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Gualle, Francis. Voyage from the haven
of Acapulco in New Spaine, to the
Islands of the Lucones, or the Philip-
pinas, the haven of Manilla, and to
Macao, in China ; and Macao
by the Lequeos, the Isles of Japan,
and by the North-West part of Ame-
rica in 37^ deg. backe againe to
Acapulco, 1582-84.



Hakluyt, Vol. 3 continued.

Voyages to Mexico and to all the Prin-
cipal Provinces thorowout the Great
and Large Kingdome of New Spaine,
even as farre as Nicaragua and
Panama, and from thence to Peru,
&>. :

Tomson, R. Voyage into New Spaine,


Bodenham, Roger. Voyage to Sant
Juan de Ullua, in the Bay of Mexico,
and to the City of Mexico, 1564.

Chilton, John. Voyage to all the prin-
cipall parts of Nueva Espanna, and to
divers places in Peru, 1568.

Hawks, H. Voyage to Nueva Espanna,
in which countre he travelled for five
yeres, 1572.

Philips, Miles. Voyage, 1568, a little to
the North of Panuco, from whence he
travelled to Mexico, and afterward to
sundry other places.

Hortop, Job. Travels to the North of
Panuco, 1586.

Relation of the Haven of Tecuanapa, a
most convenient Place for Building
Ships, situate upon the South Sea,
not farre from Nicaragua.

Pert, Sir Thomas, and Sebastian Cabot.
Voyage to Brasil, Santa Domingo, and
Sant Juan de Puerto Rico, 1516.

Tison, Thomas. Voyage to the West
Indies, before 1526.

Hawkins, Sir John. Voyages to the
West Indies, the Coast of Guinie, the
Isle of Dominica, the Coast of Tierra
Firma, Nueva Espanna, the Cape of
S. Anton, upon the West end of Cuba,
and thorow the Chanel of Bahama,


Drake, Sir Francis. Voyages to Nombre
de Dios and Dariene, about 1572.

Oxnam, J. Voyage to the West India,
and over the Streight of Dariene into
the South Sea, 1575.

Barker, And. Voyage to the Coast of
Tierra Firma, and the Bay of the
Honduras, in the West Indies, 1576.

Drake, Sir Francis. Expedition to the
West Indies, wherein were taken the
Cities of Saint Jago, S. Dominigo,
Cartagena, with the Fort and Towne
of S. Augustin in Florida, 1585-86.

Michelson, W., and W. Mace. Voyage
to the Bay of Mexico, 1589.

Carey, Sir George. Relation of a
Memorable Fight, made the I3th June
'59 1 * against certain Spanish Ships
and Gallies in the West Indies.

Newport, Chr. Voyage to the Isles of
Dominica, S. Juan de Puerto Rico,
Hispaniola, and to the Bay of the
Honduras, 1591.

Hakluyt, Vol. 4 continued.

King, Captain W. Voyage to the Bay
of Mexico, 1592.

May, Henry. Voyage to the East
Indies, who in his return homeward
by the West Indies, suffered ship-
wracke upon the Isle of Bermuda,


Duddeley, Sir Robert. Voyage to the
Isle of Trinidad and the Coast of
Paria ; with his returne homeward by
the Isles of Granata, Santa Cruz,
Sant Juan de Puerto Rico, Mona,
Zacheo, the sholdes called Abreojos,
and the Isle of Bermuda, 1 594-95.

Preston, Sir Amias. Voyage to the
West Indies, 1595.

Drake, Sir Francis, and Sir John Hawkins.
Last Voyage to the Islands and Maine
of the West Indies, 1595, in which
Voyage both died.

Sherley, Sir Antony. Voyage to S.
Jago, Dominica, Margarita, along the
Coast of Tierra Firma, to the Isle of
Jamaica, the Bay of the Honduras, thirty
leagues up Rio Dolce, and Newfound-
land, 1596.

Parker, W. Voyage to Margarita,
Jamaica, Truxillo, Puerto de Cavallos,
&c., with his surprize of Campeche,
the chief town of Jucatan, 1596-97.

Voyages made for the Discovery of the

Empire of Guiana :
Ralegh, Sir Walter. Voyage, 1595.

Voyages to the Coast of Brasills, >SrY.,

and the River of Plate :
Keymis, L. The Second Voyage, 1596.
Masham, T. Account of the Third

Voyage in the '"Wat," begun 1596.
Hawkins, W. Voyages to Brasil, 1530-32.
Reniger, R., and T. Borey. Voyage to

Brasil, 1540.

Pudsey. Voyage to Baya, in Brasil, 1 542.
Hare, S. Voyage to Brasil, 1580.
Lancaster, James. Voyage to the Towne

of Fernambuck in Brasil, 1594.
Voyage of two Englishmen to the River

Plate, 1527.
Drake, John. Voyage up the River

Plate, 1582.

A Ruttier which declareth the situation
of the Coast of Brasil, from the Isle
of Santa Catelina unto the mouth of
the River of Plate, and all along up
within the said River, as farre as it is
navigable with small barkes.
Voyages to the Streights of Magellan,
the South Sea along the Coasts of
Chili, Peru, Nicaragua, and Nueva
Galicia, to the Headland of Cali-
fornia, and to the North- IVest as far
as 43 </!?., likewise to Isles of the La-
drones, the Philippinas, the Malucos,
and thejavas; and from thence by


Hakluyt, Vol. 4 continued.

the Cape of Biiena Esperanza, and
the Isle of S. Helena, the whole
Globe being circovipassed :

Drake, Sir Francis. Voyage into the

South Sea, and about the Globe of the

whole Earth, 1577.
Voyage of Nunno de Silva, a Portugal

Pilot, taken by Sir Francis Drake at

the Isles of Cabo Verde, and caried

along with him as far as the Haven of

Guatulco upon the Coaste of New

Spaine, with his Confession to the

Viceroy of Mexico.
Winter, John. Voyage into the South

Sea by the Slreight of Magellan, 1577.
Fenton, Eclw. , and L. Ward. Voyage

to the Coast of Brasil, as far as 33 deg.

South Latitude, 1582.
Withrington, and Chr. Lister. Voyage

to South Latitude of 44 deg. , 1 586.
Candish, T. Voyages into the South Sea,

and so round the circumference of the

whole Earth, 1586-91.
Voyage of the "Delight," a Ship of

Bristol, to the Streights of Magellan,



Galvano's Discoveries of the World, from
the first original unto 1555, corrected
and published in English by R.

Davis, J. The Worldes Hydrographical

Bertrandon de la Brocquiere. Voyage
d'Outremer et Retour de Jerusalem en
France par la Voie de Terre, pendant


Vertomannus, Lewes. Navigation and
Voyages to the Regions of Arabia,
Egypte, Persia, Syria, Ethiopia, and
East India, both within and without
the River of Ganges, in 1503.


Voyage made by certaine Ships of
Holland into the East Indies, 1595-97-

The Prosperous and Speedy Voyage to
Java in the East Indies, performed by
eight Ships of Amsterdam, from Texell,
in Holland, whereof four went forward
from Java for the Moluccas, 1598-99.

Bruton, W. Newes from the East
Indies, or a Voyage to Bengalla, one
of the greatest Kingdoms under the
Great Mogull, with their detestable
Religion, mad and foppish Rites,
wicked Sacrifices, and impious Cus-
tomes, 1638.

The Fardle of Facions, conteining the
Aunciente Maners, Customes, and
Lawes of the Peoples enhabiting the
two partes of the Earth, called Afiricke
and Asie, 1555.

Hakluyt, Vol. 5 continued.

The Conquest of the Grand Canaries, by
73 Saile of Shippes, sent forth at the
Command of the States Generall to the
Coast of Spanie and the Canarie Isles,


Hakluyt, R. Historic of the West
Indies, containing the Actes and Ad-
ventures of the Spaniards, which have
Conquered and Peopled those Coun-
tries, translated from the Latin by
M. Lok.

Virginia Richly Valued, by the Descrip-
tion of the Maine Land of Florida, her
next Neighbour, translated out of the
Portuguese by Hakluyt, 1609.

Jourdan, Sil. Discovery of the Bar-
muclas, otherwise called the Isle of
Divels ; by Sir T. Gates, Sir G.
Sommers, and Captain Newport, 1610.

True Coppie of a Discourse written by
a Gentleman, employed in the late
Voyage of Spaine and Portingale, 1589.

The Omissions of Cales Voyage, Stated
and Discussed by the Earl of Essex.

Hakluyt Society Publications


Hawkins, Sir Richard, Knight. Observa-
tions in his Voyage into the South-
Sea, 1 593. Reprinted from the edition
of 1622. Edited by Capt. C. R. Drink-
water Bethune. 8 1847

Columbus, Christopher. Select Letters,
with other Original Documents, relat-
ing to his Four Voyages to the New
World. Translated and edited by R.
H. Major. 8 1847


Ralegh, Sir W. , Knight. The Discovery
of the Large, Rich, and Beautiful
Empire of Guiana, with a Relation of
the great and golden City of Manoa
(which the Spaniards call El Dorado),
&c., performed in 1595. Reprinted
from the edition of 1596, with some Un-
published Documents relative to that
Country. Edited, with Notes and a
Biographical Memoir, by Sir R. II.
Schomburgk. Map. 8 1848


Drake, Sir Francis. His Voyage, 1595,
by Thomas Maynarde, together with
the Spanish Account of Drake's Attack
on Puerto Rico. Edited from the
Original Manuscripts by W. D. Cooley.
8 1849


Rundall, Thomas. Narratives of Voy-
ages towards the North-West in search
of a Passage to Cathay and India,
1496 to 1631 ; with Selections from the



Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. $contd.
early Records of the Hon. E. I. Com-
pany, and from MSS. in the British
Museum. Maps. 8 1849

Cabota, Sebastian. Voyage, 1496.

Frobisher, Sir Martin. Voyages,

Davis, John. Voyages, 1585-87.

Waymouth, Capt. George. Voyage,

Knight, John. Voyage, 1606.

Hudson, Henry. Voyage, 1610.

Button, Sir Thomas. Voyage, 1612.

Hall, James. Voyage, 1612.

Bylot and Baffin. Voyage, 1615-16.

Hawkridge, Capt. Voyage, 1619.

Fox, Capt. Luke. Voyage, 1631.

James, Capt. Voyage, 1631.


Strachey, William. The Historic of Tra-
vaile into Virginia Britannia ; expressing
the Cosmographie and Commodities of
the Country, together with the Manners
and Customs of the People. Edited
from the Original MS. by R. H. Major.
8 1849


Hakluyt, Richard. Divers Voyages touch-
ing the Discovery of America and the
Islands adjacent. Edited, with Notes
and an Introduction, by J. Winter Jones.
Maps and facsimile. 8 1850

A Verie Late and Great Probabilitie
of a Passage by the N.W. Part of
America in 58 deg. of N. latitude.
Fabian, R. Note of S. Cabotes Voyage

of Discoverie, 1498.
Thome, R. Declaration of the Indies
and Landes Discovered and Subdued
unto the Emperour and King of

Information of the Parts of the

World Discovered by the Emperour
Charles and the King of Portugale,
and also of the Way to the Moluccaes
by the North. 1527.
Verarzanus, John. Relation of the
Lande by him Discovered. [Morum
Bega.] 1524.

Ribault, Capt. J. True and Last Dis-
coverie of Florida. 1562.


Rundall, Thomas. Memorials of the Em-
pire of Japon in the 1 6th and I7th
Centuries, with Notes. Map and fac-
similes. 8 1850

Description of the Empire in the i6th

Adams, William. Letters of, 1611-17.


Soto, Don Fernando de. The Discovery
and Conquest of Florida by, and 600
Spaniards hjs Followers ; written by

Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. <)contd,
Gentleman of Elvas, and translated by
R. Hakluyt. Reprinted from the edi-
tion of 1611. Edited, with Notes and
Introduction, and a Translation of a
Narrative of the Expedition by Luis H.
de Biedma, Factor of the same, by W.
B. Rye. Map. 8 1851

VOLUMES 10 and n.

Herberstein, Baron Sigismund von. Notes
upon Russia : lacing a Translation of
the Earliest Account of that Country,
entitled Rerum Moscoviticarum Com-
mentarii. Translated and edited, with
Notes and an Introduction, by R. H.
Major. 2 vols. Maps and portraits. 8


Coats, Capt. W. Geography of Hud-
son's Bay : being the Remarks of, in
many Voyages to that Locality between
1727-175! > with an Appendix contain-
ing Extracts from the Log of Capt.
Middleton on his Voyage for the Dis-
covery of the North-West Passage in
1741-42. Edited by John Barrow. 8


Veer, Gerrit de. True Description of
Three Voyages by the North-east towards
Cathay and China, undertaken by the
Dutch in 1 594-96 ; with their Discovery
of Spitzbergen, their Residence of Ten
Months in Novaya Zemlya, and their
Safe Return in Open Boats. Translated
by W. Philip, 1609. Edited by C. T.
Beke. Maps and plates. 8 1853

VOLUMES 14 and 15.
Mendoza, Padre Juan Gonzalez de. His-
tory of the Great and Mighty King-
dom of China, and the Situation thereof.
Reprinted from the Early Translation of
R. Parke. Edited by Sir George T.
Staunton, Bart., with an Introduction by
R. H. Major. 2 vbls. 8 1853


Drake, Sir Francis. The World Encom-
passed ; lieing his next Voyage to that
to Nombre de Dios. Collated with an
unpublished Manuscript of Francis Flet-
cher, with Appendices illustrative of the
same Voyage, and Introduction, by W.
S. W. Vaux. 8 1854


D'Orleans, Pere Pierre Joseph. History
of the Two Tartar Conquerors of China,
including the Two Journeys into Tar-
tary of Father Ferdinand Verbiest, in
the Suite of the Emperor Kang-Hi ;
to which is added Father Pereira's Jour-
ney into Tartary in the Suite of the same
Emperor, from the Dutch of N. Witsen.



Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. ijcontd.
Translated and edited by the Earl of
Ellesmere ; with an Introduction by R.
H. Major. 8 1854


Collection of Documents on Spitsbergen
and Greenland. Edited, with Notes, by
Adam White. Maps and plates. 8


Marten, F. Voyage into Spitzbergen
and Greenland, with some Account
of the Weather, 1671.
Peyrere, Isaac de la. Histoire du

Greenland, 1663. Translated.
Pellham, Edward. God's Power and
Providence shewed in the Miraculous
Preservation and Deliverance of
Eight Englishmen, in Green-land,
nine moneths and twelve dayes,
anno 1630.


Middleton, Sir Henry. Voyage to Ban-
tam and the Maluco Islands. From
the edition of 1606. Annotated and
edited by Bolton Corney. Maps and
plates. 8 1855


Russia at the Close of the Sixteenth Cen-
tury. Edited by E. A. Bond. 8 1856
Fletcher, Giles. Treatise "Of the

Russe Common Wealth. "
Horsey, Sir Jerome. Travels ; now
for the first time printed entire from
his MS.


Benzoni, Girolamo. History of the New
World, showing his Travels in Ame-
rica, from 1541 to 1556; with some
Particulars of the Island of Canary.
Translated and edited by Rear-Admiral
W. H. Sm>th. Woodcuts. 8 1857


India in the Fifteenth Century : being a
Collection of Narratives of Voyages to
India in the Century preceding the Por-
tuguese Discovery of the Cape of Good
Hope, from Latin, Persian, Russian, and
Italian sources, translated into English.
Edited, with an Introduction, by R. H.
Major. 8 1857

Abd-er-Razzak. Narrative of my Voy-
age into Mindoostan, 1442.
Conti, Nicolo. Travels in the East in

the early part of the I5th century.
Nikitin, Athanasius. Travels to India.
Stefano, Hieronimo di Santo. Account
of the Journey of, from Cairo to
India, 1499.


Champlain, Samuel. Narrative of a Voy-
age to the West Indies and Mexico
in 1599-1602. Translated from the

Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 2$contd.
Original MS., with a Biographical
Notice and Notes, by Alice Wilmere.
Edited by Norton Shaw. Maps and
plates, y 1859


Expeditions into the Valley of the Ama-
zons, 1539, 1540, 1639. Translated and
edited, with Notes, by Clements R.
Markham. Map. 8 1859

Pizarro, Gonzalo. Expedition to the

Land of Cinnamon, 1539-42. By G.

Inca de la Vega.
Orellana, Francisco de. Voyage down

the River of the Amazons, 1540-41.

By A. de Herrera.
Acuna, Father Christopher de. New

Discovery of the Great River of

the Amazons, 1639.
List of the Principal Tribes of the

Valley of the Amazons.


Early Voyages to Terra Australia, now
called Australia ; a Collection of Docu-
ments and Extracts from early MS. Maps,
illustrative of the History of Discovery on
the Coast of that Island, from the Begin-
ning of the 1 6th Century to the Time of
Capt. Cook. Edited, with an Introduc-
tion and a Supplement, by R. H. Major.
Maps. 8 1859

Arias, Juan Luis. Memorial respect-
ing the Exploration, Colonization,
and Conversion of the Southern Land.
Torres, Luis Vaez de. Relation con-
cerning the Discoveries of Quiros, as
his Almirante, 1607.
Extract from the Book of Dispatches

from Batavia, 1644.
Pelsart, Capt. Francis. Voyage and
Shipwreck on the Coast of New Hol-
land, and his succeeding Adventures,
Pool, Gerrit Thomasz. Voyage to the

South Land, 1629.

Account of the Wreck of the Ship
" De Vergulde Draeck " on the
South Land, and the Expeditions
undertaken, lx)th from Batavia and
the Cape of Good Hope, in Search
of the Survivors, 1655-59.
Volkersen, Capt. S. Description of
the West Coast on the South Land,

Witsen, Burgomaster. Extract [on

New Guinea] translated from his

" Noord en Oost Tartarye."

Dampier, Capt. W. Observations on

the Coast of New Holland in 1687-88.

Adventures of, who, with others,

1686-87, 'eft Capt. Sherpe in the
South Seas, and travelled back over
Land through the Country of Darien.



Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 2$contd.

Vlamingh, Willem de. Some Particu-
lars relating to the Voyage to New
Holland, 1696.

Extract from the Journal of a Voyage
made to the Unexplored South Land,
by Order of the Dutch East India
Company, 1696-97. Translated from
the Dutch.

Dampier, Capt. W. Observations on
the Coast of New Holland, 1699.

Detail of the Discoveries and Notice-
able Occurrences in the Voyage of
the Fluyt " Vossenbosch," &c. ,
Despatched by the Goverment of
India, 1705, from Batavia by way
of Timor to New Holland. Trans-
lated from the Dutch.

The Houtman's Abrolhos in 1727.

Major, R. H. Supplement, on the Dis-
covery of Australia by the Portuguese in


CJavijo, Ruy Gonzalez de. Narrative
of the Embassy of, to the Court of
Timour, at Samarcand, 1403-6. Trans-
lated, with Notes, a Preface, and an
Introductory Life of Timour Beg, by
Clements R. Markham. Map. 8 1859


Hudson, Henry, the Navigator. The Ori-
ginal Documents, in which his Career
is Recorded. Collected, partly Trans-
lated, and Annotated, with an Introduc-
tion, by George Asher. 8 1860


Ursua, Pedro de, and Lope de Aguirre.
Expedition of, in Search of El Dorado
and Omagua. Translated from Fray
Pedro Simon's "Conquest of Tierra
Firme," by W. Bollaert ; with an Intro-
duction by C. R. Markham. Map. 8



Guzman, Don Alonzo Enriquez de. Life
and Acts of, 1518 to 1543. Trans-
lated from an Original and Inedited MS.
in the National Library at Madrid ; with
Notes and an Introduction l.y C. R.
Markham. 8 1862


Galvano, Antonio. Discoveries of the
World, from the First Original unto
1555 ; corrected, quoted, and published
in England by R. Hakluyt (1601). Now
reprinted, with the Original Portuguese
Text, and edited by Vice-Admiral Be-
thune. 8 1862

Hakluyt Soc. Publ. continued.

Jordanus, Friar (circa 1330). Mirabilia
Descripta. The Wonders of the East.
Translated from the Latin, with a Com-
mentary, by Col. Henry Yule. 8 D 1863


Varthema, Ludovica di. Travels in Egypt,
Syria, Arabia Deserta and Arabia Felix,
in Persia, India, and Ethiopia, 1503
to 1508. Translated from the Italian
edition of 1510, with a Preface by
J. Winter Jones, and edited, with Notes
and an Introduction, by G. Percy Badger.
Map. 8 1863


Cieza de Leon, Pedro de. The Travels
of, A.I). 1532-50, contained in the First
Part of his Chronicle of Peru. Translated
and edited, with Notes and an Introduc-
tion, byC. R. Markham. Map. 8 1864


Narrative of the Proceedings of Pedrarias
Davila in the Provinces of Tierre Firme
or Castilla del Oro, and of the Discovery
of the South Sea and the Coasts of Peru
and Nicaragua, written by Pascual de
Andagoya. Translated and edited, with
Notes and an Introduction, by C. R.
Markham. Map. 8 1865


A Description of the Coasts of East Africa
and Malabar in the beginning of the
Sixteenth Century, by Duarte Barbosa,
a Portuguese. Translated from an early
Spanish Manuscript in the Barcelona
Library, with Notes and a Preface, by
the Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. 8 1866

VOLUMES 36 and 37.

Cathay and the Way thither : being a
Collection of Medieval Notices of China.
Translated and edited by Col. H. Yule
. . . ; with Essay on the Intercourse be-
tween China and the West previous to
the Discovery of the Cape Route. 2 vols.
8* 1866

[Contains Travels of Oderic, Marig-
nolli, Ibn Batuta, Goes, &c.]

The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher
in Search of a Passage to Cathaia and
India by the North- West, A.D. 1576-78.
Reprinted from the first edition of
Hakluyt's Voyages, with Selections from
Manuscript Documents in the British
Museum and State Paper Office, by
Rear-Admiral Richard Collinson. Por-
trait and maps. 8 1 868

The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam,
Camlxxlia, Japan, and China, at the
Close of the Sixteenth Century, by



Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. y^contd.
Antonio de Morga. Translated from the
Spanish, with Notes and a Preface, and
a Letter from Luis Vaez de Torres
describing his voyage through the Torres
Straits, by the Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley.
Maps and plate. 8 1868


The Fifth Letter of Hernan Cortes to
the Emperor Charles V., containing an
Account of his Expedition to Honduras.
Translated from the original Spanish by
Don Pascual de Gayangos. 8 1868


First Part of the Royal Commentaries of
the Yncas, by the Ynca Garcilasso de
la Vega. Translated and edited, with
Notes and an Introduction, by Clements
R. Markham. Vol i. 8 1869


The Three Voyages of Vasco da Gama
and his Viceroyalty, from the Lendas da
India of Gaspar Correa. Accompanied
by Original Documents. Translated from
the Portuguese, with Notes and an Intro-
duction, by the Hon. HenryE. J.Stanley.
Portrait, plate, &c. 8 1869


Select Letters of Christopher Columbus,
with other Original Documents, relating
to his Four Voyages to the New World.
Translated and edited by R. H. Major.
2nd edition. Maps and plate. 8 1870


History of the Imams and Seyyids of
'Oman, by Salil-Ibn-Razik, from A.n.
661-1856. Translated from the Original
Arabic, and edited, with Notes, Appen-
dices, and an Introduction, continuing
the History down to 1870, by George
Percy Badger. Map. 8 1871


First Part of the Royal Commentaries
of the Yncas, by the Ynca Garcilasso de
la Vega. Translated and edited, with
Notes, an Introduction, and an Analytical
Index, by Clements R. Markham. Vol.
2 (containing Hooks 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9).
Maps. 8 1871


The Canarian, or Book of the Conquest
and Conversion of the Canarians in the
year 1402, by Messire Jean de Bethen-
court. Composed by Pierre Bontier and
Jean le Verrier. Translated and edited,
with Notes and an Introduction, by R.
II. Major. Map and portrait. 8 1872


Reports on the Discovery of Peru. I.
Report of Francisco de Xeres, Secretary
to Francisco Pizarro ; 2. Report of

Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. tfcontd.
Miguel de Astete on the Expedition to
Pachacamac ; 3. Letter of Hernando
Pizarro to the Royal Audience of Santo
Domingo ; 4. Report of Pedro Sancho
on the Partition of the Ransom of
Atahuallpa. Translated and edited,
with Notes and an Introduction, by
Clements R. Markham. Map. 8 1872


Narratives of the Rites and Laws of the
Yncas. Translated from the original
Spanish Manuscripts, and edited, with
Notes and an Introduction, by Clements
R. Markham. 8 1873


Travels to Tana and Persia, by Josafa
Barbaro and Ambrogio Contarini. Trans-
lated from the Italian, and edited, with
an Introduction, by Lord Stanley of
Alderley. 8 1873


The Voyages of the Venetian brothers
Nicolo and Antonio Zeno to the Northern
Seas, in the Fourteenth Century, &c.
Translated and edited, with Notes and
an Introduction, by Richard Henry
Major. Maps. 8 1873


The Captivity of Hans Stacle of Hesse,
in A.I). 1547-55, among the Wild Tribes
of Eastern Brazil. Translated by Albert
Tootal, Esq., of Rio de Janeiro, and
annotated by R. F. Burton. 8 1874


The First Voyage round the World by
Magellan. Translated from the Accounts
of Pigafetta and other contemporary
writers, accompanied by Original Docu-
ments, with Notes and an Introduction,
by Lord Stanley of Alderley. Portrait^
map, &c. 8 ' 1874


The Commentaries of the Great Afonso
Dalboquerque, second Viceroy of India.
Translated from the Portuguese edition
of 1774, with Notes and an Introduction,
by Walter de Gray Birch. Vol. I.
Maps and plate. 8 1875


The Three Voyages of William Barents

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