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. . . 1666. Voyages and Travels, Allgemeine Historie, etc.
Vol. HI.

— Ovington, J. Eeise ... in A. ... 1690-93. Voyages and
Travels. Allgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. X.

— Vocabulaires appartenant k diverses Contrees . . . de I'Afriqne, par
M. Koenig, etc. Voyages and Travels. Eecueil, etc. Vol. IV.

— Dumont, P. J. Narrative of Thirty-four Years' Slavery and Travels
in A., etc. Voyages and Travels, New. 1819. Vol. II.

— Travideani, or Aveiro, Signor. Letters from A. ... 1818-20.
Voyages and Travels, New. 1819. Vol. V.

— IMoore, F. Travels into the Inland Parts of A. 1730. Voyages
and Travels. The World displayed. Vol. XVII.

12 Africa^ Central.

Africa, Central.— Hodgson, W. B. Eemarks on the recent Travels of

Dr. Barth in C. A., etc.
Denham, D. and Clappertox, H. Narrative of Travels

... in Northern and C. A. 1826.

JoMAED, E. F. Remarques sur les Decouvertes G eographiques

faites dans I'Afrique Centrale. Far., 1827.

. Caillie, R. Travels through C. A., etc. 1830.

Smith, A. Report of the Expedition for exploring C. A.

from the Cape . . . 1834. Ca-pe Town, 1836.

CooLEY, W. D. Negroland ... or an Inquiry into the

Early History ... of C. A. 1841.

Hodgson, W. B. The Foulahs of C. A., etc. N. Y., 1843.

JamiesoNjR. Is C. a. to remain sealed, e^c. Ziverp., 1844.

JoMARD, E. F. Renseignements Geographiques sur una

partie de I'Afrique Centrale, etc. Par., 1846.

Ungak, a. C.-A., ein neuer . . . Ansiedlunsspunkt, etc.

Stuttg., 1850.

. Abbadie, a. d'. Observations relatives . . . aux lacs de

I'Afrique Centrale. Par., 1851.

Castelnau, F. de. Renseignements sur I'Afrique Centrale,

etc. 'Par., 1851.

Hogg, J. Notice on Recent Discoveries in C. k.,etc. 1851.

- Richardson, J. Nan-ativeof a Mission to C. A., in 1850-51.


Brun-Rollet, M. Le Nil Blanc et le Soudan, etudes sur

I'Afrique centrale, etc. Par., 1855.

Malte-Bkun, V. A. Resume historique de la Grande Ex-
ploration de I'Afrique Centrale faite de 1850 a 1855, par J. Richardson,
etc. Par., 1856.

Barth, H. Travels ... in ... C. A., etc. Lond., 1857,

Roscher, a. Ptolemjeus und die Handelsstrassen in C.-A.

Gotha, 1857.

Laird, M. Statement made to the C. A.n Company.

Lortd., 1858.

Malte-Brun, Y. a. Resume historique de I'Exploration

Jaite dans TAfrique Centrale de 1853 a 1856 par. . . . E. Vogel.

Par., 1858.

Schauenburg, E. Reisen in Central-Afrika von Mungo Park

bisauf Dr. H. Barth, etc. Lahr., 1859.

Burton, R. F. The Lake Regions of C. A., etc.

Lohd., I860.

Burton, R. F. The Lake Regions of C. A., etc.

N. Y., I860.

Campbell, R. Pilgrimage to my Motherland ... a So-
journ among the Egbas and Yorubas of C. A., etc. 1861.

Petherick J. Egypt . . . and C. A., etc.

Edin. and Lond., 1861.

Africa, Ce?itral — Africa, East Coast. i


Africa, Central. — Batkie, "W. B. Despatches . . . relative to ... C. A.

as a future Cotton-field. 1862.

Barth, H. Sammlung . . . Central-Afrikanischer Voka-

bularieu, etc. Gotha, 1862.

Barth, H. Collection of Vocabularies of C.-A. Lansuases,

etc. Gotha, 1863.

TixNE, J. A. Geographical Notes of Expeditions in C. A.,

etc. Liuerp., 1864.

Rowley, H. The Story of the Universities' Mission to C. A.,

etc. ' Lond., 1866.

EoscHER, A. PtolemjEus und die Handelsstrassen in Central-

Afrika. Germany. Anzeige, etc.

See also Bari.

-, East. — Africa. English and French Eivalry in E.n A.

GuiLLAiK, M. Documents sur . . . I'Afrique Orientale, etc.

Far is.

— BoTELHO, S. X. Memoria . . . sobre os dominios Portu-

guezes na A. Oriental. Lisb., 1835.

Bird, J. Abyssinia, E. A. ... reviewed.

Bombay, 1845.

Froberville, M. de. Eapport sur les Races Xegres de

I'Afrique Orientale au Sud de Tl^quateur. Par., 1850.

CooLEY, "W. D. Claudius Ptolemy. ... his knowledge of

E.n A., etc. Lond., 1854.

Burton, E. F. First Footsteps in E. A., etc. 1856.

MACLEOD, J. L. On the Eesources of E.n A. 1858.

Malte-Brus, V. A. Eesume historique de 1' Exploration h la

recherche des Grands Lacs de I'Afrique Orientale, faite 1857-58 par
R. F. Burton et J. H. Speke. Par., 1859.

- • Kkapf, J. L. Travels . . . during an Eighteen Years'

Residence in E. A., etc. 1860.

Macleod, J. Tj. Travels in E.n A., etc. 1860.

CooLEY, "W. D. Memoir of the Lake Eegions of E. A.

reviewed, etc. 1864.

IIorsburgh, J. Instructions Xautiques . . . Cote Est

d'Afriqiie, etc. Par., 1864.

MuNziXGER, W. Ostafrikanische Studien. Schaffh., 1864.

AVakefield, T. Footprints in E.n A., etc. Lond., 1866.

Kersten, 0. Ueber Colonisation in Ost-Afrika, etc.

Wien, 1867.
Decken, Barox C. C. von der. Eeisen in Ost-Afrika . . .

1859 bis 1865. Leip. u. Reid., 1869, 70.

See also Ajan.-Mombas.

-. East Coast. — Salt, H. Voyage to Abyssinia ... an Account of
the Portuguese Settlements on the E. C. of A., etc. 1814.

A Description of the . . . E. Coast of A., etc. Astley.

Vol. in.

14 Africa^ East Coast — Africa^ North Coast.

Africa, East Coast. — Lancaster, J. Memorable Voyage . . . along
the E. Coast of X. ... 1591. Haklutt. Vol. II.

• Almeyda, F. de. Voyase . . . with an account of . . . the

E.n C. of A., etc. Kerr. Vol. VI.

Course of the Indian Trade . . . with some account of the

Settlement of the Arabs on the E. C. of A. Kerr. Vol. VI.

Beschreibung der Lander langst der ostlichen Kiiste von A.,

etc. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. V.

• . Prior, J. Voyage along the E.n Coast of A. ... 1813.

VoYAOxES and Travels, New. 1819. Vol. II.

, North. — Hogg, J. On some Roman Antiquities recently discovered

by Dr. Barth in N. A.

Africa. Historical . . . sketch of the . . . Europeans in

N. and W. A. at the close of the Eighteenth Century. Edin., 1799.

■— Horsemann, F. Voyage . . . dans I'Afrique Septentrionale,

etc. Par., 1803.

Lyox, G. F. ■Nan-ative of Travels in K A., in 1818-20. etc.


Walckenaer, Baron C. A. Kecherches geographiques sur

ITnterieur de I'A. Septentrionale, etc. Par., 1821.

Dexham, D. and Clapperton H. Narrative of Travels in

N. and Central A., etc. 1826.

Ebx-ed-Din El-Eghwaati, Hadjl Notes of a Journey

into the Interior of N. A., etc. Wash., 1830.

. Geaberg, Count J. Carta geografica delFAfrica setten-

trionale di G. Segato. Gennaio, 1830.

■ Africa. Excursions dans I'Afrique Septentrionale, par la

Societe' pour I'exploration de Carthage, etc. Par., 1838.

■ • Hodgson, W. B. Notes on N. A., etc. N. Y., 1844.

Barth, H. Wanderungen . . . Bd. I. Das Nordafrikanische

Gestadeland. " Perl., 1849.

Trejieaux, M. Voyage . . . dans I'Afrique Septentrionale

. . . 1847-48. Par., 1853.

Hamilton, J. Wanderings in N. A. 1856.

Barth, H. Travels ... in N. ... A., etc.

Lond., 1857.
Gerard, J. Life and Adventures . . . among the Lions of

N. A., etc. 1857.

Saint-Maktin, V. DE. Le Nord de I'Afrique dans I'Antiquite

Grecque et Romaine, etc. Par., 1863.

Ormsby, J. Autumn Rambles in N. A. Lond., 1864.

Rennell, J. Observations on Mr. Scott's Routes in N. A.

Voyages and Travels, New. 1819, etc. Vol. IX.

Roponse aux Questions proposees par la Societe de Geographie

sur I'A. Septentrionale, par M. IDelaporte. Voyages and Travels.
Recueil, etc. Vol. II.

- North Coast. — Beechy, F. W. and H. "W. Proceedings of . . .
Expedition to . . . the N. C. of A., etc. 1828.

Africa, North-zvesi — Africa, South. i$

Africa North-west. — Bowditch, T. E, Essay on the Geography of
X. W. A. Par., 1821.

^ South. — Babbow, Sir J. Account of Travels into the Interior of

S. A., etc. 1801-4.

Baekow, Sib J. Voyage to ... S. A., etc. ^ 1806.

LicHTEXSTEix, H. Travels in S.n A. in 1803-6, etc,


■ Campbell, J. Travels in S. A., etc. 1815.

— . ■ — Lateobe, C.J. Joiimal of a Visit to S. A. in 1815 and

1816, etc. 1818.

BuRCHELL, W. J. Travels in the Interior of S. A, 1822.

. Campbell, J. Second Journey into S. A., etc. 1822.

Thompsox, G. Travels ... in S.n A., etc. 1827.

Africa. Report . . . relating to the condition of the

Native Tribes of S. A., etc. 1830.

Afbica. S. African Directory Advertiser for 18?>1.

Cape Toion, 1831.

Herschel, Sir J. F. W. Instructions for makino: . . .

Meteorological Observations in S. A., etc. 1835.

Moodie, J. W. D. Ten Years in S. A., etc. 1835.

Steedmak, a. Wanderings ... in the Interior of S. A.


Harris, Sib W. C. Narrative of an Expedition into S. A.,

in 1836-7, etc. Bombaij, 1838.

MooDiE, D. The Record; or, a Series of Official Papers

relative to . . . the Native Tribes of S. A., etc. Cape Town, 1838.

Shaw, B. Memorials of S. A. Lond., 1840.

JloFFAT, R. Missionary Labours and Scenes in S.n A. 1842.

Methuex, H. H. Life in the Wilderness ; or Wanderings

in S. A. Load., 1846.

Delegorgue, a. Voyage dans I'Afrique Australe, etc.

Par., 1847.

Africa. The Lights of S. A. . . . corrected to 1849, 51, ri2,

56, 57, 58, 59. 1849-59.

CuMMixG, R. G. Five Years in the Far Interior of S. A.


Napier, E. E. Excursions in S.n A., etc. 1850.

Freeman, J. J. Tour in S. A,, etc. 1851.

Galton, F. Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical S. A.

Gamitto, a. C. p. Muata Cazembe e os povos Maravos

da A. Austral, etc. Lisb., 1854.

Moffat, R. Letter to ... A. Tidman, on his Journey

to ... S. A. 1855.
Fleming, F. Southern A. A Geography, etc. 1856.

1 6 Africa, South — Africa, West.

Africa, South. Livingstone, D. Missionary Travels and Researches in
S, A., etc. Lond., 1857.

Livingstone, D. Outlines of Missionary Journeys and

Discoveries in Central S. A. Lond., 1857.

Magyar, L. M. L. Delafrikai levelei ds naplokivonatai.

Kiadta Hunfalvy Janes. Ptst, 1857.

Malte-Brun, V. A. Pi^sume historique des Explorations

faites dans I'Afrique Australe de 1849 a 1856 par . . . Livingstone.

Par., 1857.

CoRTAMBERT, E. Esquissc dc la Geographic . . . d'unepartie

d'Afrique Australe Inte'rieure, etc. Par., 1858.

Drayson, a. W. Sporting Scenes amongst the Kaffirs of

S. A. 1858.
Hall, H. Manual of S. A.n Geography. Cape T., 1859.

DuNSTERViLLE, E, The Admiralty List of the Lights of

S. A. . . . corrected to 1860, 61, 62. 1860-62.

• Casalis, E. The Basutos ; or, Twenty-three years in S. A.


Layard, E. L. The Birds of S. A., etc.

Cape T. and Lond., 1867.
Africa. [Newspaper Cuttings relating to Karl Mauch's dis-
covery of Gold in S. A.] [1867, 68.]

Africa. [Newspaper Cuttings relating to the S. A.n Gold-

Fields] 1868.

Bamang-Wato. To Ophir direct : or, the S. A.n Gold-
Fields, etc. Lond., 1868.

Chapman, J. Travels in the Interior of S. A., etc.

Lond., 1868.

CoRNELissEN, J. E. On the Temperature of the Sea at the

Surface near the S. point of A. Utrecht [1868.]

Africa. South A. and its Eesources, etc. Lond., 1870.

Voyage to . . . Countries in ... S. ... A. in 1682, by

J. MeroUa de Sorrento. Astley. Vol. IIL

MeroUa da Sorrento, J. Voyage to . . . several .

countries in the Southern Africk. Churchill. Vol. L

Merolla, H. Eine Reise ... in den sUdlichen Theilen

von A., 1682-88. Voyages and Travels. Allgemeine Historic, etc.
Vol. IV.

- South Coast. Africa, The Lights on the W. and S. Coasts
of A. Corrected to 1848, 51, 55, 57, 59. 1848-59.

Eedes, J. The Coast of S. A., etc. Orahamst., 1862.

-, West. Africa. Historical . . . sketch of the . . . Europeans in
N. and W. A. at the close of the Eighteenth Century. Udin., 1799.

- Goldberry, S. M. X. Fragmens d'un Voyage en Afrique

fait pendant . . . 1785-1787, dans les contr^es Occideutales, etc.

Par., 1802.

Dupuis, J. Journal . . . comprising Notes . . . relative to

the . . . Interior of W. A., etc. 1824.

Africa, West — Africa, West Coast. 1 7

Africa, West. — Laing, G. A. Travels in the Timannee, Kooranko, and
Soolima Countries in W.n A. 1825.

— Gray, W. and Dochard. Travels in W. A. in 1818-21, ftc.


Alexander, Sir J. E. Narrative of a voyage . . . among

the Colonies of W. A., ttc. 1837.

Macbraie, E. M. Sketches of a Missionary's Travels in . , .

W.n A., etc. 1839.

Freeman, T. B. Extracts from the Journal of ... a visit

... to Ashantee, in the interior of W. A. 1840.

East, D. J. Western A. ; its condition, etc. 1844.

Walker, S. A. Missions in W. n A., etc. Dull., 1845.

BouET-ViLLATJMEz, CouNT E. Description Nautique des

Cotes . . . comprises entre le Se'negal et I'Equateur. Par., 1846.

Duncan, J. Travels in W. A., etc. 1847.

Hutchinson, T. J. Narrative of the Niger . . . Explora-
tion . . . with remarks on the Malaria ... of W. n. A. 1865.

Wilson, J. L. W. n A., its History, etc. 1856.

Daniell, W. F. Observations on the Copals of W. A.

Hutchinson, T. J. Impressions of W. n. A., etc. 1858.

Valdez, F. T. Six Years of a Traveller's Life in W. n A.

Lond., 1861.

Gras, M. a. le. Phares des Cotes Occidentales d'Afrique

. . . Corrige's, 1862-63. Par., 1862, 63.

Burton, R. F. Wanderings in W. A., etc. 1863.

Valdez, F., T. A. Occidental. Noticias, etc. Lisboa, 1864.

Horton, J. A. B. W. A. n Countries and Peoples, etc.

Lond., 1868.

See also Benin.

-, West Coast. — Adams, E. The Narrative of; who was wrecked
on the W. C. of A. in 1810, etc. 1816.

Cochelet, C. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Sophia in

1819, on the W. C. of A., etc. 1822.

— Adams, Capt. J. Remarks . . . with an Account of the

European Trade with the W. C. of A. 1823.

RoussiN, Contre-Amiral le Baron. Memoir on the

Navigation of the W. C. of A. . . . 1817, 18, etc. 1827.

Gama, a. de S. da. Memoria sobre asColoniasde Portuiral

. . . na Costa Occidental d'A., em 1814, etc. Par., 1839.

— Slave Trade. Practical Remarks on the Slave Trade of

the W. C. of A., e^c. 1839.

Santarem, Yiscount de. Memoria sobre a Prioridade dos

Descobrimentos Portuguezes na Costa d'A. Occidental. Par., 1841.

Santarem, Viscount de. Atlas .... devant servir de

preuves h, I'ouvrage sur la Priorite de la De'couverte . . . sur la Cote
Occidentale d'Afrique . . . par les Portugais, etc. Par., 1842.


1 8 Africa^ West Coast — Agogna.

Africa, West Coast. — Santaeem, Viscount de. Eechcrches sur ... la
decouverte des Pays situes sur la Cote Occidentale d'Afrique, au-dela
du Cap Bojador, etc. Par., 1842.

■ Africa. — The Liccbts on the W. and S. Coasts of A. Cor-
rected to 1848, 51, 52, 57, 59. 1848-59.

Africa. — Sailing Directions for the AV. C. of A. 1849.

Kerhallet, C. p. de. Description Xautiqne de la Cote

Occidentale d'Afrique, etc. Par., 1849.

Africa. ^Renseignements sur la partie de la Cote entre le

Cap Negro et le Cap Lopez. Par., 1850.

Fox, W. Brief History of the Wesleyan Missions on the

W. C. of A., etc. 1851.

Kerhallet, C. P. de. Manuel de la Navigation a la Cote

Occidentale d'Afrique. Par., 1851-2.

Axderson, C. J. A Journey to Lake 'Ngami . . . from the

W. Coast, etc. 1854.

African Pilot; or Sailing Directions for the W. C. of A., etc.


Saxtaeem, YiscouyT de. Statement . . . proving the Pdght

of the Crown of Portugal to . . . Temtories ... on the W.n C. of A.,
etc. ^ 1856.

Vallon, a. Influence des Courants sur la Navigation a la

Cote Occidentale d'Afrique. Par., 1860.

HoRTON, J. A. B. Physical and Medical Climate and

Meteorology of the W. Coast of A., etc. Lond., 1867.

Account of the French Settlements between Cape Blanco

and Sierra Leona. Astley. Vol. II.

Briie, A. Voyages . . . along the W. C. of A., etc.

Astley. Vol. II.
Voyages . . . along the W. C. of A., etc. Astley. Vol. IT.

• Voyages ... by the Portuguese along the "W-n. C. of A.

. . . under the direction of Don Henry. Kerr. Vol. II.

Briie, A. Eeisen . . . I'angst den westlichen Kiisten von

A., 1697. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historic. Vol. II.

Spilsbury, F. B, Account of a Voyage to the W. C. of A.

. . . 1805. Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. A^I.

Cochelet, C. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Sophia,

1819, on the W.n C. of A., etc. Voyages and Travels, New. 1819,
etc. Vol. IX.

Misrah, M. Narrative of a Journey ... to the W.n C. of

A., 1821. Voyages and Travels, New. 1819, etc. Vol. IX.

, Windward Coast of. — Corry, J. Observations upon the W.

C. of A., etc. Lond., 1807.

Africa Francese. — See Algeria.

Aggetelek.— See Agtelek.

Agimere. — See Ajmeee.

Agogna. — LizzoLi, L. Osservazioni sul Dipartimento dell' A. Mt'L, 1802.

Agi^a — A la ska . 1 9

Agra. — Lloyd, Sir W. Narrative of a Journey. . . via . , . A., etc.

Loud., 1840.

Bernier F. Voyage to Surat . . . and a description of . . . A., etc.

Chuechill. Vol. VIII.

Finch, W. Observations ... in 1G07 . . . Journey to A., etc.


Mandelslo, J. A. Raise . . . nach A., etc. Voyages and Travels.

Allgemeine I3istorie, etc. Vol. X.

Agria.— 6'ee Eger.

Agro Pontine. — See Po^jtine Marshes.

Agro Trojano. — See Troad.

Agtelek. — Schmidl, A. A. Die Bavadla-Hohle bei A., etc. Wien, 1857.

Aguignan.— Byron, Comm. Voyage ... to ... A. ... 176i-66.
Hawkesworth, J. Vol. I.

Agypten. — See Egypt.

Ahmedabad. — Mandelslo, J. A. Reise bis nach A., etc. Voyages and
Travels. Allgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. XI.

Ai.— Newbold, T. J. On the Site of Hai, or A., etc.

Aigle. — Razoumowsky, Couxt G. de. CEuvres. Contenant, Voyage mine'-
ralogique ... a ... A., etc. Lausanne, 1784.

Razoumowsky, Count G. dr. Voyages Min^ralogiques dans le

Gouvernemeut d'A., etc. Lausanne, 1784.

Ain-es-Salah. — See Ixsalah.
Ain Salah. — See Insalah.

Ait Fraoucen. — Aucapitaine, Baron H. Xotice sur la Tribu des A. F.

Aix-la-Chapelle. — Bildeebeck, L. von. Wegweiser fiir . . . Aachen,

etc. Aachen, 1825.

Aix-les-Bains.— Mortillet, G. Guide du Baigneur et de I'Etranger a

A.-les-B., etc. Chamhery, 1855.

Ajan. — BuNSEN, G. De Azania . . . commentatio, e^c. 5on7ice, 1852.

Ajanta. — See Adjunta.

Ajmeer. — See Ajmere.

Ajmere. — Steel, R. and Crowther J. Journey from A. to Ispahan, 1G15-16.
Kerr. Vol. IX.

— ' Journal of a Jonmey from Azmcre ... to Spahan . . .

1615-16. PuRCHAS. Vol. I.
Ajmir. — See Ajmere.

Alaba.— Tellez, B. Travels ... and an Account of . . . A., etc. 1710.
Alabama.— King, Hon. T. B. A. . . . and Georgia Railroad. TFas/i., 1848.
Aland Islands.— Bunbury, S. A. A Summer in . . . the A. I., etc.

Alashka. — See Alaska.
Alaska.— Dall, W. H. A. and its resources. Amst., 1816.

— — — Perrey, a. Documents sur les Tremblements de Terre . . . de la
peninsule d'Aljaska, etc. Dijon, 1866.

c 2

2,0 A laska — A leppo.

Alaska. — Whympee, F. Travel and Adventure in the Territory of A., etc.

Lond., 1868.

Alata. — Beke, C. T. Me'moire justificatif en rehabilitation des Peres P. Paez
et J. Lobo en ce qui concerne leurs visites ... k la Cataracte d'Alata.

Par., 1848.

Albania. — Hobhouse, J. C. Journey through A., etc. 1813.

Holland, H. Travels in ... A., etc. 1819.

■ Hughes, T. S. Travels in ... A. 1820.

■ Travels in Greece and A. 1830.

Spencer, E. Travels . . . through ... A., etc. 1851.

Leab, E. Journal of a Landscape Painter in A., etc. 1852.

Wingfield, W. F. Tour in . . . A., etc. 1859-

IsTRiA, D. d'. Fyletia e Arbenore prej Kanekate Laoshima. Enke-

thyeme ne Shkjipe perei D. C. Livurne, 1867.

■ Pouqueville, F. C. H. L. Travels through . . . A. . . . 1798-

1801, etc. Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. HI.

Travels in . . . A. . . . 1805. Voyages and Travels,

New, 1819. Vol. IV.
, South. — Beresford, G. de la P. Sketches of Scenes in S. A. 1855.

Albany. — Philipps, T. Advantages of Emigration to . . . A., S. Africa.

Lond., 1834.
Alben. — See Planina.
Albert N'yanza.— Baker, Sir S. W. The A. N., etc. Lond., 1866.

Albreda. — Brue, A. Journey from A. to Kachao ... in 1700. Astley.
Vol. II.

Keise von A. . . . nach Kachao zu Lande, 1700. Voyages

and Travels. Allgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. II.

Alca9ar Kebir. — Comelin, F. P. de la Motte, and Bernard, .J. Voyage
to Barbary . . . with . . . exact draughts of . . . Alcasar, etc. 1725.

Alcald de Henares. — Lopez y PiAMAjo, A. M. Breve descripcion de
... la insigne Ciudad de A. de H. Madrid, 1861.

Alcasar. — See Alcazar Kebir.

Alder, River. — See Adur.

Alderney. — Alderney. The Alderney Island Pilot, etc. Lond., 1864.

■ Alderney. Routier de I'lle Aurigny, etc. Far., 1865.

Aleppo. — Aleppo. Journey from A. to Damascus, etc. 1737.

Plaisted, B. Journal from Calcutta ... to A., etc. 1758

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Vol. II.

A leppo — A Igeria. 2 1

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Terra . . . des iles Aleutiennes, etc. Dijon, 1866.

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etc. Churchill. Vol. Vll.

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Alessandria, etc. Milano [1686J.

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Christians from captivitie ... at A., 1577. Hakluyt. Vol. II.

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tonium . . . 1821. Vovages and Travels, New. 1819, efe Vol. VIII.

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Alger. — See Algeria.

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Par., 1830.
Algiers. Itine'raire du royaume d'Alger. Toulon, 1830.

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d'Alger. Par., 1831.

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2,2 Algeria.

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I'Algerie, 1837-49, 1852-54. Par., 1839-55.

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d'Alger, etc. Par., 1839.

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Lmid., 1842.

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Labeeuil, M. de. Guide du Colon en Algerie, etc. Par., 1848.

Panet, M. Instructions . . . poiu- le Voyage de M. Panet du

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