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May, C. Account of the Wonderful Pre-
servation of the Ship "Terra Nova" of
London, Homeward Bound from Vir-

Mocha. Account of the King of Mocha,
and of his Country.

Bombay. Some Reasons for the Unhealthi-
ness of the Island of Bombay.

Skippon, Sir Philip. Journey through
Part of the Low Countries, Germany,
Italy, and France.



Churchill continued.


Osborne, T. Introductory Discourse con-
cerning Geography, Navigation, Govern-
ment, Commerce, Religion, Travel, and
a Geographical Description of Europe.

Gonzales, Manuel. Voyage to Great
Britain, containing an Historical, Geo-
graphical, Topographical, Political, and
Ecclesiastical Account of England and

Story, John. Travels through Sweden,
with a Brief Description of all its Pro-

Muscovy. A Description of Muscovy,
containing its Ancient and Modern State,
Situation, Extent, Latitude, &c.

Overbury, Sir Thomas. Observations in
his Travels upon the State of the Seven-
teen Provinces, as they stood A. D. 1609.

France and Italy, a Tour in, made by an
English Gentleman, 1675.

Davis, William. A True Relation of the
Travels and Captivity of, under the Duke
of Florence, wherein is truly set down
the Manner of his Taking, Time of
Slavery, and the Means of Delivery, after
Eight Years and Ten Months' Captivity
in the Gallies; with a Description of
Civita Vecchia, Algier, Tunis, Leghorn,
Naples, the River of Amazons, the
Islands of Malta and Cyprus.

Ussher, Abp. J. Geographical and His-
torical Disquisition touching the Asia
properly so called, the Lydian Asia
(which is the Asia mentioned in the New
Testament), the Proconsular Asia, and
the Asian Diocese.

Turkey. A General Account of the Tur-
kish Empire.

Blount, Henry. Voyage into the Levant.

Daulphinois, Nicholas N., Lord of Arfeuile.
Navigations, Peregrinations, and Voy-
ages made into Turkey.

Cartwright, John. The Preacher's Travels
to the Confines of the East Indies,
through the Great Countries of Syria,
Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hyr-
cania, and Parthia, with the Author's
Return by the way of Persia, Susiana,
Assyria, Chaldea, and Arabia ; with a
Survey of the Kingdom of Persia, a
Relation of Sir A. Sherley's Entertain-
ment, and a Descripiion of a Port in the
Persian Gulf.

Biddulph, W. Travels of Four English-
men, and a Preacher, into Africa, Asia,
Troy, Bythinia, Thracia, the Black Sea,
Syria, Cilicia, Pisidia, Mesopotamia,
Damascus, Canaan, Galilee, Samaria,
Judea, Palestina, Jerusalem, Jericho, and
the Red Sea, in 1600 and 1611.

Churchill, Vol. 7 continued.

Dandini, Father Jerom. Voyage to Mount
Libanus, wherein is an Account of the
Customs and Manners of the Turks ;
also a Description of Candia, Nicosia,
Tripoli, &c.


Baudier, M. History of the Court of the
King of China.

Bernardine of Escalanta. Account of the
Empire of China, with a Discourse of
the Navigation which the Portugueze do
make to the Realms and Provinces of
the East Parts of the World. Translated
by Frampton.

Sa, Pedro de. Description of Siam.

Siam. A Full and True Relation of the
Great and Wonderful Revolution in the
Kingdom of Siam, in the East Indies ;
also an Account of the Expulsion of all
the Jesuits, &c., of the French Nation
out of that Kingdom.

Bernier, F. Voyage to Surat, containing
the History of the late Revolution of the
Empire of the Great Mogul, with a
Letter to Lord Colbert touching the
Extent of Indostan, and a Description of
Delhi and Agra ; together with the
Emperor's Voyage toKachemirein 1644,
commonly called the Paradise of the

Coverte, Capt. Rob. True and almost
Incredible Report of an Englishman,
that (being cast away in Cambaya, the
farthest part of the East Indies) Tra-
velled by Land through many Unknown
Kingdoms and Great Cities ; with a
Description of all those Kingdoms, Cities,
and Peoples, and a Discovery of the
Great Mogul ; to which is prefixed an
Account of India Proper.

Bruton, W. News from the East Indies ;
or, A Voyage to Bengalla, one of the
Greatest Kingdoms under the Great
Mogul, with the State and Magnificence
of the Court of Malcandy, kept by the
Nabob, or Vice- King, under the afore-
said Monarch ; also their Detestable
Religion, Wicked Sacrifices, and Im-
pious Customs.

East Indies. A True Relation of the Un-
just, Cruel, and Barbarous Proceedings
against the English, at Amboyna, in the
East Indies, by the Netherlandish Gover-
nor and Council there.

A True Declaration of the News
that came out of the East Indies, con-
cerning a Conspiracy discovered in the
Island of Amboyna, and the Punishment
following thereon, in 1624.

An Answer unto the Dutch Pamphlet,
made in Defence of the Unjust and
Barbarous Proceedings against the Eng-
lish at Amboyna by the Hollanders



Churchill, Vol. 8 continued.

East Indies. A Remonstrance of the Direc-
tors of the Netherlands East India Com-
pany, in Defence, touching the Bloody
Proceeding against English Merchants,
executed at Amboyna ; with the Acts of
the Process, and Reply of the English
East India Company.

Galvano, Ant. Discoveries of the World,
from their first Original unto 1555-
Corrected, Quoted, and Published in
English by R. Hakluyt.

East Indies. Description of a Voyage
made by certain Ships of Holland into
the East Indies, with their Adventures
and Successes, in 1595-97 ; to which is
added the Sea Journal of the Hollanders
into Java, &c.

Drake, Sir Francis. The World Encom-
passed : Collected out of the Notes of
Mr Francis Fletcher, and Compared
with Divers other Notes of others that
went in the same Voyage.

Knight, Francis. Relation of Seven Years'
Slavery under the Turks of Algier,
suffered by an English Captive Mer-
chant ; with a Description of Algier.

Dunton, John. True Journal of the
Sallee Fleet, with the Proceedings of the

Phelps, Thomas. True Account of the
Captivity of, at Machiness, in Barbary,
in 1684-85.

Guinea. A True Relation of the Inhuman
and Barbarous Murders of Negroes or
Moors, committed on Three English-
men in Old Calabar in Guiney.

Pigafetta, Philippo. Report of the King-
dom of Congo, a Region in Africa, and
of the Countries that border round about
the same, drawn out of the Writings of
Odoardo Lopez.

Froger. Relation of a Voyage made in
1695-97, on the Coasts of Africa, by a
Squadron of French Men-of-War, under
the Command of M. de Gennes.

Le Maire, Sieur. Voyages of, to the
Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Senegal,
and Gambia.

Boothby, Richard. A Brief Discovery or
Description of the most Famous Island
of Madagascar, or St Laurence, in Asia,
near unto the East Indies.

Castle, W. A Short Discovery of the
Coast and Continent of America, from
the Equinoctial Northward, and of the
Adjacent Isles ; with Sir Benj. Rudger's
Speech, Jan. 1644, concerning America.

King Charles I. : Commission for the Well-
governing of our People Inhabiting in
Newfoundland, or Trafficking in Bays,
Creeks, or Fresh Rivers there.

Geare, Allen. Ebenezer ; or, A Monu-
ment of Thankfulness, being a True

Churchill, Vol. 8 continued.

Account of the Preservation of Nine
Men in a Small Boat, Inclosed within
Islands of Ice, about Seventy Leagues
from Land, and Continued in Distress
Twenty-eight Days ; with Considerations
of the Trade of Newfoundland.

Nova Francia ; or, The Description of that
part of New France, which is one Con-
tinent with Virginia, Described in the
Voyages made by MM. de Monto, du
Pont-Grave, and de Poutrincourt, into
La Cadia, lying to the South-West of
Cape Breton.

Warren, George. Description of Suri-
nam, upon the Continent of Guiana, in

Clarke, E. D. Travels in Various Coun-
tries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. 5 vols.
Maps and plates. 4

Part I. Russia, Tartary, and Turkey.


Part 2. Sect. 1-3. Greece, Egypt, and

the Holy Land. 1812-16

Part 3. Sect. I. Scandinavia. 1819

The same. 1 1 vols. Portraits, maps,

and woodcuts. 8 1816-24

Vols. I and 2. Russia, Tartary, and


Vols. 3-8. Greece, Egypt, and the
Holy Land, with a Journey from
Constantinople to Vienna, and an
Account of the Gold Mines of
Transylvania and Hungary.
Vols. 9-11. Scandinavia.
Travels in Various Countries of Scan-
dinavia, including Denmark, Sweden,
Norway, Lapland, and Finland. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 4 1838

Dalrymple, A. Historical Collection of
the several Voyages and Discoveries in
the South Pacific Ocean. 2 vols. in i.
Maps. 4 1770-71


Being chiefly a Literal Translation
from the Spanish Writers :

Account of some Natural Curiosities at

Enquiry into the Formation of Islands.

Of the Salomon Islands.

Magalhane's Voyage, 1520.

Grijalva, Ferdinand, and Alvarado's Voy-
age, 1537-

Spanish Discoveries before 1595.

Fernandez, Juan. Voyage, 1576.

Mendana dc Neyra, Alvaro. Voyage,


Quiros, P. F. de. Voyage, 1606, with a
Relation of a Memorial presented to His
Majesty, about the Discovery of the
Southern Continent.



Dalrymple, Pacific, Vol. I continued,

Figueroa, Christoval Suarez. Additions
and Elucidations to the Voyage of A.
Mendano de Neyra, 1595-
Containing the Dutch Voyages :

Le Mair, James, and W. Schouten. Voy-
age, 1616.

Tasman, A. J. Voyage, 1642-43.

Roggewein, Jacob. Voyage, 1722.

Conduct of the Discoverers in the Tracks
they made choice of.

Investigation of what may be farther ex-
pected in the South Sea.

Vocabulary of Languages in some of the
Islands visited by Le Maire and Schou-

Dalrymple, A. Tracts, from 1764 to
1808. 3 vols. 8


An Account of the Discoveries made in
the South Pacific Ocean previous to
1764. Map and plates 1767

A General View of the East India Company,
1769, with some Observations on the
Present State of their Affairs. 1772

A Paper concerning the General Govern-
ment of India.

The Rights of the East India Company.


An Account of what has passed between
the India Directors and A. Dalrymple ;
intended as an Introduction to a Plan
for Extending the Commerce of this
Kingdom by an Establishment at Balam-
bangan. 1769

A Plan for Extending the Commerce of
this Kingdom, and of the East India
Company. Map 1769

A Letter to the Proprietors of East India
Stock concerning the proposed Super-
visors. 1 769

Considerations on a Pamphlet entitled
"Thoughts on our Acquisitions in the
East Indies, particularly respecting
Bengal." 1772

A Full and Clear Proof that the Spaniards
can have no Claim to Balambangan.


Considerations on the Present State of
Affairs between England and America.


Considerations on the East India Bill now
depending in Parliament. 1779

State of the East India Company. 1780

Heads of an Agreement between Parlia-
ment and the East India Company. 1780

Reflections on the Present State of the
East India Company. 1783

A Short Account of the Gentoo Mode of
Collecting the Revenues on the Coast of
Coromandel. 1783

Dalrymple, Tracts, Vol. I continued.

Postscript to Mr Dairy mple's Account,
being Observations made on a Perusal of
it, by Moodoo Kistna. 1785


A Retrospective View of the Ancient Sys-
tem of the East India Company, with a
Plan of Regulation. 1784

An Account of the Loss of the ' ' Gros-
venor " Indiaman, commanded by Capt.
John Coxon, on 4th August 1782 (in-
ferred to have happened between 28
and 29 S. ), with a Relation of Events
which befel the Survivors. 1785

A Fair State of the Case between the
East India Company and the Owners of
Ships now in their Service ; with Con-
siderations on Mr Brough's Pamphlet
concerning the East India Company's
Shipping. 1 786

A Serious Admonition to the Public on
the Intended Thief-Colony at Botany
Bay. 1786

Review of the Contest, concerning four
new Regiments graciously offered by
His Majesty to be sent to India, on the
late Apprehension of War. 1788

A Letter to a Friend on the Test Act,
by a Christian Believer, Philanthropist,
and North Briton.

The Spanish Pretensions fairly discussed.
Maps 1790

The Spanish Memorial of 4th June con-
sidered. 1790

Parliamentary Reform Improper in the
Present State of this Country. 1792

Mr Fox's Letter to his Worthy and In-
dependent Electors of Westminster con-
sidered. 1793

Observations on the Copper Coinage wanted
for the Circars. 1 794

The Poor Man's Friend. 1795

A Fragment on the Indian Trade, written
in 1791. 1797


Memorial to the Proprietors of India Stock,

An Account of what has passed between

the India Directors and A. Dalrymple,

&c. 1768

Considerations on a Pamphlet, &c. 1772
Thoughts of an Old Man, &c. 1800

Longitude. 1806

Case of A. Dalrymple, late Ilydrographer

to the Admiralty. 1808

[For Tracts, from 1769 to 1793, see Dal-
rymple in Authors' Catalogue].

Dalrymple, A. Oriental Repertory : Vol.
i. From April 1791 to January 1793 ;
Vol. 2. Concluded in 1808. Maps and
plates. 4 1793-1808



Dalrymple, Repertory continued.

Letter from Dr A. Anderson to Dr William
Roxburgh, containing an Account of
the Climate and Productions of Tra-
vancore Country.

Roxburgh, Dr W. A Botanical Descrip-
tion of the Tree-Indigo, or Nerium Tinc-

Ewart, Lieut. J. S. Summary Account of
the Weather at Nagpore, 1782 and '83.

Lemon, Lieut. W. C. Memoir of a Sketch
of the Roads into the Combum and
Cudapah Countries, 1783.

Mackenzie, Colin. Account of the Plan
of the Roads, from Nellore to the West-
ern Passes, and to Ongole, Inacunda,
&c., 1788.

Introduction to Mr Bowyear's Voyage to

Letter to the King of Cochin-China, Mr
Bowyear's Instructions, and Mr Bow-
year's Journal, 1695-97, and King of
Cochin-China's Letter.

Letter concerning the Negrais Expedition,
and concerning the adjacent countries,

The Consequence of Settling an European
Colony on the Island Negrais.

Baker, Capt. George. Observations at
Persaim, 1755.

Journal of his Embassy to the King

of the Buraghmahns.

Short Character of that King.

Short Account of that Country.

Account of the English Proceedings at
Dagoon, 1755.

Lester, Ensign. Embassy to the King
of Ava, 1757.

Treaty concluded with the King of Ava.

Turner, W. Brief Account of the Trade
of Arracan, 1761.

Account of Tippo Sultaun, 1790.

Account of Nair Princes, on the Malabar

Kirsop, R. Some Account of Cochin-
China, 1750.

Account of Malwa.

Malet, Sir C. W. Description of Ugen,


Account of Bandelcund.
Account of Jaypoor.
Account of the Jauts.
Account of the Province of Agra.
Alves, Capt. W. Proceedings in Ava,

on an Embassy, 1760.
Topping, M. Account of Quedah, 1789.
Account of the Morattas. From a Persian

Topping, M. Latitude and Longitude

of Places between Masulipatam and

Calcutta, with Remarks on the Country,

1 786 and 1787.

Dalrymple, Repertory, Vol. icontd.
Route from Poonah to Ballisore, as

travelled by Colonel Upton on his return

to Bengal, 1777.
Dalrymple, A. Essay towards an Account

of Sooloo, 1763.


Jesse, J. Account of Borneo-Proper, in


Barton, Lieut. J. Description of Balam-
bangan, and the adjacent countries, in
1769 to 1774.

Inundation of the Country along the Bay
of Coringa, 1787.

Noble, C. F. Remarks at the French
Islands, Mauritius and Bourbon, 1755.

Of Madagascar, 1755.

Poorun Geer Goosain. Narrative of the
Teshoo-Lama's Journey to Pekin, in
1779 and 1780, and of his death there.

Comyn, Lieut. J. Description of the Ceded
Countries on the Malabar Coast, 1793.

Abstract of Letters received, at Fort St
George, from the Earliest Records re-
maining, to the year 1744.

Account of the Island Bourbon, in 1763.

Mustepha's Journey from Bengal to Pondi-
cherry, 1758.

Pigou, F. Of Amoy and Shanghay.

Mackenzie, Capt. Colin. Source of the
Pennar River.

Embassy of Mr Edward Fleetwood to Ava,
in 1695.

Andrews, J. Chilka Lake.

Journal from Cuttack to Mangapatam,
Maloud, and Ganjam.

Chilka Lake, Cattack, 1775.

Ganjam to Ballasore, 1775.

Letters from Corcondah, 1794. Trans-
lated from the German by William
Marsden, Esq.

Nerher Dass Gossein, Fukeer. His Ac-
count of Meckley, 1763.

Roxburgh, Dr W. Of Chanda.

First Formation, and Progressive Improve-
ments, of the Establishment on Pooloo
Peenang, or Prince Wales Island.

De la Richarderie, G. Boucher. Biblio-
theque Universelle cles Voyages, ou
Notice complete et raisonnee de tons les
Voyages Anciens et Modernes dans les
differentes parties du Monde, publics
tant en langue Franaise qu'en langues
etrangeres, classes par ordre de pays
dans leur serie chronologique ; avec des
extraits plus ou moins rapides des Voyages
les plus estimes de chaque pays, et des
jugemens motives sur les Relations
anciennes qui ont le plus de celebrite.
6 vols. 8 Paris, 1808



De la Richarderie continued.


Part I. On the Utility of Voyages and
their Usefulness; Voyages of the
Ancients ; Voyages during the Middle
Ages ; Great and Little Voyages of
different Peoples ; General History of
Voyages ; Voyages round the World,
and in different parts.

Part 2. Voyages in Europe, generally.


Continuation of Part 2 of Vol. I. Euro-
pean Voyages.


Continuation of Part 2. Descriptions of
Travels in various European Countries

Part 3. A General Description of Africa ;

Voyages in Africa.
Part 4. Description of Turkey, and

Travels therein ; also in Arabia, Persia,

and India.

Continuation of Part 4. Descriptions of

India, Japan, China, Siberia, Kamschatka,

Asiatic Russia.
Part 5. Travels in America.


Continuation of Part 5. Description of
America ; the United States and Canada,
and Accounts of Travels therein ; also
Descriptions of and Travels in Central
and South America.

Part 6. Voyages made in the Pacific and
South Seas generally.

Eyries, J. B. B. Abrege des Voyages
Modernes depuis 1780 jusqu'a nos jours,
contenant ce qu'il y a de plus remar-
quable, de plus utile et de mieux avere
dans les pays ou les voyageurs opt
penetre ; les mceurs des habitans, la
religion, les usages, arts et sciences,
commerce et manufactures. 14 vols.
in 7. 8 Paris, 1822-24


La Perouse, Voyage de, autour du Monde,

D'Entrecasteaux, Voyage de, envoye a la

recherche de La Perouse dans le Grand

Ocean, 1791-93.
Portlock et Dixon. Voyage autour du

Monde et principalement a la cote nord-

ouest de rAmerique, 1785-88.
Meares. Voyage de la Chine a la cote

nord-ouest de 1'Amerique, 1788-89.


Douglas, Capt. Voyage a la cote nord-
ouest de 1'Amerique, 1788-89.

Eyries, Vol. 2 continued.

Marchand, Etienne. Voyage autour du
Monde et a la cote nord-ouest de 1'Ame-
rique, 1790-92.

Vancouver. Voyage autour du Monde et
surtout dans le Grand Ocean septentrional,

Broughton. Voyage dans la partie septen-

trionale du Grand Ocean, 1795-98.
Wilson, Capt. Naufrage de "1'Antilope"

sur les isles Peleou, 1783.
MacCluer. Voyage aux isles Peleou,


Decouvertes de plusieurs terres dans le

Grand Ocean, par plusieurs navigateurs

Anglais, 1788.

Bligh, G. Voyage a Ta'iti pour en rap-
porter 1'arbre a pain et d'autres vegetaux

utiles, 1787-89.
Edwards, Capt. Voyage du, charge d'aller

a Tai'ti pour saisir les revoltes du

"Bounty," et de reconnaitre le detroit

de " 1'Endeavour," 1790-92.
Bligh, G. Second Voyage pour aller

chercher 1'arbre a pain, 1792-93.
Wilson, Capt. J. Voyage dans le Grand

Ocean, 1796-98.
Turnbull, J. Voyage autour du Monde,


Brampton et Alt. Voyage de Pile Norfolk

a Batavia, par le detroit de Torres,

Bass. Histoire de la decouverte du delroit

entre la Nouvelle Hollande et la Terre

Van Dieman, 1798.
Flinders. Voyage a la Terre Australe,

dans lequel il completa la decouverte de

ce Continent, 1801-3.

Grant, J. Voyage de decouvertes, 1800-2.
Tuckey, J. H. Voyage pour etablir une

colonie au Port Phillip dans le detroit

de Bass, 1803-4.
Colonie Anglaise de la Nouvelle Galles

meridionale, depuis sa fondation en 1788

jusqu'en 1822.


Tableau Physique de la Nouvelle Galles
du Sud, et portrait de ses habitans indi-

Oxley, John. Voyages a Pouest des Mon-
tagnes Bleues, dans 1'interieur de la
Nouvelle Galles du Sud, 1817-18.

Mariner, G. Voyage aux iles Tonga,

Nicholas. J. Liddiard. Voyage a la
Nouvelle Zelande, 1814-15.

Nicholas, Suite du Voyage a la Nouvelle

Shillibeer, J. Voyage a Pile Pitcairn,




Eyries, Vol. 6 contimied.

Billings et Saritchev. Voyage dans le

Grand Ocean boreal, 1785-94.
Krusenstern. Voyage autour du Monde,

Lisiansky. Voyage autour du Monde,

Langsdorff, G. H. de. Voyage aux iles

Aleoutiennes, et a la cote de 1'Amerique

septentrionale, 1805-8.
Kotzebue. Voyage autour du Monde,



Hooker. Voyage en Islande, 1809.
Henderson, E., D.D. Voyage en Islande,

Hearne. Voyage dans la partie boreale

de 1'Amerique, 1769-72.
Mackenzie. Voyages dans 1'Amerique

septentrionale, du Fort Chipiouyan aux

cotes du Grand Ocean, 1789-93.
Ross. Voyage dans la Mer de Baffin,



Parry, W. E. Voyage a la mer Glaciale
au nord de l'Amerique, 1819-20.

Franklin, Capt. John. Voyage aux cotes
de la mer Polaire, fait par terre, a travers
l'Amerique septentrionale, 1819-21.

Harmon de Montreal, D. W. Voyage aux
cotes nord-ouest de 1'Amerique.

Terre de Labrador.




Suite des Etats Unis d'Amerique.

Lewis et Clarke. Voyage aux sources du
Missouri et a 1'embouchure de la Colum-
bia dans le Grand Ocean, 1804-6.

Pike. Voyage aux sources du Mississippi,

Voyage dans 1'ouest de la Louisiane,

aux sources de 1'Arkansa, du Kanst-s,
de la Platte et de la Pierre-Jaune, suivi
d'une excursion au Nouveau Mexique,

Brackenbridge. Voyage au Missouri, 181 1.

Long, Major E. II. Voyage de Pitts-
bourg aux Monts Rocailleux.

Robinson, J. H. Voyage a 1'Orenoque,

Schmidtmeyer, P. Voyage au Chili, a
travers la chaine des Andes, 1820-21.





Iles Lucayes.

Voyages en Africa. Sahara. Naufrage
de Saugnicr, Follie, Brisson, Padock,
Adams, Riley, Cochelet.

Senegambie. lies Saint-Louis et Goree.

Eyries, Vol. \Q-continucd.


Houghton. Voyage dans Pinterieur de

Watt et Winterbottom. Voyage a Tim-

bou, 1794.


Park, Mungo. Voyage dans 1'inteiieur de

Mollien, M. Voyage aux sources du Sene-
gal et de la Gambie, 1818.

Meredith, H. Description de la Cote

Bowdich, M. Voyage dans le pays
d'Achanti, 1817.

liutton, M. Voyage en Achanti, 1820.

Tuckey. Voyage au Zaire ou fleuve du
Congo, 1816.

Barrow, M. Voyages au Cap de Bonne
Esperance, 1797-

Truter et Somerville. Voyage au pays des
Betjouanas, 1801.

Lichtenstein, M. Voyage au Cap de
Bonne Esperance, 1803-6.

Latrobe. Voyage au Cap de Bonne Espe-
rance, 1805.

Campbell, M. Voyages au Cap de Bonne
Esperance, 1812-21.


Sumatra. Java. Borneo. Celebes. Min-
danao. Soulou.

Camper, M. dc Nourquer du. Remarques
sur les Philippines, les Moluques, et
plusieurs etablissemens des Europeens
dans 1'Asie Orientale, 1821-25.

Voyages en Asie. Japon.

Chine. Ambassade des Anglais, 1792 et

Iles Lieou-Kieou.

Empire Bu'rman. Symes. Cox.
Ceylan. Percival. Boyd. Davy.

Forster, G. Voyage a Cachemir et dans


Tibet et Boutan Bogle. Turner.
Duvaucel, A. Voyage dans le Silhet.
Nepal. Kirkpatrick. Hamilton.
Voyages au travers de 1'Himalaya ct aux

sources des rivieres de 1'Hindoustan.

Hardwicke. Webb. Moorcroft. Fraser.
Elphinstone. Voyage dans 1'Afghanistan,


Beloutchistan Pottinger. Christie.
Nazarov, P. Voyage dans le Khokhan,

Mouraviev, N. Voyage en Turcomie et

a Khiva.



Eyries, Vol. 14 continued.

Perse Olivier. Malcolm. Morier. Jau-

bert. Ker- Porter. Sir W. Gore Ouseley.

Drouville. Dupre, &c.
Asie Turque. Syrie et Palestine. Arabic.
Voyages dans Test et dans le nord de

Afrique : Mozambique Thoman [Thou-

man or Thomas]. Salt.
Abyssinie. Voyage au Darfour, par Browne,

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 96 of 141)