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Trotter (Thomas) Proposals for destroying the Fire and Choak-Damp of

Coal Mines, Svo, Newcastle, 1805-6.

b. Metals and their Compounds.

Agricola (G.) De re Metallica, &c. folio, Basil. 1657.

Davy (Sir Humphrey) On the Decomposition of the Fixed Alkalis, 4to,

Lond. 1808.
Gay-Lussac et Thenard, (MM.) Sur la preparation Chiroique et les Pro-

prietes de Potassium et Sodium, ext. in Recherches Physico-Chi-

raiqueSjTom I. p. 74.

■ Sur la Nature de Potassium et Sodium, ext. ibid. Tom. II. p. 206.

Glass (Thomas) Examination of Mr. Henry's Strictures on Glass's

Magnesia, Svo, Lond. 1774.
Goulard (W.) On Lead, 12mo, Lond. 1775.
Henry (Thomas) On Magnesia, Quick Lime, Fixed Air, &c. Svo, Lond.

Hope (T. C.) Account of the Strontian Spar, 4to, Edin. 1793.
Reaumur (M. de) L'art de convertir le Fer Forge en Aeier, et d'adoucir

le Fer Fondu, 4to, Paris, 1722.
Wallerius (J. G.) Eleraenta Metallurgica, Svo, Holm. 1767.



Gmelin (Leopold) Chimie Org-anique appHquee a la Pliysiolog-ie et la Me-

decine, 8vo, Paris, 1823.
Raspail (F. V.) Nouveaii Systeme de Chimie Organiqne, Svo, Paris, 1833.
Tlie same book, trans, from the French, by W. Henderson, M.D.

Svo, Lond. 1834..


a. Animal Chenu'stri/.

Berzelius (J. J.) Progress and Present State of Animal Chemistry, trans.

from the Swedish by (t. Brunraark, 8vo, Lond. 1813.
Chevreul (M. E.) Recherches Chiraiques sur les Corps gras d'Origine

Animale, Svo, Paris, )82.3.
Forster (R.) De Cantharidum Histoi'ia Chemica et Medica, Svo, Ar-

geutorat. 1775.
Johnson (W. B.) History of Animal Chemistry, 3 vols. Svo, Lond. 1803.
Midermus (Georg.) Chemia Corporis Animalis, 4to, Argentorat. 1752.

(For Works on Calculi, J-'id. p. 167.)

b. Vegetable Chemistry.

Graham (Thos.) An Account of the Formation of the Alcoates, 4to,
Edin. 1828.

Kosegarten (D. A. J. F.) De Caraphora, Gott. 1785, ext. in Frank. De-
lect. Tom. HL p. 27.



Accum (Fred.) Practical Essay on Chemical Re-Agents or Tests, 12mo,

Lond. 1816.
Chemical Amusement, Svo, Lond. 1817.



Cliildren (J. G.) An Essay on Chemical Analysis, 8vo, Load. 1819.
D.jssio (R.) Experinieutal Chemistry, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. l7o9.
Faraday (M.) Essay on Chemical Manipulation, 8vo, Loud. 1827.
Gray (S. F.) The Operative Chemist, 8vo, Lond. 1828.
Macquer (M ) Ele'mens de Chimie Pratique, 3 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1707.

The same book, trans. 3 vols. 8vo, Edin. 1768.

Payen (A) Traite Eleraentaire des Reactifs, Svo, Paris, 1822.
Keid (D. B.) Elements of Practical (Jhemistry, 8vo, Ediu. 1830.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Edin. 1832.

Rose (Henry) Manual of Analytical Ch.emistry, trans, by Griffin, Svo,

Lond. 1831.
Thenard (L. J.) On the General Principles of Chemical Analysis, trans.

by A. Merrick, 8vo, Lond. 1818.
Vauquelin (M.) IManuel d'Essayeur, 8vo, Paris, 1798.


Link (H. F.) De Analysi Urina? et Origine Calculi, ito, Gotlin-;-^ 1788.
Schonberir (J. J. A. von) Ueber einige in Pompeji gefuudene Knochen
und ihre Analyse, 4to, Erlangen, 18 28.


Gay-Lussac et Thenard, (MM.) Sur I'Analyse Vegetale et Miuerale, ext. in
Rechercbes Physico-Cbiniiques, Tom. 11. p. 265.


Accum (Fred.) Analysis of Minerals, 12mo, Loud. 1804.

Cramerus (J. A.) Elomenta Artis Docimasticae, 2 torn. Svo, Bat.

idem liber, Svo, Lugd. Bat. 1644..

Ehrsnanu (M.) Essai d'uu Art de Fusion a I'aide de I'Air Vital, 8vo,
Strasbourg-, 1787.

G.iy-Lussac et The'uard, (M^I.) Sur I'Analyse Vegetaie et Mir.erale ext.
in Rechercbes Physico-Chimiques, Tom. II. p. 205.

Klaproth (M. H.) Analysis of Mineral Substances, trans, from the Ger-
man, 2 vols. Svo, Lond. iSOl.



Berzelius (J. J.) The Use of the Blow-Pipe in Chemical Analysis, &c.

trans, by Children, 8vo, Lond. 1822.
Clark (E. D.) On the Gas Blow-Pipe, 8vo, Lond. 1819.
Gottling- (J. F. A.) Description of a Portable Chest of Chemistry, 12mo,

Lond. 1791.
Griffin (John) On the Use of the Blow- Pipe, 12rao, Glasgow, 1827.


Bancroft (Edward) On the Philosophy of Permanent Colours, Vol. I.

8vo, Lond. 179-1.

The same book, enlarged, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1813.

Berthollet (M.) Ele'raens de I'Art de la Teinture, 2 tom. 8vo, Paris, 1791.

The same book, translated by Kerr, 2d Edit. 8vo, Edin. 1791.

Born (M. de) Methode d'Extraire les Metaux parfaits, Uo, Paris, 1788.
Chaptal (J. M.) Chiraie appliquee aux Arts, 4 tom. 8vo, Paris, 1807.

The same book in English, 4 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1807.

Charmes (Pajot des) Art of Bleaching, translated from the French, Svo,

Lond. 1799.
Davy (Sir Humphrey) Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, 4to, Lond.

Dundonald (Earl of) On the Connexion between Agriculture and Che-
mistry, 4to, Lond. 1795.
Fulhame (Mrs.) Essay on Combustion, with a New Art of Dyeing and

Painting, Svo, Lond. 1794.
Higgins (Bryan) On Calcareous Cements, 8vo, Lond. 1780.
Leather, Art of Currying, Tanning, and Dyeing, published by the Dublin

Society, 12mo, Lond. 1780.
Lewis (William) Commercium Philosophico-Techuicum, 4to, Lond.

1763. ("2 copies. J
Neri, Merret, et Kunckel, (MM.) L'Art de la Verrerie, 4to, Paris, 1752.
Reaumur (M, de) L'Art de Convertir le Fer Forge en Acier, et d'adou-

cir le Fer Fondu, 4to, Paris, 1722.
Saussure (Theodore de) Recherches Chiraiques sur la Vegetation, 8vo,

Paris, 1804.
Uslar (Von) Chemico-Physiological Observations upon Plants, trans.

by G. Schmeisser, Svo, Edin. 1795.
Wallerius (J. G.) Eleraenta Metallurgica, Svo, Holm. 1767.


Alchemistical Philosophers, Lives of, Svo, Lond. 1815.


Combachius (Liid.) Tractatus de Vero Sale Secreto Philosopliorum et
do Universali Mundi Spiritn, 1-^mo, Casselis, 1651.

Faber (J. P.) Propugnaculum Alcliemiie, 12nio, Tolos. IGlo.

Geber (Arab.) Chemia, Hornio Emendata, 12mo, Lugd. 1760.

Glauber (Jo. Rudolph) Works, trauslated by Parke, folio, Lond. 1G89.

Hanneman (J.) Tantalus Chemicus, 4to, Hamb. 1714.

Nebo Chemicus, 4to, Kilon. 1714.

Lana (Francesco) Prodromo all' Arte Maestro, folio, Brescia, 1670.

Libavius (A.) Praxis Alchemic, 12mo, Frank. 1604.

LuUius (K.) Opera, 8vo, Ar^rent. 1617.

Magistere Ilermetique, Traite de, ou la Pierre Philosophale Victorieuse,
trad, du Latin, 12mo, Amst. 1689.

Suchten (Alex. Van) Secrets of Antimony, 12mo, Lond. 1670.

Valentinus (Basil) Of the first Tincture, Root, and Spirit of Metals and
Minerals, trans, by Cable, ISmo, Lond. 1670.

Wedelius (G. W.) Introductio ad Alchemiam, 4to, Jente, 1705.

Wolfg-ang- (G.) Introductio ad Alchemiam, 4to, Jense, 1705.


Beddoes (Thomas) Analysis of Mavow's Chemical Opinions, 8vo, Oxford,

Bergman (T.) On the Usefulness of Chemistry, Svo, Lond. 1783.

Fourcroy (M. de) Philosophy of Chemistry, 8vo, Lond. 1795.

Goris (Gerard.) Chemia Restituta, 12ino, Lugd. Bat. 1671.

Harrington (Robert) The Death Warrant of tlie French Theory of
Chemistr)', Svo, Lond. 1804.

Elucidation and Extension of the Harringtonian System of Che-
mistry, Svo, Lond. 1819.

Henry (William) On the Nature and Objects of Chemistry, Svo, Man-
chester, 1799.

Lamarck (J. B.) Refutation de la Theorie Pneumatique, Svo, Paris, 1796.

Marggravius (Christian.) Detectio Ignorantiie Jacobi Le Mort, 12mo,
Lugd. Bat. 1687.

Reid (D. B.) Exposure of Misrepresentations in an Attack upon the
Author's Elements of Practical Chemistry contained in Philo-
sophical Magazine for December 1830, Svo, Edin. 1831. (2 copies.)

Thomson (A. T.) On the Study of Experimental Philosophy, and the
Utility of Chemistry, Svo, Lond.

Thomson (Thomas) Reply to the Edinburgh Reviev.ers, Svo, Edin. 1804.

Yeats (G. D.) On the Claims of the Moderns to some Discoveries in
Chemistry, and Physiology, Svo, Lond. 1798.

2 H


Natiual mi^iots ;


Zodlogi), 33otanj), <3to\oQih i^innalofii),
autr iWineval Matns,




Aphonin (M.) Usus Historiaj Naturalis, ext. in Linnsei Arnoen. Acad.

Tom. Vn. p. 409.
Bacon (Francis Lord Verulam) Sylva Sylvarum, or a Natural Histor}^

in Ten Centuries, ext. in Works, Vol. L p. 133.
De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum Libri IX. ext. in Works,

Vol. IV. p. 17.

Novum Organum, sive Indicia vera de Interpretatione Naturae,

ext. in Works, Vol. IV. p. 257.

Account of his Novum Organon Scientiarum, or New Method of

Studying the Sciences, ext. in Library of Useful Knowledge, 8vo,

Parasceve ad Historiam Naturalem et Experimentalem, &c. ext. in

Works, Vol. IV. p. 385.
Baglivi (Georg.) Opera Omnia, 4to, Antverp. 1715.
Bailly (M.) Lettres sur I'Origine des Sciences, et des Peuples de I'Asie,

8vo, Paris, 1777.
Barton (Eenj. S.) On some Parts of Natural History, &c. Part I. Bvo,

Lond. N. D.
Bertrand (E.) Recueil de divers Traites sur I'Histoire Naturelle de la

Terre, &c. 4to, Avig. 1766.
Biberg (J. J.) CEconomia Naturie, ext. in Linnsei Amcen. Acad. Tom.

II. p. 1.
Bicheno (L. E.) On Systems and Methods in Natural History, ext. in

Linnean Transact. Vol. XV. p. 479.
Blumenbach (J. F.) Manuel d'Histoire Naturelle, par Artaud, 2 tom.

Svo, Metz, 1803.
The same book, 10th Germ. Edit, translated by Gore, Svo, Lond.


Specimen Historine Naturalis Antiquae artis operibus illustrata;, &c.

4to, Gott. 1808.

Specimen Historite Naturalis ex Classicis auctoribus illustratse, &c.

4to, Gott. 1816.


Boniare (M. V.) Dictionnaire raisoiiiie universel d'Histoirc Naturelle,

15 torn. 8vo, tyon, 1791.
British Association for the Advancement ot" Science, Reports of, Svo,

Lend. 1833-30.
Brookes (R.) System of Natural History, 6 vols. 12mo, Lond. 17(j.'i.
Buffon (M. le Comte de) Ilistoire Is'aturelle Generale et Particulicre,

avec un Description du Cabinet du Roi par Daubenton, 31 tomes

(relies en 20), 12mo, Paris, 1750-1708.

The same book, translated by Smellie, 8 vols. 8vo, Edin. 1780.

Supplement an 5me tome de I'tlistoire Naturelle, 4to, Paris, 1788.

CEuvres complets, par INI. le Comte de Lacepede, 12 torn. 8vo,

I'aris, 1817-18.

Camper (Pierre) QZuvres, (jui ont pour objet I'llistoire Naturelle, &c.

3 tomes, 8vo, Paris, 1803, avec Atlas in folio.
Crabb (George) Universal Technological Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to, Lond.

Cuvier (G.) Histoire des progres des Sciences Naturelles depuis 1789

jusqu'a ce jour, 4 torn. Svo, Paris, 1820-28.
Recueil des Eloges Historiques, 3 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1819-30.

Sketch of his Life and Writings, by Dr. Grant, Svo, Lond. 1830.

Darwin (Erasmus) Temple of Nature, 4to, Lond. 1803.

Daubenton (M.) Description du Cabinet du Roi, coutenue dans I'His-

toire Naturelle de Buffon, 25 torn. 12mo, Paris, 1750-78.
Derham (W.) Physico-Theology, or a Demonstration of the Being and

Attributes of God, from his Works of Creation, 5th Edit. Svo, Loud.

Deusingius (Ant.) Fasciculus Dissertationum, 12mo, Groningse, 1000.
Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles, 5 torn. Svo, Paris, 1804-1800,

avec Atlas in 4to.
Duhamel (Jo. B.) Ilistoria Academise Regiae Scieutiarum, Edit. 2da, 4to,

Paris, 1701.
Dryander (Jonas) Catalogus Bibliothecse Historico-Naturalis Dom. Jo-

sephi Banks, 4 torn. 8vo, Lond. 1798.
Forster (J. R.) Manuel de 1' Histoire Naturelle, par Leveille, Svo, Paris,

Fourcroy (M. de) Le9ons Ele'mentaires d'Histoirc Naturelle et de Chimie,

2 torn. Svo, Paris, 1782.

The same book, translated, 3 vols. Svo, Lond. 1790.

The same book, tianslated by Dr. Thomson, with Notes, 3 vols. Svo,

Edin. 1798.

The same book, 5th Edit. Edin. 1800.

Gavoty et Tonlouzan, (MM.) Histoire de la Nature, 3 torn. Svo, Paris, 1815.
Goguet (M.) De I'Origine des Loix, des Sciences, et des Arts, 3 tomes,

12mo, La Haye, 1758.
Good (J. M.) The Book of Nature, 3 vols. Svo, Lond. 1S2G.
Graves (George) Naturalist's Pocket-book, &c. Svo, Lond. 1818.
Gregory (Rev. George) Economy of Nature, 3 vols. Svo, Lond. 1790.
Hill (John) Essays on Natural History, &c. relating chielly to Botany

and Entomology, Svo, Lond. 1752.
Histoire Naturelle, Me'thode de preparer et de conserver les Curiosites

de r, Svo, Lyon, 1758.
Hultman (D.) Instructio Musei Rernm Naturalium, c.\t. iu Linuwi

Am<Rn. Acad. Tom. HI. ]>. 440.
Jourdan (A. J. L.) Dictionnaire Raisonnc, Etyraologique, Synonymique,

et Polygiotte, des Termes usite's dans les Sciences Naturelles, 2 tomes,

Svo, Paris, 1834.


LaccpeJe (Le Comte do) Discours d'Ouveiture et de Cloture du Cours
d'Histoire Naturelle doiine an Museum d'Hist. Nat. en 1798, +to,
Paris, 1789.

Vue fjeuerale des progres de plusieurs branches des Sciences Natu-

relles depuis la niort de Buffbn, Svo, Paris, 1818.

Lettsom (J. (.).) Naturalist's Companion, Svo, Lond. 1799.

Linnean Society, Transactions of, Vol. I. -XVI. 4t0; Lond. 1791 — 183.3.

Linna;us (Car.) Araoenitates Academicie, G torn. Svo, Lugd. Bat. 1748.

Idem liber, 9 torn. Svo, Holm. Lugd. Bat. et Erlang. 1749-85.

Systema Naturae, Svo, Lugd. Bat. 1736.

Idem liber, Tom. II. Edit. lOma, Holm. 17j9.

Idem liber, Tom. UL llalie, 1770,

Idem liber, 4 tom. Vindob. 1767-1770.

The same book, translated by W. Turton, 4 vols. Svo, Lond. 1802.

On the Study of Nature, trans, from the Latin, Svo, Lond. 17Sj.

Ludu'ig (Christ. Fred.) Delectus Opusculorum ad Scientiam Naturalem
spectantium, Tom. I. Svo, Lips. 1790.

Malpighius (Marc.) Opera Omnia, 2 tom. (in 1 compact.) fol. Lond. 16SG.

Martyn (John) and Chambers (E.) The Philosophical History and Me-
moirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris, j vols. Svo, Lond.

Memoire Instructif sur la maniere de rassembler, conserver, et d'envoyer
les diverses Curiosites d'Histoire Naturelle, Svo, Paris, 1758.

Millia (A. L.) Ele'mens d'Histoire Naturelle, 2de Edit. Svo, Paris, 1797.

Miiseum Naturalium Academiae Upsalensis, Partes VIII. 1787-89, ext.
in Diss. Inaug. Acad. Upsal. 2 tom. 4to, 1779-89.

Nemnich (Phil. And.) Allgemeines Polyglotten-Lexicou der Natur-
geschichtc, 5 torn. 4to, Hamb. 1793-95.

Norblad (E. A.) Instructio Peregrinatoris, ext. in Linnaji Amoeu. Acad.
Tom. V. p. 298.

Plinius (C. Sec.) Historia Naturalis, fol. Hag. 1518.

Idem liber, 3 tom. Svo, Lugd. Bat. 1668.

Idem liber, cur. et impr. A. J. Valpy, 14 tom. Svo, Lond. 1826.

Pultney (Richard) General View of the Writings of Linnaeus, Svo, Lond.

Ray (John) The Wisdom of God manifested in the Works of the Crea-
tion, 9th Edit. Svo, Lond. 1727.

Richard (A.) Elemens d'Histoire Naturelle Medicale, 2 tom. Svo, Paris,

Robinet (J. B.) De la Nature, 5 torn. Svo, Amst. 1766-68.

Saint-Pierre (J. H. B. de) Etudes de la Nature, 2 torn. Svo, Lond. 1803.

Senebier (Jean) Sur I'influence de la Lumiere Solaire pour Moditier les
Etres des trois Regnes de la Nature, et surtout ceux du Regne
Ve'getal, 3 tom. Svo, Geneve, 1782.

Smellie (W.) Philosophy of Natural History, 4to, Edin. 1790.

The same book, 2 vols. 4to, Edin. 1799.

Smith (Sir J. E.) Tracts relating to Natural History, Svo, Lond. 1798.

Sketch of a Tour on the Continent, 3 vols. Svo, Lond. 1807.

On the Rise and Progress of Natural History, ext. vi Linn. Trans.

Vol. Lp. 1.

Soderberg (O.) Curiositas Naturalis, ext. in Linnsei Amcen. Acad. Tom. I.

p. 429,
Stark (John) Elements of Natural History, 2 vols. Svo, Edin. 1828.
Sulivan (R. J.) A View of Nature, in Letters to a Traveller on the Alps,

with Reflections on Atheistical Philosophy, 6 vols. Svo, Lond. 1794.


Swainson (Wm.) A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural His-
tory, 12mo, Lond. 183+.

Toulouzan et Gavoty, (MM.) Histoire de la Nature, 3 torn. 8vo, Paris,

Townson (Robert) Tracts and Observations in Natural History and
Physiology, 8vo, Lond. 1799.

Turner (Sharon) The Sacred History of the World displayed in the
Creation and subsequent events to the Deluge, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond.

Wilcke (H. C. D.) Politia Naturse, ext. in Linnrei Amo^n. Acad. Tom.
VI. p. 17.



Alps. — Barry (Martin) Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc in Sep-
tember 1834, 8vo, Edin. 1830. (2 copies.)

Dolomieu (De'odat de) Journal de son dernier Voyage aux Alpes,

par Bruun-ueer-jo^aard, 8vo, Paris, 1802.

Saussurc ( Voyages dans les Alpes, 8 tora.8vo, Geneve, 1787.

Ainerica. — Humboldt (Alex, von) Personal Narrative of Travels to the

Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, trans, by Miss H. M.

Williams, 7 vols, (in 0,) 8vo, Lond. 1814-29.
Barbadoes. — Hughes (Griffith) Natural History of Barbadoes, fol. Lond.

Brazil. — Marcgravius (Geo. de Leibstad) Ilistoria Rerum Naturalium

Brasilia*, cura De Laet, fol. Lugd. Bat. et Amst. 1648.

Spix (J. B. von) and Martins (C. F. P. von) Travels in Brazil in

1817-20, Vols. I. IL 8vo, Lond. 1824.
Britain. — Saintfond (B. F. de) Travels in England, Scotland, and the

Hebrides, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1799.
Edinhurcjh. — Rhind (Wm.) Excursions illustrative of the Natural His-
tory of the Environs of Edinburgh, 12mo, Edin. 1833.
Iceland. — Mackenzie (Sir G. S.) Natural History of Iceland, cxt. in

Travels in Iceland, 4to, Edin. 1811.
India. — Rediis (Franc.) Experimenta circa varias Res Naturales, prieser-

tim illas qua; ex India afferuntur, 12mo, Amst. 1G85.
Jamaica. — Browne (Patrick) Civil and Natural History of Jamaica, fol.

Lond. 1756.
Jar at — Razouniowsky (M. le Comte G. de) Ilistoire Naturelle du

Jarat et de ses Environs, &c. 2 tom. 8vo, Lausanne, 1789.
Lapland. — Linnieus (Car) Lachesis Laponica, a Tour in Lapland, edited

by Sir J. E. Smith, Svo, Lond. 1811.


Maddfjascar. — Copland (Samuel) Natural History of Madagascar, ext. in

History of tlie Islaud of Madagascar, p. 287-331-, 8vo, Lond. 1822.
Madeira. — Pitta (N. C) Natural History of Madeira, e.vt. in Accouut of

the Island of Madeira, 8vo, Lond. 1812.
New South Wales, China, Sfc. — Bennett (Geo.) Wanderings in New

South Wales, Batavia, China, &o. 2 vols. Svo, Lond. IS-Si.
Norway. — Touning (H.) Rariora Norvegiye, ext. in Linnjei Amoen.

Acad. Tom. VII. p. 466.
Pennsylvania. — Barton (B. IS.) Fragments of the Natural History of Penn-
sylvania, Part 1. fol. Philadelphia, 1799.
Polynesia. — Ellis (Wm.) Polynesian Researches during a residence of

nearly 8 years in the Society and Sandwich Islands, 2d Edit. 4 vols.

12mo, Lond. 1831-33.
Pompeii. — Schonberg (J. J. Alb. von) Ueher einen neuen Naturhistori-

schen Fund in Porapeji, Svo, Nurnberg, 1827.
Pyrenees. — Ramond ( — ) Observations faites dans les Pyrenees, Svo,

Paris, 1789.
Russia. — Karamyschew (A. de) Necessitas Historise Naturalis Rossise,

ext. in Linnsei Amoen. Acad. Tom. VII. p. 438.
Selborne. — White (Gilbert) The Natural History of Selborne, 2 vols. Svo,

Lond. 1825.
Sweden. — Linnaeus (Car.) De Peregrinationibus intra patriam, ext. in

Amoen. Acad. Tom. II. p. 40"^.
Tristan da Cunka. — C'armichael (D.) History of the Island of Tristan da

Cunha, ext. in Linnean Trans. Vol. XII. p. 483.

(For Journals, Encyclopaedias, and Dictionaries of Natural History, and Transactions of Natural
History Societies, Vid. Part IV. MLscellanies.)




Aristoteles. — Historia Animalium (Graece,) Tom. III. Svo, Venet. 1553.
Opera Omnia quie extant (Graece et Latine,) cura Du Val, 4 torn.

fol. Paris, 1619.
Bailly (M.) Lettres a M. Le Roi sur la question si les Auimaux sont en-

tierement prives d' Imagination, ext. in Discours et Memoires, Tom.

II. p. 109, Svo, Paris, 1790.
Balk (L.) Museum Adolpho-Fiidericianum, est. in Linneei Amceo. Acad.

Tom. I. p. 556,
Bingley (W.) Animal Biography, 3 vols, Svo, Lond. 1803.

2 I


Blaiuville (H. M. Ducrotay de) Cours de Physiologie Generale et Cora-

pare'e, 3 toin. 8vo, Paris, 1835.
Blumeubach (J, F.) Short System of Comparative Anatomy, trans, by

Lawronce, Svo, Loud. 1807.

The same book, 2d Edit, by Coulson, 8vo, T-ond. 1827.

Cains (Joannes) De Hariorum Aiiimalium Historia, &e. 18mo, Lond. 1570.
Camper (Pierre) Qiuvres, qui ont pour objet I'Histoire ISaturelie, I'An-

atomie Comparee, &c. 3 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1803, avec Atlas in folio.
Cuvier (It.) Tableau de I'Histoire Naturelle des Animaux, 8vo, Paris,


Introduction to the Study of the Animal Economy, trans, by Allen,

8vo, Edin. ISOI.

Le Regne Animal distribue d'apres son Organisation, 4 torn. 8vo,

Paris, 1817.

The same book, trans, by H. M'Murtrie, Svo, Lond. 1834-.

Deusinoius (Ant) De Ratione et Loquela Brutorum Animautium, ext,

in Fascic. Dissert, p. 187, 12mo, Groningsc, 1600.
Dumeril (A. M. C.) Zoologie Analytique, 8vo, Paris, 1806.
Dutrochet (M. H.) Recherchos Anatomiques et Physiologiques sur la

Structure intinie des Animaux et des Vegetaux, et sur lour Motilite,

Svo, Paris, 1824.
Edwards (H. Milne) Elemens de Zoologie, Parties I. II. st III. 8vo,

Paris, 1834-35.
Faber (Hon.) De Plantis, et de Generatione Animalium, 4to, Paris, 1066.
Fleming (Rev. John) The Philosophy of Zoology, 2 vols. 8vo, Edin. 1822.
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(For other Works on Comparative Anatomy, I'id. p. 20, et seq.)


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