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Occidentales du Centre-Amerique. Par., 1854.

Squier, E. G. Notes on C. A., etc. N. T., 1855.

Scherzer, K. von. Travels in the Free States of C. A., etc.

Wells, W. Y. Explorations and Adventures . . . com-
prising ... a review of the history and general resources of C. A.

N. Y., 1857.

Brasseur de Bourbotjrg, E. C. Histoire des Nations

civilisees . . . de I'Amerique-Centrale, devant les siecles antorieurs
h C. Colomb., etc. Par., 1857-59.

Frobel, J. Seven Tears' Travel in C. A., etc. 1859.

Virlet d'Aoust, M. Coup-d'oeil general sur la topograpliie

. . . de I'Amerique Centrale. Par., [1865].

Belly, F. A travcrs I'Amerique Centrale, etc. Par., 1867.

Boyle, F. The Free Indian Tribes of C. A. Lond., [1867].

Paez, R. Travels and Adventures in S. and C. A., etc.

Lond., 1868.

-, Isthmus of. — See Panama, Isthmus of.

-, North. — Redfield, W. C. Remarks on the prevailing Storms of
the Atlantic Coast of the N. A. States.

•54 America, North.


America, North. — Say, T. Descriptions of new species of Heteropterous

Ilcmiptera of N. A., etc.
Marquette, le P. Voyage et decouverte de quelques Pays

. . . de I'Amerique Septentrionale, etc. Par., 1681.

Lahontan, Baron. New Voyages to N. A., e^c. 1703-35.

Charlevoix, J'ere de. Histoire . . . dim voyage

dans rAmerique Septentrionale. Par., 1744.

Benaduci, L. B. Idea de una nueva Historia General de la

A. Septentrionale. Madrid, 1746.

Charlevoix, Father. Journal of a Voyage to N.-A., etc.

Land., 1761.

Kalm, p. Travels into K A., etc. Lond., 1772.

Burnaby, a. Travels through the Middle Settlements of

N. A., etc. 1775.

Long, J. Voyages and Travels . . . describing . . . the

N. A.n Indians, etc. Lond., 1791.

Mackenzie, A. Voyages . . . through ... N. A. ... in

1789 and 1793, etc. 1801.

Pike, Z. M. Exploratory Travels through the Western Terri-
tories of X. A., etc. 1811.

Hodgson, A. Letters from N. A., etc. 1824.

Hall, B. Travels in K A. in 1827-28. Edin., 1829.

Head, G. Forest Scenes ... in the Wilds of N. A., efr.


Murray, H. Historical Account of discoveries and travels

in N. A., etc. 1829.

Richardson, Sir J., and others. Fauna Boreali- Americana,

etc, 1829-36.

Bouchette, J. The British dominions in N. A., etc. 1832.

Alexander, Sir J. E. Transatlantic Sl^etches, comprising

. . . scenes in N. and S. A., etc. 1833.

CoLTON, C. Tour of the A.n Lakes ... in 1830, etc. 1833.

Hoffman, C. F. A Winter in the Far West. 1835.

Pickering, J. Eemarks on the Indian languages of N. A.


Eichardson, Sir J. Report on N. A.n. Zoology. 1837.

Martin, R. M. Statisticsof the Colonies ... in ... N. A.,

etc. Lond., 1839.
Davison, G. M. Traveller's Guide through the Middle and

Northern States, etc. Saratoga S'priixjs, 1840.

Vail, E. A. Notice sur les Indicns de TAmdrique du Nord.

Par., 1840.

Wied-Neuwied, Prince M. de. Voyage dans ITntdrieur de

I'Amerique du Nord pendant 1832-34. Par., 1840.

Abert, Col. J. J. Report on the Commerce of the liakcs

and Western Rivers. Wash., 1841.

America^ N'orth. 35

America, North.— Catlin, G. Letters . . . on . . . the N. A. Indians


■ EicHARDSON, Sir J. On the Frozen Soil of N. A.

Edin., 1841.

Castelnau, F. de. Vues et souvenirs de I'Am^rique du

Nord. Pttr., 1842.

King, K. On the Unexplored Coast of N. A. 1842.

WooDBRiDGE, W. C. Eepoit on the Navigation of the Great

Lakes, ttc. Wash., 1843

Lyall, Sir C. Travels in N. A., etc. 1845.

■ — Btam, G. Wanderings in some of the W. Eeiuiblics of A.,

e^c- 1850.
Brassettr de Bourbourg, E. C. Lettres pour servir d'intro-

duction a I'Histoire Primitive . . , de I'Amerique Septentrionale.

Mex., 1851.
Darondeau, M. B. Tableau General des Phares et Fanaux

des Cotes Orientales de I'Amerique du Nord. Par., 1851.

Stanley, J. M. Catalogue of the Portraits of N. A.n Indians,

with sketches of Scenery, &c., painted by J. M. S. Wash., 1852.

America, South. The Lighthouses on the . . . W. Coast

of N. A. Corrected to 1853, 55, 57, 58, 59. 1853-59.

Lanman, C. Adventures in the "Wilds of N. A., etc. 1854.

Whipple, T. E., and Turner. Report upon the Indian

Tribes, with Vocabularies of K A.n Languages. Wash., 1855.

— ■ ■ Baily, F. Journal of a Tour in ... N. A. in 1766, 97.


• Olmsted, F . L. Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, etc.


Marcou, J. Geology of N. A., etc. Zurich, 1858.

DoMENECH, E. Seven Years ... in the Great Deserts of

N- A. I860.

Dunsterville, E. The Admiralty List of the Lights on

the . . . W. Coast of N. A. Corrected to 1860. 1861-62.

Dunsterville, E. The Admiralty List of the Litrhts .

on the W. Coast of N. A. Corrected to 1861, 62. 1861-62.

EwBANK, T. N. A.n Rock-writing, etc.

Morrisania, N. Y., 1866.

Palmer, W. J. Report of Surveys across the Continent

... for a Route extending the Kansas Pacific Railway to the Pacific
Ocean, etc. phil., 1869.

Bell, W. A. New Tracks in N. A., etc. Lond., 1870.

North Pacific Pilot. Pt. I. Sailing Directions for the

W. Coast of N. A., etc. Lond., 1870.

Langsdorff, G. H. de. Voyage a, la cote de I'Amerique

septentrionale, 1805-8. Eyries. Vol. VI.

Hearne. Voyage dans la partie bore'ale de rAm^rique,

1769-72. Eyries. Vol. VII.

D 2

36 America, North — America, North-west Coast,

America, North. — Mackenzie. Voyage dans I'Amdrique septentrionale . . .
1789-93. Eyries. Vol. VII.

Cabot, S. Voyage to the N. part of A. 1497. Hakluyt.

Vol. III.

Voyages ... for the finding of a N.W. Passage to the N.

parts of A., eic. Hakluyt. Vol. III.

Anie'riqne Septentrionale. Floride. Colonies Anglaises, etc.

Lahakpe, J. Vol. XII.

Colonies Franfaises . . . Caractere des Habitans, et Histoire

naturelle, etc. Laharpe, J. Vol. XIII.

i Possessions in N. A., 1834-35. Martin, E. M. History of

tlie British Colonies. Vol. III.

A., Memoirs of N. Pinkerton. Vol. XIII.

Burnaby's Travels through the Middle Settlements in N. A.,

in 1759-60. Pinkerton. Vol. XIII.

Kalm's Travels in N. A. Pinkerton. Vol. XTII.

Voyage & decouverte du P. Marquette & sieur JoUiet dans

I'Amerique Septentrionale. Thevenot. Vol. IV.

- Verazzani, J. Eeise und Entdeckungen von Nord-A.,

1523-24. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historie, ttc. Vol. XV.

■ Fortsetzung der Pieisen, Entdeckungen und Niederlassungen

der Franzosen in Nord-A. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine
Historie, etc. Vol. XVI.

Eeisen, Entdeckungen und Niederlassungen der Euglander

in dem Nordlicben A., etc. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine
Historie, etc. Vol. XVI.

Eeisen und Niederlassungen in dem Nordlichen A. Voyages

and Travels. AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XVI.

Naturgeschichte von Nord-A. Voyages and Travels.

AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XVII.

Eeisen und Niederlassungen auf den Inseln des Nordlichen

A. in dem Nordmeere. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historie,
etc. Vol. XVII.

Von den Gebrauchen . . . der Indianer in dem Nordlichen

A. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeine Historie, etc. Vol. XVI I.

Montule, E. Voyage to N. A. and the West Indies, 1817.

Voyages and Travels, New. 1819, etc. Vol. IX.

Bee also America, British.
America, Eussiau.

Meta Incognita. ^


-, North Coast. — Simpson, T. Narrative of the Discoveries on the
N. Coast of A. . . . during 182G-39. 1843.

Perrey, a. Docmnents sur les Tremblements de Terre

dc la Cute No. d'Amerique. -Dyo", 1866.

-, North-west Coast. — Dixon, G. Voyage . . . more particularly
to the N.W. Coast of A., etc. _ 1789.

America, North-west Coast — America, South. 37

America, North-west Coast. — Portlock, N. Voyage . . . more par-
ticularly to the N.W. Coast of A., 1785-88. 1789.

• Meares, J. Voyages . . . from China to the N.W. Coast of

A., etc. Lond., 1790.

Wkangell, F. vox. Statistische . . . Nachrichten liber

die Russischen Besitzungen an der Nordwestkiiste von A. kit. Pet., 1839.

— ■- Gkeenhow, R. Memoir ... on the N.W. Coast of A., ctr.

Wash., 1840.

■ Greenhow, E. The History of Oregon . . . and the other

Territories of the N.W. Coast of A., etc. Bost., U. 8., 1844.

Geewinck, C. Beitrag zur Kenntniss der orographischen

. . . Beschafieuheit der Nord-West-Kixste Amerika's, etc.

St. Pet., 1850.

Dickie, G. Notes of Algse collected on the Cyast of N.W.

A., by Mr. E. Brown. [1868.]

Dickie, G. Notes of Mosses and Hepatica?, collected by

E. Brown, Esq., on the N.W. Coast of A. [1868.]

Meares. Voyage de la Chine a la Cote Nord-Ouest de

I'Am^-ique, 1788, 89. Eyries. Vol. I.

Portlock et Dixon. Voyage a la Cote Nord-Ouest de

I'Amerique, 1785-88. Eyries. Vol. I.

Douglas, Capt. Voyage a la Cote Nord-Ouest de I'Amerique,

1798, 89. Eyries. Vol. II.

Marchand, E. Voyage ... a la Cote Nord-Ouest de I'Ame-

rique, 1790-2. Eyries. Vol II.

■ Harmon de Montreal, D. W. Voyage aux Cotes nord-ouest

de I'Amerique. Eyries. Vol. VIII.

Gualle, F. Voya2;e . . . bv the N.W. part of A. ... to

Acapulco, 1582-84. Hakluyt. Vol. III.

-, Russian. — Holmberg, H. J. Ethnographische Skizzen iiber die
Volker dcs Eussischen A. Helsinyfors, 1855.

KiTTLiTZ, F. H. V. Denkwiirdigkeiten einer Eeise uach

dem Eussischen Amerika, etc. Gothu, 1858.

Sumner, Hon. C. Speech ... on the cession of E. A. to

the United States. Wash., 1867.

-, South. — Daunou, p. C. F. De la A. Meridional, etc.

Buen. Ayres.

King, P. P. Selections from a Meteorological Journal kept

during the Survey of the S.n Coasts of S. A., 1827-30.

The VET, A. Historia dell' India America, detta altramente

Francia Antarctica, etc. Vinegia, 1561., L. Journal des Observations . . . faitcs sur les

Cotes Orieutales de I'Ame'rique Me'ridioiiale, etc. Par., 1725.

CoNDAMiNE, M. DE LA. Eclatiou . . . d'un Voyage fait

dans rinte'rieur de I'Amerique M^ridionale, etc. Par., 1745.

CoNDAMiNE, M. DE LA. A succiuct Abridgment of a Vovase

. . . within the Inland parts of S. A., etc. 1747.

38 America, South.

America, South. — Juan, G., and Ulloa, A. Voyage historique de
rAmerique Meridionale, etc. Amst. et Par., 1752.

■ Ulloa, A. de. Voyage historique de I'Amdrique Meridionale,

etc. Par., 1752.

Bancroft, E. Essay on . . . Guiana, in S. A., etc. 1769.

Falkner, T. Description of Patagonia, and the adjoining

parts of S. A., etc. Bereford., 1774.

• Ulloa, A. de. Memoires . . . concernant la decouverte de

I'Amerique, etc. Par., 1787.

■ ■ Ulloa, A. de. Voyage to S. A., etc. 1806.

■ Depons, F. Travels in S. A., etc. 1807.

Azara, F. de. Voyages dans I'Amerique meridionale, etc.

Par., 1809.

Bauza, p. Ueber . . . Sud Amerika, etc. '• Madr., 1814.

Hippisley, G. Narrative of the Expedition to the Rivers

Orinoco and Apare, in S. A. 1819.

Brackenridge, H, M. Voyage to S. A., etc. 1820.

Daniell, J. F. Sketches ... of S. A. 1820.

- Caldcleugh, a. Travels in S. A., etc. 1825.

Stevenson, W. B. Historical . . . Narrative of Twenty

Years' Eesidence in S. A. 1825.

Ulloa, A. de. Noticias Secretas de A., etc. Lond., 1826.

Waterton, C. Wanderings in S. A., etc. 1828.

Alexander, Sir J. E. Transatlantic Sketches, comprising

. . . scenes in N. and S. A., etc. 1833.

Empson, C. Narratives of S. A., etc. Lond,, 1836.

Hawkshaw, J, Keminiscences of S. A., etc. Lond., 1838.

Scarlett, Hon. P, C. S. A. and the Pacific, etc. 1838.

King, P. P., and Fitz-Roy, R. Narrative . . . describing

their examination of the S.n Shores of S. A., etc. 1839.

Martin, R. M. Statistics of the Colonies . . . in . , S. A.,

etc. Lond., 1839.
Robertson, J. P. and W. P. Letters on S. A., etc. 1843.

Wappaus, J. E. Die Republiken von Siidamerika, etc.

(jottingen, 1843.

Darwin, C. Geological Observations on S. A., etc.

Lond., 1846.

FiTZ-RoY, Rear-Adml. R. Saihng Directions for S. A., etc.

King, P. P. and Fitzroy, R. Sailing Directions for S. A.,

etc. 1850.

Castelnau, F. de. Expedition dans les parties centrales de

I'Amerique du Sud, etc. Par., 1850-57.

Angelis p. de. Memoria . . . sobre los dercchos de

Soberania . . . de la Confederacion Argentina, a la parte Austral del
Continente Americano, etc. Buen. Aires, 1852.

America, Sotith. 39

America, South. — Chaix, P. Histoire de rAmerique meridionalo an
seizieme sifecle, etc. Par., 1853.

Amctnategui, M. L. Titulos de . . . Chile a la soberaiiia de

la estremidad austral del Continente Americano, etc. bant., 1853-55.

America, South. The Lighthouses on the E. and W.

Coasts of S. A. ... Corrected to 1853, 55, 57, 58, 59. 1853-59.

FoETTERLE, F. Die Geologische Uebersichtskarte des mitt-

leren Theiles von 8iid-Amerika, etc. Wien, 1854.

King, P. P. and Fitzroy, E. S. A. Pilot, etc. I860.

DuNSTEEViLLE, E. The Admiralty List of the Lights on the

E. and W. Coasts of S. A. ... Corrected to 1860. 1861-62.

The Admiralty List of the Lights in S. A. ...

Corrected to 1861, 62. 1861-62.

Gras, M. a. Le. Phares des Cotes Orientales del'Anierique

du Sud. 1861-64. Par., 1861-64.

HiNCHLiFF, T. W. S. A.-n Sketches, etc. 1863.

America. Intereses, peligros y garantias de los Estados del

Pacifico ... de la A. del Sud. Par., 1866.

-— TscHUDi, J. J. VON. Reisen diirch Siidamerika.

Lelj)., 1866-1869.

Michelexa y Rojas, F. Exploracion Oficial por la primera

vez desde el Korte de la A. del Sur siemj^re por Eios, etc.

Bruselas, 1867.

HuTCHUsSON, T. J. The Parana. . . and S.A.n recollections,

etc. Loud., 1868.

Paez, E. Travels and Adventures in S. and Central A., etc.

Land., 1868.

Makcoy, p. Voyage a travers TAmerique du Sud. etc.

Par., 1869.

Amerique Meridionale . . . Histoire ISTaturelle, depuis

risthme de Panama jusqu'au Bresil. Laharpe, J, Vol. XI.

Condamine's Travels in S. A. Pinkerton, Vol. XIV.

UUoa's Voyage to S. A. Pinkerton. Vol. XIV.

Folque, F. Eeflexoes acerca . . . dos dominios de Portugal

e Hespanha na A. Meridional. Portugal. Colleccao de Xoticias,
etc. Vol. VII.

Beschreibungen der er?tern entdeckten Lander in dem

mittaglichen A., etc. Voyages and Travels. AUgemeiue Histone,
etc. Vol. XV.

Eeisen ... an den Kiisten von Slid A. Voyages and

Travels. Allgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. XVI.

Depons, F. Travels in . . . S. A., 1801-4. Voyages and

Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. IV.

Keith, Sir G. M. Voyage to S. A. . . . 1805-6. Voyages

and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1805. Vol. XI.

Depons, F. Travels in parts of S. A., 1801-4. Voyages
and Travels. A Collection, etc. 1810. Vol. I.

4o America, Spa7iisk-— Anahuc,

America, Spanish. — Lopes, J. J. Ueber die . . . Beziehungen . . . Euro-
^las mit dea . . . Hispano-Amerikanischen Eepubliken. Berlin.

• America, Spanish. Outline of . . . Revolution in S. A.,

etc. 1817.

BONNYCASTLE, SiR R. H. S. A., etc. 1818.

■ ■ Shillibeer, J. Narrative . . . including a Sketch of the

present state of . . . Spanish S. A. 1818.

■ Hassaurek, F. Four Years among Spanish Americans.

N. Y., 1868.

Naturgeschichte der Spanischen Lanrlschaftcn in dem

Siidlichen A., etc. Voyages and Travels. AUgeineine Historic, etc.
Vol. XVI.

American Isthmus.— *See Panama, Isthmus of.

Ameryka. — ^See America.

Amhara. — Ferret, A. and Galinier. Voyage . . . dans les provinces . . .
de I'A. Far., 1847.

Amman. — Jericho. An Excursion from Jericho to the Ruins of . . . A.,
etc. 1852.

Ammon. — Hoskins, G. A. Visit to . . . the Oasis of Amun, etc. 1837.

Amoor, River. — See Amur.

Amravati, Amrawutti.— 'See Umarawutty.

Amsterdam, Island. — Mortimer, G. Observations . . . during a Voyage
to . . , A., etc. Lond., 1791.

• Prior, J. Voyage ... to ... A., 1810-11. Voyages

and Travels, New. 181U. Vol. I,

Amu, River. — See Oxus.

Amun.— >S'<?e Ammon.

Amur, River. — Habersham, A. W. My last Cruise . . . Visits to . . .
tlie mouth of the A. R. Phil., 1857.

■ Schrenck, L. v. Reisen iind Forschungen im A.-Lande, etc.

St. Pet., 1858.
Maack, R. Journey on the A. in 1855. Buss.

St. Pet., 1859.

Atkinson, T. W. Travels in the Regions of^the . . .

Amoor, etc. 1860.

■ Collins, P. McD. A Voyage down the Amoor, etc.

N. Y. and Lond., I860.

Ravexstein, a. The Russians of the A., etc. 1861.

CiRCOURT, Count A. de. The Russians on the A., etc.

Par., 1862.

Ana. — Kulczycki, A. Determination des Longitudes . . . Observations ])our

... A., etc. Par., 1851.

Anadir, Gulf of. — ST.i:nLiN, J. von. An Account of the New Northtnii
A rcliipulagu lately discovered . . . in the Seasof Kamtscbatka aii<l A.,
lie. iMud., 1774.

Anahuc. — See Mexico.

A 7iatolia — A no;oia . 4 1


Anatolia.— Macaeius. Travels of . . . Pt. 1. A., etc. 1849.

Jackson, J. Journey ... in 1797, through . . . Natolia, etc.

Pelham. Vol. II.

Ancholme. — Eennie, Sir J. An Account of the drainage of the Level of A.,
Lincolnshire. 1845.

Andalousie, Andalucia. — See Andalusia.

Andalusia. — Lamalle, M. Dueeau de. Climatologie comparee de I'ltalic et
de I'Andalousie, etc. Par., 1849.

MuEKAY, Hon. E. D. Cities and Wilds of A. 1853.

Andalusia, New.— fi^ee New Andalusia.

Andaman Islands. — Kuez, S. Eeport on the Vegetation of the A. I.


Andes. — Humboldt, A. vox. Researches concerning . . . America, with
descriptions . . . of . . . the Cordilleras, etc. 1814.

ScHMiDTMEYEE, P. Travels . . . over the A., etc. Loud., 1824.

■ Head, F. B. Eough Notes . . . along the A. 1828.

• Maw, H. L. Journal of a Passage . . . crossing the A., efc. 1829.

Pentland, J. B., and Parish, Sie W. Notices of the Bolivian A.,

etc. Lond., 1836.

Smyth, W., and Lowe, F. Narrative of a Journey . . . across the

A., etc. 1836.

Scaelett, Hon. P. C. South America . . . comprising a Journey

across . . . the A., etc. 1838.

- — - — Boussingault, M. Viajes cientificos a los A. Ecuatoriales, etc.

Par., 1849.

DoMEYKO, D. I. Viaje a las Cordilleras de Talca i de Chilian.


■ — Hopkins, E. On the structure of the Crystalline Eocks of the A.,

etc. 1850.
EicKABD, F. I. A Mining Journey across the Great A. 1863.

SiLVA CouTiNHO, J. M. DE. Cousideracoes geraes sobre os rios que

descem da cordilheira dos A., etc. 1863.

• EosETTi, E. Ferrovia Trasandina. Eelazione suUa praticabilita, etc.

Buen. A., 1870.

Schmidtmeyer, P. Voyage au Chili, h travers la chaine des A.,

1820-21. Eyeies. Vol. IX.

Andorre. — Spain. Border Lands of Spain . . . with an account of a Visit
to the Eepublic of A. 1856.

Angica. — Description of the divers Nations ... in Brasill . . . also . . .
A., etc. PuRCHAS. Vol. IV.

Anglesea. — Edwiu, the Saxon King of Northumberland. Conquest of . . .
Anglesey, etc. Hakluyt. Vol. I.

Angol Nemzet. — 'See England.

Angola. — BowDiTCH, T. E. Account of the Discoveries of the Portuguosp in
tlie Interior of A.j etc. 1824.

42. A n^ola — A nticosti

Angola. — Cardozo de Castellobranco e Torres, J. C. F. Memorias
contendo . . . Descripcao geographica . . . de A., etc. Par., 1825.

Fleming, F. Southern Africa . . . from the Cape of Good Hope

to A. 1856.

A Description of . . . A., etc. Astley. Vol. III.

Voyages and Travels to ... A. Astley. Vol. III.

Barbot, J. Description of . . . Ethiopia Inferior, vulgarly A., etc.

Churchill. Vol. V.

Battel, A. Strange Adventure of, sent by the Portuguese prisoner

to A. Finkerton. Vol. XVI.

■ Catalogo dos Governadores do Pieino de A. etc. Portugal. Collecfao

de Noticias, etc. Vol. III.

■ Description of the divers Nations ... in Brasill . . . also A., etc.


Battels, A. Die Eeisen und Begebenheiten in A., 1589. Voyages

and Travels. Allgemeioe Historic, etc. Vol. IV.

■ — Eine Beschreibung der Konigreiche . . . A., etc. Voyages and

Travels. AUgemeine Historic, etc. Vol IV.

Anguilla Islands. — Murchison, Sir K. I. On the . . . value of certain
Phosphate Piocks of the A. I., etc. 1859.

Engliindische Inseln. Eeisen ... in ... A. Voyages and

Travels. AUgemeine Historic, etc. Vol. XVII.

Anhulwara. — See Nehrwalla.

Anian, Strait of. — See Behring's Strait.

Animalaya Mountains. — Hamilton, D. Report on the High Ranges
of the AnnamuUay Mountains. Madras, 1866.

Animally Mountains. — See Animalaya Mountains.

Ankova. — Oliver, S. P. Madagascar . . . witli Sketches in the Provinces
of Tamatave . . . and A. Lond. [1865.]

Annamullay Mountains. — See Animalaya Mountains.

Ansayrii. — Walpole, Hon. F. The A. and the Assassins, etc. 1851.

Antartic France. — See America, South.

Ocean. — Morrell, B. Narrative offour Voyages to the . . . A. 0.,

etc. N. Y., 1832.

Hooker, SibW. J. Notes on the Botany of the A. Vova<;;e,

conducted by Capt. J. C. Ross, etc. Loud., 1843.

• Regions. — Report . . . relative to . . . Observations to be made

in the A. Expedition, etc. 1840.

Ross, Sir J. C. Voyage . . . in . . . the A. R., 1839-43.

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A niicosii — Apennines. 43

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