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Shakespeai, Capt. Sir Richmond: A
Personal Narrative of a Journey from
Herat to Orenburg on the Caspian, in
1840 [Maga, June 1842]. Wilson,
Andrew : The Inland Sea of Japan



Blackwood, Vol. 2 continued.

[Maga, Nov. 1861]. Oliphant, Lau-
rence : A Ride to Nicaragua [Maga,
May 1857]. Up Stream on the Red
River [Maga, Nov. 1 844].

Vol. 3. Taysen, Frederick : A Rein-
deer Ride through Lapland [Maga,
Aug. 1880]. Wilson, Andrew : The
Valley of the Shadow of Death [Maga,
Nov. 1874]. Osborn, Admiral Sher-
rard : A Cruise up the Yangstze in
1858-59 [Maga, June 1861]. Scott,
G. B. : Among the Afghans, a Sur-
veyor's Narrative [Maga, Nov. 1879].
The Americans and the Aborigines :
Scenes in the Short War, from the
German of Charles Sealsfield [Maga,
May -July 1846], &c.

Vol. 4 [No. 7]. Albert Smith's Ascent
of Mont Blanc [Maga, Jan. 1852].
Surre, Herbert : Summer Sport in
Nova Zemla [Maga, Sept. 1883]. A
Ride to Magnesia [Maga, Feb. -March
1847]. Hamley, Colonel Charles :
Aland the Baltic in 1854 [Maga,
June 1855].

Vol. 5. Crosse, Landor R. : The De-
struction of Szegedin [Maga, June
1879]. Smith, Lieut. -Col. H. : Re-
miniscences of a Ross-shire Forest
[Maga, Aug. 1883 and Feb. 1884].
Wilson, Andrew : A Run through
Kathiawar [Maga, Aug., Oct., and
Nov. 1876], &c.

Vol. 6. Clerk, Capt. Claud: Shiraz
to Bushire [Maga, September 1862].
Oliphant, Mrs : Life in an Island
[Maga, Jan. 1865]. A Recent Ride to
Herat [Maga, Aug. 1885]. Swire,
H. : In Search of the Eira [Maga,
Nov. 1882]. Adventures in Louisiana
[Maga, July -Aug. 1843]. Wilson,
Andrew : Kashmir [Maga, April-
May, 1875]. Oliphant, Laurence :
Travels in Circassia [Maga, June-
July, 1856].

Burney, Capt. James. Chronological
History of the Discoveries in the South
Sea or Pacific Ocean. 5 vols. Maps and
plates. 4 1803-17


Commencing with an Account of the
Earliest Discovery of that Sea by
Europeans, and terminating with
the Voyage of Sir Francis Drake.

A Brief Account of the Discoveries made
in the South Sea, previous to the Voyage
of Magalhanes. Columbus, the Cabots,
Americus Vespucius, Juan de Soils.
Magalhanes, F. de. Voyage, 1517-21.

Burney, Vol. i continued.

Sequel of the Voyage after the Death of

Magalhanes, 1521-22.
Progress of Discovery on the Western

Coast of America, 1522-24. Hernandez

Cortez, Pizzaro, Gomara. Attempt to

Discover a Strait near the Isthmus of

Loyasa, Garcia Jofre de. Voyage from

Spain to the Moluccas, 1525-27.
Discovery of the North Coa^t of Papua,

by the Portuguese.
Saavedra, Alvaro de. Voyage from New

Spain to the Moluccas, 1527-29.
Expeditions between 1526 and 1833.

Discoveries on the Western Coast of

America. Discovery of California, 1533.

S. Cabot, Villegagnon, Mendoza, Gri-

Alcazova, Simon de. Expedition to the

South from Peru, 1534-35.
Cortes, Marquis del Valle. Sails to Cali-
fornia, 1536.
Grijalva, H. de, and Alvarado. Voyage

from Peru to the Moluccas, 1537.
Camargo, Alonzo de. Voyage from Spain

to Peru, 1539.

Niza, Marcos de. Journey to Cevola, 1539.
Ulloa, F. de. Voyage, and Discovery that

California was part of the Continent.

Alarcon, Hernando de. Voyage to the

North of Mexico, 1540.
Vasquez de Cornado, F. Expedition to

the North of Mexico, 1540.
Cabrillo, J. Rodrigues. Voyage to the

North of California, 1542.
Villalobos, Ruy Lopez de. Voyage from

New Spain to Mindanao, Las Philip-

pinas, and the Moluccas, 1542-45.
Ladrilleros, Juan. Voyage from Valdivia

to the Strait of Magalhanes 1557-58.
Lopez de Legaspi, Miguel. Expedition

from New Spain to the Philippine

Islands, 1564-65.

Of the Islands discovered near the Con-
tinent of America in the Pacific Ocean.
Mendana, Alvaro de. Discovery of the

Salomon Islands, 1567.
Oxnam, John. Enterprise in the South

Sea, 1575.
Reports concerning a Discovery of a

Southern Continent.
Drake, Sir Francis. Voyage Round the

World, 1577-80.

From 1579 to 1620 :

Sarmiento de Gamboa, Pedro. Voyage
from Peru to the Strait of Magalhanes,
and thence to Europe, 1579-86.

Expedition to Fortify the Strait of




Burney, Vol. 2 continued.

Fenton, Edward, and Luke Ward. Voy-
age, 1582.

Gualle, or Gali, F. Navigation from New
Spain to the Philippines, and from
Macaoto New Spain, 1582-84.

Withrington, Rt., and Chr. Lister. Voy-
age from England, intended for the South
Sea [to Brazil], 1586.

Cavendish, Thomas. Voyage Round the
World, 1586-93.

Merick, Andrew. Voyage to the Strait
of Maghalhanes, 1589-90.

Cavendish, Thos. Second Voyage. Brief
Review of Various Reports concerning
the Discovery of a North-West Passage
to the Pacific Ocean.

Urdaneta, Andres de. Report of a Dis-
covery, 1554.

Ladrillero, Martin Chack, Maldonado.
Declarations, 1574, '79, and '88.

Lancaster, Capt. James. Postscript to his
Letter, 1600.

Fuca, Juan de. Voyage from New Spain,
for the Discovery of the Strait of Anian.

Lok, Michael. Observations on Account
of Juan de Fuca.

Reports of Islands Fontacias.

Hawkins, Sir Richard. Voyage to the
South Sea, 1593-94.

Mendana, Alvaro de. Second Voyage,

Vizcaino, Sebastian. Expedition to Cali-
fornia, 1596.

Mahu, Jacob, and Simon de Cordes. Voy-
age of Five Ships of Rotterdam to the
South Seas, 1598-1600.

Van Noort, Olivier. Voyage Round the
World, 1598-1601.

Vizcaino, Seb. Voyage to Examine the
Western Coast of California, and the
Continuation of the Coast Northward,

Morga, Ant. de. Description of the Pas-
sage from New Spain to the Philip-
pines, and the return from thence to
New Spain, 1609.

Of the Islands Rica de Ora and Rica

de Plata.

Quiros, Pedro Fern, de, Preliminary to
the Discoveries of.

Voyage from Peru to Terra Australis,


Spilbergen, Admiral Joris. Voyage Round
the World, 1614-16.

Le Maire, J., and W. C. Schouten.
Voyage Round the World, 1615-17.

Hertoge, Theodoric. The Great Terra
Australis Discovered, 1616.

Nodal, B. Garcia de, and Gon9alo dc.
Expedition to Examine Strait Le Maire,

Torres, Luis Vaez de. Relation concern-
ing the Discoveries of Quiros, 1607.

Burney, Vol. 2cotimied.

Quiros, P. F. de. Information collected

from the Natives of Islands in the South

Sea, 1606.

From 1620 to 1688 :

L'Heremite, Adm. Jacob. Voyage of the
Nassau Fleet to the South Sea, and to
the East Indies, 1623-26.

Of the Early Intercourse of Europeans
with China, and their Settlements on the
Island Formosa, and various other events
to 1638.

Kwast, Capt. Matthys. Voyage to the Sea
East of Japan, 1639.

Tasman, Capt. A. J. Voyage from Batavia
for making Discoveries of the Unknown
South Land, 1642-43.

Brouwer, Hendrick. Expedition to Chili,

Vries, M. G. de, and II. C. Schaep.
Voyage of the Ships " Kastrikom " and
" Breskens " to the North of Japan,

Tasman, Captain. Second Voyage of Dis-
covery, 1644.

Fonte, Bartholomew de, Doubtful Rela-
tion of a Voyage by, 1640.

Brief Narrative of the First Entrance of
the Russians into the Sea East of Asia,

Hamel, H. Narrative of the Wreck of a
Dutch Ship on the Island Quelpaert,
and the Captivity of her Crew in the
Korea, with a Description of the King-
dom of Korea, 1653-66.

Western Navigation from Europe to the
East Indies.

The Island Formosa taken from the Hol-
landers, 1662.

Early Instance of the Use of Time-keepers
at Sea, 1663.

Of Islands marked in the Chart with the
name Santa Tecla.

Follada, J. Baptiste de la. Voyage from
the Moluccas to Europe, 1667.

Commencement of Missionary Undertak-
ings to the Islands in the South Sea,
and Settlements of the Ladrone Islands,
by the Spaniards, 1662-95.

Narborough, Capt. John. Voyage to Pata-
gonia and Chile, 1669-71.

Trading Voyages from Europe to the South
Sea, by Strait Le Maire, 1671-72.

Attempt by the English East India Com-
pany to re-establish their Trade with
Japan, 1673.

Peche, Thomas. Voyage to the Molucca
and Philippine Islands, and in Search
of the Strait of Anian, 1672.

Roche, Ant. de la. Voyage from Ham-
burgh to the South Sea, 1674-75.

Discoveries made by the Japanese to the
North of Japan, 1684-85.



Burney, Vol. 3 continued.

Attempts of the Portuguese to Renew their
Trade with Japan, 1685.

The name Carolinas given to Islands South-
ward of the Marianas, 1686.

First Mission of the French Jesuits to
China, 1687.

Islas de 1688. Island Donna Maria de

Memoir Explanatory of a Chart of the
Coast of China, and the Sea Eastward,
from the River of Canton to the Southern
Islands of Japan.


From 1688 to 1723, including a His-
tory of the Buccaneers of America :

Considerations on the Rights Acquired
by the Discovery of Unknown Lands,
and on the Claims advanced by the

Review of the Dominion of the Spaniards
in Hayti or Hispaniola, 1492-1519.

Ships of Different European Nations fre-
quent the West Indies. Opposition Ex-
perienced by them from the Spaniards.
Hunting of Cattle in Hispaniola.

Iniquitous Settlement of the Island Saint
Christopher by the English and French.
Tortuga seized by the Hunters, 1625-30.

Origin of the name Buccaneer ; the name
Filibuster. Customs Attributed to the

Increase of English and French in the
West Indies, 1630-33. Tortuga Sur-
prised by the Spaniards, 1638.

Mansvelt attempts to Form an Independ-
ent Buccaneer Establishment, 1664.

Morgan succeeds Mansvelt as Chief of the
Buccaneers, 1665.

Treaty of America, 1670.

Expedition of the Buccaneers against Pa-
nama, 1670.

Exquemelin's History of the 'American Sea

Peche, Thomas. Voyage, 1673.

La Sound attempts to Cross the Isthmus
of America, 1675.

De Vea, Ant. Voyage to the Strait of
Magalhanes, 1676.

Various Adventures of the Buccaneers in
the West Indies, to 1679.

Meeting of Buccaneers at the Samballas,
and Golden Island, 1680.

Account of the Mosquito Indians.

Journey of the Buccaneers across the Isth-
mus of America, 1680.

First Buccaneer Expedition to the South
Sea, 1680-82.

Disputes between the French Government
and their West India Colonies, 1680.

Burney, Vol. 4 continued.

Morgan, Sir Henry, becomes Deputy Go-
vernor of Jamaica, 1680.

Van Horn, Granmont, and De Graaf, go
against La Vera Cruz, 1683.

Circumstances which preceded the Second
Irruption of the Buccaneers into the
South Sea.

Cook, John, Buccaneers under, Sail from
Virginia, stop at the Cape de Verde
Islands, Sierra Leone, Pepys' Island,
Juan Fernandez, the Galapagos Islands,
thence to the Coast of New Spain, 1683-

Davis, Edw. On the Coast of New
Spain and Peru, the Cocos and Gala-
pagos Islands, 1684-85.

Third Visit to the Galapagos, sailing

Southward discovers an Island, arrives
in the West Indies, 1687-88.

Swan and Townley's Adventures on the
Coast of New Spain, until their Separa-
tion, 1685.

Swan, Captain, and J. Reed. The
"Cygnet" and her Crew on the Coast
of Nueva Galicia, and at the Tres Marias
Islands ; Passage across the Pacific
Ocean, at the Ladrones, Mindanao,
Ponghou Isles, Five Islands, Philippines,
Celebes, and Timor, on the Coast of
New Holland; end of the "Cygnet,"

French Buccaneers under Franois Grog-
niet and Le Picard, to the Death of
Grogniet, 1685-87.

Retreat of the French Buccaneers across
New Spain to the West Indies. All
the Buccaneers quit the South Sea,

Pointis, M. de. Siege and Plunder of
the City of Carthagena on the Terra
Firma, by an Armament from France, in
Conjunction with the Filibusters of Saint
Domingo, 1686-97.

Second Plunder of Carthagena. Peace
of Ryswick, 1697. Entire Suppression
of the Buccaneers and Filibusters, 1697-

Strong, Capt. John. Voyage to the Coast
of Chili, 1689-91.

Genncs, M. dc. Voyage to the Strait of
Magalhanes, 1695-97.

Careri, Gemclli. Passage from Manilla to
New Spain, 1697.

Of the Expeditions of the Spaniards in
California, to their First Establishment
in 1697.

Otondo, Don Isidro. Expedition, 1683-85.

Salvatierra goes to California, 1697.
Kino, and Salvatierra, P. P., Doubt con-
cerning the Junction of California with
the Continent verified by.



Burney, Vol. 4 continued.

The Company of Scotland Trading to

Africa and the Indies. History of the

Colony formed by them at Darien, 1695-

Beauchesne Gouin, M. de. Voyage to the

South Sea, 1698-1701.
Halley, Edmund. Voyage to the South

Atlantic Ocean, 1698-1700.
Dampier, Capt. William. Voyages to New

Holland, New Guinea, and the South

Sea, 1690-1705.
Funnel, William. Voyage from the Coast

of New Spain to the East Indies.
Voyages of the Dutch for the Farther

Discovery of New Holland and New

Guinea, 1705-6.
Navigations of the French to the South

Sea, 1703-8.
Rogers, Capt. Woodes. Voyage Round

the World, 1708-11.
Voyages of the French to the South Sea,

Frezier, M. Voyage to the South Sea,

Barbinais, L. G. de la. Voyage to the

South Sea, 1714-18.
The Asiento Contract, 1713.
The English South Sea Company, 1711.
Welbe, John. Plan for a Voyage of Dis-
covery of the Terra Australis, 1713-
Clipperton, Capt. John, and Capt. G.

Shelvockc. Voyage to the South Sea,

Roggewein, Jacob. Voyage Round the

World, 1721-22.

To 1764:

The Carolinas, or New Phillippine Islands.
Clain, P. Paul. Letter from Manila,


Sidoti, J. Baptiste. Mission to Japan, 1709.
Somera, Josef. Voyage to the Palaos, or

Pelew Islands, 1710.
Egui, Bernard de. Islands Discovered,

Cantova, P. Juan Ant. Letter containing

a Description of the Carolinas Islands,

Bouvet, Lozier. Voyage in 1738-39 to

Search for Lands in the Southern Atlantic

Anson, Comm. George. Voyage Round

the World, 1739-43.
Cheap, Captain David. Wreck of the

British Frigate the " Wager," and the

Subsequent Proceedings and Adventures
' of Capt. Cheap and his Ship's Company,

Missionary Voyage to Patagonia, 1745-46.

Burney, Vol. 5 continued.

Brignon, M. le Hen. Voyage of the
French ship " Le Conde " to Chili and
Peru, 1747.

Guyot, Ducloz P. N. Journal of a Voy-
age of the Spanish ship " Leon " to
Chili and Peru, and her Return to
Europe, 1753-56.

Bougainville, M. de. Voyage to the Ma-
louines, or Falkland Islands, 1763-66.

Of Islands Marked in the Charts of the
Pacific Ocean, and in the Tables of
Situations, concerning which no other
Notices are Found.

Gualle, F. de, Mistranslation of his Navi-
gation to New Spain by Linschoten.

Maldonado, L. Ferrar. Manuscript Re-
lation of a Voyage to the Strait of

Burney, Capt. James. A Chronological
History of North-Eastern Voyages of
Discovery and of the Early Eastern
Navigations of the Russians. Maps. 8


Callander, J. Terra Australis Cognita ;
or, Voyages to the Terra Australis or
Southern Hemisphere, during the Six-
teenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth
Centuries. Containing an Account of
the Manners of the People and the Pro-
ductions of the Countries hitherto found
in the Southern Latitudes ; the advan-
tages that may result from further dis-
coveries of this great Continent, and the
methods of establishing Colonies there,
to the advantage of Great Britain. 3
vols. Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1766-68


Americo Vesputio's Voyages to Magel-
lanica, 1501. Americo's Fourth Voyage,
in 1503. Binot Paulmier De Goneville
to Australasia. Ferdinand Magellan to
Magellanica and Polynesia. Carjaval
and Ladrilleros to Magellanica. Garcia
de Loaisa to Polynesia, &c. Alvar De
Saavedra to Polynesia and Australasia.
Diego Hurtado to Polynesia. Simon De
Alcazova to Magellanica. Francisco De
Ulloa to the North- West of California.
Alphonso De Camargo to Magellanica.
Juan Gaetan and Bertrand della Torre
to Polynesia. Villegagnon to South
America. Alvar De Mendoza to Poly-
nesia. Sir Francis Drake to Magel-
lanica and Polynesia. Nuno Da Silva to
Magellanica. John Winter to Magel-
lanica. Lopez Vaz's Account of Drake's
Voyage to Magellanica. Pedro Sarmi-
ento to Magellanica. Fenton's Voyage
to Magellanica. Francisco De Gualle



Callander, Vol. i continued.

to Polynesia. Sir Thomas Cavendish to
Magellanica for the second time.


Sir Richard Hawkins to Magellanica, in
1593. Fernand de Quiros to Poly-
nesia and Australasia. George Spilberg
to Magellanica and Polynesia. James
Le Maire and William Schouten to
Magellanica, Polynesia, and Australasia.
Garcia De Nodal to Magellanica.
Account of the Dutch Navigations to the
Terris Australis, from 1616 to the end of
the 1 7th century. Jacques Le Hermite
to Polynesia and Australasia. Francis
Pelsart to Australasia. Gerard Pool to
Australasia. Abel Tasman to Austral-
asia. Henry Brewer to Magellanica.
A Dutch Frigate to the Isle of Tristan
d'Acunha, in 1643. Vink to Austral-
asia. Sir John Narborough to Magel-
lanica, in 1670. Keyts to Australasia,
in 1678. Bartholomew Sharp to Magel-
lanica, in 1680. Cowley to Magellanica
and Polynesia, in 1683. William Dam-
pier to Magellanica and Polynesia.
Lionel Wafer to Magellanica.


De Gennes to Magellanica. Vlaming to
the East Indies by the Cape of Good
Hope. History of the New Philippine
Islands. Antony Cantova to the Caroline
Islands. Manners and Customs of the
Inhabitants of the Marion or Ladrone
Islands. Beauchesne Gouin to Magel-
lanica. Dam pier's last Voyage Round
the World. Funnell's Voyage Round the
World. Fouquet and Peree to the South
Seas. Captain Woodes Rogers's famous
Voyage Round the World. Louis Feuil-
lee to the South Seas. Monsieur
Frezier's curious and useful Journal of his
Voyage to Magellanica. La Barbinais's
Voyage Round the World. Clipperton's
Voyage to the South Seas and East
Indies. Shelvocke's Voyage Round
the World. Commodore Roggewein's
Voyage Round the World, with a full
Account of the Dutch Settlements in
India. Lozier Bouvet to Magellanica.
Commodore Anson's Voyage Round the
World. The Hon. George Murray,
Esq., his Account of the Separation of
the ships "Severn" and "Pearl "from
Anson's Squadron. Don Antonio Ulloa
to the South Seas. Hen Brignon to
Magellanica. Commodore Byron to the
South Seas. Of the Method of Forming
Colonies in the Terra Australis, and the
advantages that may be expected to result
to Great Britain from such Establish-
ments in that Hemisphere,

Churchill, A. and J. Collection of Voyages
and Travels : some now first Printed from
Original Manuscripts ; others Translated
out of Foreign Languages, and now first
Published in English ; to which are added
some few that have formerly appeared in
English, but do now for their Excellency
and Scarceness deserve to be Reprinted ;
with a General Preface, giving an Ac-
count of the Progress of Navigation,
from its Beginning to the Perfection it is
now in. Also a Collection compiled
from the Curious and Valuable Library
of the late Earl of Oxford [the Harleian
Collection]. 8 vols. Maps and plates.
Folio 1707-47


Navarette, D. F. Account of the Em-
pire of China, Historical, Political,
Moral, and Religious.

Baumgarten, M. Travels through Egypt,
Arabia, Palestine, and Syria ; with the
Author's Life.

Brawern, H., and E. Herckemann. Voy-
age to the Kingdom of Chili in America.

Candidius, G. Account of the Island of
Formosa in the East Indies.

Japan. Curious Remarks on the Empire
of Japan. From the High -Dutch.

Monck, Capt. J. Account of a most
Dangerous Voyage to Hudson's Straits,
in order to Discover a Passage that way
to the West Indies ; with a Description
of Old and New Greenland.

Beauplan, Sieur de. Description of Uk-
raine, with the Customs, Manner of
Living, and of Managing the Wars of
those People.

Angelo, M., and D. Carli. Curious and
Exact Account of a Voyage to Congo in

Merolla da Sorrento, Jerom. Voyage to
Congo and several other Countries in
the Southern Africk.

Roe, Sir Thomas. Journal of his Voyage
to the East Indies, and Observations
there during his Residence at the
Mogul's Court, as Ambassador from


Nieuhoff, J. Voyages and Travels into
Brazil, and the best parts of the East

Smith, Capt. J. True Travels and Ad-
ventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and
America, from 1592 to 1629.

Greenland and Spitzbergen. Two Jour-
nals : The First kept by Seven Sailors,
in the Isle of S. Maurice in Green-
land, in 1633-4, who passed the winter,
and all died in the Island : The Second;
kept by Seven other Sailors, who in
1633-4 wintered at Spitzbergen.



Churchill, Vol. 2 continued.

Spitzbergen. A True and Short Account
of Forty-two Persons who Perished by
Shipwreck near Spitzbergen in 1646.

Peyrere, La. Account of Iceland, sent
to M. de la Mothe de Vayer.

Account of Greenland.

James, Capt. T. Strange and Dangerous
Voyage in his intended Discovery of
the North-West Passage into the South-
Sea, in 1631-32; with curious Observa-

Backhoff, F. Iskowitz, Muscovite Envoy.
Voyage into China.

Wagener, Z. Voyage through a great part
of the World into China.

Columbus, Christopher. Life, and the
History of his Discovery of the West
Indies, by his son D. F. Columbus.

Greaves, John. Pyratnidographia ; or,
A Description of the Pyramids of

Discourse of the Roman Foot and

Denarius, from whence, as from Two
Principles, the Measures and Weights
used by the Ancients may be deduced.

Borri, R. F. Chr. Account of Cochin-
china, in two Parts.


Ovalle, Alonso de. Historical Relation of
the Kingdom of Chili.

Monson, Sir William. Naval Tracts.
Treating of all the Actions of the English
by Sea, under Queen Elizabeth and
King James I. ; the Office of High
Admiral and his Inferior Officers; Dis-
coveries and Enterprises of the Spaniards
and Portugueses ; Projects and Strata-
gems ; and of Fish and Fishery.

Baldceus, Philip. A True and Exact
Description of the most Celebrated East-
India Coast of Malabar and Coromandel,
and of the Island Ceylon, with all the
adjacent Countries.


Careri, J. F. Gemelli. Voyage Round
the World, containing the most Remark-
able Things in Turkey, Persia, India,
China, the Philippine Islands, and New

Corea. An Account of the Shipwreck of
a Dutch Vessel on the Coast of the
Isle of Quelpaert, together with the
Description of the Kingdom of Corea.

Sepp, F. F. Ant., and Ant. Behme. Ac-
count of a Voyage from Spain to Para-

Salomon. A Fragment concerning the
Discovery of the Islands of Salomon.

Techo, F. Nich. del. History of the
Provinces of Paraguay, Tucuman, Rio de
la Plata, Parana, Guaira, and Urvaica,

Churchill, Vol. 4 continued.

and something of the Kingdom of Chile,
in South America.

Pelham's Preservation of Eight Men in
Greenland, nine months and twelve

Merin's Journey to the Mines in Hungary.

Ten Rhyne's Account of the Cape of Good
Hope and the Hottentotes, the Bar-
barous Natives of that Country.

Boland's Observations on the Streights of
Gibraltar and the Tides and Currents.


Barbot, J. Description of the Coasls of
North and South Guinea and of Ethiopia
Inferior, vulgarly Angola, being a New
and Accurate Account of the Western
Maritime Countries of Africa; with a
New Relation of the Province of Guiana,
and of the Rivers of Amazons and Oron-
oque in South America; and an Account
of the First Discoveries of America
in the I4th Century. From Herrera's
History of the West Indies.

Rolamb, Nicholas. Relation of a Journey
to Constantinople.


Baron, S. Description of the Kingdom
of Tonqueen.

Careri, J. G. Travels through Europe.

Norwood, Col. Voyage to Virginia.

Phillips, Capt. Journal of his Voyage
from England to Cape Mounseradoe in
Africa, and along the Coast of Guiney to
Whidaw, the Island of St Thomas, and
so forward to Barbadoes.

Gatonbe, J. Voyage into the North-West
Passage by Sir George Lancaster and

Everard, Rob. Relation of Three Years'
Sufferings upon the Coast of Assada,
near Madagascar, in a Voyage to India.

Mosquito. A Familiar Description of the
Mosqueto Kingdom in America, with a
Relation of their Strange Customs,
Religion, Wars, &c.

Lord, Rev. H. Discovery of Two Foreign
Sects in the East Indies, viz., the Sect
of the Banians, the Ancient Natives
of India ; and the Sect of the Persees,
the Ancient Inhabitants of Persia, with
the Religion and Manners of each Sect.

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 95 of 141)