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FROM 1744 TO 1749.



^4 1 a.

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. R. SEEHL, Volatile Acid of Sulphur 1

Geo. Aylett, of a Spina Bifida 5

C. Warwick, Injections on tapping for ascites A

Dr. Ste Hales, on the same subject 8

Dr. John Fothergill, Origin of Amber. ... f)

Biographical Notice of Dr. John Fothergill ibid

J. B. Sec. de Montesquieu, Figured Stones 12

Biograph. Notice of J. B. S. de Montesquieu ibid

H. Baker, on the Eye-sucker 15

Peter Collinson, on Shells and Soal-fish. . . . ibid

J. F. Camillis, Disorder of F. Bolognini . . l6

Dr. Jurin, on the Action of Springs 18

Albert Haller, Tumour of the Ovarium . . 29

Jes. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants, &c. . . 30

H. Baker, to take Impressions of Coins. . . . ibid

Dr. Fothergill, on the Manna Persicum . . 31

Alb. Haller, on the Cyanus Foliis Radic . . ibid

Ro. Pickering, on Mushrooms ibid

Diary of the Weather .... 34

Wm. Watson, Poison of boiled Hemlock. . 38

Biographical Notice of Dr. Wm. Watson. . ibid

C L. Gersten, Eclipses and Occultations. . 40

Oir. Warwick, Injections on Tapping .... ibid

Dr. Be vis, on the Planet Mercury 41

H. W. Taube, Rupture of the Navel .... ibid

Wm. Watson, on Mushrooms and Fungi. . ibid

Tho. Preston, on the Island of Shetland . . 44

Dr. Bevis, Occultation of Jupiter observed 45

Abr. Demoivre, Annuities on Lives ibid

H. Baker, on a Fiery Meteor 46

J. Ward, on Weidleron Numeral Characters ibid

Rev. J. Betts, Observation of a late Comet 47

Alb. Haller, Scirrhosity of the Cerebellum 49

Dr. J. Mitchell, Different Colours of People 50

N. Peters, on a Boy shot through the Lungs 67

Dr J. Bartram, Muscles and Oyster-banks 70

Chr. Hunter, Ancient Roman Inscriptions 71

Gowan Knight, Magnetical Experiments. . ibid

J. H. Winkler, on his Book of Electricity 74

Abr. Trembley, Fresh-water Polypi 75

Dr. Ja. Parsons, on Vegetable Seeds 80

Jos. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants 82

Ro. Pickering, Manure of Fossil Shells. . . . ibid

Wm. Arderon, Shuttle-spire in a Bladder . . 83

Dr. Tho. Hope, Remarkable Cure of an Eye ibid

J. Ward, on a Roman Inscription 86

Dr. Huxham, a Ureter grown up, also a

beautiful Stalactites, and a Calculus .... 87

Dr. J. Wall, on Musk in Convuls. Disord. 89

Andr. Reid, the Tonqninese Medicine .... ibid

Wm. Watson, Description of a new Plant 93
S. C. Hollmann, Sudden Freezing, Electric

Fire; and Micrometer to the Microscope ibid

Tho. Dawkes, on a Gigantic Boy 95

B. Langrish, Receivers in Distillation 96

Dr. Cha. Paters, Bite of a Mad Dog ibid

John Martyn, New Species of Fungus .... gg
Rog. Gale, Vegetation of Old Melon Seeds;

and a Fossil of a Man TOO

Wm. Watson, Stone in Horse's Stomach. . 101

Ft. Wollaston, a Snake swall. by a Porcupine 102


Dr. Bruni, on the Bologna Bottles 102

Tho. Wright, on two Ancient Camps .... 103
Dr. Fothergill, Recovering a Dead Man, by

inflating the Lungs ibid

Rev. L. Richmond, on a moving Moss. ... 106

J. Ward, on two Dates in Arabian Figures . 107

Rev. Dr. Miles, Firing Phosph. by Electric, ibid

CI. Amyand, Fracture of the Os Humeri. . ibid

J S. Winthorp, Bones of a Foetus per Anura 108

Dr. Chr. Jernegan, Cystis in the Liver. . . . ibid

J.H.Winkler, Observations on Electricity IO9

Ja. Stirling, to blow Fire by Fall of Water ibid

Dr. Lining, Statical Experiments 1 10

H. Baker, large Fossil Elephant Tooth. . . . ibid

Dr. S. Myddleton, Extra-uterine Conception 1 12

Rev. G. Wheler, Rotation of Glass Tubes 1 14

J. Ward, Remains of Antiquity 118

G. Knight, Variations in Magnetic Poles . . 122

J. Bartram, Curious Wasps' Nests 123

Dr. Mortimer, a Boy with a Canine Appetite 12*

CI. Amyand, on an Iliac Passion ibid

Col. Wm Cook, Warming Rooms by Hot-
steam, and on Ship's Bot. eaten by Worms 1 25

Ambrose Burer, on Osteocolia 126

Dr. Cookson, on the Boy with a Can. Appe. ibid

Fr. Gmelin, on Ipecacuanha ibid

Dr. Le Cat, on Cutting for the Stone 127

M. De Bozes, Extra. Electrical Phenomena ibid

Jos. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants 128

Dr. Jurin, Force of moving Bodies ibid

Rev. Dr. Miles, Lum. Emanat. & on Electr. 136
Paul Rolli, on Bianchini's Treatise on the

Death of a Lady of Cesena 135

J. Hilliard, on a Person taking Fire 144.

On die same subject ibid

Dr. J. Parsons, a Quadruped from Bengal. . 145

'■ Minute Crystal Stones 147

J. EUicot, Specific Gravity of Diamonds. . ibid

Dr. Mortimer, Natural Heat of Animals . . 148

Wm. Watson, Electrical Experiments .... I5i

Dr. S. Hales, Expelling Stones of the Bladd. 159

M. AUamand, Unannealed Glass Vessels . . 161

Rev. Dr. Miles, making Cyder and Perry. . 165

H. Baker, Ancient Flint Building iQj

Rev. Geo. Costard, on a Fiery Meteor .... iQs

Biographical Notice of the Rev. G. Costard ibid

Benj. Cooke, Mixtwres of Blossoms 169

Mr. Arderon, Sinking of the Ground .... ibid

Ja. Simon, Bones per Anum, and on Fossils 1 70

Dr. Mortimer, Distemper of the Cows. . . . 171

D. P. Layard, Fracture of the Os Ilium. ... 173

D. E. Baker, the Ancient City Industria . . 174

Dr. Mortimer, Distemper of the Cows. .. . 177

Wm. Arderon, on the Weaver's Larum . . 18O

Mar. Folkes, Petrified Human Bones .... 18I

W. Arderon, a Water-wheel, and Jes. Bark 182

Dr. Mortimer, Distemper of the Cows .. . I84

Dr. Fothergill, Rupture of the Diaphragm . 187

Wm. Arderon, Fish in Glass Jars, &c jsp

Rev. Dr. Miles. Sealing-wax and Brimstone

in Electrical Experiments igi





Wm. Watson, Electrical Experiments 195

Sir Hans Sloane, a Curious Sea-plant 198

Rev. Dr. Miles, Klectrical Experiments. . . . ibid
Mr. Trembiey, Quicksilv. luminous in a tube 199

John Hill, Seeding of Mosses 200

Biographical Notice of Mr. John Hill .... ibid

Ja. Sherwood, Paste Eels Viviparous 202

Peter CoUinson, on the Cancer Major .... 203

Dr, Parsons, on Musk as a Medicine 206

Rev. Dr. Miles, on Electrical Fire 207

Electricity of Water . . 213

Wm. Arderon, improved Hygroscope .... 214;
Anonymous, Strength of Electric. Effluvia 215
Tho. Knowlton, the Ancient Delgovicia,

and two very large Men 2l6

Dr. Jurin, Dynamical Principles 217

Tho. Knowlton, l,arge Deer's Horns 225

Ja. Ferguson, Phenomena of Venus 226"

Biographical Notice of Mr. James Ferguson ibid
Wm. Cock, Machine for Sounding the Sea 228

J. Breintal, Bite of a Rattle-snake 229

R. Badcock, Farina Foecundans of Plants. . 230
Rev. Ur. Miles, Electrical Observations . . 232
P. H. Zollmann, on A. L. Moro, on Petrifac. 233
Mr. Badcock, Farina of the Passion Flower 234

Wm. Arderon, on the Weather-cord 235

Cha. Hamilton, Clepsydra or Water Clock 236
Dr. Le Cat, the High Operation in the Stone 238
Wm. Arderon, Deal-wood Hygrometer. . . . 242
R. Badcock, Farina Foecundans of Yew . . 243
Wm. Arderon, a Bristle in a Man's Foot . . 244

CI. Amyand, on the Spina Ventosa 245

J. H. Winkler, Effects of Electricity on him 251

Jos. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

Geo. Howell, a Large Stone by the Urethra 252

Rob. Southwell, Extraordinary Echos 253

J. Durant, a Coal Mine on Fire; also on the

Blue Well, and Subterraneous Cavern . . 254
Dr. Parsons, on Burning the Cows dead of

the Distemper 255

W. Watson, poison of the Oenanthe aquatica 256
Ben. Robins. Electricity of Glass disturbs

the Mariner's Compass and Nice Balances 262
T. Needham, Electrical Exper. at Paris. . . . 263
Ja. Hodgson, Path of a Comet Obs. at Pekin 267
J. C. Pepusch, Music of the Ancients .... 268

Biographical Notice of Dr. Pepusch ibid

Wm. Arderon, Cliffs on the Norfolk Coast 272
Dr. P. Templeman, Polypus at the Heart,

and a Tumour of the Uterus 274

Dr. Monnier, Communicat. of Electricity . . 275
Dr. Bailey, Stones in Intestines of Horses. . 278

Ja. Simon, Lough-neagh Petrifactions 282

Bp. Berkeley, on the same Subject 288

Biographical Notice of Bp. Berkeley 288

P. Collinson, Libella or Ephemera May-fly 290
Wra. Fidge, Stone from a Dog's Bladder. . 292
Sam. Glass, Dropsy from wanting a Kidney ibid

Dr. J. Taylor, Ancient Inscription 295

Rev. Dr. Miles, on Gould's Acct. of Ants 298
M. Folkes, Esq. on a Passage in Pliny 303

Rev. Mr. Mason, on Spelter, and Melting

Iron with Pit-coal, and a Burning Well. . 305
J. Browning, Effect of Electric, on Veget . . 306

C. L. Gersten, Transit of Mercury 307

Wm. Watson, Observ. on Dr. le Monnier on

Electricity 308

Wm. Arderon, Perpendicular Ascent of Eels 3 1 1

E. M. Da Costa, on Belemnites ibid

Dr. Brocklesby, on the Indian Poison .... 3l6
Biographical Notice of Dr. Rd. Brocklesby ibid
Rd. Dunthorne, on the Moon's Motion. . . 318
Leonard Euler, Discoveries of the Russians

on the N. E. Coast of Asia 320

Biographical Notice of L. Euler ibid

Wm. Arderon, on the Prickleback, &c. . . . 322

, on the Gossamer 324

Dr. Mortimer, on the Turquoise Stone. . . . ibid

Henry Baker, on a Curious Echinites 326

Mark Catesby, on Birds of Passage 327

Rev. Mr. Creed, Machine to Write Music 332
Dr. Gronovius, on the Mustela Fossilis .... 335

Dr. Bevis, Occultation of Cor Leon is 336

P. Collinson, Uncommon Gleam of Light 337

Ben. Cook, New Flannel Sparkling ibid

John Hill, on Windsor Loam ibid

Rob. Lucas, Use of Alicant Soap and Lime-
water in the Stone 340

C. Lucas, Calculous concretions in a kidney ibid

Wm. Arderon, Formation of Pebbles 341

Arth. Dobbs, Distance between Asia and

America ibid

G. Costard, Chinese Chron. and Astronomy 343
Turb. Needham, on Buffon's Burning Mirror 344

Marquis Nicolini, on the same ibid

Winkler, Pirorganon, or Electrical Machine 345
Rob. Dingley, Gems or Precious Stones. . . ibid

C. L. Gersten, New Mural Quadrant 347

Alb. Haller, on Morbid Anatomy 348

Da. Er. Baker, Water Efts casting their Skin 349
J. Ferguson, Improv. of the Celestial Globe 351
Edw. Davis, a Child's Bones Displaced. . . . ibid
Dr. J. Burton, on the Ancient Delgovitia. . 352

Fr. Drakii, on the same 354

Jos. Amos, on a Plica Polonica 356

Henry Baker, Clay Moulds of Roman Coins ibid
W. Jones, Equations of Goniometrical lines 357
Biographical Notice of Wm. Jones, Esq.. . ibid
Mr. Hoare, Antique Pictures at Herculaneum 363
G. Stovin, Body of a Woman and an Antique

Shoe found in a Morass 364

H. Baker, Grubs Destroying the Grass 367

Dr. Wall, Use of Bark in the Small Pox. . 369

Biographical Notice of Dr. John Wall ibid

Dr. Doddridge, of a person, having no Ear

for Music, Singing well in a Delirium. . 370
Jos. Miller, Catalogue of 50 Plants, &c. . . ibid

Mortimer, on Catesby 's Carolina 370, 469

Dr. Cameron, Death of Dr. Green, by a

Fracture of the Os Pubis ibid

Dr. Miles, Difference of Cold and Thermo-
meters Within Doors and Without 372



Dr. Middleton, a Child l6 years in the Ab-
domen 373

Dr. Parsons, a Woman Speaking without a

Tongue 375

Abr. Trembley, Small Water Polypi 377

M. Folkes, Esq. Knight's Magnet. Expers. 390
Dr. Mortimer, a New Metalline Thermoni. 397

Dr. S. Hales, Remarks on the same 407

Wm. Watson, on Electricity continued 408, 410
Dr. Bradley, a Motion of the Fixed Stars. . 417

Dr. Parsons, Shell-fish in a Stone 438

Wm. Watson, Velocity of Electricity 440

F. Drake, Fostus discharged near the Navel 456
Dr. Rd. Pococke, on the Giants' Causeway 457
Biographical Notice of Dr. Rd. Pococke. . . ibid
Mau. Johnson, a Metalline Thermometer. . 459
Dr. Mounsey, a Foetus 13 Years in the

Fallopian Tube 460

Biographical Notice of Dr. J. Mounsey. . . ibid

Tho. Simpson, Motion of Projectiles 464

Biographical Notice of Mr. Tho. Simpson. . ibid
Rev Mr. Squire, Dumbness Cured by a Fright-
ful Dream 465

Wm. Arderon, on the Hearing of Fishes. . ibid
Charles Bonnet, Planting Seeds in Moss.. . 46"8
Biographical Notice of M. Charles Bonnet ibid
Rev. Tho. Birch, Inscrip. on a Roman Altar 470
H. Baker, on Russian Quab and Crabs' Eyes ibid

J. T. Klein, Account of the Marmot 473

J. EUicot, Laws of Electricity 475

J. Ward, on a Roman Tessera 484

Dr. Mortimer, a Divine with 2 Tongues.. . ibid
Dr. Brocklesby, on the Hearing of Fishes. .
■^— , Poisonous Root in Gentian


Wm. Arderon, Caverns in Chalk Hills. . ,
Dr. Fothergill, Obs. and Exper. in Siberia,

J. H. Winkler, Medical Electricity 494

H. Baker, on the same Subject. . ^ 497

Dr. Ste. Hales, on Checking Fire 498

George Graham, Magnetic Variation igg

Rev. Ph. Shelton, on the Cornel Caterpillar 5(0
Dr. Mounsey, Everlasting Fire in Persia. . . 503

Abr. Trembley, on Caterpillars 504

M. de Reaumur, Preserving Dead Birds, &c. 506
Biographical Notice of Mons. de Reaumur ibid

Dr. Lyttelton, a Beautiful Nautilites 510

Biographical Notice of the Rev. Dr. Lyttelton ibid
Rob. Roche, a Coat Fired by Electricity. . . 512
Dr. Huxham, Child born with a Tumour, Sec. ibid
Tho, Simpson, Fluents of Multinomials. . . 513
Dr. J. Lining, Weather in Carolina, &c.. . 514

Rev. J. Clark, Bills of Mortality 516

Sam. Jeake, Elements of a Short Hand. . . . ibid
Wm. Watson, of Brownrigg on Making Salt 518
Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jup. Satellites. . . . 527

Dr. Miles, on a Storm of Thunder 528

John Byrom, on a Short Hand 530, 534

B. Cooke, Sparkling of Flannel and Hair in

the Dark 532

Rev. J. Forster, Earthquake at Taunton. . , 533
Dr. Stukely, Roman Inscription at Bath. . . ibid

Rev. Ste. Hales, on Electrical Experiments
Dr. Tho. Aery, Wound in the Cornea, &c.
Dr. Rd. Davies, Tables of Specific Gravities

W. Watson, Velocity of Electricity

Le Cat, Double Fetus of Calves

Dr. Dodridge, Monstrous Lamb, &c

Biographical Notice of Dr. Dodridge

Mons. Bufibn, on his Burning Glass

Biographical Notice of Count Buffon

Dr. Miles, Essay on Quantity

Rd. Hassel, on a Wounded Eye

Dr. Bevis, on a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse. .

A. N. Grischow, Lunar Circle, &c

Dr. Parsons, Preternatural Birth

Dr. Mitchel, Making of Potash

Dr. Garcin, the Cyprus of the Ancients. . .

Dr. Stukely, on an Ancient Shrine

Mr. Short, an Eclipse of the Sun

Biographical Notice of Mons. le Monnier. .

D. E. Baker, Two Extraordinary Belemnites

B. Cooke, Mixed Breed of Apples

J. Ward, Town of Silchester, & ancient date
Turb. Needham, Generation, &c. of Ani-
mal and Vegetable Substances

J. de Castro Sarmento, Astron. Observ. . . .
Dr. Miles, Thermometers and Weather. . .

C. N. le Cat, Glasses to Preserve Prepara-
tions of Anatomy

J. de Castro Sarmento, Astron. Observ. . . .

Ant. de Ulloa, Solar and Lunar Eclipses. . .

Biographical Notice of Antonio de Ulloa. . .

G. Smethurst, a New Shwan-Pan

John Mudge, Cutting for the Stone

Biographical Notice of Dr. John Mudge. . .

On the Locusts In 1747 and 1748

H. Baker, Ammonitae or Cornua Ammonis

Rev. Mr. Murdock, a Stomach Cartilaginous

Apothecaries' Catalogue of 50 Plants

Rob. Clarke, Calculus on the Glans Penis

L. Garcin, Salvadora Plant. . .

Sam. Reynardson, Weights and Measures. .

Le Cat, Dry Gangrenes, and New Forceps

N. Struyck, Parabolic Orbits of Comets. .

Dr. J. J. Huber, a Body without a Gall-blad-
der, and on a Gibbosity of the Sternum .

Dr. le Cat, Lithotomy on Women

S. C. HoUmann, Barometers and Weather

Cap. Waddell, Efte. of Lightn. on the Need.

G. Knight, the Needle struck by Lightning

Sir H. Sloane, a Serpent Stone, and the
Rhinoceros Bezoar, and Double-horned

Dr. Parsons, on the Rana Piscatrix

Benj. Robins, Ascent of Rockets

Wm. Watson, Black Vomit of S. America

Condamine, Hour by the Southern Cross. .

Biographical Notice of C. M. la Condamine

E. da Costa, on two Beautiful Echinites . .
M. Mackenzie, the Tides in the Orkneys . .
Wm. Watson, on Tradescant's Garden. . . .
Biographical Notice of John Tradescant . .




























a 2



Rd. Dunthorne, Moon's Acceleration .... 6"6"9

Biograph. Notice of R. Dunthorne ibid

Alb. Haller, Morbid Struct, of Dead Bodies 675
N. le Cat, Lacrym* Batavicse, glass drops ibid

G. M. Rose, Electricity of Glass, &c 681

P. Daval, on an extraordinary Rainbow . . 682
W. Arderon, Roman Camp at Castor, and a

Halo ibid

L. Euler, the Earth's approach to the Sun. . 6"84
B. Cooke, Mixture of Apple Farina, also on

Mayze, and a Child born with Jaundice. . 685
Dr. Miles, Agreement of Thermomct. &c. 686
F. Drake, Basrelief of Mithras 687


Dr. Mounsey, Russ. Castor, Baths, Salt Mi. 688
Dr. Mortimer, Small-pox 2 days after Birth 692
W. Watson, Small-p. on the Fetus in Utero ibid
\V. Milner, a Boy's Feet, turned in when

born, turned out by sitting cross-legged. . 695
Ja. Short, on his Equatorial Telescope .... ibid

Dr. Bevis, F^clipse of the Moon 698

Tho. Barker, Extraordinary Meteor ibid

Wm. Borlace, Spars aud Cornish Diamonds 699

John Bartram, Greal Black Wasp ibid

Wm. Elstobb, a Lunai- Eclipse ibid

Ja. Hodgson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites ibid
Mrs. Senex, on Senex's large Globes 700


Class I. Mathematics.
]. Arithmetic, Annuities, Political Arithmetic.

A Page Page

s N uiTiEs on Lives, Demoivre 45 Bills of Mortality, J. Clark 516

The Numeral Characters, J. Ward 46 New Shwan-pan, G. Smethurst 522

Dates in Arabian Figures, J. Ward 107 Weights and Measures, S. Reynardson. . . . 637

2. Algebra, Analysis, Fluxions.

Fluents of Multinonnials, T. Simpson .... 513

3. Geometry, Surveying, &c.

Equations of Goniometrical Lines, Wm. Jones 357

Class II. Mechanical Philosophy.
1 . Dynamics.

Action of Springs, Dr. Jurin 18 Dynamical Principles,. Dr. Jurin 217

Force of Momentum, Dr. Jurin 1£8 Essay on Quantity, Dr. Miles 559

2. Statics.

Statical Experiments, Dr. Lining 110

3. Astronomy, Chronology, Navigation.

Eclipses and Occultations, Gersten 40

The Planet Mercury, Dr. Bevis 41

Occultation of Jupiter, Dr. Bevis 45

Of a late Comet, J. Belts 47

Phenomena of Venus James Ferguson .... 226

A Comet observed at Pekin, Ja. Hodgson 267

Transit of Mercury, Gersten ._ 307

On the Moon's Motion, R. Dunthorne 318

Occultation of Cor Leonis, Dr. Bevis .... 336
Chinese Chronol. and Astronomy, G. Costard 243

New Mural Quadrant, Gersten 347

The Celestial Globe, Jfames Ferguson.... 351

Motion of the fixed Stars, Dr. Bradley 417

A solar and a lunar Eclipse, Dr. Bevis 567, 698

Lunar Circle, &c. Grischow ibid

A Solar Eclipse, Mr. Short 591

Astronom. Observ. De Castro Sarm. 6l5, 619

Solar and Lunar Eclipses, De UUoa 620

Parabolic Orbits of Comets, Struyck 648

Hour by the Southern Cross, Condaniine . . 66^

lldes in the Orkneys, Mackenzie 667

The Moon's Acceleration, Dunthorne .... 669

Earth's Approach to the Sun, Euler 684

Equatorial Telescope, James Short 695

A Lunar Eclipse, Wm. Elstobb ^gQ

Eclipses of Jupiter's Satel. Hodgson ibid

Senex's large Globes, Mrs. Senex 700

Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, Ja. Hodgson 527

4. Projectiles, Gunnery.

Motion of Projectiles, T. Simpson 464 Ascent of Rockets, B. Robins 660

5. Mechanics.
To blow Fire by the Fall of Water, Stirling 109 Rotation of Glass Tubes, G. Wheelei 1 14



The Weaver's Larurn, Wm. Arderon .... 180

A Water wheel, Wm. Arderon 182

Machine for sounding the Sea, Wm. Cock 228


Clepsydra or Water-clock, Cha. Hamilton 236
Machine to write Music, Mr. Creed " . . 332

I'ables of Specific Gravities, Dr. Davies .


Improved Hygroscope, Wm. Arderon


Extraordinary Echoes, R. Southwell .

Music of the Ancients, Pepusch 268


Micrometer to the Microscope, Hollmann 93
BuflFon's Burning Mirror, Needhani 344



.. 214 Deal- wood Hygrometer, Wm. Arderon . . 242
Acoustics, Music.

253 Machine to write Music, Mr. Creed 332


Buffon's Burning Mirror, Nicolini 344

Burning Mirror, Buffon 558

10. Electricity, Magnetism, Pyroteckny, Thermometry, &c.

Magnetical Experiments, G. Knight 71

On Electricity, J. H. Winkler 74

Electric Fire, S. C. Hollmann 93

Firing Phosphorus by Electricity, Dr. Miles 107
Observations on Electricity, Winkler ... 109
Variations in Magnetic Poles, G. Knight . . 1 22
Warming Rooms by hot Steam, Wm. Cook 125
Extraord. Electrical Phenomena, De Boxes 127
Electricity and Lum. Emanations, Dr. Miles 136
Electrical Experiments, Wm. Watson 151, 195

, Dr. Miles 191, 198

Quicksilver luminous in a Tube, Trembley 199

Electrical Fire, Dr. Miles 207

Electricity of Water, Dr. Miles 213

Strength of Electrical Effluvia, Anonymous 215

Electrical Observations, Dr. Miles 232

Effects of Electricity, J. H. Winkler 251

Electricity of Glass disturbs the Mariner's

Compass and nice Balances 262

Electrical Experiments at Paris, T. Needhara 263
Communication of Electricity, Monnier .
Effect of Elect, on Vegetables, Browning
On Monnier's Electricity, Wm. Watson ,
Uncommon Gleam of Light, CoUinson . . ,

Class III.


The Eye-sucker, Henry Baker 15

Fresh water Polypi, Abr. Trembley 75

Elephants' Teeth, Henry Baker 110

Curious Wasps' Nests, J. Bartram 123

Quadruped from Bengal, Dr. Parsons .... 145

On Gould's Account of Ants, Dr. Miles . . 298

The Prickleback, &c. Wm. Arderon 322

Small Water Polypi, Abr. Trembley 377

2. Botany.

Buffon's burning Mirror, T. Needham .... 344

, Nicolini ibid

Pirorganon, or Electrical Machine, Winkler 345

Thermometers within and without. Miles . . 372

Knight's Magnet. Experiments, M. Folkes 390

Metalline Thermometer, Dr. Mortimer . . 397

Remarks on the same. Dr. S. Hales 407

Electricity continued, Wm. Watson . . 408, 410

Velocity of Electricity, Wm. Watson 440, 553

Metalline Thermometer, M. Johnson .... 4.59

Laws of Electricity, J. Elliot 475

Medical Electricity, J. H. Winkler 494

, Henry Baker 497

On checking Fire, Dr. Stephen Hales 498

Magnetic Variation, Geo. Graham 499

A Coat fired by Electricity, R Roche .... 512

Sparkling of Hair and Flannel, B Cooke . . 532

Electrical Experiments, Dr. Stephen Hales 534

Burning Mirror, Butfon 558

Thermometers and Weather, Dr. Miles . . 616

275 Effect of Lightning on the Needle, Waddel 652

306 On the same Needle, G. Knight 653

308 Electricity of Glass, &c, G.M. Bose 681

337 Agreement of Thermometers, &c. Miles , . 686

Natural History.

Of the Marmot, J. T. Klein 473

The Cornel Caterpillar, Ph. Skelton 500

On Caterpillars, Abr. Trembley 504

Locusts in 1747 and 1748 629

Double-horned Rhinoceros, Sir H. Sloane 655

The Rana Piscatrix, Dr. Parsons 658

I'he great Black Wasp, J. Bartram 6gg

Catalogue of 50 Plants, Jos. Miller 30

Cyanus Foliis Radicalibus, Haller 31

On Mushrooms, Robert Pickering ibid

Catalogue of 50 Plants, Jos. Miller 82

On a new Plant, Wm. Watson 93

New Species of Fungus, J. Martyn ^f)

Old Melon Seeds, Roger Gale 100

Catalogue of 50 Plants, Jos. Miller 128

Curious Sea-plant, Sir Hans Sloane 198

Catalogue of 50 Plants, Jos. Miller 251

, Jos. Miller 370

, Apothecaries 635

Salvadora Plant, L. Garcin ibid

Tradescant's Garden, Wm. Watson 668


3. Mineralogy.

Page Page

Origin of Amber, Dr. Fothergill 9 Curious Echinites, Henry Baker 326

Figured Stones, Montesquieu 12 Mustek Fossilis, Gronovius 33.5

Fossil of a Man, Roger Gale 100 Formation of Pebbles, Wm. Arderon .... 341

On Osteocolla, Ambr. Burer 126 Gems or precious Stones, Dingley 34-5

Minute Crystal Stones, Dr. Parsons 147 Body of a Woman and an Antique Shoe,

On Fossils, James Simon 170 found in a Moss, G. Stovin 364

Petrified Human Bones, Martin Folkes ... 181 Shellfish in a Stone, Dr. Parsons 438

Monro's Petrifactions, ZoUman 233 Giants' Causeway, Dr. Richard Pococke . . 457

Mine on Fire, and a Cavern, J. Durant . . . . 254 Russian Quab and Crabs' Eyes, H.Baker. . 470

Cliffs on the Norfolk Coast, Arderon 272 Beautiful Nautilites, Dr. Lyttelton. . , 510

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