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d'Exploration de 1'Isthme Americain, par
L. N.-B. .Wyse, A. Reclus, et P. Sosa.
Maps. 4 Paris, 1879

Wyse, Sir T. An Excursion in the Pelo-
ponnesus in the year 1858. Edited by
Winifrede M. Wyse. 2 vols. Plates.
Large 8 1865


Xavier, Francis. See Purchas, Vol. 3,

Book 2 : Appendix I.
Xenophon's Anabasis [Greek]. Edited by

Professor George Long. 8 1831


Xenophon. See Spelman.

Xerez, Francisco de. Conquista del

Peru. Folio N.P., N.D.

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 47;

Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 7 ; Ramusio, Vol. 3 ;

Ternaux-Compans, Vol. 4: Appendix I.
Ximenez, R. P. F. Francisco. Las

Historias del Origen de los Indios de

esta Provincia de Guatemala ; exacta-

mente segun el Texto Espanol del MS.

Original, y aumentado con una Intro-

duccion y Anotaciones por el Dr C.

Scherzer. 8 1857


Yarnall, Professor M. Sec United States,
Naval Observatory, D : Appendix 2.

Yaschenko, . On the Amu - Daria,
between Chardjui and Kelif. [In Rus-
sian.] Plates. 8* St Petersburg, 1891

Yate, Capt. A. C. England and Russia
Face to Face in Asia : Travels with the
Afghan Boundary Commission. Maps,
portraits, and plates. 8" 1887

Notes on a Journey to Tashkent and

back in September-October 1890. 8*
The same. (From the Journal of the
United Service Institution of India, Vol.
20, No. 88.) 8* [Simla, 1891]

The Transcaspian Railway, and the

power of Russia to occupy Herat. 8*

Simla, 1891
Yate, Col. C. E. Northern Afghanistan,

or Letters from the Afghan Boundary

Commission. Maps. 8 1888

Yates, Edmund. See Smith, Albert.
Yates, James. Remarks on " Gesenius'

palaographische Studien tiber phonizische

und punische Schrift." 8* N.D.

On the Limes Rhxticus and Limes

Transrhenanus of the Roman Empire.

Map and woodcuts. 8* 1852

On the French System of Measures,
Weights, and Coins, and its adaptation
to general use ; with an Abstract of the
Discussion upon the Paper. Edited by C.
Manby. 8* 1854

Narrative of the Origin and Forma-
tion of the International Association for
obtaining a Uniform Decimal System of
Measures, Weights, and Coins. 8* 1856

- What is the Best Unit of Length?
8* 1858

On the Excess of Water in the

Region of the Earth about New Zealand,
its Causes and its Effects. 8* 1862

Some Account of a Volume contain-

ing portions of Ptolemy's Geography,
and of the "Geographi Gneci Minores."

and Alfred Barrett. Improvements

Ydiaquez, A. de. Le Perou en 1889 :
Notice Geographique, Statistique, et
Commerciale a 1'usage des Emigrants,
Capitalistes, Industriels, et Explorateurs.
Map. Large 8 Havre, 1890

Yeates, Thomas. Dissertation on the
Antiquity, Origin, and Design of the
Principal Pyramids of Egypt, particularly
of the Great Pyramid of Ghizeeh, with
its Measures, as reported by various
authors. Plates. 4* 1833

Remarks on the History of Ancient

Egypt, from Mizraim to Cambyses the
Son of Cyrus, and to the end of the
Persian Government in that Country.
8 1835

Yeats, Dr John. Technical, Industrial,
and Trade Education : a Manual of recent
and existing Commerce, from the year
1789101872. Small 8 1872

The Growth and Vicissitudes of Com-
merce, from B.C. 1500 to A.I). 1789.
Map and chart. Small 8 1872

On Commercial Training. Small 8

The Natural History of the Raw

Materials of Commerce, illustrated by
Synoptical Tables and a folio Chart ; a
copious List of Commercial Products,
and their Synonymes in the principal
European and Oriental Languages ; a
Glossary and an Index ; with an Indus-
trial Map, printed in colours. 3rd
edition. Crown 8 1887

The Technical History of Commerce,
or the Progress of the Useful Arts. 3rd
edition. Map. Crown 8 1887

The Growth and Vicissitudes of Com-
merce in all Ages : an Historical Narra-
tive of the Industry and Intercourse of
Civilised Nations; with Charts of Caravan
Routes, and Appendix. 3rd edition.
Crown 8 1887

Recent and Existing Commerce; with
Statistical Supplement, Maps showing
Trade -Areas, and Tabulated List of
Places important in Business or Trade.
3rd edition. Crown 8 1887

The Golden Gates of Trade with our
Home Industries : introductory to a Study
of Mercantile Economy and of the Science
of Commerce. Map. 8 1890

Map Studies of the Mercantile World,

in Arithmetic, with a Vindication of the
Decimal Principle. 8* 1860

auxiliary to our Foreign and Colonial
Trade, and illustrative of part of the
Science of Commerce. 8 1890

Yepes, Joaquim Lopez. Catecismo y
Declaracion de la Doctrina Cristiana en
Lengua Otomi, con un Vocabulario del
mismo Idioma. Square 8 Mexico, 1826

" Yittadairn. " Moyarra, an Australian
Legend, in Two Cantos. Frontispiece.
12 1891


Yolland, Capt. William. Ordnance
Survey : an Account of the Measurement
of the Lough Foyle Base in Ireland,
with its Verification and Extension by
Triangulation ; together with the various
Methods of Computation followed on
the Ordnance Survey, and the Requisite
Tables. Plates. 4 1847

Ordnance Survey : Astronomical Ob-
servations made with Airy's Zenith
Sector, from 1842 to 1850, for the Deter-
mination of the Latitudes of various
Trigonometrical Stations used in the
Ordnance Survey of the British Isles.
Map and plates. 4 1852

York, Duke of. See " Bacchante."

Young, Sir Allen. Remarks on Korea.
Map. 8* 1865

Cruise of the " Pandora." (From the

private Journal kept by Allen Young,
Commander of the Expedition.) Map
and photographs. 8 1876

Young, Arthur. Six Weeks' Tour through
the Southern Counties of England and
Wales. 8 1768

Six Months' Tour through the North

of England. 4 vols. Plates. 8 1770

Travels during the years 1787, '88,

and '89, undertaken more particularly
with a view of ascertaining the Cultiva-
tion, Wealth, Resources, and National
Prosperity of the Kingdom of France.
Maps. 4 Bury St Ediminds, 1792

General View of the Agriculture of

the County of Norfolk. Map and plates.
8 1804

See Pinkerton, Vols. 3,4 : Appendix i.

Young, C. See Gallon, Vacation Tourists.

Young, Charles A. A Text-book of
General Astronomy for Colleges and
Scientific Schools. Illustrations. 8

Boston, Mass., 1889

The Elements of Astronomy. 8

Boston, Mass., 1890

Young, E. D. The Search for Livingstone:
a Diary kept during the investigation of
his reported murder. Revised by Rev.
Horace Waller. Map and plates. 16


Nyassa : a Journal of Adventures

whilst exploring Lake Nyassa, Central
Africa, and establishing the Settlement
of " Livingstonia." Revised by Horace
Waller. Maps. 12 1877

Young, E. R. Stories from Indian Wig-
wams and Northern Camp-Fires. Ilhts-
trations. 8 1893

Young, Frederick. Transplantation the
True System of Emigration. 2nd edition.
8* 1869

Young, F. Imperial Federation of Great
Britain and her Colonies. 8 1876

Young, Sir Frederick. A Winter Tour in
South Africa. Maps and photographs.
8 1890

Young, G. A History of Whitby and
Streoneshalh Abbey ; with a Statistical
Survey of the Vicinity to the distance of
twenty-five miles. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 Whitby, 1817

Young, Gerald. See Lambert, C. and S.

Young, J. Physical Geography. Small
8 1874

Young, Jess. Recent Journey of Explora-
tion across the Continent of Australia,
its Deserts, Native Races, and Natural
History. 8 New York, 1878

Young, Prof. John. See Armstrong, J. ;
also United Kingdom, K: Appendix 2.

Young, Robert. The Martyr Islands of
the New Hebrides and adjacent groups.
Map. 12* Edinburgh, 1889

The Success of Christian Missions :

Testimonies to their Beneficial Results.
8 1890

Trophies from African Heathenism.

Map. Crown 8 1892

Young, Thomas. An Account of some
Recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical
Literature and Egyptian Antiquities, in-
cluding the Author's Original Alphabet,
as extended by M. Champollion, with a
Translation of five unpublished MSS.
8 1823

See Tattam.

Young, Sir W. The West-India Common-
place Book, compiled from Parliamentary
and Official Documents, showing the
Interests of Great Britain in its Sugar
Colonies. &c. Map. 4 1807

See Edwards, B. ; Spence, Wm.

Younghusband, Capt. F. E. A Journey
through Manchuria, Mongolia, and
Chinese Turkestan. 8* Lahore, 1888

Younghusband, Captain G. J. Eighteen
Hundred Miles on a Burmese Tat through
Burmah, Siain, and the Eastern Shan
States. Map and illustrations. 8 1888

The Invasion of India by Russia.

(From the Nineteenth Century.} 8* 1893

Yovnani, F. Paul, and J. Mekhitarist.
Concise Geography of the Whole Earth ;
with the New Arrangements of Kingdoms.
[In the Armenian Language.] 12

Vienna, 1835

Yoxall, J. H. The Pupil-Teachers' Geo-
graphy, Political, Physical, and Physio-
graphical. Crown 8 N.D.

Ytiarte, C. Bosnie et Herzegovine :
Souvenirs de Voyage pendant 1'Insurrec-
tion. Map and plates. 12 Part's, 1876

Ysbrant-Ydes. See Ides.

Yule, Charles B. Routier de 1'Australie
(Cotes Nord, N.O. et Quest . . .)
Tracluit de 1'Anglais par M. Besson.
Vol. 3. 8 Paris, 1 866



Yule, Charles B. See United Kingdom,
A, Admiralty ; the Australia Directory :
Appendix 2.

Yule, Col. Sir Henry. The African
Squadron Vindicated. 8* 1850

Narrative of Major Phayre's Mission

to the Court of Ava ; with Notices of the
Country, Government, and People; and
Notes on the Geological Features of the
Banks of the River Irawadee, and of the
Country North of the City of Amarapoora,
by Thomas Oldham. Maps and plates.
4 Calcutta, 1856

Narrative of the Mission sent by the

Governor-General of India to the Court
of Ava in 1855 ; with Notices of the
Country, Government, and People. Map
and plates. 4 1858

Notes on Hwen Thsang's Account of

the Principalities of Tokharistan. Map.
8* 1872

Sketch of the Geography and History

of the Upper Amu-Daria. Translated
by O. Fedchenko ; with Supplementary
Matter and Notes by A. Fedchenko, N.
Khanikoff, and the Author. [In Russian.]
Map. 8 St Petersburg, 1873

Afghanistan. [Article in the " Ency-

clopaedia Britannica," gth edition.] 4'
[Edinburgh, 1875]

Major James Rennell, F.R.S. 8*


See Cordier ; Gill, Capt. W. ; Marco

Polo ; Nicholson, E. B. ; Prejevalsky ;
Trotter, C. ; Wood, J. ; also Hakluyt
Soc. Publ., Vols. 31, 36, 37, 74, 75,
78 : Appendix I.

and Arthur Coke Burnell. Hobson-

Jobson : being a Glossary of Anglo-
Indian Colloquial Words and Phrases,
and of Kindred Terms, Etymological,
Historical, Geographical, and Discursive.
8 1886

and H. M. Hyndman. Mr Henry

M. Stanley and the Royal Geographical
Society : being the Record of a Protest.
8* 1878

Yule, Major P. Remarks on the disputed
North-Western Boundary of New Bruns-
wick, bordering on the United States of
North America ; with an Explanatory
Sketch. Map. 8* 1838


Zabala, Amado Osorio. Vocabulary of
the Fan Language in Western Africa,
south of the Equator, with Spanish inter-
pretation, prepared on the spot. 12 1887

Zachariae, G. See Hovgaard.

Zacharias, Dr O. See Germany, C, For-
schungen zur Deutschen Landes-, &c.
Vol. 4 : Appendix 2.

Zagursky, L. Note on the Investigation
of Caucasian Languages. [In Russian.]
4* Moscow, 1880

Zahn, F. M. Nochmals sechs Jahre

Missions - Arbeit in Westafrica. Vier

Freistatten im Sclavenlande. Map. 8*

Bremen, 1870

Zahrtmann, Vice-Admiral C. C. Danish
Pilot. 8 1853

Remarks on the Voyages to the

Northern Hemisphere ascribed to the
Zeni of Venice. 8* 1835

Zamacola, D. J. A. Historia de las
Naciones Bascas, de una y otra parte del
Pirineo Septentrional y costas del Mar
Cantabrico. 3 vols. 8 Auch, 1818

Zannetti, A. See Giglioli ; Issel.

Zaragoza, Justo. See Quiros.

Zarate, Augustin de. Historia del Des-
cubrimiento y Conquista de la Provincia
del Peru. Folio Ambers, 1555

See Kerr, Vols. 4 and 5 : Appendix i.

Zarb, J. H. Rapport fait a S.E. le
General Stone Pacha . . . sur les
Specimens Botaniques . . . colliges
pendant les Expeditions Egyptiennes au
Kordofan et au Darfour en 1875 et 1876
par le D r . Pfund. Par J. H. Zarb.
Small 4 Cairo, 1875

Zarco, Gonzalez. See General Collection
of Voyages and Travels, p. 610 : Ap-
pendix I.

Zaremba, C. W. The Merchants' and
Tourists' Guide to Mexico. Maps. 8
Chicago, 1883

Zeballos, E. S. La Conquista de Quince
Mil Leguas : Estudio sobre la Transla-
cion de la Frontera Sud de la Republica
al Rio Negro. Maps and plans. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1878

The same, 2nd edition. Maps. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1878

Congreso Cientifico Internacional

Sud- Americano. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1878

Descripcion Amena de la Republica

Argentina. Tomo 3. A Traves de las
Cabanas. Illustrations. Large 8

Buenos Ayres, 1888

Zehden, Dr Karl. See Dorn, A.

Zeilderus, Martinus. Itinerarium Ger-
manise et Regnorum vicinorum. 1 8

Ulm, 1653

Regnorum Danise et Norwegke ut et

Ducatuum Slesvici et Holsatioe, Re-
gionumque ad ea spectantium, Descriptio
Nova. Plans. 16 Amsterdam, 1655

Zeithammer, A. O. Ideen zur Begrtindung
eines Oesterreichischen Ethnographischen
Museums. Royal 8* Vienna, 1860

Zeleber, J. &<r"Novara."

Zeleddn, Pedro Perez. Argument on
the Question of the Validity of the Treaty
of Limits between Costa-Rica and Nicar-
agua, and other Supplementary Points
connected with it, submitted to the Arbi-

5 2


Zeled6n, Pedro Perez continued.

tration of the President of the United
States of America. Trans, into English by
J. I. Rodriguez. 8* Washington, 1887

Reply to the Argument of Nicaragua

on the Question of the Validity or Nullity
of the Treaty of Limits of ifth April
1858, to be decided by the President of
the United States of America, as Arbi-
trator. Translated into English by J. I.
Rodriguez. 8* Washington, 1887

Zendejas, Jose. Tablas Psycrometricas
calculados para la Altura de Mexico
tablas abreviadas generales. 8*

Mexico, 1889

Zeno, N. and A., and Caterino. See
Nordenskiold ; Steenstrup ; Zahrtman ;
also Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 50; Hak-
luyt, Vol. 3 ; Kerr, Vol. i ; Purchas,
Vol. 3, Book 3 ; and Ramusio, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Zerrenner, C. Erdkunde des Gouverne-
ments Perm, als Beitrag zur nahern
Kenntniss Russlands. 8 Leipzig, 1851

Zeuss, K. Die Deutschen und die Nach-
barstamme. 8 Miinich, 1837

Zeiine, August. Gsea: Versuch die Erd-
rinde sowohl im Land- als Seeboden mit
Bezug auf Natur- und Volkerleben zu
schildern. Plates. 8 Berlin, 1830

Der Seeboden um Europa. 8*

Berlin, 1834

Ueber Schadelbildung zur festern

Begriindung der Menschenrassen. Plates.
Royal 8* Berlin, 1846

Zeuschner, . Ueber das Alter der Grau-
wackenschiefer und der braunlichgrauen
Kalksteine von Swientomasz bei Bod-
zentyn im Kielcer Uebergangsgebirge.
8* St Petersburg, 1866

Uel)er die neuentdeckte Silurforma-

tion von Kleczanow bei Sandomierz im
siidlichen Polen. 8* 1869

Ziegler, J. M. Hypsometric de la Suisse,

pour servir de Complement. Map. 8

Zurich^ 1853

Die Gewerbsthatigkeit und die Eisen-

bahnen der Schweiz aus dem vaterland-

ischen Standpunkte. Maps. Royal 8*

Winterthur, 1858

Geographische Karte der Schweizer-

ischen Gewerbsthatigkeit. Maps. 12*

Winterthur, 1858
Ueber die neuesten Reisen und Ent-

deckungen in Inner-Afrika. Map and

plate. 4* Winlerthur, 1859
Notiz liber Ausbeutung einer Waldung

in Schweden. Maps and plates. 4*

\Wint erthur\ 1860
Ueber topographische Karten. Maps.

4* Winterthur, 1862
Zur Hypsometric der Schweiz und zur

Orographie der Alpen : Erlauterungen

ftir die hypsometrische Karte der Schweiz.

8* Winterthur, 1866

Ziegler, J. M. Notice sur I'Hypsometrie
de la Suisse et 1'Orographie des Alpes.
Traduit par O. Bourrit. Map. 8

Geneva, 1867

Ueber das Verhaltniss der Topographic

zur Geologic bei Darstellung von Gebirg-
skarten in grosserem Maassstabe. Plates.
4* Winterthur, 1869

Ueber Topographic und topogra-
phische Karten. Small 8* Ziirich, 1874

Ueber das Verhaltniss der Topographic

zur Geologic : Text zur topographischen
Karte vom Engadin und Bernina, ein
Beitrag zur Geschichte der Erdkruste.
2nd edition. Maps and plates. 4

Zurich, 1876

Jahresbericht fiir i88o-8ides Schweiz -

erischcn Correspondenten der k. k. Ges-
ellschaft in Wien, Dr J. M. Ziegler.
Map. 8* Vienna, 1881

Sendschreiben an Dr F. Burkhardt-

Brenner. 8* N.P. [1882]

Ein geographischer Text zur geo-

logischen Karte der Erde. 8, and Atlas
oblong 8 Bale, 1883

Das Leben des Geographen Dr Jakob

Melchior Ziegler ; nach handschriftlichen
Quellen, ein Denkmal der Freundschaft,
von Dr G. Geilfus. Portrait. 8

Winterthur, 1884

Zigno, Cav. Achille de. Sui Terreni

Jurassici delle Alpi Venete e sulla Flora

Fossile che li distingue. Memoria. 8*

Padua, 1852

Zillmann. Rev. J. H. L. Past and
Present Australian Life : being for the
most part Personal Reminiscences, with
Stories of the First Explorers, Convicts,
Blacks, and Bush-Rangers of Australia;
and a short Historical Sketch of the
Colonies, their Progress and Present
Condition. Portrait and illustrations.
12 1889

Zimmerman, Carl. Geographische Ana-
lyse eines Versuches zur Darstellung des
Kriegstheaters Russlands gegen Chiwa.
4* Berlin, 1840

Geographische Analyse der Karte von

Inner- Asien. Vol. I, Part I, zum Atlas
Vorder-Asien zur allgemeinen Erdk unde
von Carl Ritter. 4 Berlin, 1841

Der Kriegs-Schauplatzin Inner-Asien,

oder Bemerkungen zu der Uebersichts-
Karte von Afghanistan, dem Penjab und
dem Lande am untern Indus. Maps.
Royal 8 Berlin, 1842

Denkschrift tiber den untern Lauf des

Oxus zum Karabugas-HaffdesCaspischen
Meeres und Uber die Strombahn des
Ochus, oder Tedshen der Neueren, zur
Balkan-Bay. Maps. 4 Berlin, 1845

Zimmermann, Moriz B. See Hartleben.

Zimmern, Helen. The Hansa Towns.
Map and illustrations. 8 1889


Zincken, C. F. Das Vorkommen cler
naliirlichen Kohlenwasserstoff uncl cler
anderen Erdgase. Plate. 4 Halle, 1890

Zinkel, Ferdinand. See United States,
H, a : Appendix 2.

Zirkel, A. See Preyer.

Zittel, Carl A. Denkschrift auf C. E. H.
von Meyer. 4* Mtinich, 1870

Ueber den geologischen Bau der

Libyschen Wiiste. Map. 4*

Munich, 1880

Zoller, Hugo. Das Batanga-Land. 8*
Berlin, 1885

Die Deutschen Besitzungen an cler

westafrikanischen Kiiste. I. Das Togo-
land und die Sklavenkiiste, Leben und
Sitten der Eingebornen, Natur, Klima
und kulturelle Bedeutung des Landes,
dessen Handel und die cleutschen Fakto-
reien auf Grund eigner Anschauung und
Studien geschildert. Maps and illustra-
tions. Small 8 Berlin, 1885

The same. 2, 3, 4. Die deutsche

Colonie Kamerim ; Forschungsreisen in
cler deutschen Colonie Kamerun. 3 vols.
Maps and illustrations. 12

Berlin, 1885
Deutsch-Neuguinea und meine Ers-

teigung des Finisterre Gebirges ; eine
Schilderung des ersten erfolgreichen
Vordringens zu den Hochgebirgen Inner-
Neuguineas, der Natur des Landes,
der Sitten cler Eingeborenen, &c., in
Kaiser-Wilhelms-Lancl, Bismarck- und
Salomon- Archipel, nebst einem Wort-
verzeichnis von 46 Papua - Sprachen.
Portrait, maps, and illustrations. Large
8 Sttittgart, 1891

Zograf, N. Les types Anthropologiques
des Grands- Russes des Gouvernements
du centre de la Russie. [A French
abstract accompanying a 4 volume in
Russian, descriptive of the types of
inhabitants in Great Russia, and illus-
trated by numerous portraits and statisti-
cal diagrams.] Large 8 Moscow, 1892

Zollikofer, T. von, and J. Gobanz.

Hohen-bestimmungen in Steiermark. 8*

Gratz, 1864

Zoppritz, Prof. Dr K. Pruyssenaere's
Reisen im Nilgebete. Parts I and 2.
(Erganzungshefte, 5 an d S 1 Peter -
mann's Miltheilungen.] 2 maps. 4

Gotha, 1877

See Boguslawski ; Hirschfeld.

Zorgdrager, C. G. See Moubach.

Zornlin, Rosina M. Recreations in
Physical Geography, or the Earth as it
is. Maps and plates. 12 1840

" Zrinyi " Voyage. See Benko.

Zschokke, H. Reisebilder aus Finnland
und Russland. 8 Vienna, 1878

Zsigmondy, Dr Emil. Im Hochgebirge ;
mit Abbildungen von G. T. Compton
herausgegeben von K. Schulz. 4

Leipzig, 1889

Zucchinetti, Dr. Souvenirs de mon

sejour chez Emin Pasha el Soudani. 4*

Cairo, 1890

Zuchold, Ernst Amandus. Dr Ludwig
Leichhardt : eine biographische Skizze.
Nebst einem Berichte iiber dessen zweite
Reise im Innern des Austral-Continents
nach dem Tagebuche seines Begleiters,
des Botanikers Daniel Bunce. Portrait
and facsimile. 8 Leipzig, 1856

Zuckerkandl. See " Novara."

Ziickert, J. F. Die Naturgeschichte und
Bergwercksverfassung des Ober Hartzes.
Small 8 Berlin, 1762

Zucoli, Luigi. Descrizione di Milano.
Map. 1 6 Milan, 1841

Zumarraga, Juan de. See Ternaux-
Compans, Vol. 16 : Appendix I.

Zuiiiga, Martinez de. Historical View
of the Philippine Islands, exhibiting their
Discovery, Population, Government,
Language, &c. Translated by J. Maver.
2 vols. Map. 8 1814

Zurita, Alonzo de. feTernaux-Compans,
Vol. II : Appendix I.

Zurla, Placido. Sulle Antiche Mappe
Idro-Geografiche lavorate in Venezia,
Commentario. Maps. 4 Venice, 1818

Zwack. D. C. F. Magazin von Natur-
uncl Landermerkwitrdigkeiten, und wun-
derbaren Ereignissen. 3 vols. Plates.
12 Sladt-am-Hof, 1806






Allgemeine Historic. See pp. 598-607.

Angelis, Pedro de. Colleccion de Obras
y Documentos relatives a la Historia,
Antigua y Moderna, de las Provincias
del Rio de la Plata, illustrados con Notas
y Disertaciones. 6 vols. Folio

Buenos Ayres y 1836-37


Guzman, Rui Diaz de. Historia Argen-
tina, del Descubrimiento, Poblacion, y
Conquista de las Provincias del Rio de
la Plata, 1612.

Cruz, Luis de la. Viage desde el Fuerte
de Ballenar, hasta la Ciudad de Buenos

Descripcion de la naturaleza de los

Terrenes, que se comprenden en los
Andes, poseidos por los Peguenches ;
y los demas espacios hasta el Rio de

Falkener, Tomas. Descripcion de Pata-
gonia, y de las partes adyacentes de la
America Meridional. Escrita en Ingles.
Derroteros y Viages a la Ciudad En-
cantada, 6 de los Ctsares ; que se
creia existiese en la Cordillera, al
Sud de Valdivia :

Roxas, Silvestre A. de. Viage desde Buenos
Aires a los Cesares, por el Tandil y el
Volcan, rumbo de Sud Oeste, 1707.

Cardiel, P. Jesuita Jose. Carta, sobre los
Descubrimientos de las Tierras Pata-
gonicas, en lo que toca a los Cesares,

Lozano, P. Pedro. Carta, sobre los Cesares
que dicen estan poblados en el estrecho
de Magallanes.

Falkner, T. Derrotero desde la Ciudad
de Buenos Aires hasta la de los Ce"sares,
que por otro nombre Human la Ciudad
Encantada, 1760.

Pinuer, Ignacio. Relacion de las Noticias
adquiridas sobre una Ciudad grande de
Espanoles, que hay entre los Indios, al
Sud de Valdivia, 1774.

Angelis, Vol. i continued.

Jauregui, Augustin de, Presidente de

Chile. Carta escrita al Virey del Peru

sobre los Cesares, 1774.
Nuevo Descubrimiento preparado por el

Gobernador de Valdivia, 1777.
Villagran, Capit. D. Fermin. Declaracion

sobre la Ciudad de los Cesares, 1781.
Uriondo, Perez de. Informe y dictamen

del Fiscal de Chile, sobre las Ciudades

de los Cesares, y los arbitrios que se

deberian emplear para descubrir-las,


Lozano, P. Pedro. Diario de un Viage
a la Costa de la Mar Magallanica,
en I745 desde Buenos Aires hasta el
Estrecho de Magallanes ; formado sobre
las Observaciones de los P.P. Cardiel y

Undiano y Gastelu, Sebastian. Proyecto
de traslacion de las fronteras de Buenos
Aires, al Rio Negro y Colorado ; al que
se agrega el Itinerario de un Camino,
desde Buenos Aires hasta Talca, por
Jose* Santiago Cerro y Zamudio.

Viedma, Francisco de. Memoria sobre
los obstaculos que han encontrado, y las
ventajas que prometen los estableci-
mientos proyectados en la Costa Pata-


Manrique, Juan del Pino. Descripcion
de la Villa de Potosi, y de los partidos
sugetos a su Intendencia, 1787.

Guevara, P. Historia del Paraguay, Rio
de la Plata, y Tucuman.

Bautista, P. Serie de los Gobernadores
del Paraguay, de Buenos Aires, y de
los Vireyes del Rio de la Plata, 1512-

Barco Centenera, Martin del. La Argen-
tina, o la Conquista Del Rio de la Plata,
Poema Historico.

Quiroga, P. Jose. Descripcion del Rio
Paraguay, desde la Boca del Xaurii,
hasta la Confluencia del Parana.

5 26


Angelis, Vol. 2 continued.

Azara, Felix de. Diario de la Navegacion

y Reconocimiento del Rio Tebicuari,



Vieclma, D. Francisco de. Descripcion
Geografica y Estadistica de la Provincia
de Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Garay, D. Juan de. Fundacion de la
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, con otros docu-
mentos de aquella epoca.

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