 ; with
an Appendix, containing Papers on the
Vegetable Products exhibited by Tas-
mania by the Hon. W. Archer, and on
the Climate of Tasmania by E. S. Hall.
8 Hobart, 1862

Whiting, W. H. C. See United States,
K, Texas : Appendix 2.

Whitley, Nicholas. On the Climate of
the British Islands in its Effects on
Cultivation. Map. 8 1850

On some Peculiarities of the Climate

of the South-West of England, and on
the Temperature of its Soils, Springs,
and Rivers. 8* 1855

On the Temperature of the Sea, and

its Influence on the Climate and Agri-
culture of the British Isles. Chart. 8*


Whitmee, Rev. S. J. Polynesia:
Islands, Races, Missions. Map. 12* N.D.

Whitney, G. H. Handbook of Bible
Geography, containing the Name, Pro-
nunciation, and Meaning of every Place,
Nation, and Tribe mentioned in both the
Canonical and Apocryphal Scriptures.
3rd edition. Maps and plans. 8 1877



Whitney, J. D. The Yosemite Guicle-
Book : a description of the Yosemite
Valley and the adjacent region of the
Sierra Nevada, and of the Big Trees of
California. Maps and plates. 4

Cambridge, Mass., 1869

The same. 2nd edition. 12

Cambridge, Mass., 1871
- The same. A new edition. 1874

Geographical and Geological Surveys.

8* Cambridge, Mass., 1875

Are we Drying up ? 8*

Cambridge, Mass., 1876

The Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra

Nevada of California. (Vol. I of "Con-
tributions to American Geology. ") Maps
and plates. 4 Cambridge, Mass., 1 880

The Climatic Changes of later Geo-
logical Times : a Discussion based on
Observations made in the Cordilleras of
North America. 4

Cambridge, Mass., 1882

Names and Places : Studies in Geo-
graphical and Topographical Nomen-
clature. 12 Cambridge, Mass., 1 888

The United States : Facts and Figures
illustrating the Physical Geography of
the Country and its Material Resources ;
written for, and published in part in the
" Encyclopeedia Britannica," gth edition.
8 Boston, Mass., 1889

Ditto. Supplement I : Population,

Immigration, Irrigation.

Boston, Mass., 1894

Whitney, J. P. Colorado, in the United
States of America : Schedule of Ores con-
tributed by sundry persons to the Paris
Universal Exposition of 1867; with some
information about the Region and its
Resources. Maps. 4* 1867

Whitney, Milton. See United States,
C : Appendix 2.

Whitney, W. N. A Concise Dictionary of
the Principal Roads, Chief Towns, and
Villages of Japan, with Populations, Post
Offices, &c. ; together with Lists of Ken,
Kuni, Kori, and Railways. Compiled
from Official Documents. Map. 12

Tokyo, 1889

Whittle, J. See Laurie, R. H.

Whittington, Nicholas. See Kerr, Vol.
9 ; Purchas, Vol. I, Book 4 : Appendix I.

Whitty, John Irwine. Proposed Water
Supply and Sewerage for Jerusalem; with
Description of its Present State and
Former Resources, . . . and an Intro-
duction by Canon Stanley. Maps and
plate. 8 1863

Water Supply of Jerusalem, Ancient
and Modern. Map. 8* 1864

Whitworth, R. P. Bailliere's New South
Wales Gazetteer and Road Guide, con-
taining the most recent and accurate
information as to every place in the
Colony. Map. 8 Sydney, 1866

Whymper, E. Scrambles amongst the
Alps in the years 1860-69. 2nd edition.
Maps and plates. 8 18/1

The same, 4th edition. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1893

The Ascent of the Matterhorn. Maps
and plates. 8 1880

How to Use the Aneroid Barometer.
Large 8 1891

- Travels amongst the Great Andes of
the Equator. Maps and illustrations.
Large 8 1892

The same. Supplementary Appendix.
Illustrations. Large 8 1891

Ascents in the Himalayas. (From the

Leisure Hour for January and February
1893.) 4* 1893

Whymper, Frederick. Travel and Ad-
venture in the Territory of Alaska, . . .
and in various other parts of the North
Pacific. Map and plates. 8 1868

\Afhyte, W. A. A Land Journey from
Asia to Europe : being an Account of a
Camel and -Sledge Journey from Canton
to St Petersburg through the Plains of
Mongolia and Siberia. Maps and plate.


Wichmann, Dr H. Stanley's Zug zu Dr
Emin-Pascha. Map. 4* [Got ha} 1889
See Paulitschke; also General, Miscel-
laneous : Appendix 2.

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