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tlie Buddhist Systems ... in I. Leipz., 1863.

Walker, J. T. Report of the Operations of the Great Trigono-
metrical Survey of I., 1862-63. Dehra Doon, 1863.

HoRSBURGH, J. Instructions Nautiques. Travcrsces d'Euro]K' aux

differentes parties de I'Inde, etc. Par., 1864.

India. Early Travels in I., etc. Cak., 1864.

234 India.

India. — India. Eeport of the Geological Survey of I., etc. Cdlc, 1864.
Eeport on the Survey of I., by Sir A. Scott Waugh. 1864.

Cameron, J. Our Tropical Possessions in Malayan I., etc.

Lond., 1865.

India Geological Survey. Annual Eeport . . . Twelfth year,

1865-67. Cede, 1866-68.

Street's I.n and Colonial Mercantile Directory for 1867-8.

Lond., 1867.

Duncan, G. Geography of I., etc. Madras, 1868.

Fergusson, J. Tree and Serpent Worship . . . in I., etc.

Lond., 1868.

Hunter, W. "W. A Comparative Dictionary of the (Non-Aryan)

languages of I. and High Asia, etc. Lond., 1868.

India. Eeport of the Ethnological Committee on Papers laid before

them, etc. Nagpore, 1868.

Walker, J. T. General Eeport on the Operations of the Great

Trigonometrical Survey of I., during 1867-69. Dehra Boon, 1868-69.

• Gonville, Capitaine de. Compagne du Navire VEspoir . . . 1503-

1505. Eelation . . . du voyage . . . es nouvelles terres des Indes,
etc. Par., 1869.

India. Annals of I.n Admistration in . . . 1867-68, etc.

Serainp., 1869.

East I. Maps and Statistics, etc. 1869.

East I. Progress and Condition, etc., 1867-68. 1869.

. The projected Sub-Marine Telegraph Cable to I. . . . con-
sidered, etc. Lond., 1869.

Trench, F. The Eusso-Indian Question historically . . . con-
sidered, etc. ImvL, 1869.

Walker, J. T. General Eeport on the Operations of the Great

Trigonometrical Survey of I., during 1868-69. Dehra Doon, 1869.

Catalogues. A Catalogue of Maps of the British Possessions in I.,

etc. Lond., 1870.

Fayrer, J. H.E.H. the Duke of Edinburgh in I. Calc, 1870.

Taylor, A. D. On the Harbours of I. Liverpool, 1870.

Account of the Portuguese Transactions in I. from 1516-21, etc.

Astley. Vol. I.

V. de Gama's Voyage to I. ... 1497. Astley. Vol. I.

Voyage of P. A. Cabral in 1500 to I. Astley. Vol. I.

Voyages of the Portugueze in I., from 1503-7, e^c. Astley. Vol.1.

Voyage of Soleyman Basha, from Suez to I. . . . 1539. Astley.

Vol. I.

Corverte, E. True . . . Eeport of an Englishman ... to which

is prefixed an account of I. Proper. Churchill. Vol. VIII.

A Frafjment on tlie Indian Trade, written in 1791. Dalrymple, A.

Tracts, from 1764 to 1808. Vol. 11.

Hindoustan. Eyries. Vol. XIII.

India. 235

India. — Voyages . . . aiix sources des riviiires de I'Hindoustan. Hardwicke,
Webb, kc. Eyries. Vol. XIV.

Mandevil, Sir J. Voyage . . . to I. . . . 1322-1355. Hakluyt.

Vol. II.

Odoricus, Frier B. Voyage to . . . I. . . . about 1325. Haklutt.

Vol. II.

SiGHELMUS, Bishop of Shirburne. Memorable Voyage . . . unto

S. Tliomas of I., 883. Hakluyt. Vol. II.

Ivundall, T. Narratives of Voyages ... in search of a passage to

Cathay and I., 1496 to 1G31, etc. Hakluyt Soc. Pub. Vol. V.

I. in the Fifteenth Century ... a collection of Narratives . . .

Edited ... by K. H. Major, 1857. Hakluyt Soc. Pub.
Vol. XXII.

Varthema, L. di. Travels in . . . I. . . . 1503 to 1508 . . . Edited

... by G. P. Badger. 1863. Hakluyt Soc. Pub. Vol. XXXII.

An Account of the descriptions left us by the Ancients of the E.

and N. parts of the Indies, etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

An Account of the Eel igion, Government . . , and Manners of the

Indians, etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

An Account of the several passages to the Indies . . . that have

been attempted ... by the Ancients. Harris, J. A'^ol. I.

An Account of the Travels of two Mahommedans through I. . . .

in the ninth Century, etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

History of the Empire of the Great Mogul, etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

The History of I. in the earliest Ages. Harris, J. Vol. I.

Mandelfloe, J. A. de. The remaining Voyages through the Indies,

etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

Eemarks . . . made in his passage from . . . Persia

through ... the Indies, 1038. Harris, J. Vol. I.

Of the Indian Commerce under the Persian Empire. Harris J.

Vol. I.

Tavernier, J. B. An Accoimt of the diflerent Eoutes to all the

great Cities ... in the Indies. Harris, J. Vol. I.

Sighelm. Voyage to I., in the reign of Alfred. Kerr. Vol. I.

Travels of Two Mahometans into I. ... in the ninth centurv.

Kerr. Vol. I.

Castaneda, H. L. de. History of the discovery and conquest of I.

by the Portuguese, 1497-1505. Kerr. Vol. II.

Letters from Lisbon in the beginning of the sixteenth century,

respecting their recent discovery of the Eoute by Sea to I., etc. Kerr.
Vol. II.

Account of ... I. at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century, etc.

Kerr. Vol. VI.

Almeyda, F. de. Voyage from Lisbon to I., etc. Kerr. Vol. VI.

Continuation of the Account of the Portuguese Transactions in I.,

from 1541 to 1617, etc. Kerr. Vol. VI.

— Course of the I.n Trade before the discovery of the Route by the

Cape of Good Hope, etc. Kerr. Vol. VI.

236 India.

India. — Particular Eelation of the Exioedition of Solyman Pacha from Suez

to T., etc. Kerr. Vol. VI.
Account of an Expedition of the Portuguese from I. to Madagascar,

1613. Kere. Vol. VII.
Continuation of the Transactions of the Portuguese in I., from

1617-40. Kerr. Vol. VII.

First Voyage of the English to T. in 1591, etc. Kerr. Vol. VII.

Fitch, K. Journey to I. overland, 1583. Kerr. Vol. VII.

Frederic, C. Voyages and Travels in I., etc. 1563-81. Kerr.

Vol. VII.

Varthema, L. Voyages and Travels in ... I. ... in 1503-8.

Kerr. Vol. VII.

Barret, W. Of the Monsoons ... in I. Kerr. Vol. VIII.

Hawkins, W. Narrative of . . . Eesidence in the Dominions of

the Great Mogul, 1608. Kerr. Vol. VIII.

Michelburne, Sir E. Voyage to I., 1604. Kerr. Vol. VIII.

Coryat, T. Journey from Jerusalem to the Court of the Great

Mogul, 1615, 16. Kerr. Vol. IX.

Downton, Capt. N. Voyage to I. in 1614, etc. Kerr. Vol. IX.

Peyton, W. Voyage to I., in 1615, etc. Kerr. Vol. IX.

Roe, Sir T., Ambassador . . . to . . . Hindostan, Journal of.

Kerr. Vol. IX.

Terry, E. Voyage to India, 1616, with Observations respecting the

Dominions of the Great Mogul, etc. Kerr. Vol. IX.

Whittington, N. Travels ... in the Mogul Country. Kerr. Vol. IX.

Voyages des Anglais . . . dans les Indes, etc. Laharpe, J. Vol. I.

■ Continent de ITnde . . . Voyage de T. Eho^ dans ITndostan.

Laharpe, J. Vol. IV.

Continent de ITnde. Voyage de Tavernier dans ITndostan. Laharpe,

J. Vol. V.

Partie Orientale des Indes. Arrakan, P^gu, etc. Laharpe, J.

Vol. V.

Histoire Naturelle des Indes. Laharpe, J. Vol. VI.

Europe, Africa, I. 1859. Latham, E. G. Descriptive Ethnology.

Vol. II.

Hodges, W. Travels in I. during 1780-83. Pelham. Vol. I.

Jackson, J. Journey from I. towards England in 1797, etc. Pelham.

Vol. II.

Eoe, Sir T., Embassador to the Great Mogul, Journal of. Pinkerton.

Vol. VIll.

Coryat, T. Letter from Jerusalem to the Court of the Great Mogol,

1615-16, etc. PuRCHAS. Vol. I.

Extracts of a Tractate, written by N. Withiugton, which was left

in the Mogul's Countrcy . . . his . . . Travels therein. Purchas.
Vol. I.

Finch, W. Observations ... in 1607 . . . Occurrents in I., etc.

i'URCHAS. Vol. I.

India. 237

India. — Hawkins, W. Eelation of the occurrents which happened ... in
the Couutie of the Great Mogoll . . . 1608-13, dc. Purciias.
Vol. I.

Mildenhall, J. Travailes into the Indies . . . 1599. I^trchas.

Vol. I.

Roe, Sir T. Observations collected ... in the Mogol's Court . . .

1614-17. PURCHAS. Vol. I.

Sighelmus, Mandevile, Stevens, Fitch . . . their I.n Voyages.


Salbanke, J. Voyage through I, . . . 1609. Purchas. Vol. I.

Barthema or Vertoman, L. Travels into ... I., 1503. Purchas.

Vol. IL

Benjamin, the Son of Jonas. Peregrination of . . . and relations

of . . . I., etc. Purchas. Vol. II.

Castro, J. Voyage which the Portugals made from I. to Zoez, 1540-

41. Purchas. Vol. II.

Frederike, C. Extracts of his eighteene yeeres I.n observations,

1563-81. Purchas. Vol. II.

- Pimenta, N. Indian Observations . . . 1597-99. Purchas.
Vol. II.

- Trigautius, N. Letter touching his Voyage to T. ... 1618.
Purchas. Vol. II.

- Nunez, A. A true Relation concerning . . . the Fleet in I., from
1527 to 1536. Purchas. Vol. IV.

- Barthema, L. Itinerario dell' Egitto . . . \.,etc. Eamusio. Vol.1.

- Empoli, G. da. Viaggio fatto nell' I., 1503. Eamusio. Vol. I.

- Stefano, H. de San. Viaggio nelle Indie, 1499. Ramusio. Vol. I.

- Nunez, A. Relatione . . . delle Indie . . . 1527-36. Ramusio.
Vol. III.

- Memoires de Thomas Rhoe Ambassadeur . . . pr^s du Mogol, etc.
Thkvenot. Vol. I.

- Voyage de Edoiiard Terry aux Etats du Mogol, etc. Thevenot.

Vol. i.

- Relation de la Cour du Mogol par la Captaine Haukins. Thevenot.
Vol. I.

- Avis d'un des Facteurs de la Compagnie HoUandoise sur le commerce
des Indes. Thevenot. Vol. II.

- Goez, B. Eeisen in des Mogols Reiche nach China, 1602. Voyages
and Travels. AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. VII.

- Pinto, F. M. Reisen nach Indien, etc. Voyages and Travels.
AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. X.

- Beschreibung von Indostan. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine
Historic, etc. Vol. XI.

- Mandelslo, J. A. Reise nach Indostan, 1638-39. Voyages and
Travels. AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XL

- Rhoe, T. Reise nach Indostan, 1615-17. Voyages and Travels,
AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XI.

238 India — India^ North-West.

India. — Tavernier, Eeisen . . . 1665-66 . . . nach Indostan, etc.
Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historie, eic. Vol. XI.

Zustand der Franzosen in Indien bis 1755. Voyages and Travels.

AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XVllI.

I., an Account of a Voyage to ... in H. M. S. Caroline, 1803-5.

etc. Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. V.

Valentia, Viscount. Voyages and Travels to I. . . . 1802-6.

Voyages and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. XI.

Voyages and Travels to I. . . . 1802-6. Voyages and

Travels. A Collection, etc. 1810. Vol. IV.

• Fitzclarence, Lt.-Col. Journal of a Eoute across I. . . . 1817-18.

Voyages and Travels, Xew. 1819. Vol. I.

Cramp, W. B. Narrative of a Voyage to I. . . . 1815-21. Voyages

and Travels, New. 1819, etc. Vol. IX.

Jordan ou Jourdain Catalani, P. Mirabilia descripta, sequitur de

... I., etc. Voyages and Travels. Eecueil, etc. Vol. IV.

The Voyage of Vasco de Gama to I. 1497. Voyages and Travels.

The World displayed. Vol. VIII.

See also Brahmins. — Dir. — Mairwara.

, Central. — Morris, J. H. Report on the Administration of the

Central Provinces . . . 1867-68. Naypore.

Malcolm, Sir J. Memoir of C. I., etc. 1832.

Cuiwingham, a. The Bhilsa Topes ; or, Buddhist Monu-
ments of Central I., etc. Lond. and Bomb., 1854.

India. Tables of Heights in . . . Central I., etc.

Calc, 1863.

"Walker, J. T. Tables of Heights in ... C. I., etc.

Calc, 1863.

HiSLOP, S. Papers relating to the Aboriginal Tribes of the

Central Provinces, etc. IXagporel 1866.

India. Gazetteer of the Central Provinces.

Naypm-e, 1867-68.

Burgess, J. Memorandum . . . with lists of the Eock-

Excavations, Temples, &c., in the . . . Central Provinces, etc.

Bombay, 1870.

Blanford, W. T. On the Traps of . . . Central I. India

Geological Survey. Memoirs, etc. Vol. VI.

-, East.— Martin, R. M. The History ... of E.n I., etc.

Lond., 1838.

- North. — Forster, G. Journey . . . through the N. part of I.,
dc. 1798.

CoNOLLY, A. Journey to the N. of I., etc. 1838.

- North-West. — Forbes, F. Thesis on . . . Plague as observed
i'n the N.W. Provinces of I. Edin., 1840.

Thornton, E. Gazetteer of the Countries adjacent to T. on

the N.AV., etc. 1844.

India, North-West — Indian Islands. 239

India, North-West. Eaikes, C. Notes on the Is ."W. Provinces of T.

Lond., 1862.

India. Selections from the Records of Government :

N.W.n Provinces. Afjra, 1855-64.

Saint-Martin, Y. de. Etude sur la Geographic . . . du

Xord-Ouest de I'lnde, etc. Par., 1860.

Davies, E. H. Eeport on . . . the Countries on the N.W.

Boundary of British I. Lahore, 1862.

"Walker, J. T. Tables of Heights in . . . the . . .

X.W. ProTinces, etc. Calc, 1863.

Cotton, Sib S. Nine Years on the N.-W. Frontier of I., etc.

Lond., 1868.
, South. — Xeweold, T. J. Mineral Resources of S.n I.

On some ancient Mounds of Scorious Ashes in

Taylor, T. G. and Caldecott, J. Observations on the

. . . Terrestrial Magnetic Force in S.ern I. Madras, 1839.

Mullens, J. Missions in S. I. visited and described.

Cleghorn, H. The Forests and Gardens of S. T. 1861.

Foote, E. B. On the Distribution of Stone Implements

in S. I. 1868.

Stoliczka, F. The Gastropoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of

S.n I. India, Geological Subvey. Palseontologia Indica, etc. Series


Additional Observations regarding the Cephalopodous

Fauna of the S. I.n Cretaceous Deposits. India, Geological Survey.
Eecords, etc. Yol. I.

General Eesults obtained from an exammation of

the Gastropodous Fauna of the S. I.u Cretaceous Deposits. India,
Geological Survey. Eecords, etc. Yol, I.

, West. Jeevis, T. B. Contributions to the Statistics of W.n I., in

1823-30. 1830.
ToD, Lieut.-Col. J. Travels in W.n I., etc. Land., 1839.

Berncastle, Dr. A Yoyage to China ; including a Yisit to

... the Cave Temples of W.n I., etc. Lond., 1850.

Mackay, a. Western I. Reports, etc. 1853.

India. Geological Papers on W.n India . . . edited by

H. J. Carter. Borat)., 1857.

— •■ India. Atlas to Geological Papers on W.-n I., etc.

Bomb., 1857.

Blanford, W. T. On the Traps of W.n and Central I.

India, Geological Survey. Memoirs, etc. Yol, YI.

India America. — See America, South.

Occidentalis. — See West Indies.

Indian Archipelago.— -See Archipelago, Indian,

Islands. — See Archipelago, Indian.

240 Indian Ocean — Indus.

Indian Ocean. — Gentil, M. le. Voyage dans les Mers de I'lnde . . .
1761 et . . . 1769. Far., 1779-81.

Vincent, W. The Commerce and Navigation of tlie Ancients in

the I. 0. 1807.

Owen, W. F. W. Tables of Latitudes and Longitudes ... of

places in the . . . L 0., dc. N. F., 1827.

MoRRELL, B. Narrative of four Voyages to the ... I. ... 0.,

etc. N. Y., 1832.

Eennell, J. Investigation of the Currents . . . vs'hich prevail

between the I. 0. and the Atlantic, etc. 1832.

■ PiDDiNGTON, H. Ten Memoirs on the law of Storms as applying to

the Tempests of the I. and Chinese Seas. Calc, 1839-43.

The Horn-Book of Storms for the I. and China

Seas. Calc, 1845.

Thom, a. Inquiry into the Nature and Course of Storms in the

I. 0. South of the Equator, etc. 1845.

Kerhallet, C. p. de. Considerations generales sur I'Ocean Indien,

etc. Par., 1851.

Meldrum, C. a Meteorological Journal of the I. 0. for March,

1853, etc. Mauritius, 1856.

Denham, H. M. Hydrographic Notices ... I. 0., etc.


Meldrctm, C. On the Hurricane and Weather in the I. 0., from the

6th to the 18th Feb., 1860. 1860.

Gras, M. a. le. Phares des Mers des Indes . . . Corriges 1862,

63. Par., 1862, 63.

Indiana. — Bradbury, J. Travels in . . . I., etc. Liver,, 1817.

Peck, J. M. Guide for Emigrants to . . . I., etc. Post., 1836.

Graham, J. D. Report of the Harbours, &c., in I., etc.

Wash., 1857.

Indies. — See India.

Indo- China.— 'See Siam.

Indo-Pacific Islands.— -See Archipelago, Indian,

Indostan.— /See India.

Indus. — Macartney, J. Memoir of a Map of the Countries W. of the
I,, etc. MS.

Burnes, Sir A. Travels . . . also a Voyage on the I., etc. 1834.

Boileau, a. W. E. Tour through . . . Rajwara . . . and visit

to the I., etc. Calc, 1837.

Wood, J. Personal Narrative of a Journey to the Source of the

, . , Oxus, by . . . the I., etc. 1841.

ZiMMERMANN, C. Der Kriegs-Schauplatz in Inner-Asicn, oder

Bemerkungeu zu der Uebersichtskarte von . . . dem Lande am untern
I. Perl, 1842.

Andrew, W. P. The I. and its ]>rovinces, etc. 1857.

Scinde Railway. S. R. : the I. Steam Flotilla . . . Reports of the

Directors . . . Sept. 1863. 1863.

Indus — Ireland. 241

Indus. — Andrew, "W. P. On the Completion of the Eailway System of the
Valley of the I., ttc. Lond., 1869.

Nearchus. Voyage from the Mouth of the ... I. up the Persian

Gulph, etc. Harris, J. Vol. I.

Arrian's Voyage of Nearchus, from the I. to the Euphrates, etc.

Vincent, W. The Commerce, etc. Vol. I.

Ingur.— Eadde, G. Berichte, etc. (Jahrg. I. Eeisen ... in ... I.)

Tijiis, 1866.
Inishcaltra. — See Inniscalthra.

Inniscalthra. — Brash, K. R. Inishcaltra and its Remains. 1866.

Insalah. — Malte-Brun, V. A. Resume historique et geographique de
I'exi^loration de G. Rohlfs ... a In-^aiah, etc. Fur., 1866.

Inseln des Griinen Vorgeburges.— ^See Cape Verde Islands.

Ionian Islands. — Holland, H. Travels in the I. I., etc. 1819.

Napler, C. J. The Colonies ... the I. I. in particular. 1833.

GiFFARD, E. A Short Visit to the I. I., etc. Lond., 1837.

Murray. Hand-Book for Travellers in the T. I., etc. Lond., 1840.

Davy, J. Notes ... on the I. I., etc. 1842.

• Spencer, E. Travels in European Turkey . . . with a Visit to . . .

the I. I., etc. 1851.

Miiller, C. Journey through ... the I. I., 1821. Voyages and

Travels, New. 1819, etc. Vol. VIII.

Iowa. — Owen, D. D. Reports of a Geological Reconnoissance of the N.n
part of I. " Wash., 1848.

Owen, D. D. Report of a Geological Survey of . . . I., etc.

Phil, 1852.

Hall, J. and Whitney, J. D. Report on the Geological Survey of

... I., etc. Iowa, 1858.

Irawadee, Irawadi. — See Irrawaddy.
Ireland. — Betts, J. Exercises on . . . I.

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. I. : its Scenery, etc. Lond.

Ireland. Post-Chaise Companion . . . through I., etc. Dublin.

Barton, R. Lectures . . . upon . . . Lough Neagh in I.

Dub]., 1751.

Beaufort, D. A. Memoir of a Map of I., etc. DuU., 1792.

Dodd, J. S. Traveller's Directory through I. DuU., 1801.

Eraser, J. B. Gleanings in I., etc. Lond., 1802.

Ireland. Reports of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into

the . . . Bogs in L, etc. 1810-14.

BicHENO, J. E. I. and its economy. 1830.

Barrow, J. Tour round I., etc. 1836.

Huddart, J. Piloting Directory for . . . all the Coasts of I., etc.


JoNNEs, A. M. Statistique de . . . I'lrlande. Par., 1837.

Mudge, W. and Frazer, G. A. Sailing Directions for the N.E.,

N., and N.W. Coasts of 1. 1842.


242 Ireland — Ispahan.

Ireland. — Ireland. A Plan for the Improvement of I., etc. 1844.

Parliamentary Gazetteer of I., etc. Duhl., Lond., Edinh., 1846.

Petty, W. History of the Survey of Ireland, commonly called

" the Down Sm-vey," a. d. 1655-6, etc. Dubl, 1851.

WoRSAAE, J. J. A. .Account of the Danes and Norwegians in

... I. 1852.

Calvert, J. Gold Rocks of . . . I., etc. 1853.

Cameron, Capt. Ordnance Survey : Abstract of principal Lines of

Spirit-Levelling in I. 1855.

BuRWOOD, J., and Yule, C. B. Tide-Tables for the . . . Irish

Ports, etc. 1855-63.

James, Sir H. Ordnance Survey. Meteorological Observations

taken . . . 1829-52 ... in I. DiM., 1856.

Weld, C. R. Vacations in I. 1857.

Wilde, W. R. Essay . . . illustrative of the Ancient Animals

of I. Buhl., 1860.

Beaven, H. J, C. Six Weeks in I., etc. 1862.

Bertus. Voyage into I., 684. Hakluyt. Vol. I.

Hamilton's Letters on the N.n Coast of T. Pinkerton. Vol. III.

Young's Tour in I., an Abstract of. Pinkerton. Vol. III.

I., Journal of a Tour in, 1804, etc. Voyages and Travels. A

Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. III.

Carr, J. Stranger in I. ; or a Tour . . . 1805. Voyages and

Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. V.

, South Coast. — PuRDY, J., and FiNDLAY, A. G. Sailing Directory

for the . . . S.ern Coasts of I. 1849.

White, M., and Purday, J. Portulan . . . de la Cote

Sud d'Irlande, etc. Par., 1855.

Irish Channel. — English and I. Cliannels and Ports Tide-Tables, etc.


Irrawaddy. — Yule, H. Narrative . . . with . . . Notes on the Geo-
logical Features of the Banks of the River I., etc. Calc, 1856.

Iscardo. — See Iskardoh.

Iseland. — -See Iceland.

Iskanderoon. — See Iskanderun.

Iskanderun. — Taylor. J. Travels ... to India, in 1789, by . . .
Scandaroon, etc. 1799.

Iskardoh.— Vigne, G. T. Travels in . . . I., etc. 1842.

Island, Islandia. See Iceland.

Ispahan. — Buckingham, J. S. Travels . . . including . . . Researches
in I., etc. 1830.

Steel, R., and Crowther, J. Journey from Agimere to I., 1615-16.

Kerr. Vol. IX.

Hobbs, G. Travaile from Musco to Spahan, 1020. Purchas.

Vol. I.

Ispahan — Italy. 243

Ispahan. — Steel, R., and Crowther, J. Journal of a Journey from Azmere
... to Spahan . . . 1615-lG. Puechas. Vol. I.

Cartwright, J. Observations in his Voyage from Aleppo to Hispaan

. . . about 1603. Puechas. Vol. II.

Issini. — See AssiNEE.

Isthme Am^ricain. — See Panama, Isthmus of.

Istria. — Vernon, F. Travels . , . through I., etc. Rat, J.

Cassas, L. F. Travels in I. . . . 1702, etc. Voyages and

Teavels. a Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. I.

Italia. — See Italy.

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ing a description of . . . the remote parts of I., etc. 1615.

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e^c 1710.

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Lond., 1726.

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through ... I., etc. 1737.

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• Stolberg, Count F. L. zu. Reise in . . . Italien, etc.

Konigsh. u. Leip., 1794,

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Germany . . . I. . . . Geographical . . . description of, etc.

Italy. Itineraire d'ltalie. Flor., 1801.

Denina, C. Tableau . . . de la Haute-Italie. Far., 1805.

• Dessiou, J. F. Le Petit Neptune Francais ... To which is

added, the Coast of I., etc. ' 1805.

• • Barbiellini, C. a. Nuova descrizione . . . d'ltalia, etc.

Mil, 1806.

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Provinzen Italiens. Wien und Triest, 1811,

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R 2

244 Italy.

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municates with France, etc. 1828.

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Oxford, 1832.

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Gotha, 1832.

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Graberg, Count J. Eelazioni Commerciali del Egitto . . . coi

Porti deir ItaUa, etc. Firenze, 1841.

Egypt. Kotes ... of a Visit to Egypt ... by way of I., etc.

Lond., 1844.

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BiANCONi, J. J. De Mari dim occupants planities et coUes Italia?,

etc. Bonon., 1846-52.

EoNAY, J. Jellemisme, vagy az . . . Olasz . . . Nemzet . . .

Jellemzese, etc. Gyorott, 1847.

ScHOUw, J, F. Ege-og Birke-Familiens geographiske og historiske

Forhold i Italien. " Copenh., 1847.

— . Balbi, A. Saggio . . . delle strade ferrate . . . Italiche.

Mil, 1848.

. "Whiteside, J. 1. in the Nineteenth Century, etc. 1848.

Lamalle, M. Dureau de. Climatologie comparee de ITtahe et de

I'Andalousie, etc. Par., 1849.

Maury, L. F. A. Histoire . . . des Forets . . . de I'ltalie.

Par., 1850.

MuRciiisoN, Sir R. I. On the Earlier Volcanic Eocks of the Pai^al

States, and the adjacent parts of I. 1850.

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