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FROM 1713 TO 1723.








J OHN KEILL, Solution of Kepler's Pro-
blem 1

Dr. B. Taylor, on the Centre of Oscillation 7

S. Valetta, Eruption of Vesuvius 12

Dr. Taylor, Motion of a Tense String .... 14

Ja. Petiver, on some Rare Plants 17

Mr. Flamsteed, Celestial Observations .... ibid

Dr. W. Musgrave, on the Roman Legions . ibid

Edw. Tenison, Cultivation of Canary Seed . 18

Edw. Llwyd, Nat. Hist, and Antiquities . . 19

Dr. Gottevald, on the Plague in Dantzic . . 23

Dr. Musgrave, on the Roman Eagles .... 39

Hauksbee, Ascent of Water between Planes 40

, ditto of Spirits of Wine 41

Dr. Musgrave, Inscriptio Tarraconensis .... 42

Leuwenhoeck, Animalcula on Duckweed . . ibid

Rd. Richardson, Nat. Hist. Observations . . 45

Nic. Facio, Solid of Least Resistance 48

J a. Petiver, Botanicum Hortense 3 ibid

. on some Swedish Minerals, &c. 49

F. Papin, Arts and Physic of India 50

F. Bourzes, Luminousness of Sea Water . . 53
Ja. Yonge, an Old Woman having her Menses 55

F. Jartoux, on the Tartar Plant Ginseng . . 56

Dr. Slare, on Chalybeate or Spa Waters . . 6l

Fr. Nevill, Urns and Sepulchral Monum, . 63

P. Le Neve, Ums at North Elmham .... 65

Fr. Nevill, on Lough-Neagh in Ireland . . 6?
8. Bowdich, of a Woman long covered in

Snow 69

Bp. of Clogher, on a Hill Subsiding ibid

Fr. Nevill, Ancient Trumpets, &c. in Ireland 71

Dr. Slare, on Sugar, and Renewal of Teeth 72

Edw. Lhwyd, New Plant, &c. in Wales . . 73

Rd. Russel, Scirrhous Tumour, &c ibid

Fr. Nevill, Quarry of Marble in Ireland . . 75

J. Chamberlayne, Plague at Copenhagen . . ibid

Wm. Cheselden, Anatomical Observations . 76

Account of Julii Viialis Epitaphium, &c. ... 77

Logometria, Auctore Rogero Cotes ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr. Cotes ibid

Ramazini, Distemper in the Venetian Cattle 78

Medicine against the Distemper in Cattle . . 80

J. Long, Making of Logarithms ibid

Leuwenhoeck, Fibres of the Muscles .... 82

M. Muys, Texture of the Muscles 84

Dr. Mather, Observations in New England 85


Timoni, on Introducing Inoculation, &c. . . 88
Biogr. Notice of Dr. Emanuel Timoni .... ibid
John Keill, the Divisibility of Matter .... 9I

Sig. Bianchini, Astron. Observations 92

Jokn Keill, on Centripetal Forces 93

Tho. Watkins, on Accounts of Interest ... Q7

W. Derham, on Accounts of Rain ibid

Nic. Bernoulli, Problems in Chances 98

Abr. Demoivre, on the same ibid

Biogr. Notice of M. Nic. Bernoulli ibid

Dr. Hal ley, on extraordinary Meteors .... 99

■ , Variation of the Compass .... 112

G. Kirch, on the Comet of l6'80 114

Sir I, Newton, on the Invention of Fluxions 1 16"
G. Kirch, a New Star in Collo Cygni .... 153

Ja. Petiver, Botanicum Hortense, 4 155

Dr. Halley, on a Solar Eclipse ibid

Account of Dr. Ja. Douglas's Bibliog. Anat. 166
Scheuchzer, on Barometrical Experiments . ibid

Ja. Petiver, Botanicum Hortense, 4 168

Flamsteed, on Celestial Observations ibid

Dr. Halley, Saltness of the Sea, and Age of

the World 169

Account of Dr. B, Taylor's Perspective .... 172

of Thoresby's Topography of Leeds 174

On the great Solar Eclipse in 1715 175

J. Edens, on the Peak of Teneriff 177

Dr. Douglas, Dilatation of a Ventricle, &c. 181
Abr. Demoivre, a Cui-ve of the Third Order 183
J. Perks, the Nautical Meridian Line .... 184
Account of B.Taylor's Methodus Increm. . . 189

of Marsili de Generatione Fungorum 1 95

Dr. Halley, History of several New Stars . 196

Ja. Petiver, Botanicum Hortense, 4. 198

Dr. Helvetius, on the Pareira Brava ibid

Biogr. Notice of Dr. Helvetius ibid

Fr. Nevill, Large Teeth found in Ireland . . 199

Dr. T. Molyneux, on the same 200

Account of Dr. Musgrave'sGeta Britainnicus 203
Dr. Halley, on the Nebulae or Lucid Spots 205
Pylarini, New Method of Inoculation .... 207

Biographical Notice of J. Pylarini ibid

Sir I. Newton, Problem concerning Curves 211
Ja. Pound, Astronomical Observations .... 212

Dr. Halley, on the Aurora Borealis 213

— , on similar Appearances .... 226

J. T. Desaguliers, Experiments on Light . . 229




Biographical Notice of J. T. Desaguliers . . 229
J. T. Desaguliers, Refrangibility of Light . . 239

Dr. Hollings, of a big-bellied Woman 242

Dr. Halley, on the Parallax of the Sun 243

, Unusual Lustre of Venus 250

Rev. J. Sackette, on a Sinking of the Earth 252
Dr. T. Robinson, Observations in Italy .... 253
W. Derham, on Swallowing Fruit Stones . . ibid
Rd, Bradley, Motion of Sap in Vegetables . ibid

—, Quick Vegeta. of Mouldiness 257

Dr. Halley, on the Diving-Bell 258

Dr. Douglas, the Glands in the Spleen, &c. 262
Acco. of Musgrave's Dissert, de Dea Salute 264
Rev. Ja, Pound, on the Primarj' Planets, &c. ibid
Rd. Waller, the Wood-Pecker's Tongue . . ibid

Dr. Douglas, on the Flamingo 268

Dr. Halley, Occultations of Stars 271

Dr. J. Tabor, on Roman Antiquities 273

Dr. Slare, on the Pyrmont Waters 280

Desaguliers, Variation of the Barometer . . 283

M. St. Andre, an Effect of the Colic 288

Rev. Edm. Barrell, Aurora Borealis 290

Martin Folkes, on the same Subject 291

Biographical Notice of M Folkes, Esq. . . . ibid
Dr. Musgrave, Britain formerly a Peninsula . 293
W. Derham, Gascoigne's & Crabtrie's Letters 295
Dr. B. Taylor, Numeral Roots of Equations 299

, on Making Logarithms .... 304

A. Demoivre, on Centripetal Forces 306

Dr. Blair, on an Emaciated Child 307

M. de Monmort, on Infinite Series 308

Dr. B. Taylor, on the same ibid

Biographical Notice of M. de Monmort . . ibid
Dr. Halley, Longitude by the Moon and Stars ibid

Dr. Taylor, Solution of Leibnitz's Prob 309

Dr. Chr, Hunter, a Roman In.scription .... 312
M. Vaillant, the Plants Araliastrum .... 314
Biograph. Notice of Dr. Sebastian Vaillant ibid

of Dr. Wm. Sherard . . . ibid

Edw. Berkeley, Eruptions of Vesuvius ... 3l6

Dr. Tho. Bower, on a lai^e Wen 319

J. T. Desaguliers, on a Vacuum 32 1

Dr. Halley, on a Comet in 1717 322

Account ( f Polini de Motu Aquae, &c 324

of Halley's Apollonius 327

Dr. Halley, Change of Stars' Latitudes 329

Dr. Ja. Jurin, Suspension of Water, &c 330

Biograpiiical Notice of Dr. Ja. Jurin ibid

Dr. Jurin, Motion of Effluent Water 336

P. Le Neve, Sinking of three Oaks 348

J. Pound, Satellites of Saturn 349

Dr. Halley, Tables of the same Satel 351

Dr. Ja. Tabor, Antiquities in Sussex ibid

Col. Maclaurin, Construe, of Curves 356

Biographical Notice of Mr. Maclaurin .... ibid

Dr. Jurin, Old Roman Inscription 362

M. Kirch, on a Comet seen at Berlin 363


M. Kirch, an Eclipse of the Sun 563

Wurtzelbaur, on the same at Norimberg . . ibid

R. Gale, on a Roman Inscription 364

Hen. Barham, a Fiery Meteor at Jamaica . . 368
Wm. Beckett, Antiq. of the Venereal Disease ibid
Astron. Observations by Pound, Derham, &c. 373
John Machin, Curve of Swiftest Descent . . 374

Biographical Notice of M. Machin ibid

Dr. Jurin, on the Power of the Heart .... 375
Tho. Bates, Distemper among the Cows near

London ibid

Dr. Pat. Blair, on the Elephant's Ears .... 382
J. Pound, Transit of Jupiter's Satellites . . . 386

J. Conduit, on the ancient Carteia 387

M. Conti, on the Invention of Fluxions . . 389
Dr. Jurin, on the Power of the Heart .... 392

C. Maclaurin, Description of Curves ibid

Wm. Rice, Roman Inscrip. at Caerleon . . 394
Dr. J. Harris, Conjectures on the same . . . ibid
Abr. Demoivre, Max. & Min. Celest. Mot. 395
Dr. B. Taylor, Apology against J. Bernoulli 397
Dr. Wm. Stukely, Animal impres. on Stone 398
Biographical Notice of Dr. Wm. Stukely . . ibid
J. Strachey, the Strata in Coal Mines .... 401
Dr. Desaguliers, Speedy Growth of Turnips 404
Dr. Harris, &c. on M. Villette's Burning

Concave 405

Dr. Halley, an Extraordinary Meteor .... 406

Ja. Keill, on the Force of the Heart 415

Dr. Jurin, Spec. Grav. of Blood ibid

J. Chamberlayne, Sunk Island in theHumber 423

Dr. Desaguliers, on Myopes, &c 424

J. Pound, Tables of Jupiter's 1st Satellite . . 426
Henry Barham, on Silk and Silk- Worms . . ibid

Dr. Jurin's Answer to Dr. Ja. Keill 427

On Stirling's Metliodus DifFerentialis 428

Biographical Notice of Mr. Ja. Stirling .... - ibid
Dr. Desaguliers, Resistance of the Air .... ibid

•^— — — , on the same Subject 430

Jos. Williamson, Clocks to go with the Sun 431
Dr. Jurin, Action of Glass Tubes on Fluids 432

Dr. Richardson, on a Water Spout 440

Dr. Halley, on the Aurora Borealis 441

Several other Accounts of the same 442

J. Pound, Astronomical Observations ibid

Dr. Halley, Parallax of the Fixed Stars . . . 443

Dr. Rd. Hale, Maxillary Glands, &c 445

Dr. Timoni, Plague at Constantinople .... 450
Ph. Percival, Luminous Air at Dublin .... 455

Dr. Halley, Infinity of the Stars 456

— , Number, Order, and Light of

them 457

P. Dudley, Maple Sugar in America 458

Dr. Blair, on a Boy living long without Food 459

, on the Virtues of Plants, &c. . . ibid

Account of Maclaurin's Geomelria Organica 464
Mr. Deverel, Fracture of the Patella 466




Wm. Beckett, Antiq. of Venereal Disease 467

Mr. Cotes, on a Great Meteor \n

Dr. Quincy, the Operation of Medicines . . 479

Dr. Steigerthal, a Cramp and Fistula ibid

Dr. Desaguliers, on a Vacuum 480

Dr. Michelotti, Distemper in Venetian Cattle 481

Dr. Vater, on a Propendent Colon 483

Biographical Notice of Dr. Vater ibid

Leuwenhoeck, Bones and Periosteum 484

Dr. Rutty, on a Cloven Spine, &c 487

Hen. Cane, Change of Colour in Grapes, &c. 489

Ste. Gray, on Electrical Experiments 490

Wm. Beckett, Hist, of the Vener. Disease 492

Dr. Desaguliers, on the Paris Weights .... 494

Dr. Halley, Cross Hairs in the Telescope. . ibid

. on Heights by the Barometer 496"

Wm. Sanderson, Magnetic Variations .... 498

Mr. Robie, Alkaline Salt in Rotten Wood. . 499

Dr. Steigerthal, a Foetus 46 yrs. in the Body 500

Leuwenhoeck, Membranes of Fibres 502

Vessels in Wood. &c 504

Dr. Desaguliers, Resistance of Fluids .... 506

P. Dudley, Poison -wood Tree 507

Dr. Sherard, on the same 508

P. Dudley to discover the Bees' Nests 509

Dr. B. Taylor, Parabolic Projectiles 510

P, Dudley, American Moose Deer 515

Dr. Halley, Astronomical Refractions .... 517

Magnetic Variations, &c 519

. On the Diving Machine 521

J. W. Aurora Borealis at Dublin 523

8. Cruwys, on the same in Devonshire. . . . ibid

Leuwenhoeck, Fibres of Fishes ibid

On the Seeds of Plants 527

Dr. B. Taylor, Experiments on Magnetism 528

Dr. Halley, Planets Places by the Stars. . . 530

on a Parhelion 531

Wm. Whiston, Mock-suns, Halo, &c. . . 532
Biographical Notice of Mr. Wm. Whiston ibid

Dr. Blair, Generation of Plants 534

Geo. Graham, Height of the Barometer . . 537
Biographical Notice of Mr. George Graham ibid

Dr. Jurin, Specific Gravity of Solids 538

Edw. Naish, Ossification of an Artery. . . , 539

Leuwenhoeck, Pores in Leaves, &c 541

Dr. Desaguliers, Perpetual Motion 542

M. Du Quet, on Rowing Ships 543

Mr. Rowlands, on Oysters, &c 548

Dr. Halley, Longitude of Buenos Aires. . . . 549

Dr. Desaguliers, a Water Engine 550

P. Derante, the Os Humeri, &c SbQ

Dr. Thorpe, Hydatids in the Abdomen. . . . ibid
Dr. Deidier, on Persons dead of the Plague 5b7

Biographical Notice of Dr. Deidier ibid

Messrs. Duli and Morel, on the Plague, &c. 56 1

Hen. Newman, Inoculation in America . . 563

Dr. Nettletop, the same in Yorkshire 564


Dr. Ncttleton, on the same again 568

Capt. Cornwall, Magnetical Variations. . . . 569
Dr. Pemberton, Force of Bodies in Motion 570
Biographical Notice of Dr. Pemberton .... ibid

P. Dudley, Falls of Niagara 574

Leuwenhoeck, Muscular Fibres, &c Sl^

Rob. Cay, bending Planks by Sand Heat . . 577

J. Field, on Wounds in the Stomach 578

Mr. Atkinson, Imposth. in the Stomach . . S7^
J. Brown, Resin in the Cortex Elutheriae . . ibid

J. Douglas, Cutting for the Stone 580

Ar. Dobbs, a Parhelion in Ireland 582

lieuwenhoeck, the Particles of Fat 583

Tho. Forster, new Island near Tercera. . . . 584

Ra. Thoresby, on a violent Rain 585

M. Couzier, Persons dead of the Plague . . ibid

Dr. Deidier, on the same .... 586

Dr. Pemberton, Curves cut at given Angles ibid
Account of Cotes's Harmonia Mensurarum 587

Leuwenhoeck, Foetus, &c. in Sheep 593

the Callus on the Hds. & Ft 594

Ab. Demoivre^ Sums of Series, &c. ... . . 5^S

Dr. Jurin, on Spouting Water ibid

on the Small-pox 6OI

Sig. Benevoli, Cataract of the Eye 602

Dr. Halley, on a Solar Eclipse 604

Geo. Graham, on the same ibid

Leuwenhoeck, Structure of Diamonds .... 605
Dr. Desaguliers, Refrangibility of Light . . 607
Dr. Nettleton, the Small-pox and Inoculat 6O8

Dr. Jurin, on the same subjects 6IO

Ab. Demoivre, the Section of an Angle . . 6 17
P. Dudley, Apple Molasses, and on Smelts 6I8

Dr. Halley, Longitude of Port Royal 619

Longitude of Carthagena 620

Chr. Kirch, a Comet seen at Berlin 621

Dr. Langwith, Colours and the Rainbow . . 623

Dr. Pemberton, on the same 624

Dr. Williams, Inoculation in Wales 630

■ on the same subject 63 1

Rd. Wright, on the same ibid

Dr. Desaguliers, Momentum of Motion . . 632
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 637
Dr. Desaguliers, Force of Moving Bodies. . 638
Dr. B. Taylor, Degrees of the Thermometer 641

P. Dudley, of the Rattle Snake 642

Dr Sprengell, on Vipers . . 643

Dr. Langwith, Figures of Snow 644

On the Aurora Borealis 645

John Hadley, on the Reflecting Telescope. . 646
Biographical Notice of John Hadley, Esq. , ibid
Dr, Scheuchzer, Dissection of an old Person 652
Dr. Mackenzie, on the Coati Mondi .... 653

Dr. Vater, on voiding many Stones 656

Dr. P. Williams, a case of the Stone .... 657
Dr. Hardisway, a Stone in the Kidneys. . , . ibid
Rev. Mr. Horsley, on the Depth of Rain. . 658

a 1


Page PaRC

Dr. R. Sirason, two Props, from Pappus . . 659 Biographical Notice of Dr. John Huxham. . 671

Biographical Notice of Dr. Rob. Simson . , ibid Dr. Oliver, on the same Woman's case. . . . 673

Leuwenhoeck, Magn. of Blood Globules. . 66o Dr. Howman, Haemorrhage of the Penis. . 67^^

Ra. Thoresby, Subterranean Discoveries . . ibid B. Holloway, on Pits of Fullers Earth ibid

M. Favry, a monstrous Double Birth 66l Dr. Jurin, Meteorological Journals 675

John Brown, on Epsom Salt 66^ Account of Ruysch's Advers, Anat. Med. . 676

G. Grandi, on Geometrical Roses 664 D. Martineau, Stones voided per Anum . . . 677

Mr. Pound, on Hadley's Reflect. Telescope ibid Leuwenhoeck, Blood Globules, &c ibid

J. Hadley, Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn 665 — de General. Animaliura, &c. 678

Dr. Houstoun, Extra Uterine Foetus .... 666 Dr. Ja. Douglas, Flower and Seed of Saffron ibid

Rog. Gale, Roman Inscription at Chichester 667 Mart. Folkes, on Leuwenhoeck's Microsc. ibid

Leuwenhoeck, de Struct. Diaphragm .... 6'71 Bills of Mortality in several Places 681

Dr. Huxham, Partium (Jeniial. in Mul. praet. ibid


Class I. Mathematics.

1. Arithmetic J Political Arithmetic, Aged Persons, Annuities, Logarithms, &c.

Page Page

X^OGOMETRIA, Rev. Roger Cotes ... 77 On the same subject, Ab. Demoivre ibid

Making of Logarithms, J. Long 80 Making of Logarithms, Dr. B. Taylor 304

Accounts of Interest, Tho. WaUcins 97 Bills of Mortality in several Places 681

Problems in Chances, Nic. Bernoulli 98

2. Algebra, Analysis, Flitxions, ^c.

The Inventions of Fluxions, Sir I. Newton 11 6 Invention of Fluxions, M. Conti 389

The Method of Increments, Dr. B. Taylor 189 The Differential Method, Ja. Stirling 428

Numeral Roots of Equations, by the same 299 Harmonia Mensurarum, R. Cotes 587

Infinite Series, M. de Monmort 308 Summation of Series, Ab. Demoivre 595

On the same, Dr. B. Taylor ibid

3. Geometry.

A Curve of the 3d Order, Ab. Demoivre. . 183 On Leibnitz's and Bernoulli's Prob. Taylor. . 397

Problem on Curves, Sir J. Newton 211 Geometria Organica, Maclaurin 464

Solution of Leibnitz's Problem, Dr. Taylor 309 Curves cut at given Angles, Pemberton. . . . 586

ApoUonius's Conies, Dr. Halley 327 Section of an Angle, Demoivre 6l7

Construction of Curves, Maclaurin 356 Props, from Pappus, Dr. R. Simson 659

Description of Curves, by the same 392 Geometrical Roses, G. Grandi 66^

Class II. Mechanical Philosophy.

1. Dynamics.

Motion of a Tense String, Dr. Taylor .... 14 Curve of swiftest Descent, J. Machin .... 374

Solid of Least Resistance, N. Facio 48 Resistance of the Air, Desaguliers 428

Centripetal Forces, John Keill 93 On the same subject, by the same 430

On the same subject, Demoivre 306 Action of Tubes on Fluids, Dr. Jurin .... 432


Page Page

On a Vacuum, Dr. Desaguliers 480 On the same subject, Desaguliers 632

Resistance of Fluids, by the same 506 Again on the same, by the same 638

Force of Bodies in Motion, Pemberton 570

On the Paris Weights, Desaguliers

2. Statics.

494 Spec. Gravity of Solids, Dr. Jurin 538

3. Astronomy, Navigatioriy Chronology.

On Kepler's Problem, John Keill 1

Celestial Observations, Flamsteed 17

Astronomical Observations, Bianchini 92

On the Comet of 168O, G. Kirch 114

New Star in Collo Cygni, by the same. . . . 153

On a Solar Eclipse, Dr. Halley 155

Celestial Observations, Flamsteed I68

The great Solar Eclipse of 1715 175

Nautical Meridian Line, J. Perks 184

History of New Stars, Dr. Halley 196

Nebulae or Lucid Spots, by the same 205

Astronomical Observations, Ja. Pound .... 212

On the Sun's Parallax, Dr. Halley 243

Unusual Lustre of Venus, by the same. . . . 250

On the Primary Planets, Ja. Pound 264

Occultations of Stars, Dr. Halley 271

Gascoigne's and Crabtree's Letters, Derham 295

Longitude by the Moon and Stars, Halley. . 308

On a Comet in 1717, Dr. Halley 322

Change of Stars Latitudes, by the same . . 329

Satellites of Saturn, Ja. Pound 349

Tables of the same Satellites, Halley .... 351

On a Comet at Berlin, M. Kirch 363

On a Solar Eclipse, by ditto ibid

The same at Norimberg, Wurtzelbaur .... ibid

Astron. Observ. by Pound, Derham, &c. . . . 373

Transit of Jupiter's Satellites, Pound 386

Max. and Min. of Celes. Motions, Demoivre 395

Tables of Jupiter's first Satellite, Pound . . 426

Astronomical Observations, Ja. Pound .... 442

Parallax of the Stars, Dr. Halley 443

Infinity of the Stars, ditto 456

Number, Order, and Light of tliem, ditto 457

Astronomical Refractions, ditto 517

Planets Places by the Stars, ditto 530

On a Solar Eclipse, ditto 604

On the same, by Mr. Geo. Graham ibid

A Comet seen at Berlin, Chr. Kirch 621

Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, Hadley . . 665

4. Projectiles,
Parabolic Projectiles, Dr. B. Taylor 510

5. Mechanics.

Centre of Oscillation, Dr. B. Taylor 7 A Water Engine, by ditto.

On a Vacuum, Dr Desaguliers 321

6. Hydrostatics, Hydraulics.

Ascent of Water between Planes, Hauksbee 40

Spirits of Wine, by ditto 41

On the Diving Bell, Dr. Halley 258

De Motu Aquae, &:c. Poleni 324

Suspension of Water, &c. Dr. Jurin 330

Motion of Effluent Water, by ditto

On the Diving Bell, Dr. Halley

Cataracts of Niagara, P. Dudley . .
On Spouting Water, Dr. Jurin . . . .



7. Pneumatics.

Barometrical Experiments, Scheuchzer. ... 166
Variation of the Barometer, Desagvdiers . . 283
Resistance of the Air, by ditto 428

On the same subject, by ditto 430

On Heights by the Barometer, Dr. Halley 496
Height of the Barometer, Geo. Graham . . 537



8. OpticSy Perspective.


On his Perspective, Dr. B. Taylor 172

Experiments on Light, Desaguliers 229

Refrangibility of Light, by ditto 239

Villette's Burning Concave, Dr. Harris .... 405

On Myopes, &c. Dr. Desaguliers 424

Cross Hairs in the Telescope, Dr. Halley . , 494


Refrangibility of Light, Desaguliers 607

Colours and the Rainbow, Langwitli 623

On the same, by Dr. Pemberton 624

On the Reflecting Telescope, J. Hadley . . 646

On tlie same, by the Rev. Ja. Pound 664

Leuwenhoeck's Microscopes, M. Folkes . . 678

Q. Magnetism, and Electricity.

Variation of the Compass, Dr. Halley .... 112 The same, by Dr. Halley 519

Electrical Experiments, Ste. Gray 490 Magnetical Experiments, Dr. Taylor 528

Magnetic Variations, W. Sanderson 498 Magnetical Variations, Comvi^all 569

Class III. Natural History.
1. Botany.

On some Rare Plants, J. Petiver 17

Cult, of Canary Seed, E. Tenison 18

Botanicum Hortense 3, J. Petiver 48

New Plant, &c. in South Wales, E. Lhwyd 73
Botanicum Hortense 4, J. Petiver 155

The same continued, by ditto 168

The Pareira Brava, Dr. Helvetius 198

The plants Araliastrum, M. Vaillant 314

Catalogue of 50 plants. Apothecaries .... 637

2. Mineralogy.

Nat. Hist Observations, R. Richardson 45

Swedish Minerals, J. Petiver 49

Marble m Ireland, Fr. Nevill 75

Impressions on Stone, Dr. Stukely 398

Strata of Coal Mines, J. Strachey 401

Pits of Fuller's Earth, B. Holloway 674

3. Geography

On Mount Vesuvius, S. Valetta 12

On Lough-Neagh, Fr. Nevill 67

Subsiding of a hill, Bp. of Clogher 69

Observ. in New England, Dr. Mather. ... 85

Topography of Leeds, Thoresby 174

Peak of Teneriff, J. Edens 177

Sinking of the Earth, J. Sackette 252

Observations in Italy, Dr. Robinson 253

Britain a Peninsula, Dr. Musgrave 293


and Topography.

Eruptions of Vesuvius, Ed. Berkeley .... 3l6

Sinking of tliree Oaks, P. Le Neve 348

Ancient Carteia, J. Conduit 387

Island in the Humber, Chamberlayne . . . 423

Longit. of Buenos Aires, Dr. Halley .... 549

Falls of Niagara, P. Dudley 574

New Island near Tercera, Tho. Forster . . 584

Longit. of Port Royal, Dr. Halley 619

Longit. of Carthagena, by ditto 620

Hydrology. ^

Lough-Neagh in Ireland, Fr. Nevill 6? On a Water Spout, Dr. Richardsori 440

Saltness of the Sea, &c. Dr. Halley


Class If^. Chemical Philosophy.
1 . Chemistry.

Divisibility of Matter, J. Keill 9I

Alkaline Salt in Rotten Wood, Robie 499

Structure of Diamonds, Leuwenhoeck .... 605

Figures of Snow, Dr. Langwitb
On Epsom Salt, John Brown . .




2. Meteorology.


Luminousness of Sea Waters, F. Bourzes. . 53

Accounts of Rain, Wm. Derham 97

Extraordinary Meteors, Dr. Halley 99

Aurora Borealis, by ditto 213

On similar Appearances, ditto 226

On the same again, Edm. Barrell 290

On the same subject. Mart. Folkes 291

Fire-ball at Jamaica, H. Barham 368

Extraordinary Meteor, Dr. Halley 406

On a Water Spout, Dr. Richardson 440

Aurora Borealis, Dr. Halley 441

Some other accounts of the same 442

Luminous Air at Dublin, P. Percrval 455


On a Large Meteor, R. Cotes 477

Aurora Borealis at Dublin, J. W 523

in Devonshire, S. Cruwys . . 523

On a Parhelion, Dr. Hall^ 531

Mock-Suns, Halo, &c. Wm. Whiston .... 532

Parhelion in Ireland, Ar. Dobbs 582

On a Violent Rain, Ra. Thoresby 585

Colours and the Rainbow, Dr. Langwith . . 623

On the same. Dr. Pemberton 624

Figures of Snow, Dr. Langwith 644

On the Aurora Borealis 645

Depth of Rain, Rev. Mr. Horsley 658

Meteorological Journals, Dr. Jurin 675

Class F. Physiology.

I. Anatomy.

Anatomical Observations, Wm. Cheselden 7^ Hydatids in the Abdomen, Dr. Thorpe . . . 556

Biograph. Anatomy, Dr. Douglas l66 Dissect, of an Old Person, Scheuchzer . . , 652

Glands of the Spleen, by ditto 262 Structure of the Diaphragm, Leuwenhoeck 671

Elephant's Ears, Dr. Pat. Blair 382 Partium Genit. in Mul. praet. Huxham .... ibid

Maxillary Glands, &c. Dr. Rd. Hale 445 On the same Case, Dr. Oliver 673

Membranes of Fibres, Leuwenhoeck 502 Advers. Anat. Med. Dr. Ruysch 676

Fibres of Fishes, by ditto 523

1. Physiology of Animals.

Animalcula on Duckweed, Musgrave . . . ,
Luminous Animals in the Sea, F. Bourzes
Old Woman having Menses, Ja. Yonge . ,

Renewal of Teeth, Dr. Slare

Distemper in Venet. Cattle, Ramazini . . . ,
Fibres of the Muscles, Leuwenhoeck . . . .

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