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BY hutton, ll.d. f.r.s.
george shaw, m.d. f r.s. f.l.s.
richard pearson, m.d. f.s.a.


FROM 1750 TO 1755.








. WARD, Ancient Roman Inscri|iiion. . 1
Fa. Hallerstein, Astron. Observations at Pekin 'i

J. Martyn, an Aurora Australis 3

Chr. Maire, Observations of Eclipses .... 4
J. Bartrani, Dragon-fly of Peiinsylvaiiia . . ibid
Alb. Haller, Experiments on Respiration. . 5
Fa. Gaubil, Geography of the Chinese. ... 6'
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 7
Dr. Miles, Green Mould on Firewood. ... 8
H. Baker, on small Plants and Seeds .... ibid

M. Grischow, on a Solar Eclipse 9

Alb. Haller, the Course of the Semen. . . . ibid

J. Martyn, an Aurora Borealis 12

Dr. Miles, an Aurora Borealis ibid

Wm. Watson, Electrical Experiments .... ibid

L. Euler, the Orbits of the Planets l6"

Apothecaries, Catalogue of .50 Plants .... 18

J. Lock, Inundation near Keswick ibid

Mr. Chalmers, Extraordinary Fireball .... !<)

M. Nollet, on Italian Electricity 20

J. Barde, Fracture in the Arm 28

J. Bartrara, May-flies of Pennsylvania .... ibid
Apothecaries, Catalogue of :' Plants .... 29
Dr. Layard, Imposthume in the Stomach. . ibid
Edw. Wright, Irregular Tide in the Forth. . 31
Jos. Warner, Tumour in the Bladder .... 32
Ld. Macklesfield, Solar and Lunar Cycles,

the Epact, and on Easter 33

Biographical Notice of Earl Macklesfield. . ibid

Dr. Starr, Morbus Strangulatorius 43

Dr. Hales, on the Purging Waters 48

J. Ward, on Boze on Medals 50

Rob. Mare, Travels through Italy 52

D. E. Baker, Account of a Dwarf 53

Rob. More, gathering Manna at Naples . . ibid
Dr. Huxham, on the Northern Lights. ... 54
Dr. Starr, a Horse bitten by a Mad Dog . . ibid

Job. Baster, of a monstrous Fetus 57

Dr. Pringle, Substances resist. Putref. 57, 73, 84

Biographical Notice of Sir John Pringle 57

J. Ward, Ancient Greek Inscription 62

H. Baker, on several Aurorae Boreales .... 6'3
Gowan Knight, on his Mariner's Compass. . 64
J. Smeaton, Improvements of the same . . 67
Biographical Notice of Mr. John Smeaton ibid

Dr. Mortimer, on a curious Fish 70

Dr. Burton, Excrescence in the Womb. ... 71
J. Catlin and J. Short, a Lunar Eclipse . . 72

Jos. Piatt, curious Spheroidal Stone 77

Arth. Dobbs, Economy of Bees 78

J. Robertson, Log. Tang, and Merid. Line 89
Biographical Notice of Mr. John Robertson 89

G. M Bose, of a Lunar Eclipse 94

Dr. Miles, Heat of the Weather ibid

Wm. Arderon, on the same subject ibid

Dr. Bevis and J. Short, a Lunar Eclipse . . 95
J. EUicott, Height of Rockets' Ascent ... . g6
Wm. Watson, Platina, a New Semi-metal g7

Dr. Brownrigg, on the same 98

Dr. W. lleberden, a large Human Calculus 103
Biographical Notice of Dr. Wm. Heberden ibid
Dr. Cha. Lytileton, Petrified Iiisect 105

voii. X. a


Dr. Mortimer, on the same subject 106"

a curious Spheroidal Stone 107

various Accounts of Earthq. 10«

Wm. Smith, of a Fire-ball in the Air 124

H. Baker, on the same 126

Dr. Sledman, Thermomet. Observations . . ibid

The. Simpson, on Infinite Series 127

Dr. Bayly, Bark in the Small-pox 131

J. Canton, on Artificial Magnets ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr John Canton. . ibid

Peter Gabre, an Aurora Borealis 134

P. CoUinson, on the Cancer Major ibid

Horace Walpole, his Di^ of the Stone . 135
Biographical Notice of Horace Walpole . . ibid

M. Nollet, on the Grotto de Cani 137

Rev. Patr. Murdocke, the Moon's Apogee. . 138
M. Herissant, Poison of Lamas & Ticunas 144
Tho. Deh)enham, Bones of a Fetu; extracted 153

Dr. Donati, Discoveries on Coral 154

Dr. Parson, on the Phocoe Marina: 161

Dr. de Castro, on an Iliac Passion l64

P. Wargentin, Magnetic Variation 1 65

Biographical Notice of Peter Wargentin . . ibid

Mr. Freeman, Ruins of Herculaneum I66

Dr. Parsons, on Hermaphrodites 170

— — — on a very small Monkey .... 17 1

Antiquities found at Herculaneum 172

Dr. Bevi.s, Occultation of Venus 174

Ja. Short, curious Appearances in the Moon 1/5
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 176"
Wm. Watson, on the Sex of Flowers .... ibid
J. Harrison, a small Species of Wasps. ... 182

Dr. Cole, on Mr. Bright the Fat Man I84

Dr. Stedman, Etfects of White Henbane. . 185

Wm. Watson, Remarks on the same 186

Fra. Blake, Esq. on Steam-engine Cylinders 187
Biographical Notice of Francis Blake, Esq. ibid

Ja. Short, Occultation of Venus I89

Wm. Watson, on Franklin's Electricity . . ibid

Biographical Notice of Dr. Franklin ibid

Capt. Ellis, on Hales's Ventilators ; also the
"I'emperature and Saltness of the Sea. ... 195

Tho. Percival, on Roman Stations, Sec 197

Wm. Watson, on Winkler's Elect. Exper. ibid

—— Bp. of London's Garden . . 200

Ph. C. Webb, of an inverted Iris 201

Dr. Huxham and Mr. Tripe, on a Body

found in a Vault 202

L. Euler, Motion of the Moon's Apogee . . 203

Dr. Alston, on Lime-water, &c 204

M. le Cat, a New Trocart ibid

M. GeofFroy, Vitrum Antimonii Ceratum. . 207

J. Browning, on a Dwarf 209

Rd. Dunthorne, on Comets ibid

B. Franklin, Effects of Lightning 21^

M. le Cat, Excrescences of the Bladder .. 214
Wm. Watson, on the Cinnamon Tree. .. . 217
Dr. Cha. Morion, on Muscular Motion . . 219
Biographical Notice of Dr Charles Morton ibid

R. Supple, Eruption of Vesuvius 220

J. Short, on a Lunar Eclipse ibid

Fa. Hallerstein, Letter from China ibid

M le Cat, Hernias with Sacks 221

Jos. Palmer, Effects of Lightning 223

Ja. Dodsoti, on Bills of Mortality ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr. James Dodson ibid

M. le Cat, Dissection of a Rupture 227

Wm. Watson, Medical Electricity ibid

Ja. Short, on Serson's Horizontal Top 22^

Dr. T. Heberden, on the Pike of Teneriffe 230

, on the Weather in Madeira 232

W. Van IT:'zen, Quant, of Rain at Leyden 233

Tho. Percival, on a Double Child ibid

Wm. Watson, on Electricity in Vacuo. . . . ibid
Fa. Halle.stein, Astron. Observ. at Pekin . . 238
Dr. Mackenzie, Plague at Constantinople. . 239
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 242

Wm. Watson, on Medical Electricity ibid

Jos. Warner, a Case of the Empyema .... 244

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius 245

Dr. Wilbraham, of an Hydrophoby ibid

J. Smeato'.i, Improvement of the Air Pump 247
W. Watson, Aphyllon and Dentaiia Hepl. 250
Dr. Bond, Machine for striking Whales .. 251

J. Smeaton, on the Steam-engine 252

Dr. Parsons, on the Shells of Crabs 254

F. Blake, Splier. Trigon. reduced to Plane 255

M. Peyssonni'l, Treatise on Coral 257

Rd. Brooke, on Inoculation 268

Horace Walpole, his Case of the Stone . . 269

J. Parker, Eruption of Vesuvius 270

Jos. Warner, Stone in the Bladder ibid

Rev. B. Ray, in a Water-spout 271

J. EUicott. Influ. of Heat & Cold on Clocks ibid

J. Smeaton, New Tackle of Pulleys 278

Wm. Dixon, some Vegetable Balls 280

Rev. H. Kenroy, Copper Springs of Wicklow ibid

Dr. Maty, Inoculation at Geneva 282

Biographical Notice of Dr. Maty ibid

Dr. Parsons, on Corals, Corallines, &c. . . ibid
Dr Mackenzie, Plague at Constantinople. . 283
J Short, Efi'ects of Heat & Cold on Clocks ibid
Biographical Notice of John Harrison .... 284
Henry Eeles, on the Cause of Thunder . . 287
Dr. T. Hope, on Couching a Cataract .... ibid
M. Mazcas, Analogy of Lightning and Elect. 289
M. Nollet, Electricity from the Clouds. . . . 295

M. Mylius, on the same subject 298

M. Faget, on the French Styptic ibid

B. Franklin, the Electrical Kite 301

Wm. Watson, Exper. on Thunder Clouds 303

Mr. Brown, Inoculation at Salisbury ibid

Dr. Henry, an extraordinary Wind ibid

J. Short, on Frisi's Figure of the Earth 305

Rev. G. Costard, Eclipse foretold by Thales 310
Dr Hosiy, of Bones softened, &c. . . 313

Fra. Drake, on a Roman Altar 3l6

Dr J. Ward, on the same Altar ibid

Dr. J. Pringle, on the Jail Fever 318

Rev. Wm. Borlase, Islands of Scilly 324

Wm. Watson, making Sea-water Fresh . . 327
Sig. Paderni, Antiquities at Herculaneura. . 328
M. Clairaut, on Frisi's Figure of the Earth ibid

Rev. Wm. Borlase, Storm of Thunder 335

Dr. Henry, Copper Springs at Wicklow . . 338
J. Robertson, Log. Lines on Gunter's Scale ibid




John Dollond, Improvement of Telescopes 341
Biographical Notice of John Dollond .... ibid
Wm. Watson, Therm. Observ. in Siberia, . 344
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 345

J. Ellis, Remarkable Coralline ibid

Henry Baker, uncommon Fossils 347

Dr. Ward, on Boze's History of the Emperor

Tetricus 349

Wm. Watson, on the Flora Siberica 351

P. Miller, Spondyl. Vulgare Hirsutum 355

Rev. G. Costard, on Zenophon's Eclipse . . 356
Sam. Sharp, Extraction of the Crystalline . . 357
Dr. Hume, Fish and Flesh pres. in Lime-wa. 358
J. Short, Invention of a new Micrometer. . ibid
Serv. Savery, on his new Micrometer .... 359

J. Dollond, to Measure small Angles 364

J. Bond, Copper Springs at Wicklow .... 366
Dr. Bevis, Gascoigne Inventor of Microscope 369

J. Short, on the Transit of Mercury 370

Wm. Watson, on Nollet's Electricity .... 372
J. Browning, the Population of Bristol. . . . 379
Dr. Stukely, Eclipse predicted by Thales. . 380
Dr. Pocock, Giant's Causeway, Ireland 3S2, 383
Wm. Kersseboom, on Mortuary Tables . . ibid
M. D'Incar\'ille, Observations on China. . . 387
T. Melville, Different refrangibility of Light 390

Mr. Short, Remarks on the same 393

Jos. Warner, Operation for the Empyema. . 394
Ja. Dodson, Inf. Series and Logarithms. . . 396

Dr. Lining, the Rain at Charlestown 40O

Da Costa, on a Fossil found at Dudley. ... 401
Ja. Short, Euler's Theorem for Aberrations, ibid

J. Dollond, on the same 402

Mr. Euler, on the same 403

Dr. Pringle, Softening, &c. of the Bones. . 406
Dr. Bevis and Ja. Short, Astron. Observats. 408
J. Ellis, a Cluster Polype, found at Greenland. 409
M. Gaubil, Observations at Pekin. ... 411, 412
Wm. Shervington, Transit of Mercury. .. 414

Ja. Simon, Weather Sec. at Dublin ibid

Sam. Sharp, on Opening the Cornea ibid

Dr. Ward, Roman Inscription at Bath 419

Benj. Wilson, Electrical Experiments. . . . 420

J. Canton, Electrical Experiments 421

M. Boss, on the vegetable Byssus 425

Wm. Watson, Remarks on the same ibid

Ja. Short, Obs. on the Transit of Mercury. 426
Dr. R. Simson, on Converging Fractions. . 430

M. Mazeas, Electricity of the Air 434

Ja. Silvab'elle, Equinoxes, Nodes, &c 436

Geo. Costard, Age of Homer and Hesiod. . 440

Dr. T. Birch, on Nollet's Electricity 446

Biographical Notice of Dr. Thomas Birch. . ibid
Rev. Jos. Spence, Herculaneum Antiquities 447
Ja. Dodson, Annuities and Survivorships. . 448
Geo. Edwards, Pennsylvania Pheasant. . . . 450
Biographical Notice of Mr. George Edwards, ibid
J. Ellis, Particular Species of Coralline. . . 453
Wm. Arderon, on the Severe Cold Weather. 454
M. de L'Isle, Observations of the Planet Mars 455

J. Ferguson, on his Eclipsareon 456

Dr. Miles, on the Severe Cold Weather. . ibid

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

J. Smeaton, to Measure a Sh4)'s Way. , , . ibid


J. Chevalier, Eclipses observed at Lisbon. . 46"l

J. Short, Observations on the same ibid

J. Doliond, Instrument foi Small Angles. . Mi'i
Da. E. Baker, Earthquake in Yorkshire. . . 40'9
John Landen, Properties of the Circle. . . . ibid
Biographical Notice of Mr. John I.»-inden. . ibid
Dr. Robert Watson, a Disease of the Skin. 475
Sam. Sharp, Agaric to Stop Bleedings. . . . 478
Jos. Warner, on the same subject. . . 479. 480

J. Smeaton, a New I'yrometer, &c 482

J. Martyn, on the Sex of Holly 486

Wm. Watson, on the same subject 487

Dr. T. Heberden, the Weather in Madeira. 488
Dr. Parsons, Archimedes" Burning Mirrors. . 488
Mr. Jacob. Elephants Bones in Sheppy I. . 4^;)
J. Ellis, the Corallines on Oysters, &c. . . . 4i)()

C. Paderni, Antiquities of Portici 4.')3

Wm. Lewis, Experiments on Platina 495

Biographical Notice of Mr. Wm. Lewis. . . ibid
J. Swinton, on Palmyrene Inscriptions. . . . o'2'Z
Dr. Lining, Electrical Kite Experiment. . . ibid
Wm. Watson, Death of Professor Richman. 525
J. H. Winkler, Electrical Experiments. . . 529

Wm. Hirst, on a Fireball at Hornsey 530

M. Clairaut, Refrangibility of Light ibid

J. Canton, Electrical Experiments 5 52

Dr. C. Hart, Medical Electricity 534

Dr. Brakenridge, Population of London. . . 535
Wm. Watson, Large Calculus in a Mare. . 541
Guitavus Brander, on the Belemnites .... 542
Wm. Watson, on Agaric, to stop Bleeding. .'-46"
J. Warner, and B. Glooch, on the same .... ibid

M. Bonnet, on Inoculation 548

Dr. Mackenzie, Earthq. at Constantinople, ibid
C. Paderni, Discoveries at Herculaneum. . 549

Sir James Gray, on the same 551

Dr. Ste. Hales, to keep Water and Fish with

Lime-water ibid

Dr. Huxliam, Observations on Antimony. . 554
Wm. Watson, on Mr.Tull's Castrating ibid
W. Mountain & J. Dodson, Variation Chart. 556

Chr. Hce, on Moving Machines 558

Tho. Simpson, Isoperimetrical Problems. . . 56o

Dr. Huxham, Effects of Lightning ibid

Edw. Spry, Case of a Morbid Eye 56l

H. Baker, on the Distempered Skin 562

Js. Jaraineau, Eruption of Vesuvius 563

Wm. Watson, Styptic Agaric Plant ibid

Pe. Ascanius, Mountain of Iron Ore 564

Rd. Guy, Extraordinary Case of a Child. . . 565

Ja. Latterman, Agaric of Oak 566

La Fosse, Powder of Lycoperdon ibid

Dr. Parsons, Lycoperdon Styptic ibid

Dr. Miles, Thermometrical Observations. . ibid
Dr. Oliver, Dropsy Cured by Sweet Oil. .. ibid
J. Chevalier, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites. 567
M. Le Cat, Malignant Fevers at Rouen. . . ibid
Death of Professor Richman of Petersburg. 574
Biographical Notice of Professor Richman. . 577
Dr. Ward, a Roman Inscription at Malton, ibid

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants 579

Tho. Simpson, Advantage of taking Means, ibid
Ja. Ford, Agaric, &c to stop Bleedings. . ibid
Ja. Porter, Remarks on Constantinople. , . 5S0

cont'ents. iii


Tho. HoUis, Herculaneum Antiquitiea. . . . 584

On the same subject 58()

Ja. Porter, Earthquakes at Constantinople. . .587

H. Eeles, Vapour, Wind, Weather, &:c. . ibid

Dr. Parsons, on a Petrified Echinus 5.')4

M. Mazeas, on Toxicodendron ibid

Ph. Miller, on the same C^G

Dr Brakenridge, Probabilities of Life. . . . 598
Dr. Parsons, a Sheep with a Horn under

the Throat 601

M. Daviel. Cancer of the Eye-lids, &c. . . 6"02

Dr. Ward, on four Roman Inscriptions. . . . 606

Israel Mauduit, American Wasps Nest. . . ()07

Magist. of Mascali, Eruption of Etna 6O8

Mr. Farrington, Chart-fish in Wales 609

J. Wathen to Restore Hearing ibid

J. A. Schlosser, Action of Quicklime 6 12

J. Needham, part of the Intestines cut out. ibid
Dr. Brocklesby, Sensibility and Irritability

of some parts of Animals 61 3

Dr. Nicholls, Worms in Animal Bodies.. 616"

Dr. T. Brady, on some Polype Insects. ... 61 7

Mr. Porter, Astron. and I'hys. Observations. 61 8
Dr. Fleming, the Fetus nourished by the

Liquor A'nnii 61.V

Wm. Thornhill, on Agaric to stop Blood , . 621

J. M. S. Barbosa, a Lunar Eclipse ibid

Dr. Brakenridge, Population of England. . . ibid

Dr. Ward, on two Roman Inscriptions. . . . 6'2i>
Fr. Byam, Impression of a Fish in a Stone,

and the Rain at Antigua 628

Arthur Pond, on the same Impression. . . . ibid

G. Brander, Effects of Lightning 62Q

Benj. Franklin, Electrical Experiments. . . . ibid

, Electrical Observations. . . 6'32

W. Child, Effects of Lightning at Dorking. 634

Dr. Hales, Blowing Air through Distillations. ( 35

, on Ventilating Ships 641

, the same to cure lU-tasted Milk. 642

T. Barker, on the Comet expected in 175.S. 045

Biographical Notice of Thos. Barker, Esq. ibid
Extraordinary Agitation of Waters, by J.
Robertson, p. 647. By P. C. Webb, p.
647. By Dr. Adee, p. 649. By John
Hodgson, p. 649. By W. Tempest, p.
649. By Dr. Pringle, p. 649. By Henry
Mills, p. 650. By Dr. Birch, p. 6)0. By
Mr. Thomlinson, p. 651. By R. Philips,
p. 651. By Cap. Clarke, p. 651. By Dr.
J. Blair, p 651. By Ld. Viscount Parker,
p. 652. By Dr. Huxham, p. 652. By
W. Borlase, p. 653. By Jos. Steplin, p.
655. By M.D. Hant, p. 655. By M.
AUamand, p. 655.
Rev. Mr. Bullock, the Earthquake Nov. I .

1755, in the Lead Mines Derbyshire. . . 656

Mr. Wolfall, the same Earthq. at Lisbon. . ibid

Dr. J. M. Sacchetti, the same at Lisbon. . . 659

J. Latham, on the same at Lisbon ibid

Mr. Stoqueler, the same at Lisbon 660

On the same Earthquake at Oporto 66 1

On the same at Madrid 662

Benj. Bewick, the same at Cadiz ibid

Don Ant. d"Ulloa, the same at Cadiz ibid

a 2



(Jencial Fowke, the same in Barbary

Dr. Tho. Heberden, the same at Madeira. .

Cha. Chambers, the same at Madeira

M. Trembley, Earthq. at Geneva, Dec. 9.

J. Hyde, Earthq. at Boston, Nov. 18, 1755.

C. Colden, the same at New York

The same in Pennsylvania

Dr. Alex. Russel, four Fishes at Aleppo. . . .

Biographical Notice of Dr. Alex. Russel. . .

Dr. J. A. Schlosser, Coral-like Substance. .

J. Ellis, Remarks on the same

Jos. Warner, Diseased Knee-joints

Wm. Pye, Description of Manilla

Dr. J. Wall, on the Malvern Waters

Edw. Spry, on the Man who Swallowed
Melted Lead at the Burning of Eddystone

Dr. Huxham, on the same case

Chr. Warwick, on Injecting Claret, &c.
while Tapping

C. Pade'ni, Antiquities at Herculaneum. . .

Dr. R. Watson, Remarks on the same. . . .

C. Paderni, on the same subject

Dr. Whytt, Earthquake at Glasgow, &c. . .

M. Bonnet, Earthquake in Swisserland . . .

M. AUemand, Earthquake in Holland

Tho. Pennant, CoroUoid Fossil Bodies

Biographical Notice of Tho. Pennant, Esq.

Sir Hans Sloane, Account of Inoculation. .

Page Pag«

663 Sir Tho. Kilpatrick, Extra. Agitation of the

66+ Water in a Lake near Dumfries 692

665 Lord Anson, Irregularities of the Tides in

666 the Thames 695

ibid Rob. Dingley, on the same 694'

667 Dr. Brownrigg, on Dr. Hales's New Method

ibid of Distillation ibid

ibid Mrs. Belcher, Extra. Motion of the Waters

ibid in the Lake Ontario 695

670 M. Grovestius, Earthquake in Holland 696

67 1 M. Allemand, on the same ibid

ibid Dr. Pringle, Earthquakes at Brussels ibid

673 Edw. Matthews, Sinking of a River ibid

ibid Dr. Pringle, Agitation of Waters in Scotland 69?

Edw. Wright, Microscopical Observations 698

Dr. Hart, Paralytic Arm cured by Electr. . 700

ibid Dr. Peyssonnel, Observations in Guadaloupe 701

676 Sam. Warren, Earthquake at Dover, &c. . . 703

Abr. Trembley, Basaltes in Germany. . . . ibid

ibid , Donati's Essay on the Natural

679 History of the Adriatic Sea 704

685 J. Swinton, on a Parthian Coin ^ 706

686 Apothecaries, Catalogue of .'^0 Plants ibid

687 Dr. Donati, Earthquakes at Turin 707

ibid Jesuits, Earthquakes at Brigue ibid

ibid Condamine, Herculaneum Antiquities j

688 Structure of the Earth 709

ibid Dr. Peyssonnel, Currents of the Sea 710

('90 Geo. Edwards, a kind of Crocodile 712


Class I. Mathematics.
1 . Arithmetic, Annuities, Political Arithmetic.

Annuities and Survivorship, Dodson 443

Population of London, Brakenridge 535

Advantd'ge of taking Means, Simpson .... 579

Probabilities of Life, Brakenridge 598

Population of England, Brakenridge 621

Bills of Mortality, Ja. Dodson 223

Log. Lines on Scales, J. Robertson 338

Population of Bristol, J. Browning 379

Mortuary Tables, Wm. Kersseboora 383

Infinite Series and Logarithms, Dodson . . 396

Converging Fractions, Dr. Simson 430

U. Algebra, Analysis, Fluxions.
Infinite Series, Tho. Simpson. 127 Isoperimetrical Problems, Simpson 560

3. Geometry, Surveying, &c.

Spherical Trigonometry reduced to Plane, Properties of the Circle, J. Landen 469

Fra Blake 255 Isoperimetrical Problems, Simpson 360

Class 11. Mechanical Philosophy.


203 Equinoxes, Nodes, &c. Silvabelle ." 436

305 Moving Machines, Chr. Hee 558



On the Moon's Apogee, L. Euler

Figure of the Earth, J. Short

On the same, by M. Clairaut

2. Astronomy,
Astron. Observ. at Pekin, Fa. Hallerstein. .

Observation of Eclipses, Chr. Maire

A Solar Eclipse, M. Grischow

Orbits of the Planets, L. Euler

Solar and Lunar Cycles, Epact, Easter, &c.

Ld. Macclesfield

The Mariner's Compass, G. Knight

On the same, by Mr. John Smeaton

Chronology, Navigation.

2 A Lunar Eclipse, Catlin and Short 72

4 Log. Tang, and Merid. Line, Robertson . . 89

9 A Lunar Eclipse, G. M. Bose 94

16 Bevis and Short 95

Moon's Apogee, P. Murdocke 138

33 Occultation of Venus, Dr. Bevis 174

64 Curious Appearance of the Moon, Short . . 175

67 Occultation of Venus, J. Short 189



The Moon's Apogee, L. Euler 203

On Comets, Richard Dunthorne 209

On a Lunar Echpse, J. Short 220

Observations in Gliina, Hallerstein ibid

Horizontal Top, J. Short .' 229

Astron. Observ. at Pekin, ITallerslein .... 238

Eclipse predicted by Thales, Costard 310

Zeiiophon's Eclipse, G. Costard 356'

Transit of Mercury, J. Short 370

Eclipse predicted by Thales, Stukely 380

Astron. Obser\'. Bevis and Short 408

Observations at Pekin, Gaubil +11,412

Transit of Mercury, Sher\ inton 414

On the same, by J. Short 426

3. Pneumatics.

On the Air-pump, J. Smeaton 247 Elasticity of the Air, M. Mazeas

4. Optics, Alusic.

Equinoxes, Nodes, &c. Silvabelle

Age of Homer and Hesiod, Costard

Observations on Mars, de L'Isle

Eciipsareon, J. Ferguson

Measuring a Ship's Way, Smeaton ....

Eclipses at Lisbon, J. Chevalier

Obsen'ations on the same, J. Short ....

To take small Angles, J. Dollond

Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, Chevalier ,

Advantage of Means, Simpson

Astron. and Phys. Observ. Porter ,

A Lunar Eclipse, Barbosa

Comet ex|)ected 1758, Tho. Barker . . . . ,

On the same Theorem, J. Dollond . . .

On the same again, L. Euler

Instrument for small Angles, Dollond .
Archimedes' Burning Mirrors, Parsons.

Refrangibility of Light, Clairaut

Microscopical Observations, Wright. . .

5. Electricity, Magyietism, Pyrotecliny, Thermometry, &c.

Improvement of Telescopes, Dollond .... 341

Measure of small Angles, Dollond 36"4

Gascoigne Inventor of Microscope, Bevis. . 369

Refrangibility of Light, T. Melville 390

Remarks on the same. J. Short 393

Euler's Theorem for Aberrations, Short . . 401

Electric.ll Experiments, Wm. Watson 12

Italian Electricity, M. NoUet 20

Mariner's Compass, Gowan Knight 64

Improvements of the same, J. Smeaton . . 67

Thermometer Observations, Stedman .... 126 Magnets, J. Canton 131

M.ignetic Variations, P Wargentin l65

On Franklin's Electricity, Wm. Watson . . 189

Winkler's Electrical Experiments, Watson 197

Effects of Lightning, B. Franklin 212

Medical Electricity, Wm. Watson 227, 242

Electricity in Vacuo, Wm. Watson 233

Analogy of Lightning and Electric. Mazeas 289

Electricity from the Clouds, M. NoUet 295

On the same subject, M. Mylius 298

The Electrical Kite, B. Franklin 301

Experiments on Thunder Clouds, Watson. . 303

Therm. Obser\'. in Siberia, Watson 344

On NoUet's Electricity, Watson 372

Electrical Experiments, B. Wilson

^ J. Canton

Electricity of the Air, M. Mazeas

On NoUet's Electricity, Dr. T. Birch . .

New Pyrometer, &c. J. Smeaton

Archimedes's Burning Mirrors, Parsons
Electrical Kite Experiment, Dr. Lining. . ,
Death of Professor Richroan, Watson . . ,
Electrical Experiments, J. H. Winkler. . ,
, J. Canton

Medical Electricity, Dr. C. Hart

Variation Chart, Dodson and Mountain. . . .

Effects of Lightning, Dr. Huxham

Thermometer Observations, Dr. Miles. . . .
Death of Professor Richman of Petersburg

Effects of Lightning, G. Brander

Electrical Observations, B. Franklin

Paralytic Arm cured by Electricity, Hart. .

Class III. Natural History.

I. Zoology.

4 A small species of Wasp, J. Harrison .
Cluster Polype at Greenland, J. Ellis .
Pennsylvania Pheasant, Geo. Edwards .

Charr-fish in Wales, Farrington

Fishes at Aleppo, Dr. A. Russel

A kind of Crocodile, Geo. Edwards . . ,

Dragon-fly of Pennsylvania, Bartram . . .

Travels through Italy, Rob. More 52

A Curious Fish, Dr. Mortimer 70

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