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FROM 1703 TO 1712.








JL/R. MORLAND, on Animal Secretions 1

Dr. Bonomi, on Worms in Human Bodies ibid

Biographical Notice of Dr. Mead ibid

J. ShiptoHj on cutting a Dog's Intestines . . 4
Leuwenhoeck, Green Weeds in Water, &c. 6

Account of Dr. Gregory's Astronomy .... 10

■ Dr. Mead on Poisons l6

Abr. De la Pryme, on a Water-spout .... ibid
Humph. Ditton, on Tangents and Conic Sect. 17

Biographical Notice of Humphry Ditton . . ibid

John Craig, the Quadrature of Figures. ... 24-
Biographical Notice of the Rev. John Craig ibid

• Dr. George Cheyne ibid

Sir C. H. some Microscopical Observations 29

Account of Lister's Hippocrat. Aphorismi . . 37
Dr. J. Wright, Aposthumation of the Lungs ibid

Camelli, on the Philippine Birds 45

Dr. Wm. Oliver, Curiosities in Denmark. . ibid

Account of Petiver's Gazophylaci Nat. &c. . 49

Rev. Cha. Ellis. Invention of Printing, &c. . 50

Camelli, on Philippine Corals, &c 52

Leuwenhoeck, Animalculain Water, &c.. . ibid

Rev. Wm. Derham, on the weather, &c. . . 60

Ja. Petiver, 8th book of India Plants 6l

Leuwenhoeck, on the Seeds of Oranges, &c. ibid

Dr. H. Ridley, Motion of the Dura Mater 71

Ace. of Dr. Cole's Consilium Aetiologicum 73

Remarks on Green Weeds and Animalcula 74

Ste. Gray, on Spots in the Sun 78

Rev. Wm, Derham, Observ. on Solar Spots 79

Invention and Progress of Printing 80

Leuwenhoeck, Worms in Sheep's Livers . . 87

Rev. J. Craig, Solut. of Bernouilli's Problem 90

John Fuller, Effects of a Storm in Sussex , . 91

Rev. W. Derham, Obs. on the great Storm 92

Leuwenhoeck, on the same Storm 93

— on the Figures of Sands .... 94

Ra. Thoresby, an Earthquake in the North 104

Account of Dr. Gregory's Euclid ibid

Dr. Wm. Oliver, on a Calenture 105

Dr. Tyson, on the Opossum, &c ibid

Wm. Cowper, on the Male Opossum Ill

Camelli, Tractatulus de Ambaro 119

Dr. Wm. Oliver, on the Jesuit's Bark .... ibid

Mr. Caswell, on a new Baroscope 120

Edw. Lhwyd, on some Fossils 123

VOL. V, 'a


Sam. Dale, Harwich Cliffs and Fossils .... 124
Rev. W. Derham, oo a Meridian Instrument 129

on the Death Watch . . 133

J. Hodgson, Observ. of a Lunar Eclipse . . 134
Biographical Notice of Mr. James Hodgson ibid
Ra. Thoresby, on Balls voided by Stool. ... 135
Account of Dr. Musgrave De Arthritide, &c. ibid

Scheuchzer's Spec. Lithog. Helv. 136

Biographical Notice of Jo. Ja. Scheuchzer. . ibid
Account of Viviani De Locis Solidis, &c. . . 137
Leuwenhoeck, an Acconnt of Cochineal . . . 140
Fr. Hauksbee, fall of the Barom. in a Storm 147
Biographical Notice of Francis Hauksbee . . ibid
Tho. Brattle, on Solar and Lunar Eclipses . . 148
Ja, Cunningham, on a Voyage to China . . 149

Weath, and Barom. at Chusan ibid

Account of Harris Lexicon Technicum .... ibid
Biographical Notice of Dr. John Harris .... ibid
Dr. Gregory, on Cassini's Orbit of Planets 152
Camelli, on the Philippine climbing Plants 155
Leuwenhoeck, the Flesh and Eyes of Whales ibid

on the Sap in Aloe Leaves . . 157

on Tobacco Ashes l62

Dr. Tyson, on the Yellow Gurnard ibid

Dr. Cockburn's Question to Medical Men. . l64
Dr. Da. Krieg, on Cobalt, Smalt, & Arsenic l65

Capt. Stannyan, on the Solar Spots l66

Camelli, on the Philippine climbing Plants 1^9
Leuwenhoeck, on Fossils in Switzerland . . ibid
Rev. Wm. Derham, Motion of Pendulums 172
Account of Dr. Lister's Apicii Coelii et Cond. 175
Leuwenhoeck, Animalcula on Duckweed . . ibid

■ -Solutionof Silver in Aquafortis 178

Dr. Musgrave, Hydatides voided by Stool . . 179

J. Thorpe, Worms in Sheep's Heads 180

Edw. Lhwyd, Stones voided per Urethrani. . 1 82
Mr. Hauksbee, Air from fired Gunpowder, . ibid

' Quality of the same Air. ... 183

Camelli, De Plantis Philippensibus, &c. ... 184
H. Ditton, Spherico-Catopt. Theorem .... ibid
Camelli, De Plantis Philippensibus, &c. ... 188

Leuwenhoeck, on Bark of Trees ibid

— — ^— • Salts of calcined Hay 193

Sir Mat. Dudley, Insects in Bark of Trees. . ibid
Ra. Thoresby, a Roman Leaden Coffin. ... 196
Mr. Hauksbee, Light of Phosphorus, &c. . , ibid




Leuwenhoeck, Seeds of Polypodium 16'7

Ra, Thoresby, Pewter Money of K. James. . 199
W, Derham, Rain, Winds, Barometer, &c. 200

Account of Halley's Astron, of Comets 201

Dr. Wroe, Homy Substances on Fingers , . ibid
Ra, Thoresby, Easter-day and Swedish Coins 202
F. Hauksbee, Sound in condensed Air .... ibid

Sound in Rarefied Air 203

Leuwenhoeck, Salts of Crystal 204

John Lxx:ke, Register of the Weather 206

Biographical Notice of Mr, Locke ibid

Dr. Heame, I.ake Wetter, in Sweden .... 207

F. Hauksbee, Resilition of Bodies 208

Descent of Dust in Vacuo . . ibid

Ja. Petiver, Animals and Shells, &c 209

Edw. Thomycroft, Combin. and Altem. . . ibid
Wm. Cowper, Ossifications of Arteries .... 215

J. Lafage, Dropsical Body dissected 219

Account of Valsalvo de Aure Humana .... 220

Biographical Notice of Dr. Valsalvo ibid

D. Papin, on the Hessian Bellows 226

H. Wanley, Age of MSS. Stile of Authors. . 227

Tho. Greenhill, on a Scirrhous Tumor 237

Ja. Petiver Catalogue of Fossils, Metals, &c. 239
J. P. Breynii Epist. de Plantis, Insectis, &c. ibid

N. Regnart, Pin in a Fowl's Gizzard 240

Account of Olaas Rudbeck's Atkntica .... ibid
C. M. Spener, Mineralia, Conch, petrif. &c. 243
Camelli, of Fish, Crustac. Animals, &c. . . , ibid
Geo. Hickes, de varia Lect. Inscript. &c. . , ibid

Rev. T. Salmon, Theory of Music, &c ibid

Sir P. Shipton, Bones of a Foetus voided, &c. 246
Account of Greenhill's Art of Embalming. . 247
A. Valisneri, an uncommon Haemorrhage . . 248
Biographical Notice of Dr. Antony Vallisneri ibid
Ans. to Dr. Cockbum on Purges & Emetics 250
Rev. J. Jackman, Rule for finding Easter . ibid
Ra. Thoresby, Norman Coins at York .... 253
F. Hauksbee, on Mercurial Phosphorus. . . . 254
W. Derham, Magnetical Experiments 258, 259
Ra. Thoresby, Roman Inscriptions at York . 263
■ Roman Coins at Clifton .... ibid

Acct. of J. C. Becker, on drowned Pei-sons. . 264
Leuwenhoeck, on Pumice-stone, Coral, &c. 266

Ra. Thoresby, a Ball voided by Stool 270

Fr. Hauksbee, Attrition in Vacuo ibid

Sam. Brady, a Puppy without a mouth 276

Dr. Wm. Oliver, on an uncommon Sleeper 277
Ra. Thoresby, Roman Inscriptions at York . 280

Camelli, on Philippine Quadrupeds 281

Leuwenhoeck, Seeds of India Plants ibid

Rev. Mr. Morton, Shells, Fossils, &c 284

Dr. Ja. Douglas, Tumour on the Neck 285

W. Derham, Glade of Light in the Heavens 288
Fr, Hauksbee, Weight of Air to Water. . . . ibid

Ascent of Water in Tubes . . 289

Tho. Lyster, on a Roman Sudatory 290


Dr. John Harwood, on the same 291

Mr. Baxter, on Ancient Hypocaust ibid

Dr. Wm. Musgrave, Jaundice from a Stone 292

Ra. Thoresby, Eruption of Waters 293

Rev. J. Flamsteed, Obs. of a Solar Eclipse 294

Biograph. Notice of Mr. Abr. Sharp ibid

J. Chr. Facio, Obs. of a Solar Eclijjse .... 296
Dr. Joh. Ja. Scheuchzer, on the same .... 298

Dr. Ja, Keill, Dissect, of old J. Baylis 299

Biograph. Notice of Dr. Ja. Keill ibid

Mr. Perks, Quadratrix to the Hyperb 302

Account of S. Dale's Suppl. to Pharmacologia 306
Camelli, on Philip. Monsters, Serpents, &c. 307

Fr. Hauksbee, Light by Attrition ibid

Sam. Dale, on Mr. Ray's Manuscripts .... 310

Marchetti, Dissect, of a Dead Body ibid

Biograph. Notice of Sig. Marchetti ibid

Wm. Cowper, Hydatides in a Kidney .... 315
Leuwenhoeck, on the Spleen, Fleas, &c. . . ibid

Sir Rob. Sibbald, Pediculus Ceti, &c 317

Dr. J. Douglas, Hydrops Ovarii, &c 318

Biograph. Notice of Dr. James Douglas . . . ibid
Fr. Hauksbee, Electricity of Glass, &c. . , 324
Da. Gregory, Vindication of Ja, Gregory . , 328

Dr. Hans Slone, Storm of Rain, &c 331

Dr. Tyson, Tumour on the Neck, &c 332

Rob. Taylor, on a Monstrous Birth 333

Account of Dr. Ehm, on St, George's Bath ibid
Rev. John Ray, on a Comet at Rome .... ibid
John Colson, on Cubic and Biquad. Equat. 334
Biograph, Notice of Mr. John Colson .... ibid
Demoivre, Equat. of the 3d, 5th, &c. Degree 342
Fr. Hauksbee, Electricity of Glass, &c. . . . 344
Wm, Derham, Winds, Rain, Barom. &c. . . 347
Ja, Yonge, Balls of Hair in the Uterus, kc. ibid
Ja, and Jo. Scheuchzer, on a Lunar Eclipse 350

John Bagford, Invention of Printing ibid

Wm, Derham, Pyramidal Appearance .... 354

Fr. Hauksbee, Light from Glass, &c 355

, Compressed Air on Hemisph. 356

Rev, Geo, Plaxton, Natural Observations . . 357
John Maxwell, on the Cape of Good Hope 359

, Variat, of the Magnet, Needle 361

Account of J, M's Art of Husbandry .... 362
Camelli, de Conch. Mineral, &c, Philipp. ibid
Hauksbee, on Air from Fired Gunpowder 363

, Nature of the same Air 364

Dr. Arch, Adams, on a Monstrous Calf, &c, 365

Leuwenhoeck, Salts of Pears, &c 366

Magliabechi, Silver dissolved in Aquafortis , 368
Acct. of Dr. Sloane's Voyage to W. Indies 371

of Lhuyd's Archaeologia Britannica . . 372

Leuwenhoeck, on Peruvian Bark ibid

, Colour of the Tong, in Fevers 374

Dr. Moulins, Mineral Water at Canterbury 375
John Fowler, Callus for the Os Humeri . . 378
Rd, Waller, on Deaf Persons Speaking ibid



Mr. Martin, Deafness cured by a Fever . . 379

Tho, Brattle, on a Lunar Eclipse ibid

Mr. Derham, on the Motion of Sound .... 380
Sam, Molyneux, Effects of Thunder, &c. . , 395
Dr. A. Adams, curious Case of Apoplexy 397
Ra. Calep, on a Leg lost by a Gangrene . . ibid

Ja. Petiver, on making Rosa Malla 398

Dr. Cockburn, on Purging, &c. Doses .... 399
Biograph, Notice of Dr. Samuel Garth .... ibid

Leuwenhoeck, on the Intestines 402

Abp. of Dublin, Manuring with Shells 403

J. Craig, length of Curve Lines 406

Dr. W. Sherard, a New Island in the Archip. 407
Dr. Wall, Light of Amber, Diamonds, &c. 408

Hauksbee, Electricity of Glass, &c 411

. •, Electricity of several Bodies . . 413

, Densities of Air in Heat & Cold 4l6

John Keill, Laws of Attraction, &c 417

Biograph. Notice of Dr. John Keill ibid

Leuwenhoeck, on tlie Tongue, &c 424

Mr. Derham, on the Migration of Birds . . 425

Leuwenhoeck, on Red Coral, &c 426

Ra. Thoresby, Roman Coins in Yorkshire 430

O. Bridgman, Effects of Thunder, &c 431

Jos. Nelson, on the same 432

Dr. Arth. Bury, Manuring with Sea Sand . . ibid
Account of Scheuchzer's Itinera Alpina . . . 433

CI. Amijand, on Swallowing Iron ibid

John Kiell, Laws of Centripetal Force .... 435

M. Clain, on the New Philippinus 442

M. Bourgignon, New Island near St. Erini 446
Leuwenhoeck, White Matter on the Tongue 449
Dr. Charlett, Explosion of a Colliery .... 450
Hauksbee, Electricity of Sealing- Wax . . . 452

, Various Weights of Water .... 453

M. Poupart, dreadful Scurvy at Paris 454

Fr. M. Picolo, Descrip. of California .... 458

Camelli, de var. Animal. Philipp 46l

Leuwenhoeck, Circul. of Blood in Fish . . ibid

Hauksbee, on the Ascent of Water 464

, different Den. of Water by Heat,&c. 469

., different Weights of Water, &c. . . 470

G. Grandi, Nature, &c. of Sound 471

Biograph. Notice of Guido Grandi ibid

Ra. Thoresby, Roman Antiq. in Yorkshire 480

Leuwenhoeck, Palates of Oxen, &c 481

Hauksbee, on Freezing different Waters . . 482

, Freezing Coloured Water .... 483

, Specific Gravity of Bodies .... 484

Mr. Neeve, on Inundations, &c 485

Mr. Derham, on some Eclipses ibid

Ra. Thoresby, Roman Antiq. in Yorkshire 487
Wm. Burnet, Icy Mountains in Switzerland 488
Dr. Rob. Fielding, a Bullet in the Head . . 489
Account of Dr. Freind's Praelect. Chymicae 490

■■ Dr. Ja. Keill, on Animal Secretion 493
Dr. Derham, Barora. Rain, Heat, &c 497

Hauksbee, no Sound through a Vacuum . . 499

, Sound alters not its Direction . . 500

, on Sound through Water ibid

Alex. Stuart, Pagan Temple at Cannara ... 501
M. GeofFroy, Expers. with a Burning-glass ibid
M. Gandolphe, Incisions of the Cornea . . 507

Hauksbee, Light, &c. from Pitch 509

Ra. Thoresby, Ancient Brass Instrument . . 510

Tho. Hearne, on the same things 511

Biograph. Notice of Mr. Tho. Hearne .... ibid

Ja. Yonge, Hair voided by Urine 5 IS

Leuwenhoeck, Observ. on the same 519

Ja. Yonge, on Bodies voided by Urine .... 520

, on Extra-Uterine Foetuses .... 521

Dr. Mead, on Cases of Hydrophobia 525

Hauksbee, no Light from Flower of Sulphur 528

Leuwenhoeck, Crystals of Sugar, &c 530

B. Sherman, Bones from a Cow's Uterus, &

a Callus for part of the Os Femoris 532

Mr. Derham, on the Great Frost 1709 533

Leuwenhoeck, Config. of Diamonds 537

Derham, Children Crying in the Womb . . 539
Leuwenhoeck, on the Edge of Razors .... 542

M. Bon, on the Silk of Spiders 542

H. Cressener, on a Lunar Eclipse 548

Leuwenhoeck, Crystals of dissolved Silver 549
Dr. A. Adams, on making Microscop>es ... 551
Dr. Holbrooke, on Swallowing Plum-stones 553
Dr. Ja. Douglas, an Ulcer in the Kidney . . 554
Account of Boerhaave's Index Plantarum . . 556
Biographical Notice of Dr. Boarhaave .... ibid

Patr. Blair, Anatomy of an Elephant 557

P. Bussiere, the Heart of Land Tortoises . , 588
Dr. Arbutlinot, Argument for Providence. . 606
Biographical Notice of Dr. J. Arbuthnot . . ibid

J. Craig, Logarithmotechnia ibid

F. Hauksbee, on Falling Bodies 6l2

on Air vitiated by Heat .... 6l3

Refractions of Fluids 616

Account of Pacchioni de Glandulis, &c. . . , 6I8

Demoivre, the Measure of Chances 619

Dr. Grew, Number of Acres in England. . 620

Wm. Derham, on the Solar Spots 622

Dr. Todd, Antiquities near Corbridge .... 632

Earl of Cromartie, on Peat Mosi=es 633

Dr. Sloane, on the same in Ireland 636

Camelli, de Araneis et Scarabaeis 640

Leuwenhoeck, Animalcula in Sem ibid

Ra. Thoresby, a Lunar Rainbow, &c 642

on a Meteor 643

Sara. Carte, a Tessilated Pavement ibid

F. Hauksbee, deer, of Space of mixed Liqr. 644

on Light through Metal 645

Dr. Freiud, Defence of Chemical Lectures 647

Account of Petiver's Gazophylacii ibid

F. Goree, on a New Island ibid

Ja. Petiver, Catalogue of Rare Plants 659





Fr. Hauksbee, Ascent of Oil op Planes 659

Leuwenboeck, Production of Mites, &c. . . 660
Ja. Petiver, Catalogue of Rare Plants .... 667

Ja. Yonge, an Hydropical Case ibid

J. Craig, on a Monstrous Calf 668

Fr. Hauksbee, Fishes kept from Air 669

Patr. Blair, on the Asbestos 67 1

W. Cheselden, on some Large Bones ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr. Cheselden .... ibid

Leuwenhoeek, on Whale's Fibres, &c 67 Z

Breynius, Observations in Italy 675

Schelhammer, on Greek Surgical Writers. . ibid
Edw. Lhwyd, Observ. in Natural History. . 676

on the same 677

Fr. Robarts, Propor. of Mathematical Points 678
Fr. Hauksbee, Drop of Oil between Planes 679

Rd. Hopton, on a Burning Spring 680

W, Derham, Subterra. Trees at Dagenham 681
W. Coorten, Effects of different Poisons . . 684


Edw. Lhwyd, Natural History in Wales . . 693

the same in Ireland 69^

Fr* Hauksbee, Force of the Loadstone .... 696

Specific Gravities of Metals 698

Wm. Cowper, Dissection of a Body ibid

Ra. Thoresby, a Hail Storm in Yorkshire . . 699

Leuwenhoeek, on the Elephant's Skin .... ibid

W. Derham, on a Lunar Eclipse 700

Edw. Lhwyd, Nat. Hist, of Ireland ibid

, Plants in Cornwall 702

J. Chamberlayne, a Thunder Storm ibid

Jjcuwenhoeck, Observ, on Muscles 703

Wm. Cowper, Dissection of a Body 705

Ra. Thoresby, Stones voided by Urine .... ibid

Brook Taylor, Ascent of Water 706

Biograph. Notice of B. Taylor ibid

F, Hauksbee, Ascent of Water 707

, Dif. Strata of Coal, &c ibid


Class I. Mathematics.

I. j4rithmetic, Political Arithmetic, Annuities, Aged Persons, ^c,

Page Page

i^OMBINAT. and Alter. E. Thomycroft 209 Logarithmotechnia, J. Craig 609

Concerning old J. Baylis 299 Measure of Chances, Deraoivre 619

ArgumenC for Providence, Dr. Arbuthnot 606 Number of Acres in England, Dr. Grew . . 620

2. Algebra, Analysis, Fluxions, &c.
Cubic and Biquadr. Equations, J. Colson . . 334 Equat. of the 3d, 5th, &c. Degree, Demoivre S42

3. Geometry.

On Tangents and Conic Sections, H. Ditton 17 Vindicat. of J. Gregory, by D. Gregory . . 328

Quadrature of Figures, J. Craig 24 Lengtli of Curve Dnes, J. Craig 406

Solution of Bemouilli's Problem, J. Craig . . 90 Propor. of Math. Points, Fra. Robarts .... 678

Qnidratrix to the Hyperb. Mr. Perks 302

Clots II. Mechanical Philosophy.

1. Dynamics.

Lran of Attraction, Bcc. John Keill 417 Ascent of Oil up Planes, F. Hauksbee 659

liBWt of Centripetal Force, J. KeUl 435 On the sanae Subject, F. Hauksbee . . &79, 707

Oo Falling Bodies, Francis Hauksbee 6l2 On the same, by Brook Taylor 706


2. Astronomy,

Page Page

On spots in the Sun, Ste. Gray 78 Obs. of a Solar Eclipse, Flamsteed 294

On the same, by Mr. Derham 79 Observ. of the same, J. Chr. Facio 296

A Meridian Instrument, Mr. Derham 129 On the same. Dr. Joh Ja. Scheuchzer .... 298

Observ. of a Lunar Eclipse, Ja. Hodgson . . 134 On a Comet at Rome, John Ray 333

On Solar and Lunar Eclipses, T. Brattle . . 148 On a Lunar Eclipse, Ja. and Jo. Scheuchzer 350

OnCassini's Orbit of the Planets, Da. Gregory 152 On the same, by Tho. Brattle 379

On tlie Solar Spots, Capt. Stannyan \66 On some Eclipses, Wm. Derham 485

Astronomy of Comets, Edm. Halley 201 On a Lunar Eclipse, H. Cressener 548

On finding Easter Day, &c. R. Thoresby . . 202 On the Solar Spots, Wm. Derham 622

Rule for folding Easter, J. Jackman 250 On a Lunar Eclipse, by the same 700

3. Mechanics.

Motion of Pendulums, "Wm. Derham 172 Descent of Dust in Vacuo, by the same . . 208

Resilition of Bodies, F. Hauksbee 208

4. Hydrostatics.

Weight of Air to Water, F. Hauksbee. .. . 288 Diff. Weights of Water, &c. the same 470

Ascent of Water in Tubes, the same .... 289 Specific Gravity of Bodies, ditto 484

Various Weights of Water, the same .... 453 Decrease of Space of Mixed Liquors, ditto 644

Ascent of Water, by the same 464 Specific Gravity of Metals, ditto 698

Diff. Density of Water by Heat, ditto 469

5. Pneumatics.

A New Baroscope, Mr. Caswell 120 Compressed Air on Hemisphere?, ditto .... 3S6

Air from fired Gunpowder, Hauksbee .... 1 82 Air from Fired Gunpowder, ditto 363

Quality of the same Air, ditto 183 Nature of the same Air, ditto 364

Sound in Condensed Air, ditto 202 Density of Air in Heat and Cold, ditto 4l6

Sound in Rarefied Air, ditto 203 Air Vitiated by Heat, ditto 6l3

6. Acoiistics, Music.

Sounds in Condensed Air, Hauksbee 202 The Motion of Sound, Wm. Derham 380

in Rarefied Air, ditto 203 Nature, &c. of Sound, G. Grandi 471

Theory of Music, &c. T. Salmon 243 No Sound through a Vacuum, Hauksbee . . 499

On Deaf Persons Speaking, Rd. Waller . . . 378 Sound alters not its Direction, ditto 500

Deafness cured by a Fever, Mr. Martin . . 379 On Sound through Water, ditto ibid

7. Optics.

Microscopical Observations, Sir C. H 29 On making Microscopes, Dr. Adams .... 551

Spherico-Catoptric Theorem, H. Ditton . . 184 Refractions of Fluids, Hauksbee 616

Expers. with a Burning Glass, Geoffroy . . 501

8. Magnetism, Electricity.

Magnetical Experiments, Derham .. 258, 259 Electricity of Glass, &c. Hauksbee 411

Attrition m Vacuo, Hauksbee 270 of several Bodies, ditto 413

Light by Attrition, ditto 307 of Sealing Wax, ditto 452

Electricity of Glass, &c. ditto 324, 344 Light, &c. from Pitch, ditto 509

Light from Glass, &c. ditto 355 No light from Flowers of Sulphur, ditto . . 528

Variation of the Needle, J. Maxwell 36 1 Force of the Loadstone, ditto 6^

Light of Amber, Diamonds, &c. Dr. Wall 408


Class III. Natural History.

1. Zoology.

Page Page

The Philippine Birds, Camelli 45 Philippine Quadrapeds, Camelli 281

Animalcula in Water, Leuwenhoeck .... 52 ■ ' Monsters, Serpents, &c. ditto . . 307

The Yellow Gurnard, Dr. Tyson l62 ' Various Animals, ditto 46l

Apicii C<Elii et Cond. Dr. Lister 175 Spiders and Beetles, ditto 640

Insects in Bark of Trees, Sir M. Dudley . . 193 Animalcula in Semen, Leuwenhoeck .... ibid

De Insectis, &c. J. P. Breynius 239

2. Botany.

Of Indian Plants, J. Petiver 6l Seeds of Indian Plants, Leuwenhoeck .... 281

Philippine Climing Plants, Camelli . . 155, 1 69 Catalogue of Rare Plants, Petirer 659,667

De Plantis Philippensibus, ditto .... 184, 188 Plants in Cornwall, Edw. Lhwyd 702

De Plantis, &c. J. P. Breynius 239

3. Mineralogy.

PhUippine Corals, &c. Camelli 52 Natural Observations, &c. GJeo. Plaxton . . 357

Figures of Sands, Leuwenhoeck 94 De Conch. Mineral, &c. Philip. Camelli . . 362

Tractat. de Ambaro, Camelli . 119 Mineral Water at Canterb. Moulins 375

On certain Fossils, Edw. Lhwyd 123 Red Coral, &c. Leuwenhoeck 426

Harwich Cliffs and Fossils, S. Dale 124 Configuration of Diamonds, ditto 537

Specim. Lithog. Helvet. Scheuchzer 136 On Peat Mosses, Earl of Cromartie 633

Cobalt, Smalt, and Arsenic, Krieg l65 On the same in Ireland, Dr. Sloane 636

On Swiss Fossils, Leuwenhoeck 169 On the Asbestos, Patrick Blair 671

Salts of Crystal, ditto 204 Observ. in Nat. History, Edw. Lhwyd 676, 677

Catal. of Fossils, Metals, &c. Petiver 239 Subterraneous Trees at Dagenhara 681

Mineralia, Conch, petrif, &c. Spener .... 243 Nat. History in Wales, Edw. Lhwyd 693

On Pumice-Stone, Coral, &c. Leuwenhoeck 266 The same in Ireland, by ditto 694, 700

Fossils, Shells, &c. Mr. Morton 284 Different Strata of Coal, &c. Hauksbee . . 707

4. Geography and Topography.

Voyage to China, Ja. Cunningham 149 The New Philippines, M. Clain 442

Lake Wetter, in Sweden, Dr. Hearne .... 207 Descrip. of California, M. Picolo 458

Cape of Good Hope, John Maxwell 359 Observations in Italy, Breynius 675

Voyage to the West Indies, Dr. Sloane . . 371

5. Hydrology,

Eruption of Waters, Ra. Thoresby 293 On a Burning Spring, Rd. Hopton 680

Class IF. Chemical Philosophy.

1. Chemistry,

Solution of Silver, &c. Leuwenhoeck 178 Crystals of Sugar, &c. Leuwenhoeck .... 530

Salts of Calcined Hay, ditto 193 Crystals of Dissolved Silver, ditto 549

light of Phosphorus, &c. Hauksbee 196 Decrease of Space of Mixed Liquors, Hauks. 644

Mercurial Phosphorus, ditto 254 On Light through Metal, Hauksbee 645

Salts of Pears, &c. Ixniwenhoeck 366 Defence of Chemical Lectures, Dr. Freind 647

Solution of Silver, &c. Magliabechi 368



On a Water-spout, De la Pryme

On the Weather, &c. Wm. Derham . . .

Great Storm in Sussex, J. Fuller

On the same, by Mr. Derham

On the same, by Leuwenhoeck

On the Barom. in a Storm, Hauksbee .

Weather and Barom. at Chusan

Rain, Winds, Barom. &c. Derham ....
Register of the Weather, J. Locke . . .

Glade of Light, &c. Derham

Storm of Rain, &c. Dr. Sloane

Rain, Winds, Barom. &c. Derham

Pyramidal Appearance, ditto ,

2. Meteorology. [

Page Page

16 Effects of Thunder, &c. S. Molyneux .... 395

60 On the same, by O. Bridgman 431

91 On the same, by Jos. Nelson 432

92 Explosion of a Colliery, Dr. Charlett .... 450

93 Freezing different Waters, Hauksbee .... 482

. . . 147 Coloured Water, ditto 483

. . , 149 Barom. Rain, Heat, &c. Derham 497

. . . 200 On the Great Frost 1709, ditto 533

. . . 206 A Lunar Rainbow, Ra. Thoresby 642

. . . 288 On a Meteor, by the same 643

. . , 331 Hail Storm inYorkshire> ditto 6S9

. . . 347 A Thunder Storm, J. Chamberlayne 702

. . . 354

An Earthquake in the North, Thoresby . . 104

Manuring with Shells, Abp. of Dublin 403

A New Island in the Archipelago 407

Manuring with Sea Sand, Dr. Bury 432

Itinera Alpina, Scheuchzer 433

New Island near St. Erini, Bourg 446

3. Geology.

On Inundations, &c. Mr. Neeve 485

Icy Mountains in Switzerl. Burnet 488

On Peat Mosses, Earl of Cromartie 633

The same in Ireland, Dr. Sloane 636

On a New Island, Fath. Goree 647

Class V, Physiology.

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