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FROM 1735 TO 1743.



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Isaac Rand, catalogue of 50 PlanU .. 1

Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satel. . . ibid

. — , On the same ibid

, Again on the same ibid

Ste. Gray, on the Electrical Light 2

Wm. Braikenridge, Description of Curves 5

Geoffroy, on Seignette's and other Salts . . 10

Biograph. Notice of M. Seignelte ibid

Desaguliers, on ventilating close Rooms . . 12
, Velocity of the Air in Ventila-
tion 13

, Uses of the Machine in ditto . . 15

Rd. Reynell, on a Cataleptic patient .... ibid

Hunauld, on the Fistula Lacrymalis 17

Biog. Notice of Fr. Jos. Hunauld ibid

Geo. Hadley, on the general Trade Winds 19

Paul Dudley, Earthquakes in New-England 22

Dr. Cookson, Magnetism by Lightning . 24

, on the same 25

C. L. Gersten, an Arithmetical Machine . . ibid

Ja. Stirling, Figure of the Earth 26

Dr. Vater, Mexican Filtering Stone 30

Dr. Mortimer, on Catesby's Nat. Hist. Ca-
rolina 32

Revillas, a Halo observed at Rome ibid

John Cope, on an Ancient Date ibid

John Ward, on the same ibid

John Cope, Ancient Indian Dates 37

John Ward, on the same 39

Colin Maclaurin, Description of Curves ... 41

. , On the same Subject .... 4.3

Ste. Gray, Electrical Experiments 51

Wm. Barlow, Number of Persons at Stoke

Damerel 53

C. Amyand, Foramen Ovale open 54,

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites ibid

J. Hadley, Combinations of Lenses ibid

Dr. Ed. Hody, A bony substance in the

Womb 56

Ja. I/)gan, Impreg. of the Seeds of Plants . . 57

Geo. Lynne, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites. . 58

Tho. Jones, High Tide in the Thames .... 59

Dr. Vater, Singular Cutaneous affection . . ibid

Dr. Derham, Vibrations of Pendulums .... 60

John Colson, on Spherical Maps 61

Roger Gale, on an Ancient Chirograph ... 64

Ste. Gray, Electrical Rotations in Bodies . . 65

De Lisle, Quicksilver Thermometer, &c. 6'6"

Dr. Houston, Perforations in the Thorax . . 6"8

Weidler, Observ. Astron. Phys &c ibid

Ja. Logan, Zigzag Figure of Lightning . . . ibid

Andr. Celsius, Aurora Borealis 69

Dr. Rob. James, Exper. on Mad Dogs .... ibid

Biog. Notice of Dr. Robert James ibid

Dr. Mortimer, on Catesby's Nat. Hist. Carol. 73

Dr. Rob. Barker, Catoptric Microscope ... 73
Martin Folkes, Standard Measures at Rome 74

Weidler, Observ. Astrop. Pbys. &c 76'

Cap. Middleton, on the lat. and Variations, &c. 76 ■

Desaguliers, Damps or foul Air in Mines . . ibid

John Maud, on Inflammable Air 77

Henry Forth, Account of a Storm 78

John Belch ier. Bones coloured red by Food 79

Dr. Stuart, a white Liquor from blood ... ibid

Dr. Madden, a Plum-slone in the Rectum 80

Celsius and Revillas, Solar Eclipse at Rome 82

John EUicott, Expansion of Metals by heat ibid

J. Belchier, Bones changed red by Food . . 83

J. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites 84

Dr. Burton, Remedy for the Bite of Vipers ibid
Dr. Mortimer, on the same, and on Mad

Dogs ibid

J. Fames, on Newton's Fluxions by Colson 88

CI. Amyand, Inguinal Rupture, &c 89

Boerhaave, Experiments on Quicksilver . . 9,;

Weidler, a Lunar Eclipse 96

Duke of Richmond, Earthquake in Sussex ibid

Dr. Edw. Bayley, on the same ibid

Jos. Wasse, Earthquake in Northampton . . 98

Boerhaave, Experiments on Quicksilver . . . ibid

Mart. Triewald, Improv. on the Diving Bell ibid
Sam. Dale, tlie Moose Deer, a Stag, and a

Flying Squirrel 102

Desaguliers, on the Horizontal Moon 105, io(j

Dr. Atwell, on the Bite of Vipers !07

J. Logan, on the Horizontal Sun and Moon 112

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 Plants ns

A. Celsius, on some Runic Characters. .. 114

Lunar Eclipse, by Graham, Halley, Celsius 1 16

The same, by Dr. Bevis iip-

Biog. Notice of Dr. John Bevis ibid

The Lunar Eclipse, by Mr. John Milner . . 118

Alexis Clairaut, on the figure of the Earth ibid

Biog. Notice of Alexis Claud. Clairaut .... ibid

Ste. Williams, Cure for the Bite of Vipers J 24

De Lisle, Measure of the Earth in Russia . . ibid

De Ijisle, Measure of a Base for tlie same . . 134

Tim. Neve, Parhelia and Aurora Borealis,. . ibid



Weidler, on two Parhelia 136

Martin Folkes, on three Mock-suns 137

Chr. Wolfe, Rupture of the lleunn 138

DesagLiliers, New Statical Experiments . . . 139
Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiters' Satellites 141

John Gray, Peruvian or Jesuit's Bark 142

J. Eames, Account of MuUer's Conic Sec-
tions 145

Biog. Notice of Mr. John Muller ibid

Dr. Bevis, Moon's Transit by Aldebaran . . 147
Lunar Eclipse, by Graham, Bevis, Weidler,

and Middleton ibid

Dr. Bevis, Observation of a Solar Eclipse . . 148
Occult, of Mars, by Graham and Bevis .... ibid

Geo. Graham, 'Transit of Mercury ibid

On the same, by Manfredi and Weidler . . . 149

J. Bradley, on the Comet of 1737 ibid

On the same, by Revillas, at Rome 153

Dr. Kearsley, on the same, and a solar

Eclipse ibid

On the same Comet, by Dr. Fuller and M.

Sartori 1 54

G. R Vanbrugh, on the same Comet .... 155
Dr. Bryne, on Mammoths' or Elephants'

Bones ibid

Dr. Cantwell, Tumour in the Pelvis, &c. . , 158

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 plants l60

Dr. Steigertahl, Narhwal, or Unicom Fish ibid

Dr. J. H. Hampe, on the same l6l

M. Klein, an undescribed Water Insect . . ibid
On the same, by L. Brown and Dr. Mortimer l63
Geo. Hadley, Meteorological Diaries .... ibid
Solar Eclipse, by Graham, Bevis, and Mac-

laurin I69

The same, by Sir J. Clark, &c 175

The same, by Revillas, Weidler, &c 176

Dr. E. Latham, New Celestial Globe .... ibid
John Senex, on the same Contrivance .... ibid

Biog. Notice of Mr. John Senex ibid

J. Machin, Solution of Kepler's Problem . . 177

M. Triewald, New Water-bellows 192

Sig. Poleni, Meteorological Observations . . 196
Hen. Beighton, on Orme's and other Baro-
meters 198

J. P. Seip, Sulphurous Cavern at Pyrmont 204
J. Fuller, on Darapier's Powder for the bite

of a Mad Dog 204

Bite of a Mad Dog, by Da. Hartley and Fr.

Sandys 205

Biog. Notice of Dr. David Hartley ibid

Al. Clairaut, on the Figure of the Planets. . 207

Abbe NoUet, Experiments on Ice 223

Biog Notice of the Abbe Nollet ibid

Cap. Middleton, the Magnetic Needle affect-
ed by Cold , 224

Dr. Cantwell, Palsey of the Eyelids 225

J. Belchier, on an Arm torn off by a Mill . . 226

Ld. Carpenter, a bullet lodged near the

gullet 227

CI. Amyand, Biliary Ducts and Gall-bladder 228

Dr. Alex. Stuart, on the same case 232

Mat. Bell, on the Copper-waters in Mines 235

C. Amyand, on a Bubonocele ibid

Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites 236'
Dr. Mortimer, on Catesby's Nat. Hist. Carol. 236
Wm. Gregory, a Pin in a Child's Bladder . . 239
M. de Caumont, Calculus in the Bladder . . 240

M. Salien, on the same 241

Sir Hans Sloane, on the same Stone 242

J. Maud, Oil of Sassafras crystallized 243

Benj. Cooke, Foul Air in a Well 244

J. Eames, Magnets with more than 2 Poles 246
Desaguliers, Magnetical Experiments .... ibid

, On the same Subject . . 246, 247

Dr. Mortimer, Roman Stamps like Printing 248
Dr. Bevis, Occult, of Mercury by Venus . . 251
Cap. Middleton, New Azimuth Compass . . ibid
Dr. Zac. Pearce, Account of Bell's Hist, of

Hungary 253

J. Eames, Account of Kersseboom's Essay on

the number of Persons in Holland 253

Wm. Mailland, Answer to Kersseboom's Es-
say as to the Numb, of Persons in London 257
Cha. Leigh, a Water-level to Davis's Quadr. 260

, Mercurial I,evel to the same . . 262

J. Ferguson, Loss of part of the Spleen . . 263
Benj. Cooke, a Ball of Sulphur supposed to

be generated in the air 264

Dr. Tho. Stack, Account of Dr. Huxham's
book de Acre et Morb. Epidemicis .... 265

M. Dufay, Cure for the Bite of Vipers 267

Dr. Patouillet, Poison of Henbane Roots . . ibid
Tho. Steward, Buckshorn Plantain as a Cure

for the Bite of a Mad Dog 269

Abr. Demoivre, Reduction of Radicals .... 271

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 Plants 278

Dr. Jurin, Motion of Effluent Water ibid

Mat. Bell, two Caverns, the one icy, the

other of noxious Effluvia 293

Jer. Pierce, large Tumour in the Knee 294

John Clayton, on the Spirit of Coals 295

, on Nitrous Particles in the Air 296

Dr. Rutty, Poison of Laurel- water 297

Dr. Jurin, on Effluent Water, part 2d 29»

Solar Eclipse, by Graham, Short, Celsius,

Weidler, and Manfredi 306

Gr. Wheeler, Electrical Experiments 306

Dr. Mortimer, on the same Experiments . . 313
Gr. Wheeler, on Mr. Gray's Electrical Cir-
cular Experiment 3l6

J. Ellicott, Influence of 2 Pendulum Clocks

on each other 320, 322

Tho. Baker, Wound in the Cornea of the Eye 324
Dr. Cantwell, of a monstrous Boy 32i




B". Sherman, Three Cases in Surgery 3?o

J. Cl;i)'lon, Manners and Customs in Virginia 328

. , Force of Water Steam 335

J. Green, on a Girl who was a quarter of an

hour in water without drowning 337

Mr. Cox, on a Pestilential Fever by Tapping

a Corpse dead of a Dropsy 338

W. Hoxton, Variation of the Compass .... 339
Desaguliers, on the Cause of Electricity . . 340

, on Electrical Experiments .... 346"

, on the same 350. 351, 352,353, 357

Dr. Moehring, Botanical Observations . . . 358

Weidler, on an Authelium ibid

Chr. Kirch, Occulta of Aldebaran ibid

Weidler, on the same ibid

— — , on a Solar Eclipse 359

J. Derby, a Whirlwind at Come- Abbas . . . ibid

J. T. Klein, Letters within a Tree . ibid

Sir John Clark, EtFects of Thunder on Trees

and on a Deer's Horn within an Oak . . . 360
Dr. Mortimer, Rereiarks on the same .... 36 1

Aragona, Eruption of Vesuvius ibid

English Gentleman, on the same 368

Fouchy, on the Lunar Atmosphere 37 1

P. H. Zollman, large sinking of Ground . . 376
Dr. Baster, Worms that destroy Timber . . 378

Biog. Notice of Dr. Job Baster ibid

A. Vizoar, Loud Explosions in the Air 383

Sam. Shepheard, on the same 384

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

Superville, on Generation and Monsters . . 385

J. T. Klein, Gigantic Bregma, &c 388

Dr. Zac. Pearce, Account of Fourmont on

the Histories of the Ancients . . 389

Biog. Notice of Dr. Zac. Pearce 389

Da. Nicholson, Scurvy- grass of Greenland 391

Edm. Stone, two new Curve Lines 392

Biog. Notice of Mr. Edm. Stone ibid

Mr. Harris, New Terrestrial Globes 393

C. Smith, Catodioptrical Telescopes ibid

H. Temple, Earthquake at Naples 401

Tim. Sheldrake, a Monstrous Child ibid

Wm. Barlow, Sun-fish, and its Glue .... 40'2

Wra. Sloane, Aretina, near Naples 403

Mr. Crocker, a Meteor in the Air ibid

Dr. Bevis, Luminous Appearance 404

Da. Hartley, a Calculus through the Perin. 405
J. Sisley, a Calculus through the Scrotum ibid

Mort. Gilks, Petrifactions at Matlock 406

Abbe Pluche, on the Smut in Corn 408

Biog. Notice of the Abbe Pluche ibid

Dr. Bartram, Teeth of the Rattle-snake . . . 409
Jos. Breintnall, Meteors at Philadelphia .... 409

C. Lucas, Cave of Kilcorny ibid

M. Malfelguerat, Tumour on the Thigh . . 410

Ja. Short, Aurora Borealis 412

J. Freeke, Exostosis on a Boy's Back 413

J. Eames, Account of Celsius on the Figure

of the Earth ibid

J. Alexander, a Place near New York to

measure a Degree of Latitude 419

J. T. Klein, Antiquities of Prussia 420

Du Harael, Madder Root tinges the Bones ibid

Biog. Notice of Hen. Louis DuHamel .... ibid

Isaac Rand, Catalogue of 50 Plants 424

M. de Sigome, Impossibility of Vortices . . ibid
Da. Hartley, Account of Dr. Trew on the

ditf. of the Body before and after Birth . . 425
H. Baker, a Beetle lived 3 Years without

Food 426

Biog. Notice of Mr. Henry Baker ibid

H. Baker, a Plant in Seniine 429

Wm. Barlow, Weights and Measures .... 432

Account of Weidler on Parhelia 433

Ste. Williams, Barrows in Cornwall 433

C. Pademi, Herculaneum at Porlici 435

Geo. Knaptou, on the same 437

Mr. Crispe, on the same Subject 43$

J. Cagua, Wound in the Head cured 439

J. Mackarness, Stone voided per Anum . . 441

H. Baker, Leuwenhoek's. Microscope .... 443

Anonymous, Dry or Wet Summer 447

B. Ehrhart, Observ. in the Tyrol Alps .... 4 j 1

Biog. Notice of Baltha.sar Ehrhart ibid

Sam. Jenkins, Grinding I^enses ibid

Dr. Breyne, Calculi in the Stomach, &c. . . 452

S. Kirkshaw, Two Roman Pigs of Lead . . 453

H. Ettrick, Machine to reduce Fractures . . 454

J. T. Klein, on le Bruyn's Petrified Oysters 455

Biog. Notice of Cornelius le Bruyn ibid

Chr. Kirch, Observ. of the Planet Mars . . 457

On the Red Lights seen in the Air 457

J. Eames, Account of Jurin De Vi Motrice 461

N. Sherwood, on Stones in the Kidneys . . 462

J. Fuller, the lake Malholm Tarn 463

M. de Breraond, Magnetism by Lightning ibid

P. Pott, Softening of the Bones 464

Wm. Watson, Part of the Lungs coughed up 468

Tho. Short, on several Meteors 469

Dr. Bevis, Conjunc. of Venus and Mercury 470

G. Graham, Occultation of Aldebaran .... ibid

Mr. Short, a Solar and Lunar Eclipse .... ibid

Desaguliers, Expers. on Electricity 470, 472, 473

Dr. Huxhani, a Hernia Inguinalis 474

Ja. Short, on the Satellite of Venus 476

Dr. Bevis, and Ja. Short, Occult, of Jupiter 477
Dr. Parsons, Account of his book on Henna-

phrodites jbij

Wm. Barlow, Ancient Date at Rumsey . . 473

H. Baker, Black Currant Jelly 479

Desaguliers, Electrical Experiments ibid

Dr. Huxhatn, Extraordinary Venereal Cas-e 480

Wm. Hanbury, Coal-balls at Liege, &c. . . 483
Dr. Mortimer, Account of Dr. Stuart's Paper

on the Structure of the Heart ibid

M. Le Cat, Foramen Ovale, and the Urethra 485

Biog. Notice of Claude Nicholas Le Cat . . ibid

Geo. Lynn, on the Weather, Kc +80"



Wtn. Bromlield, Foetus 9 Years in the Ab-
domen 489

Biog. Notice of Wm. Brorafield ibid

J. Powell, Hairy Substances voided by Urine ibid

Sir Hans Sloane, on the same 490

T. Knight, on the same Subject 491

Dr. Graham, on Watery Cystises 492

Wm. Watson, Hydatids per Vaginain .... 494

M. Lc Cat, on the same Subject 495

, on a singular Hernia 497

H. Miles, Circulation of Blood in an Eft . . 501

Dr. Eb. Latham, on the Ancient Sphere . . ibid

Revillas, Aurora Borealis at Rome . . . 502

H. Beighton, New Plotting Table ibid

Wm. Wright, Fracture of the Thigh Bone 503

Wm. Gregory, on a Monstrous Foetus .... ibid

A Needle passed tlirough the Arm andBreast 504

A. Orme's Pectoral Syrup 505

H. Miles, Seed of Fern ibid

J. I. De Torres, a Heart upside down .... 508

J. Castillion, the Cardioide Curve 509

J. Ai Segner, Machine for Solar Eclipses . . 510

S. C. Hollman, Observ. de Sceletorum, &c. 513

M. Johnson, Earthquake at Scarborough . . 514

Cap. Middleton, on Frozen Sea-water .... ibid

Col. Maclaurin, Merid. Parts on a Spheroid 515

S. Zanotti, Parabolic Orbit of a Comet ibid

Bp. of Cork, Extraordinary Skeleton, and a

Man who gave Suck 5l6

Caesarian Operation, by a Butcher 517

J. Payne, Force of Steam 518

A. Godfrey Hankewitz, West Ashton Well

Waters 522

G. H. Senckenberg, Cheltenham waters . . 523

J. Marty n, on the Dulwich waters ibid

Dr. Mortimer, Aurora Borealis 525

J. Martyn, on the .same Subject ibid

Tim. Neave, on the same 526

Arch. Cleland, New Catheter for the Stone ibid

, lustrum, for the Eye and Ear 528

Ste. Fuller, Hurricane in Huntingdonshire 530

T. Sympson, Roman Hypocaustum at Lincoln 532
Dr. Mortimer, Capricorn Beetle, and Horn

of a Fish stuck in a Ship 535

, on Frobenius's Spiritus Vini

. .^thereus 536

Ld. Beauchamp, Fire-ball Explosion 540

J. Fuller, on the same Subject ibid

Wm. Gostling, on the same Meteor 541

Chr. Mason, on the same ibid

Edw Milwardj Antidote to the West-Indian

Poison 542

Edw. Nourse, on Stones in the Bladder .... 545

Dr. Desaguliers, Observ. on Electricity . . . 546

Cap. Edw. Legge, on a Lunar Eclipse .... 548

H. Miles, Unusual Warmth of the Air . . ibid

Tim. Sheldrake, a Steel-yard Swing 549

Sir Tho. Mostyn, on a Golden Torques .... 550

Benj. Cooke, on a Fire-ball ibid



J. Fames, Account of Klein's Hist, of Fishes

Mat. Plant, on Earthquakes in America . .

Dr. Mead, on Sutton's Ventilators

H. Miles, on some Parhelia

Dr. Cha. Parry, on the Waters of the Dead
Sea, &c

Geo. Bell, on Stones in the Bladder ,

J. F. Gronovius, on preserving Fish-skins

Cap. Wm. Gordon, on a Fire-ball

Wm. Gostling, on the Fire-ball

Wm. Watson, on Sutton's Ventilators ....

C. J. Geoffroy, on Soap-making

P. R Pedini, Earthquakes at Leghorn ....

J. Castilion, on Newton's Binomial Theorem

Dr. Burton, Cases of Internal Cancers ....

Dr. L. Stocke, Falling Dew and Snow Flakes

M. Triewald, Veget. of Old Melon-seeds . .

S. C. Hollman, Heights of Barometers . . .

Dr. Huxhara, Polypi in the Heart

Mr. Stackhouse, Account of Bridgenorth . .

Ld. Petrie, Effects of Lightning

Dr. Tho. Milner, of a Meteor

Desaguliers, Electrical Conjectures

H. Baker, on a Person speaking without a

C. Warwick, a Remarkable Birth

Sir. I. Newton, on a Reflecting Instrument
for taking the Moon's Distance from Stars

Cap. Middleton, Observ. at Hudson's Bay . .

Committee of the R.S. Expers. in Gunnery

Ld. Lovell, a Meteor in Norfolk

Committee of the R S. on the English and
French Weights and Measures

G. Heinsius, Gold-coloured Glazing

Revillas, Meteorological Register

J. F. Gronovius, on a Polypus

Dr. Eb. Latham, on the Ancient Sphere . .

Dr. Tho. Short, Extraordinary Dropsy ....

A Cambridge GSentleman, on the Polypus . .

J. Catlyn, Calcul. of the Transit of Mercury

R. Campbell, on a Man living 18 Years on

Geo. Hadley, Meteorol. Observations ....

Dr. Parsons, Account of Dr. Le Cat's Trea-
tise on the Senses

Dr. Schlichting, Medico-Chirur. Observat.

Dr. Baste:, 'I'wo Medical Cases

M. Trembley, Expers. on the Polypus ....

S. Poleni, Pendulums afJec ted by centrifiigal

Ja. Hodgson, Astron. Observ, at Pekin . .

J. Van Rixtel, Account of Kersseboom's
Treatises on the Number of People in

Jos. Hobson, Great Increase of Seeds ....

J. A. Beurer, on the Nature of Amber ....

Col. Maclaurin, Account of his Fluxions . .

A. Leprotti, Calculus voided by Urine ....

M , Le Cat, a Hammock for dressing Patients












Wm. Watson, Account of Haller's Enume-
ratio Methodica Stirpium Helvetiae, &c. 655

Biog. Notice of Albert Haller ibid

Dr. Parsons, on tlie Phoca, or Sea-calf .... 6"58
M. Le Cat, the Ambe of Hippocrates, &c. 659
Col. Maclaurin, Account of his Fluxions con-
tinued 667

H. Miles, of the Eels in Vinegar 674

C. Maclaurin, Grandgor or Venereal Dis-
ease 675

M. Folkes, fresh- water Polypus 676

B. Robins, Account of his Gunnery 677

Fa. Frantz, on a Comet observed at Vienna 681
Cha. Bonnet, Observations on Insects .... 682

S. Bevan, Bones becoming soft ibid

Dr. Lining, Stat. Expers. on himself 683

Duke of Richmond, on Polypi 685

Dr. Wm. Hunter, Articulating Cartilages 686

Biog. Notice of Dr. Wm. Hunter ibid

Tho. Lord, Worms living after cut in parts 692
Dr. Parsons, Nat. Hist, of the Rhinoceros . . ibid

Biog. Notice of Dr. James Parsons ibid

Committee of the R.S., Standard Weights
and Measures 698

J. Freke, Instrument for reducing dislocated

Shoulders 706

Dr. P. Dodd, Bloody Urine in the Small Pox 708

C. Maclaurin, Cells of Honey-comb 709

J. Winthrop, Transit of Mercury 713

— , On a Lunar Eclipse ibid

Geo. Graham, Transit of Mercury 714

, On a Lunar Eclipse 715

Bp. of Corke, Ancient Temple and Stone

Hatchet ibid

G. Hughes, on a Zoophyton 717

R. Pickering, Seeds of Mushrooms 718

Wm, Watson, Remarks on the same .... 721

G. Heinsius, On Saturn's Ring 722

Dr. J. Green, Nat. Hist, of Greenland .... 722

H. Baker, on a dried Polype 724

Jos. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants 725

Dr. Bevis, Transits of Mercury ibid

M. GeofFroy, a Monstrous large Child .... 727
Dr. Banyer, Extraordinary Haemorrhage . . ibid

, Ascites cured by Tapping ibid

T. Needham, Malmy Concretions 729

, Farina of Red Lilly ibid

, Worms in Smutty Corn .... ibid


Class I. Mathematics.
1 . Arithmetic, Political Arithmetic.

AP'ge Page

RiTHMETiCAL Machine, C. L. Gersten 25 Numb, of Persons in London, &c.Wm. Mait-

Numb. of Persons at Stoke-Damerel, Barlow 53
in Holland, 8cc. J. Eames 253

land .


in Holland, J. Van Rixtel 628

2. Algebra, Analysts, Fliuxions.

On Newton's Fluxions, J. Eames . 88 Newton's Binomial Theorem, Castilion . . . 5/ i

MuUer's Conies and Fluxions, J. Eames . . 145 On Maclaurin's Fluxions, Maclaurin 632, 667
Reduction of Radicals, Demoivre 271

3. Geometry, Surveying.

Description of Curves, Brackenridge 5 Two New Curves, Edmund Stone 392

, C. Maclaurin .... 41, 43 New Plotting Table, H. Beighton 502

Muller's Conic Sections, J. Eames 145 Cells of Honey-comb, C. Maclaurin 709



Class II. Mechanical Philosophy.
1 . Dynamics.


Vibration of Pendulums, Derham 6o

On Jurin'» De Vi Motrice, Earaes 46l


Pendulums affected by Centrifugal Force,
Poleni 627

2. Statics.
Statical Experiments, Desaguliers 139 Weights and Measures, Wm. Barlow

3. Astronomy, Navigation, Chronology.


Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, Ja. Hodgson

. 1, 54, 84, 141, 235

_ — , Geo. Lynn 58

Astronomical Observations, Weidler . . 68, 76"

Solar Eclipse, Celsius and Revillas 82

On a Lunar Eclipse, Weidler 96

Horizontal Moon, Desaguliers 105, 106

Horizontal Sun and Moon, Ja. Logan .... 112
Lunar Eclipse, Graham, Halley, Celsius.. Il6

On the same. Dr. Bevis 117

. , John Milner 118

Occultation of Aldebaran, Dr. Bevis 147

Lunar Eclipse, Bevis, Weidler, Middleton 147

On a Solar Eclipse, Dr. Bevis 148

Occultation of Mars, Bevis, Graham ibid

Transit of Mercury, Geo. Graham ibid

, Manfredi and Weidler 149

Comet of 1737, Ja. Bradley ibid

. , by Revillas at Rome 153

, and Solar Eclipse, Kearsley ibid

, Fuller and Sartori 154

. — , G. R. Vanbrugh 155

Solar Eclipse, Graham, Bevis, Maclaurin i6"9

, Sir J. Clerk 175

-, Revillas, Weidler, &c 176

New Celestial Globe, Dr. E. Latham ibid

____^ , John Senex 176"

Solution of Kepler's Problem, J. Machin . . 177

Figure of the Planets, Clairaut 207

Occult, of Mercury by Venus, Bevis 251

New Azimuth Compass, Middleton ibid

Davis's Quadrant, Leigh 260, 262

Solar Eclipse, Graham, Short, Celsias,

Weidler, Manfredi 306

Occulta, of Aldebaran, Kirch, Weidler .... 358

On a Solar Eclipse, Weidler 359

On the Lunar Atmosphere, Fouchy 371

Impossib. of Vortices, De Sigorne 424

On the Planet Mars, Chr. Kirch 457

Conjunc. of Venus and Mercury, Bevis . . . 470

Occulta, of Aldebaran, G.Graham ibid

Solar and Lunar Eclipse, Ja. Short ibid

On the Satellite of Venus, Ja. Short 476

Occulta, of Jupiter, Bevis and Short 477

The Ancient Sphere, Dr. E. Latham 50t

Machine for Solar Eclipses, Segner 510

Mend. Parts on a Spheroid, Maclaurin .... 515

Parabolic Orbit of a Comet, Zanotti ibid

Lunar Eclipse, Cap. Edward Legge 548

The Ancient Sphere, Dr. Eb. Latham .... 607

Transit of Mercury, J. Catlyn 6l3

Astron. Observ. at Pekin, Hodgson 628

A Comet observed at Vienna, Frantz 68 1

Transit of Mercury, J. Winthrop 713

A Lunar Eclipse, J. Winthrop ibid

Transit of Mercury, Geo. Graham 714

A Lunar Eclipse, Geo. Graham 715

Saturn's Ring, G. Heinsius 722

Transit of Mercury, Dr. Bevis 725

4. Projectiles, Gunnery.
Experiments in Gunnery, Committee 598 Account of Robins's Gunnery, Robins 6^7

5. Mechanics.
Influence of two Clocks on each other, J. Ellicott 320, 322

6. Hydraulics.
On Effluent Water, Dr. Jurin 278, 298

7. Pneumatics.
VentUating Close Rooms, Desaguliers 12, 13, 15 Trade Winds, Geo. Hadlcy .'.





Foul Air in Mines, Desaguliers 76

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