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Wickersham, Hon. James. Is it "Mount
Tacoma " or " Rainier " ? What do His-
tory and Tradition say ? 12*

Tacoma, 1893

Wickham, H. A. Rough Notes of a
Journey through the Wilderness, from
Trinidad to Para, Brazil, by way of the
Great Cataracts of the Orinoco, Atabapo,
and Rio Negro. Plates. 8 1872

Widdicombe, John. Fourteen Years in
Basutoland : a Sketch of African Mission
Life. Illustrations. 12 [1891]

Widdrington, Capt. S. E. Spain and
the Spaniards in 1843. 2 vols. 8 1844

Widney, J. P. California of the South.
See Lindley.

Wiebe, E. Ueber die Reinigung und
Entwassirung der Stadt Berlin. 8

Merlin, 1861

Wiebel, K. W. M. Die Insel Helgo-
land : Untersuchungen iiber deren Gro'sse
in Vorzeit und Gegenwart, vom Stand-
punkte der Geschichte und Geologic.
Maps and plate. 4 Hamburg, 1818

Wied-Neuwied, Maxmilian, Prinz zu.
Reise nach Brasilien in den Jahren 1815
bis 1817. Plates and maps. 2 vols. 4;
and Atlas, 2 vols. folio

Frankfort o. M., 1821

Voyage dans PInterieur de I'Amerique

du Nord pendant 1832-34. Vol. I,

part I ; and Vol. 2. Map and plates. 8

Paris, 1840-41


Wiener, C. Perou et Bolivie : Recit de
Voyage, suivi d'Etucles Archeologiques
et, Ethnographiques, et de Notes sur
1'Ecriture et les Langues des Populations
Indiennes. Maps and plates. 4 I y an's,iS8o

Chili and Chiliens. Illustrations. 8

Paris, 1888

Wienmann, F. L. See Plener.

Wieser, Dr Franz. Magalhaes-Strasse
und Austral-Continent, auf den Globen
des Johannes Schoner. Maps. 8

Innsbruck, 1 88 1

Die Karte des Bartolomeo Colombo

iiber die vierte Reise des Admirals.
Plates. 8 Innsbruck, 1893

Wiggins, Capt. J. The Austro-German
Polar Expedition, under the command of
Lieut. Weyprecht. Translated from the
German. 8* Bishopswearmouth, 1875

Newspaper Extracts descriptive of

Voyages to the Obi and Yennesei
Rivers, North Siberia. 8* N.D.

Wijkander, A. Observations Meteoro-
logiques de 1'Expedition Arctique Sue-
doise, 1872-73. Plate. 4* Stockholm, 1875

Wilbraham, Ed. B. Ascent of Mont
Blanc in 1830. 8* 1832

Wilbraham, Capt. Richard. Travels in
the Trans-Caucasian Provinces of Russia,
and along the Southern Shore of the
Lakes of Van and Urumiah, in 1837.
Map and plates. 8 1839

Wilcken, U. See Schweinfurth.

Wilcocke, S. Hull. History of the Vice-
royalty of Buenos Ayres, containing the
most accurate details relative to the
Topography, History, &c., of that valu-
able Colony. Map and plates. 8 1807

Wilcocks, Alexander. Thoughts on the
Influence of Ether in the Solar System,
its relations to the Zodiacal Light, Comets,
the Seasons, and Periodical Shooting
Stars. Plate. 4 Philadelphia, 1864

Wilcox, Lieut. R. Memoir of a Survey
of Assam and the Neighbouring Countries,
executed in 1825-6-7-8. Map. 4

[Calcutta, 1832]

Memoir of a Survey of Assam and the

Neighbouring Countries, executed in
1825-28. [From the India Records, No.
23] Calcutta, 1855

See India, I, Assam : Appendix 2.

Wild, G. Von Kairo nach Massaua, eine
Erinnerung an Werner Munzinger ; mit
einem Vorwort iiber das Leben Mun-
zinger's, von Peter Dietschl. Map and
plates. 12* Olten, 1879

Wild, Heinrich. DieTemperatur-Verhiilt-
nisse des Russischen Reiches. 4, and
folio Atlas St Petersburg, 1 88 1

Bericht iiber eine neue Verification

der Schwingungszahl der Normal-Stimm-
gabel Russlands im physikalischen Cen-
tral-Observatorium. 8*

Si Petersburg, 1885

Wild, Heinrich. Die Regen-Verhaltnisse
des Russischen Reiches. 5. Supple-
mentband zum Repertorium fiir Meteoro-
logie herausgegeben von der kaiserlichen
Academic der Wissenschaften. 4, and
folio Atlas St Petersburg, 1887

Annalen des Physikalischen Central-

Observatoriums, and Repertorium fiir
Meteorologie. See Russia, St Peters-
burg : Appendix 2.

- Mittheilungen der Int. Polar Com-
mission. See Polar Regions, Arctic,
G : Appendix 2.

Wild, John James. Letter to Lord
Brougham, containing Proposals for a
Scientific Exploration of Egypt and
Ethiopia. Plates. 8 1850

Wild, John James. Thalassa : an Essay
on the Depth, Temperature, and Currents
of the Ocean. Charts and diagrams.
8 1877

At Anchor: a Narrative of Experiences

Afloat and Ashore during the Voyage of
H.M.S. "Challenger," from 1872 to
1876. Map and plates. 4 1878

Wilde, Dr Eduardo. Arrendamiento de
las Obras de Salubriclad de la Capitol.
12 Btienos Ayres, 1887

Wilde, Henry. On the Causes of the
Phenomena of Terrestrial Magnetism,
and on some Electro-mechanism for
exhibiting the Secular Changes in its
Horizontal and Vertical Components.
[In English and French.] Maps and
plate. 4* 1890

Wilde, R. T. Remarks Introductory and
Explanatory on his Topographic Model
of the City and Peninsula of Aden. 12*


Wilde, W. R. Narrative of a Voyage to
Madeira, Teneriffe, and along the Shores
of the Mediterranean, including a Visit
to Algiers, Egypt, Palestine, Tyre,
Rhodes, Telmessus, Cyprus, and Greece.
Maps and woodcuts. 8 Dublin, 1852

Descriptive Catalogue of the Antiqui-
ties of Stone, Earthen, and Vegetable Ma-
terials, in the Museum of the Royal Irish
Academy. Woodcuts. 8 Dublin, 1857

Wiley, William H., and Sara King.
The Yosemite, Alaska, and the Yellow-
stone. Reprinted from Engineering.
Illustrations. 4 [1893]

Wilkes, Capt. Charles. Narrative of
the United States Exploring Expedition,
1838-42. 5 vols. Maps and illustrations.
8 Philadelphia, 1845

The same. 5 vols. and Atlas. Maps,

portraits, and illustrations. Imperial 8
Philadelphia, 1845

The same. Vol. 7. Ethnography
and Philology. By Horatio Hale. 4

Philadelphia, 1846

The same. Condensed and abridged.
Royal 8 1845



Wilkes, Capt. Charles. The same. Vol.
15, The Geographical Distribution of
Animals and Plants; Part I, Chrono-
logical Observations on introduced
Animals and Plants. By C. Pickering.
8 1854

Theory of the Winds ; to which is
added Sailing Directions for a Voyage
round the World. Map. 8

Philadelphia, 1856
See Biot, J. B.

Wilkins, Colonel H. St Clair. Recon-
noitring in Abyssinia : a Narrative of the
Proceedings of the Reconnoitring Party,
prior to the arrival of the main body of
the Expeditionary Field Force. Maps
and coloured plates. 8 1870

Wilkins, Jacob. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 10 : Appendix I.

Wilkins, W. Atheniensia, or Remarks
on the Topography and Buildings of
Athens. Map and plate. 8 1816

Wilkins, W. The Geography of New
South Wales, Physical, Industrial, and
Political. 1 6 Sydney, 1863

Australasia : a Descriptive and Pic-
torial Account of the Australian and
New Zealand Colonies, Tasmania, and
the adjacent Lands. Maps and illustra-
tions. Crown 8 1888

Wilkinson, C. See Reineggs.

Wilkinson, C. S. See New South Wales,
B : Appendix 2.

Wilkinson, George Blakiston. South
Australia, its Advantages and its Re-
sources, &c. 12 1848

Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner. Topography
of Thebes, and General View of Egypt :
being a Short Account of the Principal
Objects worthy of Notice in the Valley
of the Nile to the Second Cataract and
Wadee Samneh, with the Fyoom, Oases,
and Eastern Desert, from Sooez to Bere-
nice ; with Remarks on the Manners
and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians
and the Productions of the Country.
Plates. 8 1835

Manners and Customs of the Ancient

Egyptians, including their Private Life,
Government, Laws, Arts. Manufactures,
&c. 3 vols. Plates. 8 1837

A second series of the Manners and
Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, in-
cluding their Religion, Agriculture, &c.
2 vols. and vol. of Plates, &c. 8 1841

Dalmatia and Montenegro ; with a

Journey to Mostar in Herzegovina, and
Remarks on the Slavonic Nations, the
History of Dalmatia and Ragxisa, the
Uscocs, &c. Vol. 2. Map and plates.
8 1848

Popular Account of the Ancient
Egyptians. Vol. I. Woodcut illustra-
tions. 1 2 1 854

Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner. The Egyp-
tians in the Time of the Pharaohs : being
a Companion to the Crystal Palace
Egyptian Collections ; to which is added
an Introduction to the Study of the
Egyptian Hieroglyphs, by S. Birch.
Plates and woodcuts. 12 1857

See Herodotus.

Wilkinson, J. J. G. The African, and
the True Christian Religion his Magna
Charta. 12 1892

Wilkinson, T. The Trip from Tama-
tave to the Capital. [Cuttings from a
Newspaper, describing a Journey in
Madagascar.] 4* [1867]

Willard, Emma. Ancient Geography, as
connected with Chronology, and pre-
paratory to the Study of Ancient History ;
to which are added Problems on the
Globes, and Rules for the Construction
of Maps. 12 Hartford, Conn., 1831

Wille, C. See Norway, A, Norwegian
North Atlantic Expedition, 1876-78 :
Appendix 2.

Wille, C. F. See Norway, A, Norway
Pilot : Appendix 2.

"Willem Barents." See Polar Regions,
Arctic, D : Appendix i.

Wilier, T. J. Het Eiland Boeroe. Uit-
gegeven door J. P. Cornets de Groot van
Kraaijenburg. Map. 8

Amsterdam, 1858

Willett, Mark. History, Antiquities, and
Scenery of Monmouthshire, with Glossary.
12 Chepsto-M, 1813

William of Tyre. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ;
Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix I.

William I. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 : Appen-
dix I.

Williams, Albert, jun. See United States
Surveys, G, c : Appendix 2.

Williams, B. On the Land of Ditmarsh
and the Mark Confederation. 4 1858

Williams, C. The Armenian Campaign :
a Diary of the Campaign of 1877 in
Armenia and Koordistan. Maps. Square
8 1878

Williams, Clement. Memorandum on the
Question of British Trade with Western
China via Burmah. [Lithographed. ]
Map. 4* 1864

- Through Burmah to Western China :
being Notes of a Journey in 1863 to
Establish the Practicability of a Trade-
Route between the Irawaddi and the
Yang-tse-Kiang. Map and plates. 8


Williams, Lieut. -Col. Edward, Capt.
W. Mudge, and I. Dalby. An Ac-
count of the Trigonometrical Survey in
England and Wales, carried on in 1791
to 1794. Plates. 4 1795

Williams, Lieut. E. C. S. Geography
of the Province of Pegu, and on the
working of the Topographical Survey.



Williams, Lieut. E. C. S. continued.
[From the India Records, No. 20, Foreign
Department.] Royal 8 Calcutta, 1856

Williams, George. Historical and De-
scriptive Memoir on the Town and
Environs of Jerusalem. 8 1849

The Holy City : Historical, Topo-
graphical, and Antiquarian Notices of
Jerusalem. 2nd edition, with additions,
including an Architectural History of the
Church of the Holy Sepulchre by R.
Willis. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1849

Williams, G. H., and W. B. Clark.
Outline of the Geology and Physical
Features of Maryland. Maps and plates.
4 Baltimore, 1893

Williams, Hon. George W. A Report,
upon the Congo-State and Country, to
the President of the U.S. of America.
8* N.P., 1890

An Open Letter to His Serene

Majesty Leopold II., King of the Bel-
gians and Sovereign of the Independent
State of Congo. 8* N. p., 1890

A Report upon the Proposed Congo
Railway. 8* N.P., 1890

Williams, Helen M. See Humboldt and

Williams, J. Observations of Comets,
from B.C. 611 to A. n. 1640, extracted
from the Chinese Annals. Translated,
with Introductory Remarks, and an
Appendix comprising the Tables neces-
sary for reducing Chinese Time to
European Reckoning, and a Chinese
Celestial Atlas. 4 1871

Williams, Rev. John. Two Essays on the
Geography of Ancient Asia, intended
partly to illustrate the Campaigns of
Alexander and the Anabasis of Xeno-
phon. Maps. 8 1829

Narrative of Missionary Enterprises
in the South Sea Islands ; with Remarks
on the Natural History of the Islands,
and the Origin, Languages, Traditions,
and Usages of the Inhabitants. Map
and plates. 8 1837

Williams, Jonathan. Thermometrical
Navigation : being a Series of Experi-
ments and Observations tending to prove
that, by ascertaining the Relative Heat
of the Sea- Water from time to time, the
Passage of a Ship through the Gulf
Stream, and from Deep Water into
Soundings, may be Discovered in Time
to avoid Danger. . . . Map. 8

Philadelphia, 1799

Williams, J. Butler. Practical Geodesy,
comprising Chain Surveying and the use
of Surveying Instruments, Levelling, and
Tracing of Contours ; together with
Sanitary Surveys of Towns, Trigono-
metrical, Colonial, Mining, and Maritime
Surveying. Plate and woodcuts. 8 1855

Williams, J. F. See Hughes, W.

Williams, J. J. Report upon the Loca-
tion of the Tehuantepec Railway and
Carriage Road across the Isthmus of
Tehuantepec; with the Map and Pro-
files as approved by the Government of
Mexico, 1st July 1870, and his Report
on the subject of a Ship Canal across
the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to unite the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 8*

[New York] 1870

Williams, J. M. Memorandum on Rail-
way Communication with Western China
and the intermediate Shan States from
the Port of Rangoon in British Burma.
Map. Folio* 1865

and C. H. Luard. Copies of the
Survey Report, dated the i5th June
1867, and of the Journals, Maps, Sec-
tions, &c., attached thereto, respecting
Rangoon and Western China, &c. Folio*


Williams, Ralph C. British South-
Central Africa. Vol. 2. [Magazine
Article.] 8* N.P., N.D.

Williams, S. Wells. The Middle
Kingdom: a Survey of the . . . Chinese
Empire and its Inhabitants. 2 vols.
Map and plates. Small 8 1848

The same. Revised edition. 2 vols.

Map and illustrations. 8 1883

Williams, T. See Phillips [i], Vol. 8 :
Appendix i.

Williams, T. , and J. Calvert. Fiji and
the Fijians. Edited by Geo. Stringer
Rowe. Map and plates. 12 1870

Williams, Dr Theodore. The Value of
Meteorological Instruments in the Selec-
tion of Health Resorts. 8* 1892

Williams, T. C. An Appeal on behalf
of the Ngatiraukawa Tribe. 8

Wellington, 1873

Williams, W. Traveller's and Tourist's
Guide through the United States of
America, Canada, &c. Map. 18

Philadelphia, 1851

Williams, William. Vocabulary of the
Languages of the Aborigines of the
Adelaide District, and other Friendly
Tribes of the Province of South Australia.
8* Adelaide, 1839

Williams, William. Climbing Mount St
Elias. ( From Scribner's Magazine. ) Ma/>
and illustrations. 8* 1889

Williamson, Alexander. Notes on the
North of China, its Productions and
Communications. 8* 1867

Journeys in North China, Manchuria,

and Eastern Mongolia, with someAccount
of Corea. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8


Williamson, Isabelle. Old Highways in
China. Map and illustrations. 8 1884

Williamson, Lieut. R. S. Report of a
Reconnaisance and Survey in California,
in connection with Explorations for a



Williamson, Lieut. R. S. continued.
Practicable Railway Route from the
Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
in 1853. Maps. 8 Washington, 181:4

Willich, Charles M. Popular Tables,
with additional Tables of Natural or
Hyperbolic Logarithms, Trigonometry,
Astronomy, Geography, &c. 12 1853

Willinck, T. P. M. Reize om de Wereld
gedaan in de Jaren 1823-24, met Z.M.
Korvet " Lynx." Plate. 8 Breda, 1836

Willink, H. G. See Dent, C. T.

Willis, N. P. See Bartlett, W. H.

Willis, Robert. Architectural History of
the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. See
Williams, G.

Willkomm, Moritz. Die Ilalbinsel der
Pyrenaen, eine geographisch-statistische
Monographic, nach den neuesten Quellen
und nach eigener Anschauung. 8"

Leipzig, 1855

Willmott, C. See Bilgrami.

Willoughby, Francis. See Harris, Vol. 2;
Ray : Appendix I.

Willoughby, Sir Hugh. See Hakluyt,
Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2 ; Pink-
erton, Vol, I : Appendix I.

Willoughby, Major Sir J. C. East
Africa, its Big Game : the Narrative of
a Sporting Trip from Zanzibar to the
Borders of the Masai ; with Postscript by
Sir Robert G. Harvey. Maps ami illus-
trations. 8

A Narrative of further Excavations
at Zimbabye (Mashonaland). Illustra-
tions. 12 1893

Willoughby, J. P. Historical Sketch of
the Petty State of Baria, in the Rewa
Kanta; with Information relative to the
Mineral and Vegetable Productions, and
Notices of the various Tribes, &c.
[From the India Records, No. 23.]
Royal 8 Bombay, 1889

Wills, Alfred. Wanderings among the
High Alps. Plates. Post 8 1856

Wills, C. J. In the Land of the Lion and
Sun, or Modern Persia : being Experi-
ences of Life in Persia during a Residence
of Fifteen Years in various parts of that
Country, from 1866 to 1881. Frontis-
piece. 8 1883

Persia as it is : being Sketches of
Modern Persian Life and Character.
Crown 8 1886

Wills, J. T. Emin Bey, Gordon's Lieu-
tenant. Map. 8* [1886]

Wills, Mr Justice. See Dent, C. T.

Wills, W. John. Successful Explorations
through the Interior of Australia, from
Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Map and portraits. 8 1863

Willson, J. See India, I ; Assam : Ap-
pendix 2.

Willson, Thomas B. The Handy Guide

to Norway ; with Maps, and an Appendix

on the Elora and Lepidoptera of Norway

by R. C. R. Jordan, M.D. 12 1886

- The Handy Guide to Norway. 3rd

edition. 1891

Willson, W. G. The Cyclone in the

Bay of Bengal in June 1872. 8*

[Calcutta, 1872]

Report to the Government of Bengal:
Meteorological Abstract for the year
1874. Folio Calcutta, 1875

Administration Report to the Govern-

ment of Bengal for the year 1874-75.
Folio [Calcutta, 1875]

Willughby, Francis. See Willoughby.
Wilmot, A. History of the Zulu War.
Map and portrait. 8 1880

Geography of South Africa, for the
use of Higher Classes in Schools. 3rd
edition. Map. 12 Cape 7^own, 1883
and J. C. Chase. History of the

Colony of the Cape of Good Hope,
from its Discovery to the year 1819
by A. Wilmot, and from 1820 to 1 868
by the Hon. John Centlivres Chase. 8
Cape Toivn, 1869
Wilsen, F. C. See Leemans, C
Wilson, Andrew. The " Ever- Victorious
Army : " a History of the Chinese Cam-
paign under Lt. -Colonel C. G. Gordon,
and of the Suppression of the Tai-ping
Rebellion. Map. 8 Edinburgh, 1868
The Abode of Snow : Observations
on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to
the Indian Caucasus, through the Upper
Valleys of the Himalaya. Plate. 8

Edinburgh, 1875
See Blackwood, Vols. 2, 3, 5, 6 : Ap-

pendix i.
Wilson, Rev. C. T.,andR. W. Felkin.

Uganda and the Egyptian Soudan. 2
vols. Maps and illustrations. Crown
8 1882

Wilson, Maj.-Gen. Sir Charles W.
The Euphrates Valley Railway. By an
Austrian Officer. Translated by Capt.
C. Wilson. Map. 8* 1872

From Korti to Khartum : a Journal
of the Desert March from Korti to Gubat,
and of the Ascent of the Nile in General
Gordon's Steamer. Maps. Crown 8


Extracts from a Paper on the Utilisa-
tion of the Ordnance Survey Maps, with
special reference to Local Administration
and the Sale and Transfer of Land, read
at the Meeting of the British Association
at Manchester. 8* 1887

- Picturesque Palestine, Sinai, and
Egypt. Edited by Colonel Wilson,
assisted by th.; most eminent Palestine
Explorers, &c. In 4 vols. Vol. i.
Illustrations. 4* N.I).
See Morrison.


Wilson, Sir Daniel. Pre-historic Man :
Researches into the Origin of Civilisation
in the Old and New World. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1862

Wilson, D. Bishop Wilson's Journal
Letters, addressed to his family, during
the P'irst Nine Years of his Indian
Episcopate. 8 1 863

Wilson, Erasmus. Cleopatra's Needle ;
with brief Notes on Egypt and Egyptian
Obelisks. Plates. Small 8 [1878]

Wilson, H. Trow's New York City

Directory . . . ist May 1868. Map. 8

New York, 1868

Wilson, Horace H. Ariana Antiqua: a
Descriptive Account of the Antiquities
and Coins of Afghanistan ; with a Descrip-
tion of the Buildings called Topes, by C.
Masson. Maps and plates. 4 1841

Description of Select Coins, from

Originals or Drawings in the possession
of the Asiatic Society. Plates. 4* N. D.
See Mill, James.

Wilson, J. See Murray, Hugh.

Wilson, John. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 6 : Appendix I.

Wilson, John. See Smith, George.

Wilson, John. Indian Caste. 8 1877

Wilson, Capt. J. A Missionary Voyage to
the Southern Pacific Ocean, performed in
the years 1796-97-98, in the ship "Duff."
Compiled from Journals of the Officers
and the Missionaries, &c.; with a pre-
liminary discourse on the Geography and
History of the South Sea Islands, and an
Appendix on the Natural and Civil State
of Otaheite. Maps and plates. 4 1 799
See Eyries, Vol. 3 ; Appendix I.

Wilson, J. A. Remarks on Australian
and New Zealand Climatology, relative
to our Droughts, Rains, and Hot Winds.
[Cuttings from the Daily Southern Cross. ]
4* 1864

The Story of Te Waharoa : a Chapter

in early New Zealand History. 8*

Auckland, 1 866

Wilson, Hon. J. Bowie. Report on the
Present State and Future Prospects of
Lord Howe Island. Maps and photo-
graphs. 4* Sydney, 1882

Wilson, James Harrison. China :
Travelsand Investigations in the "Middle
Kingdom ; " a Study of its Civilisation
and Possibilities, with a Glance at Japan.
Map. 8 New York, 1887

Wilson, James S. On the Gold Regions
of California. 8* 1854

Wilson, Joseph. History of Mountains,
Geographical and Mineralogical, to ac-
company a Picturesque View of the Prin-
cipal Mountains of the World in their
respective proportions of height above
the level of the sea painted by Robert
Andrew Riddell. 3 vols. 4 1807-10

Wilson, J. Leighton. The British
Squadron on the Coast of Africa ; with
Notes by Capt. H. D. Trotter. Map.
8 1851

- - Western Africa, its History, Condi-
tion, and Prospects. Map and plates.


Wilson, J. Spottiswopde. Geological
Mechanism, or an Epitome of the His-
tory of the Earth. Frontispiece. 12

Wilson, Mrs. See Tissot, V.

Wilson, Ralph. Voyage to the East
Indies. See Gottfried; Purchas, Vol. I,
Book 4 : Appendix I.

Wilson, Robert Anderson. Mexico and
its Religion ; with Incidents of Travel in
that Country during . . . 1851-54, and
Historical Notices, &c. Illustrations.
8 1856

A New History of the Conquest of

Mexico, &c. 8 1859

Wilson, R. T. History of the British Ex-
pedition to Egypt ; to which is subjoined
a Sketch of the Present State of that
Country and its Means of Defence. 2nd
edition. Maps and plates. 4 1803

Wilson, Sir Samuel. Salmon at the Anti-
podes : being an Account of the Successful
Introduction of Salmon and Trout into
Australian Waters. Map and photograph.
Small 8 1879

Wilson, Thomas. Nozrani in Egypt and
Syria. Maps. 12 1846

Wilson, T. B. Narrative of a Voyage
round the World ; comprehending an Ac-
count of the Wreck of the ship "Governor
Ready" in Torres Straits, and Description
of the British Settlements on the Coasts
of New Holland, more particularly
Raffles Bay, Melville Island, Swan River,
and King George's Sound. Map and
plates. 8 1835

Wilson, T. Letter to Sir J. Wolsten-
holme on the Ormuz War. See Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 10 : Appendix I.

Wilson, Thomas W. The Island of Cuba
in 1850 : being a Description of the
Island, its Resources, Productions, Com-
merce, &c. Royal 8*

New Orleans, 1850

Wilson, W. See Pelham, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.

Wilson, William Rae. Travels in Nor-
way, Sweden, Denmark, Hanover,
Germany, Netherlands, &c. Plates. 8


Winchester, Earl of. See Hakluyt, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Winchester, J. W. Topographical Re-
port on the City of Tatta and its Environs.
[From the India Records, No. 17.] Royal
8 Bombay, 1855

Winchell, N. H. and H. W. See United
States, K, Minnesota : Appendix 2,


Winchell, N. H., and Arthur Winslow.

The Size and Scale of Maps : a Discus-
sion. 8* [1893]

Winderlich, C. Das deutsche Land und
seine Bewohner. 8 Leipzig, 1852

Windhara, Capt. T. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 2; Kerr, Vol. 7; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Windisch, K. G. von. Geographic des
Konigreichs Ungarn, und Siebenbiirgen.
3 vols. 8 Pressburg, 1780-90

Windsor. The Royal Windsor Guide ;
with a Brief Account of Eton, Virginia
Water, and the Surrounding Neighbour-
hood. 12 Windsor, N.D.

Windt, H. de. From Pekin to Calais by
Land. Map and illustrations. 8 1889

Siberia as it is ; with an Introduction

by Her Excellency Madame Olga Novi-
koff ("O. K."). Illustrations. 8 1892

Windus, John. Journey to Mequinez,
the Residence of the present Emperor of
Fez and Morocco, on the occasion of
Comm. Stewart's Embassy thither for
the Redemption of the British Captives
in 1821. [Large paper. ] Plates. 8


See Knox's New Collection, Vol. 6 ;
Pinkerton, Vol. 15; "The World Dis-

W)layed," Vol. 17 : Appendix I.
ines, Frederick Howard. Sec United
States, A, Tenth Census, 1880, Vol. 21 :
Appendix 2.

Wingate, Major F. R. Chronological
Index of the Events in the Sudan for the
years 1881-89 inclusive. Prepared . . .
for the Intelligence Division of the War
Office. 12* 1890

Mahdiism and the Egyptian Sudan :

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