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with the assistance of




~VT7"HEN the plan for a Catalogue of Scientific Papers was drawn up in
* 1857 by the Royal Society, it was also contemplated that a Subject
Index to the papers should be made. During the compilation of the well
known twelve volumes of the Catalogue of Authors (1800 1883) much
material was collected for the Subject Index by the Committee of the
Society which had charge of the work, but nothing was printed.

In 1898 it was determined to undertake the continuation for the period
1884 1900, and at the same time to prepare material for a Subject Index
for these last seventeen years of the century. It was afterwards decided
that one Index should be made to the papers of the whole of the Nineteenth
Century ; and to bring this Index into relation with the International
Catalogue of Scientific Literature, which deals with publications subsequent
to 1900, the Index was to be arranged in accordance with the schedules of
the different sciences which form the basis of the International Catalogue.

The extent of the work for the period 18841900 proved to be so
great that the resources of the Royal Society would have been quite
inadequate for its completion. Its continuation has been made possible by
liberal donations received from various sources. The Catalogue is especially
indebted to Dr Ludwig Mond, F.R.S., a member of the Committee entrusted
with its preparation, who has encouraged and forwarded its progress in every
way for many years past; in particular, in addition to similar generous
donations at earlier stages, Dr Mond recently undertook to provide an
extremely liberal subsidy during the three years 1907 9, which has enabled
the work to be pressed forward rapidly.

The Subject Index will be published as separate Index-volumes for each
of the seventeen Sciences of the Schedules of the International Catalogue,
viz. Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology,
Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Palaeontology, Biology, Botany, Zoology,
Anatomy, Anthropology, Physiology, and Bacteriology.

The practical advantage which will accrue from thus classifying the
literature of each Science seems to be amply sufficient, in spite of un-
avoidable imperfections, to justify the great expense that has been involved.
In the past a student interested in a single branch of the subject would
probably consult special Treatises and Reports from which he could obtain
references to the more important memoirs. But it often happens that
such references are transferred simply from one treatise to another, and


experience shows that important contributions that have once dropped out
of sight may for a long time, or indeed ever afterwards, be overlooked.
When the whole literature is set out systematically and exhaustively under
appropriate headings as in the present volume, such accidents are guarded
against so far as seems to be possible.

The present volume dealing with Pure Mathematics is the first instal-
ment of the Subject Index : it contains 38748 entries referring to 700 serials.
It is believed that these entries cover all the contents of the serials indexed
with the exception of about 750 short notes (mostly falling under 6810 and
7210) which were not thought of sufficient permanent interest to be entered.

The Index titles for papers published from 1884 to 1900 inclusive have
been made by Referees familiar with the subjects, who have consulted the
original papers and have made the titles from the contents of the papers
and not merely from their headings. It was intended that the Index entries
for the papers from 1800 to 1883 should be made from the titles as printed
in the Catalogue of Authors, but it was soon found that many of the titles
were too indefinite for such minute classification, and reference has had to
be made to the original papers in a large number of cases. The latter part
of this work was commenced by the late Mr George Griffith of Harrow, whose
untimely death was a great loss to the Committee.

The entries in the Index are arranged so that reference can be made
to the complete titles in the Catalogue of Scientific Papers. Generally the
author's name together with the date will indicate the volume in which the
title of the paper may be found. These clues are insufficient when the
paper is anonymous or occurs in Volume XII or in the additions to
Volume VI. They are also at fault for titles marked with an asterisk
showing that they belong to previous volumes ; in these cases the number
of the volume is given in the Index entry in small Roman numerals within

When an error has been found in an author's name in the Catalogue, it
is corrected in the Index by a reference made to the error.

The Index contains references to some papers of dates earlier than 1884
which were omitted in previous volumes of the Catalogue : these are
indicated by an asterisk placed before the date ; the full titles of these
papers will be given in the continuation of the Catalogue of Authors.

When an author's personal name does not appear in the heading of an
original paper, no attempt has been made to find the name for the Index,
but this will be done for the Catalogue of Authors.

The Catalogue of Authors for the period 1884 to 1900 is in preparation;
the material will not however be quite complete until the Subject Indexes
for the various Sciences have been reduced into order.

Entries on the same subject are arranged, so far as possible, in order of


date irrespective of the authors' names, with the endeavour to present the
subject in the historical form. This grouping of the entries, involving
modifications of titles prepared by different Referees, or by the same Referee
at different times, has been one of the most difficult problems in the
preparation of the Index.

The abbreviations of the names of the serials used in the Royal Society
Catalogue have been further shortened for the Index. As the abbreviations
are not uniform in all the volumes, it will be found that the same journal
may be indicated by several different abbreviations, but in each case the
one selected is that which was used in the volume in which the title of
the paper occurs.

In the case of serials commencing since 1883, the abbreviations adopted
in the International Catalogue have been used as a guide.

The list of serials will, it is hoped, be a valuable feature of the Index.
It has been drawn up by the Director and contains the names of 701 serials
from which the entries in the Index have been taken. Each title is pre-
ceded by the abbreviation which represents the serial in the Index ; the
date of commencement of the serial is given, and if it is extinct the date of
the last volume is added. There are appended symbols representing the
names of twenty-three British Libraries in some of which the serials may be
found ; where the set is incomplete the symbol is followed by i. The in-
formation from which this list has been compiled was obtained, in the first
instance, from published catalogues ; subsequently the list was submitted
to the custodians of many of the libraries, who kindly marked many serials
which had not been found in the catalogues used. The thanks of the
Committee for this valuable assistance are due to Mr F. Jenkinson of the
Cambridge University Library, Mr E. W. B. Nicholson of the Bodleian
Library, the Librarian of the Radcliffe Library, the Librarian of the
Patent Office, Dr B. Daydon Jackson and Mr A. W. Kappel of the
Linnean Society, Mr W. H. Wesley of the Royal Astronomical Society,
Mr C. V. Crook of the Geological Museum, Mr F. W. Clifford of the
Chemical Society, and Mr R. W. Chambers of University College, London ;
Mr R. Lloyd Praeger obtained the information from the five libraries in
Dublin, and Dr Hugh Marshall, F.R.S., from two libraries in Edinburgh
and two in Glasgow.

Although much care has been expended in making this list as accurate
as possible, it is probable that some errors will still be found and the Director
will be thankful to any one who will send corrections : portions of the list
will be required for the subsequent volumes of the Index.

The subjects are arranged under the registration numbers adopted in
the International Catalogue; a copy of Schedule A, Mathematics, is pre-
fixed to the Index, with indication of the pages on which the titles for the



different sections occur. It has occasionally been found convenient, in order
to save repetition in printing, to group entries under a sub-heading which
is not contained in the International Catalogue Schedule. Where this has
been done the sub-heading is printed in italics. In some of these cases
the words of the sub-heading are understood to exist before the entries
following them, and consequently these entries commence with small letters.
These minor classifications, being often made mechanically on the basis of
the explicit mention of the sub-heading, are not to be taken as exhaustive ;
cognate entries may be found elsewhere under the same main heading. The
unit of classification is thus the complete numbered heading.

The first portion of the present volume of the Index having been sent to
press before the whole of the material had been sorted, some slips belonging
to earlier sections were discovered during the arrangement of the later ones.
These titles have been placed in an Appendix under their appropriate
registration numbers.

The following referees have assisted at various times in the preparation
of the Subject Index in Pure Mathematics : the late Professor J. D. Everett,
F.R.S., Mr R. J. Dallas, Miss Alice Everett, Mr R. Hargreaves, Miss W. M.
Hudson, Mr H. Knapman, Miss E. Perrin and Mr G. Harold Wilson. The
Committee is indebted to them for much valuable help.

The arrangement of the contents of this volume for the press has been
made by Mr R. J. Dallas, M.A., of King's College, Cambridge. To him and
to Miss Brernner and the members of the Catalogue Staff thanks are due
for careful and conscientious work.

At the request of the other members of the Committee, Mr G. B.
Mathews, F.R.S., examined the whole of the proof-sheets, and made sugges-
tions for their improvement : he was also consulted from time to time about
questions of arrangement, head lines and sub-headings.

When the time for going to press approached, the Committee learned
with much satisfaction that the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press
were willing to undertake the complete risk of printing and publishing, as
regards both the Catalogue of Scientific Papers and the Subject Index. It
will be the care of the Committee, and it is hoped of the Scientific world
generally, to use their best endeavours that this public-spirited action shall
not result in financial loss.

Finally the thanks of the Committee are due to the officials of the
Cambridge Press for their unfailing courtesy in the discharge of a complex

March 1908.





The date following the title of a serial indicates the year of its commencement ; if a second
date is given it marks the termination of the serial.

The letters following the dates indicate libraries where the serials are to be found: if the
serial is incomplete, the symbol of the library is followed by i.

B.M. British Museum. Glasg.P.S.

Camb.P.S. Cambridge Philosophical Library.

Camb.U. Cambridge University Library. Glasg.U.

Chem.S. Chemical Society. Linn.S.

Dub.N.L.I. National Library of Ireland,Dublin. Math.S.

Dub.R.C.S. Royal College of Science, Dublin. N.H.M.

Dub.R.D.S. Royal Dublin Society. Oxon.B.

Dub.R.I.A. Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. Oxon.B. (R.)

Dub.T.C. Trinity College, Dublin. Oxon.R.

Edinb.R.S. Royal Society of Edinburgh. P.O.

Edinb.U. Edinburgh University. R.A.S.

Geol.M. Geological Survey Museum, Jer- R.S.

myn St. U.C.L.

Royal Philosophical Society of


Glasgow University.
Linnean Society.
Mathematical Society.
Natural History Museum.
Bodleian, Oxford.
Deposited in Radcliffe.
Radcliffe, Oxford.
Patent Office, London.
Royal Astronomical Society.
Royal Society.
University College, London.

Abv. Mm. a. Em

Abv. 8. Mm. .

A. C

Ac. Caes. Leop. N. Acta . .

Acireale Ac. At

A. Cond. Pon. Chauss. ..

A. Cons. Arts et IWet .

Ac. Nt. C. NT. Acta

Acta Mth

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( N.H.M.i.; Oxon.B.i.; R.S.i.
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et les Arts qui en dependent. Paris.

1789 B.M.; Camb.U.; Chem.S.; Dub.R.D.S.i. ; Dub.T.C.i. ;
Edinb.R.S.; Edinb.U.; N.H.M.; Oxon.B.i.(R.) ; P.O.; R.S. ;
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Naturae Curiosorum. Erlangen, Bonn, Breslau.
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Edinb.U.; Linn.S.i.; Math.S.i.; N.H.M.; Oxon.R.; R.A.S.*.;
R.S.; U.C.L.i.

See Ac. Nt. C. 1*. Acta n,,,l Caes. Z.eop. Ac. N. Acta.
. Atti e Rendiconti dell' Accademia di Scienze, Lettere e Arti dei

Zelanti e PP. dello Studio di Acireale.
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memoires, etc., concemant le Service de Conducteurs des Fonts
et Chaussees. Paris.
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1861 B.M.; Camb.U.; Glasg.P.S.i. ; Oxon.B.; P.O.; R.S.
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Edinb.U.; Glasg.U.; Math.S.; Oxon.R.; R.A.S.; R.S.; U.C.L.


List of Serial Publications

A. der Hydros

A. diO

Aer. J.

A. Qen. Civ

Aix Mm.

Aix Mm. Ac.
Alb. X. T

Allelod. 8. T.

Am. As. P.

Am. Eng. & Railroad J,

Amiens Ac. Mm

Amiens Mm

Amiens Mm. Ac

Amiens Mm. Ac. Be. .
A. Mines ...

Am. X. T.

Am. J. Be

Am. Ph. 8. P.

Am. Ph. a. T

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gegeben von der Deutschen Seewarte in Hamburg. Berlin.
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List of Serial Publications

Am. S. CE. T

Axnst. Alt. Jb

Amst. Alt. P

Amst. Alt. Vh

st. Ak. Vs

Amst. Alt. Vs. M

Amst. Ak. Wet. F

Amst. Arch. Wisk. Gn.

Amst. Jb

Amst. Jb. Ak

Amst. Mengelwerk

Amst. N. Vb

Amst. N. Ws. Ntk. Vb. . .
Amst. Ts. Ws, Nt. Wet.

Amst. Vb.

Amst. Vb. Ak.

Amst. Vs. Ak..
A. Mt.

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xi 6

List of Serial Publications

A. Mth. .

Amt. Mch. 8. J.

Angers mm. S. Ag.
Angers 8. Be. nil. ...
A. Pon. C haus s

Arch. f. Ap.

Arch. Mth. Ntvd. . .
Arch. Mth. Ps

Arch. NeerL

Arch. 8c. Ps. Nt. ...

Arch. Wisk. On

Arg. S. Ci. A. ...

As. & Asps.

A. Sc. Lomb. Ven.
A. Sc. Nt. ...

As. Pr. C. R.

AshmoL 8. F.

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See Bb. Un. Arch.
See Amst. Arch. Wisk. Gn.

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See Lisb. A.

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