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Arbuthnot (J.) On the Nature of Aliments, 8vo, Lond. 1731.

The same book, 4th Edit. 8v(), Lond. 175G.

Combe (A.) The Physiology of Digestion considered w ith relation to the

Principles of Dietetics, 8vo, Edin. 18.3(5.
Lorry (A. C.) Essai sur les Alimens, 2 torn. 12mo, Paris, 1754-57.
Moffat (T.) Ou the Nature and Method of Preparing Foods, 12mo, Lond.

Mundy (H.) De Aere Vitali, Esculentis et Potulentis, 8vo, Oxon. 1680.
Kisbet (W.) Practical Treatise on Diet, ]2mo, Lond. 1801.
Paris (J. A ) Treatise on Diet, 8vo, Lond. 1826.
Pearson (R.) Synopsis of the Materia Alimentaria and Materia Medica,

8vo, Lond. 1808.
Plenck (J. J.) Bromatologia,seu Doctrinade Esculentis et Potulentis, 8vo,

Viennie, 1783.
Roberton (J.) On Medical Police, Diet, Regimen, &c., 2 vols. 8vo, Edin.



Robinson (B.) On the Food and Discliar<Tes, 8vo, Lond. 1748.
Sebizius (M.) De Alimentorum Facultatibns, 4to, Argent. 1650.
Stark (W.) Works, by Smyth, 4to, Lond. 1788.
Thackrah (C. T.) Lectures on Difrcstion and Diet, Svo, Lond. ISa^.
Willich (A. F. M.) Lectures on Diet and Regimen, Svo, Lond. 1809.

^2 copies. J
Zuckert (J. F.) Materia Aliraentaria, Svo, Berolin. 1769.


Barry (Sir E.) On the Wines of the Ancients, 4to, Lond. 1775.

Brown (A.) New Cure of Fevers, l-2mo, Edin. 1691.

Bryant (C.) History of Esculent Plants, 8vo, Lond. 1783.

Chocolate, Natural History of, trans, from the French, Svo, Lond. 1724.

Deyeux (M.) et Parmentier (A.) Expe'riences sur le Lait, Svo, Stras-
bourg, 1797.

Ellis (J.) Historical Account of Coffee, 4to, Lond. 1774.

Henderson (A.) History of Ancient and Modern Wines, 4to, Lond. 1824.

Hippocrates, Des Airs, des Eaux, et des Lieux, par Coray, 2 torn. 8vo, Pa-
ris, 1800.

Howison (W.) Account of the Russian Chiccory Plant, and of the Arti-
ficial Coffee prepared from its Root, and those of the Common Dan-
delion, Svo, Edin. 1820.

Keislingius (J. R.) Historia Concertationis Grsecorum Latinorumque de
Esu Sanguinis et Carnis Mortirinse in Re Cibaria, 12mo, Erlang. 1763.

Lamb (W.) On the Properties of Spring Water, with Medicinal Cautions
against the Use of Lead, Svo, Lond. 1803.

Marshall (H.) Contributions to a Natural and Economical History of the
Coco-nut Tree, Svo, Edin. 1832.

The same book, Svo, Edin. 18.36.

Meier (J. E.) De Usu Aquae Dia;tetico, Gott. 1789, ext. in Brose Col-
lect. Dissert. Gott. Tom. L Part L

Mosely (B.) Medical Tracts.— On Sugar, &c., Svo, Lond. ISOO.

Parmentier (A.) Re'cherchessurlesVegetaux Nourrissans, Svo, Paris, 1781.

Sur la Culture et 1' Usage des Pommes de Terre, Svo, Paris, 1789.

PauUus (S.) De Abusu Tabaci et These, 4to, Argent. 1681.

Phillips (H.) The Companion for the Kitchen Garden, History of Culti-
vated Vegetables, &c. 2 vols. Svo, Lond. 1831.

Quelmalz (D. S. T.) Dissertatio de Vinis Mangonizatis, 4to, Lipsiae, 1753.

Rotheram (J.) Inquiry into the Nature and Properties of Water, Svo,
Newcastle, N. D.

Short (R.) On Drinking Water, and on Warm Drink, 12rao, Lond. 1799.

Young (T.) De Lacte, Edin. 17G1, ext. in Saudifort. Thesaur. Tom. H.
p. 525.


Adair (J. M.) On the Suttonian Regimen in Small-pox, Svo, Lond. 1790
Beaupr^ (M.) Treatise on the Effects and Properties of Cold, translated

by Clendinning, Svo, Edin. 1826.
Cheyne {G.) On Regimen, with Five Discourses, Medical, Moral, and

Philosophical, Svo, Lond 1740.
Conradus (Jo.) De Frigoris Natura et Eft'ectibus, ISmo, 1677.
Ingenhousz (J.) De Usu Indusioruin Laneorum, Miscellan- Physico-

Med. cura Scherer, Svo, Vienna?, 1795.



Jackson (Robert) On Cold Affusion, Cold Drink and Gestation, 8vo,

Rdin. 1808.
Sommeil, Effets du, et de la Vcille, dans le Traitenient des Maladies Ex-

ternes, 8vo, Paris, 1798.
Tissot (C. J.) Dc rinlluence des Passions dans les Maladies, 8vo, Paris,


§ Bathing.

Baynard (E.) On the Use of Hot and Cold Baths, 8vo, Lond. 1709.
Blegborough (R.) On the Air-Pump Vapour Bath, 12mo, Lond, 1783.
Buchan (A. P.) A Treatise on Sea-Bathin"-, with Remarks on the Use

of the Warm Bath, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1810.
Clark (Sir A.) On Warm, Cold, and Vapour Bathing-, 12mo, Loud. 1819.
Cocchi (A.) Trattato dei Bagni di Pisa, 4to, Firenze, 1750,
Floyer (Sir J.) On Cold Bathing, 8vo, Lond. 1709.
Franceschi (G.) Igea dei Bagni e piu particolarmente di quelle di Lucca,

8vo, Lucca, 1815.
Gibney (J.) On the Use and Abuse of Cold and Warm Sea-Bathing, in

various Diseases, 8vo, Lond. 1813.
On the Properties and Medical Application of the Vapour Bath,

8vo, Lond. 1825.
Marcard (H, lAl.) De la Nature et de I'Usage des Bains, 8vo, Paris, 1601.



Alibert (J. L.) Nouveaux Elemens de Therapeutique et de Matiere Medi-

cale, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1817,
Alston (C.) Index Medicaraeutorura Simplicium Triplex, ]2rao, Edin.


Lectures on Materia Medica, 2 vols. 4to, Lond, 1770.

Amatus (Lusit.) In Dioscoridis Materiam Medicara Enarrationes, 12mo,

Lugd. Bat. 1558.
Avicenna(Abu-Ali-lbn-Tsina) Canon Mediciua;, luterprete V. P, Plerapio,

Tom. I. fol. Lovan. 1658.
Barl)ier (J. B. G.) Tiaite Elementaire de Matiere Me'dicale, 3 torn. 8vo,

Paris, 1824.
Bartholinus (T.) Cista Medica Hafniensis, 12nio, Hafnise, 1662.
Bicker (G.) Materia Medica, 12mo, Brem, 1778,
Boecleriis (Jo.) Cynosura Materiie Medicae continuata, ad Cynos. Mat.

Med. Ilcrmanniana; imitationem, 2d Edit. 2 vols. 4to, 1747-54.
Boerhaave (Herm.) De Materia Medica et Medicamentoruni formulisquae

serviunt Apborisniis, 12mo, Lugd. Bat. 1719.
Bradley (R.) Lectures on the Materia Medica, 8vo, Lond. 1730.
Bushnau (^. S.) On the Classification, Administration, i>cc. of Medicines,

8vo, Lond. 1831.
Carthenser (J. F.) Fundamonta Matcriic Mcdicie, 2 tom. 8vo, Franc, ad

Viadr. 175(».


Chapman (N.) Discourses on the Elements of Therapeutics and Materia
Medica, 2 vols. 8vo, Philadelph. 1817-19.

Cullen (W.) Lectures on Materia Medica in 1761, Ito, Edin, 1773.
(2 copies.)

Treatise on the Materia Medica, 2 vols. 4to, Edin. 1789. (2 copies.)

Dale (Sam.) Pharmacolojjia, 4to, Luird. Bat. 1739.

Delias (Henric. Fred.) Adversaria Argumenti Physico-Medici, 3 tom,4to,
Erlaug. 1780.

Dioscorides (P,) De Materia Medica, 8vo, Venet. 1518.

De eadera, Libri 5, fol. Colon. 1529.

Edwards (Milne) and Vavasseur (P.) Manual of Materia Medica and Phar-
macy, translated by Davies, 8vo, Lond. 1831.

Fourcroy (M. De) L'Art de connoitre les Medicamens, 2 tom. 12mo,
Paris, 1785.

Fursteuau (D. J. H.) Desiderata Materiae Medica?, ext. in Desiderat.
Med. 12mo, Lips. 1727.

Gaubius (H. D.) Adversaria, 4to, Leidse, 1771.

Geotfroy (S. F.) Tractatus de Materia Medica, 3 tom. 8vo, Paris, 1741.

Gmelin (J. F.) Apparatus Medicaminum, Pars II. Regnum Minerale cora-
plectens, 2 tom. 8vo, Gott. 1795.

Gray ( S. F.) A Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia, and Treatise on Phar-
macology in General, 8vo, Lond. 1832.

Hermannus (D. P.) Cynosura Materiae Medicaj, curante Jo. Boeclero,
4to, Argent. 172G.

Hill (J.) History of the Materia Medica, 4to, Lond. 1751.

Hofmann (Casp.) De Medicamentis Officiiialibus, 4to, Jense, 1686,

Home (F.) Methodus Materiaj Medicse, 12mo, Edin. 1770, (2 copies.)

Kirby (Jer.) Tables of the Materia Medica, 12mo, Edin. 1805. (2 copies.)

Lemery (N.) Diction naire des Drogues Simples, 4to, Rotterd. 1727.

Lewis (W.) Experimental History of the Materia Medica, 4to. Lond. 1761.

The same book, 2d Edit. 4to, Lond. 1768,

The same book, 4th Edit, by Aikin, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1791.

Linnaeus (C.) Materia Medica, 8vo, Holm. 1749.

Ludwig (C. F".) Dissertationes Botan. et Medic. 4to, Lips. 1743,

Marabelli (F.) Apparatus Medicaminum, 8vo, Viennffi, 1801,

Marcellus de Medicamentis Empiricis, Physicis et Rationalibus, fol,
Basil. 1536,

Idem liber, ext. in Med. Art, Princ. Tom. II.

Marggravius (C.) Materia Medica contracta, 4to, Amst. 1682.

Matthiole (P. A.) Commentarii in Dioscoridem, fol, Venet. 1558,

Le meme livre, traduit par M. Pinet, Lyon, 1680.

Apologia Ad versus Amatum Lusianum, fol, Venet. 1558.

Monro (D.) On Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Materia Medica, 3 vols.
8vo, Lond. 1708.

Moore (J.) Elssay on the Materia Medica, 8vo, Lond. 1792.

Murray (J. A.) Apparatus Medicaminum, 6 torn. Svo, Gott. 1776.

Murray (J.) Alateria Medica and Pharmacy, 2 vols. Svo, Edin, 1804.

The same book, 2d Edit. 2 vols. Svo, Edin. 1810.

The same book, 5th Edit. 2 vols. 8vo, Edin. 1828.

Paris (J, A.) Pharmacologia, 12mo, Lond. 1812.

The same book, 5th Edit. 2 vols. Svo, Lond, 1822.

Pearson (R.) Synopsis of the Materia Alimentaria, and Materia Medica,
Svo, Loud. 1808.

Thesaurus Medicaminum, Svo, Lond, 1794.

The s.ame book, Svo, Lond. 1804.

The same book, 4th Edit. Svo, Lond. 1810.


Robinson (B.) On the Virtues and Operations of Medicines, 8vo, Lend.

Kutty (J.) Materia Medica Repurtjata, 4to, Roterod. 1785.
Sclile<;el (J. C. T.) Thesaurus Materiie Meditie, 2 torn. 8vo, Lips. 1793.
Schwiloue (C. J. A.) Traite de Matiere MedicaU', 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1818.
Spuiito'.uis (J. B ) Roniediorum Centurea, 4to, Romie, 1648.
Swediaur (F.) Materia Medica, 12mo, Hamb. 1800.
Tauvry (INI. 1).) Traite' des Medicanieus avec des Formules, Nouv. Edit.

8vo, Paris, 17-22.
Tliomson (A. T.) Elements of Rlateria Medica and Therapentics, 2 vols.

8vo, Lond. 1832-33.
Tournefort (J. P.) Materia Medica, 8vo, Lond. 1708.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 17 IG.

Venel (M.) I'recis dc Matiere Medicale, Augraente de Notes, &c. par

Carrere, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1787.
Vogel (R. A.) Historia Materiie Medica^, 12mo, Francof. 1760.
Wedelius (G. W.) Amceuitates Materia^ Medicte, 4to, Jenje, 1684.





Bergius (P. G.) Materia Medica e Regno Vegetabili, 2 torn, in 1 com-
pact. 8vo, Stockholm, 1778.

Decandolle (A. P.) Sur les Proprietes Medicales des PJantes, 2de Edit.
8vo, Paris, 1816.

Duncan (Andrew, Jwn.) Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, 8vo, Edin. 1826.

Graves (G.) and Morries (J. D.) Hortus Medicus, 4to, Edin. 1834.

Reid (Hugo) Outlines of Medical Botany, 8vo, Edin. 1832.

Retzius (A. J.) Pharmacologia Regni Vegetabilis, 12mo, Lipsiae, 1783.

Richard (A.) I3otanique Me'dicale, Part I. 8vo, Paris, 1823.

Eleniens d'Histoire Naturelle Medicale, 2 tom. 8vo, Paris, 1831.

Stephenson (J.) and Churchill (J. M.) Medical Botany, 4 vols. 8vo, Lond.

Woodville (William) Medical Botany, with Supplement, 4 vols. 4to, Lond.

The same book, 2d Edit. 4 vols. 4to, Lond. 1810.



Ainslie (Sir Whitelaw) Materia Indica, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1826.
Costa (C. A.) De Medicamentis lndia> Orientalis, 8vo, Antverp. 1393.
Kinder (Jo. dc) et Wint ((iul. de) Nucleus Belgicus Materia^ Medicse,

12mo, Bruxelles, 1719. f2 copies. J
Monardes (N.) Dei Simplici Aroniati ed altre Cose che vengono portate

dair Indie Orientali ed Occideutali, pertinenti all' Use della Medici-

na, 8vo, Veniz. 1589.
De Medicamentis ex Novo Orbe delatis, Edit. 3tia, Svo, Antverp.



Shannon (R.) On the Medicines used in the Diseases of Europeans in

Hot Climates, 8vo, Philadelph. 1794.
ZoUikoffer (Wni.) Materia Medica of the United States, ISmo, Baltimore,



a. Individual Remedies.

Acetum. — Oostordyk (N. G.) De Aceto, Traj. ad Rhen. 17G2, ext. in

Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. III.
Acid, Carbonic. — Dobson (M.) Medical Commentary on Fixed Air, Bvo,

Chester, 1779.
The same book, 3d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1787.

Henry on Fixed Air, Vid. Magnesia.

Acid, Hydrocyanic. — Manzoni (J. A.) De Proecii)uis Acidi Prussici et
Aquaj cohobataj I^aurocerasi Medicis Facultatibus, 4to, Patav. 1818.

Aconitum. — Vid. Stramonium.

Antimony. — Kerckringius (T.) Commentarius in Currum Triumphalem
Antimonii, 12mo, Amstelod. 1671.

■■ Suchten (A. Van.) Secrets of Antimony, 18rao, Lond. 1670.

Aqua Calcis. — Vid. Uva Ursi.

Arsenic. — Marshall (J.) On Arsenic, considered as a Poison and as a Me-
dicine, &c., 8vo, Lond. 1817.

Bark, Angustura. — Brande (A. E.) Experiments and Observations on the
Angustiira Bark, 8vo, Lond. 1783.

Belladonna. — Timmerman (T. G.) Periculnra Medicum Belladonuae, Rin-
tel. 176j ext. in Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. IIL

Camphor. — Kosegarten (D. A. F. G.) De Camphora, Gott. 1785. ext. in
Frank. Delect. Tom. III. p. 27.

Cantharides. — Forsten (R.) De Cantharidum Historia Chemicaet Medi-
ca, 8vo, Argentor. 1775.

Greenfield (J.) Treatise on the Internal Use of Cantharides, 8vo,

Lond. 1706.

Roberton (J.) On the Powers of Cantharides when used Internally,

8vo, Edin. 1806.
Cassia. — Colladon (L. T. F.) Histoire Katurelle et Medicale des Casscs,

et des Se'ues employes en Medecine, ito, Montpel. 1816.
Castor. — Francus (J.) Castorologia, 12mo, Aug. Vind. 1685.

Marius (J.) Castorologia, a J. Franco Edit. Aug. Vindel. 1685.

China Radix. — Brassavolus (A. M.) De Morbo Gallico, Qusestiones de

Ligno Sancto, et de Rad. Chinas Usu, ext. in Luis. Aphrod. p. 658.
. Cardanus (H.) De Chinse Radice, ext. ibid. p. 755.

Vesalius (A.) De Radice Chinse, ext. ibid. p. 206.

— — De Modo Propinandie Chinje, ext. ibid. p. 580.

Cicuta. — Storck (A.) Libellus Secuudus de Cicuta, 8vo, Virid. 1761.

Wepfer (J. J.) Historia Cicutaj Aquaticaj, 4to, Basil. 1676.

Idem liber, 4to, Basil. 1716.

Cinchona. — Cocchius (Ant.)Vindici£e Corticis Peruvianse, Bvo, Lugd. Bat.

Gravenhorst (J. A. C.) De Cinchona; Corticibus, Gott. 1791. ext. in

Brose Coll. Diss. Gott. Tom. I. Part IIL
Irving (R.) On the Red and Quill Peruvian Bark, 8vo,Edin. 1785.

f2 copies. J

Lambert (A. B.) On the Genus Cinchona, 4to, Lond. 1797.

Mautt (J. F.) Dissertatio de Cortice Peruviano, Lugd. Bat. 1768.

ext. in Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. I.



CmcAoHa.— Relph (J.) On the Yellow Bark, 8vo, Lond. 1792.

Skeete (T.) On the qiiiiled and Red Bark, 8vo. Loud. 1786.

Clematis. — Storck (A.) De Flanunula Jovis, sive Clemutide Erccta, et de

Diotamno Albo, 8vo, Vindob. 17G9.
Creosote. — Cormack (J. II.) A Treatise on the Chemical, Medicinal, and

Physioloj^ical I'ropei ties of Creosote, 8vo, Edin. 1836.

Mii;uet (E.) Recherches Chiraiques et Medicales sur la Creosote,

8 vo^ Paris, 1834.

Dictamnus — Vicl. Clematis.

Difjitalis. — Ferriar (J.) On the IMedical Properties of the Digitalis Pur-
pnrea, 8vo, Mancliester, 1799.

Hamilton (W.) On Difritalis, 8vo, Lond. 1807.

ISIorries (J. D. ) Observations on the Chcmital and Ph)^siological

Properties of the Empyreumatic Oils of Foxglove, Henbane, and To-
bacco, 8vo, Edin. (2 copies.)

Withering (W.) Account of the Foxglove, and some of its Medical

Uses, 8vo, Birmingham, 178a.

Elaterium. — Worries (J. D.) On the Analysis of Elateriura and its Ac-
tive Principle, 8vo, Edin.

Eupatorium. — Anderson (J.) On the Eupatorium Perfoliatum of Lin-
naeus, 8vo, New York, 1813.

Guaiacum. — Brassavolus (A. M.) Vid. China; Radix.

Ferrandus (C.) De Ligno Guaiaco, ext. in Luisin. Aphrod. p. 355

et 358.

Ferrius (A.) De Ligno Saucto, ext. in Luis. Aphrod. p. 404.

Gallus (A.) De Ligno Sancto, ext. in Luis. Aphrod. p. 455.

Helminthocorton. — Schwendimann (P. J.) Historia Helminthocorti, 8vo,
Argent. 1780. ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. XII. p. 208.

Hemlock. — Gataker (T.) On the Use of Hemlock, ext. in Essays on Me-
dical Subjects, 8vo, Liverpool, 1764.

Hirudo. — Johnson (J. R.) On the Medicinal Leech, 8vo, Lond. 1816.

Hyoscyamus. — Vid. Strarnonium, Stiirck (A.), and Digitalis, Morrics
(J. D.)

Ice. — Schroeder (J. G.) De Glacie Medicamine, Gott. 1789. ext. in
Brose Collect. Dissertat. Gott. Tom. I. Part. III.

Iodine. — Gairdner (W.) Essay on the Effects of Iodine on the Human
Constitution, 8vo, Lond. 1824.

/roH.— Mindererus (R.) De Calcantho, 4to, Aug. Viud. 1617.

Lead. — Goulard (VV.) On Lead, 12mo, Lond. 1775.

Lamb (W.) On the Properties of Spring Water, with Medical Cau-
tions against the Use of Lead, 8vo, Lond. 1803.

Lime. — Vid. Magnesia.

Lime Water. — Vid. Uca Ursi.

Magnesia. — Glass (T.) Examination of Mr. Henry's Strictures on Glass'
Magnesia, 8vo, Lond. 1784.

Henry (T.) On Magnesia, Quicklime, Fixed Air, &c. 8vo,Lond. 1773.

Mercury. — Francis (J. W.) On Mercury, 8vo, New York, 1811.

Gataker (T.) On the Use of Corrosive Sublimate, ext. in Essays on

Medical Subjects, 8vo, Liverpool, 1764.

Hoya (A. de) De Quibusdam Mercurii Pra?paratis, Gott. 1791. ext.

in Brose Coll. Diss. Gott. Tom. I. Part. HI.

Hey (G.) On the Effects of Mercury, 8vo, Lond. 1747.

Maywood (R.) Essay on the Operation of Mercury, Svo, Lond.

Philip (A. P. W.) On the Influence of Minute Doses of Mercury,

12mo, Lond. 1834.


Mercury. — Plenck (J. J.) New Mode of giving- Mercury, 8vo, Lond. 1768.

Misletoe. — Vid. Visciim.

Morphia. — Robertson (M.) On the Medicinal EflFects of the Salts of

Morphia, with tlie Method of Preparing them, 8vo, Edin.
Moxa. — Boyle (J.) On the Application of Moxa, 8vo, Lond. 1826.
Larrey (Le Baron D. J.) On the Use of the Moxa, translated, with

a History of the Substance, by K. Dunglisson, 8vo, Lond. 18-2-^.
Valentinus (M. B.) Historia Moxa cum Meditationibus de Podagra,

I2mo, Lugd. Bat. 1()8G.

Wallace (W.) On the Action of Moxa, 8vo, Dublin, 1827.

Oil. — Trinder (W. INI.) On the Application of Oil to the Human Body,

8vo, Lond. 1797.
Opium. — Crump (S.) On the Nature and Properties of Opium, 8vo, Lond.

De Quincv (T.) Confessions of an English Opium Eater, 2d Edit.

12mo, Lond. 1823.

Jones (J.) Mysteries of Opium revealed, 8vo, Lond. 1701.

Philip (A. W.) Experimental Essays on the Action of Opium, 8vo,

Edin. 1795.

Tralles (B. L.) De Usu Opii, 4to, Vratislav. 1757.

Young (G.) Treatise on Opium, 8vo, Lond. 1753.

Oxygen. — Alvon, Essai sur les Proprietes Medicinales de I'Oxigene,

8vo, Pan's, 1796.
Phosphorus. — Barchwitz (M. A.) De Phosphori Urinarii Usu Medico

Interno, Halse Magd., ext. in Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. L p. 159.
Pulsatilla. — Stiirck (A.) De Pulsatilla Nigricante sive Anemone Pra-

tensi, 8vo, Vindobon. 1771. (2 copies.)
Ranunculus. — Krapf (C.) Experinienta de Kanunculorum Venenata

Qualitate, 12n]o, Vieunae, 1766.
Hhus. — Alderson (J.) On the Rhus Toxicodendron, 8vo, Hull, 1793.
Salix. — Wilkinson (G.) On the Salix Latifolia, 8vo, Newcastle, 1803.
Sangui)iaria Bird (F.) On the Sanguinaria Canadensis of Linnieus,

8vo, New York, 1822.
Scorzonera. — Fehr (J. M.) Anchora Sacra, 12mo, Jenje, 1670.
Senna. — Vid. Cassia.
Solanum — Gataker (T.) On the Use of Solanum, 8vo, Liverpool, 1757.

Essays on Medical Subjects, 8vo, Liverpool, 1764.

Stramonium. — Storck (A.) On the Use of Stramonium, Hyoscyamus,

and Aconitum, trans, from the Latin, 8vo, Lond. 1763.
Experinienta et Observationes circa Nova sua Medicamenta,

8vo, Vindobon. 1765.
Succinum. — Neuforn (J. G. S. de) De Succino, Lugd. Bat. 1760, ext. in

Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. I.
^S-M^/a?-.— Mosely (B.) On Sugar, &c. 8vo, Lond. 1800.
RoUo (J.) Two Cases of Diabetes Mellitus, with Observations on

the Use of Acid.s, &c. in Lues Venerea, and on Sugar, by W. Cruick-

shank, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1797.

The same book, 2d. Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1798.

Tar Water. — Berkeley ((i. Bp. of CUoyne) Siris — or an Inquiry into
the Virtues of Tar Water, 8vo, Lond. 174L

Crichton (A.) Relation de quelques Experiences avec la Vapeurdu

Goudron dans le Traitement de la Phthisic Pulmonaire, trad, de
r Anglais, 8vo, St. Petersbourg, 1817.

Tobacco. — Morries (J. D.) Vid. Birji talis.

Neander (J.) Traite dc Tabac, de sa Preparation, et dc son Usage,

traduit par B. Vincent, bvo, Lyon, 1625.


Tobacco. — Tatliam (VV.) Essay on Tobacco, 8vo, Lond. 1800.

Uva Ursi. — Girardi (M.) De Uva Ursi, cjusque et Aquae Calcis Vi

Lithontriptica, 12mo, Patav. 1764'. (2 copies.)
Viper. — 8puiitomis (J. B.) Coiiechidnclogia, Piilv. Viper. Discursus, 4to,

Romie, 1648.
Viscum. — Colbatch (Sir J.) On tlie Misletoe, 8vo, Lond. 1725.
Xantliorrcca. — Kite (C.) Essay on Submersion, and on the Yellow Resin

of Botany Bay, &c. 8vo, Lond. 1795.

b. Classes of Ilanedies.

Acids. — Farr (S.) On the Medical Virtues of the Acids, 8vo, Lond. 1769.
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The same book, parts 1 and 2, 2d Edit. 8vo, Bristol, 1795.

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• Pearson (R.) On the Medicinal Properties of the Different Kinds

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Antiseptics. — Boissieu (M. de) Sur le Antiseptiques, 8vo, Dijon, 17G9.

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Aromatics. — Garcia (D.) Dei Simplici Aromati pertinenti all' uso della

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Disinfectants. — Alcock (T.) On Chlorurets of Soda and Lime, as Disin-
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Henry (W.) Experiments on the Disinfecting Powers of Increased

Temperatures, 8 vo, Lond. 1831.
— — Smyth (J. C.) Experiment to determine the Effect of Nitrous Acid

in Destroying Contagion, Svo, Lond. 1796.
On the Effect of Nitrons Vapour in Preventing and Destroying

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Idem liber, ext. in Brose Collect. Diss. Gott. Tom. IL part L

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— A Vindication for his Patent Syringe, Svo, Lond. 1826.

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cation and Abstraction of Stimuli, Svo, Lond. 1793.

c. Mineral Waters.

fVtd. Natural History, Part II. Chap. 2.)




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(For Journals, Dissertations, &c. connected with this subject, Vid. Part IV. Chap. 6.)


a. Medicinal Preparations.

Anonymous Remarks on Dr. Henry's Improved Method of Preparing

Magnesia Alba, Svo, Lond. N. D.
Deschamps (M.) Memoire sur les Extraits, 8vo, Paris, 1799.
Deusingius (A.) Pulveris Sympathetici Examen, 12mo, Groning. 1662.

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