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ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. V. Lips. 1741.

Wardrop (J.) On Bloodletting, 12mo, Lond. 1835.

Welsh (B.) On the Efficacy of Bloodletting in the Epidemic Fever

of Edinburgh, 8vo, Edin. IS 19.
Vipej: — Spuntonus (J. B.) Conechidnelogia, Pulv. Viper. Discursus, 4to,

Roma;, 1648.
Viscum. — Colbatch (Sir J.) On the Misletoe, 8vo, Lond. 1725.
Water. — Brown (A.) New Cure of Fevers, I2mo, Edin. 1691.
" Currie {i.) On the Effects of Water in Fevers, Svo, Liverpool,

Dauter (N. E.) De Usu Aquae Frigidse externo topico, 4to, Gott.

. Jackson (R.) On Cold Affusion, Cold Drink, and Gestation in Fevers,

Svo, Edin. 180S.
Heyden (H. V.) On the Virtues of Cold Water in Gout, Svo,

Lond. 1724.
Smith (J.) On the Use of Common Water in cuiing Diseases, Svo,

Lond. 1724.
Stock (J. E.) On the Effects of Cold as a Remedy, and Experiments

to ascertain the Effects of Cold Water on the Pulse, Svo, Lond.

XantJiorrcea. — Kite (C.) Essay on Submersion, and on the Yellow Resin

of Botany Bay, &c. Svo, Lond. 1795.

c. Works on the Use of Particular Classes of Remedies.

Acids. — Farr (S.) On the Medical Virtues of the Acids, Svo, Lond. 1769.
Rollo (J.) Two Cases of Diabetes Mellitus; with Observations

on the Use of Acids, &c. in Lues Venerea, &c. 2 vols. Svo, Lond.


The same book, 2d Edit. Svo, Lond. 1798.

Airs, Factitious. — Beddoes (T.) and Watt (J.) On Factitious Airs, in

5 parts, 3 vols, Svo, Bristol, 1794-96.

The same book. Parts L and IL 2d Edit. Svo, Bristol, 1795.

Cavallo (T.) On the Medicinal Properties of Factitious Airs, Svo,

Lond. 1798.
Pearson (R.) On the Medicinal Properties of the Different Kinds

of Air, Svo, Birmingham, 1795.
Antiseptics. — Boissieu (M. de) Sur les Antiseptiques, Svo, Dijon, 1769.

Bordenave (M.) Sur les Antiseptiques, Svo, Dijon, 1769.

— — Godart~Sur les Antiseptiques, Svo, Dijon, 1769.


Antispasmodics. — Godar (G. L.) Dissertation sur les Antispasmodiques,
8vo, Paris, VtdA'.

Aromatics. — Garcia (D.) Dei Siniplici Aromati pertiucnti all' uso dcUa
Medicina, 8yo, Venet. 1589.

Disinfectants. — Alcoek (T.) On Chlorurets of Soda and Lime as Disin-
fecting- Aofents, Bvo, Lond. 1827.

■ Henry (W.) Experiments on the Disinfecting Powers of Increased
Temperatures, 8vo, Lond. 1831.

Smyth (J. C.) Experiment to determine the Effect of Nitrous Acid

in Destroying- Contagion, 8vo, Lond. 1796.

On the Effect of Nitrous Vapour in Preventing and Destroying

Contagion, 8vo, Lond. 1799.
Diuretics. — Kuhlewein (J. H.) De Diurcticorum temere adhibitorum

Noxii in Hydrope, Gott. 1786, ext. in Brose Collect. Dissertat.

Tom. J. Part. III.
Emetics. — Hossack (D.) On the Use of Emetics in Constipation of the

Bowels, Bvo, New York, 1822.
Wade (J. P.) On the Effects of Emetics, Purgatives, Mercurials,

and Low Diet in the Disorders of Bengal, Bvo, Lond. 1792.
Enemata. — Meyer (J. C.) De Clysmatibus, 8vo, Gott. 1786, ext. in Frank.

Delect. Tom. IX. p. 146.
Idem liber, ext. in Brose Collect. Diss. Gott. Tom. II. Part. L

■ Read (J.) On the Utility of the Improved Patent Syringe, 8vo,
Lond. 1824.

A Vindication for his Patent Syringe, 8vo, Lond. 1826.

Lithontriptics. — Blackrie (A.) On Medicines that Dissolve the Stone, Bvo,

Loud. 1771.
Hales (S.) Experiments and Observations on Mrs. Stephens' Medi-
cine for Dissolving the Stone, Bvo, Lond. 1740.
Hartley (D.) View of the Present Evidence for and against Mrs.

Stephens' Medicine as a Solvent for the Stone, Bvo, Lond. 1739.
Home (R.) On the Efficacy and Innocency of Solvents, 8vo, Lond.

■ Leroy (J.) Expose des divers Procedes pour guerir de la Pierre

sans avoir recours a I'Operation de la Taille, 8vo, Paris, 1825.
Rutty (J.) Observations on Mrs. Stephens' Medicine for the Stone,

&c., Bvo, Lond. 1742.
Purgatives. — Anderson (J.) Medical Remarks on Evacuations, Bvo, Lond,

. Brendelius (J. G.) De Seriori Usu Evacuantium in quibusdum

Morbis Acutis, Bvo, Gott. 1754, ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. VIII.
Friend (J.) De Purgantibus in Variola adhibendis, 12mo, Roterod.

Hamilton (J.) Observations on Purgative Medicines, Bvo, Edin.


The same book, 3d Edit. Bvo, Edin. 1809.

Ruffus (E.) De Medicamentis Purgantibus, &c. ext. in Med. Art.

Princip. Tom. I.

Wade (J. P.) Vid. Emetics.

llevulsives. — Fletcher (J.) On the Action of Remedies reputedly Revul-
sive in the Cure of Inflammation, Bvo, Edin. 1829.

Jenner (E.) On the Influence of Artificial Eruptions in Certain

Diseases, 4to, Lond. 1822.

Specifics. — Anonymous — State of the Evidence against Le Fevre's Spe-
cific for the Gout, Bvo, Lond. 1770.


specifics. — Boyle (Hon. R.) Experimenta circa Mechanicum particu-
lariiim qualitatum origiDena, et de Remediis Specificis, 12mo, Lond.

Marshall (E.) Probability of M. Le Fevre having Discovered

a Specific for the Gout, Svo, Cant. 1770.

Stimuli. — Wood (J.) On the Effects on the Human Body of the Applica-
tion and Abstraction of Stimuli, Svo, Lond. 171)3.

Tonics. — Pears (C.) Cases of Phthisis Pulraoualis Cured by Tonics, Svo,
Lond 1801.


Eberhardus (J. P.) Methodus Conscribendi Formulas Medicas, 12rao,

Hala;, 17j4.
Northcote ( W.) Methodus Prsescribendi secundum Varias Pharmacopoeias,

Svo, Lond. 1772.
Pareati (A. P.) De Dosibus Medicamentorum, Svo, Lugd. Bat. 17G1.


fflrtneral paUjoIOQn


^^lactice of pi&jiiSic.




iVid. Materia Medica, Part I. Chap. 3. page 55, and Medical Police, Part I. Chap. ?.)



Andral (G.) Precis d'Anatomie Pathologique, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1829.
Treatise on Pathological Anatomy, translated by West and Towns-
end, 2 vols. 8vo, Dublin, 1829-31.
Baader (Joseph) Observationes Medicse Inoisionibns Cadaverum Anato-

micis illustratae, 1762, ext. in Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. III. p. 1.
Baillie (Matthew) Morbid Anatomy of the Human Body, 8vo, Lond.


The same book, 3d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1807.

The same book, jth Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1818.

Engravings to illustrate Morbid Anatomy, 4to, Loud. 1799-1802.

Bell (Sir C.) Engravings from Specimens of Morbid Parts, fol. Lond.

Bichat (X.) Anatomie Pathologique, 8vo, Paris, 1825.
Bonetus (Theoph.) Sepulchretum Anatomicum, 2 torn. fol. Gen. 1G79.
Bruns (J. C.) Observationes Anatomicse et Medicse, Gott. 1760, ext. in

Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. HI.
Camper (Pierre) Demonstrationum Anatomico-Pathologicarura libri duo,

fol. Amstel. 1760.
Carswell (Rob.) Illustrations of Pathological Anatomy, 10 Fasciculi, 4to,

Lond. 1833-36. ( unfinished. J
Craigie (D.) Elements of General and Pathological Anatomy, 8vo, Edin.

1828. f 2 copies.)
Cruveilhier (Jean) Sur I'Anatomie Pathologique, &c. 2 torn. 8vo, Paris,



Criiveilhier (Jean) Anatomic Pathologique du Corps Humain, 23 Liv-

raisons, fol. Paris, 1828-3G. fnnjinished.j
Haller (Albert von) Patholo<>icaI Observations, 8vo, Lond. 1750.
Hamilton (James, Jtin.) On the Causes and Seats of Diseases, illustrated

by the Dissections of Morgagni, 8vo, Edin. 1795.
Hope (J.) Principles and Illustrations of Morbid Anatomy, 8vo, Lond.

Howship (John) Practical Observations in Surg'ery and Morbid Anatomy,

8vo, Loud. 1816.
Kerckringius (Theod.) Spicilegium Anatomicum, 4to, Amstelod. 1G70.
Kueppelbout (C. J.) Sectiones Cadaverum Pathologicae, 4to, Lugd. Bat.

Lieutaud (Jos.) Historia Anatomico-Medica, 2 torn. 4to, Paris, 1767.

f2 copies.)
Lobstein (J. F.) Traite d'Anatomie Pathologique, Tom. I. 8vo, Paris, 1829.
Louis (P. C. A.) Meraoires ou Kecherches Anatomico-Pathologiques,

8vo, Paris, 1826.
Meckel (Jo. Fr.) Handbuch der Pathologischen Anatomic, 2 band. 8vo,

Leipzig, 1812-16.
Manuel d'Anatomie Generale, Descriptive et Pathologique, 3 tomes,

8vo, Paris, 1825.
Morgagni (Jo. Bapt.) De Sedibus et Causis Morborum per Anatoraen

indagatis, fol. Venet. 1761.

Idem liber, 3 torn. 4to, Ebrodun. 1779.

The same book, translated and abridged, with Notes, by W. Cooke,

2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1822.
Otto(Adolph Wilhelm.) Compendium of Human and Comparative Pa-
thological Anatomy, trans, by J. F. South, 8vo, Lond. 1831.
Ribes (F.) Anatomie Pathologique, 2 tom. 8vo, Paris, 1834.
Rose (Dr.) Manuel d'Autopsie Cadaverique Medico-Legale, par C. C. H.

Marc, 8vo, Paris, 1808.
Schroeder van der Kolk (J. L. C.) Observationos Anatomes Pathologicae,

Fasciculus L 8vo, Amstel. 1826.
Sandifort (Edv.) Observationes Anatomico-Pathologicae, 4to, Lugd. Bat.

Schoenmezel (Franc.) De Sectione Anatomica Cadaverum de Autochiria

Suspectorura, 8vo, Heidelberg, 1766, ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. L

p. 65.
Serres (E. R. A.) Recherches d'Anatomie Transcendante et Pathologi-
que, 4to, Paris, 1832, avec Atlas in fol.
Tacheron (C. F.) Recherches Anatomico-Pathologiques sur la Me'deciue

Pratique, 3 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1823.


Armstrong (John) The Morbid Anatomy of the Bowels, Liver and Stomach,
Fascic. L H. and HL 4to, Lond. 1828.

Billard (C.) Recherches d'Anatomie Patiiologicjue sur la Membrane
Muqueuse Gastro-Intestinale, Svo, Paris, 1825.

Blculand (Janus) Observationes Anatomico-Medicae de CEsophagi Struc-
tural 4to, Lugd.Bat. 1785.


Clark (D.) Ou the Morbid Anatomy of the Urinary Bladder, 8vo, Edin.

Faleti (J. B.) De abdita Morbi causa per Anatomen indicata in Muliere

iufcecunda, 1788, ext. in Roemer. Opusc. Tom. I. p. 205.
Harrison (Ed.) Pathological and Practical Observations on Spinal Dis-
eases, 8vo, Lond. 1827.
Hodgson (Joseph) Engravings to Illustrate some of the Diseases of the

Arteries, &c. fol. Lond. 1815.
Hooper (Rob.) The Morbid Anatomy of the Human Brain, 4to, Lond.

Lalleraand (F.) Recherches Anatomico-Pathologiques sur I'Encephale et

ses de'pendences, 2 torn, bvo, Paris, 1820.
Louis (P. C. A.) Recherches Anatomico-Pathologiques snr la Phthisic,

8vo, Paris, 1825.

The same book, translated by C. Cowan, 8vo, Lond. 1835.

Recherches Auatomico-Pathologi(jues sur la Gastro-Enterite, 2 torn.

8vo, Paris, 1829.
Marshall (A.) Morbid Anatomy of the Brain in Mania and Hydrophobia,

8vo, Lond. 1815. f2 copies. J
Monro (Alex. Tertius) Morbid Anatomy of the Human Gullet, Stomach

and Intestines, 8vo, Edin. 1811.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, 1830, (2 copies.)

Morbid Anatomy of the Brain, Vol. L 8vo, Edin. 1827.

Wadd (Jas.) On the Malformations and Diseases of the Head, 4to,

Lond. 1819.
Wardrop (James) Morbid Anatomy of the Human Eye, 2 vols. 8vo,

Edin. and Lond. 1808-18.


Beale (Lionel) On the Distortions and Deformities of the Human Body,

2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1833.
Bosscha (H.) De Vesiculae Seminalis Sinistrae Defectu, &c. 4to, Leidse,

Curtius (C. W.) De Monstro Humano, Lugd. Bat. 1762, ext. in Saudifort.

Thesaur. Tom. II.
Everardus (Ant.) De Visceribus Monstrosi Partus, 12mo, Medisburg.

Farre (J. R.) Pathological Researches, — Essay I. On Malformations of

the Human Heart, 8vo, Lond. 1814.
Fergusson (W.) Case of Imperforate Anus, 8vo, Edin. 1831.
Fried (G. A.) De Foetu Intcstinis plane nudis extra Abdomen propenden-

tibus nato, Argeutor. 1760, ext. in Sandifort. Thesaur. Tom. I.
Jouard (J.) Des Moustruosite's et Bizarreries de la Nature, 2 tom. 8vo,

Paris, 1808.
Licetus (F.) De Monstris, 4to, Patav. 1634.
Monro (Alex. Secundus) Description of a Human Male ^Monster, 4to,

Edin. 1792.
Okes (T.) De Fojtuum Deformitatibus, 8vo, Cant. 1770.
Paget (John) On the Congenital Malformations of the Heart, 8vo, Edin.

1831. (2 copies.)
Schiinberg (J. J. Alb. von) Ueber eine Hochst Merkwiirdige Bildung

des Geschlechtstheile, 4to, Innsbruck, 1823.


St. Ililaire (Ceoffroy) Philosophic Anatomique des Monstruosites IIu-
niaiues, 8vo, Paris, 18"^2, avec Atlas in 4to.

St. Hilaire (Isidore Geoffroy) Histoire Genc^rale ct Particuliere de.s Ano-
malies de rOrganization chez rHomme et les Animaux, Tom. I. 8vo,
Paris, 1834-.

Scarpa (A.) Sui Piedi torti congeniti dei FaueiuUi, &c. 8vo, Pavia, 1806.

Serres(E. R. A.) Recherches d'Anatomie Transcendante et Pathologique,
4to, Paris, 1832, avec Atlas iu folio.

Sheldrake (T.) Ou the Club-foot, 8vo, Loud. 1798.

Wadd (W.) On the Malformations and Diseases of the Head, 4to, Loud.

{Vid. Part IV. Chap. 4.)



Alison (W. p.) Outlines of Pathology, 8vo, Edin. 1633.

Argenterius (Joan.) Opeia Omnia Medica et Philosophica, fol. Hanov.

Begiu (L.J.) Principes Ge'neraux de Physiologie Pathologique, 8vo, Paris,

Caillot (L.) Elemens de Pathologic Generale, 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1819.
Caldani (L. M. A.) lustitulioues Pathologicne, 8vo, Batav. 1772.
Dyckman (J.) On the Pathology of the Human Fluids, 8vo, New York,

Gaubius (H. D.) Institutiones Pathologiae Medicinalis, 8vo, Lugd. 1758.

Idem liber, 1763.

Junckerus (Jo.j Conspectus Pathologise et Semeiologise, 4to, Halae,

Ludvvig (Christ. Gott.) Institutiones Pathologise, 8vo, Lips. 1744.
Martinet (L.) Manual of Pathology, trans, by Quaiu, 12mo, Lond. 1826.
Mayo (Herbert) Outlines of Human Pathology, 8vo, Lond. 1833-6.
Kietzki (D. A.) Elementa PathologijB Universe, 8vo, Halie, 1776.

f2 copies. J
Parry (Caleb Ililliar) Elements of Pathology and Therjipeutics, Vol. I.

8vo, Bath, 1815. f2 copies. J
Pring (Dan.) Exposition of the Principles of Pathology and of the Treat-
ment of Diseases, 8vo, Lond. 1823. f2 copies.)
Roche (L. C.) et Sanson (L. J.) Nouvcaux Elemens de Pathologic Me-

dico-Chirurgicale, 5 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1828.
Sauvagps (F. B. de) Pathologia Methodica, Edit. 3tia, 12mo, Lugd. Bat.




a. Etiology.

Adams (Joseph) Inquiry into the Laws of Epidemics, 8vo, Lend. 1809.
Alexander (W.) Inquiry into the Causes of Putrid Diseases, &vo, Lond.

Aretseus (Cappadox) De Causis, Signis et Curatione Morborum, fol. Lugd.

Bat. 1735.

Idem liber, ext. in Med. Art. Princ. Tom. I.

Aurelianus (Cajlius) De Acutis Passionibus, 12mo, Paris, 1533.
Balfour (Francis) On Sol-Lunar Influence in Fevers, Vol. I. 8vo, Lond.

1795. (2 copies.)
Collection of Treatises on the same Subject, 3d Edit. 8vo, Cupar,

Beaupre' (M.) Treatise on the Effects and Properties of Cold, translated

by Clendinning, 8vo, Edin. 1826.
Bruce ( — ) Inquiry into the Cause of the Pestilence, Svo, Edin, 1759.
Caillard (T. L.) Sur les Dangers des Emanations Mare'cageuses, &c. Svo,

Paris, 1816.
Clutterbuck (H.) On the Prevention and Treatment of the Epidemic

Fever at present prevailing, 8vo, Lond. 1819.
Falconer (W.) Remarks on the Influence of Climate, &c. on Mankind,

4to, Lond. 1781.
On the Influence of the Passions on Disorders of the Body, 12mo,

Lond. 1796.
Galenus (Claudius) Materia Sanitatis, Edit. 8va, fol. Venet. 1G09.
Hamilton (James, Jiin.) On the Causes and Seats of Diseases, illustrated

by the Dissections of Morgagni, 8vo, Edin. 1796.
Hancock (Th.) Researches into the Laws and Phenomena of Pestilence,

8vo, Lond. 1822.
Hawley (R. M.) Morborum Definitiones Causaeque, &c. quibus accedit

Toxicologia, 8vo, Edin. 1827.
Hofman (Fred.) On Diseases arising from Climate, 12rao, Lond. 1750.
Johnson (James) On the Influence of Tropical Climates, &c. 8vo, Lond.


The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1818.

On the Influence of the Atmosphere, with Practical Researches on

Gout and Rheumatism, 8vo, Lond. 1818.
Essay on the Morbid Sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels as the

cause of Indigestion, 8vo, Lond. 1827.
Luc (J. A. De) Recherches sur les Modifications de I'Atmosphere 2 torn.

4to, Geneve, 1772.
Maclean (Charles) On the Source of Epidemic Diseases, Svo, Philadelph.

Macculloch (John) Essay on the Production and Propagation of Malaria,

Svo, Lond. 1827.
Marees (C. G. H. de) De Animi Perturbationum in Corpus Potentia,

Gotting. 1775, ext. in Ludwig. Script. Neurolog. Tom. IV. p. 344.
Morgagni (Jo. Bapt.) De Sedibus et Causis Morborum per Anatomen

iudagatis, fol. Venet. 1761.

Idem liber, 3 tom. 4to, Ebrodun. 1779.

The same book, translated and abridged, with Notes, by W. Cooke,

2 vols. Svo, Lond. 1822.


Miiller (Jo. G.) De Dispositione ad Moibos Htcreditaria, Gott. lldi,
ext. in BroseColl. Diss. Tom. II. Part II.

Pitta (N. C.) On the I ntluence of Climate on the I^Iuman Species, 8vo,
Loud. 1812.

PoIjI (J. E.) et Menz (C. C. F.) De Varicc interno Morboriim causa,
Lipsi:e, l78o, ext. in Frank. Del. Tom. VIII. p. 269.

Quincy (John) On tiic Diiferent Causes of Pestilential Diseases, &c.
8vo, Lond. 1720.

Robertson (Henry) Natural History of the Atmosphere, with an Essay
on the Causes of Epidemical Diseases, 2 vols. 8vo, Edin. 1808.

Schnurrer (F.) Materiaux pour servir a uue Doctrine g^ne'rale sur les
Epidemics, &c. bvo, Paris, 1815.

Thackrah (C. Turner) Effects of the principal Arts, Trades, and Pro-
fessions, &c. on Health and Longevity, 8vo, Lond. 1831.

The same book, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1832.

Thomson (Alexander) De Effectibus Pathematum in Corpus, 8vo, Edin,

Trotter (Thos.) Essay on Drunkenness, 8vo, Lond. 1804.

Wood (Jas.) On the Application and Abstraction of Stimuli on the Hu-
man Body, Svo, Lond. 1793.

§ Contagion.

Alder (Thomas) On the Impropriety of Attributing Fever to Contagion,

Part I. 4to, Lond. 1805.
Alderson (John) On the Contagion of Fevers, Svo, Hull, 1788.
Blackburne (W.) On Scarlet Fever and Acute Contagions, Svo, Lond.

Brera (Val. L.) Dei Contagi, 2 tom. Svo, Padova, 1819.
Brownrigg (W.) On the Means of destroying Contagion, 4to, Lond.

Francis (J. W.) On Febrile Contagion, Svo, New York, 1811.
Hamilton (Robert) On the influence of Panic in propagating Contagious

Diseases, Svo, Edin. 1823.
Haygarth (John) On the Prevention of Infectious Fever, Svo, Bath,

1801. /^2 copies. J
Hossack (David) On the Laws of Contagion, 4to, New York, 1815.
Johnstone (J.) Reply to Dr. Carmichael Smyth, respecting the discovery

of a power of the Mineral Acids in destroying Contagion, Svo, Lond.

Lind (J.) On Fevers and Infection, Svo, Lond. 1763. ^2 copies. J

The same book, 2d Edit. Svo, Lond. 1779.

Maclean (Charles) Evils of Quarantine Laws and non-existence of Pes-
tilential Contagion, Svo, Lond. 1824.
Marx (C. F. H.) Origines Contagii, Svo, Caroliruh£e et Badse, 1827.

Additamenta ad Origines Contagii, Svo, ibid. 1826.

Morveau (Guyton) On the Means of purifying Infected Air, trans, by

Hall, Svo, Lond. 1802.
Palloni (D. G.) Se la Febbre Gialla sia o no un Contagio, Svo, Livorno,

Smyth (J. Carmichael) Experiment to determine the effect of Nitrous

Acid in destroying Contagion, Svo, Lond. 1796.
On the effect of Nitrous Vapour in preventing and destroying

Contagion, Svo, Lond. 1799.



Srayth (J. Carraichael) Letter to Mr. Wilberforce on Chaptal's Report,
and on Morveau's claim to the discovery of the power of Acid Gases
on Contagion, 8vo, Lond. 1805.

Stanger (C) On suppressing Contagious Fever in the Metropolis, 12mo.
Lond. 1802,

b. Semeiologi/ or Si/mptomatologi/ .
* a. Diasrnosis.


* * a. Diagnosis in General.

Aretaeus (Cappadox) De Causis, Signis et Curatione Morborum, fol.

Lujrd. Bat. 1735.

Idem liber, ext. in Med. Art. Princ. Tom. L

Battie (W.) Aphorismi de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis nonnnllis,

ad Principia Aninialia accommodati, 4to, Lond. 17G0.
Berkenhout (Joann) Symptomatology, 8vo, Lond. 1784. f2 copies. J
Boerhaave (Hermann.) Aphoj-ismi de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis,

Edit. 6ta, 12mo, Lugd. Bat. 1758.
Buchan (A. P.) Symptomatology, or the Art of detecting Disease, 12mo,

Lond. 1824.
Camereri (J. G.) De Signis Mortis Diagnosticis, 8vo, Argent. 1785, ext. in

Frank. Delect. Tom. VIIL p. 107.
Claudius (T. C.) Empirica Rationalis, 2 torn, folio, Bononiae, 1653.
Darwin (Charles) Experiments establishing a Criterion between Muca-

ginous and Purulent Matter, 8vo, Litchfield, 1780.
Duncker (F. J.) De Typo Morborum, Gott. 1789, ext. in Brose Collect.

Diss. Tom. L Part. L
Filler (J. T.) De Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis Acutis, 8vo, Amstelod.

Frank (Jo. Petr.) De Signis Morborum ex Corporis Situ Partiumque

Positione petendis, Ticini, 1788, ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. VI.
Hall (Marshal) On Diagnosis, Svo, Lond. 1817. /^2 copies. J

The same book, 2d Edit. 2 vols, (bound in one,) 8vo, Lond. 1834.

Helian (M.) Dictionnaire du Diagnostic, 12mo, Paris, 1771.
Junckerus (Jo.) Conspectus Pathologiae et Semeiologia>, 4to, Halae, 1736.
Lambert (Christ.) Examen Medical des Sympathies, &c. 8vo, Paris, 1825.
Landre-Beauvais (A. T.) Semeiotique, ou Traitedes Signes des Maladies,

8vo, Paris, 1813.
Mercurialis (Hieron.) Prselectiones Patavinje de Cognoscendis et Curandis

humani corporis Affectibus, &c. Studio Guliel. Athenii, fol. Venetiis,

Piorry (P. A.) De' la Percussion Mediate, Svo, Paris, 1828.
Du Procede Operatoire a suivre dans 1 Exploration des Organes

par la Percussion Mediate, &c. 8vo, Paris, 1831.
Piso (Nic.) De Cognoscendis et Curandis pra?cipue Internis Humani

Corporis Morbis, cum pra?fat. Boerhaavii, 4to, Lugd. Bat. 1736.
Raciborski (A.) Manuel d' Auscultation et de Percussion, 12mo, Bruxel-

les, 1835.
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Delect. Tom. III. p. 378.
Sanionicus (Quint. Seren.) De Medicina Praecepta Saluberrima, cura

Keuchenii, 12mo, Arast. 1662.
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* * b. Diagnosis of Particular Parts.

• " • a. Diagnosis of Organs ofJVervoiis Sgstem.

Brendelius (J. G.) De Cognatione Paraphrenitidis et Febriiim Malig-
naruni, 8vo, Gott. 1752, ext. in Frank. Delect. Tom. VIII. p. 71.

• " * b. Diagnosis of the Organs of Respiration.

Avenbrugger (Leop.) De Percussione Thoracis, 8vo, Vindob. 1761.
Le merae livre, traduit et commente, par J. N. Corvisart, 8vo, Paris,

Collin (V.) Des Diverses Methodes d'Exploration de la Poitrine, 8vo,

Paris, 182*.
F"orbes (J.) Original Cases illustrating the use of the Stethoscope and

Percussion, 8vo, Lond. 1824.
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Le merae livre, 2de Edit. 2 torn. 8vo, Paris, 1826.

The same book, translated by Forbes, 8vo, Lond. 1821.

The same book, 8vo, Lond. 1827.

Scudamore (Sir Charles) Observations on Laennec's Method of forming a

Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Chest, by means of the Stethoscope,

8vo, Lond. 1826.
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Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, 2d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1833.
The same book, 3d Edit. 8vo, Lond. 1835.

• * * c. Diagnosis of (he Organs of Circulation.

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eases of the Heart, fol. Lond. 1830.

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The same book, 8vo, Bath, 1798.

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Laennec. — Vicl. Supra under Diagnosis of Organs of Respiration.

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(For further Works on the Pulse, I'id, page 38.)


* h. Pros:notis.

Alpimis (Prosper) De Prsesagienda Vitfi et Morfe ^grotaiitiiim, 4to,
Lijod. Bat. 1710.

Iclenj liber, 4to, Liigd. Bat. I73.'i.

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Jsiiiell (James) Predictions of Various Crises by the Pulse, 2d Edit. 8vo,
Lond. 17.50.

c. N^osologjj.

Boisseau (F. G.) Nosographie C)rgani({ue, 2 torn. 8vo, I'aris, 1828.
Broussais (F. J. V.) Exanien des Doctrines Medicales et des Systemes

de Nosologie, 2 torn. Svo, Paris, 1821.

Le naerae livre, 4 torn. Svo, Paris, 1829-.34.

CuJIen (William) Synopsis Nosologic Methodicie, 8vo, Edin. 17Gf).

('2 copies. J

Idem liber, 1772. ^2 copies. J

Idem liber, 2 torn. Svo, Edin. 1792.

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