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Werner (F. C. F.) De Vermibus Intestinalibus, 8vo, Lips. 1782-86.

* * d. Zooplnjles.

Basterus (Jobus) De Animalculis et Plantis quibusdam Marinis, Tom. I. ^
4to, Haarlemi, 1 762.

Dalyell (Sir J. G.) On the Planariie, Svo, Edin. 1814. (2 copies.)

On the Propagation of certain Scottish Zoophytes, ext. in Report

of Fourth Meeting- of British Association, p. 598, 8vo, Lond. 1835.

Ellis (Jean) Sur I'Histoire Naturelle des Corallines, &c. ito, La Haye,

Fougt (H.) De Coralliis Balticis, ext. in Linnsei Amcen. Acad. Tom. I.
p. 177.

Grant (R. E.) On the Structure and Functions of the Sponge, Svo, Edin.

On the Structure and Nature of the Spougilla friabilis, 8vo, Edin.


On the Spontaneous Motions of the Ova of Zoophytes ; on a New

Zoophile, ( Cleone Celala,) from the Firth of Forth ; on the Struc-
ture of some Silicious Sponges ; on the Structure of some Calcareous
Sponges ; on the Structure and Functions of the Sponge, Svo, Edin.

— On the Structure and Natiue of Flustrae, (2 memoirs ;) On the
Generation of Lobularia Digitata, 8vo, Edin.

On the Structure and Generation of the Virgularia Mirabilis and

Pennatula Phosphorea, 8vo, Edin. (From the Edinburgh New Phi-
losophical Journal. J

On the Nervous System and Organs of Motion of Beroe pileus, ext.

in Zool. Trans. Vol. I. p. 9.

Lamouroux (J. V. F.) Histoire des Polypiers Coralligenes Flexibles, 8vo,
Caen, 1816.

Millar (J. S.) Natural History of the Crinoidea, or Lily-Shaped Animals,
4to, Bristol, 1821.

Pallas (P. S.) Eleuchus Zoophytorum, Svo, Hagse, 1766.

Schweigger (Prof.) On the Anatomy of the Corallina Opuntia, and some

other species of Corallines, Svo, Edin.
Trembly (A.) Histoire d'un Genre de Polypes d'Eau Douce a bras en
forme de cornes, 4to, Leyd. 1 744.

(Tor Works on Fossil Animals, J'icl. Geology.)




Botany, Elementary Treatise on, ext. in Library of Useful Knowleclj>e.
Bulliard (M.) Dittiouiiaire Ele'mentaire de la Botanique, fol. Paris, 1783.
Caesalpinus (Andreas) De Plantis, Libri XVI. 4to, Morentise, 1583.
Curtis (NV.) Lectures on Botany, 3 vols. 8vo, Loud. 1803.
Darxvin (Erasmus) Botanic Garden, Part II. Loves of Plants, 4to, Lond.

Decandolle (Aug-. Pyr.) Tbe'orie Elementaire de Botanique, 2de Edition,

8vo, Paris, 1819.
Duppas (M.) On the Classes and Orders of the Linnseau System, 3 vols.

8vo, Lond. 1816.
Faber (Hon.) De Plantis, &c. 4to, Paris, 1666.
Henslow (J. S.) Principles of Descriptive and Physiological Botany,

12nio, Lond. 1835.
Hager (J. C.) Demonstrationes Plantarum, ext. in Liunrei Amcen, Acad.

Tom. in. p. 394.
Hossack (David) Syllabus of Lectures on Botany, 8vo, New York, 1795.
Hull (John) Botany, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, Manch. 1800. (2 copies. J
Lee (James) Introduction to Botany, 8vo, Lond. 1760.

The same book, 8vo, Lond. 1810.

Lindley (John) Introduction to the Natural System of Botany, 8vo, Lond.


Introduction to Botany, 8vo, Lond. 1832.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1835.

Linnaeus (Car.) Fundaraenta Botanica, Pars I. I2mo, Amst. 1730, (cum

Bibliotheca Botanica compact.)

Classes Plantarum, 8vo, Hal. 1737.

Philosophia Botanica, in qua explicantur Fundamenta Botanica cum

definitionibus partium, exemplis terminorum, &c. 8vo, Amst. 1751.

On the Sexes of Plants, trans, by Smith, 8vo, Lond. 1786.

Prselectiones in Ordines Naturales Plantarum, ex MSS. Fabricii ct

Giseke, 8vo, Hamburg. 1792.

Ludwig- (Christ. Gott.) Institutiones Ilistorico-Physicffi Regni Vegctabi-

lis, 8vo, Lips. 1742.

Idem liber. Edit. Altera, ]2mo, Lipsiae, 1757.

Martyn (Thomas) Plates with Explanations for illustrating Linnseus'

System of Vegetables, 8vo, Lond. 1788.
Mirbel (C. F. B.) Elemens de Botanique, &c. 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1815,

avcc Atlas in 8vo.
Nisbet (Wm.) Botanical Guide, or the Principles of Botanical Philosophy

and Arrangement, ext. in Edin. School of Medicine, Vol. IV.
Ray (John) Methodus Plantarum Nova, l2mo, Lond. 16&2.

Idem liber, 8vo, Lond. 1703.

Reid (Hugo) Tabular View of Botanical Classifications, 12rao, Edin.


Richard (A.) Noiivoaux Elemens cle Botanique ct de Physiologic Vege-

tale, 2de Edit. 8vo, Paris, 1822.

Tlie same book, trans, by Clinton, 8vo, Dublin, 1829.

The same book, trans, by Macgillivray, 8vo, Edin. 1831.

Roscoe (W.) On Artificial and Natural Arrangements of Plants, ext. in

Linn. Trans. Vol. XI. p. 50.
Rotheram (J.) Vindication of the Sexes of Plants, 8vo, Edin. 1790.
Rousseau (J. J.) Letters on Botany, trans, from the French by Warlyn,

8vo, Lond. 1785.

The same book, 8th Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1815.

Sauvages (F. B. De) Methodus Foliorum, 8vo, Hagse, 1751.

Smith (Sir J. E.) Introduction to Physiological and Systematical Botany,

8vo, Lond. 1807.

The same book, 3d Edit. Syo, Lond. 18 14.

The same book, by Hooker, 8vo, Lond. 183.j.

Grammar of Botany, 8vo, Lond. 1821.

Thomson (Antliony Todd) Lectures on the Elements of Botany, Vol. I.

8vo, Lond. 1832.
Tournefort (Joseph. Pitton) Institutiones Rei Herbarise, 3 torn, •ito, Paris,

1700, (Tom. II. et 111. contin. Icones.)

Idem liber, Edit. 3tia, 4to, Paris, 1719.

Ventenat (E. P.) Principes de Botanique, 8vo, Paris, 1812.

Willdenow (D. C.) Principles of Botany and of Vegetable Physiology,

8to, Edin. 1805.
The same book, new Edit. 8vo, Edin. 181 1.


Blair (Pat.) Botanic Essays, 8vo, Lond. 1720.

Brugmanns (S. I.) Oratio de Accnratiori Plantarura Indigenarum notitia

maxime commendanda, 4to, Lugd. Bat. 1787.
Darwin (Charles) Botanic Garden, 4to, Lond. 1791.

Zoonomia, 2 vols. 4to, Lond. 1794-96. f2 copies. J

Graelin (Phil. Frid.) Otia Botanica, 4to, Tubing. 1700.

Haller (Albert, von) Opuscula Botanica, 12mo, Gott. 1749.

De Methodo studii Botanices absque prseceptore, ext. in Opusc. Bot.

p. 35.

Oratio de Botanices utilitate, ext. ibid. p. 153.

Jacquin (Nic. Jos.) Miscellanea Austriaca ad Botanicam, &c. spectantia,

2 torn, (in 1 compact.) 4to, Vindob. 1778-81.
Ludwig (Christ. Gott.) Dissertatioues Botanicse et Medicse, 4to, Lips.

Malpighius (Marc.) Opera Omnia, 2 torn, (in 1 compact.) fol. Lond. 1C86.
Nauclerus (Sam.) Hortus Upsalensis, ext. in Linniei Amcen. Acad.

Tom. I. p. 20.
Smith (Sir J. E.) Tracts relating to Natural History, 8vo, Lond. 1798.
Spallanzani (Lazaro) On the Natural History of Animals and Vegetables,

translated from the Italian, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1784.
Tracts on the Isature of Animals and Vegetables, translated, Svo,

Edin. 1799.
Wollrath (J. G.) Horticnltura Academica, ext. in Linnsei Amcen. Acad.

Tom. IV. p. 210.




a. General Works.

Aristoteles.— De Plantis Libri II. ext. in Oper. Om. Tom. IV, p. 1008,
folio, Paris, 1619,

Botany, I'hysiolog'y of, ext. in Library of Useful Knowledge, Article Bo-

Csesalpinus (Andreas) De Plantis Libri XVI. 4to, Florentioe, 1583,

Darwin (Charles) On the Economy of Vegetation, ext. in Botanic Garden,
Part L Canto IV.

On Vegetable Animation, ext. in Zoonomia, Vol. I. p. 101.

Decandolle (Aug. Pyr.) and Sprengel (K.) Philosophy of Plants, trans.
8vo, Edin. 1821.

Decandolle (Aug, Pyr.) Organographie Vege'tale, ou Description raison-
ne'e des Organes des Plantes, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1827.

■ Physiologic Vegetalc, ou Exposition des Forces et des Fonctions

Vitales des Vegetaux, 3 torn, 8vo, Paris, 1832.

Dutrochet (M.) Recherches Anatomiques et Physiologiques sur la Struc-
ture des Vegetaux, 8vo, Paris, 1824?.

Faber (Hon.) De Plantis, &c. 4to, Paris, 1606,

Fryer (Ed.) De Vita Animantium et Vegetantium, 8vo, Lugd. Bat, 1785.

Grew (N.) Anatomy of Plants, folio, Lond. 1682.

Harrington (Robert) On the Principles of Animal and Vegetable Life,
8vo, Loud. 1781.

Henslow (J. S.) Principles of Descriptive and Physiological Botany,
12mo, Lond. 1835.

Home (F.) Principles of Agriculture and Vegetation, 12mo, Lond. 1776.

Ingenhousz (Jean) Experiences sur les Vegetaux, 2 tom,8vo, Paris, 1787.

Keith (P.) System of Physiological Botany, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1810.

Kieser (D. G.) Sur I'Orgauisation des Plantes, 4to, Haarlem, 1816.

Liudley (John) Introduction to Botany, 8vo, Lond. 1832,

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1835.

Linna>us (Car.) Philosophia Botanica, 8vo, Anist, 1751.

Malpighius (iMarc.) De Anatonie Plantarura, ext. in Oper. Om. Tom. I.
p. 1, et Append, p. 13.

Metherie (M. De La) Sur I'Organisation Animale et Vegetale, 12mo,
Paris, 1780,

Mirbel (C, F. Brisseau) Traite d'Anatomie et de Physiologic Vege'tales,
2 tom. Svo, Paris, 1802.

Elemens de Physiologic Ve'getale et de Botanique, 2 tom. Svo,

Paris, 1815, avec Atlas in 8vo.

Plenck (Joseph. Jac.) Physiologia et PathologiaPlantarum, Svo, Vienna?,

Richard (A.) Nouvcaux Elemens de Botanique et de Physiologic Vege'-
tale, 2de Edit. Svo, Paris, 1822,

The same book, translated I)y Clinton, Svo, Dublin, 1829,

The same book, translated by Macgillivray, Svo, Edin. 1831.

Rogct (P.M.) Bridgewater Treatise; On Animal and Vegetable Physi-
ology considered with reference to Natural Theology, Sa'o, Lond.
1834. (2 copies.)


Scaliger (Julius Coesar) Commentarii in sex libros Theophrasti tie Causis

Plantarum, et in duos libros Aristotelis de Plantis, fol, Anchprie, 1366.
Senc^bier (Jean) Physiologic Ve^etale, 5 torn. 8vo, Geneve, ISOO.
Smith (Sir J. E.) Introduction to Physioloirical Botany, 8vo, Lond. 1807.

The same book, 3d Edit. 8vo, Lond. ISli.

The same book, by Hooker, 8vo, Lond. 1833.

Spallanzani (Lazaro) Opuscules de Physique Aniraale et Ve^etale, trad.

par Senebier, 2 torn. 8vo, Geneve, 1777.
Uslar (Von) Chemico-Physiological Observations ou Plants, translated

by G. Schmeisser, 8vo, Edin. 1795.
Willdenow (D. C.) Principles of Botany and of Vegetable Phj'siology,

8vo, Edin. 1805.
The same book, new Edit. 8vo, Edin. 1811.

b. Works

on particular Departinents of Vegetable Anatomy and

* a. Anatomj/ and Physiology of particular Parts of Playits,

Agardh (Prof.) On the Originary Structure of the Flower and the Mutual
Dependency of its Parts, ext. in Report of Third Meeting of Bri-
tish Association, p. 433,. 8vo, Lond. 1834.

Berger (A. M.) Calendarium Florae, ext. in Linnaei Amojn. Acad. Tom.
IV. p. 387.

Bonnet (C.) Recherches sur I'Usage des Feuilles dans les Plantes, 4to,
Gott. 1754-,

Duhamel (Jo. B.) De I'Exploitation des Bois, 2 torn. 4to, Paris, 17Gt.

Gaertner (Joseph.) De Fructibus et Seminibus Plantarum, 3 tom. 4to,
Lips. 1801-1805, cum 2 tom. Iconum in 4to.

Graberg (J. M. ) Fundamenta Fructiiicationis, ext. in Linnfei Amoeu.
Acad. Tom. VI. p. 279.

Hall (B. tr.) Nectaria Florum, ext. ibid. p. 263.

Hedwig (D. S.) De Fibrse Animalis et Vegetabilis ortu, 4to, Lips. 1790.

Hill (John) The Construction of Timber from its early Growth, explain-
ed by the Microscope, fol. Lond. 1770.

Keith (P.) On the Development of the Seminal Germ, ext. in Linu.
Trans. Vol. XL p. 252.

On the Origin of Buds, ext. ibid. Vol. XVI. p. 424.

Lolling (P.) De Gemmis Arborum, ext. in Liunsei Amoen. Acad. Tom. IL
p. 182.

Malpighius (Marc.) De Semiaum Vegetatione, ext. in Oper. Ora. Tom.
II. p. 1.

De Radicibus Plantarum, ext. ibid. p. 54.

Martyn (Thomas) On the Flowering of certain Plants, ext. in Linn.
Trans. Vol. IV. p. 158.

* b. Anatomy and Physiology of Particular Plants, and

Classes of Plants.

AlgcB. — Velley (Thomas) On the Nature and Propagation of Marine
Plants, ext. in Linn. Trans. Vol. V. p. 145,

2 L


AsclepiacIccB. — Brown (R.) On the Orpfans of Fcciuidation in Asclcpiadese,

with plates, ext. in I.inn. Trans. Vol. XVI. p. (iS.'i.
Comjwsita;. — Berkhej' (J. Le Francq. van) ILxpositio Characteristica

Structural Florum qui dicuntur Compositi, Diss. Inau<r. 4to, Lugd.

Bat. 17G0.
Cryptoganwus Plants. — Hedwi^ (D. S.) Theoria Generationis et Fruc-

titicationis Plantarum Cryptogamicarum Linnaji, 4to, Lipsiaj, 1798.
Epiphytes. — Malpighi\is (M.) De Plajitis quie in aliis vogctant, ext. in

Oppr. Om. Tom. II. p. 49.
Fruit. Trees — Duhamel (Jo. B.) Traite des arbres Fruitiers, 3 torn. 8vo,

Paris, 178-2.
GraminccE. — Yule (John) On the Germination of the Gramineai, 8vo,

Ediu. 1810.
LathrcBci. — Bowman (J. E.) Remarks on the Mode of Growth and Nu-
trition of Latliraea squamaria, with plates, ext. in Linn. Trans. Vol.

XVI. p. 399.
3Iusci. — Bergius (P. J.) De Seminibus Muscorum, ext. in Linnsei Araoen.

Acad. Tom. II. p. 2Si.
Brown (K.) On the Fructification of Mosses, e.xt, in Linn. Trans.

Vol. X. p. 312.
Orchidecc. — Brown (A.) On the Organs of Fecundation in Orchideje,

with plates, ext. in Linn. Ti-ans. Vol. XVI. p. G8.3.
Passijiora. — Sowerby (James) On the Structure of the Flowers of Six

Species of Passitiora, ext. in Linn. Trans. Vol. II. p. 19.
Trees. — Duhamel (Jo. B.) La Physique des Arbres, 4 to, Paris, 1758.

* c. Works on Particular Doctrines in Vegetable Fhi/siologi/.

Bertholon (M. TAbbe) Sur rElcctricite des Vcgetnux, 8vo, Paris, 1783.
Brtmcr (P.) Somnus Plantarum, ext. iu Linnivi Amon. Acad. Tom. IV.

p. 333.
Dahlberg (N. E.) Metamorphosis Plantarum, ext. ibid. p. 3C8.
Dewar (Henry) On the Nutrition of Cuticle, Nails, Hair, Feathers, and

Plants, 8vo, Edin. 1S20.
Dutrochet (M.) Nouvelles Recherches sur I'Endosmose et I'Exosmose,

Svo, Paris, 1828.
Ellis (Dan.) On the Changes of Atmospheric Air in Respiration and

Vegetation, Svo, Edin. 1807-11. f2 copies.J
Faber (J. J.) Prolepsis Plantarum, ext. iu Linnsei Amoen. Acad. Tom.

VI. p. 3G.5.
Girou (Ch.) Sur I'Evolution des Plantcs, Svo, Paris, 1831.
Goethe (J. W. de) Essai sur la Metamorphose des Plantcs, Fran9ais et

Allemand, 8vo, Stuttgart, 183 i.
Hornborg (B.)De Transnuitatione Frumentorum, ext. in Linnsei Amoen.

Acad. Tom. V. p. 106.
Huber (Fran ) Memoires sur I'lnfluence de I'Air dans la Germination,

8vo, (Jeneve, 1801.
Humboldt (Alex, von) Flora; Fribcrgensis Specimen, et Aphorismi ex

Doctrina Physiologite Chemicae PiantiMum, 4to, Berol. 1793.
Liudlcy (J.) On Morphology, or the Metamorphosis of Organs, exf. in

Introduction to Botany, 2d Edit. p. 524.
On the principal Questions debated in the Philosophy of Botany,

ext. in Report of Third Meeting of British Association, p. 27, 8vo,

Lond. 1834.


Linnaeus (Car.) On the Sexes of Plants, translated by Sir J. E. Smith,

8vo, Lond. 1786.
Morphology, or the Theoretical Structure of Flowers, ext. in Library of

Useful Knou'ledj4e, p. 59, Article Botany.
Rotheram (J.) Vindication of the Sexes of Plants, Svo, Edin. 1790.
Saussure (Theod. de) Recherches Chimi(|ues sur la Vegetation, Svo,

Paris, 1804.
Senebier (Jean) Sur I'lnfluence de la Luraiere Solaire pour modifier les

Etres des Trois Regnes de la Nature, et surtout ceux du Regno

Vege'tal, 3 torn. Svo, Geneve, 1782.
Tupper (James Perchard) On the Probability of Sensation in Vegetables,

Svo, Lond. 1811.
Ullmark (II.) Prolepsis Plantarum, ext. in Linua;i Amoen. Acad. Tom.

VI. p. 324.
Wahlboni (J. G.) Sponsalia Plantarum, e.\t, in Linnaei Amcen. Acad.

Tom. I. p. 61.
White (Charles) On the Regeneration of Animal and Vegetable Sub-
stances, Svo, Warrington, 1785.


a. General Floras.

Aiton (William) Hortus Kevrensis, 2d Edit. 5 vols. Svo, Lond. 1810-13.

Bauhinus (Caspar) Prodromus Theatri Botanici, 4to, Basil. 1671.

Pinax Theatri Botanici, 4to, Basil. 1671.

Bauhinus (Joann.) Cherlerus, Chabrceus, et Graffenreid, Historia Plan-
tarum Universalis, 3 torn. fol. Ebrodim. 1650-51.

Boerhaave (Hermann.) Historia Plantarum qute in Horto Acaderaico
Lugd. Bat. crescunt, 12mo, Romtv, 1727.

Caesalpiuus (And.) De Plantis Libri XVI, -ito, Florentiae, 1583.

Clusius (Carolus) Rariorum Plantarum Historite, fol. Antverpite, 1601.

Dalechamp (Jac.) Icones 30 Stirpium nondura delineatarum, 12mo,
Lugd. Bat. 1538.

Darwin (Charles) Botanic Garden, 4to, Lond. 1791.

Decandolle (Aug. Pyr.) Regni Vegctabilis Systema Naturale, Tom. I. II.
8vo, Paris, 1818-21.

Prodromus yy^t;matis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis, Partes I. IT.

III. Svo, Paris, 1824-28.

Gerarde (John) Herball, or Generall Hi.storie of Plantes, by Johnston,

4to, Lond. 1086.
Gesner (Courad.) Opera Botanica, cura Schmiedel, fol. Norimberg.

1 754.
Jolyclerc (N.) Histoire Katurelle et Methodique des Plantes, 5 torn. Svo,

Paris, 1799.
Jussieu (Ant. Laur. de) Genera Plantarum secundum Ordines Naturales

disposita, Svo, Paris, 1789.
Linnaeus (Car.) Genera Plantarum, Svo, Holm. 1754.

Species Plantarum, 2 torn. Holm. 1762-63.

Species Plantarum, Edit. 4ta, cura Willdenow, Tom, I.-V. in S torn.

Svo, Berol. 1797—1810,


Linnaeus (Car.) Supplementum Plantarum, Brunsvig. 1781.

Sjstoma Vegetabilium, Edit. 15ma, cura Persoon, 8vo, Gott. 1797.

Loudon (J. C.) Encyolopredia of Plants, 8vo, Lond. 1829.

LuJwig' (Christ. Fred.) Definitiones Generuin Plantarum, 8vo, Lips.

Martinus (R.) Dissertatio Botanica qua Plantae Martiuo-Burserianse ex-

plicantur, ext. in Linntei Amoen. Acad. Tom. I. p. 299.
Millar (Philip) The Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary, by Martyn,

2 vols, (in 4 parts,) folio, Lond. 1S07.
Persoon (C. H.) Synopsis Plantarum, seu Enchiridium Botanicum, 2 torn.

18mo, Paris, 1805-7.
Plukenetius (Leon.) Opera Botanica, 4 torn, (in 3 compact.) 4to, Lond.

Ray (John) Historia Plantarum, 3 torn. fol. Lond. 1686-1704.
Register, Botanical, by Edwards, Vol. I.-VII., 8vo, Lond. 1815-21.
Smith (J*ir .Tas. E.) Plantarum ex Herbario Liunjeano Icones, 3 torn. fol.

Lond. 1791.
Tournefort (Joseph. Pitton) Institutiones Rei Herbaria?, 3 torn. 4to,

Paris. 1700. (Tom. II. et HI. continent Icones.)

Idem liber, Edit. 3tia, 4to, Paris. 1719.

Ventenat (E. P.) Tableau du Uegne Vegetal selon la Methode de Jussieu,

4 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1799.
Weston (liichard) Universal Botanist and Nurseryman, 2 vols. 8vo,

Loud. 1770.

b. Floras of Particular Countries and Places.

* a. Floras of Britain.

* * a. British Flora Generally.

Galpine (John) Synoptical Compend of British Botany, 2d Edit. 12mo,

Liverpool, 1819.
Grufberg- (J.O.) Flora Anglica, ext. in Linnsei Amoen. Acad. Tom. IV.

p. 88.
Hooker (Sir W. J.) British Flora, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1830-36.
Hudson (Gul.) Flora Anglica, 8vo, Lond. 1702.

Idem liber, 2 torn. 8vo, Loud. 1771.

Hull (John) British Flora, 8vo, Manchester, 1799.

Lindley (John) Syuopbis of the British Flora arranged according to the

Natural Orders, 12mo, Lond. 1829.
Ray (John) Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum, Edit. 3tia,

8vo, Lond."^l724.
Smith (Sir J. E.) Flora Britannica, 3 torn. 8vo, Lond. 1800. (2 copies.)
—— Compendium Florie Britannicae, 12mo, Lond. 1810.

Idem liber. Edit. 4ta, 12nio, Lond. 1825.

The English Flora, 4 vols. Bvo, Lond. 1824-28.

Sovvcrby (James) English Botany, 33 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1790 — 1814.

General Inde.x to the same Work, v/ilh references in MS. by J. R.

Scott, 8vo, Lond. 1814-18.


Sowerby (James) Supplement to English Botany, with Descriptions by

Hooker, 2 vols. 8vo, Loud. 1829-35.
Withering (William) Botanical Arrangement of British Plants, 2 vols.

8vo, Lond. 1776.
— — The same "book, Vol. III. Part I. 8vo, Lond.

The same book, 2d Edit. 3 vols. 8vo, Birmingham, 1787-92.

The same book, 3d Edit. 4 vols. 8vo, Birmingham, 1796.

The same book, 7th Edit. 4- vols. 8vo, Lond. 1830.

Systematic Arrangement of British Plants, by Macgillivray, 12mo,

Lond. 1830.

* * b. Descriptio7is of Particular Classes of British Plants.

Graminece. — Curtis (W.) On the British Grasses, 8vo, Lond. 1812.
Cryptogamous Plants in General. — Dickson (Jacobus) Fasciculi tres

Plantarum Cryptogamicarurn Britannia, 4to, Lond. 1785.
Greville (R. K.) Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, 6 vols, 8vo, Edin.

Algce. — Goodenough (Sam.) and Woodward (T. J.) On the British

Fuci, with particular Descriptions of each Species, and plates,

ext. in Linn. Trans. Vol. III. p. 84.
Greville (R. K.) Algaj Britannicse, with plates, 8vo, Edin.

Hooker (Sir W. J.) Descriptions of British Algae, ext. in

British Flora, Vol. H. Part L p. 248.
Turner (Dawson) Synopsis of the British Fuci, 2 vols, (bound

in 1.) 12mo, Lond. 1802.
Velley (Thomas) On Marine Plants found on the Southern

Coast of England, folio, Bath, 1795.
Filices. — Bolton (James) Filices Britannicae, 4to, Leeds, 1790.
Hooker (Sir W. J.) On British Ferns, ext, in British Flora,

Vol. L
Smith (Sir J. E.) On British Ferns, ext. in English Flora, Vol.

IV. p. 275.
Fungi. — Berkeley (Rev. M. J.) British Fungi, ext. in Hooker's Bri-
tish Flora, Vol. II. Part II.
Sowerby (James) Coloured Figures of English Fungi, 2 vols.

fol. Lond. 1803.
Lichens. — Hooker (Sir W. J.) Descriptions of British Lichens,

ext. in British Flora, Vol. II. Part I. p. 1;9.
Musci — Hooker (Sir W. J.) Descriptions of British Mosses, ext. in

British Flora, Vol. II. Part I. p. 1.
Hooker and Taylor (Thomas) Muscologla Britannica, 8vo,

Lond. 1818.

* «

c. Floras of particular parts of Britain.

Berwick. — Johnston (George) Flora of Berwick-upon-Tweed, 2 vols.

12mo, Edin. 1829-31.
Edinburgh. — Greville (R. K.) Flora Edinensis, 8vo, Edin. 1824.
England. — Velley (Thomas) On Marine Plants found on the Southern

Coast of England, folio, Bath, 1795.
Ireland. — Mackay (J. T.) Flora Hiberuica, arranged according to the

Natural System, Bvo, Dublin, 1836.


Scotland. — Grcville (R. K.) Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, 6 vols. 8vo,
Edin. IS-i3.

Hooker (Sir W. J.) Flora Scotica, 8vo, Lond. 1821.

Lightfoot (J.) Flora Scotica, 2 vols. Svo, Lond. 1777.


b. Floras of Foreign Countries.

Africa. — Priutz (J.) Plantie Af'ricanse Rariores, ext. in Linnsei Amoen.

Acad. Tom. VI. p. '"/7.
Alpine Districts. — Amann (N. N.) Flora Alpina, ext. ibid. Tom. IV.

p. 4)5.

Haller (Albert, von) Iter Alpiiiuin, ext. in Opusciil. Botan. p. 1.

Amboyna. — Kumpbius (G. E.) Herbarium Amboiiieiise, cura Burmanni,

4 Part, (in 2 torn, compact.) fob Amstcl. H+l-l-o.

Herbavii Amboiiiensis Auctuarium, curii Burmanui, fol. Am-

stel. 1755.

Stickman (O.) Flerbariura Amboinense, ext. in Linnaei Amoen. Acad.

Tom. IV. p. 112.

America. — Humboldt (Alexander von) et Bonpland (A.) Synopsis Plan-
taruni quas in itiaeie ad Plagam ^quinoctialem Orbis Kovi colle-
geruut, Tom. I. -IV. Svo, Paris, 1822-25.

Jacquin (Nic. Jos.) Seiectarum Stirpium Americanarum Historia,

Svo, iMaiihem. 1788.

Michaux (F.) North American Sylva, 3 vols. Svo, Philad. 1817-19.

Tbc same book, by A. Ilillbouse, Vol. 1. Part I.

Pursh (F.) Systematic Arrangement of the Plants of North

America, 2 vols. Svo, Lond. 18H-.
Arctic Hegions. — Brown (R.) Botany of Arctic Regions, ext. in Appen-
dix to Pairy's First Journal, p. 259.

Hooker (Sir W. J.). Account of a Collection of Arctic Plants, ext. in

Linn. Trans. Vol. XIV. p. 3(J0.

On the Botany of the Arctic Regions, ext. in Appendix to

Parry's Second Journal, p. 381, Appendix to Third Journal, p. 259,

and Appendix to Narrative, p. 208,
On the Arctic I^lants collected by Mr. King, ext. in Ap'pcndix

to Back's Narrative, p. 523.
Belgium. — Rosenthal (C. F.) Flora Belgica, ext. in Linnesi Amoen. Acad.

Tom. VI. p. 44.
Cape of Good Hope. — Wiinnman (C. H.) Flora Capensis, ext. ibid. Tom.

V. p. 353.
Carinfhia. — VVulfen (F. X.) Plantai Rariores Carinthiacai, ext. in Jacquin

Misceil. Austriac. Tom. I. p. 147, et Tom. II. p. 23.
Caucasus. — Steven (('hovalier de) Descriptio Kovarum Planfarum Cau-

ca,sianaruni, cum iconihus, ext. in Linn. Trans. Vol. XI. p. 408.
Ceylon. — Linmeus (Car.) Flora Zeylanica, Svo, Amst. 1748.
Chili. — Vid. Peru.
Denmark. — Holm (G. F.) Flora Danica, ext. in Linna;i Amoen. Acad.

Tom. V. p. 30.
Europe. — Ray (John) Stirpium Europoearum extra Britannias nascen-

tium Sylloge, Svo, Lond. 1694.
France. — Boccone (Paul.) Icones et Descriptioncs Rariorum Plantarum

Sicilias, (iallia;, &c. 4to, Loud. 1G74.

Bulliard (M.) Histoire des Plantes Veneneuses et Suspectes de la

France, fol. Paris, 1784.

Le meme livre, 2de Edit. Svo, Paris, 1798.


France. — BiiUiard (M.) Ilerbier de la France, 4 torn. 4to, Paris, 1780.

Decandolle (Aug'. Pyr.) et Lamarck (J. B.) Flore Fran^aise, 6 torn.

8vo, Paris, 181.0.
Freyberg. — Humboldt (Alexander von) Flora; Fribergensis Specimen,
Plantas Cryptogamicas praesertim subterraneas exhibens, &c. 4to,
Berol. 179.3.
Germany. — Haller (Albert von) Observationes Botanicte ex Itinere in

Sylvam susccpto, ext. in Opuscul. Botan. p. 15.

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