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The present Catalogue has been made upon a plan which, it is
hoped, will greatly increase the usefulness of the Library of the
Koyal Geographical Society. In it will be found, alphabetically
arranged, entries under every division of the globe, country, or
place treated of in the works which form the collection ; such
entries being chronologically sub-arranged, to aid the Geo-
grapher in comparing accounts of, or in tracing the history of,
the particular locality which is the subject of his enquiry.

The Orthography generally has been determined by a collation
of the best existing modern Gazetteers. For the spelling of
African names, the works of Barth, Beke, Burton, Cooley,
Livingstone, Rohlfs, and others, have been consulted ; while
for Indian names, the Gazetteers of Thornton must be held

Though no effort has been spared to detect and to rectify
errors in the original Alphabetical Catalogue, upon which the
present one is based, it is evidently possible that some of the
less apparent of those inaccuracies may be reproduced here,
as the certain avoidance of them would have involved nothing
less than the bodily inspection of every book in the Library, a
labour which the compiler was not called upon to undertake.
For the correctness of the Supplement to that Catalogue, how-
ever, which is his own handiwork, and for the corresponding
entries which this book contains, he alone is answerable.

Godfrey M. Evans.
May 22, 1871.





Aachen. — See Aix-la-Chapelle.

Abai. — See Nile.

Abeokuta. — Burton, R. F. A. . . . an Exploration. 1863.

Var : Abbekuta, Abheokoota, Abeahkeutah.

Abessinia. — See Abyssinia.

Abissins, Countries of the. — See Abyssinia.

Abyssinia. — Baratti, G. The late Travels of S. G. Baratti . . . into the
remote Countries of the Abissins, etc. Lond., 1670.

LuDOLPHUS, J. Jobi Ludolfi . . . Historia J]]thiopica, sive Brevis

. . . descriptio Regni Habessinorum, etc. Franc, ad M., 1681.

• LuDOLPHUs, J. A New History of Ethiopia. Being a full description

of . . . Abessinia, etc. Lond., 1684.

LoBO, Father J. Voyage to A., etc. Lond., 1735.

Bbuce, J. Travels into A., to discover the source of the Nile.

Valentia, Viscount. Voyages and travels to . . . A. . . . 1802-6.


• Salt, H. Voyage to A. . . . in 1809-10, etc. 1814.

Salt, H. Voyage en Abyssinie . . . 1809-10, etc. Par., 1816.

Pearce, N. The Life and Adventures of N. Pearce . . . during a

residence in A. from . . . 1810 to 1819, etc. Lond., 1831.

■ Russell, Bp. M. Nubia and A., etc. Edin., 1832.

GoBAT, S. Journal of a Three Years' Residence in A ., etc. 1834.

■ Blumhardt, C. H. [Extracts from the Journal of C. H. B. during

his Voyage to A.] 1838.

Combes, E. and Tamisier, M. Voyage en Abvssiuie, etc.

Par., 1838.

Katte, a, von. Reisein Abyssinien im Jahre 1836. Stuttg., 1838.

• RiJppEL, E. Reise in Abyssinien. Frankf. a. M., 1838-40.

Abbauie, a. d'. Voyage en Abyssinie. Par., 1839.

Isenber*;, C. AV., and Krapf, J. L. Journals . . . with a Geogra-
phical Memoir of A., etc. 1843.



Abyssinia. Abyssinia. Voyage en Abyssinie, execute . . . 1839-1843,
par une Commission Scienlitique, etc. Par. [1845.]

• BiKD, J. A. . . . reviewed. Bombay, 1845.

Santarem, Viscount de. Eapport sur un Me'moire de ]\I. de Silveira,

relativement a la decouverte des Terres du Pretre Jean et de la Gninee,
par les Tortuguais. P^r., 1846.

. Beke, C. T. Description of the . . . Church of Mdrtula Mariam

in A. 1847.

Beke, C. T. On the Korarima, or Cardamom of A. 1847.

Beke, C. T. On the Languages and Dialects of A., etc. 1847.

■ Ferret, A., and Galinier. Yoyage en Abyssinie, e^c. Par., 1847.

Beke, C. T. On the Geographical Distribution of the languages of

A., etc. Edin., 1849.

Beke, C. T. Uber die geographische Verbreitung der Sprachen von

Abessinien, etc. 1849.

Abbadie, a. d'. Reponses de Falasha dits Juifs d'Abyssinie aux

questions faites par M. Luzzato. Par., 1850-

Roth, J. R. Schilderung der Naturverhaltnisse in Slid- A.

Miincli., 1851.

Parktns, M. Life in A., etc. 1853.

Vayssikres, A. Souvenirs d'un Voyage en Abyssinie. Brux., 1857.

Stern, H. A. Wanderings among the Falashas in A., etc.

Lond., 1862.

Lejean, G. Theodore IL,le Nouvel Empire d'Abyssiuie, etc.

Par. [1865.]

Apei,, F. H. Drei Monate in Abyssinien, efc. Zurich, \^QQ.

Abyssinia. Routes in A., etc. Lond., 1867.

Baker, Sir S. W. The Nile Tributaries of A., etc. Lond., 1867.

Beke, C. T. The British Captives in A., etc. Lond., 1867.

Cozzika, J. Question d'Abyssinie, etc. Cor.stantin., 1867.

DuKTON, H. Narrative of a Journey through A., in 1862-3, etc.

Lond., 1867.

Abbadie, A. d'. Douze Ans dans la Haute-Ethiopie (Abyssinie).

Par., 1868.

Abyssinia. Report on the Survey Operations, A. Lond. [1868.]

Blanc, B. A Narrative of Captivity in A., etc. Lond., 1868.

Heuglin, M. T. von. Reise nach Abessinien, etc. Jena, 1868.

Lejean, G. L'Abyssinie en 1868. Pur., 1868.

Pi.owDEN, W. C. Travels in A., etc. Lond., 1868.

Maukiiam, C. R. a History of the A.n Expedition, etc.

Land., 1869.

Rassam, H. Narrative of the British Mission to ... A. : with

Notices of the Countries traversed, etc. Land., 1869.

RoHi.FS, G. Im Auftrage Sr. Majestat des Kbnigs.von Preussen mit

dem Englischen Expeditionscorps in Abessinien. Bremen, 1869.

Ahyssinia — Add.

Abyssinia. — Hollakd, T. J., and Hozier, H. Record of the Expediticin to
A., etc. Loral., 1870.

HosEASox, J. C. Remarks on the A. n Expenditure, e^c.ZoKd., 1870.

Abyssinie. Voyage au Darfour, 1793-99. Eyries. Vol. X IV.

Lobo, Father J. Voyage to A. Pinkerton. Vol. XV.

Poncet's Journey to A. Pinkerton. Vol. XV.

An Armenian, bis report of . . . the Emperor of the Abaxins, etc.

PURCHAS. Vol. 11.

- Relation du P^re Jeronimo Lobo de I'Empire des Abyssins, etc.
Thevenot. Vol. IV.

- Valentia, Viscount. Voyages and Travels to ... A. ... 1802-6.
Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. XI.

- Valentia, Viscotmt. Voyages and Travels to ... A. 1802-6.
Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1810. Vol. IV.

- Portenger, H. N. Narrative of the sufferings and adventures of . . .
who was wrecked on the Shores of A. . . . 1802. Voyages and
Travels, New. 1819. Vol. II.

/See also Shoa.

-, South. — Johnston, C. Travels in S.n A., etc. 1844.

Acapulco. — Gualle, F. Voyage from ... A. ... to the Lu9ones . . .
1582-84. Hakluyt. Vol. III.

Achanti. — Bee Ashantee.

Acheen.— Voyage of Capt. R. Rowles to A., etc. Kerr. Vol. VIII.

Hores, W. Discourse of his Voyage from Surat to A. . . . 1618-19.

Purchas. Vol. I.

Andere Reisen des P. van Caerden und J. van Neck nach Achin,

3 600-1602. Voyages and Travels. Allgemeine Historic, etc.
\o\. VIII.

Beaulieu, A. Reise . . . 1619-21 . . . nach Achem, etc. Voy'ages

and Travels. AUgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. X.

Achem, Achen, Achin. — S>ee Acheen.

Afores. — 'See Azores.

Acrse. — Hogg, J. On A. . . . and its principal Antiquities. 1852.

Acuco. — See Actjlco.

Aculco. — Vasquez de Coronado, F. Voyage to A 1540.

Hakluyt. Vol. HI.

Adal. — *See Adeh

Adamawa. — Jomard, E. F. Remarques au sujet du Voyage du Docteur
Barth dans I'A. Paris.

Adea. — »S'ee Cambat.

Adel. — IIericottrt, C. R. d'. Considerations . . sur . . . le Pays d'A.,
etc. Par., 1841.

Johnston, C. Travels . . . through . . . A. to . . . Shoa. 1844.

Hebicourt, C. R. d'. Second Voyage . . . dans le Pays des Adds,

etc. Par., 1846.

B 2

Adelaide — AfgJianistan.

Adelaide.— Eyre, E. J. Journals of Expeditions . . . Overland from A,
to King George's Sound, etc. 1845.

Abbott, F. Eesults ... To whicli is added a Meteorological Sum-
mary for A., etc. Bob. Toum, 1866.

Adelsberg.— Agapito, Count G. Le Grotte di Adlersberg, etc.

Vienna, 1823.

ScHMiDL, A. A. Die Grotten und Hohlen von A., etc.

Wien, 1854.

Guide du Voyageur dans la Grotte d'A., etc. Vienne, 1854.

Wegweiser in die Adelsberger Grotte, etc. Wien, 1858.

Aden. — ^Ierewethee, W. L. [Report on places lately %-isited, between A,
and Suez.]

Indian Papers. Correspondence relating to A. 1839.

WrLDE, E. T. Eemarks ... on his Topographic Model of . . . A.


Eeise von Aden nach Mocka, etc. Voyages and Travels. Allgemeine

Historic, etc. A'^ol. XI.

, Gulf of.— Ward, C. Y. Pilote du Golfe d'A., etc. Par., 1866.

Adirri, River. -See Yolta.

Adiunta. — Alexander, Sir J. E. Visit to the Cavern Temples of A,
etc. 1829.

■ — Burgess, J. The Eock-cut Temples of Ajanta, etc. Bombay, 1868.

Adlersberg. — See Adelsberg.

Admiral's Bay. — America, Central. Description of . . . a Eoad . . . from
A. 1'.. . . . to . . . the Pacific, etc. Phil., 1852.

Adofoodiah. — Duncan, J. Travels . . . from Whydah ... to A., etc.

Adriatic Sea. — Pubdy, J. New Sailing Directory for the Gulf of Venice,

etc. 1834.
Beautemps-Beaupke, M. Eapports sur les Eades . . . de la Cote

Orientale du Golle de Venise. 1849.

Paton, A. A. Highlands and Islands of the A., etc. 1849.

Gbas, M. a. Le. Manuel de la Navigation dans la Mer Adriatique,

etc. Par., 1855.

Campana, Viscoxti, and Smyth. A. Pilot, etc. 1861.

Stbangford, Viscountess. The Eastern Shores of the A. in 1863,

'I'-. Land., 1864.

Adur, River.— TiiORNE, J. Eambles by Rivers ; the A., etc. 1847.

Aegyptus. — See Egypt.
iEolian Islands. — See Lipabi Islands.
Aethiopia.— See Ethiopia.

Affghanistan, Affghaunistaun. ^^ee Afghanistan.
Afghanistan.— Long, 11. L. Campaign of Alexander in A.

Wyli), J. Notes on Map of A., etc.

FoRSTER,G. Journey ... through A., e/!c. 1798.

Afghanistan — Afjdca.

Afghanistan. — Fraser, J. B. Historical . . . account of Persia , . .
iucluding . . .A., etc. Edin., 1834.

CoxoLLY, A. Journey . . . thi-ough . . . Affghaunistaun. 1838.

BuRXES, Sir A. Leech, Lord, and Woods ; Reports ... on A., etc.

C'alc, 1839.

Persia. Correspondence relating to Persia and A., 1834-39. 1839.

OuTRAM, J. Eougli Notes of the Campaign in ... A. in 183S-9.


- ViGXE, G. T. A personal Narrative of a Visit to . . . A., etc.

Lond., 1840.

- Hough, Major W. Narrative of . . . the Expedition to A. in
1838-39. 1841.

- WiLsox, H. H. Ariana Antiqua. A descriptive account of the
Antiquities ... of A., etc. 1841.

- Atkinson, J. The Expedition into A., etc. Lond., 1842.

- ZiMMERMANX, C. Der Kriegs-Schauplatz in Inner-Asien, oder
Bemerkungen zu der Uebersichts-Karte von A., etc. Bed., 1842.

- Massox, C. Narrative of ... Joiurneys in . . . A.., etc.


- Thokxtox, E. Gazetteer of ... A., etc. 1844.

- Lal, Mohax. Travels in ... A., etc. 1846.

- Griffith, W. Journals of Travels in ... A., etc. Cede, 1847.

- Ferrier, J. P. Caravan JouiTieys ... in ... A., etc.


History of the Afghans, etc. 1858.

- PiAVERTY, H. G. Dictionary of the . . . Langxiage of the Afghans,
etc. 1860.

Grammar of the . . . Language of the Afghans, etc.


Bellew, H, W. Journal of a Political Mission to A., etc.

Lond., 1862.

Eyre, Sir V. A Retrospect of the Affghan War, etc.

Lond., 1869.

Forster, G. Voyage . . . dans I'A. Eyries. Vol. XIII.

Elphinstone. Voyage dans I'A., 1808. Eyries. Vol. XIV.

.SVe also Heraut.

Afghaunistan. — See Afghanistan.

Africa. — Aumale, le Duo d', Campagnes en Afrique, 1840-44. Paris.

Leo Afbicanus, John, Geographical Historie of A., efc-. 1600.

African Descriptio, etc. Lugd Bat., 1632.

Ogilby, J. A., being an accurate description, etc. 1670.

■ BuRGO, G. B. DE. Viaggio di cinque anni in ... A., etc.

MUano [1686.]

Dapper. Description de I'Afiique, etc. Amst., 1686., B. Travels . . . Voyage to ... the . . . Coast cif

Africk, by F. Cauche. 1710.

6 Africa.

Africa.— Lucas, P. Voyage de, dans . , . I'Afrique. Tar., 1712.

MoTBAYE, A. DE LA. Travels through . . . part of A,, etc.


_ Moore, F. Travels into the Inland Parts of A., etc. 1738.

AsTLEY, T. New . . . Collection of . . . Travels ... in

... A., etc. 1745-47.

_ OsoRio, J. History of the Portuguese . . . containing all their

discoveries, from the Coast of Africk to ... China, etc. 1752.

LiXDSAY, J. Voyage to the Coast of A. in 1758, etc. 1759.

Maxn, M. l'Abbe. Memoire . . . sur les Decouvertes et les Ecab-

lissemens faits le long des Cotes d'Afrique par Hannon, etc. 1779.

ToFiSo DE San Miguel, V. Derrotero de las Costas de Espana . . .

y su Correspondiente de A., etc. Madr., 1787.

ScHLiCHTHORST, H. Gcographia African Herodotea. Gottingcf:, 1788.

Lamiral, M. Aflrique et le Peuple Affriquain, etc. Par., 1789.

Levaillant, F. Voyage dans I'lnterieur de I'Afrique . . . 1780-85.

Par., 1790.

Saugnier, M. Eelations de plusieurs voyages k la Cote d'Afrique,

dc. Par., 1792.

■ Thu>'berg, C p. Pieisen in ... A. ... 1770 bis 1779, etr,

Berl, 1792-94.

Levaillant, F. Second Voyage dans I'lnterieur de I'Afrique, etc.

Par. An. 3.

Second Voyage dans I'lnte'rieur de I'Afrique . . . 1783-85.

Par. [1796.]
— Africa. New Sailing Directions for . . . A., etc. 1799.

Bruns, p. J. Keue systematische Erdbeschreibung von A.

Nurnh., 1799.

Park, M. Travels in . . . A., in 1795-97. 1800.

Bamberger, C. F. Travels in the Interior of A., etc. 1801.

■ — Slave Trade. A Concise Statement of the Question regarding: the

Abolition of the S. T. 1804.

St. Vixcent, J. B. G. M. Bory de. Voyage dans les quatre ]irin-

cipales lies des Mers d'Afrique pendant 1801, etc. Par., 1804.

Browne, W. G. Travels in A,, etc. 1806.

Lamalle, M. Bureau de. Ge'ographie physique . . . de I'lnterieur

dc I'Afrique, etc. Par., 1807.

IMiRZA Abu Taleb Kuan. Voyages en . . . Afriquc . . . 1799-

1803, etc. Par., 1811.

Keatinge, Col, Travels in ... A. 1816.

Clarke, E. D. Travels in ... A. 1816-24.

Leydex, J. Historical Account of . . . Travels in A., etc.

Edinb., 1817.
Murray, H. Historical Account of discoveries and travels in A., etc.

Mink, 1818.

Africa. 7

Africa. — Bowditch, T. E. Mission ... to Asbantee, with . . . notices of
uther parts of ... A. 1819.

Smith, Capt. J. The True Travels ... of Capt. J. Smith, in . . .

A. ... beginning about . . . 1593, ttc. Richmond, U. !S., 1819.

MoLLiEN, G. Travels in the Interior of A., etc. 1820.

HuTTON, W. Voyage to A., etc. 1821.

M'QuEEN, J. Geographical . . . View of Northern Central A., etc.

Edin., 1821.

Bowditch, T. E, Excursions in Madeira . . . with occurrences

... in A., etc. 1825.

Owen, W. F. W. Tables of Latitudes and Longitudes . . . of

places . . . principally on the W. and E. Coasts of A., etc. 1827.

• Clapperton, Comm. Journal of a second expedition into the Interior

of A., etc. 1829.

Ibn Batuta. Travels of [in ... A., 1324, 5], etc.

Or. Trans. Fund, 1829>

Afkica. Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in A., from the

earliest ages. ... By Professor Jameson, etc.

Edin. and Lond., 1830.

Denniee, Baron. Pre'cis . . . de la Campagne d'Afrique.

I'ar., 1830.

Laxdee, E. Records of Capt. Clapperton's last Exi^edition to A., etc.


Rexnell, J. The Geographical System of Herodotus examined . . .

with dissertations on . . . the Ancient Circumnavigation of A., etc.

Douville, J. B. Ma Defense . . . avec Projet de Voyage en

Afrique. Pur., 1832.

Voyage . . . dans ITnterieur de TAfriciue Equinoxiale, etc.


Estancelin, L. Recherches sur les voyages . . . des Navigatcurs

NoiTuands en Afrique, etc. Par., 1832.

. Owen, W. F. W. Narrative of Voyage to explore the shores of A.,

etc. 1833.

• Ledyard, J. Travels . . . and his Exploratory Mission to A.


RiTTER, C. Geographic gene'rale Comparee . . . Afrique, etc.

Par., 1836.
Aubel, M. LTmportance de la question d'Afrique, etc.

Par., 1837.

AvEZAC, d'. Esquisse gen^rale de I'Afrique. Fur., 1837.

Laird, M. and Oldfield, R. A. K. Narrative of an Expedition

into the Interior of A., etc. 1837.

Alexander, Sir J. E, Expedition . . . into the Interior of A., etc.


Banister, J. W. Memoir respecting British Interests ... in S. E. A.


Davidson, G. Notes taken ... in A. 1839.

8 Africa.

Africa. — Gurley, E. K. Address on African Colonization Pldlad., 1839.

Martin, K. M. Statistics of the Colonies ... in ... A., etc.

Lond., 1839.

Buxton, T. F. The A. n Slave Trade, etc. 1840.

■ M'QuEEN, J. Geographical Survey of A., etc. Lond., 1840.

Supplement to the Geographical Survey of A., etc.

Lond., 1840.

Murray, H., and others. Narrative of discovery and adventure

in A., etc. LJdin., 1840.

PiUSSEGGER, Herr. Beitrage zur Physiognomik . . . und Geo-
graphic des Afrikauischen Tropeulandes. 1840.

Bleek, G. De Nominum generibus linguanim Africae, etc.

Bonnae, 1841.

Ebn-Khaldoun. Histoire de I'Afrique sous la dynastie des Aghla-

bites, etc. Par., 1841.

Russesger, J. Reisen in . . . A., etc. Stuttg., 1841.

. Ternaux-Compans, H. Biblioth^que Asiatique et Africaine, etc.

Far., 1841.

YoLTER, D. Die Grundlinien der mathematischen Geographie . . .

von A., etc. Esslingen, 1841.

Bandinel, J. Some account of the trade in Slaves from A., etc.


Buret, E. Question d'Afrique, etc. Par., 1842.

Beaumont, G. de. Etat de la Question d'Afrique, etc. Par., 1843.

Isenberg, C. W. and Krapf, J. L. Journals . . . with a geogra-
phical Memoir of . . . S. E. n A., etc. 1843.

Lopes de Lima, J. J. Ensaios sobre a Statistica das Possessues

Portuguezas ua A. Occidental e Oriental, etc. Lisboa, 1844-62.

Avezac, d'. Description . . . de I'Afrique ancienne, etc.

Par., 1845.

DuviviER, Ge'n. Abolition de I'Esclavage, Civilisation du Centre de

I'Afrique. 1845.
KoELLE, S. W. Polyglotta Africana, etc. 1845.

Africa. La France en Afrique. Par., 1846.

Forbes, F. E. Six Months' Service in the African Blockade. 1849.

• Slave Trade. Resolutions of the Select Committee of the House

of Lords in 1849 to consider . . . the A. n Slave Trade. 1849-50.

Bonaparte, P. N. Un Mois en Afrique. Par., 1850.

Winniett, Sir W. Papers respecting the Danish Possessions on the

Coast of A., etc. 1850.

Yule, H. The A. n Squadron vindicated. 1850.

• Slave Trade. African Slave Trade, African Squadron. 1851.

Extracts from . . . Evidence . . . relative to the Slave

Trade. 1851.

Stokes, R. Regulated Slave Trade. Evidence, e^c. 1851.

. Wilson, J. L. The British Squadron on the Coast of A., etc. 1851.

Africa. 9

Africa. — Cooley, W. D. Inner A. laid open, etc. 1852.

GuMPRECHT, T. E. Barthund Overwegs Untersuchungs-Eeise . .

in das Innere A. Berl., 1852.

• Werne, F. a. n Wanderings, etc. 1852.

KuNSTMANN, F. Afrika vor den Entdeckimgen der Portugiescn.

Munch., 1853.

Petermann, a. a. n Discovery. 1854.

Alfred the Great. A description ... of A., etc. 1855.

Andersson, C. J. Lake 'Ngami, or explorations in ... S. W. A.


Schirren, C. Der Niandsha und die Hydrographischen Merkmale

A.'s. Biga, 1856.

Heuglin, T. von. Eeisen in Nord-Ost-A., etc. Gotha, 1857.

■ Snider-Pellegrini, A. Du Developpement du Commerce de

I'Algerie avec I'lnterieur de I'Afrique, etc. Par., 1857.

Cave, L. T. The French in A. 1859.

Jamieson, K. The inefficacy of Treaties for the suppression of tl e

A. n Slave Trade, etc. 1859.

■ Ziegler, J. M. Ueber die neuesten Eeisen und Entdeckungen in

Inner-A. Wintert., 1859.

Dunsterville, E. The Admiralty List of the Lights on the W.

and S. Coasts of A. Corrected to 1860, 61, 62. ^ 1860-62.

AucAPiTAiNE, Baron H. Etude sur . . . le commerce de ITnte'rieur

de I'Afrique. Far., 1861.

Chaillu, P. B. du. Explorations ... in Equatorial A., etc.


■ Slave Trade. Papers relative to Free Labour and the Slave Trade.


Baldwin, W. C. African Hunting, etc. 1863.

— Benjamin, J. B. Eight years in . . . A., etc. Uanov., 1863.

Chaillu, P. Ij. du. Voyages . . . dans I'Afrique Equatoriale, etc.

Far., 1863.

Gras, M. a. le. Eoutier de la Cote Sud et Sud-est d'Afrique, etc.

Far., 1863.

• Baines, T. Explorations in S.W. A., etc. Lond., 1864.

Faidherbe, L. Chapitres de Geographic sur le Nord-Oucst de

I'Afrique. Saint Louis, 1864.

Grant, J. A. A Walk across A., etc. Edin., Lond., 1864.

Hogg, J. On some Old Maps of A., etc. 1864.

Horsey, A. F. E. de. Eoutier des Cotes Sud, Sud-est et Est

d'Afrique, etc. Far., 1866.

Macqueen, J. The A.n Slave Trade. [1867.]

EoHLFS, G. Neueste Nachrichten aus dem Inncrcn A.'s.

[Ooihal 1867.

lo Africa.

Africa. — Hamilton, A. On the Trade with the Coloured Races of A.

Lond., 1868.

Berlioux, E. F. La Traite Orientale. Histoire des Chasses a

rHomme ... en Afrique, etc. Par., 1870.

Castilho, a. M. de. Etudes . . . sur les Colonnes ou Monuments

commemoratifs des de'couvertes Portugaises en Atrique. Lisb., 1870.

Hamilton, C. Sketches of Life and Sport in S.E.n A., pJc.

Load., 1870.

■ Johnston, A. K. Atlasof theBritish.Empirein . . . A. . . . with

. . . letterpress. Edin. and Lond., [1870.]

• EoHLFS, G. Land und Volk in A. Berichte, etc. Bremen, 1870.

• Cada Mosto, A. da. Two Voyages to . . . A. . . . 1455-56. Astley.

Vol. I.

V. de Gama's Voyage to Lidia, round A., 1497. Astley. Vol. L

Voyages to several parts of A., etc. Astley. Vol. I.

Voyages of the Portuguese along the Coast of A., as far as the Cape

of Good Hope. Astley. Vol. L

Moore, F. Travels into the inland parts of A., etc. Astley.

Vol. n.

Of the Trees, fruits . . . and . . . animals in this part of A.

Astley. Vol. IL

Two Voyages to Cape de Verde and the neighbouring Coast of A., etc.

Astley, Vol. IL

• Villault, Sieur. Abstract of a Voyage to the Coast of A. . . . in

1666. Astley, Vol. IL

Smith, Capt. J. True Travels ... in ... A. .. . from 1592 to

1629. Chukchill. Vol. II.

Biddulph, W. Travels of four Englishmen . . . into A. ... in

1600 and 1611. Churchill. Vol. VII.

Froger, Sieur. Pielation of a Voyage made in 1G95-7 on the Coasts

of A., etc. Churchill. Vol. VIII.

Houghton. Voyage dans I'inte'rieur d' Afrique. Eyries. Vol. X.

Voyages en A. Eyries. Vol. X.

Park, M. Voyage dans I'interieur de I'Afrique. Eyries. Vol. XI.

Siouah, Fezzan, et Inte'rieur de I'Afrique. Eyries. Vol. XIV.

• Voyage dans Test et dans le nord de I'Afrique. Mozambique.

Thoman. Salt. Eyries. Vol. XIV.
The Fardle of Facions, conteining the . . . customes . . . of . . .

Aifricke and Asie, 1555. Hakluyt. Vol. V.

Benjamin, Iiabbi. Travels through . . . A. . . . 1160-1173.

Harris, J. Vol, I.

Cada Mosto and P. de Cintra. OriLnnal Journals of the Voyages of,

to the Coast of A., 1455-56. Kerr, Vol IL

Portuguese Discoveries along the Coast of A. . . . 1463 . . , 1486.

Kkiir. Vol. IL

Africa. 1 1

Africa. — D^couvertes et Conquetes des Portuguais. Gama. Cabral. Albu-
querque. Laharpe, J. F. Vol. I.

Voyages des Anglais sur les Cotes d'Afrique. Laharpe, J. Vol. I.

Europe, A., India. Latham, E. G. Descriptive Ethnologj'.

Vol. II.
Possessions in A., etc. Martin, E. M. History of the British

Colonies. Vol. IV.
Park, M. Travels into the Interior ... of A., in 1795-97.

Pelham. Vol. I.

Park's Travels in A. Pinkerton. Vol. XVI.

Of Tharsis . . . Of the Ancient Navigations about A., efc Purchas.

Vol. I.
A. n Possessions of the King of Spaine and the Turke. Purchas.

Vol. IL
Gramaye, J. B. Eelations of the Christianitie of A. . . . 1619.

Purchas. Vol. II.

Joao dos Sanctos, Friar. Collections out of . . . his .^^thiopia

Orientalis . . . and . . . other Portugals, for the better knowledge of
A., ttc. Purchas. Vol. II.

Leo, J. Observations of A., etc. Purchas. Vol. II,

Sandys, G. Eelations of A. . . . IGIO. Purchas. Vol. IL

Smith, Capt. J. Travels ... on the Sea Coasts of . . . A. . . ,

about 1596. Purchas. Vol. II.

Barkley, G. Travels ... in ... A. .. . 1605. Purchas. Vol. III.

Hannone. Navigatione nelle parti dell' A., etc. Eamusio. Vol. I.

Leone Africano, G. Delia descrittione dell' A., 1526. Eamusio.

Vol. I.

Cada Mosto, A. da. Eeise . . . Isingst der Africanischen Ktiste bis

Eio Grande, 1455-56. Voyages and Travels. Allgemeine Historic,
etc. Vol. II.

— Broek, P. van den. Eeise nach . . . der Kiiste von A., 1606.
Voyages and Travels. Allgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. III.

— Moore, F. Eeisen in die Inlandischen Theile von A., etc. Voyages
and Travels. Allgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. III.

— Villault, Eitter. Auszug aus einer Eeise nach den Kiisten von A.

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