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Hospital Pupil, 12rao, Lond. 1800-

Staluta Solcmna de Doctoratus in Medicina Gradu Capessendo, et nomi-
na eorum qui gradum doctoralera in Medicina adepti sunt ab Anno
1705 usque ad 1836, 8vo, Edin.

Thomson (John) Observations on the preparatory Education of Candi-
dates for the Desrree of Doctor of Medicine in the Scottish. Univer-
sities, Svo, Edin. 1826.

Remarks on a Communication from the Senatus Academicus to

tlie Patrons of the University of Edinburgh, Svo, Edin. 1831.
Turner (Thomas) Outlines of a System of iVledico-Chirurgical Educa-
tion, Svo, Loud. 1824.




Armstrono; (John) INIemoir of his Life and Medical Opinions, by Francis

Boolt, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1833.
Artis Medicce Priucipes post Hippocratera et Galenum, a Stephano,

2 torn. fol. Francof. 15G7.
Baillie (Matthew) Testimony of Veneration for the Memory of, by Dr.

A. Duncan, Sen. 8vo, Edin. 1825.
Banks (Sir Joseph) Short Account of the Life of, by Dr. A. Duncan,

Sen. 8vo, Edin. 1821.
Barclay (John) Introductory Lectures on Anatomy, with his Life by Sir

G. Ballingall, 8vo, Edin. 1827. (2 copies.)
Bateman (Thomas) His Life and Character, 8vo, Lond. 1826.
Beddoes (Thomas) Life of, by J. E. Stock, 4to, Lond. 1811.
Boerhaave (Herman.) Account of his Life and Writings, by W. Burton,

8vo, Lond. 1746.
Brown (John) Elements of Medicine, trans, by Beddoes ; with a Preface

on the Character and Writings of the Author, 2 vols. Bvo, Lond.

Works of, with a Biographical Account of the Author, by his Son

W. C. Brown, 3 vols. 8vo, Lond. 180-J.
Brownrigg (Wm.) Literary Life of, by Joshua Dixon, 8vo, Whitehaven,

Cartesii (R.) Vita, auctore Petro Rosello, 8vo, Francof. 1676.
Clark (Dr. John) Life of, by J. R. Fenwick, 8vo, Newcastle, 1806.

(^2 copies.)
CuUen (William) An Account of his Life, Writings, and Lectures, by

Dr. John Thomson, Vol. I. 8vo, Edin. 1832.
Currie (James) Memoir of his Life and Writings, by his Son William

W. Currie, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1831.
Cuvier (G.) Recueil des Eloges Historiques, 3 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1819-30.
— Sketch of his Life and Writings, 8vo, Lond. 1830.
Davy (Sir Humphrey) Account of his Life by Dr. Paris, 4to, Lond.

Memoirs of his Life, by his Brother John Davy, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond.

Duncan (A. Sen.) A Tribute of Respect to the Memory of, being the

Ilarveian Oration for 1829, by R. Huie, 8vo, Edin. 1829.
Good (J. M.) Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by Dr. Gregory, 8vo,

Lond. 1828.
Gordon (John) Memoir of the Life and Writings of, by Daniel Ellis,

12mo, Edin. 1823.
Hey (W.) Life of, by John Pearson, 6vo, Lond. 1822.
Hunter (John) Memoirs of the Life and Doctrines of, by Joseph Adams,

8vo, Lond. 1817.
Hutchinson (Benj.) Biographia Medica, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1799.
Jenner (Edward) Life of, by Dr. Baron, 8vo, Lond. 1827.

2 u


Liunajus (Car.) General View of the Writings of, by Richard Pnltney,

8vo, Lond. 1781.
Monro (Alex. Primus) Account of the Life and Writings of, by A. Dun-
can, Sen. 8vo, Edin. 1780. f2 copies. J
Wiiole Works, with an Account of his Life by his Son, 4to, Edin.

Monro (Alex. Secundus) On the Life and Writings of, bv A. Duncan,

Sou 8vo, Edin. 1818.
Osiandri (F. B.) Meraoria Commendata, auctore J. F. Blumenbach, 4to,

Gotting. 1822.
Pitcairne (Dr.) Account of, by Charles Webster, 8vo, Edin. 1781.
Priestley (Josepli) Memoirs otj by himself, continued from 1795 by his

Son, with Observations by Cooper and Christie, Vols. L and II. 8vo,

Lond. lSOj-7.
An Estimate of the Philosophical Character of, by W. Henry, 8vo,

York, 1832.
Smitli (Sir J. E.) Memoirs and Correspondence of, edited by Lady

Smith, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1832.
Troja (Michel) Biographic de, par Dr. Albrecht von Schonberg, 4to,

Erlangen, 1828.
Warren (John) Eulogy on the Character of, by James Jackson, 8vo,

Boston, 1815.
Williamson (Hugh M.D.) Biographical Memoir of, by David Hossack,

8vo, New York, 1824.
Wright (Wm.) Memoir of, 8vo, Edin. 1828.



Abercrombie (John) Address delivered in the Hall of the Marischal

College Aberdeen, 8vo, Aberdeen, 1835.
Abernethy (John) Hunterian Oration for 1819, 4to, Lond. 1819.
Blane (Sir G.) Address to the Medical Society of Edinburgh, 8vo,

Edin. 1775.

Crooiiian Lecture on Muscular Motion, 4to, Lond. 1790.

Blizard (Sir W.) The Hunterian Oration, 4to, Lond. 1815.

Buriie (J.) An Oration on the Practice of Medicine, 4to, Lond. 1828.

Carlisle (Sir Antliony) Hunterian Oration, 4to, Lond. 1820.

Coste (J. F.) Oratio de Antiqua Medicti Philosophia, 8vo, Lugd. Bat. 1 783.

Drelincurtius (Car.) Libitinte Tropaea, Edit. 3tia, 12mo, Lugd. Bat. 1G89.

Emmet (Thos.) Oratio coram Societate Physica Edinensi, 8vo, Edin.

Frank (Jo.Pet.) Discursus Academicus de Institutis Clinicis, Ticini, 1785,

est. in Frank. Delect. Tom. VIII. p. 323.
Gordon (Jas. A.) Introductory Lecture on Clinical Medicine, 8vo, Lond.

Halford (Sir Henry) Essays and Orations, 8vo, Lond. 1834.
Huie (K.) Harveian Oration for 1829, being a tribute of respect to the

Memory of Dr. A. Duncan, Sen. 8vo, Edin. 1829.


Kuhn (D. C G.) ProcancclJarius Paneg'. Medic, de Caelio Aiireliano, 4:to,

Lips. 1816.
Malins (Sam.) Introductory Lecture on Midwifery, 8vo, Lond. 18.31.
Monro (Donald) Prselectiones Medicae ex Croouii instituto. An. 1774—75,

et Oratio Annua Harveiensis An. 177.3 habita in Theatro CoUegii

Regii Medicorura Londinensis, 8vo, Loud. 1776.
Rogers (Nat.) Address to the Members of the Hunterian Medical Society

of Edinburgh, 8 vo, Edin. 1831.
Roget (P. M.) Introductory Lecture on Human and Comparative Physio-
logy, 8vo, Lond. 1826.
Romayne (Nic.) Address delivered at the commencement of the Lectures

in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, 8vo, New

York, 1808. f2 copies. J
Rush (Benjamin) Oration before the American Philosophical Society,

4to, Philadelphia, 1786.
Schlacht (Joan. Oosterdyk) Oratio de Arcanis Medicorum non celandis,

4to, Traject. ad Rhen. 1767.
Thackrah (C. Turner) Introductory Discourse delivered to the Leeds

Philosophical and Literary Society, 4to, Leeds, 182 L


Bell (John) Answer to the Memorial of Dr. Gregory, 8vo, Edin. 1800.

Carson (J.) Remarks on the Vindication of Gerard, Bostock, and Hay,
8vo, Liverpool, 1808.

Cheek (H. H.) Answer to Mr. YaUYs address to the Members of the
Wernerian Society, 8vo, Edi.i. 1830.

Combe (Andrew) Observations on Dr. Barclay's Objections to Phreno-
logy, 8vo, Edin. 1823.

Combe (Geo.) Answer to Observations ou the Phrenological Develope-
ment of Burke and Hare by Thos. Stone, Esq. 8vo, Edin. 1829.

Conringius (Herman.) De Prsecipuis Chirurgiae Controversiis, 4to, Fran-
cof. 1649.

Duncan (A. Seii.) Opinion delivered in the College of Phvsicians, on a
Charge of Falsehood against Dr. Jas. Gregory, 4to, Edin. 1808.

Letter to Dr. Jas. Gregory, occasioned by some Hand-Bills distri-
buted by him, 8vo, Edin. 1811.

Speech delivered at a INIeeting of the Senatus Academicus of the

University of Edinburgh, 2d November 1824, 8vo, Edin. 1824.
C2 copies. J

Speech accusing Dr. J. Hamilton, 8vo, Edin.

Glass (Thomas) Examination of Mr. Henry's Strictures on Glass's Mag-
nesia, 8vo, Lond. 1784.

Glover (Wm.) Exposure of Unfounded Statements respecting the Death
of J. D., Esq. &c. 8vo, Edin. 1828.

Greg'ory (J.) Answer to Dr. James Hamilton, Junior, 8vo, Edin. 1793.

Memorial addressed to the Managers of the Royal Infirmary, 4to,

Edin. 1800.

Additional Memorial, 4to, Edin. 1803.


Hamilton (Alex.) Letter to Dr. Osborne occasioned by his 8ssay on the
Practice of Midwifery, 8vo, Edin. 1792.

Ilnll (John) Observations on Mr. Simmons' detection, &c. 8vo, Man-
chester, 1793.

Jurin (Jac.) Dofensio contra Michelotti Aniniadversiones, 4to, Venct. 1724-.

Lauder (W. P.) Statement of Facts respecting- him, by Dr. Carnegie,
8vo, Lond. 1828.

Z//e, Examination of the Controversy concerning, carried on by Law-
rence, Abernethy, Kennel, &c. 8vo, Lond. 1823.

Listen (Rob.) Letter to the Contributors to the Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh, 8vo, Edin. 1822.

Mackintosh (John) Reply to Notes on his Treatise on Puerperal Fever
by Mr. Moir, 8vo, Edin. 1823.

Reply to Professor Chiistison respecting' Mrs. Smith's Case, 8vo,

Edin. 1827.

Marggravius (Christian.) Detectio Ignorantije Jacobi Le Mort, 12mo,
Lngd. Bat. 1687.

Michelottus (Pet. Anton.) Animadversiones in Tentamina Jacobi Keill
de Motu Muscalari, 4to, Venet. 1724.

' Responsio Defensioni Jurinianie, 4to, Venet. 1724.

Moir (James) Notes on Dr. Mackintosh's Treatise on Puerperal Fever,
8vo, Edin. 1822.

Monro (Alex. Secundus) Examination of Dr. Hunter's Claim to some
Discoveries relative to the Lymphatics, 8vo, Edin. 1758.

Examination of the Claim to the Operation of Paracentesis Thora-
cis, and to the Discovery of the Absorbents in Oviparous Animals,
8vo, Edin. 1770.

Neill (Pat.) Address to the Members of the Wernerian Natural History
Society, 8vo, Edin. 1829.

Supplement to the same, 8vo, Edin. 1830.

Reid (D. B.) Exposure of Misrepresentations in an Attack upon the
Author's Elements of Practical Chemistry contained in the I'hiloso-
phical Magazine for December 1830, 8vo, Edin. 1831. (2 copies. J

Sanders (James) Critical Remarks on the Opinions of Dr. Rush, 8vo,
Edin. 1806.

Stone (Thomas) The Evidences against Phrenology, 8vo, Edin. 1828.

Observations on the Phrenological Developement of Burke and

Hare, 8vo, Edin. 182.3.

Rejoinder to Mr. Combe's Answer to the above, 8vo, Edin. 1829.

Thomson (J.) Remarks on a Communication from the Senatns Academi-
cus to the Patrons of the University of Edinburgh, 8vo, Edin. 1831.

Thomson (Thomas) Reply to the Edinburgh Reviewers, 8vo, Edin. 1804.

Wood (William) Correspondence with Dr. Monro respecting- his Essay
on Crural Hernia, &vo, Edin. 1827.

(For Works on the Vaccine Controversy, Vid. p. 11,5.)


(Kirf. Part IV. Miscellaneous.)



Chapter I. Natural Philosophy ; Including Mechanical
Philosophy, and Chemistry.

II. Natural History ; including Zoology, Botany,

Geology, Mineralogy, and Mineral Waters.

III. Science of the Mind ; including Metaphysics and
Moral Philosophy, Political Economy, and General


Katui-al m)i^oso»f)n


Mttijmml ^\)i\o^opl)}} antr CDnnistri).



Adams (George) Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy,

3 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1794..
Alembert (M. d') Opuscules Mathematiques, 8 torn. 4to, Paris, 1761-80.
Arnot (N.) Elements of Physics, Vol. I. 8vo, Lond. 1827.

The same book, 2d Edit. Lond. 1828.

The same book. Vol. II. Part I. 8vo, Lond. 1829.

Eacon (Francis, Lord Verulam) Philosophical Works, abridged by Shaw,

3 vols. 4to, Loud. 173.3.

Whole Works, 5 vols. 4to, Lond. 1778.

Bacon (Roger) Opus Majus ex Codice Dubliniensi MSS. cura Jebb, fol.

Lond. 1733.
Berkeley (George Bp. of Cloyne) Works, 2 vols. 4to, Lond. 1784.
Biot (J. B.)Traite de Physique Experimentale et Mathematique, 4 tomes,

Svo, Paris, 181 G.

Precis Elementaire de Physique, &c. 2 tomes, Svo, Paris, 1817.

Blair (R.) Scientific Aphorisms, Svo, Edin. 1827.

Boscovich (P. R. J.) Theoria Philosophise Naturalis, 4to, Venetiis, 1763.

Boyle (Hon. Robert) Tentamina Physiologica, 12mo, Amst. 1G67.

■ Tracts, Svo, Lond. 1672.

Whole Works, 6 vols. 4to, Lond. 1772.

Philosophical Works, abridged by Shaw, 2d Edit. 3 vols. 4to,

Lond. 1738.
Brewster (Sir David) Letters on Natural Magic, 12mo, Lond. 1834.
Brisson (M.) Traite Elementaire de Physique, 3 torn. Svo, Paris, 1789.
Cavallo (Tiberius) Natural Philosophy, 4 vols. Svo, Lond. 1803.
Cook (John) Clavis Natune, Svo, Loud. 1733.
Desaguiliers (J. F.) Course of Experimental Philosophy, 2 vols. 4to,

Lond. 1763.
Descartes (Renatus) Opera Philosophica, 4to, Amstelod. 1670.
Lettres sur la Morale, la Physique, la Medecine, et les Mathema-
tiques, 6 torn. 12mo, Paris, 1724.
Diderot (iNI.) O^uvres Philosophiques et Dramatiques, 6 torn. 12mo,

Amsterdam, 1772.

2 E


Elliot (J.) Elements of the Branches of Natural Philosophy connected

With Medicine, 8vo, Lond. 1782.
Enfield (Will.) Institutes of Natural Philosophy, 2d Edit. 4to, Lond.

Eulcr (Leon.) Conjectura Physica, 4to, Berolini, 17o0.
■ Lettres a une Princesse d'AUemagne sur divers sujets de Physique

et de Philosophic, 3 torn. Bvo, Geneve, 1775.
Ferguson (James) Lectures on Select Subjects in Natural Philosophy,

4to, Lond. 17G4.
— — Lectures on Natural Philosophy, edited by Brewster, 3 vols. 8vo,

Edin. 1806.
Franklin (Benjamin) Whole Works, 3 vols. Bvo, Lond. 1806.
Gravesande (Jac.) Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy, 2 vols.

4to, Lond. 1747.
Hamilton ( — ) Introductory Lectures on Natural Philosophy, 12mo,

Dub. 1774.
Hartsoecker (Nic.) Recueil de Plusieurs Pieces de Physique, 12rao,

Utreclit, 1772.
Haiiy (M. I'Abbo) Traile de Physique, 2 tomes, 8vo, Paris, 1806.

Natural Philosophy, translated by Gregory, 2 vols. Bvo, Lond. 1807.

Hutton (James) Dissertations on different Subjects in Natural Philosophy,

4to, Edin. 1792.
Jones (W. A.) Essay on the First Principles of Natural Philsophy, 4to,

Oxford, 1762.
Keill (John) Introduction to Natural Pihlosophy, 5th Edit, translated

from the Latin, Bvo, Lond. 1758.
Lectures, Introductory, on Natural Pliilosophy, 8vo, Dublin, 1774.
Leibnitz (G. G.) Opera Omnia, 7 tom. 4to, Geiiev. 1768.
Leslie (Sir J.) Elements of Natural Philosophy, Vol. I. 8vo, Edin. 1823.
Library of Useful Knowledge, — Natural Philosophy, Vols. I. II. III. Bvo,

Lond. 1829-35.
Lovett (Andrew) Philosophical Essays, Bvo, Worcester, 1766.
Mariotte, CEuvres, 2 tom. (relie's en 1.) 4to, Leid. 1717.
Maupertuis (Moreau de) CEuvres, 4 tom. Bvo, Lyon, 1768.
Musschenbroek (Pet. Van) Physicae Exj)eriraentales et Geometricae Dis-

sertationes, cum Ephemer. Meteorol. 4to, Lugd. Bat. 1729.

Essai de Physique, 2 tom. 4to, Leyde, 1739.

Introductio ad Philosophiam Naturalem, 2 tom. 4to, Lugd. Bat.

Newton (Sir Isaac) Philosophise Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 4to,

Lond. 1726.

Opera Omnia, cura Horsley, 5 tom. 4to, Lond. 1785.

Nicholson (Will.) Introduction to Natural Philosophy, 2 vols. Bvo, Lond.

Nollet (J. A.) Le9ons de Physique Experiraentale, 6 tom. 12mo, Amst.


Le meme livre, 6me Edit. 6 tom. 12mo, Paris, 1767.

Peart (E.) On the Elementary Principles of Nature, %so, Gainsborough,

Pelletan (P. H.) Traite Elementaire de Physique Generalc et Medicale,

Tom. L Bvo, Paris, 1829.
Pictet (Marc. Auguste) Essais de Physique, Bvo, Geneve, 1790.
Playfair (J.) Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 2 vols. Bvo, Edin. 1812-14.
Porta (J. Bap.) Magia Naturalis, 12mo, Lugd. Bat. 1644.
Priestley (Joseph) Heads of Lectures on a Course of Experimental Philo-
sophy, Bvo, Lond. 1794.


Robins (Benjamin) Mathematical Tracts, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. I7GI.
Robison (John) Elements of Mechanical Philosophy, Vol. I. containing'

Dynamics and Astronomy, 8vo, Edin. ISO'i.
Rohault (Jacob.) Tractatus Physicus, cura Boneti, 12mo, Genev. 1G74.
Idem liber, cum animadversionibus Ant. le Grand, 12mo, Lond.

Rowning' (J.) Natural Philosophy, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1799.
Rumford (Benj. Count) Essays Economical and Philosophical, 3 vols.

8vo, Lond. 1797.
— — Philosophical Papers, Vol. L 8vo, Lond. 1802.
Somerville (Mary) On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences, 12rao,

Lond. 1834.
Sturmius (J. C.) Collegium Experimentale, 4to, Norimberg. 1G76.
Walker (Alex.) System of Familiar Natural Philosophy, 4to, Lond. 1799.
Wells (William Charles) Works, 8vo, Lond. 1818.
Whewell (Rev. Wm.) Bridgewater Treatise ; On Astronomy and General

Physics, 8vo, Lond. 1833.
Young (Thomas) Syllabus of Lectures on Natural Philosophy, Mathe-
matics, Hydro-dynamics, and Physics, 8vo, Lond. 1802.
Lectures on Natural Philosophy and Mechanical Arts, 2 vols. 4to,

Lond. 1807.
Miscellaneous Works, printed as an Appendix to the Lectures, Vol.





Emerson (W.) Principles of Mechanics, 4th Edit. 4to, Lond. 1794.

Gregory (Ol.) Mechanics, 3 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1807.

Kater (Capt. H.) and Lardner (Rev. D.) Treatise on Mechanics, 12rao,

Lond. 1831.
Parkinson (Thos.) System of Mechanics, 4to, Cambridge, 1785.

System of Mechanics and Hydrostatics, 4to, Lond. 1789.

Wood (James) Principles of Mechanics, 8vo, Cambridge, 1803.



a. Statics.

Faiinius (Quintus Rhemnius) De Ponderibus et Mensuris, ext. in Metl.
Art. Princip. Tom. II.

b. Dynamics,

Alembert (M. d') Traite de Dynamique, 4to, Paris, 1796.

Anstice (Robert) Inquiry into the Laws of Falling Bodies, 8 vo, Lond.

Giriird (P. S.) Traite Analytique de la Resistance des SoUdes, 4to,

Paris, 1798.



Alembert (M. d') Traite de I'Equilibre ct du Mouvement des Fliiidcs,

4to, Paris, 1770.
Attraction, Capillary, Examination of La Place's Theory of, 8vo, Lond.

Bossut (Charles) Traite d'Hydro-Dynamique, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1775.

Le meme livre, nouvelle Edition, 1796.

La Place (P. S.) Supplement a la Theorie de 1' Action Capillaire, 4to,

Paris, 1807.


a. Hydrostatics.

Boyle (lion. Robert) Paradoxa Hydrostatica, 12mo, Roter. 1670.

(2 copies.)
Brisson (M.) Pesanteur specifique des Corps, 4to, Paris, 1787.
Cotes (Roger) Hydrostatical and Pueumatical Lectures, 8vo, Cambridge,

Lardner (Rev. D.) Treatise on Hydrostatics and Pneumatics, 12mo,

Lond. 1831.
Parkinson (T.) System of Mech;;;:i« and Hydrostatics, 4to, Lond. 1789.


Ramsdea (James) Experiments on the Specific Gravities of Fluids, 4to,

Lond. 1792.
Vince (S.) Principles of Hydrostatics, 3d Edit. 8vo, Cambridge, ISOG.

b. Hydraulics.

Alembert (M. d') Nouvelle The'orie de la Resistance des Fluides, 4to,

Paris, 1752.
Buat (M.le Chevalier de) Principes d'Hydraulique, 2 tomes, 8vo, Paris,

Coulomb (M.) Recherches sur les Moyens d'executer sous I'Eau les Tra-

vaux Hydrauliques, Svo, Paris, 1770.
Prony (R.) Nouvelle Architecture Hydraulique, 2de Partie, 4to, Paris,


c. Pneumatics.

Boyle (Hon. Robert) New Experiments, Physico-Mechanical, on the

Spring and Weight of the Air, 4to, Oxford, 1669.

The same book, 3d Edit. 4to, Lond. 1682.

Tractatus quatuor de Aere, l2mo, Lond. 1671.

De vi Aeris Elastica, 12mo, Roter. 1699.

Defensio Doctrinse suae de Aere adversus Objectiones Lini, 12mo,

Roterod. 1769.
Cavallo (Tiberius) On Air, and other Elastic Fluids, 4to, Lond. 1781.

History of the Practice of Aerostation, Svo, Lond. 1785.

Cotes (Roger) Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures, Svo, Cambridge,

Lardner (Rev. D.) Treatise on Hydrostatics and Pneumatics, 12mo,

Lond. 1831.
Rumford (Benj. Count) Experiments on Gunpowder, (Essay L of his

Economical and Philosophical Essays.)
Experiments to determine the Force of Fired Gunpowder, (Essays

n. an4 HL of his Economical and Philosophical Essays.)

d. Acoustics.

Cat (Claude Nicol le) Physical Essay on the Senses, translated, Svo,

Loud. 1750.
Elliot (J.) On Vision and Hearing, Svo, Lond. 17S0,
Euler (Leon.) Tentaraina Novae Theoriae Musicse, 4to, Petrop. 1739.
Hales (Gul.) Sonorum Doctrina Rationalis et Experimentalis, 4to,

Dub. 1778.
Klein (J. T.) De Sono et Auditu Piscium, 4to, Lips. 1746.
Mojon (Be'noit) Sur I'Utilite' de la Musique, trad, par Muggetti, Svo ,

Paris, 1603.
Weber (E. IL) De Aure et Auditu Homiuis et Animalium, 4to, Lipsia;,

Young (Matthew) On the Phenomena of Sounds and Musical Strings,

Svo, Dub. 1784.


Yoiinfr (Thomas) Outlines of Experiments and Inquiries respecting
Sound and I.iglit, (Essay II. of Miscellaneous Essays.)

Letter to Mr. Nicholson respecting Sound and Light, (Essay VI.

of Miscellaneous Essays.)

An Essay ou Music, (Essay IV. of Miscellaneous Essays.)

(For Works on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear, fid. vp. 17, and u(i.)



Brewster (Sir David) Treatise on Optics, 12mo, Lond. 1833.
Cailk" (M. I'Abbc' de la) Lecons d'Optique, 8vo, Paris, I7GG.
Emerson (W.) Elements of Optics, 8vo, Lond. 17G7.
Euler (Leon.) Dioptrica, 3 tom. 4to, Petropol. 1771.
Newton (Sir Isaac) Optics, 8vo, Lond. 1718.
Smith (Robert) System of Optics, 2 vols. 4to, Camb. 1738.
Wood (James) Elements of Optics, 8vo, Cambridge, 1799.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Cambridge, 1801.

Young (Thomas) Experiments and Calculations relative to Physical
Optics, (Essay IX. of Miscellaneous Essays.)


Nature, Properties, and Sources of Lights

Anstruther (A.) On Heat, Electricity, and Light, 8vo, Lond. 1800.
Boyle (Hon. R.) Experiments, &c. touching Colours, 12mo, Lond. 1664.

Noctiluca Aeria et Glacialis, 12mo, Lond. 1682.

Brewster (Sir David) Treatise on New Philosophical Instruments, with

Experiments on Light and Colours, 8vo, Edin. 1813.
Davy (Sir H.) On Heat, Light, and the Combinations of Light, ext. in

Beddoes' Medical Contributions.
Hutton (James) On Light, Heat, and Fire, 8vo, Edin. 1794.
Priestley (Joseph) On Vision, Light, and Colours, 2 vols. 4to, Lond. 1772.
Rumford (Beuj. Count) Account of Experiments made to determine the

relative intensities of Light emitted by Luminous Bodies, (Essay

VII. of his Philosophical Essays.)
Account of some Experiments on Coloured Shadows, (Essay VIII.

of his Philosophical Essays.)
Conjectures respecting the Principles of the Harmony of Colours,

(Essay IX. of his Philosophical Essays.)


Kumfurd (Benj. Count) Enquiry conccrniu<»- the Chemical Properties
which have been attributed to Lijjht, (Essays X. and XI. of his
I'liilosophical Essays.

Young- (Thomas) Experiments and Inquiries respecting- Sound and Light,
(Essay II. of his Miscellaneous Essays.)

Letter to Mr. Nicholson respecting Sound and Light, (Essay VL

of his Miscellaneous Essays.)

On the Theory of Light and Colours, (Essay VII. of his Miscel-
laneous Essays.)

Account of some Cases of the Production of Colours not hitherto

Described, (Essay Vlil. of his Miscellaneous Essays.)

b. Anatomj/ and Physiology of the Eye.

(Vid. pp. 16, and 40.)

c. Optical Instruments.

Adams (George) Essays on the Microscope, 4to, Lond. 1787, with Atlas

in fol.
Baker (Henry) On Microscopes and the Discoveries made thereby,

2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1785.
Brewster (Sir David) Treatise on New Philosophical Instruments, with

Experiments on Light and Colours, 8vo, Edin. 1813.




Anstruthcr (Alex.) On Heat, Electricity, and Light, 8vo, Lond. 1800.
Boyle (Hon. Robert) Experiments touching Cold, 12mo, Lond. 1665.
Experimenta circa Mechanicam particulariura qualitatum originem,

et de Remediis Specificis, l2rao, Lond. 1692.
Conradus (Israel) De Frigoris Natura et Effectibus, 12mo, 1G77.
Davy (Sir Humphrey) On Heat, Light, and the Combinations of Light,

ext. ill Beddoes' Contributions to Physical and Medical Knowledge,

8vo, Bristol, 1799.
Harrington (Rob.) On the Erroneous Principles of the French Theory

of Heat, 8vo, Lond. 1798.
Heat, Inquiry into the General Effects of, &c. 8vo, Lond. 1770.
Hillary (Will.) On the Nature and Properties of Fire, Svo, Lond. 1760.
Hopson (C. R.) Essay on Fire, Svo, Lond, 1781.
Hutton (James) On Light, Heat, and Fire, Svo, Edin. 179i.


Irvine (Will.) Essays on Chemical Subjects, (containing- Essays on Heat,)

8vo, Lond. ISOo.
Lamarck (J. B.) Sur les Causes ties Faits Physiques, 2 tom. 8vo, Paris,

1794, (Tom. I. Sur la Feu.)
Lardner (D.) Treatise on Heat, ISmo, Lond. 1833.

Leslie (Sir John) Experimental Enquiry into the Nature and Propaga-
tion of Ilcat, 8vo, Lond. 1804.
Martine (G.) On Thermometers, and on the Heating and Cooling of

Bodies, Svo, Edin. 1792.
Pictet (Marc. Auguste) Sur la Feu, ext. in Essais de Physique, Svo,

Genev. 1790.
Prevost (Pierre) Recherches sur la Chaleur, Svo, Geneve, 1792.
Rumford (Benj. Count) On the Propagation of Heat in Fluids, (Essay

VII. of his Economical and Philosophical Essays.)

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